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Robert Kennedy Jr. joins the No BS Newshour.
He’s running for President… will he be independent?
Is he a conspiracy theorist?
How will he fix the country?

3:14 What RFK Jr is doing in Michigan.
3:56 Do the people know Bobby Kennedy Jr?
7:55 “Not against carbon based power”
11:00 His alcohol and drug past.
13:50 Solution to the national drug problem.
16:15 His voice.
20:50 Reaction to Drake name checking him in his new song.
22:24 Does 5g give you cancer?
24:10 5g surveillance system.
25:07 Does water turn frogs transgender?
27:30 Covid attacks races differently.
37:30 Subscribe to the Detroit News
38:50 Is he running as an Independent for President?
42:00 The Democrats are against him running.
45:40 His economic plan for the US.
52:00 Funding Ukraine
55:00 Did the US bait Russia to attack Ukraine?
1:11:30 Immigration policy. Bobby will negotiate repatriation.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s right there. Sighing of the Kennedy clan, an environmental lawyer, a controversial figure who is the most prominent American to be censored on social media for his views on vaccines. C i D, the war in Ukraine, the border, among other things he’s running for president, but the Democratic party’s blocking him. The East coast media is tagging him as a kook, a crackpot, a dangerous demagogue. He’s still running for president. The question is, is he going to run as an independent next Bobby Jr. Live now Detroit. It’s no, just Breakiness. Don’t more bullshit. Don’t more bullshit.

American, Coney Island, so good. Even Al Roker from the Today Show Eats here. Not like that other guy, Al Joker who eats at Lafayette. So make sure you are a Roker and not a joker. American Coney Island.

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I’m doing meet and

Greet here and

I’m meeting

With some funders

And I think we have a fundraiser too. And my main reason I’m here is to sit down and straighten things out with you. Charles,

What did I do?

You did good stuff on the water crisis. I’m going to take a tour with you later.

You want to go to Flint?


You can see Detroit. We can go to Flint. Okay. Word. Okay, look, let me

Just do this. We got something

For you. We took a flash poll. Okay. You’re running for president. You want to win Michigan? Detroit Red. He’s comedian and our crack reporter. So he went out, this is not a scientific sample, but he went out to his neighborhood and asked if they know Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Alright. Hi Bobby, how are you? Alright. So do you know who Bobby Kennedy Jr is? Yeah. Alright, would you vote for him for president? He running as a Democrat? Yes. You know Bobby Kennedy Jr. Is who is that? Jeff Kennedy brothers his cousin. Are you close? Bobby Kennedy Jr. Is he’s the president’s son. Do you know who Bobby Kennedy Jr is? Do you know who Bobby Kennedy Jr is? You don’t. I can speculate who he is, but you just don’t Kennedy’s son, you know what I mean? Right. Close, but I dunno which Kennedy and I don’t know how, who’s that? Bobby Kennedy Jr. Is the son of Robert Kennedy who was J f k brother. So that’s his nephew. I don’t give a fly fuck because Bobby Kennedy ain’t never did shit for me. I would vote for Kennedy though. I would versus Trump. Would you? So I’ve done Trump. Kennedy, your vote for Kennedy? Absolutely. Trump. Kennedy. Trump. Do you think he could beat Trump? No, it’s a good question. Yeah, it’s a good question.

That’s the question. So on that snap poll just, and you’ve been locked out, the Democrat’s been locking you out, that’s two yes. Three no. And one’s just

Mad at the

World and one not sure. So you’re in Michigan, but you’re an environmental lawyer, that’s how you made your money. So you’re anti-nuclear power. Anti coal.

Well, I’m not adding nuke. What I’ve said is if they can make nuke safe and effective, I’m all for it. It’s like the same thing with vaccines and other stuff. We have good science and it actually that shows that it is safe and effective. I mean, right now there’s no nuclear power plant in the world that can get an insurance policy. Oh, it’s not me saying that they’re unsafe. It’s the guys at a i G and Lloyd’s of London who say we, you are so dangerous. We’re not going to write you an insurance policy so that the plants in our country, the industry had to go to Congress and get it in the middle of the night and as a sleazy legislative maneuver to pass the Price Anderson act. Which is why if you own a home, Charles, okay, well go look at your home insurance policy.
It has a provision in it that says it doesn’t insure you against radiation from nuclear power plants. So if they blow up that plant, if they let it go and it goes, they pay nothing to you, you pay everything. There’s no other, the only other industry that’s got that is vaccines. It’s the only industry that has full immunity from liability. Plus, there’s no utility in the world that will build a nuclear power plant unless it is fully subsidized by the US government. And a solar plant cost a billion dollars a gigawatt to build all in capital costs. And nuclear power plant costs 14 billion. So we can make energy by burning prime rib if we wanted, but it wouldn’t be the best use of our money.

But what do we do today?

And that incidentally, we have to store the waste for 30,000 years, which is five times the length of recorded human history. It’s hard to understand how that can be financially justified.

My question is, okay, nuclear is dangerous, coal is pollutive. You don’t like drilling. We build cars here. We need those components to build cars. Much less run. And I don’t think we’re ready here.

I’m not against, I’m not against, in theory, I’m not against carbon based power. I just think we should take the cheapest power and that we should build an infrastructure that gives us the cheapest electrons possible. What is that? Which, well, it would depend on where you are, but the cheapest form of energy right now is going to be solar, but it’s variable power. So there may be cost to that. You can’t get it at night, right? That’s right. But there’s wind when you can get wind power at night. The wind, most parts of this country blows at night and the sun obviously shines in the day. So you can balance the grid and it costs about the same to build a wind plant. About wind turbines are about 1000000001.2 billion. A big gigawatt. A coal plant costs 3.6 billion a gig. But

That’s power on demand. And with wind and solar, we don’t have a way to store it.

Well if we have a grid, an extensive grid, you move it

Around, you

Don’t need a way to store

It. You move it around.

Yeah, you can move it around to different parts of the country, different days. And then you turn every home into a power and every American into an energy entrepreneur. Because if you can use your home, our

Power company block that.

Yeah. You

Know how that goes.

