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East Palestine, OH has been forgotten.
Joe Biden & Donald Trump used the UAW.
AND the acquitted “domestic terrorist” Eric Molitor.

7:45 What agency is in charge of cleaning up the poisoning of East Palestine, Ohio?

11:00 “Ralph” is the man to talk to in East Palestine, but who the hell is Ralph?

16:19 The UAW members walking the picket line where Joe Biden showed up shared their real feeling about the President showing up.

22:15 Donald Trump spoke at a non-union shop in Macomb. Byron Goggin goes in search for UAW members that attended his speech.

29:50 Wolverine Watchman Eric Molitor was acquitted last week. Now he wants his apology.

47:00 Fiscal Policy expert James Hohman try to tell us how the proposed Land Value Tax might work, but where are the numbers?

Speaker 1 (00:00:00):
Built the middle class. That’s fact. So let’s keep going. You deserve what you’ve earned and you’ve earned a hell of a lot more than you’re getting paid

Speaker 2 (00:00:09):
Now. So lemme tell you, I interviewed a few workers here last night and they were completely and totally ambivalent about fighting coming here. Some of them basically supported Trump and some of them says, okay, I support Biden. But we don’t believe that Biden has really done enough, and we don’t believe that Trump has done enough to help workers. So at the end of the day, I think they’re saying, okay, we’ll accept the president walking on our picket line, the first president ever to do so. But does that really mean we’re going to get a settlement out of this? Because Biden walked their picket line. They don’t think so.

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Speaker 4 (00:00:42):

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Speaker 3 (00:01:00):

Speaker 6 (00:01:11):
Just a breakiness. Double more bullshit. Double more bullshit.

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This message of uplift is brought to you by Business and Personal Wealth advisor, Luke Acki, who reminds you that what does a profit, a man to gain the whole world but never enter the kingdom of God. But while you’re waiting, Acki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Nacky at (248) 663-4748 for sound. Financial advice. Is that It’s it. Okay, we got to go. We got a big show. Big show. Big show. I’m not even going to tell you about it. It’s, it’s show 2 89.

Speaker 10 (00:02:48):
Wow. Congratulations Charlie.

Speaker 9 (00:02:50):
Congratulations. Karen,

Speaker 10 (00:02:51):

Speaker 9 (00:02:51):
Mark. Do you remember when I asked you to marry me? I

Speaker 3 (00:02:54):
Didn’t ask.

Speaker 10 (00:02:54):
No, don’t say that. They were always asked, how do you and Charlie kind of hook up and get along

Speaker 9 (00:02:59):
Because you’re my TV wife, my work

Speaker 10 (00:03:02):
Wife. I know. And that’s okay. We get the job

Speaker 9 (00:03:04):

Speaker 10 (00:03:04):
That’s okay. We get the job done Matter.

Speaker 9 (00:03:05):
If we needed that kind of affection, I would go

Speaker 10 (00:03:08):
Home. I said,

Speaker 11 (00:03:10):
Am I okay? Am I your work child?

Speaker 9 (00:03:14):
Dude, you’re the neighbor with no neck. Oh,

Speaker 11 (00:03:16):
Okay. That’s about right. Don’t say that.

Speaker 9 (00:03:18):
He was the one saying it before

Speaker 10 (00:03:19):
The show. I know, but I won’t. Like when he says that,

Speaker 11 (00:03:21):
I never said such a thing. Okay, don’t

Speaker 9 (00:03:23):
Say that. Okay. All right. Already, let’s go. You started it. Let’s go. We got the Wolverine Watchmen who were acquitted.

Speaker 10 (00:03:29):
Oh wow.

Speaker 9 (00:03:30):
We went to East Palestine with Chris Cuomo. We’re on the picket lines in Detroit, and we have James Holman. Remember we had the communists on? We had the conservatives on, we had the progressives on. We had the millionaire class on. Now we have the libertarian class on to tell us what’s going on with his tax. We got everything. Do we have commercials?

Speaker 11 (00:03:55):
No, we’re good.

Speaker 9 (00:03:56):
Oh yeah. Having a drink then. Alright here real quick now. Okay. East Palestinian, Ohio. Remember East Palestinian, Ohio? They lit off the bomb, right? They lit off the train. They cars that held all of this very toxic stuff, very toxic vinyl chloride that when you light it on fire, it turns into World War I Gas that you’re not allowed to drop on soldiers. Chris Cuomo, I can now say good friend of the show.

Speaker 10 (00:04:29):
He’s your new B F F. He’s

Speaker 9 (00:04:31):
No, he’s now an F. An

Speaker 10 (00:04:33):

Speaker 9 (00:04:33):
He’s an F. I’m going to drop the BFF. Bullshit. He’s

Speaker 10 (00:04:37):
An F. He’s an F. Yeah. He,

Speaker 9 (00:04:38):
Yeah, he’s a fucker.

Speaker 10 (00:04:40):
Oh no. I’m a friend

Speaker 9 (00:04:41):
From fucking Long Island.

Speaker 11 (00:04:44):
Well, there’s a worst F word for

Speaker 9 (00:04:46):
Him. And he’s a friend and he went and he did a special, and you can look that up. And it was quite good. Everybody forgot it was

Speaker 10 (00:04:53):
I watched it. Yeah, I watched the whole thing. It was good. How was I? You were excellent, Charlie. You looked good. You spoke well. You were dressed nice and you look like you smell good. So all that

Speaker 9 (00:05:03):
Smelled like I smelled like

Speaker 10 (00:05:05):
Ine. No, you didn’t. You didn’t look

Speaker 9 (00:05:07):
Well. Who was better? Me and Chris,

Speaker 10 (00:05:09):
Honestly. And don’t tell him, but you, I mean, because you came Can I say this or I shouldn’t say this? You are.

Speaker 9 (00:05:16):
Yes. He doesn’t listen, even though I have to say we’re a top in iTunes, chartable is this correct? Mark? We’re a top 200 news and politics show in the United States of America. Top 200 and a broke downtown and a broke down

Speaker 10 (00:05:35):

Speaker 9 (00:05:36):
Penthouse above a hotdog restaurant. Yes. Congratulations in America. This is Detroit. This is Michigan. You coming through you. And we don’t bullshit.

Speaker 10 (00:05:46):
But that’s because substance always takes precedence over style.

Speaker 9 (00:05:50):
That is correct. But what’s more interesting is me. Tell me about me and Cuomo.

Speaker 10 (00:05:57):
Don’t tell him. But you seemed a lot more relaxed and in command of what was happening and what was transpiring. He seemed like he wanted to do well, and you could tell instead of just kind of relaxing and just being himself. I’m going to have to call him. It’s time for another session. Yeah, but he did a great job. You did an excellent job. The show was good. It was informative. It was very insightful because it made me think about how you always talk about the least of those economically are always on the short end of the stick in this country.

Speaker 9 (00:06:28):
Dig you Dick. Nobody’s paying attention and defensive Cuomo when you got to run a goddamn live show. And

Speaker 10 (00:06:34):
Yeah, I know. But he New York,

Speaker 9 (00:06:36):
New York flocks on a town.

Speaker 10 (00:06:38):
I just wanted to stroke your ego, Tara, and let you

Speaker 9 (00:06:40):
Know just the ego, the squares on this shirt are stretching. The thing about running a show like that where New York’s investing a lot of money, it’s got to work. The guy didn’t use a teleprompter. The guy did his work, but

Speaker 10 (00:06:57):
You can tell he cares too. That’s another thing he does. And that comes across quite sincerely that he really cares about those folks. It’s almost like you can see he wish he could do something to solve their problem. That’s what I felt in his conversation with them. I really did.

Speaker 9 (00:07:14):
So when we’re running around this town, here’s the deal about East Palestinian, Ohio. It’s very much like Flint, and we covered Flint very much last week, but they’re forgotten. And the government’s faking it and the EPAs bullshitting. And so we went around the town for a couple of days and this was on our show a couple weeks ago. Nice young woman, ly young woman at the e p A welcome center. We need some answers. We go back

Speaker 10 (00:07:43):

Speaker 9 (00:07:45):
Let’s play this here. Welcome setter. Come on in. It says,

Speaker 12 (00:07:51):
Hey, how you

Speaker 13 (00:07:51):
Doing bud? How

Speaker 12 (00:07:52):
Are you? Chris Cuomo, news Nation, how you doing? Appreciate you coming out. Charlie and I and the team are walking around East Palestine trying to get a feel for how it’s working in the community. And one of the main things that we’ve been hearing won’t be new to you. It’ll be concerns about what’s in their home. Just off the top of your head, do you know that you’ve tested anyone’s

Speaker 13 (00:08:12):
Homes? So I was installed as a PIO O on Thursday last week. I have not aware of requests coming in for that

Speaker 9 (00:08:23):
Thursday last week. Have you

Speaker 12 (00:08:24):
Ever heard of the E P A testing in anybody’s homes?

