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Think of all great things to do in Motown.

We’ve voted ourselves best art museum in America. Best city square. Best river walk. Never mind NY, SF or NoLa.

The mayor says we’re the next Silicon Valley!

Of course, the mayor forgets Silcion Valley has hit the skids what with falling tech stocks and the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank.

But hey! General Motors is threating to layoff 58,000 American white collared workers if they don’t take the “buy out.” So maybe Mayor Mike Duggan has something there.

We’re definitely the best at St. Paddy’s Day brawling.

We’re the best at stripping our catastrophically injured of necessary health care.

We’re number one at giving billionaires even more billions of public money. Hello General Motors!

Detroit. We’re OK!


Speaker 1 (00:03):
Go now. Did you call him?

Speaker 2 (00:20):

Speaker 1 (00:29):
Leave that up, man. Our paraplegic friend might be running towards the phone as we speak.

Speaker 3 (00:34):

Speaker 1 (00:36):
Be nice. Never discount miracles. Karen. I understand what you going to, are you going to be like bumming me out this Thisk?

Speaker 3 (00:42):
Are you going to be stressing me out? This whole

Speaker 1 (00:44):
Show? They took the guy in a fucking nursing home. He can’t get any help. I’m, we got to kind of laugh at it. No, so fucking awful. Oh,

Speaker 4 (00:55):
Hi, this is Brian. I’m not available right now, but don’t leave me a message. Send me an email instead at Woodward.

Speaker 1 (01:07):
Ah, right. Yeah. You all right? We we’ll try to get Brian, let’s, let’s, let’s real report with

Speaker 3 (01:12):
Brian. Yeah, he didn’t sound too well.

Speaker 5 (01:18):
I’m not really sure. I was offered to come have a drink and then it turned into a fight and trying to get guys off me and my brother. And that’s the way it is. No hard feelings on my end.

Speaker 6 (01:29):
It turned into a fight.

Speaker 5 (01:31):
Yeah, it did. Okay. Yeah, I wasn’t swinging. There’s too many guys.

Speaker 6 (01:35):
There’s also an allegation and maybe even some pictures that you took a pee, a urination in the street in front of a number of

Speaker 5 (01:42):
People. No, I think I was behind a tent, possibly. I don’t know. Let me see a picture. I don’t think so. There’s no reason to get your head stomped. But like I said,

Speaker 6 (01:51):
So there was public urination. I

Speaker 5 (01:53):
Don’t know, to be honest. I don’t know. You don’t

Speaker 6 (01:55):

Speaker 5 (01:56):
I’m a crack reporter. I don’t remember time. I’m taking a leak, you know what I mean? But no, I don’t think I’m standing in the street doing that. Think I’m behind a tent.

Speaker 6 (02:05):
So if you were to kind of categorize what went on in that half hour or hour or so, how would you categorize it?

Speaker 5 (02:14):
Patty’s Day Parade. I’m walking it off. I’m leaving it alone. Just like that.

Speaker 6 (02:20):
Too much to drink?

Speaker 5 (02:22):

Speaker 6 (02:26):
Good luck. You know about the charges? I mean, you said somebody has filed a

Speaker 5 (02:29):
Charge. Yeah, I’m not sure. I haven’t heard yet. Okay. Good luck. Okay.

Speaker 7 (02:35):
Live downtown Detroit

Speaker 8 (03:05):
Assistant breaking his do more bullshit Dobo bullshit.

Speaker 1 (03:11):

Speaker 3 (03:12):
You epitomized cool in that interview, Charlie. Just calm un flapped.

Speaker 1 (03:18):
Well, that was 10 years ago, the notorious Patty’s Day brawl.

Speaker 9 (03:25):
Right? Happy anniversary.

Speaker 1 (03:26):
Thank you very much. The statue,

Speaker 3 (03:28):
The Patty’s Day P

Speaker 1 (03:29):
The pat a P. So urination perhaps was their allegations of a urination. How fuck was that? Urinate? Take your away from your mouth, bro.

Speaker 10 (03:40):
You’re a nation gate.

Speaker 1 (03:42):
Yeah. Fucking, let’s see. The Pee Pegon papers. The fuck was that? That was all right. So it’s like 10 years ago I was at the pad day parade. It ends up in a brawl and all of a sudden I’m on tv. Right? That interview, I never said shit, but statue limitations is up. I’m going to tell you what the fuck happened. That interview, first of all, is the next day that interview by Dick Tracy there in his pork pie hat, in his trench coat. Like,

Speaker 3 (04:14):
Oh, be nice Pete.

Speaker 1 (04:16):
The fuck that, fuck that guy. Because he knows what went on trying to get some ratings because bottom of the barrel, I never said shit. But that day, that’s Monday. And that’s the day right there. That’s lunch break at federal court. Kwame kill Patrick has just been convicted on a raft of charges. He gets to go away for lunch, come back, and then get sentenced at 28 years in prison. And that guy’s coming around asking me what? There’s a little urination. Maybe there was a right.

Speaker 9 (04:53):
Should be flattered. It’s good. They wanted you to lead.

Speaker 10 (04:56):
You were the good wheel piece says the bad news of the mayor getting convicted.

Speaker 3 (05:02):
You going to get wheel take advantage of the opportunity. It’s like, Hey, there’s Charlie Lauff. We got to grab him while we see. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (05:07):
I was like, holy shit. That was the one and only time and my television career that I wore makeup, I showed up to work and the boss goes, holy shit. My, because big trainer. Yeah. There’s no skin on my nose. And you know why,

Speaker 3 (05:23):
Charlie? What

Speaker 1 (05:24):
Happened? Because I got my face ground into the gravels. What happened? So that’s ridiculous. So here, here’s the deal. Should I do what comes out on the news first and then what happened? Or what

Speaker 3 (05:39):
Happened? Yes. The news and then what

Speaker 1 (05:40):
Happened? Yeah. All right. So the news is some meathead calls Fox two and says, I’m pissing everywhere. And then I bit him. I’m some rabid baboon walking around, flapping his dick around and biting. I mean, that’s how they made it to be. But that’s ridiculous. What happened was my brother had lost his job. Is that okay? I had got, oh, is that Brian? I think it is Brian. Yeah. Let’s check in. You there? Brian? Brian, can you hear us? I’m here. Can you hear me? Yeah, you just, Hey Brian, we got listen to this show, Brian. We’ll get with you, brother. You good? Excellent. Okay. Oh, he sounds good too. He does? Yeah. Great.

Speaker 3 (06:21):
And he looks good. Yeah. Okay. So your brother see him? Your bro? Yeah, we can see him.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
Oh, yo.

Speaker 3 (06:27):
Okay. Don’t lose your thought. So your brother lost his job

Speaker 1 (06:30):
And I had just gotten back in town on a job and he called me up and I go, let’s go to the pads day and get a drink, bro. So we do. And yeah, we have a lot of them. And we’re walking up and down to burn it off. And a meaty baldheaded, I think he was a fireman, says, come on in into the party. It’s a party. It’s the judges and prosecutors are firemen and cops. It’s a yearly thing. I don’t know. And we sit down and they give us a whiskey and a Guinness, never forget it, sitting in a chair and people are coming around. Cause it’s this time we’re popping on Fox too. And it’s important to say, at this point, I got a book on the bestseller list called Detroit. And I’m talking, and a couple of female cops sit down and they ask me, Hey, listen, the chief was fucking a subordinate. And the assistant chief was also fucking the subordinate. Remember all that drama? Yes, I do. I put it all on tv. And the subordinate, she kept the rubber and everything in the freezer. I know this town. Weird. That’s a Detroit version of Monica Lewinsky. Oh my God. That’s, that’s a Detroit version of Monica.

Speaker 3 (07:46):
No, she never had any issues like

Speaker 1 (07:48):
That. No, I know. It’s just, just Thanks for that.