That’s the problem. We don’t have free markets. They’re channeling us to one source, which is carbon. And the rules were written by the incumbents to favor the dirtiest, filthiest, most poisonous warmongering, most toxic fuels from hell rather than the cheap clean, green, wholesome and patriotic fuels from heaven. So

Lemme go like this here. So I say, Bobby, I got these questions right here. These many, you’re only giving me an hour. Alright, so we’re going to go, what I want to do is quickly, who’s Bobby? The things that Googling is a

Whole different thing. You asked me to speak fast concisely. I got to go fire my staff because

Half the

People on that tape didn’t even know who I was. I’m supposed to have name recognition. That was my big, we’re going to get

It for you brother. Okay. So yeah, I figured then we get into the very serious issues of being present in this day and age. So first of all, you want a beer?

No, I haven’t had a drink for 40 years.


Well, I had plenty before that If I drank a beer, something would’ve happened that would get me on C n N.



Ginger ale. That’s a Vern’s. Oh, I have a beer.

I don’t know.

Are you a 12 separate recovery guy?

Yeah. Yeah. I don’t even drink what

You ever had a burners?

Well, no, but it says no sugar.

So there’s

Probably aspartame in there, right? Is

There as Peran in there? She knows. Kirby knows. Look at that. Okay.

Yeah. I try to not drink any aspartame.

Okay, so you don’t drink or


But back when you were young, you played with hard drugs.


Yeah. Heroin, opiates.

Yes. That was my drug of choice. Heroin, cocaine.

Wow. How long could my sister,

I was doing it for 14 years from when I was from right after my dad died at 15. I picked it up and then I quit at 28.

I don’t hear you talk much about fentanyl. Drug addicts on the streets of the major cities. Cartels smuggling it in.

You say you don’t want me to

No, I haven’t heard much of it that

Talk about it

Seem totally Kennedy, totally democratic. We have a big problem there. What’s your solution here? To

You? You mean the border?

No, I mean San Francisco and the east side of Detroit and Philly and



I know what one of my flagship project is. I’m going to create rehabs for America. I’m going to create essentially community farms where people grow organic agriculture. Right now, the biggest industry in rural areas in our country is prisons. And I’m going to build, I’m going to go through existing treatment, nonprofit treatment centers to build rehabs in rural areas all over the country. So that Americans were killing 106,000 kids a year with fentanyl twice, twice in one year. What? It took us 20 years to kill in Vietnam. So it’s worth spending money going to legalize marijuana federally. It already is essentially legal, but that way we can tax it and people can transact, which they can’t. Now you have to hide your money under a mattress if you’re got a cannabis dealership, even in Los Angeles. No federal recognition. So I’m going to tax it and I’m going to use that money to create rehabs all over the country for free so that American kids can get to a place, not only if they’re addicted to opiates, but also to get off of SSRIs, to get off of benzos, to restore mental health. A safe place where people can go and reestablish their relationship with the community.

How do we get ahold? How do we get rid of the super drugs on the street?

You’re not going to get rid of ’em. I mean the war on drugs a failure.

China, Mexico,

Yeah, I mean go to war with Mexico. That’s not going to work. We’ve had a war on drugs since 1972 when Nixon declared it and it’s done nothing. The drug demand has increased. Look at what we need to do is look inside at ourselves and say, how do we give people a choice so that if you, most drug addicts, in my experience, most drug addicts during certain part of the day, certain part of the week, certain parts of the year, they desperately want to stop. They can’t. They have an uncontrollable impulse that’s cutting baffling and then they don’t have access to treatment. A lot of the treatment options today are very predatory, let me put it that way. And that doesn’t mean all of, there’s a lot of really good places out there, but they need to be able to get it free if they don’t have an insurance policy. I’ve been to that open air drug market in San Francisco. It’s something to see. Why are they insane?

It is. I’ve been to it.

What are they doing? And engines keep coming in and out picking up bodies or unconscious people and hauling them away. I went with my wife and it’s the federal courthouse there. I’ve never seen anything like that anywhere in the world.

Here’s one.

No, this is no sugar in there.

Oh, that’s your one drinking there.


Iced tea.

Yeah. So alright, but you’re not going to, I mean, first of all, treat So you can’t stop fentanyl at the border. Fentanyl is so potent. The fentanyl, the active, but you can

Stop it at the ports.

No active

Ingredient. Where it comes in in Mexico comes

In the bottom. The active ingredient of fentanyl is one 200th the size of the morphine molecule. So you could kill the entire population of Los Angeles with a briefcase full of fentanyl. It’s impossible to stop it from coming in this country or manufacturing in this country. You can’t do it. We have to deal with have with demand rather than supply.

Okay, let me do this. It’s important. We were talking about in terms of the presidency. Now vitality, physical vitality is of utmost importance. Biden, I don’t even money if he makes it to election day Trump, he looks like a walking french fry. High cholesterol. You jumping off cliffs are very robust. Bishop video. Okay dude, how old are you? Let’s go six, six and nine. Look this guy Ready? It looks like Jack Lemain. Okay, but with all due respect, it’s important. Your voice. Do you have suffer from Parkinson’s or

No? I have a disease called spasmodic dystonia. And I got it when I was like 46 years old. I actually looked at some tapes of mine that were from 96, 97. My voice was still very strong. I had an unusually strong voice. In fact, I was speaking for a living, a large part of my living because I’m in court and then I do lecture tours. So I rely on my voice for my living. And then that year it was just, I got this disease, it started trembling and people would see me on tv. They’d say, you have SPSS dystonia, you need to go see Dr. Andrew Blitzer. They were all saying the same thing. He was the expert on SPS dystonia. So I went to see him and he said, yeah, that’s what you got. But you know what? My voice right is improving. I’m kind of optimistic about it because I went and got the surgery on it in Japan. I went with Cheryl and we’ve spent 10 days in Kyoto, but the surgery only took about an hour. They put a titanium bridge in my vocal cords, my vocal cords were tight, tight together. So I couldn’t force air between ’em. And they put a bridge between ’em. So now the air goes through. But I’ve also been doing these, I found this, I found a couple of doctors who have treated it and I’m with them now and my voice getting better every day.

The more you use it, the looser

They get. Well it does get better if I’m giving a speech the beginning of the first five minutes of the roughest part, and then by the end everybody’s kind of forgotten about it. And part of that is people get used to it, but also my voice gets much stronger the more that I talk. So you’ll probably notice it in this show that at the end of the show my voice will be stronger.

But do you think that’s going to undermine your effort at all? I mean oratorial skills?

Well, I don’t think it helps you engage.

Now I’m saying because people I read the other day, people said he has a great message, but being able to

Hear and to understand, yeah, I think some people are put off. I would think a lot of people would be. But a surprisingly number, high number of people are not put off by it. And we’ve had people before, would I rather have this handicap or what Franklin Roosevelt had? Right? I’d rather have this.

