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Nowadays one can find absolutely anything online. There’s even no need to go to a library, as almost every book you need is in digital format. Very often we catch ourselves googling every question that appears in our heads. Or if a friend doubts what the right answer is, we say “ok, let’s google it”. But how cool is it to show your knowledge about various facts using… just your brain! You don’t need to access any webpage – just search for the right answer in the best computer ever – your head! 

For example, next time you see a knob made of brass, you know why it is made of this material: actually brass prevents the spread of germs. And next time you get yourself a Chupa-Chups and notice a tiny hole on top of its stick, you know it’s there to make it hard for the candy to come off the stick. Want more random cool facts? Let’s take a look at this video.

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