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Michigan has new guns laws.
1-Background checks for rifles.
2-Lock up your weapons if you have kids.

Having said that, why don’t prosecutors in Michigan’s largest counties prosecute gun violators?

There should be ZERO tolerance for illegal weapon possession, says Ralph Godbee, former chief of Detroit Police.
“I don’t want your guns,” he says. “I want you to stop killing people.”

Ironically, the gun bills Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed into law on the two-month anniversary of the MSU campus rampage would have done nothing to stop it.

Self-described “progressive” prosecutors engaged in creative writing to concoct lesser charges where a bicycle becomes an automobile, that would allow gunman Anthony McCrae to purchase weapons later used to murder.

The judge did not violate McRae for repeated violations of parole — failing his piss tests.
And the Lansing police never arrested McRae for firing a weapon from his back porch, as neighbors contend. Watch as they call the Chief of Police a dissembled and a liar.

Plus @ComedianDetroitRed live from a vacant lot: making his pitch to be Detroit’s director of Sustainability. How are panties and a raccoon alike? They both live in a tree on the city’s East Side.

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What is he doing in that couch? He’s starting to rub it. Yeah. Oh, this is weird. Get me out of here. Start the show.


Downtown Detroit. It’s no PS with my

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What? Whatever happened to diet for your art? Listen, let’s get to the show. We got gun, historic gun legislation signed in Michigan today, joining us to make sense of that’s former chief of the Detroit Police, Ralph Coby. Karen is always with us, but let’s just begin with what we know. Oh, who is that? Red Now is, am I hearing red? Is he laying on that couch? Now? Pat him down. Pat. Pat that guy down. Now he’s on the couch.


Mike, get your head out of there and relax. Let let the young man do all right. Look, head not the Ingham County prosecutor legally twisted a bicycle into an automobile. Anthony McCrae would not have been able to purchase the handguns used during his murder rampage across the MSU campus exactly two months ago.
This just kind help but don’t need, but prosecutors did contort the sores thus revealing the thread bear Cape of the criminal justice system, which routinely waves through gun charges to keep the system from collapsing in this state. Let me take you back to June 7th, 2019 at two o’clock in the morning, this is where it starts. It was a textbook stop. Officer James Zny was patrolling Northeast Street due to a rash of robberies and Lansing. Zny came upon McCrae sitting in a darken lot on the steps of a shuttered business. About 10 feet away. Stood a 10 speed bike. How you doing? Zani. According to his own body cam video, what’s the word you work here? No replied McCrae and he reaches into his breast pocket. You got any weapons on you? The cop passed. McCrae pulls out a pack of Newport 100 s after studying through himself.
McCrae admits he’s carrying a three 80 actions, which are unusual and suspicious and may point to criminal activity that can be used to detain and search a person. Remember, McCray was sitting in the dark in an area of recent robberies when he reached into his pocket as Z Knight cuffs and frisks. Him. McCray admits he does not have a license to carry a concealed weapon. It is loaded with a hollow point bullet in the chamber. McCrae was arrested and charged with felony carrying a concealed weapon. Nowhere in the 18 minute body cam video does McCrae touch or even mentioned a bicycle. McCrae was assigned a public defender who argued in 2019 that the officer did not have reasonable suspicion to search him. The judge scheduled a hearing for October 24th, but on October 24th there was no hearing. There’s a plea deal. The felony charge, which would’ve barred McCrae from ever again possessing a firearm is dropped.
Instead, McCrae accepts a misdemeanor charge of transporting or possessing a loaded firearm in or upon a vehicle propelled by mechanical means it’s important. Copying to the misdemeanor would allow McCrae to later purchase the firearms he would use to murder three college students and critically wound five more and in all lay in the novel plea deal cooked up by the prosecutor whereby the bicycle was now considered a vehicle propelled by mechanical means now went to school. Nevermind that McCrae was neither in or upon the bicycle. The Michigan compiled law 2 57 0.4 defines a bicycle as a device propelled by human power. Veteran criminal defense lawyers were astounded with the legal contortion. A bicycle says Ray Page, a friend of the show and a Detroit lawyer who’s represented more than 500 people in murder cases I’ve never heard of that page says, why didn’t they just charge him with carrying a concealed weapon?
Right now, the parents of Ethan Crumbly, the Oxford High School shooter faced four counts of involuntary manslaughter, accused of abetting their son’s deadly shooting spree. Will the Ingram County prosecutor’s office face similar scrutiny? It’s doubtful considered that McCrae did not honor the terms of his probation, which were amended twice because he was smoking weed. He was never violated or put in jail The day after the Ms U shooting, attorney General Dana Nessel using the candlelight vigil as a prop behind her. Tell CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, I want to know why. Yes, madam, we all do. So when I call your office last week to inquire about what you found out, no one of authority would take my call. And then there’s the question of statements from Aras neighbors who claim they called Lansing police on numerous occasions to complain that McCrae was firing a pistol from his back porch even during the time of his probation when he wasn’t supposed to be smoking weed or having a gun.
And he is supposed to be working and he is not supposed to be out late at night. The chief of police told the press, told the people through the press that officers never responded to shots. Fire calls to McRae’s address. But we now know Lanson likes to play with words. In 44 months, police responded to a whopping 134 calls for service to McCray’s block alone. And believe me, we got new gun laws. They wouldn’t have done a damn thing in this case. It exposes a lot and this story will continue as will the program after a word from our sponsors. All right guys, want me to read it? I asked you a fucking question. Hey guys, action is not a sound financial strategy. If I ask, call Luke. No. Answer me. Two forty eight. That’s it. 6 63 4 7 48 for sound. Fucking weird ass vibe. Just be part of it. Oh, is that it? Did we just screw that commercial? Hello? Yeah,


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Charlie? I’m here. Karen, how you doing?

