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It was — and remains — the bloodiest police precinct in New York City.
The 75th in East New York, Brooklyn.

It was the late 80’s. The streets were flush in cocaine and blood. More than 1,000 shootings a year.
Cops at the 75th weren’t shy about taking their taste. The boys in blue acted more like drug gangs than public servants … murder, cocaine, kidnapping, armed robbery.

“I never had to hit anybody with an axe-handle twice,” said Walter Yurkiw, who was sent to state prison for mayhem and corruption.
Yurkiw was the enforcer of the Michael Dowd squad. Even today, Dowd is know as the dirtiest cop in New York history.
Yurkiw’s opinion on the state of law enforcement in America today? “Never trust the police.”
And he should know.

A real life story more fascinating, and more devastating, than Goodfellas.
As for the dope house in Detroit next to an elementary school in Detroit?
It’s still there.

God Bless America. We need it.

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