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Did the Democrats and Israeli lobby really offer $20 million to Nasser Beydoun — a Pro-Palestine Muslim from Dearborn, Michigan — to run against Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib — a Pro-Palestine Muslim from Dearborn, Michigan?  

That and other sinister stories from the swamp.


I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don’t have mats.

Do everybody a favor, just walk yourself off that stage. Enjoy a nice meal and get the hell out of this way. You would never abuse power as retribution against anybody except for day one education. Dr. Student calling for the mass murder of African Americans is noted free speech at Harvard. Correct this, the chair of the committee out a motion. Introducing is not privilege was designed.

Just shut the

Fuck up. Please

Live from downtown Detroit is the no bullshit News Hour with my main man, Charlie and Karen s

Breakiness. Double more bullshit. Double more bullshit.

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People in America are comparing our times to this dystopian novel, 1984 written by George Orwell in 1948 where a totalitarian government uses technology and media manipulation to control people. In this book, the Party scrutinizes all human interaction people are monitored through tele screens by an all seeing Big brother think Twitter files. Here the language is doublespeak where words do not mean what they once did and it’s pretty good comparison I think, but I think this Orwell novella Animal Farm penned a few years before 1984 is a better comparison. In Animal Farm, the beast of burden rebel against their master farmer Jones and take control of his holdings. The newly liberated animals paint the list of seven commandments on the barn to govern themselves a bill of rights, you might say. And among these seven commandments, four legs, good, two legs, bad others forbid an animal for taking on the habits of their oppressors.
No clothes, no beds, no alcohol, and most importantly, all animals are equal. Through the course of this book, the animals labor and die to build a more equitable society than they had laboring under the yoke of Jones. That’s what they thought. At least until one evening the animals noticed the lights on in the old farmhouse, they crowded around a window and looked inside and what did they see? The pigs, the one-time equals of the outdoor animals were now wearing clothes. Some pigs stood on their hind legs, smoking pipes. Others were seated at the dining room table, eating meat and drinking wine with the farmers. The pig’s faces were now indistinguishable from their one-time masters. The farmers, the pigs had made themselves the elite, the ruling class who convinced the rest of the animals that they did the most important things on the farm. Stuff like thinking, reading documents, and sleeping till noon.
The animals, the ones on the outside looking in suddenly realized they’d been duped, that the commandments on the barn had been altered. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. It now red and so it is in Michigan. The pigs have become liars and manipulators, the ruling class has left us to drink poisoned water locked up to die. In nursing homes, they bray about the dignity of the working folks. These feckless jackasses who never pulled the plow share, they have no special skillset. They’re no geniuses among them, they’re fucking lawyers for God’s sakes. But the writing on the barn says something different. Now consider. Last week I came into possession of sensitive legal documents concerning the Flint water poisoning. Attorney General Dana Nessel had neither the brains nor the ability to bring the cabal of municipal poisoners to justice. Now, Nessel buries both the faces and the facts. The documents are supposed to contain the names of the Flint suspects and their alleged crimes, but Nestle has hidden their identities from public view. The documents are blacked out and no, no media followed up on that report except this high school kid in Davidson, Michigan. Good for him. Maybe there’s some hope for the future. Watch him corner her. Every

Aspect of your life will be impacted by whether or not you vote

That perfectly transitions into the Flint water crisis. Do we have any updates on the investigation?

Not at this time, no.

Really? Alright, so it’s been 10 years. Do you think justice is going to be,


She can’t even take a hard ball from an 11th grader. I bet former governor Rick Snyder and his band of nasty nerds are sleeping real easy tonight, and it’s the same with nursing homes. Thousands died in the dark in Michigan. We don’t know how many because Governor Whitmer continues to cover it up. Remember, an independent audit that we pushed for proved its thousands of people more, but even with her fake numbers, Michigan was among the worst in America and it all remains in the dark. The state’s pandemic response was a shameful exercise and political hackery rolled up. In irony, Whitmer locked down our school children with the pretense of protecting our seniors who in turn were locked away and died at alarming rates, unseen and undercounted. Now grandma’s gone. Gabby can’t read and Gretchen cast her eye towards Washington and she lied about the simplest things. Remember this from a few weeks back on this program with former New York governor Andrew Cuomo,

You said you always were in touch with these governors. You would chat with them and ask them questions. Did you happen to talk to other governors about the nursing home situation and did you talk to Cuomo about it at any point? I

Never talked. I mean, I didn’t have a relationship with him.

True or false?

Well, a relationship is a question of perspective. If she says, we didn’t have a relationship, we didn’t have a relationship,

Did she ever talk?

Well, I’m sure you have a press release that we both did. I’m sure that that didn’t happen anonymously.

Did you ever talk about nursing homes?

I don’t recall specifically what we talked about. Well, that topic of that press release was the nursing homes.

Karen, no Media picked that up in Michigan. They picked it up in New York.

