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What do you get when you put a Democrat and Republican in a smoke filled back room?
The slow death of 18,000 invalids.
#BryanIsDying #ShameOnBarbie

Boss Hogg (Mayor Mike Duggan) and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer promised auto insurance reform would lower your rates. They haven’t.
What they didn’t tell you is that 18,000 catastrophically injured people would lose half their coverage.
Now people like Bryan are dying.

Plus, Detroit Red leaves the fleabag hotel for a Little House in the Hood.

And- Texas v. USA. Our new border war.

Two and a half years ago, he was doing great. Well, yeah. Yep. What’s his aide’s name? His friend Carlene. Carlene, right? Yep. You know, each other two decades, everything was great. So we took his home care away and now how much does all this cost?

Yeah. Ambulance rides and hospital stays and nursing and you just increased the cost tremendously and not even looking at it. It’s buried in the system.

You got a feeling like they want to get rid of these 18,000 and then everything resets and then the insurance company makes the big money. They’ll take the hit over the long term to make the money.

Well, a lot of it goes right back to the government because they’re government paid. So it’s Medicare and Medicaid and so the government’s paying

Ah, not the insurance company. Fuck, that’s us. Yeah,

Yeah, it it’s the insurance that lobbied and off their shoulders

And the politician told us it’s going to be better. Alls we did was get less

Live downtown Detroit. It’s news with my main man.

It just breakiness donor bullshit. Donor bullshit.

Yep. Well, Brian’s died. Brian Woodward, Fred of the show took away his insurance from his catastrophic fund when he got in the car accident three decades ago and I got a call so I went to the hospital. So we’ll show you what’s going on with Brian. Everybody’s pulling from Brian. Yeah, we are Charlie. But at the same time, I wonder if Brian’s e k G and his breathing machine went out. The fucking power went down again. It rained a little bit a touch. The wind blew at 65 miles an hour for five seconds. And here’s the map. Currently 300,000 people in southeastern Michigan without power. That’s


They’re so fucked up. It’s so third world up here. Crazy

But expected. I think it’s payback though. I think that they’re still pissed because there was such a public outcry the last time and they said, we’re going to show you who really has the power

Do something Barbie. So I don’t know if you’re all hearing this show. You’re staggering around in the darkness, right? There’s no digital dome above your head. Bernie and Matt at XG Service Group are out there working, trying to restore your voiceover internet, your security cameras, your off-campus access control, your wifi and cameras for your home, your business, your drive-through systems, the railroad cameras, the total wireless camera systems for the home and business are out. It’s a supernova, but he’s out there trying to get it restored. I don’t know how you can get it restored when it’s the power company’s problem.

It’s crazy. I mean this is nuts.

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I’m Grace Caros and I’m third generation of American Coney Island. People say Detroit’s a comeback city. I say where you’ve been here for over a hundred years. My family’s been here on the same corner serving our famous proprietary American Coney Island hotdog. So like always we’re keeping things fresh, updated, and new. We’d love to have you come downtown and visit us, but if you can’t, you can always go to american coney, order a NY kit, get it delivered fresh right to your door.

Okay, so coming up on the program you, you’re going to want to stay with us as Todd Benjamin. He’s au authored this great book Overrun How Joe Biden Unleash the Greatest Border Crisis United States History. It’s getting worse because the state of Texas, the Rangers and the state police are at war. A low burning war with the United States Border Patrol. Texas wants ’em out. Biden’s Border Patrol is helping bring them in, bring them in, and it’s something unique. I think it’s a constitutional crisis that’s upon us. And also speaking of whose house is it, right comedian Detroit Red. Yes. He suspended his last night at the Normandy and he’s got himself a new house.


So this is the last of that great series in the beginning of the year two and Red’s new series, little house in the hood.

I, I’m excited as hell to get out. I mean I’m looking forward to so many different things. Like a private shower, A private shit. What dog? I had somebody in here. Rick. Yeah, that bullshit that happened in the Normandy with Old Boy and that in the bathroom. Oh, that’s got to go.

That’s red. It’s

Really good. Stay tuned for that. It’s at the backside of the program. I want to get to Brian. Brian is brought to you by the bricklayers and allied craft workers of Local two who are looking for hardworking young men and women all throughout the state of Michigan. If you have experience in any of the trial trades or there’s, there is an option for you if you have no prior experience, there are free training opportunities with job placement starting at 26 bucks an hour plus bending and earn while you learn as a registered apprentice. That’s good. I gave this to my nephew. Experienced trades, men and women in building new or restoring old masonry, installing tile marble or terrazzo. Caulking or finishing concrete make anywhere between 26 and 37 plus pennies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance, two pensions and an annuity. They still given annuities, man. Wow. Year-round free training workshops and certifications. That’s with the possibility of more referral and signing bonuses. Up to $2,000 for journeymen and $1,000 for experienced apprentices. AI cannot do that. Visit to learn more about what local two has to offer or take the next step in building your future

Today. Now do they do work so that the students, you know how they you work,

The students work?