Speaker 3 (07:53):
Keep it accurate. Go

Speaker 1 (07:54):
Ahead. So I’m sitting there and the women go, well, what do you make of that? Does that say about all the women who worked this really tough job? I mean, what does it say about our statue? And in the sober moment, I would’ve said something like, well, it’s unfortunate, you know, dedicate yourself to a career. You serve the public and shenanigans like this from the top down. Make y’all seem, suspect. It demeans the difficult position because Right.

Speaker 3 (08:25):
But you weren’t sober.

Speaker 1 (08:26):
No. And I said something like this. Ah, you’re all horns down, boy. Some something stupid. Something stupid. Right? Big deal. It happens.

Speaker 3 (08:35):
Liquor talking.

Speaker 1 (08:35):
Well, everybody was liquored up. And then out of nowhere, I, I told the truth. I don’t know whose party it was. I don’t want to know. I don’t know who the fuck crashed me at that point. Cause I wasn’t looking. I was sitting in a chair and I remember somebody just unloading right, right here, right across my face, right across my orbital. Knocked me out of the chair. Next thing you know, someone’s on top of me choking me like a choke hold. I’m getting kicked in the ribs. My brother, the guy that said I, I bit him, right? He lays my brother out. Turns out later that these, I find the next day that these were cops, off-duty cop. I, they beat the fuck, I’m a strangulation

Speaker 3 (09:23):
Mark. Just set up Charlie. Ah, Jesus.

Speaker 1 (09:25):
Okay. So there was film. I saw the film, and I asked my lawyer, you wanted to film? He goes, don’t fuck with the film, don’t fuck with the Phil. So this guy Bill Proctor, right. Gets wind of his shit. You must have known what it was. I got, I went to the emergency room, get the checkup, get the photographs. Oh no, man. Oh no. And Proctor must have known because where’s he getting the tip? Yeah. You must have known what it was. And I was told later that people were filming it. I remember the light of a camera. As I’m starting to black out, I can’t get up. And I just remember, and I’m thinking, I’m going to fucking die. I remember it. Yikes. I’m going to die. I can’t, there’s a bunch of guys on me, right? Yeah. And once you get your jugular, you can’t, you’re done. Right. And I just thought I was going to die. One guy told me, somebody went around related to this party. Remember statute of limitations over now and made everybody delete the fucking footage.

Speaker 9 (10:28):

Speaker 1 (10:28):
Wow. So when this guy goes, well, there was all urination. I’m like, you know what? No. There was no urination. That’s the truth. That’s the story. Did I piss earlier in an alleyway? Probably. Maybe. Whatever. I’m a guy. Whatever. Am I waving my cock around? No. Did I bite somebody? Not that I recall. Not at all. But I’ll tell you what, if you’re dying, you’re going to do whatever. End of that story. Huh? So this is what I get.

Speaker 9 (10:53):
Yeah. Well, the pee up pee or urination makes it a better story, right? Yeah. I’m just saying that’s why he went with it. Even if it is ina inaccurate

Speaker 1 (11:02):
Bullshit, I get a call the next day. It didn’t bother me. I didn’t give two shits. You know, you get caught up in dumb shit. You just turn off your phone,

Speaker 9 (11:10):
Eh? Pretty simple.

Speaker 1 (11:11):
But it wasn’t off this. And I got a call from a commander, and a commander goes, oh, you fucked up. I go, yeah, I’m going. I’ll call him Matt. Right? How’s that, Matt? How’d I fuck up? He goes, you spit on a cop. And that’s assault. I go, I spit on a cop. I spit on a cop. And did you find crack in my car too? Get the fuck out of you. That’s,

Speaker 9 (11:35):

Speaker 3 (11:36):

Speaker 9 (11:36):
Charlie, that’s not your style. Right? Right. Wrestling, maybe, because I mean, I’ve seen you wrestle, but spitting, biting against There’s,

Speaker 3 (11:43):
There’s no mud around though, Martin.

Speaker 9 (11:46):

Speaker 1 (11:46):
I’m still getting over. You got a courtesy call. Oh, no, no. What it was was keep your mouth shut. Yeah.

I said, I ain’t saying shit. Right. So you realize there’s the charges says our crack reporter, they, somebody’s filed charges. And I’m like, dude, you think if you faked being a reporter in Murder City long enough, you would know that citizens can’t file charges that citizens can file a complaint. Right. Which did happen. And what happened with that? I went up to the prosecutor’s office, give my statement. We’re laying it out and the power goes out. And all of Detroit remember that, remember that big blackout? That’s the big, it just went out. It’s like everybody’s got to evacuate. The

Speaker 3 (12:35):
You pulled, you pulled the plug, Charlie,

Speaker 9 (12:38):
What You trip over.

Speaker 3 (12:41):
Wow. That’s crazy. That sounded like a setup to invite you in. That sounds suspect. It was.

Speaker 1 (12:47):
Everybody’s drink get is Patty’s Day. Okay. I do that once in a while. Shit doesn’t come out right. But my heart’s right. That’s true. You know what I was saying? Why don’t you just sit here? You waiting to beat the TV guy

Speaker 3 (13:01):
Up, but you don’t ask an intoxicated person a question to which you want a legitimate or heartfelt answer. Yeah,

Speaker 10 (13:08):
Karen, that only apply for sober people. They all intoxicated. So I don’t think nobody thought about that.

Speaker 3 (13:14):
Yeah. I don’t think that was under the right circumstances.

Speaker 1 (13:17):
And if you look at a commander a couple years later as moonlighting at one of the bars during the Patty’s Day parade, and fucking throws a guy to the ground is puts him in a fucking coma. Maybe I should have said something, but I got to exist in this town. And was that police brutality? No, it was off duty. Dumb shit. Yeah. Dumb guy stuff. Now I will say this. I wrote that book, Detroit, right? Yeah. It was on the bestseller list. The next week. It jumped seven places. Hey, there

Speaker 9 (13:51):
You go. Thank

Speaker 1 (13:52):
You. There you go. It was a publicity stuff.

Speaker 3 (13:54):
So your behind beating was worth the char.

Speaker 10 (13:58):
You’re like the rapper of book writers.

Speaker 9 (14:01):
Yeah. Street credit. Yeah. There you go. So

Speaker 1 (14:04):
Ridiculous. I got a call from London, England. This fucker made the papers in London, England.

Speaker 9 (14:11):
Wow. Why? Wow.

Speaker 1 (14:14):
Bestseller man. And it’s like, oh, on that. Well, mate, you had a right Piss up.

Speaker 9 (14:19):
Right? Piss up. That sounds much more eloquent than Upe.

Speaker 1 (14:23):
Well piss up apparently, right? Yeah. Now where’s, where’s dude that claimed all this shit? Pretty Part two, part three, part four. Dick Tracy over here trying to do some bullshit. By the time, by time he’s doing the third interview with the guy in two casts.

Speaker 9 (14:40):
Yeah. Remember I watched a lot of them yesterday?

Speaker 1 (14:42):
Yeah. Oh, did you?

Speaker 9 (14:43):
Yeah. And I kind of wondered what happened with him, what occurred with it? Because it didn’t seem like there was much there from my perspective. Just even watching the show, the news

Speaker 10 (14:52):
Report. No, it was a lot there called Bill. Okay,

Speaker 3 (15:01):
Don’t start by

Speaker 9 (15:02):

Speaker 1 (15:03):
Yeah. What’d that be? What? What’s that hat say? Thug.

Speaker 9 (15:09):

Speaker 3 (15:09):
It’s the

Speaker 1 (15:11):
OG Red’s hat says the og.

Speaker 3 (15:12):
It says the og.

Speaker 1 (15:14):
T H E O G. Sorry.

Speaker 3 (15:15):
See the og? He’s the og.

Speaker 1 (15:20):
You got that at the gas station, didn’t you? You did.