Well, and you know what the point is? We ask and that’s what the deal is.

Well, so people understand too because people don’t know and didn’t ask

You that. Well, you don’t have to make excuses. Look, I’m not happy with my voice at all. I


I can’t listen to myself on tv. So I don’t

Understand how it’s not bad when you drive

Up to Flint tomorrow, you’re not going to put this on.

No, no, I will never see this show. So

Whatever happens here, you and anybody else, bro, I’m telling you that’s an endorsement. Okay, listen, it’s a very serious time we’re living in, but I want to get to you so people can make up their mind if they want to listen to the rest of this. Look, I told my friend that I work a lot on Flint with very serious, he got very progressive liberal. He left the Democrats, he never moved and the Democrats moved on him. You see what I’m saying?

I had the same experience.

Yeah, me too. And he’s like that with the Republicans. We never left. When did

The Democrats become the war party? Well, we’re going

To get to that. We’re going to get to that. We got to do that.


And I said, guess what? I ain’t got coming on. I got Robert Kennedy Jr. And he goes, he sneered. And I go, what’s the deal dude, that’s surprising. And he goes, he’s a conspiracy theorist. I go, oh. And so I do Robert Kennedy, Jr. Conspiracy. And there’s 80 Google pages in a row and they all say the same thing. So first of all, did you know Drake, right? The performer, Drake,


He dropped a new track today. Swear to God. Drop a new track today. You’re in it. This me so long ago. We making your memories fly. Conspiracy theories start floating around under the Kennedy guy. I’ll probably hold a grudge against you guys till I’m 75. Okay? So I want to take care of this one swoop. She could do the question, but you’re going to remember this lady, you were on C-span and she’s very excited. She’s from the Democratic family and this is what she had to say.

You are definitely not in my book or any of my democratic family or friend book a Democrat. Your conspiracy theories. They literally scare us. We just came out of four years full of Trump’s lies and his conspiracy theories in this country. You claim that you want to heal us as a nation and our divide, and this is not, I mean the wifi causes cancer and five G is mass surveillance and chemicals in our water. Cause transgender and antidepressants cause school shootings. I’m so confused. So I’m looking for clarity from you today, Mr. Kennedy.

You want to just handle that?

Well, I’m happy to handle one of each one. Those at a time go. Can you remember what they were?

Five G gives you cancer.

Okay, well I’m in litigation right now representing hundreds and hundreds of people who’ve gotten glioblastoma from on their, and it’s a class, if they’re called cell phone tumors, they occur behind the ear that you favor. And there’s study after study after study that shows that cell phone radiation alters the D n A and the mitochondria in your gene in ways that lead to cancer. So


Rooted, in fact it’s not. Yeah, I mean there wouldn’t be a lot of lawyers who are betting lawyers don’t bring those kind of cases, but we pay for those cases ourselves and they may cost us 10 or 11 million and we don’t bring those cases unless we think we’re going to win. So it doesn’t mean we’re going to win, but we look at the evidence, we know how to, I mean, the same thing was with Monsanto. This lady probably would’ve called me a conspiracy theory if I said that Roundup caused non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But we won the case, we won three cases in a row and then they settled for $13 billion. Every time I sue a polluter, they say, well, it’s a conspiracy theory.

Do you use a cell phone?

Yeah, but I never put my head not to your ear. I don’t put it in my head.

You didn’t. You walked in like this.

I always keep it on speaker. You got to keep it at least six or eight inches away from your head. You head believe it.

Okay, look, five G, they’re using it to surveillance. Can I want me to handle that one

Five G? I don’t say five G is put up for


Anybody who thinks that five G is not a surveillance system, lie in bed with your wife and complain about the mattress and see if you don’t get five mattress ads in the morning.

That is true. That is true. I

Mean, somebody’s listening to you.

You are a conspiracy

Theorist. Well, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I think, and I think that people call a different way of thinking conspiracy theories because it goes against the grain of the status quo.

But does anybody seriously think your cell phone is not listening to you?

You’re Siri tracking.

You get a cough in your home and you get cough

That as an ad During Covid, they knew all the steps we were taking.


Okay, okay, okay. Again, next slide. Drinking the water causes frogs to turn transgender.

I mean, all you have to do is look up Google sex change in frog, Google sex change in frogs peer reviewed study. And you will see peer reviewed studies there that show if you one study, the guy’s name is Dr. Tyler. I forget his name, but you can look it up. Is this guy, what’s your name again? Mark. Mark. Is

He the fact checker here

Or no, you

Don’t? I can be. He does everything. Alright,

So fact check. I think the guy’s name is Tyler.

I already did it. I looked

It up from Omaha or from Ohio. But anyway, what he did is he put 26 frogs, 26 or 27 frogs in a aquarium. They dosed them with atrazine, which is in 63% of our water supply and it’s endocrine disruptor. They put it, but it’s a pesticide that is widely used. It’s in 63% of our water supply. E p A has what is a safe level. So they put it in the water with the frogs less than e p, a safe level. So they were getting dosed. We’re getting dosed at and 90% of the frogs became sterile. They were all males. 10% of them became female and produced fertile eggs. Now that doesn’t mean that will do that to humans.

Wait, let me ask,

Did I ever say it would do it? That’s

What I’m asking. Of course not. Did you make the leap

Ask the question? No, of course not. Nobody can show me that. I just said I

Looked for it. I couldn’t find it. No,

But it was

Putting your mouth,

They’re applying this conspiracy theory label to me to silence me so that everybody will think, oh, he’s a crack fat. He’s a nut. If you look at M S N B C, CNN New York Times and that’s all you look at, then you’ll get that same rap that she gave. And I can see why she’s angry. If I just read that and believed it, I wouldn’t like me either.

I spent a lot of

Years at the New York Times. You

Know what they do when you Google it? They use liar.

Yeah, they

Didn’t say possibly a liar. Straight up. You’re a liar.

Yeah, yeah. Well that’s what they do. They’re not, it’s not journalism. It’s propaganda.

Let me do this one, because you were mad at it and you went up to Congress and

Oh yeah, my mic. Sorry.

You went up to congress because you were caught in a casual conversation

In New York at a table talking about C I D and


It attacks people of European and African descent more than the Ashkenazi Jew or Chinese.