Speaker 13 (00:08:26):
So for this response or in general?

Speaker 12 (00:08:29):
No, no, no. For here?

Speaker 13 (00:08:31):
Yeah. So it just depends on what you’re specifically looking at. So I mean, when you say testing, I just want to make sure that,

Speaker 12 (00:08:36):
But so far it’s like today you believe it’s safe.

Speaker 13 (00:08:39):
There’s nothing from the time I’ve been here, there’s nothing. No concern. New concerns have been brought

Speaker 9 (00:08:46):
Up. See your United States e p a? Yes. And there’s Ohio, e p a, right? And there’s osha. OSHA

Speaker 13 (00:08:54):
In town. No, I have not heard of it. Okay. And there’s people who’s in charge of this town? So I’ve worked for, just to clarify, so I worked for the federal who’s in charge? State Environmental Protection Agency. So E p A, we’ve got our incident commander, who is the lead? Who’s that Unified command? Who’s that? Currently it’s Ralph. Yeah, he’s our incident commander. We want Ralph. Okay. Can we have Ralph? So Mark

Speaker 12 (00:09:23):
Iso? Yes. He’s the guy speaks on behalf of We asked the office talking from Mark. Yeah, mark didn’t want to talk to us. That’s why figured in town

Speaker 9 (00:09:30):
Mark Flynn to

Speaker 12 (00:09:32):
Respond. Mark put you on the spot. Honestly, this is not about you making you look like, no, this stinks for you, but this is, you shouldn’t have to do this. These should be your bosses. But I just wanted to ask you and let Mr. Duro know we came by and we’ll be here. Austin, you’re on the ground and you’re doing your job. The guys who are supposed to be putting out the message are ducking us, and that’s their choice. I

Speaker 10 (00:09:52):
Was trying to him to tell him that.

Speaker 12 (00:09:53):
But we just wanted to let you know we’re here. And if they want to talk, we’ll be here. Let ’em know. We’ll be here.

Speaker 13 (00:09:59):

Speaker 12 (00:10:00):
Now before you judge, it’s not fair to judge that guy. No, he’s not a boss. He’s not the guy who’s supposed to be giving the answers. He’s the guy who didn’t have the ability to get out of it. That’s who he is. So don’t judge him. He’s not the one who’s going to make things happen. But the people who are making things happen, who are his bosses, they think they can say no. And it just goes away. It’s not how it works.

Speaker 10 (00:10:21):
That was good. Yeah, right. That was very good because he’s not, he’s been there since last Thursday. He’s probably 20 some years old. It’s like, here be the p i o and you’re not given the information. He didn’t even know Ralph’s last name.

Speaker 9 (00:10:33):
They didn’t even tell that kid that Cuomo was calling and he was coming to town. They didn’t tell him that. So that kid’s all right, but he’s a scapegoat. But hey kid, listen man, get on the right side. Get on the right side of people. Right, because that’s what this election’s supposedly about. But what Ralph was he talking about? Was he talking about Ralph Cramden going

Speaker 3 (00:10:55):
The moon?

Speaker 9 (00:10:58):
Was he talking about Ralphie Parker from the Christmas story?

Speaker 14 (00:11:04):
No, I leg rifle.

Speaker 15 (00:11:09):
You’ll shoot your eye out kid.

Speaker 9 (00:11:11):
Was he talking about Ralph Macchio? The karate kid.

Speaker 16 (00:11:16):
Wax on right hand wax off. Left hand

Speaker 9 (00:11:21):
Stay with me. Millennials was, he was talk about Ralph mouth. But it’s tough to make a chinchilla go like

Speaker 12 (00:11:27):

Speaker 9 (00:11:30):
I still got it. I love poetry. Was he talking about Ralph Waldo Emerson

Speaker 15 (00:11:35):
Finish every day and be done with it? You have done what you could.

Speaker 9 (00:11:41):
I like handbags. Was he talking about Ralph Lauren? No, no, no. He must’ve been talking about Che.

Speaker 17 (00:11:57):
His name is Ralph. Man.

Speaker 9 (00:12:01):
Who the fuck is in charge of these? Ralph? Ralph, Palestinian. A p a Ralph Come out. Ralph. Ralph. It ain’t going away dude. It ain’t going away. And so the point here is Biden on his desk is we’ve reported the governor of Ohio another war crime, criminal war time. Hold on.

Speaker 10 (00:12:31):
I can’t help you on that

Speaker 9 (00:12:32):
One. Boy, I got off the beer.

Speaker 10 (00:12:34):
Oh, good for you,

Speaker 9 (00:12:35):
Shirley. Oh no. Too many calories. I was in East Palestine. I was in a motel and I got out of the A motel? Yeah, motel. Yeah. What do you think? Da. There’s poor seasons in East Palestine.

Speaker 10 (00:12:45):
Oh no, they

Speaker 9 (00:12:45):
Don’t. I got out of the shower and they got the big glass and with the stark light, and I got out of the shower and I’m like, oh my God. Oh my God, this sheen of cellulite. I’m like,

Speaker 10 (00:12:57):
No, it’s the mirrors. It’s always

Speaker 9 (00:12:59):
I Googled beer. You know what it told me? What? Drink whiskey.

Speaker 10 (00:13:03):
Oh, okay.

Speaker 9 (00:13:04):
That’s what it said. You’ll

Speaker 11 (00:13:05):
Get used to that image.

Speaker 10 (00:13:07):
What? The wrinkles or the whiskey? How you look in the mirror. Oh, okay.

Speaker 9 (00:13:10):
I don’t even look, bro. I just look away. I look away now. But here’s the thing. Do we have our cool thing that we’re going to do? Yeah, of course. Joe Biden said he was going to go to East Palestine. He said it. The funny thing is, when he came to Detroit the other day, he flew his, you can Google it, the flight plan. I don’t know why the flight plan for Air Force one is on an app, but you can find it. He flew directly over East Palestine. He landed in Detroit. He spoke for 87 seconds, shook a few hands. What are you doing? Yeah, look at that. Look

Speaker 10 (00:13:58):
At the 87

Speaker 9 (00:13:59):
Seconds. That fade. Look at that. Oh, wait a minute. We’ll fix that in post.

Speaker 11 (00:14:03):
No, we won’t. There

Speaker 9 (00:14:03):
He is. He almost stumbled again. Yeah, he

Speaker 10 (00:14:05):
Stumbled. They talked about that.

Speaker 9 (00:14:07):
Yeah. He’s wearing rubber shoes. He was driving

Speaker 11 (00:14:08):
To the closest plant to the airport.

Speaker 9 (00:14:10):
Yeah. Belleville.

Speaker 10 (00:14:14):

Speaker 9 (00:14:15):
Is that where he went? There he is.

Speaker 10 (00:14:17):
And he didn’t go to the plant in Wayne, which everybody thought that he would, but he didn’t.

Speaker 9 (00:14:21):
They didn’t tell the press where he was going. He probably didn’t. They didn’t tell the press where he was going. Now I don’t know about He’s taking off the president and guess where he is going? He went over Palestine, landed in Detroit, did about an hour and a half, did 87 seconds of comment. And then you can see, you should all go to Twitter or YouTube. Look up Lauff. No bullshit news hour or whatever. And he flew San Francisco for two days of fundraising. This is not the way to win,

Speaker 10 (00:14:57):
But that’s their priority. And you’ve seen that here with our state officials. That’s the priority. And

Speaker 9 (00:15:05):
Who’s making these decisions? The kid that they put in East Palestine. You know what he’s doing? He’s paying his dues and he’s taking one for the team and he gets to be one of these speakers for the people. And that’s not good enough for us. It’s absolutely not good enough for us. So Biden lands in Wayne County. Don’t call it Detroit, right?

Speaker 10 (00:15:31):
Because it wasn’t

Speaker 9 (00:15:32):
Do it again, girl. Go

Speaker 10 (00:15:32):
Ahead. It not.

Speaker 9 (00:15:33):
Here’s your Go ahead. Rip it. Detroit is Wayne County, but it’s a

Speaker 10 (00:15:37):
Different world, right? That was Belleville. That’s right.

Speaker 9 (00:15:40):
Now Belleville is East Palestine. Okay. And Youngstown is Detroit. The 20 minutes apart. This is all of America. Yep. Okay, so Byron, now this motherfucker is in Green Bay watching the game, and I got to sit here and do a show. I wasn’t invited. So Byron, you’re not even listening, but you are because you’re a professional player.

Speaker 10 (00:16:04):
But he did his work before he

Speaker 9 (00:16:05):
Left. Fuck you. We’re here doing the show. But the spine of the show is Byron Goggin doing his business, and Byron Goggin went to the line where we’re from and this is what he found. This is what the auto worker thinks about being a photo. So far so good. Look at this. Wow, this guy’s brilliant.