Speaker 10 (15:22):
Nope. Dispensary

Speaker 1 (15:23):
Dispense. Did they give you, you bought that for four bucks and they gave you some rolling papers? No,

Speaker 10 (15:28):
I bought some weed and they gave me the hat.

Speaker 3 (15:30):
He will not find a baseball cap for $4, Charlie, anywhere in this city.

Speaker 1 (15:35):
Oh, it’s inflation. That’s killing us too. We’ll get to that. But that’s, that’s the story I didn’t do.

Speaker 11 (15:43):
Oh, happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Anniversary.

Speaker 9 (15:49):
Anniversary. Anniversary.

Speaker 3 (15:50):

Speaker 9 (15:51):
10 years ago. Statue limitation expired.

Speaker 1 (15:54):
Thank you. Call me. Went to prison, got out, got remarried, all of that. And finally

Speaker 10 (16:00):
You can talk about this.

Speaker 9 (16:01):

Speaker 1 (16:01):
Exactly. And I wanted to do what I really wanted to do, and then I couldn’t be fucked was, you know what, they at the floats and the Patty’s Day parade. Yeah. They had ’em yesterday. I don’t know. I don’t, didn’t go. But I wanted to have a portajohn on a trailer and then just every block or so pop out and wave my hands because I do know they’ve got Porta Johns around the place now. They didn’t, didn’t before it.

Speaker 9 (16:26):
It is easily the most memorable thing from a Detroit sink Patty’s day parade in my mind. So you got that going for you. Well,

Speaker 1 (16:32):
What was memorable? That I took a piss. I bit somebody. Yeah,

Speaker 9 (16:36):
You went in the news.

Speaker 3 (16:37):
Yeah. Then you just ended up on the other side of the microphone. Charlie, that’s, that’s what it was. Because everybody was trying to make you out to be a bad boy anyway. And that just totally aligned with the image that they were trying to paint of you. So see here he is. He’s fighting in Greek town. He’s urinating in the street. He’s punching cops like

Speaker 10 (16:56):
Seven points the next day.

Speaker 9 (16:57):
You sold more books.

Speaker 3 (16:58):
Yeah, you sold more

Speaker 9 (16:59):
Books. That’s the best part about

Speaker 1 (17:00):
It. Well look, here is the book. Right? So it’s a damn good book. I mean, if it got Detroit tattooed across your balls, I mean, got to make some allowances. Tough town.

Speaker 3 (17:12):
So tough town. That was your rite of passage. Charlie, you pass.

Speaker 1 (17:15):
I can’t believe, I’m trying to find Kwame Kilpatrick coming out of the courthouse for his last free moment. And I’m getting this shit.

Speaker 9 (17:22):
Yeah. Well, I believe it.

Speaker 1 (17:24):
Dude. The mayor of the mayor just got sent to prison.

Speaker 9 (17:28):
A little bit of a pee person.

Speaker 3 (17:29):
But you just happened to be there, Charlie. So he was taking advantage of your availability.

Speaker 1 (17:35):
Oh boy. Okay. Listen, it is the Detroit’s anniversary that’s brought to you by xc. Xg service group experts in voiceover internet security cameras, hidden cameras access. If there would’ve been just the camera Yeah. In the A alley, I would’ve been vindicated. You would’ve right away

Speaker 9 (17:56):
You would’ve been able to be the one who quote pressed charges.

Speaker 1 (17:59):
I wouldn’t have file police. I never would’ve. It’s all forgiven. Yep. Right. Could you imagine if I was taking a shit in the middle of Michigan Avenue? That’s no reason to have your ass beat none. Shit. Think about it. They’d still be talking about that one today. I’m a rabbit baboon, I think. Come on people.

Speaker 3 (18:23):
But Charlie, do you see what it’s like when you are accused of something that you know is nothing like what they’re accusing you of? I mean, and it’s 10 years later and it’s still like it’s there with you piss, I mean, piss you off. Yeah. Yeah, it does

Speaker 1 (18:40):
Actually. It doesn’t

Speaker 9 (18:42):
Really, the coverage of it,

Speaker 1 (18:44):
The coverage does. Okay. Because it was bullshit. And they all knew it. Because if you’re any kind of, just to be able to hear that story, who it was, and you ignored it.

Speaker 3 (18:59):
I understand. I have some unvented vindication at some point. I understand that very much.

Speaker 1 (19:07):
Karen, were you a raving bitch that made the security pullover so you can go buy some Burberry? No. Does that still piss you off? Yeah,

Speaker 3 (19:15):
It does.

Speaker 1 (19:16):
Yeah, it

Speaker 3 (19:16):
Does. It does. That whole thing. And there, there’s a reporter that was at the news at the time. If I ever see him crossing the street, my breaks go out. It’s coincidental. I mean, seriously, because yeah. So I understand that. And so, yeah, it doesn’t still piss you off, but it’s unfair. And when you are unfairly or unjustly AC accused of something. Yeah, it still kind of sits on your shoulder

Speaker 1 (19:38):
And I just, it’s small fucking potatoes. Yeah. But still everything going on around

Speaker 3 (19:42):
Here. Exactly. But still, and because it’s small potatoes, why was it such a big deal?

Speaker 1 (19:49):
Yeah. I mean, Kwame just got convicted.

Speaker 3 (19:54):
Exactly. You got those two things going on.

Speaker 1 (19:56):
As important as you peeing. Peeing, by the way, men piss.

Speaker 3 (20:02):
Yeah. Okay. Women

Speaker 1 (20:03):

Speaker 3 (20:04):

Speaker 1 (20:05):
Peeing. Piss

Speaker 3 (20:06):
Urinate. Okay, listen, if listen,

Speaker 1 (20:08):
You stand up, you’re pissing. If you’re squatting, you’re peeing. Oh God. That’s the, look it up. I didn’t make that

Speaker 3 (20:13):
Up. Okay. Don’t you have something to read in your hand? Karen?

Speaker 1 (20:15):
Have you ever taken a piss in your life,

Speaker 3 (20:17):
Charlie? No. No, I wouldn’t. Charlie. Oh,

Speaker 1 (20:24):
Laughing. We’ll do it.

Speaker 3 (20:29):
Where am I?

Speaker 1 (20:31):
You. You are in the jungle vein.

Speaker 3 (20:33):
This is the penthouse

Speaker 1 (20:34):
With the rabbit baboon. We

Speaker 3 (20:35):
Are not, we’re not supposed to have conversations like this in the penthouse. We moved up from the lower level. Elevate our conversation please. It’s

Speaker 1 (20:42):
313 day, anything goes. That’s it. ADR experience, overseeing more than 250 million in private public construction projects. Excuse my throat to everybody since 2001. ADR competent. Reduce your costs, your bottom line. Saving clients, millions experts in procurement and government compliance ADR called Barry Ellen Tuckett. 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4 4. A free consultation. Now it is not only my Patty’s Day debacle anniversary. It is the anniversary of the

Speaker 3 (21:17):
City. No, it’s not. The anniversary of Detroit. The anniversary of Detroit is in July. This is just March 13th, which is 313 day what?

Speaker 1 (21:24):

Speaker 3 (21:24):
It’s nothing. It’s not a anniversary. No, it’s not. When Detroit was founded. It’s just 313 day. Oh, we

Speaker 1 (21:29):
Just canceled this shit then.

Speaker 3 (21:31):

Speaker 1 (21:31):
Right. Well, what

Speaker 3 (21:33):
Does that mean? It’s celebr. It’s just a day. And I’ve been trying to find out who started or where it came from. But when Detroit is just celebrated, because if its area code, interestingly at a time when they’re talking about no more, 313 area codes are available. So no, this is just a celebration. What are you squinting for? Mark? Follow me. You’re smart. Stupid. I get it. I think it’s stupid. It’s hipster. No, it’s not. It’s hamster. Thank you. No it’s not. No, it’s not. It’s only hipster of people who were pushing product on Detroit that they don’t, they’re not from Detroit. And they are. It’s selling it in Detroit. It’s

Speaker 1 (22:03):
Like that hat Red’s wearing

Speaker 3 (22:05):
That is from No, yeah, but you got to be know what it is. You didn’t know what it was. Charlie,

Speaker 1 (22:13):
If you’re the og, if you are, do

Speaker 3 (22:16):
You know what OG stands for?