That’s unbelievable, Charlie, that nobody paid attention to it or said anything else about it. Like why? I mean why. But this is why our elected officials continue to do what they want to do because there’s no oversight and no accountability and they know it.

No pressure to do


Bidding. That’s why we’re going to have Nassar bedo. He’s running for US Senate on the Democratic side. Let’s see what he’s got to say. Right? This isn’t even about party. Whatever, man. Okay, but here you’re right. Because Nestle refuses to investigate the sorted debacle that is infected with special interest money. If you don’t believe me, Nestle took 10,000 from the nursing home lobby last year, and Whitmer took over $40,000. And here’s Nestle as the keynote speaker at the nursing home lobbies breakfast just last year,

And I’m just tired of hearing it regurgitated over and over and over again. That terrible things happen at your facilities. It’s not true.

Listen to that smattering of bullshit applause. Even though

They’re like, no, because they knew she was lying. The

Fuck can we have an investigation?


Now, meanwhile, no one in Detroit will pay the price for the thousands probably. We never really got any testing and I’m going to try to raise the money and do some random testing. Thousands of demolition holes filled with poison dirt. That crime cost the city taxpayers at least $15 million without having a holistic sampling. But Mayor Mike Duggan and his dogs didn’t have to pay it. We did. In fact, boss Hog will skate free since his pals in the Biden and Obama administrations let the statue of limitations lapse on most of the alleged crimes like bid rigging, price setting, collusion. There’s no records of where the dirt came from, so they can’t charge anybody real friendly. And yet, here’s Biden’s new commercial about clean air in Detroit and how he’s helping here is going to run during the Lion’s game this weekend.

Coming from where I come from, I’ve learned that what makes up better life is having economic freedom and economic options. My name is Darren. I’m the founder of Just Air, a green technology company. Everyone deserves a livable wage access to clean air, access to clean water. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are investing in our community. These policies are helping to support small businesses like mine, allowing us to really grow and crave jobs. We have a president that actually just cares about the work and caress about doing stuff that helps everyday people.

I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Okay, well, I wonder if that guy, that Detroit guy who’s being helped by Biden who tests air, I wonder if the dude can test dirt because our kids are playing in the contaminated lots.
I got to go find those kids these years later. What happened with these guys and then, okay, Flint poisoned holes. Let me tell you something, man. There’s a guy, David Masson. We got to picture this guy. There he is. There’s good old Dave. Now. Dave was the bond attorney. He was the lawyer for Flint, for Genessee County and for the Kara Gandhi water authority, the new water system. He’s the one that put the deal together. His name I’m told, is buried under the black lines that Nessel won’t let us see. Then where does he go after that? They get him out of Dodge and he comes to Detroit and he’s the chief operating officer while the poison dirt is getting put in the holes. Then Whitmer takes him. He’s too hot for Detroit. Whitmer takes him for a year and he becomes the budget director, although the guy’s not a CPA and then they move him over to Wayne State University where he is the financial director, but he’s not a CPA

And then

Now he’s got a new job. GM has hired him as the head of development in real estate.


He’s a fucking lawyer. Look at this. Look at this revolving chairs. Man. When you plugged in, that’s the swamp.

Yep, that’s the plug Charlie. That’s the

Plug. And you read all these, okay, the announcement, nobody wrote a word about his role in Flint or his role in Detroit, even though this stuff was international headlines for a hot minute.

Nope, they stopped doing that a long time ago. Charlie. Oh

Fuck. Where’s the kid from Davidson? Lemme get somebody. Get him a job. Got some balls. Yeah. What about 10 years later, man?

Hey, he’d be great. Let’s get

On the show. I know I’m going to find a kid. Hey kid, I’m sorry I didn’t write your name down. All due respect. We’ll push it out there like there is hope for the future, right? There’s a kid with a set of balls because we the people out in the cold blindly snapping at each other’s snouts, chasing each other’s tails. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pla glass window of some fancy restaurant somewhere, our supposed fellows, the political pigs, the lap dogs of the mainstream media and the financial fat cats. Fat cats are laughing it up over whiskey and pork chops.
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I’ve sent a couple too and people love them. They

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I’m doing great. How are you, Charlie?

Real good. Now, before we get into your background and stuff, let’s just get right to the news. You are a Democrat. You are running for Senate, you are Palestine, and you got a call from somebody working for the Israeli lobby asking you to drop out of the Senate race and get into the congressional race and run against Rashida tb.

Yeah, I got, actually it wasn’t a call. I had a meeting with Lon Johnson and a third person who I won’t name.

Wait, wait, wait. Who’s Lon Johnson?

He’s the former chairman of the Democratic Party. Wait, time out Michigan Democratic Party.

Okay, time out. So the former head of the Michigan Democrats is on the phone with you?

No, it’s an in-person meeting in person

And he’s manipulating the democratic process and he’s trying to take another sitting congresswoman. He’s trying to take her out.


Okay, explain to us what happened. This is unbelievable

Juice. Well, basically they,

I mean like juicy, like that juice.