Speaker 2 (00:16:33):
What John Fein did was brilliant. He puts Biden and I guess anybody who wants to muscle in and steal the glory away from the strikers by pretending that somehow they settled the strike when in actual fact it’ll only be settled by negotiators from U a W. So we send a signal to all politicians, you’re welcome on my picket line, but you’re not going to interfere in the bargaining process. It’s going to be the workers and the bargaining committee that’s going to solve this problem.

Speaker 1 (00:17:11):
UW Picket Alliance for now as a senator since 1973. But I tell you what, first time

Speaker 9 (00:17:16):
Could he just say he picketed in 97

Speaker 18 (00:17:18):
In their chest board Senator court to get more voters on their side. Because either way, you’re divided in this whole strike currently with the U A W, you’re either against us or you’re for us. So whatever their political campaign agrees with, that’s what they’re going to go for.

Speaker 19 (00:17:32):
If they would’ve come before and we could have talked during a peaceful time, it would’ve been a lot more respected than what I can give them now.

Speaker 20 (00:17:42):
We’re not trying to be political right now. It’s more about us. It’s not about them.

Speaker 21 (00:17:47):
I don’t believe either one, either Biden or Trump really has our best interests at heart. I don’t really think that they’re really fighting for us. They’re just fighting for power. In my opinion.

Speaker 3 (00:18:06):
I think we support you. UAW Swap made our point. Jumped. Try it.

Speaker 22 (00:18:16):
This isn’t day one of our strike. We walked out on Friday, but our other brothers and sisters walked out prior. Where were they then? Where were they for our other brothers and sisters? So don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the support from anyone, whether it be the person next door to another person from another local, but at the end of the day, Biden or Trump, they need to support keeping our products here in America.

Speaker 19 (00:18:44):
I was in this exact same position in 2019, and no one came and shook my hand and said, hang in there. Stand up, be patient. It’s coming. Nobody said that. We didn’t get the contract that we deserved in four years ago, and here we are again.

Speaker 23 (00:19:04):
They could have came out and supported us before this all happened. People are unhappy about that. They feel like it’s just for publicity. Kind of like attention grab. Be the first guy to say, Hey, I’m supporting these guys. And they’re plight and they’re what they’re fighting for when really we don’t feel like either one of ’em has been supporting us at all.

Speaker 18 (00:19:24):
If they really want to help, there’s different ways with legislation or in Michigan’s. Unemployment itself hasn’t changed since I got in the trade in 1998. There’s other things that they could do to show their support other than get out for a photo op and shake a few hands.

Speaker 1 (00:19:42):
Built the middle class. Let’s back. So let’s keep going. You deserve what you’ve earned and you’ve earned a hell of a lot more than you’re getting paid

Speaker 2 (00:19:51):
Now. So let me tell you, I interviewed a few workers here last night and they were completely and totally ambivalent about fighting coming here. Some of them basically supported Trump and some of them says, okay, I support Biden. But we don’t believe that Biden has really done enough and we don’t believe that Trump has done enough to help workers. So at the end of the day, I think they’re saying, okay, we’ll accept the president walking on our picket line, the first president ever to do so. But does that really mean we’re going to get a settlement out of this? Because Biden walked their picket line. They don’t think so.

Speaker 20 (00:20:31):
I feel like there’s a kind of worker’s change now with, it’s not just us. I mean, there’s a lot of u w places that are striking now, and it’s the most that I’ve seen ever.

Speaker 19 (00:20:44):
I’m very apolitical on where I stand by who chooses to do the right thing and and what they do when no one’s looking. That’s what I go by.

Speaker 20 (00:20:56):
If they want my vote, they need to stop lying to us and they need to actually show that they care because this is all fine. And Danny and everybody’s here now, right? But we’ll see how everything goes in a few weeks or months, and then we’ll see if they’re still engaged as they are now.

Speaker 9 (00:21:18):
So that’s Michigan people reported on by Michigan people, this is what we think. Fuck you c n N, and fuck you Fox News. And this is what we actually think and we talk true to each other. So accept it or don’t.

Speaker 10 (00:21:34):
Yeah. But that’s pretty powerful. And I think that for either of them to come in and think that their presence alone was going to garner them, any additional support, whether it’s at the voting booth or whatever, those people are like, yeah, sure, come. But we’re looking for substance. We’re looking for results. We’re looking for something more than just you exploiting our pain right now for your political advantage.

Speaker 9 (00:21:58):
And they all know that Biden jumped Trump because Trump was going to be here Wednesday. Wednesday was yesterday. It’s all

Speaker 10 (00:22:06):
A game. Charlie.

Speaker 9 (00:22:07):
Yeah. Okay. You want to see the game? Here’s the game from Trump’s bullshit too. Here you go. Thank you. Byron Goggin. And roll it.

Speaker 24 (00:22:20):
My name is Claire and I’ve been a member of the union for two years.

Speaker 25 (00:22:23):
What are you hoping to hear from them tonight?

Speaker 24 (00:22:27):
I’m hoping that they will come to a solution and this will get settled and Trump will save our country.

Speaker 25 (00:22:33):
Are you guys a member of the union? No, we don’t. No. You’re not a members of the union? No. You’re retired. Oh, you’re retired. So you used to be union members? Yes. Are you guys union by any chance? I just need to talk to a union. Are you union guy? No. No. We are. Are you a union by any chance? I just trying to talk to a union person. No, no. Anybody here? Union.

Speaker 26 (00:22:57):
I work with U A W workers. I am currently laid off. I really believe that U A W workers need to get their increase in pay, their increase in benefits, and I want Trump to say it. I want him to be loud and proud about U A W workers supporting Trump and also Trump supporting U A workers.

Speaker 25 (00:23:19):
Anybody? U a w here. I’m on the list. You a w great list. Mind if I ask you a couple of questions? Yeah, I do. Oh, okay.

Speaker 9 (00:23:25):
Yeah, I do.

Speaker 25 (00:23:26):
I’m speaking for Merick. Oh, you do mind? Okay. Alright. You mind?

Speaker 20 (00:23:33):

Speaker 25 (00:23:33):
Don’t know. You don’t have to. I was just going to ask you what you wanted to hear from President Trump tonight. Nothing specific. Just want to hear him talk. What do you think about the fact that he’s given a speech to union people in a non-union shop? Does that send a bad signal to the union members that he’s giving an address to union people in a non-union shop?

Speaker 24 (00:24:00):
To me, absolutely not. He needs to be everywhere.

Speaker 25 (00:24:04):
You mentioned Drake. They’re not a union shop. Does that make a difference? How do you feel about that? How is

Speaker 8 (00:24:10):
I have no problem with it. Most manufacturing jobs in the United States are not, their workers are not union represented. There’s no need for the union. The union in the U U A W plants I found have devolved into an organization that protects the 10% of the workers who don’t deserve to keep their jobs. They don’t show up for work. They don’t come in on time When they do show up, they’re drunk or smoking marijuana. So that’s who the union is protecting now. Really the need for big, strong, confrontational unions like the U A W has gone away.

Speaker 25 (00:24:45):
But I’m a little confused. You’re holding a sign that says U A W workers. No, it doesn’t.

Speaker 8 (00:24:49):
Or Trump? No, it doesn’t.

Speaker 25 (00:24:51):
So it’s just auto workers. It’s auto workers. So that’s not clear though.

Speaker 8 (00:24:55):
Well, it’s clear to me.

Speaker 9 (00:25:00):
Well, everybody sucks

Speaker 10 (00:25:04):

Speaker 9 (00:25:04):
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Speaker 11 (00:25:55):

Speaker 9 (00:25:56):
Give it to me.

Speaker 11 (00:25:57):
I don’t have any on me. I need to order some more. I really don’t.

Speaker 9 (00:26:03):
I don’t like advertising. That’s not true, bro. But I would tell you, I have some

Speaker 11 (00:26:06):
At home. I’ll bring it in for you.

Speaker 10 (00:26:08):
You can order some. How are you 25 now? Percent off

Speaker 11 (00:26:10):
Me. I’m feeling great because I use

Speaker 9 (00:26:12):
25% off. You’re feeling great. What do you

Speaker 11 (00:26:14):
Mean? Well, because I use next evo. Did

Speaker 9 (00:26:17):
It fuck your memory up? Were you so high you couldn’t remember to bring so for your

Speaker 11 (00:26:22):
Brother? No, there’s no T H C in it.

Speaker 9 (00:26:23):
There’s no T h C in it, but it relaxes. You get some sleep, isn’t it? That’s pretty bad. And you forget about me.

Speaker 11 (00:26:29):
What said you forget

Speaker 9 (00:26:30):
About me. That’s what you do.

Speaker 11 (00:26:32):
Make him go

Speaker 9 (00:26:33):
Away. Let me take some G B D. Make him go away to stress. Oh

Speaker 10 (00:26:37):
My. He needs something a little stronger than that.

Speaker 9 (00:26:40):
We got Is there a promo code for that one? Yo, there isn’t.