Speaker 1 (22:19):

Speaker 3 (22:19):

Speaker 1 (22:20):
It was a paleolithic god of fire.

Speaker 3 (22:25):
Red. We need need a segment where do some Detroit lessons so we can let people know what all this stuff is. Cause they don’t know.

Speaker 1 (22:32):
He does an original gangster. Yeah, I know, man. How do you spell that? Was it a

Speaker 3 (22:37):
Not original? O Original. O R I T

Speaker 1 (22:40):
I. Gangster.

Speaker 3 (22:42):
Oh, e r or a. Let’s not have that conversation please. Charlie. Don’t we have some substance to talk about on this show today?

Speaker 1 (22:49):
No, Karen. Because you know, can’t bombard people with substance all the time. I just gave you the Patty day story and I appreciate that. I mean, I expect that to be making the papers tomorrow.

Speaker 3 (23:01):
And they may go dig it up again and find out what happened. I,

Speaker 1 (23:04):
I’ll call London and find out it’s London. It will be here. An anniversary review. You notice I look almost the same. I

Speaker 3 (23:14):
Told you that You look exactly the

Speaker 1 (23:15):
Same. I know. I was priming that because it was a compliment.

Speaker 3 (23:17):
Yeah. Oh, well, yeah. A little

Speaker 1 (23:19):
More gray. A little more little gray.

Speaker 3 (23:20):
No, you actually look the same. You should be proud of that. Charlie.

Speaker 1 (23:25):
You know I did do my a hundred pushups and setups this

Speaker 3 (23:27):
Morning. Did you? Good? Yeah. It shows you look the same. Thank again. But you know what? This is a thing. What were you thinking? Because look at the expression of

Speaker 1 (23:34):
Your face. I swear to God. I was like, I, because number one, here’s the thing. You don’t run from a fucking reporter then. Right? And nothing there. Like I, here look, I’m I ear, whatever I said, right? But I am thinking what the fuck’s wrong

Speaker 3 (23:49):
With you, dude? And it shows in your eyes. That’s the thing.

Speaker 1 (23:52):
Yeah. What the fuck is wrong? What? Seriously, why don’t you get me afterwards? Well,

Speaker 3 (23:56):
You know.

Speaker 1 (23:57):
All right. Yeah. Anyway, so shout out to my grandpa Jean, who paddled in here with Antwan Cadillac 1701.

Speaker 3 (24:10):
That wasn’t until July to settle

Speaker 1 (24:11):
This town.

Speaker 3 (24:12):
That was July 24th.

Speaker 1 (24:14):
Well, I’m just saying. Well,

Speaker 9 (24:15):
Thankfully. Well, thank, give thanks to what Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone and thusly area

Speaker 3 (24:20):
Codes. Here you go.

Speaker 9 (24:21):
Which shows how pointless the whole thing is.

Speaker 3 (24:23):
No, mark.

Speaker 1 (24:24):
It really is.

Speaker 3 (24:26):
Ah, come on, party Poopers.

Speaker 1 (24:27):
All right. Well, like in honor of 313 day, I think we should talk about some good things about the city. For instance, did you know that USA Today did an online poll? USA Today did an online poll, and Detroit was voted best art museum in the United States of America.

Speaker 3 (24:53):
Wow. Saw that

Speaker 1 (24:54):
People all over America on this online poll said Detroit, where I go every summer. I mean, St. Barts. Good for you, Jamaica. Good for you. I’m going to Detroit because the art museum. Amazing. No,

Speaker 3 (25:15):

Speaker 1 (25:15):
Can barely get up from the

Speaker 3 (25:17):
Track. No, but no, no. In all honesty, the Dia is a great museum. And Kirby and I talked about this because she’s visited a lot of museums across the country. Yeah. So they’re exhibits now, whether or not, and they have a lot of

Speaker 1 (25:33):

Speaker 3 (25:34):
Oh, forget it. I’m done. I could I quit? No, I’m

Speaker 1 (25:38):
Have exhibits.

Speaker 3 (25:39):
Hey, I’m, I’m

Speaker 1 (25:40):
Done. Do they have concessions?

Speaker 3 (25:42):
They actually have a cafeteria downstairs. No,

Speaker 1 (25:45):

Speaker 3 (25:46):

Speaker 1 (25:46):
Really? And are there paintings on the wall?

Speaker 3 (25:51):

Speaker 1 (25:52):
Wow. Fountains. It’s a great museum, by the way.

Speaker 9 (25:57):
It’s an excellent museum. But is it the best?

Speaker 1 (26:00):
Well, it’s it, it would rank up there, but

Speaker 3 (26:04):
Detroit’s not the destination city that it was voted to be. Sure either. So, I mean, why not keep it going?

Speaker 1 (26:10):
Well, oh it, we’ll get to that one. Okay. Okay. But first let’s, where’s this poll come from USA Today. Online poll. USA Today is Gnet,

Speaker 3 (26:19):

Speaker 1 (26:21):
That’s the biggest paper. That’s the flagship. And the second biggest paper is the

Speaker 3 (26:26):
New York Times

Speaker 1 (26:26):
Detroit Free Press. Free Press. Okay. In that, so something tells me every time one of these comes out, we’ve voted the best that they’re putting it in the paper here and maybe in USA Today. And where else would they be doing at Jackson? Jacksonville or something. You get what I’m saying? Yeah. I got you. This thing skewed. So

Speaker 3 (26:46):
Most polls are

Speaker 1 (26:47):
So, Kirby, you’ve been to lots of museums. You like art museums, huh? Yeah. She said, yeah, I’m just, she don’t want any traceability here. How about, have you been to the Guggenheim in New York? You like that one? It’s really nice. It’s really like Curly Q. It’s like a cake. I mean, that one’s pretty good. How about the Met You? You can go,

Speaker 9 (27:13):
Oh, uhoh

Speaker 1 (27:15):
Cuomo’s people, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. That’s the best one. My opinion. And you get a nice class of Pinot Grigio on the roof in the summer. It’s, it’s beautiful.

Speaker 3 (27:26):
Don’t do that. Mark,

Speaker 1 (27:28):
What about the She’ll kill you? What about the MoMA Museum of Modern Art, New York?

Speaker 3 (27:31):
She’s been that

Speaker 1 (27:32):
Thing’s awesome, right? Yes. Right. Yep. Yep. How about, you’ve been to the MoMA in la I’m sorry, the museum Honor Martin Los Angeles. Another beautiful one. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. How about the Getty? You been to the Getty? Oh, now that one’s up on the hill. That one is that one. Like I

Speaker 3 (27:53):
Feel so uncultured.

Speaker 9 (27:54):
Yeah. Yeah. But you raised the culture that counts.

Speaker 1 (27:59):
What about the Art Institute of Chicago?

Speaker 9 (28:01):

Speaker 1 (28:02):
Haven’t. Oh, it’s, oh, it’s top notch. Any other ones?

Speaker 9 (28:07):
I wish

Speaker 3 (28:08):
What was

Speaker 1 (28:09):

Speaker 3 (28:10):
Now wait, wait a minute. The, what was the museum? I can’t, I can’t remember. Nevermind.

Speaker 1 (28:17):
Anyway, I know it’s Boston. How about the National Gallery?

Speaker 9 (28:20):
There you go. Yeah. DC Yeah.

