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BorderVideo Shorts
September 23, 2023

I Hate A Sneaky, F-ing Government!

Why is the Cartel profiting off of the White House's Liberal immigration laws that are being made in secret?

Cold Open

Cold Open'sVideo Shorts
September 22, 2023

Detroit’s East Side is Being Invaded by Suburban Dope Fiends

Junkies and homeless people are turning Detroit into the next San Francisco... or maybe worse. Watch the full episode:

Street Life

Street LifeVideo Shorts
June 23, 2023

Mr. Mayor Tear Down This Dope House – or Let Us

Comedian Detroit Red

Comedian Detroit RedVideo Shorts
September 2, 2023

Trump or Biden | Detroit Red gets an early look at who will get the vote

All Video Shorts

Video Shorts
February 29, 2024

Eric Mays Was Draining Flint’s Swamp! #Flint #Michigan #Corruption

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