Speaker 10 (00:26:44):
Is it red? N e x t

Speaker 9 (00:26:46):
Evo o slash Hey, listen. Next. Next. Evo people, people. You want me to keep reading this? God be listen, it should be next Evo slash red. It should be red. The man knows everything. T H C. Just hook up with him. But everybody in this room knows these things. Don’t make you a high name. Actually, are you on the phone again?

Speaker 10 (00:27:13):
No, I was just stretching my legs. I’m not

Speaker 9 (00:27:15):
On the phone. How was your physical therapy?

Speaker 10 (00:27:17):
That’s fine, Charlie. I have to just keep at it, but it’s all right. Thank you for asking.

Speaker 9 (00:27:22):
Try the CBDs.

Speaker 10 (00:27:25):
I do. I have the cream. I have all that stuff. There you go. I do the little stick.

Speaker 9 (00:27:32):
Oh my God, that sounds hot. Some cream in a stick. I mean,

Speaker 10 (00:27:37):
Oh my

Speaker 9 (00:27:38):
God. What are we doing after the show, baby? I’ll tell you what we’re doing. We are googling N e xt Thank you very much. And Legacy partners a legacy. We got a busy show, so I’m just going to give the number. Everybody knows that. Listen to this show that if you call 5 8 6 2 0 9 4 1 0 6, you drive around in your trucking Garden City, you are in East Palestine, they go across state lines 5 8 6 2 0 9 4 1 0 6. They’ll find you better. Cheaper insurance. Period. End of story. Let’s move along. Next. Legacy. Fucking shit. No, you’re right. You’re good. No legacy partners. I Call East Palestine. Get ’em involved. They’ll help you.

Speaker 10 (00:28:33):
All right. Are they just in Michigan or are they

Speaker 9 (00:28:36):
I just said they weren’t.

Speaker 10 (00:28:38):
Okay. I didn’t hear

Speaker 9 (00:28:39):
You. I just came up with a whole fucking model for these people. Pay me more. You’re not paying me enough Legacy. You’ve got some business. I just got you. Ohio. Yep. Alright here. If I don’t get a call from Legacy in the next 10 minutes, you’re out. You’re out. I don’t care. I don’t care, man. I’m big. I’m 200 in America. I don’t even have to do Fox, New York Times N P R, none of that shit. We here are the people. And the people is working because you people know that we’re the people. Sometimes you agree, sometimes you don’t. But we’re trying to keep you informed. Is this correct?

Speaker 10 (00:29:19):
That is absolutely correct,

Speaker 9 (00:29:20):
Charlie right? That’s right. God damn it mad. What do we got next, mark? Oh yeah, that’s right. You know what? Everybody really liked the last segment. Dumb dumb. Dana. We got a new segment.

Speaker 9 (00:29:45):
Well, it happened again last week. Dana Nessa suffered another devastating loss. Three men accused of aiding and abetting in the terrorist plot to kidnap and put on a boat. Take the Governor Whitman to Wisconsin, try her in a barn for what were they? Treason? I don’t know. Treason. Yeah. What else? I’m going to find out. Some generic, yeah, right. Convict her and then lock it a dog cage for five years. Either that or put her in a boat and let her drift around In Lake Michigan. I’m not sure we’re going to find out because with us now is Eric Ter one of three men last week that was acquitted of all these charges. He’s a former wolverine watchman terrorist, but he’s not co-conspirator. Yeah, co-conspirator. Hello, Eric. Wolverine Watchman. How do you get into the Wolverine watchman?

Speaker 27 (00:30:43):
Well, I never was in the Wolverine watchman.

Speaker 9 (00:30:46):
What do you mean you weren’t in the Wolverine watchman. Dana said you were a wolverine watchman. The governor called you. No, I’m sorry. The officials said you were Wolverine watchman. What do you mean you weren’t?

Speaker 27 (00:30:57):
Well, I’d hate to call them a liar. However, they are busiest way for them to try to slander me and drag my name through the mud and kind of make me guilty in the eyes of the public before I even had to trial.

Speaker 9 (00:31:11):
So what happened here was a bunch of guys met on Facebook, right? They’re bitching about the government. They’re bitching about Whitmer and the lockdown and they hatch this plot. They’re going to kidnap her and take her to the barn. Right? And so you all start meeting, is that correct, Gary?

Speaker 27 (00:31:26):
Correct. I was never part of any meetings, know about any plans. I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know the people I knew of Adam Fox, the guy had gotten me a job, private security. So I was pretty grateful to him, especially during 20 19, 20 20 when jobs were really good.

Speaker 9 (00:31:45):
Okay, first of all, we should say this, the whole thing, the captain of this whole thing was a guy named Big Dan, right? Oh, this poor dumb redneck.

Speaker 27 (00:31:56):
Yeah, Dan. He was the confidential human source, the original C H Ss for the F B I.

Speaker 9 (00:32:01):
Dan Chapel, who sees chatter going on on Facebook, he alerts the authorities, he’s put in touch with the F B I. They put him on the payroll and he becomes pretty much the defacto leader of the group, right?

Speaker 27 (00:32:17):
Within two weeks he was second in command. The group actually supposedly wanted him for first in command, but that would’ve been against his F B I admonishments. So he was told that he could not be first. He could only be second.

Speaker 9 (00:32:31):
So he’s the guy putting together training. He’s the guy putting together meetings. He’s the guy paying for people to get to Ohio to meet at a motel, right? And it’s all F B I money.

Speaker 27 (00:32:44):
So altogether there were 14 different undercovers and confidential humans, all of them game amongst themselves. So Dan was not the only one giving the training, giving people rides, paying for food, paying for, there were mos

Speaker 9 (00:33:03):
God, his connection sucks. I think the government’s fucking bugging us here. Okay, so 14 people were working for the feds. How many people were just mops like you?

Speaker 27 (00:33:16):
I guess about 14.

Speaker 9 (00:33:18):
So half of this group is actually the feds?

Speaker 27 (00:33:21):
Yes sir.

Speaker 9 (00:33:22):
And without the feds, would you guys have done this, done the recon, gone up to her house, met did training in the woods, et cetera, et cetera.

Speaker 27 (00:33:32):
None of this stuff would’ve happened without the feds getting involved in making it happen. Dan Depel, I call him the magnet that the government put out to attract everybody else. There are always, I hate saying it, but kind of dangerous elements or people that talk crazy. There’s always people that do that. So why would you put somebody out there to draw ’em all together and then feed them plans And like I said, they paid for track, lodging, all sorts of interstate. So this is not just within Michigan.

Speaker 9 (00:33:58):
Well, how did you get linked up with it then? If you’re not one of them, how do you find yourself in a truck with an F B I informant? Right? Looking at the governor’s house, taking pictures. We’ll get to whether or not that’s intent or not, but how do you even get hooked up with ’em if you’re not one of them?

Speaker 27 (00:34:15):
Okay, so this is going to take a little bit, man, it’s going to take more than 15 minutes probably. Is that okay?

Speaker 9 (00:34:21):
No, no, no. Give me the two minute version. You got it. People will find you and read about you.

Speaker 27 (00:34:29):
I met Adam through, I kept up with him because he wanted to keep talking about starting another malicious second continental army of the us, which I was pretty hip on. They made the job private security. I felt pretty indebted to him for that. I was already involved in civil defense force in my area and doing a lot, I call it good guy stuff. So protecting community real of rioters. So Adam had asked me, do you want to go for a ride this weekend? I asked, yeah, what do you have in mind? He said, A high profile vacation house. I have the text. There’s nothing explicit stated about Governor Whitmer so ahead with everything. I’m thinking more good guy stuff. Go look at this place to protect it or whatever. So him and dad, I don’t know. I barely know Adam. They show up and we go on a ride the whole way up there. They did not talk about anything and we have the five hour audio to prove that as well. I get about an hour away from home and that’s when they start talking about Governor Whitmer and her cottage. That’s when I knew

Speaker 9 (00:35:36):
You mean on the way home you found out you didn’t even know while you were there what you were looking at.

Speaker 27 (00:35:41):
I think we got in Rapids where her former cottage is at. That’s when they started actually talking about Governor Witmer’s cottage. They said her name and talking about what they were going to do

Speaker 9 (00:35:52):
And so why didn’t right there you just like say, Hey dude, I’m out.

Speaker 27 (00:35:59):
I get this question a lot. So if these people are willing to kidnap and whatever else, another human being, how far are they willing to go to keep my ass quiet? I’m a nobody. I didn’t know that dude was a confidential human source. I barely know Adam. The guys are talking crazy shit. They got guns on him. No, I’m not going to make ’em think that I’m not. Okay.

Speaker 9 (00:36:19):
That his point. What

Speaker 11 (00:36:20):
Did you do while you were up there at the cottage?