Speaker 1 (28:21):
Yeah. Well, okay, so I mean, DIA’s. Awesome. I’m glad it’s

Speaker 3 (28:25):
Smithsonians won too. Technically.

Speaker 1 (28:27):
Yeah, I would say you’re right there. I mean, and I will support it when taxes on my home to the day I die. But I mean, let’s come on folks.

Speaker 9 (28:35):
Important. But is it the best

Speaker 1 (28:37):
Stop being Homers? Yeah. Stop being tricked on everything. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (28:41):
Well, we’re so desperate for validation. I mean, we really are. And we have been thirsty, I think is the appropriate word. And so they’re just feeding it. It also aligns, too, with everybody’s validation of the narrative that’s been pushed. Oh, we’re getting better. Everything’s fine. The water’s colder. The grass is greener. So this is just, okay, let’s just add some fuel to the fire. The

Speaker 1 (29:06):
Riverwalk is better. The Detroit

Speaker 3 (29:08):
Riverwalk is, it is much better.

Speaker 1 (29:10):
It’s not bad.

Speaker 3 (29:11):
We finally took advantage of it as opposed to putting casinos on it as it was once proposed.

Speaker 1 (29:16):
It’s not bad.

Speaker 3 (29:17):
It’s not bad. It’s good that we’re using

Speaker 1 (29:19):
It. It’s not bad. I mean, it ends up at the Uniroyal site, you know what I mean? The Brownfield at the end when you go north, and I don’t even, was it ends it the Joe or the industrial shit by the bridge that was voted by this online pole as the best Riverwalk in America.

Speaker 3 (29:36):
Was that USA Today too? Yeah. Was that the same

Speaker 1 (29:38):
Walk you ever been to San Antonio? Yeah. Oh, Google that one.

Speaker 9 (29:42):
Love the Riverwalk there. Yeah, it’s

Speaker 1 (29:44):
Like Venice.

Speaker 9 (29:45):
It’s really nice. You know what I

Speaker 1 (29:45):
Mean? Riverside Park in New York, upper West Side. Yeah. Grant’s tomb. It’s always Oh wow. Awesome. Or the Hudson River Walkway in lower Manhattan. Or the Brooklyn Walkway in Brooklyn where you can see the bridges. Gorgeous.

Speaker 9 (30:03):
I’m a big fan of New Orleans, new

Speaker 1 (30:04):
Orleans, Mississippi there. Yep. The old, what would you call that architecture, that colonial. Sure. Yeah. I mean

Speaker 9 (30:12):
That’s, I’m not an architecture. Can’t

Speaker 3 (30:14):
Make it up.

Speaker 1 (30:14):
Marle River. It’s pretty hip.

Speaker 3 (30:16):
Yeah. Yes it is. And it’s green this weekend.

Speaker 1 (30:18):
Oh, is it?

Speaker 3 (30:19):
Yeah. They dye at green for St. Patty’s Day every year. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (30:21):
It’s fucking brown every other

Speaker 9 (30:23):
Day. Charlie.

Speaker 3 (30:24):
But again, Charlie, it’s like,

Speaker 1 (30:26):
What about Savannah, Georgia?

Speaker 9 (30:28):
Beautiful. Love that river. Lacrosse. Wisconsin has a good one too. Did it only cause I was just there? Yeah.

Speaker 1 (30:34):

Speaker 9 (30:35):
It’s my

Speaker 3 (30:36):
2 cents. No, I was just saying a, again, it’s that we have, our two steps are just so major for us that it’s like, okay, let’s pat everybody on the back. We’ve finally done something with the assets and the resources that we have. Let’s make everybody feel good about

Speaker 1 (30:53):
It. Yeah, yeah. But campus marshes is not a top.

Speaker 3 (30:56):
No, it’s not

Speaker 1 (30:58):
20 public square. I mean, not a top 50. And somehow that was voted best.

Speaker 9 (31:04):
Yep. There it is. Number one.

Speaker 10 (31:05):
It’s not even a square, it’s just a little bitty circle in the middle of a already tight

Speaker 9 (31:10):
Street. Oh, there you are with your technicalities. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (31:13):
What are you looking at? Some horrific skeleton building. 1001 Woodward from the seventies camp. What is that camper building? A vacant light that Gilbert won’t fix. The Cadillac tower

Speaker 3 (31:30):
And no people

Speaker 1 (31:32):
Wall bridge. That green bullshit.

Speaker 9 (31:34):
What? You hit the nail on the head there. No people, but

Speaker 3 (31:37):
There are no people even driving down. It’s like there are no people. But this feeds into how in school now they’re telling kids. Okay, everybody gets a certificate. No, if you lose or you don’t win or you don’t get an A, you should not get a certificate. This is the same thing. Well, we

Speaker 9 (31:51):
Just got three.

Speaker 3 (31:53):
Did you earn it though, Clark?

Speaker 9 (31:55):

Speaker 1 (31:55):
Brian Square Park, New York City. Oh, beautiful. Battery Park, New York City, central Park. New York City. Boston Commons. Boston, San Francisco, city Square, pike Place in Seattle, Washington. Jackson Square in New Orleans. The National Mall. Yeah. Savannah, Georgia again. Yeah. I

Speaker 9 (32:14):
Mean, yeah, I’d rather be in any of those places.

Speaker 1 (32:16):
Hey, I ain’t dogging it, man. This is my home I love,

Speaker 3 (32:20):
But be honest, do

Speaker 1 (32:21):
Not fuck with me.

Speaker 3 (32:23):
But beating up. But be honest though. I mean that’s like telling somebody that you find unattractive, that they’re beautiful.

Speaker 9 (32:30):
Oh, the most beautiful

Speaker 3 (32:31):
Or the

Speaker 9 (32:32):
Most beautiful. I wouldn’t have a problem if they put us 10th. I mean, that’d be nice. Mark.

Speaker 1 (32:35):
Yes. You’re

Speaker 9 (32:35):
Beautiful. I know. Thank you. Be Mark alone. I’m the most beautiful and handsome.

Speaker 1 (32:42):
Have you, you lost some weight in your neck?

Speaker 9 (32:45):
No, I’ve been adding onto it. Oh,

Speaker 1 (32:47):
Just sticking chin out. It’s gone. Just walk around. This

Speaker 9 (32:53):
That’s supposed to matter.

Speaker 3 (32:54):
What is it wrong with you all

Speaker 9 (32:55):
Sounds so much.

Speaker 1 (32:57):
Okay, so that’s the bullshit I’m writing about. I’m trying to get I got you. I’m trying to get it formulated. I know this Dugin state of the city speech about the billions we’re giving away to these billionaires are not giveaways. It’s

Speaker 3 (33:13):
My column tomorrow.

Speaker 1 (33:14):
Is it? Oh,

Speaker 9 (33:15):
Good preview.

Speaker 1 (33:15):
We are doing shit. We’re like symbiotic. You’re on two mom on

Speaker 3 (33:19):
Wednesday. We think differently. But we think alike. Yeah, we do. And people always say, how do you and Charlie get along? It’s like, I respect the fact of who Charlie is. And like you said at the early part of the show, I know Charlie’s heart. He’s eccentric, he’s fearless, and you have a different approach, but your heart is in the right place.

Speaker 1 (33:38):
Wasn’t this about our minds?

Speaker 3 (33:39):
Yeah, our minds too. We think alike.

Speaker 1 (33:43):
As long as I think you my mind’s in the right place. But yeah, I mean we give GM 3.5 billion just to stay here. And when in the last economic collapse and they’re going to guarantee us some jobs. We give them a billion for their battery plants and Lansing and stuff. I don’t even know how much we gain for the Hamtramck plant giving these people their profit. And then what do we get after the promises? There won’t be layoffs. What do they drop last Friday?

Speaker 3 (34:16):
Voluntary Buyouts. Buyouts.