I’m fine, sir. How are you? Always good to see you.


Let me see here. So
You listened to that open, Ralph Karen here. Here’s where I want to start with is we had historic gun legislation today. We’ll get to that. But Ralph, in your experience as the chief of the Detroit Police, you were the chief of the Detroit School police. How often would you come, let’s say with somebody with an assault, with intent to murder and a weapon charge and a weapon charge will be dropped and the assault charge would be lowered and they’d be put on the street and you’d pick ’em up with a weapon again, how often does that happen? In big counties?

It is far too frequent. And until we stop playing around Charlie and putting lipstick on a pig, red flag laws are, there is a both, and it’s not a either or. But the reality is, if you look at New York in the eighties and you look at the astronomical number of homicides that they were experiencing over the years, the reason why homicides and gun crime dropped precipitously is because prosecutors, if you carried a gun in New York, you did five years. There was no plea bargain there. They disincentivize carrying a weapon and out of the stop and frisk, which they showed a correlation, but no causation. And we found out eventually that didn’t have a damn thing to do with reducing crime in New York. But the reality is you have to disincentivize carrying a gun illegally and you’ve, I mean, you can’t play games with that. There are other crimes that you can maybe be a little bit more liberal socially, but when it comes to carrying a gun without authorization, you got to drop the hammer because otherwise you put that tool in people’s hands. And even with the best of intentions, the best of red flag laws, I just don’t see it making the significant difference it can.

Now here’s what we got here. Here’s what we got today. We don’t have the red flag law. Let me ex for the listener. Here’s what Governor Whitmer, it’s being pushed in the press that it’s two months since the MSU campus shooting and this, and Oxford has a lot to do with these laws. Neither these laws would’ve prevented msu, but it would’ve prevented Oxford possibly. So for sure, number one, there are background checks for rifles and shotguns now purchased between two private individuals. It’s important to say, currently in Michigan, if you want to buy a pistol from a gun shop, you’re getting a background check. If you want to buy a pistol from each other, you have to submit to a background check before you make the transaction. If you buy a long arm, a rifle or a shotgun from the gun shop, you go through a background check. Yes. Now finally, the last loophole is if you want to exchange long arms amongst each other, you must also submit to it. To me, it’s not that onerous you.

No, it’s not. Carrie. It’s not. It’s after

We met.

No, it makes sense.

It, I mean, but the thing is, Charlie and Karen, I mean the NRA versus NRA members, and that’s the nuance that we usually forget. Nine. What I mean, there’s nothing that Americans agree on pretty much anymore in a very divided country. But one thing they do damn agree on is reasonable gun legislation closing the loophole on background checks. I mean, that’s a no-brainer. Like you said, Charlie, it’s not onerous at all. But the excuses that the ultra-conservative right is giving for just not doing a damn thing. It is it. It’s reprehensible. It really is.

But you haven’t seen what you haven’t seen in this state. Any mass protest and ev everybody in here right now that you can’t see the two guys filling in be, I hope I’m not speaking out of church. Bernie, the owner of That’s establishment you, Ralph, Karen, me, we’re all weapons owners.

Oh, absolutely.

License multiple weapons. License weapon. Yeah. Multiple license weapon owners. So yes, most of us, this is no great step. If you want no gun laws whatsoever, you can go to Arizona. It’s perfect for you. Yeah, there’s no, not really a problem here. The second, and I should probably read what I prepared. The second law passed today was the storage of a gun. If the owner of a gun has a minor living in the house, you must properly store the gun must lock. It must not be loaded. And if that gun only, if that gun is used by a minor to kill themselves or others, the owner can be charged with a fen felony up to 15 and a $7,500 fine. If the minor uses the gun to injure someone, the owner could face a five year felony. So it’s basically lock up the gun when you have a kid in the house, the government has no right and they’re not coming to check your house. That’s not in the legislation. This is if something happens that you weren’t taking care of your weapons, you’re now going to be responsible for that injury. Young Matt, no problem with that. Right. No problems at all. I mean, do you got some, some weaponry? I do. I, yeah, have a small

Arsenal and I have no problems keeping my guns responsibly on

Locked. You should probably talk into a microphone if you’re talking.


I’m training these guys, man. Sorry, you Ralph, this holo here. Go ahead. What you say?

I said that I have no problems with responsible ownership of it, keeping it locked up. You got kids in the house, they shouldn’t any way, shape or form have access loaded or not. Kids should not be touching your guns.

And by the way, I will say this and I, I’ll give it to you too, Karen and Ralph, okay. That’s your choice. And it’s your right not to lock that thing up in your house with your kids. You do it. I understand. I understand the households, I understand the country. I understand teaching the kid that that’s a tool and respecting it. Just the point is, if something goes wrong with that, you are doing time.

And that makes sense, Charlie. I mean you, you’re free to do it, but you’re not free of the consequences of if that child hurts themself, hurts somebody else because of your irresponsibility. So you’re not being penalized, you’re not being made to do a dog on thing, but you have to be held accountable for your failure. And that’s negligence and most criminal law, you look at tort law, you look at negligence is something that is contemplated. So I think, again, these are reasonable. And I don’t care if you’re a Republican. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, I don’t care if you’re independent. Reasonable people understand that. That makes sense.