Yeah, but I’m saying could you call them and hire them to do something understanding that it’s a like learning. You don’t know. Okay, I’m call

’em up, find out then come on the program Jumpy. But you just pulled my pants down. I don’t know. No,

I’m just asking Charlie.

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Oakland County,

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Well, I’m a legitimate question, Charlie, because maybe you don’t want, if you’re not going to participate in the training program, there are, nevermind. I’m going to find out because I need some written work done. So I’m going to

Find out for next time I get fired from the show.

Everybody’s like 10 times. Everybody take the night off. Everybody. Okay, listen. Brian Woodward, we came to O’Brien. He’s a quadriplegic. He was catastrophically injured in a car wreck. He’s dying. And the Democrats and the Republicans got together in a smoke-filled backroom, did the insurance companies a big favor, said it was for us and that our rates were going to go down. They didn’t go down, but what did go down was this man’s life. They moved him around over the last two years. Like a pile of garbage, a garbage bag. He was independent. He was working. He owned his own home. I got a call. I was very worried and we paid a visit to Brian. You might remember Brian Woodward, a man who lost the use of his body in a car accident three decades ago. He and 18,000 other catastrophically injured people in Michigan got thrown on the garbage pile about two years ago when the state changed its auto insurance policies. Brian and I have become friends since then. Three years ago he was living at home. Today he’s in the hospital dying.

How are you man? Yeah, you’re on your way out. Is it scare you? You know a member up here? Never quick. Yes. And did I sign up at the,

Just look at him. His eyes are lively and wild. He knows what’s happening. Brian’s not a number or a detail in a newspaper article. That’s a man lying there buried beneath the machinery. What’s wrong with him?

Actually went to the doctor and when he got there for his appointment, mentally just didn’t know where he was. Everything he couldn’t see and everything. So they admitted him

When they sent him home, it wasn’t his home.

Right. He came out Monday, Tuesday when I went to visit him and to have feed myself, he’s like a zombie just, and he’d go in and out.

This is his one time caregiver, Carlene. She used to help him at home in his house, but the insurance won’t pay for her anymore. And yet Carlene still helps because she loves Brian

And you. Something’s wrong in your spirit, isn’t it, brother? Yeah. Yeah. You don’t want,


You don’t. God, from the time that he moved to his house that they said you can’t come over anymore, how many places has he lived? He was,

And I forget the name in. Then he went to special three. Then they took him from special three to his house for about, he was home for about three week. Then they decided they can’t take care, so they sent him back to special three. Then they took him back from the mobile, the nursing home section, and then at specialty.

And then

He started to go downhill.

And then where’d he go after that? He

Went to back into the hospital from terrible bladder infection and they took him to rainbow up here at Mega Belton. 11 mile.

So this is actually the eighth or ninth place. They just keep moving them back and forth. They just keep moving him back and forth. It was a Covid patient in a nursing home

When he was in U F M A couple weeks ago. And I went to say, car and I’m tired. My body cannot take it anymore. Saturated when I came. Here’s question, can they give me something? Just let me die.

There’s a ray of hope. The Michigan Supreme Court will issue its opinion in the next few days on whether it was constitutional, to strip away the medical care promise to human beings like Brian,

Wake up, the Supreme Court’s going to rule this week, and if they rule it right, you get to go home. You understand me? You get to go home. It all goes back to what it was. I know you’re older and you’re Frayer, but you’ll get to go home steady here. You understand me

With the Postacute system has to reestablish itself because they,

We’ll figure that out. It’s got to be family, whatever. Maybe it’s her. Then we’ll figure that out. You see what you’re doing, your spirit’s getting lost in a bunch of legal bullshit. They bring it back. You get to go home. We’ll figure that out. People depending on you, a lot of people look to you to help them. Who called me? All those, that army behind you. I know. Okay. So don’t sit here and say, I’m fucking done. We’re all going to be done. I wouldn’t fear that. But you got stuff to do. Really important stuff to do. People you don’t even know, okay? Remember that. It’s true.

Everything that’s happened to you, what do you want to tell all of us? The government, the people, taxpayers, drivers, citizens.

Well, I think it was totally wronged to pull the rug out from under us and there’s 18,000 people that are affected and they were wrongly affected and most of missing does not know what happened to them.

My friends in bed dying.


How could they do that?

That’s inhumane to put somebody in that position. And even in his current state, Charlie Brian is still fighting for the other 18,000 people who share his circumstances.

Fuck bullshit. Putting out Barbie ads and

Yeah, just

Everybody running around telling us how great this is going to be and shame on all of us in media. We didn’t even ask the question about that.

No. And what people may not remember is that despite his accident and his paralysis, Brian had a, Brian led a very active and independent life when he was at home.