Speaker 27 (00:36:25):
So on one of the rides by they eventually found her place and on one of the rides by Adam Fox had asked me to take a slow motion picture or video on his phone. This was after he had already taken a couple videos and he didn’t say shoot somebody or blow anything up. That would’ve been a hard no. I’d have had made a stand right there. He said, take slow motion video. I took a video if that’s what I had to do to get home to my kids. That’s what I did.

Speaker 9 (00:36:50):
Why didn’t you go to the authority?

Speaker 27 (00:36:51):
Because I did that. That was the fellow. Oh, so throughout the ride there’s different stages. When Adam first asked me about going on the ride, this is a cool dude. We got high. We talked about salicious stuff and getting our country back, doing things the right way. Cool, dude got me that job at then. Here’s the new Adam. Once they start talking about what they’re doing, I’m scared shitless. This guy’s scary throughout the ride, everything that was going on did not lend credence to what they were talking about. They didn’t have her address. They drove all the way from Lansing. They didn’t have her address. They don’t know anything. They’re hunting it down as they’re up there. I see Dan roll, ISA, Adam a couple of times on the ride. So there’s two people and one of ’em seems like he is not really into it.

Speaker 27 (00:37:36):
Adam is into it and Adam’s acting very excitable. The gentleman was on steroids and so is a little more out there. You know what I mean? And by the end of it still had worries. Obviously people talking like that, that’s worrisome. But I did not think it was serious by the end of it, I wasn’t as worried for my life. So why do I stay in contact with them? One of the reasons, because if they keep talking about it or if I find out there’s more people involved, I can actually go to the authorities with this information. I did not feel I had enough at that time. And that’s a crazy ass story. Try going the couch and be like, you won’t believe this ride I just took bro. It’s not going to go. You know what I mean? I done it. That’s how I felt.

Speaker 9 (00:38:17):
But I might’ve done it. So there’s a nut job with guns on roads, living in the basement of a vacuum cleaner repair shop, cruising around the governor’s vacation home, talking about dressing as a pizza guy and kidnapping her and putting her on a boat. Right? Okay. Maybe he’s a numb nut, but it’s definitely a wing nut and people listening like it’s hard to believe. You felt you didn’t have enough.

Speaker 27 (00:38:44):
Yeah. Yeah. I’ve went to police before with other issues. One guy, actually, this is unrelated to this situation, but I had him even get ahold of me. I don’t even know this guy really. And threatened to beat my ass. Next time he sees me in public, I went to the police and they said, oh, he wasn’t right next to you. There was no real valid threat to that. And I’ve had a couple other interactions where I’m unsure where, what is something that’s actionable? What can I take to somebody? So again, one of the reasons I would take these guys is so if I do hear more information, I can definitely go do something about it. Another reason was selfish. He can get steroids. I’m in private security. I’m a big guy. I would like to trim down, get a little bulkier, try to, it’s very competitive. So that was another reason for staying with them. Wait

Speaker 9 (00:39:26):
A minute, man. You’re telling me Adam Fox was your steroid dealer?

Speaker 27 (00:39:31):
Nope. I did not actually get anything from him. We had talked about him getting me some, but it never came to fruition. We barely knew each other. We only knew each other for a couple of months before the raids happened.

Speaker 11 (00:39:42):
Did you know the null brothers who you were on trial with? The two twins?

Speaker 27 (00:39:49):
So I know of them because of the circles that we run in. We’ve rubbed shoulders here and there before and they’ve always been very good people. They’ve always been there to protect people. They’ve always cared about people as far as I can remember. They’re good guys.

Speaker 9 (00:40:04):
So the guy you’re driving around with is an F B I confidence or human source. He taped everything, right? Everything like you said, and the jury heard it.

Speaker 27 (00:40:14):
They didn’t get to listen to the whole four audio. The prosecution got to chop it up however they wanted to and make it seem certain ways. They in fact took out of five hours. They took something out of context and moved it back four and a half hours. So it made it seem like as soon as I got in the truck that they were telling me about the plan. So I knew what was going on before we even driveway. Complete lie.

Speaker 9 (00:40:37):
Well, let me say this. I’d like to have you in because you’re not out there up in Antrim County and the connection is bad. I mean, you’re not a rich guy. Yeah, you don’t got the ethernet fiber. But during all of this, the governor herself called all of you and that includes you, a domestic terrorist. Now the jury of your peers, no matter what people think, that’s their system and it’s a pretty good one. They listen to the evidence. This it is ridiculous. Just a numb nuts got caught up in it. And you’re looking to make some headlines. You’re not a domestic terrorist. It’s official. Are you going to sue the governor or do you want an apology or what are going to do about that?

Speaker 27 (00:41:26):
I want an apology. I think all of ’em owe all of us an apology for trying to our families and hurting the people that we care about. It wasn’t just us that got hurt, our kids, our moms, everybody. This affected everybody. We deserve an apology

Speaker 9 (00:41:41):
For those that are acquitted, they deserve an apology. Does Adam Fox deserve an apology? I mean, they were conspiring. They did try to make bombs right? They were ever going to get it done. I doubt it. Watching from they don’t deserve one.

Speaker 27 (00:41:59):
No, I don’t think they even deserve to be in prison. The lies that the government told about them, I know more than you got to do than the general public just because of the amount of evidence or the paperwork that I have. I’ve got to see from the inside how the f b, I actually set all this up. Adam thought that Dan was a cool guy. Dan showed him attention. He was never a real terrorist. Nothing ever would’ve happened. They do not belong in prison. The government set them up. Yes, they deserve an apology as well.

Speaker 11 (00:42:25):
Are you fearful of the government now? I mean, I know you’re back on Facebook, which seems insane. What are you doing? Yeah, what? I dunno why you’re back on Facebook.

Speaker 9 (00:42:32):

Speaker 27 (00:42:35):
Because I’m running for, I want to run for office and political office and I need to be accessible to anybody. So I’m getting on any social platform that I can after seeing what I saw from the inside. There’s stuff that needs to change and I have a unique insight into it. We’re going to see where this goes. And I’m willing to fight for the regular people, man. Because a nobody, and they tried to do this to me. They could have been you. It could have been anybody. They want to attack our speech. They want to attack us for political reasons and it’s enough. We got to

Speaker 9 (00:43:06):
Stop. But government is more than that, right? I mean, do you know what the Headley amendment is? Do you know the property tax rates? Do you know about zoning? Do you know how many people are in the House of Representatives? What the Senate does? Do you know any of that? There’s other things you can do.

Speaker 27 (00:43:28):
I have a little bit of knowledge here and there. So my main goal is I’m not to be SM high and I’ll take whatever office I get. It’s dangerous. But anyways, you asked if I was afraid of the government first of all. Yes. Yes I am. Because I saw what they could do and I was actually warned to keep my head down because the federal government can still have me. There’s a federal government and the state government. So even though I was cleared on charges on the state side, the feds that they wanted to could still pick up the same exact charges in charge. It’s not double jeopardy because it’s a different system. Yes, there’s a fear level, but also, come on, I’ve already found not guilty. I’m willing to get again,

Speaker 9 (00:44:05):
Did you’re like bring it on motherfucker? Is that what you’re saying?

Speaker 27 (00:44:09):
I’m mad.

Speaker 9 (00:44:11):
All right. Right now give the F b I the finger. Dare

Speaker 27 (00:44:15):
You. I want my stuff back. They took my armor, weapons, a whole bunch of stuff. They took my mom’s guns. A friend’s had a friend who had some stuff here and they took his shit and they took my brother’s guns as well. Some of these were family heirlooms that, I mean, you just can’t get that some value back. But yeah, as far as giving him the finger, seriously, I’m mad dude. I am mad.

Speaker 9 (00:44:39):
Okay, listen, Eric, man, thanks. I could go all night. But the connection ship, let’s have you in studio soon, right, man, when you come on down to big city. Okay man, thanks so much, man. Congratulations.

Speaker 27 (00:44:55):
Thank you.

Speaker 9 (00:45:09):
Well, you know when it rains, the power goes out and when the power goes out, the internet goes out. When the internet goes out, I call my friend Matt and Bernie at XG Service Group. Look at Bernie here on his hands and knees, giving it everything he’s got. Look at that man. Crack so busy. He forgot to wear a belt. There’s Matt right there. Getting the board together. That’s 7 3 4 2 4 5 4100. If you need Matt and Bernie to come take care of your voiceover internet, your security cameras off campus, access control, wifi, and cameras for homes and business, they’ll design it for you. You got restaurants, they do drive-through systems, railroad cameras for public safety, total wireless cameras systems for your home and business. Yeah, that’s right. Call XG Services at (734) 245-4100. Mention no bullshit news hour and receive 100% off.

Speaker 10 (00:45:59):
Charlie, what did we just watch? Not the butt crack the interview.

Speaker 9 (00:46:05):
I don’t know. You tell me.