Yeah. Karen, I don’t think it’s getting to the point. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, like wh where’s your hand? Not at all. And if you speak to

Each other, I don’t think this isn’t a political issue, Charlie. I mean because, well, I take, its don’t have political parties on there. Well, everybody politicizes everything. But I think everybody wants their families, their friends, their communities, and certainly our children to be safe. And like Ralph said, I mean the onus now is on you, the community, the pup, the city police, the county, they’ve been giving out free gun locks forever. And people still don’t lock up their weapons. But there’s also a concern in the community about access. That conversation, Ralph has happened a lot, right? When people are afraid, they want to have immediate access to their weapon in case they’re somehow compromised. But the other side of that is making sure that children are either aware, trained, or, and do not have access to that weapon.


Absolutely. Well, lot of places, and the community is a lot of places. So let me say the That’s true. The community, Santa LA County for this is exactly how lots of money.

That’s everywhere. That’s it. Where Charlie, everywhere. I’m not saying I’m not, I didn’t say an urban area. Any

Community, I never used to lock my weapon.


Ever. I want access to it. Somebody coming in. Yeah. I’m living in Oakland, California with bars on my doors. I’m living in Hollywood at Western and Melrose. I got helicopters in my yard beaming down into my hair that’s not locked up. Oh fuck no. But I got a kid now, so if I don’t want it locked up, I get one of those hands safe. You put your palm on it and it pops right open because the life that’s most dear Precious is not my own, my kids, it’s the

Child. Absolutely. Yep. And kids didn’t, has to be involved in this. And Charlie, can I make a very quick point, Ralph,

I begged you all day to come on you. He’s here to make points all day

Long. But for years, the ATF has done studies on where source guns and where they come from and the reason why responsible gun ownership, it makes sense if you talk to gun owners, if I have multiple guns, I don’t need all of them unlocked and loaded at the same time, especially if I’m out of town or something. Because one of the biggest sources of illegal guns are break-ins B and ease. Is that right? So if somebody breaks into your house and Yes. And that has been consistent over the years. And the atf, they do those studies, they give that information to police departments because it, it’s critical to know where the guns are coming from. So if somebody’s breaking in a house and you don’t have a gun chest, if you don’t have your guns locked up, and again, you’re right. When I’m home, I’m locked in for the night.
I want to have access to everything I need to protect my do self. But when I’m away from home or if I’ve got a child in that home, you have to contemplate, okay, what does it mean to leave this gun just sitting around and to have access so they’re moving in the right direction. I’m encouraged. I’m very much encouraged. But I mean, you’re going to have those naysayers. And like Karen said, this is something that should not be politicized. Because arguably, you look at Oxford, I don’t know the political leanings of the people and the parents in those schools in that school district, but reasonably knowing the voting patterns in that part of Oakland County, I would venture to say it is a fair number of Republicans that have children that go to the Oxford School system. And you talk to those parents that had to identify their children.
You talk to parents that had to identify their children and a sandy hook, and you understand what an AR 15 does to a body because of the trajectory of that bullet and how a small entry wound, but it just destroys tissue as it goes through. You ask those people don’t, it’s not about democratic Republican. It’s about a appreciating life enough for us as Americans to say, Hey, we could put our political differences aside. I don’t care if you’ve got 20 guns. I don’t care if you carry zero. How can we responsibly protect our communities to make sure that, because if you put all the mental health, well,

Yeah, let me look at it like this. Let before we just pile a bunch of stuff on Sandy Hook, these laws wouldn’t have helped because that woman, those were her legally owned weapons. Her 19, I believe he was 19. 19 year old, but

An assault weapons man would’ve, Charlie.

Yeah, but we’re not talking assault weapons, man. And they’re not assault. We should assault weapons. Should we? Should be. Well, we can get into that in a minute. But they’re not assault weapons. Semi-automatic rifles. There’s a difference. Assault weapon is a military grade weapon. These are different, but I know what they are,

Right? Yes.

High speed, long distance,

Heavy, very little

Recoil. Heavy ammunition. Yeah. A magazine. And it’s automatically fed by its own gas propulsion. Yeah, you can go a long way with it, but this wouldn’t have helped in Sandy Hook. But this law today would’ve helped. Would’ve stopped Oxford, might not have stopped it. Yes. But there’d be no question that these parents are going to prison. And it’s a novel defense by Karen McDonald, and they just might. But now there’s no doubt about it. So you don’t really have a choice. And I must say, Ralph, you were going to run for Congress. I’m like, yeah, I get asked to run for stuff. I’m like, should I say what I feel? Of course I should. No bullshit. Yeah, it’s a long time coming for this. I don’t really have a problem and nobody’s going to have a problem because I know the people that are responsible are already responsible. Yes. This is for the nuts. This is for the ones that absolutely don’t have control of the weapon or their house. A shame. We have to, but we do. Well, we just have

It at some point. We got to also think about, and whether it’s this conversation or another about the proliferation of illegal weapons. I mean, we have so many crimes and fatalities that result from stolen guns or unregistered guns, unlawful gun holders. So that, that’s an issue too. This is a start. I applaud that initiative, but there’s still a long way to go.


I don’t know where you, Karen, you’re right. And it’s got to be comprehensive. And you’ve got to look at the bigger, you’ve got to look at it from a 30,000 foot point of view and say, okay, this one piece will stop this or will help mitigate this. You can’t stop anything a hundred percent, but you can mitigate and reduce the risk exponentially if you do something. Doing nothing for sure. Ain’t going to help the damn problem. How?