Do you know he hunted?

Yes. Yeah.

I don’t know how a quadriplegic hunts, but I’m going to do that story. Yeah,

Yeah. Remember when we would talk to him and he’d tell us all these things that he was doing? And I’m sitting here thinking like, wow, wow. But he enjoyed, embraced the life that he had and he lived his life, but he enjoyed and needed to be at home.

Well he’s, we visited him at Special Tree, remember, which is a nice place and they wouldn’t pay for it. And he was lively and we brought Conies lunch for the place and man, he’s just fallen off the cliff. They just wrecked him.

Yeah, but you can see his eyes. He’s there. He’s the, he wants to be okay. But it’s like you can’t pass a person around that needs, I mean, you just can’t do

It. Well, I’m just telling you, he’s not coming back from it. Like damage is done. Even if the Supreme Court, and I beg the, called some people up in Lansing at the court and that opinion should be issued either tomorrow, Friday, or at the latest, the 31st, July 31st Monday. So I hope they do the right thing, but he’s not the first and he won’t be the last. So we’re thinking of you, bro. I know you’re listening. If your power’s still on, if I’m, I’m assuming hospitals have emergency feedback generators like the rest of us at that, don’t assume. Right. And I know he’s a big fan of Red and Brian. I mean, good things are happening for red. I guess good is relative. Better things are happening for Red. Well that’s coming. Good is relative. That’s coming towards the back end of the show after we have Todd Benjamin. But here’s a little tease.

Come on, rubber ducky. I got us a new home. You’ll get to actually be in a bathtub so long. Come on. Alright, out of here. Give me my motherfucking money right now. I’ve got the patrol out for your motherfucking ass. Come bullshit. Yeah, I’m about this motherfucker. Thank God I’m leaving, man. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.

He’s leaving behind so many


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Call hall I don’t care. There’s a, there’s got all these codes for everything. Well, there’s a secret special offer there Is there? Yeah, you can get, this is just in hot off the presses a thousand dollars back when your loan closes.

Wow. If you use my name, yeah.

Yep. Wow. Charlie call hall

So that’s two, that’s 2000. Okay, listen now. I mean I’m not, that’s a good deal. Everybody knows I don’t bullshit. I’m not bullshitting people. Now let me just tell you something here before we get to Todd Besman of the Center for Immigration Studies. See this book I wrote it called Detroit, love it. Love it. An American autopsy. Great book. 10 years ago to the day it was on the New York Times bestseller list and Detroit had entered into its historic bankruptcy. This book was required reading by the governor’s staff and the emergency manager staff just to let you know what kind of pain for the people, all the big lawyer, big shots from out of town making millions off our asses just to know what was going on here, right? So it’s 10 years later and you would think it was all good in the hood when reading those glowing stories last week about Detroit’s bankruptcy 10 years after.
But I’m asking you people, listen, look beyond the talking points disseminated by Mayor Mike Duggans, bloated propaganda, department of storytellers of which Karen can’t get a list or what they make. Instead of taking the mayor’s word on things, let’s look at data not spin. If you consult disinterested federal agencies like the F B I, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau and the Federal Reserve, you’ll see a portrait of a struggling city with a junk bond credit rating. And if revenue continues to fall as it has, the city could find itself back in bankruptcy court asking pensioners for another haircut. Bankruptcy was supposed to wipe out some debt and give the city breathing room to raise the quality of life and services for its citizens has it? Let’s take a close look at Doug Genomics. Back in 2013, the police budget was 340 million. Today the budget’s at 390 million.
If you take inflation into account, that’s actually a 15% cut and it shows the murder rate has now climbed to 50 per 100,000. Double double Chicago’s according to F B I data, not city hall. The rate is one of the highest in America and five points higher than it was in Detroit a decade ago. Now if you have power, search this for the city’s weekly crime statistics. Every big city posts them, not Detroit. I spent years trying to get city hall to get the police department to put out a daily list of major crime. They did it for two years and then when Duggan took office, it disappeared. Last week’s stories talked about improved police response times. But back in 2019, I analyzed 1 million calls to 9 1 1 and found the police department was adding traffic stops into its 9 1 1 data with a response time of 0.00.
Think of what 10,000 zeros does for your batting average. It’s the same with the fire department. The budget has been slashed by 30%. Again, taking inflation into account. And if you’re running a fucking city, you take inflation into account. But still the mayor claims the top priority. Medical response times. Ambulances for gunshots are now at the national average of about eight minutes. But there’s an account trick in there too. In many cases it’s now fire trucks that first make the scene, once the firetruck arrives, the 9 1 1 clock stops. But those aren’t paramedics standing there in bunker gear and whiskers in your time of need. And that’s not an ambulance. The truth is the fire department is so mismanaged that the city recently leased 18 ambulances from Macomb County because of burnout declarations. The bus system two has been cut by 1% since bankruptcy, but bus service is running roughly 30% lower than at pre pandemic levels.
And to plug that gap, the city uses the Regionwide Smart system funded by southeastern Michigan, homeowner, taxpayers, but the city doesn’t pay into it. There was a lot of crowing about Detroit’s growing revenues, but again, taking inflation into account, Detroit’s tax receipts are down 10% since 2015. That’s not growth. The pension is down five percentage points. That’s not growth and that’s a big problem. Analysts project Detroit falling back into the red sometime in the next three to five years. And after a 10 year holiday from funding its pension obligations, the city has now resumed payments of approximately 135 million a year. Now, while Duggan is squirreled away about $470 million just to meet those obligations, do the math. We’re at a fiscal cliff and now the mayor wants to be governor and he makes short-term deals to fob off the long-term fiscal consequences on the next dope to assume the big chair, just last week, Doug and Florida, the idea restoring pension cuts and resurrecting the 13th check to retirees.
I mean that’s good electioneering, but it’s voodoo economics. Few people realize that language in the bankruptcy plan allows the city to go back and ask for more pension cuts if it can’t meet its obligations. You thought you were safe but you’re not. Now let’s look at almost every metric of misery, poverty, infant mortality, wink wink. Reading scores, workforce participation, population decline. Detroit is at or among the worst of them all. There’s a lot of money in poverty and Detroit’s bankruptcy has made some rich people richer, but the everyday citizen is waiting at the bus stop wondering