Speaker 10 (00:46:06):
I’m not really sure. First of all, he’d make the ideal politician. He’s got all the issues. He never should have been charged, but it’s almost, how old is he? Late twenties, 28

Speaker 9 (00:46:23):
Years old. Yeah,

Speaker 10 (00:46:24):
I mean he’s just like you said, mark, during the break he’s naive and he got caught up in something. But that was a very interesting interview. I want my mama’s guns back.

Speaker 9 (00:46:34):
Not guilty. No. Let’s move along to the next thing. There’s more. Yes, there’s more. Put ’em on the screen. James. James Coleman from the Mackinac. We

Speaker 10 (00:46:47):
Got Carrie Grant.

Speaker 9 (00:46:49):
He looks like Carrie

Speaker 10 (00:46:50):
Grant. He does,

Speaker 9 (00:46:51):
He does. If you don’t know who Carrie Grant is. Millennials. I know.

Speaker 10 (00:46:55):
They don’t know what’s going on there. He is.

Speaker 9 (00:46:59):

Speaker 10 (00:47:01):
Charlie. Charlie.

Speaker 9 (00:47:03):
Don’t do that. I’m a smoker. What?

Speaker 10 (00:47:04):
I know. But those germs.

Speaker 9 (00:47:07):
Germs. Hey James. Hey. Hey Carrie. Hey Charlie. So listen, now we got to go to the next thing. We got to get out of here. It’s perfect. I’m looking at this thing. We got 10 minutes, man, you better Wow me. Motherfucker. Listen in. Now the Detroit land tax value scheme, it barely cleared committee. This thing is, what is this thing, Karen? This thing is basically we’re going to take the tax value off your house and put it on your land. James, the suburbs didn’t go for this. It’s now stuck on the city. Does this scheme, and I call it a scheme, look like it’s going to work for the city?

Speaker 28 (00:48:06):
I think it will. I mean the biggest hesitation, I think

Speaker 9 (00:48:09):
You’re wrong, buddy. Go on. Do you think it’ll work? Yeah. I mean

Speaker 28 (00:48:14):
The biggest hesitations that you saw on committee, and I think that you’ve expressed, is just a lack of trust. The mayor’s doing this, you supporting it. And a lot of people feel burned by the mayor. But when you look at the proposal, what they’re talking about, it’s just substituting one tax for another on a dollar for dollar basis. And the tax that they’re substituting in raises as much revenue without causing as much harm to the Detroit economy as the property tax. And Detroit’s got high property taxes, some of the highest in the country. This does something about that.

Speaker 10 (00:48:48):
So when you say that it’ll work, is it to work meaning to generate revenue or work to incite development? Because that’s part of the information that I’ve heard, that it’s supposed to encourage development to stop people that are just sitting on empty land. That it would spur development. And I asked you this when we talked the other day about what? About all the developed properties that sit unoccupied or under occupied now. So where’s the win in this?

Speaker 28 (00:49:16):
Yeah, so the reason why I like land valley tax, why a lot of other people do, it’s not just me. It’s not

Speaker 9 (00:49:22):
Because you’re libertarian

Speaker 28 (00:49:26):
Libertarians are conflicted on this. Land value taxes are theft to a lot of libertarians too. But let me at least cover Karen’s question, which is like, look, Detroit’s got high property taxes. It’s got a lot of vacant land. The vacant land’s not worth a lot. Carrying costs of it are pretty low, even with high taxes because the land’s not worth that much. But you build something on it and now you’re faced with the highest taxes in the world on a valuable structure. So the land value tax is a way to say, okay, if I build on something, if I give something the market wants that people want more housing options, I’m not going to pay faced with a higher tax burden. Now, that’s not the case for this proposal. It’s only dealing with a portion of the property tax, but it’s a step in the right direction. It’s a good idea.

Speaker 9 (00:50:14):
But does it work? Does it work? I’ll throw that. Go on. Does it work? Do we? Let’s do a few things here, man. First of all, you are going to, lemme take a sip of the whiskey. The f c is not watching first. Somehow this has to come out even it has to come out even as well as I know that the guy that owns the big skyscraper is going to make out. You know that when you develop something on land, that on the land, that’s only what you’re going to be taxed on, right? So far so good.

Speaker 10 (00:51:07):
He’s shaking his head yes.

Speaker 9 (00:51:08):
Well, it’s radio dude, come on. Yes or no? Yes or no? Yes. Okay, I’m following

Speaker 28 (00:51:14):

Speaker 9 (00:51:15):
So now I got a vacant lot. I built a 30 story fucking apartment complex. I’m only being taxed as the developer on the land, but not what I put upon it. How does this create equanimity?

Speaker 28 (00:51:35):
So in this proposal, it’s only a portion of it that you’re not, that you’re getting a deal on, but you’re absolutely right. Land value

Speaker 9 (00:51:44):
Tax. I’m absolute. Wait a minute. I’m absolutely right. There’s not equity in this scheme.

Speaker 28 (00:51:51):
Well, I mean there’s equity and then if we have a full land value tax, everyone’s just taxed in the valley if their land, that’s fair as things get. But I think people would care a little bit about

Speaker 9 (00:52:02):
You have, well, let’s go back because we just brushed over it. What you said was your building, you call it property, and I yelled at you last night as we were talking your property. We as regular people think property is your land. You’re saying property is your building structure and the land is the land. So in this scheme, in this, fuck it. I call it a scheme. In this scheme, you are only beholden to paying property tax To what? If you’re going to make a new development, your development is only taxed upon the assessed value of the land. Correct?

Speaker 28 (00:52:49):
Yes. That’s what the stake is, a step in that direction. Again,

Speaker 9 (00:52:52):
It’s a halfway measure your tax on both.

Speaker 28 (00:52:55):
Yes, you’re absolutely right.

Speaker 9 (00:52:56):
Okay. I’m absolutely right because I trust you. I trust you. You’re one of the guys I call. You’re one of the guys I call and I trust you. If that’s the schematic, then if I build a 30 story condo, then everybody in the condo doesn’t pay property tax. Like the person in Detroit who owns land pays tax. Is this correct?

Speaker 28 (00:53:26):
Yeah. Let me try

Speaker 9 (00:53:27):
And summarize. Well, yes or no. First of all, don’t brush over it. No, I know you, you Foxy motherfucker. Is this true? Is this true? I’m willing to,

Speaker 28 (00:53:39):

Speaker 9 (00:53:39):
Let me give you, first of all, yes, I’m willing to be drilled, but yes, now go ahead, bro.

Speaker 28 (00:53:46):
Alright, so this is a proposal that creates winners and losers. It raises the same amount of tax revenue that you expect right now, which means that some people are paying more, some people are going to pay less.

Speaker 9 (00:53:56):
Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Right there. You said we expect this to raise the same property tax value. That’s what you said, right?

Speaker 28 (00:54:06):

Speaker 9 (00:54:07):
What does that mean? But no, no, don’t gloss over. That’s huge. What do you mean? What do you mean? This expects us to raise the exact same mama, he said, but No, no, no. I love this guy. Wait a minute. I know

Speaker 28 (00:54:25):

Speaker 9 (00:54:25):
Live like Carrie Grant, motherfucker. He does. He does. Could be doing so much better guy. That’s his son. This guy can go to New York. He could ize everybody in New York, but I’m not buying him. Go on.

Speaker 28 (00:54:42):
So this proposal says we’re going against tax, the value of land, and we’re going to lower the tax on structures. They calculated the math and they said, look, we can lower the property tax or the structure tax by 14 of the 80 mils that they’re offering, but we’re going to have to raise the tax on land by 104 mils.

Speaker 9 (00:55:06):
Let me pause you again. There’s much more structures than the property. Let me pause you there. So the people know that means that the building on your land, we’re going to reduce the tax by 17% and we’re going to increase the value on your land by 200% and we’re going to make a mathematical equation where it comes out equal. Yes.

Speaker 28 (00:55:30):
Yes. The effect that you’ve got those, that the right concern is like, okay, you’re going to double the tax on land for some of these people. Are they going to pay it? And if not, then it’s not really revenue neutral. It winds up with the city with owning a lot more tax foreclosed land, and the city already owns a lot of tax foreclosed.

Speaker 9 (00:55:52):
Well, who makes out on this? Basically do guys that own super structures, skyscrapers, the guy, do they make out?

Speaker 28 (00:56:04):
Yes. People have

Speaker 9 (00:56:06):
Valuable structures on, I’m not asking the ate, do they make out? Do they get a cut? Did they get a cut?

Speaker 28 (00:56:14):
Well, they don’t get a cut. They get to pay less.

Speaker 9 (00:56:16):
Well, that’s called the cut, dude. I’m sorry, suburb guy. It’s called the cut’s, just some street shit. It’s called a cut. You get a cut.

Speaker 10 (00:56:26):
And how does it impact the average homeowner? I know you mentioned that it would have an implication on those in nice homes or nicer neighborhoods. So that certainly doesn’t include everybody in the city of Detroit. That’s the first thing in The second thing is that if this were such a great proposal, why aren’t the suburbs of the other cities opting in?