Speaker 1 (34:19):
And if we don’t get enough volunteers, you don’t get laid off. Right? 58,000 American workers. Yep. 58,000. About 40,000 of them live here in Michigan. No, no. I’m no Homer for this company anymore. I’m homers for the people that work for ’em, homeless, for the people that make their living there. I didn’t even want to say the stockholder than I probably am, but we’re just being hustled.

Speaker 3 (34:50):
But think about too, the story you did, Charlie, when you guys actually went down to the GM building, it was empty. There’s no, people keep forgetting. You’re building all this stuff. You’re making all these promises. We aren’t rebuilding the population, which was an early promise of this administration. Yeah. There are no people that are coming and the people that are here are trying to figure out how to leave. The stability isn’t there.

Speaker 1 (35:12):
And this mayor sits there and he quotes stats like 7% unemployment when 40% of adults dropped out of the workforce. This is no miracle. Or he talks about skyscraper moves on or he talks about the The Detroit, what district We gave money and property and we’re given more and more. They don’t have a list of what this costs us because they don’t want us to know.

Speaker 3 (35:40):
That’s what they said.

Speaker 1 (35:41):
But we know Michigan gives out more cash than any state that from this program and from this program, when you go through the comprehensive annual financial review, thank you. The Caffer report. Some of us do like to go through that, that you’ll find out that of our peer cities, we lose more taxes of this bullshit than Memphis or Columbus. You know what I mean? This, we’re dying out here and you’re pretending it’s all working. And you’re now seeing the international banking system because it starts here. Yep. It’s rumbling. It’s starting to collapse. We got to bail these fucks out too.

Speaker 10 (36:18):
It’s like bad money after bad money. It’s continuous. It just never stops. And the ones paying it out our pocket in the end of the day, we’re not getting no return on it.

Speaker 3 (36:27):
And many people feel that despite having to pay out and create these things. And you’ll see this based on the lady I talked to for the column yesterday. A lot of people don’t feel like any of it is to their benefit.

Speaker 1 (36:40):
I did the calculation. We emerged some bankruptcy in 2014. So the first year had a bankruptcy adjusted for inflation. We had higher revenue, higher tax collection than we do in 2023. We had less tax collection in 2019 than we did in 2015. But still more than 2023. You get it. The only way to grow, the only way a city functions is through property tax. And we don’t have it. 10% of our tax, our revenue for our budget is from fucking property tax. New York’s is 55%.

Speaker 10 (37:16):
Wow. This

Speaker 1 (37:17):
Is voodoo. I’m telling you. You can see. Feel it now.

Speaker 3 (37:21):
But see, Charlie, this is a little bit off, but that’s also another one of your strengths. Your degree in economics and your ability to be able to sort through numbers. Everybody else looks for somebody else’s interpretation of the numbers and then they repeat it. That’s different. When I called you the other day, you were like, I’m going through you were talking. I was like, okay. Yes, but dick sucker. But that’s your thing though. I’m just saying you’re able to do that. Not everybody is able, not everybody is willing. Not everybody is committed. That takes a lot of work. I mean, it takes a lot of thought and the ability to discern between all the stuff that you’re being told and those things that either support or counter what you’re being told. Right. Therein laws something that just as you were talking, it just hit me. I was like, that’s what it is. It’s your economics degree.

Speaker 1 (38:07):
Do you see the miracle up there in Min near the Norman Diva between Ferndale and downtown? Do you see the miracle?

Speaker 10 (38:15):
What? Miracle? I mean they put a Myers in, they got a little strip mall. But I don’t see no major miracle happen

Speaker 3 (38:22):
That Myers is strip

Speaker 1 (38:23):
Tax. Do you know the city has gets more of its tax revenue from the casinos than it does from property tax?

Speaker 10 (38:28):
I can totally believe

Speaker 1 (38:29):
It. In a city where we pay the highest property tax in America,

Speaker 10 (38:33):
We didn’t have no resident. You can’t collect from somebody in here.

Speaker 1 (38:35):
So when you’re building a brand new fucking building with the Headly Act, they cap your shit. But when you build something new or buy something, it’s uncapped. We’re missing all this revenue and they’re pretending like nobody wants to invest.

Speaker 3 (38:52):
But it’s the new and shiny that is the distraction. And so people are saying, oh, we got this new building, we’ve got this new whatever, whatever. And that’s supposed to justify or allow you or encourage you to overlook the fact that there’s nothing substantial holding it up. Now

Speaker 1 (39:08):
Let’s go to this. Go ahead,

Speaker 10 (39:09):
Bro. Oh, and on top of that, all the new shiny buildings are damn near empty. They are. They’re not putting nothing in them. They just knew shiny empty buildings, which was explained to me by you, Charlie, again, that they get to even make money off of that.

Speaker 3 (39:26):
Yep. It’s not based on occupancy.

Speaker 1 (39:28):
Yeah. You get to curl him depreciation every year, even if it appreciates in value. That’s the tax law. That’s the Trump law. That’s how it goes. So another thing they did was they told us, Hey, if we redo the personal injury protection on the car insurance, car insurance is too high. So what we’re going to do is allow you to be, have less coverage and that’ll bring your bill down. Not that you’re going to get the same coverage for less. You just can forego your right coverage. If you hurt yourself or get hurt in a car accident for years, that was the law. All your needs will be taken care of. So they sold it to us, we’re going to save money. They knew they were going to throw the injured people off and then they did big business. The insurance companies a big favor where they could play us all. Now, Brian Woodward, are you on the phone, bro?

Speaker 12 (40:25):

Speaker 1 (40:27):
You there brother?

Speaker 12 (40:27):
I mean I, can you hear me?

Speaker 1 (40:31):
Yeah, the connection’s kind of bad. Keep talking. Let me see if I can hear you. Where you at now?

Speaker 12 (40:38):
I’m at university in Michigan Hospital.

Speaker 1 (40:42):
Well, you’re getting, you look a little raggedy. What’s going on with you?

Speaker 12 (40:48):
Yeah. That comes from not living at home because of the no fault law.

Speaker 1 (40:53):
How’s that work out? I mean, I know how, but some people listening might not know this, bro.

Speaker 12 (40:59):
Yeah. Well, I was working as a contractor to, for motor company and the no fault law took place and couldn’t half my benefits. And I had to lose my job and couldn’t live in my house because I couldn’t pay my caregivers and got put in a nursing home. And nursing home didn’t take care of me good enough. So I ended up in the University of Michigan Hospital trying to get that thing so I can go back to a home and that Great.

Speaker 1 (41:36):
So you’re like doing poorly and that’s why you’re in the hospital to see if they can revive you and then send you back to the hell hole you live in.

Speaker 12 (41:46):
Yes, that is correct. I am doing poorly and I was doing wonderfully through the old no fall law. But the new no faller was when they reformed it, they failed, failed us. They failed to Michigan people actually, because there’s a lot of people out there that don’t know what will happen to them once they hit a catastrophic crash because they’re going to get put in a nursing home and with not a whole lot of hope for the future.

Speaker 1 (42:22):
Don’t worry. People don’t die in nursing homes, I’m told in Michigan,

Speaker 3 (42:27):

Speaker 1 (42:29):
So the Supreme Court just heard your case whereby the appellate court has held up that anybody that was previously covered under the own old law should continue to have their coverage. Is that correct?

Speaker 12 (42:49):
The it’s, it shouldn’t have been retroactive. That’s what the Abelli court applied to us at all.

Speaker 1 (42:58):
Right. So let’s hope the Supreme Court will come back with the decision. Hopefully they’re going to uphold that and we’ll know sometime in June, right?

Speaker 12 (43:07):
Yes. If they we’re looking. But they will do. And then I’ll be able to get some caregivers and get back home because my homes just sitting there waiting for me to come back.