Right? So

Let’s play it

So you can

Answer this, right? Yeah. For

The crowd here in

Michigan, because we don’t, covid 19

Is targeted to attack Caucasians and black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese. But we don’t know whether it was deliberately targeted that or not. But there are papers out there that show the racial and ethnic differential and impact to that. We do know that the Chinese are spending hundreds of millions of dollars developing ethnic bio weapons and we are developing ethnic bio weapons. That’s where all those labs in the Ukraine are about. They’re collecting Russian d n A, they’re collecting Chinese d n a. We can target people by race.

So you said two things that are true.

The data

Of who this affects, right, and who it does it. And then

The other one, I got to finish the question, Bobby, I got to finish the question. The other part was it’s scary and factual that United States,

China, probably dozen other countries are engaged


Engineering bio weapons to strike you genetically,

Right? Yeah.

But when you saying together in a sentence because they’re going to

Weaponize that. Well yeah, of course. So

Were you trying to say there’s a cabal

Of Jews and Chinese

Trying to kill the rest

Of us? Of course not.

But that’s what Congress was screaming.

Sorry about that. Yeah, I know. Well, that’s what they, of course they, and I shouldn’t have said it because for two reasons. One, I mean it was a private conversation that was supposed to be off the record and there is no, I didn’t even know it was being taped, but because I wouldn’t say that publicly because there are people out there who would like to make blood libel against Jews. And so I don’t want to give them any fuel for their paranoia, et cetera. But all I was doing was describing a paper that was published by N I H and that paper showed that the docking site on the coronavirus at the end of the spike protein, there’s a docking site that docks with the ACE two receptor in the human lung. And that docking site was a perfect fit for blacks, people of African descent. It was a near perfect fit or Caucasians. And then it was a very bad fit for people from Finland were the most immune according to this. And then Ashkenazi Jews and ethnic Chinese. This was a discussion we were having about bio weapons and ethnic bio weapons. I just made a point that diseases affect people of different ethnicities differently. So there are different vulnerabilities that are attached to your ethnicity and that therefore it is theoretically possible to design a bio weapon that would hurt one race or another. And in fact they’re trying to And we are trying to for sure. And there are many nations that are trying to, this is well-documented in the literature.

And you know what?

Because it’s the perfect bio weapon, every other bio weapon you have to develop a vaccine because there’s going to be blowback on your side. If you give those guys cholera, yellow fever, dengue fever, your people are going to get sick too. There’s no way to give it to their army without it coming back on our army. No, you have to have a vaccine ready and you have to give vaccinate all of your army first before you deploy the bio weapon. The only way that you don’t have to do that is if you can develop an ethnic bio weapon, then you can kill them and none of your guys are going to get it. So it has always been the holy grail of bio weapons enthusiasts. And

You’re writing a book about this?

Yeah, I have a book about to come out.

It’s about to come out just on this. So you’re not a


Just going off at a table.

Did you get the Covid vaccine?


Okay. I just want

To make sure. Have you gotten polio vaccine?

Yeah, I got all my vaccines when I get I got

You. Time out. Time out brother. Hold on. You are not a vaccine nut then.

Well I maybe. I guess that doesn’t make me one. I got to become one.

Did you vax your kids?

Yep. I wish I hadn’t, but I did.

Why? Polio vaccine doesn’t work.

Well no, it’s not the polio vaccine, but the ones that they put in after that, when I was a kid, we just had polio, smallpox and typhoid. We have three vaccines and the kids today get 72 multiple

Shots of about,

There’s six now 17 different diseases and it’s multiple doses. You’ll get hepatitis B I think five times.

Have they done studies about what All

These different No, no. There’s no studies. There’s no safety. There’s not a single pre-licensing safety study for any of them. None that are placebo controlled. None. And by the way, I

Was not the placebos that you prefer, but some kind

Of a placebo inert C D C development water C D C has a published definition of placebo and it means, let’s

Make it simple for the audit. So you’re saying they never used a placebo, a fake pill that had inert

Sub. It would be a vaccine

And you asked Fauci many times as they could never produce the study.

No. So what you want is you want, for any new drug or medical device, you want to test it on a, let’s say if it’s a vaccine, an unvaccinated population, and then the same number like let’s say 30,000 people, the same number of vaccinated and then you want to follow their health outcomes for Tony Fauci says eight years, that’s what should be done. Nothing. I mean the hepatitis B vaccine was safety tested for a total of four days and there was no placebo. So they were just saying, does it kill you? And if it kills you, can we argue it was something else that killed you? That’s basically how they do the study. But it’s four days you a lot of the injuries from vaccines, like every medication if long incubation periods, long diagnostic horizons, you’re not going to see the impact in four days.

Okay, so

Unless they just dropped dead,

You’re dropping knowledge here and some of it I’m not aware of. I’ll look

It up later,

But I have no reason to doubt you. I looked up the other things you’re talked about and you’re correct. Sorry. Oops, because some a conspiracy there.

Are you on YouTube or were you on YouTube prior to this show? What do you mean? Well, if you put this on YouTube, you’re going, oh,


Fuck ’em. Okay, we

Go on Twitter.

Oh god.

You know what I mean? And iTunes. This is a top 200 news and politics podcast here in our slum in America. Really? Yeah. We tell the truth and we do our own

Work. Why don’t you paint the place

All your money? No one wants to because there’s no more plaster on a wall to paint. There’s chemicals in those paints.

That’s right.

But the biggest conspiracy, the biggest perpetration of hoax in the last 10 years was conducted by mainstream media. On the left it was the Russia collusion story and on the right it was the election was stolen.

Yeah. I mean I would say Covid was, there was a lot. I knew

You were going to do that

Propaganda there too.

Sure. But absolutely we know it’s false. There was no Putin campaign collusion in their sending secret messages. It was made up. It came from Hillary Clinton. It was pushed by the spy agencies. The dumbass press looking to get a prize that they never gave back went Mary Lee along and it destroyed the country. That’s a conspiracy theory. They perpetrated it and yet they say that about you. You are the most censored man probably that people know of in the United States.