Speaker 28 (00:56:47):
Boom. That’s mostly because the mayor thought of it, or the mayor as the first advocate. I mean, I think some other places might be interested in it. I mean, economists have been talking about this for a hundred years. But I mean, we’ve had a long

Speaker 10 (00:57:00):
Experience. Are we that slow that it would take a hundred years?

Speaker 9 (00:57:02):
Somebody Wait minute. Wait a minute, wait. A well, no, economists are not very, no, it’s my show. That’s just my show mine and Karen’s my show. No. Where’s the equanimity here? Where does it actually balance out? It smells to me when I’m, have you seen the numbers, James?

Speaker 28 (00:57:26):
James? I’ve seen a lot of numbers in this case,

Speaker 9 (00:57:28):
But have you seen the estimates?

Speaker 28 (00:57:32):
The biggest concern is the number of how many voters are going to be interested in this thing because it has to be approved by local voters.

Speaker 9 (00:57:41):
And I think you’re right, that thing. Now, why we’re having you on at the end of this very fucking awesome show. Do you know the numbers? Do you, you’re talking

Speaker 10 (00:57:52):
Revenue numbers.

Speaker 9 (00:57:53):
Numbers, yeah. Anything James? Yes or no? Yes or no?

Speaker 28 (00:57:58):
It’s a hundred million dollars change from property taxes to land value taxes. If your own property in Detroit and your assessment says that your property is more than, or your structure is more than 85% of the value of your property, then you’re going to come out ahead. If your land value is more than 14% of the value of your property, then you are going to come out behind. So I think those are important numbers.

Speaker 9 (00:58:27):
Does this mean, sir, does this mean that some property, homeowners, let’s not say property. Let’s get the homeowner. Some of you, your shit’s going to go up and some of your shit’s going to go down. Yes or no? That’s all

Speaker 28 (00:58:45):
Probably. I mean, some

Speaker 9 (00:58:47):
Things from the Mayor

Speaker 28 (00:58:48):
Alsos, not a proposal in front of voters. Wait, there’s only a legislation that allows the mayor to ask for something.

Speaker 9 (00:58:54):
No, no. You’re James. No, no, no. You’re James Holman. You are James Holman. Dude, I got you on here. Carrie Grant, motherfucker, you look good. And there’s

Speaker 28 (00:59:06):
Not a proposal

Speaker 9 (00:59:07):
In front of voters. We put it up. Lemme do this. You’re bullshit, man. Somebody got to pick up the fucking level. Somebody’s got to pick up the level, right? Yes or no value tax? No, don’t do this, please. Yes or

Speaker 28 (00:59:23):
No. I can’t answer that question yet

Speaker 9 (00:59:25):
Because how could you not answer the question Well, cause way, way.

Speaker 28 (00:59:29):
The legislation is only giving the mayor the chance to ask voters. And he said, and I have no reason to believe that he’s wrong. That if you are one of those homeowners, that

Speaker 9 (00:59:41):
Is wrong.

Speaker 28 (00:59:41):
If you are one of those homeowners who has a valuable piece of land, but a non valuable house on it, he’s saying you’re not going to have to pay that. There’s some things in the legislation that would allow for that, but I don’t know how it’s going to play out. That’s what he’s saying.

Speaker 10 (00:59:56):
Okay. That’s what he’s saying. But again, we also talked about the limited amount of information. Only information that was coming out was that which was coming from the mayor’s office. So if in fact he’s asking for it, I can only imagine that the information that he’s providing is subjective. And that’s the first thing. The second thing is the inclusion in the legislation for cities only over 500,000 in the state of Michigan, which is only the city of Detroit. So we are now going back to that insurance thing. So when you talk about the lack of trust, let’s look at the over assessments for city for homeowners in the city of Detroit. 600 million. I mean, there’s a lot of reason to question this. Say it

Speaker 9 (01:00:32):
For real.

Speaker 10 (01:00:33):
I am.

Speaker 9 (01:00:33):
Why in the middle of this vote, James, did they decide to say it was for a city over 500,000? Why?

Speaker 28 (01:00:43):
Because some legislator asked for it. I’m sure the mayor preferred this win

Speaker 9 (01:00:46):
Because wasn’t going to pass, dude. It’s bad.

Speaker 10 (01:00:50):
Nobody else wanted it. And that’s the thing. I mean, and again, the people in the city of Detroit are going to be stuck with something. And this is the same thing with the insurance. It’s like people in the city of Detroit are so overburdened with cost and fees and taxes and high rates that when they hear an inkling of savings in any degree, they jump on it. And even without the proper amount of information. We also looked at the placement of this on the ballot that it’s now being pushed to spring. That’s the

Speaker 9 (01:01:18):
Question of the guests. Stop lecturing. Oh, I’m

Speaker 10 (01:01:20):
Not. I’m telling you a conversation with Garrett. I’m having a conversation with

Speaker 9 (01:01:24):
Gary. No, no you weren’t. I know you. No, you’re my friend. Fuck that. No, I know who you are.

Speaker 10 (01:01:32):
Okay, but let’s talk about that question in terms of the placement on the ballot, the timing and the likelihood of, okay, go ahead. You tell me

Speaker 28 (01:01:43):
Again. I feel like we’re arguing about things that we agree on. I don’t like that it arguing. I would’ve liked the legislation better if it wasn’t just limited to Detroit. I think you got some weirder end arounds or constitutional or restrictions on local and private acts. We should be having state policy that affects

Speaker 9 (01:02:00):
James. You’re bang it up on the time. Yes or no on this shit.

Speaker 28 (01:02:04):
I still kind like it. I don’t like that it’s a may vote.

Speaker 9 (01:02:09):
I still like the proposal.

Speaker 10 (01:02:10):
Would you vote for it good in your community? James? Would you vote for it in your community?

Speaker 9 (01:02:14):
Would you vote for your community? I like

Speaker 28 (01:02:15):
Land value taxes. This probably would mean that I would have to pay higher taxes. I don’t really

Speaker 9 (01:02:19):
Like higher taxes, but I do like the idea. So

Speaker 28 (01:02:23):

Speaker 9 (01:02:24):
Would you vote for this in your fucking community?

Speaker 28 (01:02:27):
Yeah, I mean it would be doubt.

Speaker 9 (01:02:29):
I’m in Midland.

Speaker 28 (01:02:30):
A huge break say, but I like the idea. So yes.

Speaker 9 (01:02:33):
Yes. Okay. The libertarians are, yes. Okay.

Speaker 10 (01:02:41):
I know. We’ll talk about this going down the road.

Speaker 9 (01:02:43):
It’s bullshit, dude.

Speaker 10 (01:02:45):
That’s okay. I want people to pay attention.

Speaker 9 (01:02:47):
I respect. Respect, homie.

Speaker 10 (01:02:49):
I enjoyed talking to James. Very intelligent. I enjoyed the conversation whether we see things or agree on it. I enjoy the conversation. This is

Speaker 9 (01:02:58):
One of my guys. I don’t even go on an error. Talk to James. He’s good. Here’s a critical combination where I don’t agree with him, but I respect him and that

Speaker 10 (01:03:14):
Well, all I want to see information. I want information. And I want information from both sides so that people can make an informed

Speaker 9 (01:03:19):
Decision. Where’s the other

Speaker 10 (01:03:20):
Side? We don’t have it. And James, it’s not out there. That’s the thing. And I think residents who were just recently told, oh, the over assessment issue happened before this administration and this administration solved it. That’s bss because it’s not, you still have people

Speaker 9 (01:03:36):

Speaker 10 (01:03:37):
It is the focus

Speaker 9 (01:03:38):

Speaker 10 (01:03:39):

Speaker 9 (01:03:39):
Do that. Don’t drill this crap in Detroit. Let me tell you something. Don’t do it. Don’t believe, James,

Speaker 10 (01:03:44):

Speaker 28 (01:03:45):
Want me to give you the other side of this? I think there’s some good points to be made. This an important issue. Not everyone’s going to like

Speaker 10 (01:03:52):
It. And that’s okay. And

Speaker 28 (01:03:52):
Charlie put on the most important thing. It’s going to result in some equities. Like a person owns

Speaker 9 (01:03:58):
You. You look like Richard Bur, he got a fucking piece. He got a little bit of whiskey. His head turned red. But I’ll tell you what you look like Carrie Graham. Fuck Richard. He was never, never what Carrie Grant was. Never. And you, sir. I respect you. I respect you, sir. I really do. And I thank you. I call you, I’m going to tell everybody and he answers. I called this man. He says, not a bad tax plan in theory. Is this correct?

Speaker 28 (01:04:33):
Yeah. I like the idea.

Speaker 9 (01:04:34):
Okay. In theory, but it’s only theory.