Well, he said that if I were to drop out of the senatorial race and run against Rashida, that there would be 20 million of campaign financing, 10 million hard money. Approximately 10 million soft money that would go to support my campaign against Rashida.

I believe that.

Who’s going to pay this money?

Who do you think is going to pay for it? Who wants Rashida out?

Go ahead.

And who said they’re going to spend a hundred million dollars to get out the squad? And who approached Hill Harper with the same offer? It’s obvious. It’s the pro-Israel Zionists fucking up our democracy party.

So apac, American, Israeli politic

And their cohorts.

Yeah. Their surrogates so to speak,



As politics, Charlie,

Yeah, but what, I guess you’re a Democrat, aren’t you? I mean I remember back in the aughts, like the two thousands, like the first decade you were considering a Senate run as a Republican.


So you are kind of a moderate guy.

I’m a middle of the road kind of guy. I believe in common sense and I believe in the small guy. I’m a Main Street type person, union worker. I’m not a Wall Street guy. I’m not a special interest big pharma pro-Israel lobby. No, I’m a guy that wants to work for the people of Michigan.

What is the Democratic party about? It’s so splintered. They

Don’t know. I’m not so sure that the Democratic party knows its own brand and its brand parameters anymore. I don’t

Nassar. You agree with that? I agree.

I think both parties are the same, two sides of the same coin. Both parties are working for special interests, corporate interests, career politicians, the military industrial complex. When was the last time you saw either one of the parties do something for the average American?

That’s what I bitch about. So I mean, why are you running as a Democrat? That would be enough to make me vomit and I don’t swallow vomit. I let it out. So why are you running as a Democrat? Why not an independent or Republican?

Well, first of all, I’m not the establishment’s favorite candidate. They’ll probably be working against me and they’ve already started to do so. So I’m there to, I’m not seeking political office, Charlie. I’m there to make a political difference and I want to go in there. I want to be the bull in the China shop. I want to be the guy that goes in there and just disrupts everything because everything is broken. The system isn’t working when you have this amount of money in politics, we have the most corrupt political system in the world. The only difference between us and the third world is we’ve codified it and called it campaign finance laws.

Yeah, I was parked.

You could buy.

Go ahead man. Sorry.

I say you could buy a congressman, you could buy a senator, you could buy anybody you want.

I was parking my car as my good friend, Mohamed’s from Yemen, and he goes, what’s new? And I tell him what we got on the program, special interest being sold out and he shakes his head and he goes, what’s wrong in America? I’m like, same shit in your country. And then he starts laughing. We held this place up to be like the shining light. You know what I mean? It’s not a fiefdom, it’s not run by the uni party. And it is.

I was going to say or is it? Yeah, you’re right.

And it’s just gotten to the point where we all know we’re dying on the vine and we need something to change. So how would you change it? Why do you want to be senator?

I don’t want to be a politician, but the problem, like Plato said, the price that good men pay for indifference in public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. And Washington right now is about as evil as it can be. So if we don’t step up, and I’m an immigrant. My father came here in 1969 when I was four years old. I have a vision of America, a country that I love that gave my dad, gave me an opportunity, gave me an education, gave my brothers and sisters the education, gave us all a good living. We love this country. We love the American dream, but I think the American dream is dying on the vine.

Yeah. And I don’t want to see, I’m sorry man. You’re making a speech. Go on.

I’m not making a speech. Go ahead. I’m sorry.

Whatever. You know what I’m saying? I interrupted a very beautiful thought. American dream. It’s slipping away.


A nightmare. It’s dying. It’s dying. It’s dying. I mean, you look at the amount of money we waste on war, you look at the food that they poison us with. You look at the drugs that they give us and they poison you look at our healthcare system, you look at our education system,

Flint water, the nursing home deaths. Exactly.


Okay, look, because let’s talk about Warren international affairs, but let me just back up and tell people a little bit about you. I know a little bit, I’ve known you a while now. Your great grandfather came here from Lebanon, right? Correct. Working for Henry Ford, I’m assuming, right?

He worked for Henry Ford in Highland Park and he’s actually buried on 12 Mile in Woodward.

Your great grandfather, meaning your family’s been here longer than most, right?

That part of the family, yes.

Yeah. And then your grandpa stayed in Lebanon and then your father came with you and your father was a Ford man.


Look at that. I mean that’s Detroit straight up. That is long time, right? Just like my great-grandfather came from Louisiana to work for Henry Ford. You know what I mean? So we’re here for the same reasons.

I am the product of the UAW.

I won’t hold that against you.

Come on. They did a great job, Charlie. Come on. You got to admit, Sean Fein did an amazing job with this contract

He did

For the employee.

And the thing is, you know what it took to get a guy like that? The disruptor, you know what it took? It took all of his predecessors going to fucking prison for ripping off the working person and not representing them properly. Part of the problem.

