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February 6, 2023

Cocktails, Contagions & Pillow Talk

Jordan Trishton Walker, if that's how you even spell his name, is allegedly, Pfizer's Director of Research & Development, Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning. In this viral and now…
February 2, 2023

Who Gave The Order

Who gave the order in Memphis? Policing in high crime America.  Former Detroit Chief of Police Ralph Godbee and Senior Investigator Ira Todd talk truth about law and order in…
Cold Open'sVideo Shorts
February 2, 2023

Gm Back to Work?

My ass. Your ass. Food court's empty. Christmas lights still up. White collar, comb your ass. And get back to the office. Your pajama hustle ain't fooling no one. Detroit…

I know his professional career has deteriorated badly, but at this point LeDuff has become a complete embarrassment to himself.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

Charlie LeDuff, the last true journalist in Michigan.

Tucker Carlson

I’m a big fan of the NoBS Newshour.

Chris Cuomo

LeDuff…an erection in print.

The New York Times

About Charlie

Charlie LeDuff

The works of Pulitzer prize-winner Charlie LeDuff are not just read, viewed, or heard. They are experienced.

His unique ability to tell stories of the power broker and the pawnshop owner marks a 25-year career in print and broadcast journalism.

A former national correspondent for the New York Times and FOX TV, and a NYT bestselling author, LeDuff currently hosts The No BS Newshour and is a columnist for The Detroit News.

“We’ve got more access than ever to information, but it’s a watery, filtered fish twisted and abused by the corporate opinions of others before ever reaching an audience,” says LeDuff. “We deserve answers without the bullshit.”

About Karen

karen dumas

She proudly proclaims her voice as her greatest asset, as Karen Dumas has used it in various capacities to help make things and people better. She’s done so in print, talk radio, and as a communications strategist. Dumas also served as Chief of Communications for the City of Detroit for Mayor Dave Bing where she was penalized for demanding results.

Dumas is the co-voice on The No BS Newshour with Charlie LeDuff and a columnist for The Detroit News.

“I have no pity or patience for the status quo. We deserve and are capable of better. Bring it.”

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