Speaker 1 (43:26):
I want to just point out to the audience thanks for your patience with the reception because it’s not like Brian can get up and go look for a better spot to stand in. You understand? Well,

Speaker 3 (43:36):

Speaker 12 (43:38):

Speaker 3 (43:38):
But you know what? I want to say this. Remember the last time we talked to Brian, I mean he has the best spirit of anybody that we’ve talked to. But can you tell the difference in, I mean, you can tell that he has not been cared for in the same way. Brian was energetic, he was laughing, he was

Speaker 1 (43:55):
Was shaving,

Speaker 3 (43:56):
He was pushing back on your terrible jokes. I mean, all of those things. And you can tell he’s just not 200% himself. And I’m sorry to hear that, Brian. I mean, I really am.

Speaker 12 (44:08):
Yeah, thank you.

Speaker 1 (44:09):
Well, that’s why we called you brother because we love you, man.

Speaker 12 (44:15):
But I’m like Mark too. I’m putting out a few extra pounds.

Speaker 1 (44:20):
It’s fucked up. You still have

Speaker 3 (44:21):
Weight here? He is.

Speaker 1 (44:23):
Your neck is skinnier.

Speaker 12 (44:27):
I don’t know mine. Mine’s, mine’s 19 and a half. What’s your smart

Speaker 1 (44:31):
Like 29? I don’t know. Okay, wait a minute. Do me a favor, red, if you can give me a split screen. Well, we can look at Mark’s neck and Brian’s neck. Do

Speaker 3 (44:40):
We have to do

Speaker 1 (44:41):
That? Yeah, why not? And in Mark’s defense, he is a narcoleptic. Is that really much? That’s not much

Speaker 3 (44:48):
Defense. Hey, take me out of that.

Speaker 1 (44:50):
Let’s, let’s get that shot for, there’s a four shot there. I don’t know if that’ll No, I need two shot you and Brian. Let me see it. All right. Let me work on it.

Speaker 3 (44:57):
Mark and Brian. I

Speaker 1 (44:58):
Need to work on that. You need to work on it. It’s two buttons.

Speaker 3 (45:02):
Says the person on the other side of the board.

Speaker 1 (45:04):
I wish it was two buttons. Well, that’s great. Why

Speaker 10 (45:07):
He setting that up? Just a small anecdote here, Charlie, but Brian editing equipment in

Speaker 3 (45:12):
Brian, I I want to make sure you don’t lose your spirit and your hope, Brian. I really hope that they don’t take that away from you.

Speaker 12 (45:21):
No, they can’t take my hope.

Speaker 3 (45:23):

Speaker 12 (45:23):
That’s for sure. And my faith, they can’t take that either because that’s in Jesus Christ. So good. I’m good there.

Speaker 3 (45:30):
Brian said he wants some American Coney island. He was looking forward to coming down and having lunch with us today. But he’s still in the hospital.

Speaker 1 (45:36):
Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 12 (45:37):
Yes, that’s true.

Speaker 3 (45:40):
Just send him a Coney kit. How

Speaker 1 (45:42):
Do you eat a Coney? Brian? You’re a quadriplegic. How would you even eat a coney down?

Speaker 12 (45:48):
I make somebody very jealous while they’re feeding me.

Speaker 1 (45:52):
Okay. Well that this is important though. This is important. You could tell this is a vivacious and lovely brother of ours and he needs help to hold a hotdog, ladies and gentlemen. And we did this to him. I it’s unconscionable to me. You know what I mean? I might be not be the nicest person, but I know that’s wrong.

Speaker 3 (46:15):
Yeah, it is.

Speaker 10 (46:17):
And I want to ask you, Brian, what are they telling you it’s going to be any changes or what are they telling you to expect in the future with this?

Speaker 1 (46:24):
We told you it was the Supreme Court’s going to decide.

Speaker 3 (46:26):
And you think about even when the decision is rendered in June, it’s going to take time. You think about people Oh yeah. That have fallen out of the workforce. Yeah. The fact that finding caregivers was already a challenge,

Speaker 1 (46:38):
That these centers that took care of people like Brian closed

Speaker 3 (46:40):
Down. They’ve closed down. So that gap is also going to have a negative impact as Well’s

Speaker 1 (46:46):
Fucked up now.

Speaker 12 (46:47):
Yeah, you’re absolutely right, Karen. Because the home care companies there, so many of ’em went out of business and their employees had to find different jobs. So they’re kind of sticking with those other jobs and not coming back to a home care business. And we’re kind of scrambling to see if we can get some of those back to get started. They got, and we’re still kind of, I mean, we’re pretty positive about the Supreme Court, but there’s always an if there.

Speaker 1 (47:24):
Yep. Right. Hey, who dyes your hair?

Speaker 12 (47:28):
This is all natural.

Speaker 1 (47:29):
Is it

Speaker 3 (47:30):
Really? He’s jealous. Brian. So jealous. Charlie’s jealous. I’m jealous too.

Speaker 1 (47:34):
Well, I got more of it, so I’m not that jealous. But

Speaker 3 (47:36):
His is black. Yours is gray.

Speaker 1 (47:38):
His is black jet

Speaker 12 (47:40):
Black. Yeah. My forehead’s getting taller though.

Speaker 3 (47:47):
Brian. You need a TikTok. I really think that you, seriously, I think you need to talk to somebody about that.

Speaker 12 (47:56):
Right? Actually I do have a TikTok out there.

Speaker 3 (47:59):
Do you really? You got a tick?

Speaker 1 (48:01):
Oh yeah. A bunch of dancing videos. I’m sure

Speaker 3 (48:06):
Charlie. Yeah,

Speaker 12 (48:07):
There’s, there’s only a boat. There’s only about five of ’em, but they’re out there.

Speaker 3 (48:13):
Okay, we’re going to have to look Brian up on TikTok.

Speaker 1 (48:15):
Hey Brian,

Speaker 12 (48:16):
Are you here? Yeah, it’s under four wheel Brian.

Speaker 3 (48:19):
Four wheel. Brian. Okay, thanks.

Speaker 1 (48:20):
I I’m writing that down. Yeah, not

Speaker 12 (48:22):

Speaker 1 (48:22):
I actually got it. Write that down.

Speaker 3 (48:24):
Brian. I’m sorry. Oh, Brian. Yeah. Four. Okay. Thank you.

Speaker 1 (48:27):
All right. Well Brian, we’ll keep in touch. Let us know when you get out. We’ll meet down here for some dogs. Okay, bruh.

Speaker 3 (48:36):
He, Brian, that was good. Brian enjoyed when you came up there. Brought him all the

Speaker 1 (48:40):
Stuff I was going to come up today, but yeah,

Speaker 3 (48:41):
He really enjoyed that.

Speaker 1 (48:43):
I was going to be in there today, but it kind of, it’s okay. Karen dissuaded me from such a thing and

Speaker 12 (48:49):
Yeah, that was great when you came up the special tree. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (48:53):
We, the ball that

Speaker 12 (48:54):
Day. He was happy. He had some secret admirers that were hiding around the corner trying

Speaker 3 (48:59):
King fix. Oh, stalkers, huh?

Speaker 1 (49:01):
Yeah. Now let me just, in that case, that whole luncheon for the whole home and facility was brought to you by American Co Grace Corn Go Carros at American Coney Island. Yeah. Really spectacular person. She is really, really gives back to this community and has without Bat Island some of the best commercials out there like this one.

Speaker 13 (49:27):
I don’t know why I’m in the desert in my underpins. I don’t know why these wolves are following me, but I need sauce odds. A good wiener is hard to find, so make sure you treat it kind sauce odd. You may run with a pack, but everything ain’t meant to be said Satar. No need to cross the desert. No need to cross a mile who these rules be. Get back bitch salsa. Order a Coney Kid directly to your

Speaker 3 (50:20):
So we got to look at next and bridge.

