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Too many bureuacrats and public employees run around, making excuses, collecting campaign contributions or pocketing unearned paychecks.

Detroit Fire Chief Mike Nevin was a different animal altogether. He saved children from burning buildings. He fought city hall over the safety of citizens and firefighters. He got fired twice, and got reinstated twice; winning lawsuits for blowing the whistle on municipal corruption.

Nevin was the man who co-ordinated the city’s response for downed power lines that plague the city to this day.

One the other hand, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer accepted $45,000 from DTE over the past two years, and has been AWOL as the state has been blanketed in darkness for the past two weeks.

Attorney General Dana Nessel, who is demanding that customers be refunded $35, defends taking DTE political money. “If I don’t take the money,” she says. “My opponent will.”

Not a single Republican leader held a single press conference letting citizens know some one was looking after them, or what they should do.

Pure Michigan.

More news on the MSU campus shooting. The Lansing Police dodges, deflects and denies open our records requests on the nature of their interaction with the gunman prior to his ramage.

We will get the answers. Our word. You deserve that.

Covid-19. Three years in and we know as little about the validity of our response as we did during those first miserable days. What did we do — based on what? The elderly & the children. A divided country at each other’s throats. Science and data should never be weaponized, especially when the public’s well-being is at stake.

Rest in Peace Chief Nevin.

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