What comeback.

Don’t be fooled. He’s coming after your house. He’s coming after your house. Do not be fooled now. Good, I just had to get off my chest. I want to bring in, no, go ahead. You are living in the middle of it.

But I guess, and I was thinking Charlie, that you said the response was quiet. Not at all. Usually everybody’s all up in arms about what you say, but they’re counting on people not either being able to read, comprehend, or decipher what you laid out in that column. I mean, you have to be able to think. I mean, and you always break out the numbers. You peel back the layers, you do the homework, but there’s a comprehension level there and I think that people are counting on, it’ll kind of go over everybody’s head and yeah, nobody’s going to pay attention to it. And it just sounds like a bunch of gib gook, but it’s not. And people need to really pay attention

Because, and you do. Because what really got me going was you’re helping me to everything being written. And I read it and I go, where are you living? Because obviously, you know, don’t call 9 1 1. There was a big march going by Michigan Avenue today by the bus riders and the bus union

People are very, they’re unhappy. They’re dissatisfied. They’re getting the short end of the stick and they’re participating in marches and even the public sessions, but they’re not getting anything back. Everybody’s just kind of placating them and yeah, sure, we hear you. We’re going to do something. We’re working on it. And nothing ever happens. Everybody goes and they just do what they want to do anyway at the expense of the people they’re supposed to serve

Who don’t get involved and exactly like, oh, it’s better than it was. Exactly. It’s like, yeah, exactly. The House of cards,

Dude. But people are also so anxious for some type of progress that they don’t want to publicly criticize the progress that they’re being told is taking place, but that they know isn’t actually happening.

And then here it comes, here comes Boss Hog and Barbie and Boss Hog and the corrupt Republicans. That’s a good one. You you’re going to come after a house. Yeah, they’re, they’re already pitching and promoting that we Grover Norquist, we had the former liberal mayor of Pittsburgh. Nobody believes this plan, but they’re going to give it to us anyway over my dad body. And if they do it, I’m fucking moving.

And this is what I don’t like. Just because you’re in the circle or you get the opportunity to be in the camera shot or you’re collecting a paycheck and you know that this is wrong, that’s not reason enough for you to push something down other people’s throats. It’s just not just character and integrity should have a place and a role in who you are and what you do.

Well, here’s more. Look, they’re despicable. You sell your soul for a check to the political cartels and they’re the only thing worse than that is the dope. Who gives his soul away for free. You’re not even doing the math.


Look how everything’s fucked up. Look at this town. We see San Francisco and we get all the druggies flopped out all over the streets. You can’t live there anymore. Do you know Detroit has more homeless than San Francisco? San Francisco’s bigger got 850,000 people. We got 620, we got 10,000 homeless, they got 7,000 homeless. And where are our drug? Our druggies don’t have to flop out downtown because we got all of these empty houses that they’re pretending aren’t there

Across from the schools

Across, across, across from the school. So they still haven’t, you know what, I will buy that drug house. They won’t sell

It to you, Charlie.

I’ll buy the drug house and then I will pay to have it torn down What I’m being told, well, we got to get free, free of title clearance on that and then we’ll put it on the auction block and then you can make your bid. I’m like, you got to be

Kidding. They didn’t do that. For people that are part of the circle that were able to benefit from properties owned by the Land bank,

Everything’s fucked. Like Hunter Biden, he doesn’t get his plea deal right, because the judge wises up, go get a what’s with the gun charge here. You can’t be a doper and then be lying and you pay millions in taxes for a couple. No, no, no. And then the guy that’s leading everybody, Donald Trump, he’s like going to be up on his third set of charges here, right? Yep.