How about

This? And that’s the problem. That’s frustrating.

And when we show this video, it’s coming guys, and thank you for filling in busting ass, but it’s really beautifully you be here. I’m going to give you a title. There’ll be no money, but you’re going to get titles going to, it’s going to make you money.
We have so many gun. I I’m just trying to see it all. And I live in the real world, Ralph, we, Karen, we go back to 2008 together. Yes. How many times I’ve just seen slam dunk murder suspects allowed to go walk and do it again. We have so many laws. We have so many charges already put there and nobody willing in the criminal justice system, which is overcrowded and underfunded, and we’re playing bullshit. So I find it really interesting in democratic places, if we’re going to talk, particularly democratic places where we don’t want to, like you said earlier, Ralph, we don’t want to enforce those laws. And there’s got to be, when we get you like this McCrae dude, zero tolerance, you’re going to get your felony. The judge is allowed to give you zero days in incarceration and you get to go about your life. You never get to legally buy one again. And if we catch you, then you get that minimum too. Why don’t we build a minimum security facility, right? Minimum security for gun violators. You pick up garbage and if we catch a walk into 7-Eleven, you’re violated and you’re going to state, why don’t we do that? Why aren’t we investing in that instead of a billion dollars for a Chinese battery company? I don’t understand what we’re doing and what we’re arguing about.

And Charlie, that makes so much sense. It makes so much sense because again, Charlie

Did make sense.

Yeah. You made Ralph gpi.

Do you know Ralph GPI is a big criminologist in the United States. He, he understands the disproportionate sentences people get by race. Yes, he understands class, he understands raci understands the history. But he just agreed that wasn’t crackpot what I said

It, it’s not. And I’ll tell you why, Charlie, because disproportionately black and brown people are the most devastated by gun violence. Even though it gets national news when it’s, and believe me, it should. And it was the six people in Nashville and three nine year olds. But I mean, in black communities, this happens every day. And we can’t talk and

Get, it gets no press coverage,

No press coverage, multiple shootings that would fit the criteria for what the national criminologist call a mass shooting incident. I mean, Charlie, I used to have those for lunch. I mean daily. And you, it covered it. Karen, being a spokesperson, chief spokesperson for the city, we have to talk about these issues and answer to our citizens every day. So Charlie, what you’re talking about is absolutely right. Now, me, Charlie, I’m a criminal justice reform proponent. I, I’m against the disproportionate number of black and brown people that are incarcerated. But when it comes to stopping the bleeding, because even though we talk about the blacks that are disproportionately incarcerated, there’s a disproportionate number of blacks that are victims. And we got to advocate just as hard for those victims. So there’s a balance. And when it comes to carrying guns illegally and doing damage on our communities, that’s where you got to draw a line in the sand.
I’m as liberal as the next guy. It’s a lot of crap that I’m very liberal about. But when it comes to carrying that gun illegally, and notice I’m saying illegally, if you’re responsible, you carry it. You do the right thing. You, you’ve demonstrated that you earned that rightness society, then yes. But there are too many people that get ahold of guns that there is no ramifications for carrying a gun illegally. And again, look, in New York, the numbers don’t lie. I mean, classical birds, it took him off of the N F NFL map because he had a gun in the club in New York, changed the trajectory of his life.

So you are a black man, black chief of police in a majority black town. Yes. Give me a proportion of by race of who you picked up carrying a pistol illegally, what would that racial breakdown be percentage wise?

Well, let me give it context. Yeah, yeah. Because Detroit’s an 80% black city. Yes. And crime in general is about proximity more than it is race. So to give it context, thank you. It’s

85%. Thank you for that. All right.

So 85% of white victims of crime, the perpetrator is white. Yep. It’s higher in the black community. I think it’s like 90 to 92% in that stage. Pretty consistent. But the majority of people that I’ve, I, I’ve overseen arrest or arrested with guns illegal in Detroit, they’re black and the victims of shootings are black. So I don’t get into the black and black on black crime conversation from the standpoint,

Well, I’m doing this because when you go to the rural counties, yeah. You’ll see 90% of the people picked up are white. And right now we’re talking socioeconomic stuff. Yes. Because now you’re not really picking people up in the suburbs, black or white, who are engaging in the behavior of carrying an illegal weapon. And I think we got to do something. And it’s a lot of it’s class based.


About discouraging this kind of behavior.

Yes. This sounds crazy when I say it to people, Charlie, but if you remember the OSA, Nostra and organized crime,

Do I remember? I know him. Forget about it.

The purple game. And my point has always been, the thing about organized crime was there was a financial incentive to their business model. And their violence had a purpose to it. And it was to regulate their industry. They didn’t have a stock market, they didn’t have speculative stocks. They regulated using violence. However, they also made sure that there was a ethos on the street or honor among thieves. Children wasn’t involved, families wasn’t involved. And if you were with your family, it was off limits. But we’ve gotten so far away from that. And there’re just so many kids out here with access to guns, no honor among thieves. And it is just a much different dynamic. And that’s why what you said, Charlie, about some type of incarceration model that deals specifically with gun carriers. And if you deal with that and you take, because when I was chief, we dealt with the ATF and the reason why we were successful in reducing violent crime, because we targeted the trigger pullers and knows that carry guns illegally.
We don’t. And we got to stop this lie about somebody trying to take your guns. I don’t want you damn gun. I want you to stop killing people. I want people that should not have a gun in their hand that objectively everybody can say, yep. But we can’t keep saying it after the fact because it’s too late. There’s too many bodies left in the street to say it after the fact. We’ve got to be more proactive in how we deal with it. And Charlie, you got to disincentivize Karen a gun illegally until you get to that point and stop playing games. And again, I am the guy, I love diversion programs. I love to see people get another chance. But you got to draw a line in the sand when that second chance means that some innocent person dies. Because we didn’t do enough.