Yeah, I would probably say, yeah, that’s true. I was the first one that Biden censored. So he started censoring me 37 hours after taking the oath of office. We know this because we sued him, the case Biden versus Kennedy versus Biden, and it’s a companion case of Missouri versus Biden, which was bought by the Attorney general of Missouri and the attorney general of Louisiana. And we got a lot of discovery in those was Elon Musk released the Twitter files, so after he took over Twitter, they’d been in secret collusion to censor people and with the White House,

And these are facts

And he released it all publicly. So he released it through about, there’s like a million documents. So he divided them up among a bunch of journalists. The last remaining investigative journalists in this country. People like Matt Taibbi and Paul Thacker and people who are now, there’s none in the mainstream media, they’re all on substan now. Any real investigative journalists, the people on the mainstream media are pretty much on both sides. I would say propagandists for certain ideologies or doctrines or points of view or political parties. But there are a number of really good investigative journalists on CK and Elon. I’m

On the Detroit News.


I’m on the Detroit News.

Oh, okay. Well I take it back.

Yeah, the next interview. Throw that in there. Dump up there in Detroit. It’ll be helpful.

Wow. Alright. Okay.

Anyhow, speaking

Of, by the way, who owns the Detroit News? Is that a family or is that Hurst or? Yeah,

We have a joint operating agreement. 150 years old this year, so I mean it’s scrappy, it’s holding on, it’s do our work there. I mean, could we do better? Yeah, a little more money. We could, but it’s still scrappy. It’s trying to hold people to account.

I went to a newspaper to do an editorial board meeting in Vermont. Oh no. In New Hampshire about three weeks ago and it was just like a back in time. It was the last remaining privately owned local newspaper in New Hampshire and it had a newsroom that looked, you remember that movie? The front page and it looked just like that. It was really great. It was fantastic, and all the reporters and all the editorial staff, we all sat around in a circle and they grilled me for about two and a half hours, but it was real journalism. It was pretty amazing here,

Real journalism

Speaking right here, like what we’re doing right here,

Some real journalism. What are you doing in Philly Monday? You’re announcing, you’re running as an independent.

Are you trying to trick me? It’s a surprise when I’m announcing

Your own people leaked it. Like everybody knows

They’ve not going to walk into that trap.

There’s no lying to read between because the page is blank. I mean, come on. This is no bullshit news. Just tell me,

Forget about it. Just whisper. Come to Philly. Go

Philly. Fucking Philly. Now are you running as an independent,

How far is the drive from here to Philadelphia? Let me guess. I’m guessing about

10 hours,

Seven hours? 10. I think it’s 10.

Are you driving?

No, I’m going to fly

Electric vehicle grand home. I can hook you up. That’s not so listen, you’re going to be the first Kennedy running for office who is not supported by his family, the Democrats.

Wait a minute. There’s certain members of my family that don’t like me running and there’s a lot of members of my family, five members who work for the Biden administration. So yeah, I don’t begrudge them that, but I do have a lot of members of my family who are going to be there and to do what

Word? Philadelphia.

Oh yeah. What to applaud

To do? What are you doing there?

They’re going to applaud whatever announcement I make.

Jesus. I mean you do have a pretty good, pretty wide, maybe a couple hundred thousand volunteers nationwide.

Yeah, we have more than that. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s pretty good. And it is expensive to run as an independent,


California, I would think. Right? I mean to actually put the infrastructure in.

Well, to get on the ballot as an


Will cost about 15 million

As an independent

To get on all 50 states because each state has different rules and each state has a different time slot. In some states it’s really easy. You only need a couple hundred signatures. In some states you need thousands and need ’em from every county or how

Many do you need in Texas, for instance?

I don’t know. I don’t have it memorized.



You sure know an awful lot about running for an independent newsflash. Bobby Kennedy’s running is an independent. I think

If I was running, I wouldn’t know the answer to that.

The Democrats screwed you. No debate. It’s like a Soviet plenary. This party these days. Right? They’re not going to give you any debates. They want the primaries to be flip flopped. They want South Carolina to go first because it favors Biden. They will penalize Iowa and New Hampshire if they don’t change their state law. And if you politic there,

If I step foot into New Hampshire, Iowa, which I’ve already done, any candidate who steps foot in those states will be able to any, their votes will not be counted.

The Democrats are saying Democrats cannot visit.


Their party members

Or Vermont.

No way. Really. Is this a conspiracy theory? No, that’s psycho.

It’s a conspiracy.

And so that’s why you’re running an independent.

Yeah, I mean

We just clip it like

That. There’s a lot of other things that they’ve done to, somebody’s made a list of 60 rules that they’ve made to make it impossible.

Super delegates

To run. And then they have a new class of super delegates called cleos, which stands for as an ACK acronym. Acronym

Political leaders and



Election others or what? Yeah.

You know what I mean?


Party apparat, they did this shit to

Bernie Sanders. Yeah, they did it to Tulsi. They did it to Bernie. They do it to any progressive candidate because they’re corporate donors. Basically the Democratic party is the same group of corporate donors. The Republican party. I

Know they are. The subsidiaries are the same business,

And I think they’d rather


Trump, I imagine. I don’t know, but I think some of them would probably rather have Trump as president than me as a democratic candidate because it will mess with their donors.

Interesting. Okay, so look, let’s just assume we’ll just weigh out there. Philly is far away and I’m going to sleep on this weekend.

Think about

It. Let’s just say you do resident as an


You could win. You could win. I mean, I’m out there talking. You saw that 40% of Detroit, our unofficial poll is going, yeah,

I’m not actually betting the ranch on that particular poll, but there are small

Sample size we’re going where your pollsters won’t, bro.

But there are two polls out there that are public now, one of them by U gov and that shows me at, I think 17%

At a three-way

In a threeway. Trump

Biden 2017. That’s pretty good.

That’s parole. I don’t know what Cornell West will do that


And then

Well, wait a minute. I got knock knock.

Who’s there?

Cornell West. Cornell West. Who exactly, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about Bobby

Ca. I saw that coming and then so anyway, the three Ray Rays they me at 17, and there’s one of the pacs that support me that I’m not allowed to contact with the American Values Pact. Also did a poll by Zogby and they show me in a three-way race at 19, which coincidentally is exactly where Ros Perot ended. Exactly.

And remember before Ros Perot freaked out, he was

Winning. Yeah, he got up to 39 and then he freaked out because his daughter was being threatened and he dropped out of the race. Then when he came back, he never regained. Exactly. Anyway, so I don’t know. We have to look at that, make a decision as to what we do. You’re doing it,

Playing with me. Of




It and yeah, I think you’ve got a real shot because 34% can win it and you’re more than halfway there. And we’re going to get to it right after this commercial breakthrough.

You’re convincing me, I don’t know. You’re very convincing.