And he’s running for president in 2024

And everything’s fucked up. In the meantime, let me like Grace, the proprietor of Mari Coney Island owner of this building, went to Greece for a wedding, came back, you leave Greece, everything’s great. Delta Airlines on time binging good food due, they land in Boston Customs to clear in Boston. That’s customs and border patrol. Get ready, Todd. Right? They got three people working. It took almost three hours to clear customs. Okay, problem number one, problem number two, get ready, Todd, because this happened to Todd. He came back, he testified in front of Congress and then he got pushed all over. He is supposed to go back to Austin, but all of a sudden he’s in Fort Lauderdale. What the fuck? Grace Carrolls in the family are coming to Detroit. The pilot gets clocked off because it’s mismanaged. There’s no pilot. They’re in the airplane for almost six hours.
They won’t let ’em out. They’re in the airplane. So finally, two dudes stand up. They got sneakers, Bermuda shorts and pilots caps. Oh God, what pilots Caps, okay, they’re actually pilots trying to catch their own airline to get back to Detroit to make their flight, but they’re sitting in the back of the tube. Now obviously their pilot gear is packed away, but they got their hats with them. So they put the hats, hats on and say, we’ll fly this fucker. That’s all you need is that. So what happened? So they radio in, they fill out the paperwork and these two dudes in tennis shoes and Bermuda shorts are flying this shit back to Detroit. I’m telling you, a banana Republic like Argentina, at least the fuckers are wearing their flight suits. And then when they land in Detroit, the door won’t open. God, it’s so hard to get into this country. Oh my, it’s so hard to get into this country unless you’re on the border. Now we got a real crisis going on in the border and the guy that’s really doing it is a friend of the show, Todd Benjamin, from the Seminar for Immigration Studies and the offer of this book, overrun, get It Now, and the $1 bin.
It’s a great book. It is a great book. It’s an historic book. But Todd is the dude in the world really doing this work. And he also does video dispatches. Here’s a little segment before he comes on.

While the Texans are under orders to block all immigrants on the River Bank and operation called Hold the Line, border patrol is under orders to bring them in to dole out notice to appear release papers where the illegal aliens agree to voluntarily self-report to ice in an American city of their choice. Within a day or two, they’ll all be on commercial buses to those cities. That powerful incentive keeps the immigrants trying, traversing waiting in the river until they find border patrol or border patrol finds them and together both can thwart Texas. Governor Abbott, this Venezuelan man just returned to Neriss with a large group. They won’t let us pass, he says. So he and his group will trudge several hundred yards up river to a spot where they herd green, uniformed American immigration officers will be found.

You say

The Texas ranks won’t let him pass, so they’re going to go down the river and look for the green suits of the border patrol so they can get asylum. And he wants asylum, not because he’s threatened, but because he’s poor and he wants a better life, which ist an asylum.

Such starkly opposite policies and missions have ginned up a border war between Abbott, state of Texas and Biden’s Department of Homeland Security during the worst mass migration crisis in American history.

It’s a great report. Todd. How you doing, man?

Doing all right. I appreciate you running that. Yeah, it’s crazy down there. That’s still happening. Yesterday there was a charge on the bridge at Eagle Pass. Texas blocked a bunch of the immigrants down in the river. So they went back to Mexico and then charged over the bridge. And so at that point, Biden’s, C B P guys, they can’t have the bridge just overrun. So they beat ’em back with riot gear and then they closed all the commercial traffic. This was like yesterday. Whoa. So it’s still pretty crazy down there.

Well, what, let’s do the news here. We have a constitutional crisis. You’ve got the governor of Texas stringing barbed wire and putting flotation devices to block migrants from coming in. And yet the border patrol is instructed to bring them in

Because the federal policy is an open borders policy they call it. But they put on it as safe, orderly, not stop, block and return. Three years ago or just before the shift in administrations, if border patrol caught you, you would be brought over to a, and they’d kick your butt back over to the Mexican side for a policy called Remain in Mexico or a little bit later, title 42. But they ran from bull with the change administration. They changed the policy and says, now you guys can them all in so the can let ’em go. So if you cross illegally between ports, you get a free pass all the way if you want. But Texas, hey we, we’ve had 5 million people cross through our territory havoc enough. So they put their forces down there and they’re blocking them at the river, like N F L linemen, right? On the very unusual, they can’t take custody of them and deport them. They don’t think they can, but they can block ’em at the river.

So it’s created, we’ve got Texas in court with the United States government over immigration policy.