No second chances, like I didn’t say prison time, but I didn’t say jail time. You get serious about it. No second chances with the illegal concealed pistol. What? Just none. You. You’re now. Yes. Lost your right. You

Blew because now, but Charlie w what’s the risk in taking a chance to carry a gun illegally? Now what’s the

Risk? Well, you know what? That’s great you say that. First of all, before I answer that with some evidence, I want to repeat what you said. This will be the title of the program today, Ralph. I don’t want your gun. I want you to stop killing people. And we all want that. Now what’s the incentive? Can I went to Lansing and I promise everybody I’m not dropping what happened in East Lansing. I’m not. I’m going to see it through ’em. I’ll find out exactly what happened. But, so if you don’t mind, I want to show you the incentive or the disincentive. There is none. Yes. Can we roll this tape please?

How you doing? Alright. What’s the word, man? You work here? No. Okay.

The Michigan State shooting rampage did not have to be the gunman. Anthony McRay was known to authorities.

You got any weapons on you or anything like that? Yeah. You have a weapon on you? Yeah. What do you have? 3 8 3 83 80. Put your hands on your back real quick. I’m just going to detain you for a second. Okay. Can you put your cigarette out?

He was arrested for carrying in concealed pistol in 2019, which would’ve prevented him from buying a gun. But the prosecutor agreed to a plea deal, a misdemeanor transporting a loaded weapon in a vehicle. But McCrae didn’t have a car. He had a bicycle. The charge was a fabrication to push the case through the system. Ingham County, home of state government and Michigan State University isn’t serious about gun laws. The self-described progressive prosecutor has moved on. He’s now a state judge. There have been 81 mass shootings in America since m U 81. Thoughts and prayers, and then they move on. But we refuse to move on. We want answers.

This is an individual who first of all had just been removed from probation. We know that during the period of time that he was on probation, it was extended. We are still not clear on why that was. And he had this very recent weapons offense. We do so little to prevent people who are in that set of circumstances. I mean, somebody who has many having mental health issues, somebody who just had been illegally possessing a gun. And look how easy it was for him to obtain a weapon even in the wake of all that.

So we went to the Ingham County courthouse. McCray was sentenced to transporting a firearm in a vehicle, a misdemeanor. That lesser charge allowed him to later legally purchase his murder weapon. McCrae was given probation and twice blew it off. He was warn by the judge, but never spent a day in jail.

If he violates probation, you send him to jail up to two heaters. They did nothing.

There was a welfare check at the address on House Street on February 5th, but was not related to the accused. An L P D has not been called in any way to any shots fired at this address.

We now know the Frat House of Lansing. Politics likes to play with words. A bicycle is a car. Jail is just an abstract. And gun charts aren’t shops at all. If cops don’t write it down. But listen to the neighbors. Police responded a whopping 134 times to this sleepy neighborhood between the night McCray was arrested for the gun and the night he went on his murders. Free McCrae often fired a pistol from his back porch. The police said there was never any calls out here, but I found out they’ve been out here over a hundred times in three years.

Oh, they’ve responded over there several times. I don’t know if it was of their problem that they had over there, but there’s always been problems on that corner. I’ve seen, no, the police presence show up quite a bit in the past couple years.

Was it over gunshots? Usually?

I’ve heard gunshots and you, yes.

Did you hear gunshots coming your right behind him? Yeah.

I was in the backyard one day scared of shit on, I was back there working in the yard house.

It was when he was on probation. He was still firing that gun. Right. Oh my. And the police were out here

Two or three times. I seen him come down right after the

He shot one of the police was there. He

Did? Yeah. Well, the police were here. Yeah. He, you could hear him shooting

Hit you one time. Yeah.

And you were here too.

Yeah. I heard the police wasn’t there in the truck. I don’t know he hear or no. I don’t know if I can hear my, on my videos. I don’t know if I can hear the shots, but yeah.

Oh, you have videos of the police here?

Yeah, I got videos, but I don’t know if I can go way long back. Yeah.

So there’s some videotape of the police here. It’s coming down to your word and the chief, and I know the truth when I see it. Freedom of information that cost me $1,000. I want every call to service in the last 44 months, you know how many to work? 134 for over here. This house, just the houses around it. Only

Using the house like saying there was no calls to the actual house. It was to the area. So you know what I mean? They’re using that as an excuse that wasn’t for that issue. But for the gunshots, obviously it was, nobody could pinpoint the house.

But they talk a few neighbors, they’re like, yeah, no, it’s that house. Right. That’s why I have to, I’m doing it for you. Happy Easter. I’ll do it. That’s a thousand out of my pocket. You got this guy’s name in the report? You got this house address. In that report there was a cop at the bottom of your driveway, right? Driveway?

Yeah. Yeah. The end of the road there.

You didn’t have the address. Oh, come on.

Yeah, they

Just said it was the end of the road. We got a call to the end of the road. Right.

And then nobody pointed, Hey, it’s right back there. Well, that’s what Francisco just said, right? I was right here. There he was popping off.