But is that where we are with our senatorial representation, our congressional representation? Maybe they’re not in jail, but are people at that point where it’s we need a disruptor and is asked or that disruptor?

Well, are you

I am.

Okay take.

I truly am because I, I’m not selling myself. I’m not pimping myself the I don’t give a shit candidate because I’m going to tell you exactly what’s on my mind. I’m going to tell you exactly what’s wrong and I’m not going to be the politician that tells you what he thinks you want to hear.

Okay? But you got to represent all of us. That’s what the job is. It’s not for you to go do you. It’s for you to go do us, right? Correct. So let’s get with this one. Here’s one, nobody, Israel Palestine, where you at on that

100%? Pro, pro-Palestine.

Well what does that mean? I mean look,

It means, it means this, Charlie. It means when you have a genocide going on and 18,000 people being brutally murdered, women, children, men and nobody in Congress and not our president calling for a ceasefire trying to end this solution for the last 50 years, the Palestinians have suffered the occupation. Israel’s brutal occupation. We need to resolve that issue. And if America was truly an honest broker, they would’ve resolved it a long time ago. But we can’t do it because we don’t have control of our foreign policy when it comes to the Middle East. It’s controlled by the pro-Israel lobby.

Let’s back up a second then. Alright, so you said 50 years, right? The 48 was when the Israeli Defense forces forced three quarters of a million Palestinians off their land. But this was correct. This was a settlement voted in the UN for a two separate states. Right? Do you agree that there should be two separate states and that Israel has a right to exist?

I believe that Israel has a right to exist, but I also believe that the Palestinians have a right to exist. We cannot go back.

We know that. But what you said is a big deal, the map from 1948. So when you’re saying occupation, this is good for all the college kids running around protesting, but don’t really quite get it. There was a map, right? These are the two states. A couple of events happened, a couple of wars, and every time the wars came, the Israelis took more of the land, settled more of the land. Correct? And that’s correct. The United Nations has ruled that it is occupied territory, that the West Bank is occupied, that Gaza is occupied. Correct.

East Jerusalem is occupied.

That in the map was a Berlin zone, right? It was like Jerusalem sat in the middle of Palestinian territory and there was supposed to be a special road to get in and out of it. That’s been carved out now. So just to repeat, because you know what? Media does, NAS Nassar be Dun Democratic candidate for US Senate believes Israel has a right to exist, believes in the two state solution, but is telling you the occupation’s been going on for a half of century and instead of killing 18,000 people, we need for real negotiated settlement. Is that correct, nasa?

That is correct. Well

Then how the hell are we supposed to do with Hamas when they wake up one day and murder 1400 people? Who’s going to speak for the Palestinians?

They didn’t wake up one day and decide to murder 1400 people. They have been oppressed Israel. Israel gives you this story, says, well, we pulled out of Gaza in 2005. No, you didn’t pull out you. What you did was you pulled your troops out, but you turned it into an internment camp for 2.2 million Palestinians. And then you created a pressure cooker where you gave people no hope.


Listen, anybody that occupied has

A right to resist. I agree with that. I really do. Okay. I mean, it’s facts, it’s factual. But they did wake up one morning walk in and murder 1400 people. Is this the group that the Israelis or the Americans for that matter, are supposed to negotiate? I lived through nine 11 man, and there ain’t going to be no negotiation there. You know what I mean? So that’s my question.

Why do we negotiate with the Vietcong? Why are we negotiating with the Taliban? You negotiate with your enemy. You don’t negotiate with your friends and you don’t get to choose who you negotiate with, the people that’s being occupied and that’s resisting your occupation. Have the right to resist. And also if you want to peace with those people, you have to negotiate with the people who are fighting you. And Israel claims there’s a lot of, I don’t believe anything that Benjamin Netanyahu says. He is the biggest piece of shit liar. There is ever existed of any leader around the world. This is the same guy that dragged us into a war with Iraq. He’s the one that has been trying to get us into a war with Iran. He’s the one that came up with the 40 babies that were decapitated, which turned out to be bullshit. And our sleepy Joe president decided he’s going to say 40 babies were decapitated when there’s no proof to that. To this day, the Israelis have not given us an accurate count of how many people were killed, how many of those people were military, and how many were civilians, and how many of the civilians were killed by the Israeli army themselves. Give me those numbers and then I’ll sit there and tell you, okay, you’re right. And I agree with you, but until you,

What is your solution? Nassar be Dun represents the great state of Michigan as its sort of cheap chief diplomat, you’re the senator. How do we get out of this? Okay, I get what ceasefire means, but then the hard work, because it’s been decades of failed accords and failed meetings and you know what I mean? It never ends. So what is Nassar Bay doing’s quick roadmap. I know that sounds grotesque quick. Give me a quick solution.

A quick solution’s. Very easy. Israel’s got to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinians have all of

It. You mean the settlements and everything?

The settlement’s got to go. They can’t be there. They should have never been there in the beginning.