Speaker 28 (01:04:38):
Yeah. I mean if this results in a confiscatory taxes for everyone who owns commercial real estate in Detroit, I think that would be a bad effect in a bad thing to happen. I don’t think that’s going to happen here, but I don’t know.

Speaker 9 (01:04:48):
Cut him off. Get out,

Speaker 10 (01:04:51):

Speaker 9 (01:04:52):
Love you. Bye

Speaker 10 (01:04:53):
Bye James. But that’s the thing though, we don’t have all the information. We also have to look at the assessment process. That is extremely, that’s extremely, that’s extremely flawing in this city

Speaker 9 (01:05:03):
Off. Did you?

Speaker 10 (01:05:03):
I mean, let’s not That’s okay. Let’s not overlook that either. So you’ve got to have a process in place to make sure that those assessments are accurate. I mean, so you’ve got a lot of variables here. That’s

Speaker 28 (01:05:14):
A really

Speaker 9 (01:05:15):
Important issue. Why? I don’t,

Speaker 10 (01:05:17):
He said that’s important.

Speaker 28 (01:05:18):
What did say James? We have a tax system that’s supposed to be based on actual market values. True cash values. Detroit was found by courts to have over assessed these things. We never really fixed the process. I don’t know exactly what’s going on with this. That makes it harder for someone who’s been over assessed to challenge their thing. But it happened. It probably still is happened in some

Speaker 9 (01:05:39):
Places. Admitted James. It’s a tough, tough question. You and I were talking last night, we couldn’t figure out this tax game. We couldn’t, right?

Speaker 28 (01:05:47):
We didn’t. I think there was a question that you, had we come? I tried to get you answer

Speaker 9 (01:05:53):
It. An

Speaker 28 (01:05:54):
Answer for I spent all morning didn’t give looking for an answer for now. You’re saying I don’t

Speaker 9 (01:05:58):
Have it. We’re supposed to do it. It smells to me like this suburbs don’t want it and Detroit’s going to get this with on itself and I’m not sure. And if we’re not sure we, I’m not fucked with tax rate, yes or no, do it right now.

Speaker 28 (01:06:16):
I mean, like I said, I still kind of like it. Even with

Speaker 10 (01:06:19):
All the issues. Issues.

Speaker 9 (01:06:20):
What’d he say? I

Speaker 10 (01:06:20):
Said he still, the

Speaker 9 (01:06:22):
Headphones still. What’d he say?

Speaker 10 (01:06:23):
He said he still kind of likes it. And that’s okay. All I’m looking for, I’m not looking for him to say it’s very fair enough. I just want the information. I want both sides. I want all the variables. I want all those scenarios that could happen. What’s going to happen after the first year? Which properties are going to have a positive impact and which ones

Speaker 9 (01:06:41):
Aren’t? No, James

Speaker 10 (01:06:42):
Is. I’m James

Speaker 9 (01:06:43):
Douche. No, you’re a douche dude. Because this thing No, he is not. No, no, no, no. I got to say, I got to say

Speaker 10 (01:06:51):
No, he’s not,

Speaker 9 (01:06:53):
You don’t have any numbers.

Speaker 10 (01:06:56):
But he hasn’t been

Speaker 9 (01:06:57):
Given anything. In principle. He likes it. But you don’t have any numbers. Is that

Speaker 28 (01:07:03):
True? Well, 14% is the really important number here. You’re doing the

Speaker 9 (01:07:06):

Speaker 28 (01:07:06):
Percents. What is trying to, those are

Speaker 9 (01:07:08):

Speaker 10 (01:07:09):
Those are talking points.

Speaker 9 (01:07:10):
Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do.

Speaker 28 (01:07:13):
There’s this thing from Wayne County I was looking at today. Assessment for every single parcel in Detroit. Theoretically you can use that to answer that question of who’s going to pay higher taxes, who’s going to pay lower taxes. It’s a massive spreadsheet. There’s a lot of property in Detroit. But yeah, theoretically you can use that to figure out exactly how many people asking numbers are going

Speaker 9 (01:07:32):
To pay more. How many are going to pay less? Numbers? Numbers.

Speaker 10 (01:07:34):
But if you’re looking at the increase too that they projected, what is it, $25 more? I mean that’s not,

Speaker 9 (01:07:39):
I’m in the middle. I’m looking for numbers.

Speaker 10 (01:07:43):
Okay. I don’t think anybody has any,

Speaker 9 (01:07:45):
Well, James, have you seen numbers?

Speaker 28 (01:07:48):
Yeah. The last one that I think is important for the question that you were asked of how can we actually make up this revenue by charging these resident owners an extra 25 or the vacant lot owners in residential neighborhoods and extra 25 bucks? And the answer is they’re not. Most of the land value in Detroit is in commercial real estate. Those people are going to be

Speaker 9 (01:08:10):
Paying a lot more. Where would that be in

Speaker 10 (01:08:11):
The land bank? Where

Speaker 9 (01:08:12):
Would that be?

Speaker 28 (01:08:14):
Yeah, you look up at any of the major avenues in Detroit, anything that’s owned commercial on the sides of all those things is commercial real estate. And apparently that’s 78% of the value of land in Detroit, which seems really high to me. But that’s what there’s

Speaker 9 (01:08:30):
Assessments today. You’re checking what I’m saying. I don’t see

Speaker 10 (01:08:34):
It. I don’t think that the taxes are the reason why people are not building in the city of Detroit.

Speaker 9 (01:08:42):
I think the people of Detroit have to pay the tax bill for anybody that develops any.

Speaker 10 (01:08:46):
That’s what we’re doing already. That’s what we’re doing already.

Speaker 9 (01:08:50):
And he says, James says, and I don’t

Speaker 28 (01:08:52):
Like that

Speaker 9 (01:08:53):
James says that it will come out even if you build a 30, if you build a 30 floor

Speaker 10 (01:09:06):

Speaker 9 (01:09:07):
Condo. Thank you for that. Yeah, exactly. That somehow the money they’re making in Detroit will make it

Speaker 10 (01:09:19):
Even that’s hopeful.

Speaker 9 (01:09:20):
But it won’t be because people in Detroit who make a hundred thousand dollars a year will pay $2,500 a year plus their home mortgage. Right? And

Speaker 10 (01:09:35):

Speaker 9 (01:09:36):
The guy that lives in this new development doesn’t pay nominally anything. Is this correct, sir?

Speaker 28 (01:09:48):
Sorry, the question is between someone who’s living in Detroit paying income taxes and who

Speaker 10 (01:09:54):
And new occupants in new developments and occupants in new developments.

Speaker 28 (01:09:59):
So any person who’s in a new occupant is going to be paying or paying rent to a landlord who’s going to be paying more on property taxes because the property taxes

Speaker 9 (01:10:08):
Still there, won’t be paying more property tax. He’ll be paying property tax on the vacant lot that he developed. He won’t, the people living in there will pay nominal taxes, but the fucker that owns the home will be paying much more taxes. Is this correct? So

Speaker 28 (01:10:28):
If they went to a full land Valley

Speaker 9 (01:10:29):
Tax, yes, yes or

Speaker 28 (01:10:31):
No, they’re not, then no. Then no. Absolutely mean be paying 60 mils on property taxes they

Speaker 9 (01:10:36):
Need. No, they’re not getting

Speaker 28 (01:10:37):
Rid property, property taxes. They’re just changing a portion of the property tax to a land value tax. So yes. A greater portion For how long? For as long as, so that’s a good question too, because it could be a permanent thing at least until voters say otherwise. Or they could put a time limit on it. Like I said, there is no actual proposals

Speaker 10 (01:10:57):
Are going to

Speaker 28 (01:10:57):
Of voters details.

Speaker 10 (01:10:59):

Speaker 28 (01:10:59):
Always. They’re just asking the legislature to give that mayor the authority to ask voters for this thing. So I can’t tell you that answer, but that’s a good question.

Speaker 10 (01:11:08):
Alright, James, that’s

Speaker 9 (01:11:09):
A good

Speaker 10 (01:11:09):
Question. We’re going to look into this and talk to him some more

Speaker 9 (01:11:12):
Later. That’s a good question, said James. Yeah, I

Speaker 10 (01:11:13):
Know, but it is a good

Speaker 9 (01:11:14):
Question. Well, hey, hey man. By the way, you look like Carrie Grant, you do

Speaker 10 (01:11:18):
It. Alright, right, Charlie, we’re over time.

Speaker 9 (01:11:21):
Let’s go. We’re overtime. Let’s go. I could do this. We don’t get

Speaker 10 (01:11:23):
OT on the show, so let’s

Speaker 9 (01:11:25):
Go mean this motherfucker. Man. We talk. Thanks, bro.

Speaker 10 (01:11:29):
Thanks James. Hey,

Speaker 9 (01:11:30):
Thank you Charlie. Thank you, Karen.

Speaker 10 (01:11:32):
You’re welcome. Fuck. Appreciate it.

Speaker 9 (01:11:34):

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