Yeah. Yeah. Francisco was out there when he seen the cop and heard the gunshot, but no reports.

So one more time, you would hear gunshots. Everybody in the neighborhood would hear gunshots. The police would be here. So when you hear the chief of police saying, we never responded to shots fired.

I would say that’s false.

It’s, they called it something else, but they responded to him popping that gun.

Of course.

So what did you think when you, you’re watching the news and you hear the chief say, no, we didn’t ever, I

Know it. It’s like calling everybody liars.

Are you a liar?

No, that’s, don’t say it. I was, that’s what pissed me off about that nobody act like nobody even reported it.

So here’s one that could have been stopped. We found McRae’s father at home. He didn’t want to speak directly to camera, but he told us he didn’t know his son was sick. He raised him the best he could. Mr. McCrae, did you ever let the police know that he had a weapon?

I don’t know what my son had. I was not raise him to feed him. I didn’t even know he had a damn gun at all. I wouldn’t raise him to do the best he can in a dad when they leave the door, what’s going their mind to do? I know. You know what I mean? I raised him in church. Good church.

But the question remains, why didn’t the authorities do his best? They could.

What’s his name?

So Ralph, few questions if you don’t mind. Yeah. Let me start with the beginning of this piece. You wrote to the ranks of the chief of one of the largest departments in the United States of America. Did that on the face of it, that stop back in 2019 in the darkness, did that appear as a legal and textbook stop to you?

Oh, absolutely. There, from my point of view, there was plenty of articulable, reasonable suspicion to address him. And once he voluntarily said he had a gun that was not coerced, it was not forced. And you can literally see it. And that’s the beauty in having body camera and microphone footage. And then once he says that he does not have a pistol, a concealed pistol license, that’s a clear cut C P O violation. I mean it’s classic. It’s it, it’s textbook. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The guy damn near locked himself up.

So under the Terry principle, the Supreme Court, there was reasonable suspicion. It was dark rash of robberies. There the man reaches for a pocket. He says he had a pistol. The officer is allowed to detain him for his own safety to, to take care of the pistol

For what’s called a pat down of the outer clothing to detect any offensive weapon. So there was nothing about that that could not have been articulated. And the video shows it clearly. And then when you layer on the circumstances about the breakins, I mean for officers safety, he had expectation to at least conduct a pat down and frisk. But again, once he said, I have a pistol, I have a three 80. And then he says, I don’t have a license to carry it. I mean he prosecuted his own case.

Okay. Now that’s interesting. Then that leads to my next question. He was up to there was going to be a hearing. Any good defense lawyer is going to challenge every stop constitution. Oh,

Of course.

Of course. Course. See, every job, that’s your job. That’s your job. That’s your job. Okay. So the prosecution, I went to court, I pulled all the records up to six days before that hearing. They filed a motion against the quashing of the evidence. Like explaining basically exactly what you did. Yeah. Six days later out of nowhere, a plea bargain comes. Have you ever heard of carrying a concealed weapon being turned in? Being turned into transporting one on a bicycle?

No, I have not. That’s

You did 25 years with the Detroit police.

25 with Detroit. Two more with dps. You

Heard it all. I mean, dude, there ain’t no town like this town. You never heard transporting a weapon on a bicycle as a,

Okay. No. And Charlie, if anybody could have done something with that kind of creative writing, the history of D P D, we ended up under consent judgments. And never was that an issue.

That’s well put. Creative writing. Thirdly, they give him the misdemeanor for a probation for a year. It looks, and I have to pay more to get transcripts. He kept smoking the weed. He kept smoke twice. In fact, they increased his probation. Another six months for turning up dirty. Is that a red flag? Should the guy have been violated?

It sure is. And Charlie, that’s the thing, these double secret, you’re on probation for life and just keep extending. Especially when it comes to crimes that could have a violence, a violent nexus. And when a gun is involved, that’s where you have to draw the red line in the sand. If this is anything else, sure. We understand the overcrowding, we understand how much it costs to incarcerate. And this hits me hard because just yesterday, I’m chatting with Ariel’s mother who is still dealing with the aftermath of sending her child to college at Michigan State University. A stellar student, a up and coming, wanted to be a doctor, a surgeon. Her life snuffed out because our criminal justice system just gave this guy a slap on the wrist for something that if you followed New York’s motto even, and he did two years for the gun, three years, five years, whatever it took to keep someone carrying a gun illegally off the street, it would’ve saved lives. So that’s what pisses me off.

It’s important for me to say here, I’ve reached out to the prosecutor’s office, the former assistant prosecutor that cut this deal, the attorney general’s office, and I’ve heard shit. And that’s not going to stand. Next question, sir. In terms of shots fired, this is a coding question for you. Yes. It’s not always shots fired. Could it also be special circumstance or disturbance? You hear what I’m saying? It

Could, yeah. It could be a disturbance. It could be I, it could be a plethora of different calls. But what you would look at, at least reasonably, you would look at the number of calls for service in that area. And I would guarantee you, as you have reported that if you look at the number of calls that come to that area, now you have an affirmative reason to have some type of intervention. See what the hell is causing my officers to be called to this one place disproportionately. Because if you don’t do that analysis, Charlie, it’s, it’s a crime waiting to happen. If it wasn’t Michigan State students, it would’ve been some of those neighbors because you can’t, well, I’ll put it this way. When I was a commander at the ninth Precinct and Charlie the Ninth Precinct, it’s crime

Representation. Wait, you mean ninth Precinct? 48. 2 48.