Just since

You’re breaking, you’re breaking up. You’re breaking up, bro. Just shake your head yes or no. Yeah. Yes or no? Yes. He’s like, and look, let me just do this because the connection’s bad. Well, we’re going to get that fixed up and we we’re going to have to do another show on the border. I will say this, it’s interesting up here, up north that a deal was Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Canada famously said, we’re open, we’re welcoming. And then they got 50,000 people that jumped from the United States into Canada and Canada said, wait a minute, they came from your country first. Take ’em back. We entered into the agreement and we have no such agreement with Mexico. And it’s a huge issue. I talk to Todd quite often about how they manipulate data or they hide it. Todd, the do has it slowed down?

No, just as many people are crossing as before. They’re just crossing in a slightly different way. They’ve got ’em coming through the bridges with permission slips that they’re handing out to the tune of about 80,000 a month from who they’re looking at. Probably

Who’s, who’s passing? Who’s passing out the permission slips, Todd? I’m sorry, who’s passing out permission slips? Yeah. The

Biden government created this brand new admission program to hand out. If you have an app, if you have a phone, you can download an app called CCB P one, make your appointment, setting up a reservation at a restaurant, and then in a side of a week or a couple weeks, you’ll have a permission slip to cross legally unquote, through the port of entry. So when they’re saying the numbers are really down of illegal entries, they’re not telling you that that’s because they moved them all onto the bridges and they’re bringing ’em through bridges with these app-based permission slips and then they get into the country anyway that way for a couple of years.

And you’re suing the federal government because they won’t give you the data, will they?

That’s right. They only want you to know about the decline in the numbers of people coming between the ports of entry through the brush illegally. Those numbers are down because like I said, they’re incentivizing them to do it to get these permission slips. So a lot of people are doing the permission slips. A lot of people are like, it’s taking too long. I don’t want to wait for three weeks for my permission slip. I’m just going to cross illegally. And they’re finding reward for that anyway. So whether you cross through the CBP one app with the permission slip or you cross illegally, everybody gets in the same amount, the same number. 200,000 plus a month are getting in.

Wow. That’s 2.5 million. Wow. And times are tough. We got to have order whatever you think

About it. And it seems so simple. We’ve talked to several people about the border over time and it’s like what’s missing? And who’s not in charge enough to, in part some type of organization for this.

Alright, Todd, I mean

Go ahead. The Okay. I was just going to say, I mean the administration, they just had my orcas on the hill yesterday, same day I was up there. They had him in the morning and their policy is they don’t deny it. Their policy is we are, everybody gets in. We want everybody in. Everybody who wants to come in over the border is going to get in. We just want it to be orderly. We don’t want a bunch of Fox News camera drones over big out of control crowds down on the river bank. That’s their only concern. Not about the millions of people that they’re bringing in. They love that. That is what they want. They said, so from the beginning, all during the campaign, all 15 presidential candidates tried to outdo one another on the debate stage. International debates.

Yep. We’re getting rid of it. We’re getting rid of it. And you we’re, we’re going, we’re going to give people financial help. So everybody hears it. And you heard the beginning from his clip. I mean, let’s not pretend people coming are dumb. The word gets around. I mean, everybody’s carrying a smartphone. Look for the green uniform, not the tan uniform. Right. And that’s where we’re at. Alright Todd, we’re going to leave it at D brother. Thank you for getting out of bed. Sorry about the flight. You know what I mean? Maybe you’ll testify about the state of transportation

Anytime. Man. Are you

Wearing shorts? Are you wearing shorts?

Yeah. No, actually I have my jeans on this time.

Well why don’t you put on some shorts, get yourself a pilot’s hat and fly yourself next time. That’s how we do.

Good idea.

All right man. Thanks. So that, that’s the update. Lots going on there.

So I want to see how this is going to play into the 2024 presidential election. How is this conversation going to be framed again? Yeah, that’s going to be interesting.

I mean, here’s the deal. How do you frame it where you’re not a racist? Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like conspiracy, they’re trying to replace us or this is Democrats trying to get votes in the future.

Yeah. It’s going to be interesting though. And you got to remember if Trump continues to be on the campaign platform, his position on this and then how the Democrats are, I guess that’ll be Biden if he makes it, are going to counterbalance that.

You want to know how broke we are in this country? That one quarter of all tax receipts pay for prop poverty programs, housing and medical and food. And basically it’s about the same amount of money to help people because this country’s very poor that we’re borrowing. Wow, I’m rounding about $2 trillion. That’s the deficit of 1.5 trillion. We’re borrowing money to feed ourselves. This is not a good construct.

But you said it Charlie when you were talking to, there’s po, there’s, there’s profit in poverty. Poverty, there is profit in poverty and it’s not just at the local level, it’s at the, I mean everywhere. I mean it just is. And so there is not a sincere or concerted effort to eradicate it. It’s just not Well

I have one and I want to get to it because still hanging around. I want him to see the red piece but no, no. Here’s one way

It’s worth staying up for.