I’m just a reporter, sir. Just call him as I see him, a word from our sponsor will be right back to Ask Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The questions of the day you want to be president, these are the things you’re going to have to address.

Let’s see what we have his answer.

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Independent candidate may be, we’ll find out on Monday. Robert F. Kennedy. Issue number one for the president of the United States is the dollar. The dollar is shit. We have a debt spiral going on. We have government spending beyond its means having to borrow. That stimulates the economy. Inflation starts going up. The Fed has to do the opposite. Raise interest rates. That means the government spending at a deficit level never seen before, has to borrow at higher rates, stimulates the economy and around and around it goes. You have two choices, sir. As president, we can either quantitative ease again, buy our own debt, fed buys the treasury’s debt and that creates inflation. Or we cut entitlements, which we’ve taken $4 trillion and we’re spending $6 trillion. Entitlements are $3 trillion.

The military’s 1 trillion

After old people and poor people in the military. There’s nothing left. Which one will you do? Will you cut entitlements or will you quantities?

I’m going to cut the military at a

Time like this.


Well, we’ll go into that.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I, I’m going to wind down the empire, cut the military to let’s say about 500 billion, which

Is size it. You’ll half it.

Half it. I mean the military now includes, if you look at Matt and military and national security, it’s up to 1.3 trillion. The strait on military is about nine 90, and I wind that down to 5 billion, which allows us to do the things that we need to do, which is to arm ourselves the teeth at home, protect the sea lanes, protect neutral areas like the Arctic, and then to respond to crises.

Okay, let me do the medical and

It doesn’t have 800. Let’s

Do the math. So you’d cut a half a trillion from the military. We’d still have to borrow 1.5 trillion, which would be the now fourth highest deficit ever. That’s not going to get us there. What else?

Yeah. Well also I’m going to cut the cost for chronic disease. Our medical bills are now 4.3 trillion and 80% of that, actually more 3.7 trillion go to chronic disease because chronic, we have the highest level of chronic disease in the world of anybody. And we have the highest level in the history. We’ve gone, when my uncle was president, 6% of Americans had chronic disease. Now then by 86, 11 0.8 by 2006, 54%. And today nobody knows because N I H stopped publishing numbers.

I’m not hearing the numbers I want, sir. I know a lot of Wall Street banks. Well,

You cut chronic disease and that will cut enormously cost from healthcare.

How much

Over time it’s going to cause over time. I’d say half.

But when you say cut chronic disease, can you give us a couple things that you have to do in order to cut chronic disease?

Well, the chronic disease epidemic is being caused by environmental toxins. There’s only a certain number of culprits because we know that epidemic began in 1989. We didn’t have autism went from one in 10,000 to one. In my generation, it still is one in 10,000 in my kids’ generation, it’s one in 34. And then food allergies suddenly appeared peanut allergies, all these autoimmune disease and eczema and asthma exploded. Anaphylaxis, all of these autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, Crohn’s disease, stuff that we never heard of that in my generation. And now it’s ubiquitous in this generation. And then all the neurological disease

You’re going to get rid of the toxins is what you,

And then obesity, which, and the toxin

To that would be the food it would have to be as well

Is very quickly determine which diseases are being caused by which exposures.


Only about 13 things that could be causing them. And it’s probably, well

That’s, that’s not going to solve our fiscal problem. It’s

Not going to solve it overnight.

We’ll solve it over time. I don’t know if we have time. You seen the bond markets? You seen the stock market, you seen the gold market. You seen what oil’s doing? Well, we’re right here. Let me just read you a Goldman sense here. They’re my friends.


A sharp rise in long-term interest rates, which I just said combined with the widening deficits, which I just said, and heightened fiscal discord in Congress. And we would have an independent president not belong to any party. That should add some discord that renews questions about the sustainability of government interest costs. So let’s move on.

Do you want to hear where else I’m going to find money.

Tick, tick, tick. Let’s go.

Well, for 25 years, the G A O has been doing an annual report on the most wasteful programs in government. Those reports go on a shelf and they get dusted and nobody reads ’em. So I’m going to put a base closer commission to go through all those reports and find the least politicized and most advantageous place to cut. I’m going to put ’em all in one bill and have an up and down vote on ’em in Congress.

Okay, we got something there.


I like it. Okay, let’s go to the war machine. I know we’re going to save some money. Ukraine. So far, we’ve sent enough money to Ukraine to fund the city of Detroit for 52 years just for perspective. Now, a yes or no, because I don’t know what to believe is said about you in reports. Did you say that Russia slash Putin is acting in good faith at the moment?



What I said was that Russia tried to settle the war and Zelensky did. I mean, Russia tried to settle it twice and Zelensky tried to twice Russia initially after we funded the revolution that in 2014, that replaced, that overthrew, the elected government of Ukraine and replaced it with a puppet government of ours. The new government we put in began making war on the people of dumbass and luan who were primarily ethnic Russia. Putin wanted to solve that issue. So he negotiated a deal with Britain, France, and Germany called the min

Cozy. Right.

And Zelensky in 2019 ran on the Minka court saying real

Quickly what the Minka Accords would say was there’ll be some kind of special status within the Ukrainian territory for the Damas region, the Russian,

They would be able, because the new government that we put in banned the Russian language and then made them essentially the redheaded stepchildren, a really oppressed minority. And Russia had a, it’s 90% of ’em are ethnic Russians. So Russia had an interest in protecting them, the same as we would of expatriates in Mexico if Mexican governments started killing 14,000 of ’em. And so Russia said, and they voted to join Russia. The people of DBA Hans, the for provinces, voted to join Russia. But

That’s disputed. Whether that was a true and fair,

Well, it’s 90 to 10. I don’t think. Think they,

Bobby, I’m just helping you. We have to say that because then there’s another conspiracy

Theory, right?

I threw that

In, but I don’t think anybody is arguing that the group that wanted to stay with Ukraine would’ve won that. And it’s just impossible that that would’ve happened. So they voted to join Russia, but Putin said no, Putin didn’t want ’em. He said, let’s make it so that they are a semi-autonomous region within Ukraine and that they can speak their own language and they’ll be able to protect themselves from violence and then we’ll keep NATO out of Ukraine, which is the main thing that he wanted. And those were the essentials of the Minski court.

Did we bait this war? Did the

United States, yeah. We baited this war for sure.

If I might.

So let me just finish.

Okay. Why am I talking? You’re here to, well,

Let me just finish

The wrap up.