2 0 5. 48. Two.

Thank you.

Kevin Scout car area 96 at a point was the highest crime area in the United States of America per capita. And a part of our stat process was examining how many calls or service did you have going in this area? What kind of calls are they? Where are they coming from? Who’s making the calls? And if you

Crime mapping any with the computer crime mapping. Yes. Yes.

And if you do any kind of due diligence, you’ve got to have an intervention. Because if nothing else, if you have a disproportionate call, number of calls in one area, then that means you have other areas that are not being covered. And if you don’t mitigate why you’re getting all these damn calls that that’s wasted resources.

Which leads me to this


I’m sorry, which leads me to this. No, go ahead. Shots fired, civil disturbance. A lot of calls. That’s that. That’s a big deal. A man is on probation. Okay. All you have to do is the neighbors are given a name or I don’t have those reports yet. Who knows. Right. The police are being trained under this group of prosecutors to know that guns aren’t a big deal, to not going to, you know, saw what happened. They’re not going to see it through. Yeah. So cops show up. They do what they do. They don’t write it all down. They move on. But here’s the question. The guy’s under probation, and if this pans out to be true, the cops with the court and the probation officer have Wright to go into the house, right? Yes. There’s been talk about you. I want to see if you have weapons. Do you have a weapon? Boom, you’re going in the cooler. Yes. No warrant or at, sir, knock

On the door and ask a question. It’s called investigation. That’s simply what it is. And if you do your due diligence from an investigative standpoint, you will have a reason to knock on number of doors in that area. Because again, if you look at the number of calls for service that are coming in that one area, because we’re not talking about East, we’re not talking about East Los Angeles or Cent Central la South Central la. We’re not talking about Mac and Bewick in Detroit. Talk about Lansing. I’m talking about Lansing mission. You

Mean this the seat state government? Right. Exactly. Next to one of the largest campuses that don’t allow weapons in Michigan.


Like a place there should be absolutely zero tolerance.

But there’s money. There’s another thing. It’s a slap in the face to the police officers to risk their lives to get the guns off the street.

My God.

Because if you let the set a tone, a culture where there’s no punishment, there’s no ramification for carrying a gun illegally. The officers are the first line of defense and they’re the ones. And it’s tragic that these kids lost their lives on that campus.

It’s an outrage. But

Very well the officer that we saw on that camera approaching this guy, because we know he don’t mind pulling the trigger because he did it. That officer could have died that night. So when you have officers that risk their lives and you ask them to get illegal weapons off the street or get weapons from people to carry them illegally, and then you give them a pat on the back and send ’em out with a coke and a smile, that is a slap in the face to the police officers. Well, since, and Charlie, it disincentivize the officer to go out there and make that extra leap of risk to get the gun. If I know the guy’s going to be out before I finish the paperwork, why the hell am I going to risk my life?

But can I say how calm that officer was in that encounter? He’s

Amazingly calm. He amazing.

He was. Yeah, exactly. And usually we see there’s a level of aggression that insights a level of criticism and sometimes it influences a negative outcome. This guy was extremely calm even after he told him he had a weapon even after, I mean, that shouldn’t go unnoticed in my opinion.

He treated the guy with dignity. I think it’s, and I don’t have the name in front of me, but I’ve been, I looked at it a million times. Anybody listening, I’m going to try to get ahold of him. But I got a lot of respect for the job he was doing that night. Very professional.

Karen. Karen, that is a very astute observation because I mean, we’ve seen officers lose it for much less. Yeah. Speculating. They thought they saw a weapon or a fur of gesture. This guy said, I got a gun and I’m not carrying it legally. This officer stayed cool, calm. I mean he was a model officer of deescalating a situation

He was. And I don’t think that should be

Overlooked. Well said. Absolutely. Again, our deep respect of those that do the job, do it right and do it well. And again, don’t disincentivize him from doing it because we’re depending on you. Let’s enforce the laws that we have. Do we have, okay, I want to just move this to the end point here. There was a job posting, but we couldn’t find out where the posting was for a director of the Office of Sustainability here in Detroit. And it’s been awarded to Jack Ankin Los Sudo. Congratulations, Jack. On the 150 or so, you’re making just another crony in this town of crony stacked upon crony. How many people are making six figures? The department is six years old. They’ve replaced a couple of roofs for seniors. They promised to make homes resilient to wastewater, flooding basements. That obviously didn’t happen for you, Karen. And we got 48 electric cars for parking tickets. Thank you. Joe Biden in the American Recovery Act. But comedian Detroit Red wanted to apply for the job. And since it’s gone red wanted to let the mayor know what he’s missed. And if you’re out there, possibly future director, right? Can you hear me brother?

Yes, I can hear you.

Oh, you’re on the

Couch. Can you hear me?

Yeah, I can hear you well man.

I think, look, you know what I figured? I figured if I was going to be serious about the job, I had to say fuck the stains and start looking at sustaining the stability of the stain. Okay, so we on the ground here and I’m going to bathe in a bathtub of lights off when I get home. That’s another thing. But just want to tell the mayor office, look here. You’ve done a fabulous job sustaining the same bullshit that’s been there for six years. As you can see, we are in this nice, beautiful, illegal dumping site right here. You can come over, take a nice lounge on the couch. If I don’t keep my rent paid, I might end up here. Actually it’s pretty. We’re already furnished in shit.
Paid electric cars to give out tickets. Why about hiring two kids with electric mows to come cut this shit down Six years year sustainability, they have been doing ous jack sustaining throw out of the boxing shit. It’s even new with some stains in it. Sustaining the old Detroit Land Bank. See they come and change the sign on the thing every six months to make sure you sustained ass house that’s not been torn down. And then of course you can’t have a sustained neighborhood of course without your sustained pile of trash fans garbage. I mean, they’re doing a fabulous ass job. So hey do now they’re going to sustain green.