Well, I might agree with it. And that is international law and there were some agreements to do such things like ER was moving towards that. We never seem to get there and are you really? Or if you want, go

Ahead. I’ll make it easier. I’ll make it easier. You take your settlers out of the West Bank and we bring in people who were kicked out of Israel in 48, the refugees and settle ’em in the settlements. And this way you have a Palestinian state made up of Palestinians and you have an Israeli state that’s predominantly Jewish, which they want. They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

Okay, I hear you. I hear you. Look, I mean that’s bold and it’s clear. Get off the land that was designated for Palestinians and you got a deal. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That’s hard work. But that is something clear. It is. It’s clear. It’s not blood lust.

But I’ll tell you this, that’s the clearest response regardless of how you see it. Everybody else is attempting to dance around an answer because they want to appease everybody. And that’s not possible. I think you have to applaud not just Nassar, but anybody that would say what they think and what they feel regardless of how popular that statement is or may be.

And it’s a place of departure, isn’t it? Yes. Here’s what’s wanted. Get off. And you can have what was voted on in 48. That’s what he’s saying. Now you brought up Iraq and you are running for an open seat and your main opponent would be Congresswoman Alyssa Slotkin who worked for the ccia A was in Iraq. We have Abu, we have the surge, the not surge. We have the growth of isis. She claims to be fluent Arabic. I’m not quite sure about that. But what you’re feeling on that? I mean, you learned Arabic and it was used to kill a lot of Arabs. You know what I’m saying? Yes.

First of all, Charlie, my history, I’ve been opposed to Iraq war from day one. I knew it was bullshit. Me too. I didn’t have a high security clearance and I never bought the weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein had anything to do with nine 11. Can

I pause you right there? Can I pause you right there? As a reporter for the New York Times, I was embedded with United States Marines looking for the weapons of mass destruction. There it was in shit.


Please continue. Yeah,

I agree. And my take on Alyssa Kins is her claim to fame is she did four tours in Iraq, three working three tours in Iraq working for the CIA. Well, what did she do for the ccia? A like you said, there was elbow grapes, so there were interrogating people, there was black sites, there were water boarding. So if you took APAC in the CIA and they had a baby, it would be Alyssa Slotkin.

Well, there’s a stark choice to be made here. Say that again because I want to write that down. What

If the CIA and APAC had a baby, it would be Alyssa Slotkin. And if you have no respect for human rights and human dignity and you’re fighting a war based on false pretenses and attacking a country that did nothing to us, that I don’t think you have a right to be representing our country and you’ll not protect our civil rights if you have no respect for human rights.

What’s your zip code?

4 8 1 2 4.

You live at 4 8 1 2 4. You can say that without doubt. 4 8 1 2 4.

Correct. He didn’t

Pause. He didn’t pause. So you haven’t been moving around Slotkin? I’m over here. I’m over there. I’m living in a lobbyist condo. I’m moving back to the No. Okay, just there you go. Very clear.

That’s my thing. I’m Michigander through and through. I’ve been here since 1969. I went to school in California. I went to Qatar for a little bit, but this is home. This has always been home. I’ve been on every street. I used to canvas for wall side windows. I know Michigan better than any one of these

Stand side windows.

Yeah, I used to deal with tin men.

I was telling Charlie this. Charlie and I do want to say this because Nassar is one accessible and he has been for years. I mean, at any invitation around the table, he accepts when he can make a contribution. I remember being in the mayor’s office, we called Nassar. Nassar was there. But I also have to acknowledge and applaud the fact that when there were issues between the black community and the Arab community, Nassar is somebody that I’ve been able to call to help mediate and diffuse those issues mean, and not just pitting somebody against, it’s like, let’s figure out what the issue is and let’s resolve it. Let’s have a conversation about it. And I always appreciated that. I really do. And I know that’s not something that a lot of people know, but that’s a big deal because that’s an unspoken, you talk about international issues, but that’s an issue right here in metro Detroit that a lot of people won’t deal with. And Nassar has always been willing to tackle it and help address it head on. That’s a big deal for me.

So you two, it’s like somebody gets shot at the gas station, air remote gas station, black community, something’s going to burn or who we’re talking to here is the two adults in the community that you can call to get people


And calm things down. I mean, because when we got all these white people running around like Ann Arbor and wearing the kafis downtown. Downtown, and they’re out in Berkeley and Harvard when they get bored with this one, they got bored with the American Indian and they got bored with the Black Lives Matter. The real life is left and it’s up to you two to deal with. And that’s who he

Is. And that is who he is. And that’s what I’m saying. That’s not part of a campaign platform. That’s not part of something that may come out of an interview. But that’s something that I have known, seen, witnessed, and appreciated firsthand for at least. Oh man, I’m not about to age myself over 20 years. So I mean there are a couple other people in the community that have also been around the table, but it always speaks volumes to me that Nassar shows up. He shows up on time, he participates and helps to solve the problem. And I’d love to be able to see that across the board.

Mark’s yawning. I don’t know why. What

Am I boring you?