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Good customer

Service. So when something bad goes wrong, you call ’em like it’s raining, it’s raining your power’s out, there’s a drip in your roof. What do you do? You don’t know what to do. That’s true. Yeah. You’ll have their cell phone in your cell phone. That’s how good they are. Big believer in legacy partners now next Evo.

So when you get stressed out from all that stuff. Yep.

Yeah. Next Evo Naturals. Now did you order something?

Yes, I took a picture. Did you get it Mark? I did, yeah, I sent you, yeah, that was quite a package I got. Yeah, I got two packed two. Two bottles of the gummies for stress. Yeah. And then they sent me, I guess you get what, the free bottle? Yeah, a free bottle of C B D. So yeah, with

Promo code N O B S. Yep.

O b s. Did you take ’em yet?

Yeah, I took one this afternoon.


How are you feeling? How do you think I feel? Do I seem calm?

Hey Kirby? Yeah. Is there stress level lower? It’s a testimonial. It’s

Been about an hour, but

You got to give it time. I’m, I’m going to keep trying ’em. They I’m, they’re gummies I’m going to. Do

You feel high?

No. No,

That’s the thing.

No, that’s the, because it doesn’t have T H C, so No, I’m going to try, I mean I something to take my stress down because people are driving me crazy.

My sister-in-law takes ’em. They sent me a bunch of samples. Right. My sister-in-law takes them during the day. Right, right. Suffers from stress swears by it. That’s good. Swears by it. My niece’s boyfriend also. High levels of life is stressful. Feelings of anxiousness. Right. Swears by it. Yeah. So that’s good. Have I taken them? No, because he’s handling mine. Initial one.

Well see I don’t drink so I’m going to continue to try on so, but hey, I’m pretty calm. Yeah, you are. You think I’m calmer today than usual?

I think so. I do

Actually. Okay.

I feel com So stay well this summer with smarter CCB D from next Evo naturals. Go to next to get 25%. You get 25%. I got 20 You got? Okay, so you keep 25 going to Nuggets and a free bottle of premium Pure CCB D A $50 value limit one use per customer. Yep. That’s N E X T E V bs. Now Red deals with the flour, right? He want everything in it and he’s got reason.

Yeah, he does.

He’s got reason because he’s been in the Normandy for a year. It’s been a year. He’s

A different dress.

It’s been a hell of a run for him. And in fact we’re going to edit up the series of Reddit, the Normandy and we’re going to ship that off to LA See we see we can get him a TV deal but Red has found the new place. Ooh, nice. And this is the last installment of season one of the travails of comedian Detroit Red. Red has left the flop house and with no further delay. Let’s roll that tape. Going to love this Todd

Trailers for sale rent. Put me out the house. Don’t divorce me. No. Got no pet started from the bottom. Ain’t got no means by no means king. I know y’all been seeing all the crazy shit I’ve been going through around here and I’ve been cool with some of that because I’m a little off balance myself at times. But the one motherfucking thing I cannot get with is this true lack of privacy. Ain somebody in here Rick? Yeah. Yeah man, I’m shit. Hey 56, 56 50 fucking man you don’t get the fuck out of here. Let me shit in peace. I got to go. I can’t do this no more. I’m out of here. Yeah, that bullshit that happened in the Normandy with old boy and that in the bathroom. Oh that’s got to go. I’m excited as hell to get out. I mean I’m looking forward to so many different things like a private shower, a private shit. Those in the cell, people don’t appreciate little things like that until they don’t have it. I feel like I done some county time so I’ve been working diligently to try to find a place I can afford and I got a lead on the spot over here in this neighborhood. So we going to check that out today.
So I got the landlord’s number called up, told her to meet me.

Well brace yourself like I told you on the phone. We got something to deal with here. All righty then.

Look like they kind of left in the right. They left clothes and shit. Oh they were partying upstairs and some shit that you told me. The neighbors was quiet upstairs.

Yeah, but she had a air conditioning that she had leaning the wrong way and it was backing up. It’s a pretty nice sized kitchen. But they left all, they left all they stuff in here too.

Okay. Apparently they didn’t need no dishes wherever the fuck they was going next. No,

There’s a window right here need to be repaired. I’ll make sure that’s taken care of. Okay. So this is the bathroom toilet flushes.

You really don’t know. This is the best room in the house to me already.

Ah, okay. Alright. So I’m

There ain’t no hidden stall next door while I’m going to hear somebody else come in and try to take a shit or nothing like that. None of that.


Of that. Okay cool. Cool.

Second camera room.

Okay. Alright. That door leads to the back to the back of the house.

No, I mean it’s to the back of the house which isn’t. It is not open. You can’t open, you can’t use this. It’s border is shut.

I was impressed with the bathroom in itself. Just knowing I’ll be able to take a shut on my own in my own. Probably take a shower. I want it. I’ll take it. I, I’m

Ready. You sure there’s a lot of shit that need to be done up in here Red.