Do me a favor, kick that. Piles kick

That. That means the new

Kick that pile scene of your rats come out of it.

Oh, Uhuh,

Empty the rats. Move the fuck on. They wanted better places to live.

What about the rooms on those houses?

How well sustain this head?

The mayor said they’ve been replacing roof

There. That roof, yes. I can see they missed this neighborhood. The whole fucking roof’s going, including the top floor. As you can see, there is no roof there. Haven’t sustained that well at all. So while you’re buying electric cars to give out more ticket, sustain sustained that bullshit. That’s what it all is.


See that’s what another dude making six fix. Same shit.

See, that’s what red could bring to this job. It’s bullshit. He could do more for less. He going to add letters to words. Like that’s all for free. Oh, he froze. He got so bad he froze out

To Charlie. I have to tell you this. If anybody thinks that what we talk about in terms of things that have been overlooked or things that are just being pushed, drive Streetside through this city. I had to do that today and yesterday. I’m telling you, if you’re not within those one or two, three neighborhoods that you constantly see on the news, this city continues to be broken and broken and old neighborhoods are overlooked. I mean go see for yourself.

Let’s go back to red here. Go ahead red.

Look, we’re sustaining so well. This is Majoris plant we bought you. Who’s actually not fucking working right now? Grace. This shit is great. This is great. They can’t even abstain fucking internet over here. That’s why we keep dropping the call. I’m just saying this shit is crazy. As you know what’s funny, normally in these type neighborhoods you’ll see a stray dog. I haven’t seen a stray dog for three hours. We’ve been out here cause it’s so well sustained at nothing.
So while you’re buying, I don’t get that. Whether they running the new EV vehicles on double-A batteries and shit, we can’t even keep the lights on when the sun is out. I’m scared when I go home cause the fucking son is shot. So great job. Another title created that. I don’t think it’s going to do a damn thing. Sustain some more bullshit for some more years and keep the people garbage and look at it. So active. So sustained. Kind of looks like a chemical fog over there. So bitch, don’t it. It’s looks like wearing lower Upton, near higher Upton. Some shit shine over there. It’s just foggy, hazy all the time. Oh yeah. Nice fresh air over here too. Smells just like plant runoff. Thanks a lot. You sustained my green environment. Maybe this is why I didn’t get the job. I was too busy looking at real shit to sustain.

Wait, what do you want?

Pitch me red. What would you do? Pitch. Pitch this. Pitch me here.

What would I do? I would go first and reenact maybe the summer youth program. You know them guys like to make money. Look at this one. Go start like the summer job program. Hire the young folk that’s busy running around this, beating other up with not Warner Pistol to come clean this shit up. That’s you want to sustain some shit now you cut a little crime, your shit picked up in the neighborhood. Let’s try taking some of that freaking money we gave you to tear down houses. The fucking houses down. That might help. I’m just saying. I mean maybe if they just did some of the shit they lied to us about doing to get our money instead of giving it away downtown, we could actually get some shit done here. All I’m seeing is more trees growing for no fucking reason. And these ain’t even trees. These are weed plants that’s been here so fucking long. They look like trees again. I’m trying, I’m starting to see why I may not have gotten a position. Yes, you’re overqualified, man. Sustaining. I’m un overqualified. Yeah. Cause I got common sense.

Well, lemme ask you this, man. This is great. We kicked about a half a billion dollars into that lantis plant. They promised us it was going to be like three shifts going for like 30 straight years. You’re telling me there ain’t no shift, third shift going on right now?

I don’t see shit going on there. The cranes wasn’t moving and we got here at three o’clock. This shit look like the skyscraper. A bunch of equipment that’s not moving.

Hey, let’s go check out your wardrobe.

My wardrobe. Look here. You have a down on your luck. You need to get you some extra material to make some clothes. You come find some fine poly. I don’t know what the hell this is. Stuffing. Make you a nice winter coat. Hell we can shop over here all day long. What The heat’s too high dt. Shut off in the middle of the winter. Just come over here, get you pieces of trees and shit and rocks. Build you a fire pit. Look, this is good outdoor living for you. Wash your shit in one of the puddles around here and then just hang it up to dry. Okay? I’m a survivor. That’s what we’re going to be in a minute. If this shit keep going like this.

That is so sustainability, man.

Sustainability. And you see how I made use of the tall weed tree? We hung the clothes on it. I thought that was a raccoon. Great.

I really did

Too. No raccoons have even moved. Karen. This neighborhood is so fucking empty. The grass is talking moving.
Look, we were standing over here. Love to Detroit police for holy work, right? So we’re over here waiting to do this bit and I saw ’em go up the block on the next block, which they could see me too cause there’s no fucking houses from here to there. And I just knew they was going to come around here and say, Hey, what are you two white looking guys doing over here with camera equipment sitting on the couch? What you doing? They didn’t give a fuck. I ain’t seen them since. Matter of fact, Myron, we need to get the fuck out of here before some of this sustainability. Come fuck us up. That’s all I’m saying. The are really going down now.

Alright, get the fuck going out of there rather. See you later. All good night everybody. We’ll see you.

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