I think it’s, you gave Nassar all kinds of,

But Charlie,

Nice citizenship marks and mark’s over there worried about his kid going, damn, if my kid could just be like, nah. Okay.

Well, I mean, but this is the thing though, and I think you know this about me and other people know this. If I didn’t think that, if I didn’t feel it, I would not say it.

Well, nobody says, well, why are you going there?

Because Mark is yawning. I’m yawning

Because I’m He’s an narcoleptic. Did you know he is an narcoleptic?

I know that too. Yeah.

Wake up, mark. Well, Nat, why don’t you be campaigning like that? Detroit is capital City, Michigan for real. You know what I mean? Everything around here with all due respect to everybody living everywhere else. But when are we going to see that Nasser on the block?

You’re going to see that right now. Unfortunately, we have to raise money for the campaign because hey

Man, I know a guy that’s got $20 million, bro.

Yeah, but I’ve always been a big believer in Detroit. And Karen knows this. I invested in Detroit way before it was cool to invest in Detroit and I helped redeveloped the six mile Wyoming area. I built the first gas station that was a suburban looking gas station in the city of Detroit. I’ve always been one for building economic partnerships and building communities and bringing communities together. So when I hit the trail and street credits in the streets of Detroit, no other candidate has that. Hill Harper doesn’t have it. Alyssa Lockin doesn’t have it. But I can go talk to Tafari brand, I can talk to Navu. I could talk to anybody in the city of Detroit.
And I’ve respected them. I’ve worked with them. They’re my brothers and I will continue regardless. And my whole thing is we need to, Detroit is a great city. This should be a model for coexistence because we do it better. We do have our issues once in a while, but we’re able to put ’em out. And I’ve always tried to make Detroit a better place. That’s why I worked with the Bay on the Greenlight project and I started that with him. I worked with Kwame when he became mayor on the brownfield redevelopment and the Detroit economic growth

Curve. All right, well here man. That’s great. What about DTE? Man, they just jacked up the prices again. That was your governor. You are the senator. Like California’s power is not reliable and it’s too expensive. Texas is not reliable. It’s not reliable. In Michigan, as senator, would you put a consortium of other put upon states with these power companies and get something done?

Well, I would’ve taken the $5 trillion we’ve wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan and maybe rebuilt our national power grid.

Well that’s gone. So now there is no national power grid.

I wouldn’t send the a hundred billion dollars to Israel and Ukraine and I’d use it to rebuild our power grid.

Do you promise to do something about the power? Make it tangible. Right? Palestine’s one thing, man, it fucking rains. My power goes out. Yes or no, sir?

Of course.

Of course. Michigan economy is contracting. It’s shrinking. It’s one of the Montana, West Virginia and Michigan, another three months. We’re in a recession here in Michigan. You as senator, what would you do to bring business and people back to Michigan?

Make Michigan inviting for immigrants as try and get as many immigrants coming to the United States to come settle in Michigan? Because immigrants bring their own economic prosperity. They bring their culture, they bring their diversity, and the only thing they do is they improve the neighborhoods that they move to. Where

Are you at on the border? Okay, we got it. Where are you at? On the southern border. Out of control or you like it? It’s just right.

No, my thing on the border is this. I think that if we’re going to have a policy, we allowed 150,000 Ukrainian refugees into this country within the last year. Yet we have hundreds of thousands because they’re brown people from Costa Rica and Nicaragua and Mexico sitting on the southern border not allowing them in.

Let me correct you. We’ve allowed millions of brown-skinned people to come in in the last few years. Millions. So that’s not exactly true,

But those seeking refugee status, I’m not talking about the illegals.

No, no. This is like everybody’s claiming refugee refugees and they’re not even refugees. I know the voter very well. These are friends of mine. I go, I talk. Come on man. Fuck it. I’m getting the funk. I’m a Venezuelan. I’ve been living in Columbia. I’m going, fuck it. I’m going, man, I’d do it. You would do it.

I think we have to fix our immigration problem. I don’t see a problem with people coming to the United States. Me

Either, brother.

I think the more the merrier

Order, right? An order to the process. Okay, we’ll move on there. Exactly. Abortion. Where are you at with abortion? You’re a conservative guy. You’re a Muslim. Where are you at with abortion?

It’s a woman’s right to decide. I have nothing to do with a how a woman decides how she wants to live her life or she wants keep her baby.

Look at this. Okay, now it’s all about me. Here, watch this. The Democrats stole, you know what they want to pick on me? I don’t know. I’m just a middle of the road guy. Never moved from Joy Road and Wayne Road. I never moved. You know what I mean? I’m from working people too. I got sisters. So this is me last year with Tudor Dixon, the Republican nominee for governor. And I asked her about abortion in a 12-year-old, and then we’re going to follow it with the Democratic governor of Kentucky. Beshear is his name. His campaign manager ran Biden for Michigan in 2020. So you’d know where he got the idea for his commercial. Watch this, NASA watch that. The first one’s me. The second one was Kentucky this year. You

Said no exception. The question would be like a 14-year-old who let’s say is a victim of abuse by an uncle. You perfect example.