Zelensky runs in 2019 and he wins with 70% of the vote. He’s a comedian who dresses in a Tite, and he’s not like a serious person, but he wins with 70% of the vote. Why? Because he ran on a peace platform. He promised that he would sign the Minsk courts and everybody wanted peace. But as soon as he got in there, he pivoted. Nobody knows why. But people suspect that Victoria Newland from our state department pressured him not to settle with the Russians. And which that was the objective of the neocons and that cadre and people within his own government, the neo, let’s call them politely, ultranationalists within his own government, threatened to kill him. This is what is widely believed and I think is credible. But at any rate, he pivots Russians then in invade. But it’s not a serious invasion. It’s only 40,000 people.
This is a country of 44 million people. You’re not going to conquer ’em with 40,000. So clearly he just wanted ’em back in negotiating table. They come back in March before hardly anybody’s been killed. Zellen comes back, the US won’t help him settle. He goes to Israel and Turkey because the US doesn’t want a settlement. He goes to US and Turkey or Turkey and Israel, and they patch together a settlement that is based upon the Minsk courts and looks a lot like it. And he signs it and the Russians sign it. And the Russians in good faith begin removing their troops in good faith at that time. And then President Biden sent Boris Johnson over there to force Zelensky to tear up the agreement. And he did. And the Russians went back in.

I’ve never heard this. This is like an antithetical to the Democratic party that

Yeah, it’s antithetical to the official narrative

Because let’s let everybody remember your uncle. When the Russians wanted to put nuclear warheads in a former country friendly to us Cuba, and it lights off World War iii, we’re blockhead. There’s no way we’re doing it. I don’t understand why everybody’s blind to the fact that Russia has, what the Ukraine was part of. The Russian Empire was an original signatory to the Soviet Union. I mean, if you were,

And the Ukraine border is only 400 miles from


Moscow secretary, and plus Russia has been invaded three times through Ukraine. The last time Hitler killed one out of every seven Russians. So they do have a real security


Concern, and

I’m no for it. We’re trying

To make it nato. We’re bringing in nato, which they’ve said that’s a red line. Everybody said that’s a red line.

Can I read to you what NATO secretary, Jen Stoltenberg said


Month? He said the European Parliament, the background was that President Putin declared in the OTT of 2021 and actually sent a draft treaty that they wanted NATO to sign to promise no more NATO enlargement. That’s what he sent us. And it was a precondition not to invade Ukraine. Of course, we didn’t sign that. So he went to war to prevent nato, more NATO close to his borders. He has got the exact opposite.

He what?

He got the exact opposite.

He went order potato. They taught him a lesson

And here we come.

Yeah. And 400. Yeah. And by the way, when Gorbachev in 92 sack hold 400,000 Soviet troops out of East Germany, and he made a deal, he said, look, I’m going to do something that people don’t do. I’m going to pull all our troops out, let you reunify Germany under nato, which is a hostile force. I want one promise you will not move NATO to the east. And James Baker, who’s then secretary of State, he’s a

Good secretary of state,

Famously told him We will not move NATO one inch to the east. And since then we’ve moved at a thousand miles. We got missiles in Poland and Romanian. We got ages, missile systems and Romanian, Poland that are nuclear capable. They’re 12 minutes from Moscow. They could decapitate the entire Soviet leadership in 12 minutes, destabilize the, and plus since then, we walked away unilaterally from two nuclear treaties that we had with Russia. So we had nuclear treaty, intermediate range, nuclear treaties, and said, you can’t put nuclear weapons in Europe.

So you as president would say, we’re at a stalemate now. That’s the best time to negotiate. Is that what you’re saying, sir? Yeah. Okay. New York’s waving me. I got to move along. My solution is this. I would negotiate with Putin. Have your military, the men of military age, put down their weapons, cross the border and claim amnesty. Ask for asylum.

Wait a minute, I’m talking about our border.

Talk to me about our border. Did we hear today what Biden’s administration’s saying, we got to finish building the wall. What is your take on what’s going on with the border

As president? My take, it was insane what was happening at the border. I went down there and I watched, I mean, I went into the border of Yuma for between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM and I watched 300 people walk across and they’re all given plane tickets to any destination they want in the United States at our expense if they don’t have the money. And most of ’em have been robbed by the cartels because the cartels were bringing my in buses 55 and a bus up to the border. The cartels charge ’em 10 to 15 grand a piece. They advertise all over the world. So we weren’t watching people. There were only two families that came in that night from Latin America. They were all from Asia, from Africa. There was 110 men from Africa. And then the second there were four buses all together. The second two buses were all from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Azerbaijan, Tibetan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, and they all said to me, the only two who had asylum claims, which would be they give them a legal right to stay this country with the Peruvian, the Colombian family, who said, were running from the drug cartels who were trying to kill us.
But the other people had no, they all, I interviewed every one of them, and they all said, we’re here to make money and to work. But that doesn’t legally allow them to stay. But nevertheless, the border of patrol fingerprints, ’em, if they’re not a criminal, if they don’t have a criminal record that the border of patrol finds, they drive ’em to the Yuma Airport and put ’em on a plane to any destination they ask in the United States, and it is crazy. And it’s not doing them a favor. It’s a humanitarian crisis.

What would you do? They’re

Each given, I’ll tell you’re each New

York’s waving at me here. What? I don’t need you doing it. You don’t work for them.

We got

To wrap, but we got to wrap. It’s

Your people. Our people.



You were late. What do I got to suffer for this?

So they’re given a asylum date, seven years in the future, and then they come here, they go to New York, 110,000 of ’em. They’re, first of all, I talked to ’em when they came up. They’ve been robbed, raped, beaten, exploited, extorted by the cartels. The Peruvian family had all their life savings taken. I spent a day at a rape center that treats the children who have been raped coming across women who have been raped. There’s that rape tree that we could see where the cartels extract the final, what they call the final payment from women at cho. It’s horrible. What we’ve done there is a humanitarian crisis. It’s not nice. They come here, they have no legal status. They can’t work legally. They’re exploited by unscrupulous employers who pay them 5, 10, 15 bucks an hour, and construction firms are hiring them in New York, and then those firms are competing against union shops.

So what would you do?