So the funny part is I ain’t never seen a landlord try to talk you out of Rene shit. I want it. I’ll take it. You


Look here. Ain’t we sure that Santa Claus came sometime at December for Christmas? I’m about as sure as Al Sharper was when he was transporting that cocaine. Okay. I’m sure I want this.

Alright well if you shorten I’m sure. So you know ain’t nothing else to do but to go ahead and get the lease

Seven. Call this my new independence day so I deciding the lease and everything now it’s on to the next step. Clean my shit up out the Normandy and getting the fuck on. Come on rubber ducky. I got us a new home. You’ll get to actually be in a bathtub privacy. Here I come man ain’t got to walk out in the hallway way. See no motherfucking shirt moving on up so long nominee God dammit is trying to keep me in here. But you won’t keep me Normandy. Come on. Alright. You the fuck up out of here man. With we

Give me my motherfucking money right now. I’ve got your trouble out. Your motherfucking as bullshit.

Yeah, I about this motherfucker all. Thank God I’m leaving man. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about. I fire one of my friends I made, he had the Normandy, he got a pick up truck and I’m the fuck up out of here Inside. What up dog? What up bro? Let’s get the fuck out of here. Wait a minute. Oh shit. I forgot something.

I’ll be right back. Alright go.

What the fuck is that?

No, this Tinty Jams. You remember Tinty Jams? He been with me for the longest. Don’t look at me like that. Hit it. Alright man. And I can’t wait. Wait till you see the spot man. All the privacy. Oh

I’m like in the neighborhood so

Far. Yep. This is it right here man. Right over here. Oh. I cannot wait. You really don’t know man. I really appreciate you helping me get this done sir. Because I was so ready to get up out of there. I was ready to Uber all this shit over here. This the shit right here tell you man it is going to be great as hell. You just don’t know

Man. This is nice man. Hey lemme ask you something man. You got a, you know think you can let me, you know chill here with

You. Oh, oh, oh, oh no. Fuck no. Sorry I didn’t even fuck no, but listen, first night, new place, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been out the privacy. No, no, no. I feel you. But see I got to first private shit. I’m not going to hear nothing but my poop. But get in the water and me breathing. I love you. I appreciate you helping me. I really do. And I’m going to have a house warming party and you’re going to be v i p at the house. Well you don’t even have to bring a house warming gift, right? No, I got to get my privacy, you know what I’m saying? Text me, let me know you made it home safe. See you

Finally. Privacy.

What the fuck?

Yeah. Yeah boy. Our first night Teddy jams. I told you I told stuck it out with me. Look, it’s all coming true. Look, you got your bling bling. Look at that baby teddy jams in the house. Wait until the girl teddy bear see you when we go to the club. Yeah boy. First night our own place. Nice fat new crib. Yeah. Yeah, I know. I know. I ain’t got no bed or nothing yet. But look here. This is part of the adventure, privacy, the peace and quiet. Teddy, me and you. You been with me Little dog. You going to be with me? We going to do this? Yes. Oh, peace and quiet. Oh boy.

Did you hear that? It sounds like some goddamn gunshots. What? You right. Maybe I should call the police. Why

You’ve reached the City of Detroit 9 1 1 Emergency Center. All operators are handling emergency calls. Remain on the line. Do not hang up. Your call will be handled by the next available operator.

Oh no.

A new era of Adventures for Red. He’s so proud. He’s so proud, man. Should be. It’s a great house. I guess it’s a upgrade.

Oh, it’s fucked up.

I said a upgrade. Good, good neighbors though, right? You met some

Of the neighbors. Neighbors are cool. Yeah, neighbors are cool but they’re no power box man. That’s not cool. Somebody took a sledgehammer and knocked the meter off. Right. So they were jumping electricity and then DTE came in and cut the power of the whole shit.

This is to the house that he’s living in?

Yeah. Then the woman getting kicked out, who lives upstairs not paying rent. She goes, oh you don’t want to live here to the poop comes up in the basement. I’m like, ready? He goes,

Oh, he’s going to go back to the Normandy. Oh,

He got privacy

I guess. So it’s about what you prioritize.

Well you know how much he’s in the poop. You know what I mean? So now he can take, when he gets to visit it, when he is done, it looks

Like it’s Benjamin approved though.

Just frozen

There. Wow. That’s crazy. That’s the world we live in. It is. Congratulations Red. We’re pro. We’re happy for you if you We do. We’ll see. New adventures. Charlie. New stories.

You same old red. Where the fuck is he? Same old red.

Y’all was going to ask. He’s not here today.

Fuck. I

Knew he wasn’t coming in when it was 5 42. Oh

Well, alright, well good luck to Ray. Good luck to Brian. Good luck to y’all. Remember, try to love one another. See you next week.

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