That. I was raped by my stepfather after years of sexual abuse. I was 12. Anyone who believes there should be no exceptions for rape and incest could never understand what it’s like to stand in my shoes. This is to you Daniel Cameron, to tell a 12-year-old girl, she must have the baby of her stepfather who raped her is unthinkable. I’m speaking out because women and girls need to have options. Daniel Cameron would give us none.

See, I wrote the God bless her, by the way. That’s brave. Yeah. That’s it for someone that age. And that’s the truth. And when I asked Tudor Dixon that I was thinking of my relatives, that’s her. I’m related to her. You know what I mean? I think we all are. So that’s really, I’m glad you’re not bullshitting. And it’s either again, a cut and dry answer. Boom. That’s it. Yes. So now you can see how the Republicans are stuck because for years it was really convenient pandering to a group of people that really weren’t there. Right. I’m very conservative on money issues. Okay, well when conservative people are asked to decide overwhelmingly, they’re like, leave the women alone. It’s not even a question.

Yeah, those same people that are so staunchly, anti-abortion, they don’t mind kids being killed day and night, 7,000, 8,000. They’re out there. All the evangelicals going, yay, yay Israel. Go ahead, keep bombing, kill ’em all.

There’s a point there. Alright, and finally, sir, I know you got to hit the campaign trail. Your preference A GTO or duck de.

Well, I had a 1970 Pontiac Lamont, so I’m going to go GTO.

Okay, what about a duck? Do what’s your feeling about a duck? Do

I don’t know what the hell a duck do is.

You mean what’s a duck do?



I knew you were going to say that, Charlie.

It’s hard hitting journalism.

Hey, but I’ll tell you this. Nassar has a cool picture that I wish he’d used more in his campaign of him on his motorcycle with his leather jacket. I like that. Look. Nassar. Seriously, thank you.

Oh, what kind of bike you got?

I got two. Got two. Road Kings, Harley Road Kings. If you ever want to go riding, let me know. Charlie.

I do Manam. My clutch is stuck in first. Do you know a mechanic? Do

You got I fixed ’em myself.

I’ll bring it over. You can’t

Fix. Bring it over. You don’t

Got the tools. Bring it over and do a little video and see if the senator, he may

Be able to

Do that because our other senator, Gary Peters likes to drive around too. But did you wear a helmet?

Hell no.

Yeah. Hell no. Man. Driving around with a big baseballs

Helmet in America.

Not cool

Looking. He wears all the leather and all that protective shit. That’s not off. That’s not riding a motorcycle.

You might have my vote. Motherfucker. If you run for Congress, I might vote for you.

Why I, oh yeah, that’s

Right. You still for Nevermind. Wait a minute. Senate is Congress.


Okay, all man. Good luck. If you want to hang, do this commercial break. Super fan Joey Buns is going to break down the tape with buns. He’s going to break down the Lions game and give us a prediction for next week. So we’ll be right back. A DR consultants experienced overseeing more than a quarter billion dollars in public and construction projects since the turn of the century. They’re competent. If you want to reduce your costs and increase your bottom line, you want to cut the red tape, you’re going to need somebody that knows how to navigate it. That would be a DR consultants in procurement and government compliance and information technology. A DR Smart. Get the job done. Right on time, on budget. 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4 called Barry Ellentuck for a free consultation. Okay, now he’s become wildly popular. Joey Coppola, AKA Joey Buns, the bread man, the Lion Super fan and former high school conference champion like Uncle Rico. Like uncle. He’s like uncle, right? He can still throw the ball over the mountain. Quarter mile. Okay, so without further ado, this is Joey Buns with Buns giving us the takeaway from the Saints game and a little prediction for this weekend’s Bears Game.

Joey Bonds. He’s Joey Bonds. He calls the pass. He calls the run. Joey Bonds freshly baked just for your wiener or a patty and betweener. Joey Bonds.

Joey Bonds. Alright Joe, you’re going to break down what you thought was the turning point last week in the Lion’s victory over the New Orleans Saints. Now this is coming what? At the end of the third

Quarter. At the end of the third quarter.

Alright, break it down for us. Joey Buns.

Okay, we had the reverse. You’re going to take the ball, the quarterback,

Snap it to golf.

Yeah, snap it to golf. He fakes it to the running back.

He picks up the

Guard. Picks up the guard. He waits for Williams to come

Around. Wasn’t Williams out here?

Yeah, I think you’re right. Yeah, I think, think I’m right. He’s the outside guy,

Right? He’s the hot buns.

He came around where Garth flipped him. The ball. The ball as he came.

Wait, wait, it was a double reverse.

Yeah, we blew that

One. Yeah. Okay. So

He hands it to Reynolds?