Well, first of all, it’s easy to stop and I spent a day with the border patrol, with ICE local law enforcement, the Sheriff’s Association. I talked to migrants on both sides. I talked to everybody and everybody there says, you can shut this down overnight. You got to finish those five sections of the wall where they’re all coming through. It’s insane. They’re just gaps from a hundred yards to a quarter mile. There’s five of ’em. They need to be filled. But you don’t need to build a wall 2200 miles from No, you don’t. San Diego to Brownsville, Texas. It’s just in the highly populated urban centers. Yeah. The reason that is, is because you can see ’em before they meld in. Right? Then you send in the asylum judges, enough asylum judges to adjudicate on the border so they never come through. Once they’re here, they can legally stay if you adjudicate ’em on the other side.
But here’s the, let me tell you a solution that can solve this overnight without any investment at the border, and this is what I’ll do as soon as I’m president, I’m going to make it so anybody in this country who has inadequate funds and get a passport card for free, you get a passport card from your local post office, 3,300 post office in this country. The passport card is a government issued photo id. The big problem is that there’s huge numbers of poor in our cities who don’t have driver’s license. There’s students who don’t have driver’s license. There’s elderly who have expired driver’s license or don’t have ’em. They’re mainly Democrats. So the Democratic Party does not want, they’ve been opposed to voter ID to have. Check your ID when you’re voting and because it excludes Democrats and that’s contaminated the whole issue. But here’s what you do. This is not a mandatory id, but it’s something available to everybody, and I’m going to make it so there’s no barriers. Everybody can get one. If you don’t have an ID right now, you are a second class citizen and so many, you would not believe the millions of people who don’t,

How is this going to stop the flow? Because

Me, let tell you, forgive me,

In the second class, citizens are not citizens at all.

You give me two minutes,


These are American citizens who don’t have ’em. I’m saying American.

Absolutely. I agree.

Citizens don’t have ’em, and if they don’t, can’t open a bank account, which means they get their check cashed in the check cashing place that takes 10% of their social security checks. They can’t go to a hotel. They can’t board an airplane. They can’t visit if their kids at school. So this solves that problem. They’re all going to get one. Now, if you’re an employer today in Detroit or New York and you’ve got a construction law project, you’re required to check ID to make sure there’s US citizens.


But the only ID because widespread IDs are not available, the only idea that you ask for is social security card, which is no picture. Easily forge. Ask from hand to hand. You’re

Talking about E-Verify, aren’t you? Right.

Well, no, I’m talking about just you can’t get a job unless you got that passport.

That’s an E-verify,

Right? Much. Yeah. I agree. But it, I’m nervous about anything digital, this and l I don’t like the government having any of our information. Well, they would have it because that’s, they’re going to have a photo passport. Id just like you have it. They

Should buy the government, the data,

Put it the computer government. They can’t put anything else on there except your passport id. Now that will shut down the border overnight because it’s illegal for that employer to hire somebody who doesn’t have that car. He goes to jail. Nobody’s going to employ him. The border will dry up. Not only that, and now the Democrats no longer object to people being, showing, having to show ID before they can vote. We have, Al Sharpton is on board. This, Andrew Young is on board all the civil rights leadership. They want this. They went and met with Biden three weeks ago. He refused to do it. It’s a solution for all these problems. It shuts down the border, and let me just end up saying one thing.

Okay? Listen,

During the last two decades of his life, I worked very closely with Cesar Chavez, who was a very close ally at my dad. I worked on pesticide issues because Hispanic farm workers are disproportionately injured by pesticides. His two big issues during those years was pesticides and closing the border because it was the illegal immigrants coming across the border that were ruining his leverage with the growers when he was trying to get a deal, good employment, good pay for

His workers, for established workers,

For American workers. The same is true today. All the Democrats who think they’re doing something humanitarian by open the border, they don’t understand what’s going on, and they don’t understand the history and culturally what they’re doing here and financially.

There’s two things. I’ll say one right now, executive order the humanitarian

Parole, which is illegal, right?

Yeah. You’re supposed to remain in custody until a judge adjudicates your

Asylum claim. Yeah.

We’re just letting them go. Stop


Number two.

Well, they get it. They get seven year, fuck. Right, and then they don’t have to show up. Did

You see what Trudeau and Biden just secretly negotiate
The safe third country Agreement? Okay. It’s the same. Basically, if, let’s say, for example, you’re a Mexican refugee and you want asylum in Canada, but you come through a third country, the United States, when you go through the port of entry, they say, no, no. Go to the safe third country and apply there because there’s a loophole, right? That’s just customs, the port of entry. What if people walked through the forest or through the desert? Canada got 40,000 people last year, lost their mind. Trudeau and Biden came up with an addendum to the treaty where the whole border is an official entry point. We need the president to negotiate that.

Yeah. Well, I’ll do that. Right?

Are you going to write down, okay, last thing. You got to go. Who killed your uncle?

Well, my uncle clearly was killed by a conspiracy, and that was the verdict of the house. Select a committee on assassination that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, but was there were multiple people involved in that

Was the United States Congress that found that.

Yeah. After a year and a half investigation, that was 10 times as large as the Warren Commission investigation. Most of the people, including Senator Schweitzer, who had been on the Senate version of that committee, and most of the staff, almost all the staff, and I’ve talked to almost all of ’em, believe that the C I A did it, and in fact, there’s been since then multiple confessions by people who say they were involved in it, including David Morale and e Howard Hunt, and essentially a confession by David Atley Phillips, who was probably one of the two masterminds with Bill Harvey. So we know that people who were involved, and we know almost certainly we have a very good idea who the likely shooters were, but, and many, many, many people have confessed at this point, and there’s now millions of documents. I mean, we know that Lee Harvey Oswald was a C I A asset.

He was,

And if that were known at the time of the Warren Commission, there’s no way they would’ve been able to say that he acted alone, that he was a lone nut. He was a lone nut who was a C I A. I said, well, why was he a C I A? Why was the C I A working with him if he was so nutty?

And again, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is what, when was the Warren Commission?


Okay, so this is 15 years later. The United,

Well, 79 was

That house. 15 years later. They’re like, wait a minute. It was a conspiracy of some sort. They stopped short of the ccia A, you stopped short of saying the CCIA A, but the CCIA A was supposed to release all the documents.

Well, the C I A has also blocked the documents and blocked not just the documents, but every investigation of it for now 60 years.

You got to go there. She is the muscle New York muscle. These chicks are tough. Listen, thank you. Your voice did really warm up there just because I,

Yeah, maybe you just got used to it too.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

Yeah. Well, I hope the American people get the opportunity to hear your voice and what you actually have to say. Thank you very

Much. I do see you next week. I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay, brother. Thanks for being here. Good, thanks.

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