No, no, this here is LA Porta. This was Reynolds New Jerseys. So Goff’s gives it to Reynolds. Reynolds,

Yeah. He flips it to Williams who comes this way.

And LaPorte is out here blocking.

LaPorte is blocking downfield. Jared Goff comes in and makes a block here that opens the lane and he accelerates with nitric nitrous oxide in his blood. This kid’s got speed that I never thought I’d see right to the end zone.

Now you don’t really like William’s hands.

His hands haven’t been good this year. I was down on ’em all season. But the way the guy runs, if you can get him the ball, his speed is like nothing else in the NFL. I don’t know if there’s another guy in the NFL faster than him.

So they found a way to get the ball in his hands,

Get the ball in

So he could be our Tyreek Hill. But he didn’t have any hands yet. Yet

Yet. He had hands in college. This is what I don’t understand why he can’t hold onto the ball in the NFL. I guess we have to give him a chance to mature. Last year he was a rookie, but he only played in two games. So actually this is his rookie season.

So say Joey Buns. Okay, Joey, real quick, let’s break down your key to the bears lions.

This is who? The Chicago Bears.

Wait a minute. In the last segment, this was the Detroit Lions. You’re confusing me

Walt. We’re flipping the script. Okay.

You’re the bread man. Okay. Alright. So Justin Fields, what’s the key to the game here?

The key to the game is to keep him contained. If I was the defensive coordinator, what I would do in every play is bring everybody

To the line and

Line them up like this until he gets himself set back here and then drop, move and set up. Do not let him see what the defense is going to run. Yeah,

But what if this guy just takes off?

That’s why you drop him back. As soon as he’s ready to snap that ball, everybody drops back into their locations and covers the outside inside. And three guys rush. Maybe all five rush. But you got to keep Chicago guessing on what defense you’re running. If they come out with a plain old defense, you’re going to see this guy run right up the field.

So you’re saying confuse the dude, confus


Because he’s young,

He’s young, he’s still learning. And to me that would be the best way to do it.

Hey Cal, that’s genius that he’s like, okay, Joey Buns key to the game. What’s prediction?

The prediction is,

Let me

Guess, 30 to 12.

Wait a minute. You said last week it was 26 to 12, everything. Six. So now you went 30,

30 to 12. We’ll get 30 points and we’ll hold them to 12 points this week.

You did that last week?

Last week It was 26, 17. I said


I’m going 30 to 12.

What’s the spread? What’s Vegas saying?

I don’t know what the spread is. I didn’t see

It. You don’t gamble?

Yeah, I’m not a gambler.

You don’t got the bread?

No, no. I keep my bread in my pocket. That’s the way to do it.

Joey Bonds, he’s Joey Bonds. He calls the pass. He calls the run Joey Bonds freshly baked just or your wiener or a patty in Betweener. Joey. Bonds


I’m not a football fan, but I know that this is the first time that the lions have found themselves in a winning season since what? 62? 68, 60 something. So I really like Joey’s perspective because otherwise I’d feel like why are we still talking about football? But I enjoy that and I think that everybody is excited and wants to celebrate. I do like his perspective.

Yeah, I like his schematics with the hot buns with

The bun. Were those hamburger buns do on the

Defense defenses? Hamburger bun? Yeah, he does it all. Yeah, his X’s and Os. But it’s, it’s pure

Joy, man. He’s

Loving this shit. Does he have Kaiser rolls and bagels?

That’s what I said. Could you have brought some fucking onion rolls, bro? No, he’s got ’em also. So wait a

Minute. Nobody’s going to ever talk about the pistons.

Oh fuck

No. Okay. All right. That’s fine. They’re

Garbage. No, you have no idea what’s going on with ’em, do you?

I know that they’re on a losing

Streak. No, they might set the all time record for they, they lost 18.

They didn’t win in November.


They’re an embarrassment. Isn’t, isn’t has to sell the squad.

Isn’t this what everybody was saying about the lions? Sometimes? When are they going to win and everybody’s stuck with ’em?

Well it took the old man dying. You get some real football people in here, you know what I mean? And when are they going to get the William Clay Ford off the uniform enough already? Never.

Never. No they won’t. Do you know what I mean? Not until that team gets sold.

Oh geez. Okay. They won’t do that anyway.

But I do enjoy Joey Bun.

And you got Nasser’s number, right? I think he split, yes. I do tell him if he needs to raise some money, put the house up, get the mortgage. Joey Bun’s calling it 30 to 12. I mean that’s sure money right there.

Yeah, but Nasser’s a good guy though. I mean, and I always say that good people make good professionals. We cannot be,

We do not. What do you call it? Endorse anybody.

I’m not endorsing anybody. I’m just saying that he is a good person. We’ll fix

That in pause. Okay?


See you. See you next weekend. See you next. Oh listen, you can get our columns. Karen’s comes out on no bss on Tuesdays. Mine’s on Wednesdays. Tuesdays. You can see you. See you next Tuesday. And alright man. Be good to one another.


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