Speaker 1 (50:24):

Speaker 3 (50:25):
Get at lunchtime,

Speaker 1 (50:26):
No less. Get the next shot together. I just want, before we wrap up, there’s a lot going on economically in this country. And Thursday, tune in. We’re going to do an economic special, one of the former managing directors of U S B. It’s a very big firm. And of course our socialist professor of economics, Richard Wolf. Yeah. That’s going to be who grew up in Akron, but talks with a Bronx accent. I can’t understand it,

Speaker 14 (50:54):
But I put my glasses

Speaker 1 (50:56):
On. Two brilliant minds. But here’s what’s going on with Silicon Valley Bank and the contagion that they’re trying to hold out here. Pretty simple.

Banks make money. You put your money in, then the bank invests it and makes money. They got to put it in some safe stuff. They don’t speculate. So they do, they bought long-term treasury bonds, 10 year bonds. Those things were given like 1% interest. Right? And even the New York Times saying that now, but because of the ridiculous American Recovery Act, a $2 trillion sugar jolt to the economy, inflation starts to run away. The Fed says we got to raise interest rates to lower economic activity. So you can’t afford to borrow money. When the Fed raises rates, the price of bonds goes up. You demand more interest. Currently a two year bond is going for four and a half percent. So the bank saddled with 1%. You can get four and a half percent. So naturally the depositor’s like, Hey, yo, dude, you’re giving me one half or 1%. I want my fucking money. We can’t get your money. It’s tied up into bonds. Well, I want it now. So what does the bank have to do? They have to sell those bonds. A thousand dollars bond and 1% interest is $1,010,

But now interest is five. So that’s $1,050. It’s underwater. Yeah. So why the fuck would I want to buy your bond? I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll buy your bond, but I’m going to make my 50 so you can sell the bond to me for 960 bucks. Follow me so far. So the bank’s now got to take a $40 bath times that by fucking trillions get it? Yep. So now what’s the fed going to do? Inflation’s still going up. Banks are locked in these long term instruments. We’re in a, my mother, my mother called me today.

Speaker 14 (53:06):
Good morning, honey. I’m, I’m telling bother you so early in the morning, but can you explain to me what a basis point is?

Speaker 1 (53:15):
My mom, 80 year old pensioner alone in her house, the TV’s freaking her out.

Speaker 14 (53:24):

Speaker 3 (53:25):

Speaker 1 (53:26):
That’s why she enjoys the blackouts. Peace of mind probably. Right? Exactly. You’re right. 50 basis points. I go a basis point is 100 basis points is a dollar, it’s 1%. And a basis point is a penny, right? So it’s 100th of 1%. Okay? So a hundred basis points is 1%, one basis point is 100th of a percent. That’s all, that’s what it means. So is the inflation still going up? Didn’t work what the Fed did. Are they going to raise interest rates again? Because if they do, then all the shit the banks are holding is even more worthless. What the fuck are we doing?

Speaker 3 (54:10):
I don’t know. Charlie,

Speaker 1 (54:10):
You want to know what to do? Listen to me. I went to my bank about four weeks ago and I’m like, I thought I was clever because I went about eight weeks ago and I got into a new cd. They’re giving me 2%. The average CD in America gives you one and a half percent. I’m getting two. I call my guy that manages my money in New York. He goes, I can get you 4 67. You get me fucking 4 67 motherfucker. I go to my bank, I go pull it. I want to pull it, pull

Speaker 3 (54:43):
It. And they said it.

Speaker 1 (54:45):
We’ll give you 4.8. 4.8. I’m like, you can negotiate your interest rate. I didn’t know that. And the guy says everything’s negotiable. Oh

Speaker 3 (54:55):
Yeah. Yeah. What kind of bank you

Speaker 1 (54:56):
Dealing with? I just made 280% just by the threat of points. Just by, it’s called leverage, right? Because I didn’t notice, but we they’re all worried. Yeah. We’re going to pull our shit. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (55:08):
Thanks for that, Charlie. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (55:09):
They brother, they, they’re willing to promise you more to keep you from pulling right now.

Speaker 3 (55:13):
Yeah. Cause of course they, they’re not the, they’re not paying much at all. I mean, they’re not. And so it’s like, okay, what’s the advantage? And Kirby’s been talking about this for some time in terms of the banks and where your money should go, where it should be. We’ve talked about it here on the show. And whether you have a decent amount of money, a very little bit mo of money, whatever, this is a conversation we all need to have. Yeah, we do. Like what next? Because how does it impact everybody? And it does.

Speaker 1 (55:42):
We’re smaller people. I’m going to say it again. Come on. This is brotherly community advice whether you got a hundred bucks. Hey, Charlie. Yeah, bro.

Speaker 12 (55:52):
Can yeah, can I speak the c c A with the nofo?

Speaker 1 (56:00):
What? His connections Crap. Your connections Crap.

Speaker 12 (56:05):
The M C C A. The M C.

Speaker 1 (56:09):
No, we’re not doing that. He wants to do M C A. He wants to give a shout out.

Speaker 3 (56:15):
He wants to say something about them. Let him say while

Speaker 1 (56:17):
He’s there. But his connection, shit.

Speaker 3 (56:19):
Well that’s because you’re talking over it.

Speaker 1 (56:21):
No, it’s not. It’s because his connection is shit.

Speaker 12 (56:25):
Yeah, go

Speaker 1 (56:26):

Speaker 12 (56:26):
Receptionist. But the, the M C A gave away that $400 and they gambled our money in the stock market lost another 20. So now they won’t have everybody pay more for,

Speaker 1 (56:45):
Okay, pause it there. I got it. Basically the insurance fund that no fault fund with the 20 billion

Speaker 3 (56:54):
That we pay into,

Speaker 1 (56:55):
They lost. They allow us the ass in the market. Everybody’s losing their ass in the market. So now when our rates are supposed to go down, they’re actually going up. Is this right? Nod your head, bro. Yes. Yes. Okay. That’s that in Indeed. But here’s what you can do up to $10,000. Get the I bond I is for inflation. They will pay you 1% plus the rate of inflation. So currently an IBAN is yielding about 7% interest. You can sell it after one year with a slight penalty.

Speaker 3 (57:32):
What’s light?

Speaker 1 (57:33):
It is the last three months of interest. Okay. At 7% you’ll winner. Okay. After five years, there’s no penalty whatsoever. And you can let it play out for 30. Okay. It’s a fucking winner do it. But we will fully explore the macroeconomic outlook for the United States. And don’t forget Saturday. Oh yeah. Eight o’clock

Speaker 12 (58:04):
Big day

Speaker 1 (58:06):
Andiamo showroom here in Warren, Michigan. Do we have to white boy Rick Unplugged, featuring yours truly as the moderator. Any tickets left? Very few. Check it out. Go to andiamo or Ticketmaster

Speaker 3 (58:23):
Or just show up and I’m sure they’ll let, if you have money in hand, they’ll find you a

Speaker 1 (58:27):
Seat. They’ll bust a couple tables in me. Right? It should be good.

Speaker 9 (58:31):
It will be good. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (58:32):
Yeah. You going?

Speaker 9 (58:33):
Yeah, I’m going to, yeah,

Speaker 1 (58:34):
Man, I’ve been working ass off trying to I know you have, I’m trying to get his people to get us some video clips. They couldn’t get ’em to do it, so I got my people to Oh yeah,

Speaker 3 (58:41):
There’s, there’s the OG that just walked in the room.

Speaker 1 (58:45):
All right. Thanks for that. All right. Anyway, thanks for being here, Brian. Love you, dude. We’ll see you soon.

Speaker 3 (58:51):
Bye Brian. Take care. We’ll be in touch.

Speaker 12 (58:55):

Speaker 9 (58:56):
I think he said I love you too.

Speaker 1 (58:58):
God, thanks.

Speaker 9 (59:00):
He needs to get home so he has a better internet connection than

Speaker 1 (59:02):
The Yeah. Get home. Get home. See you.

Speaker 3 (59:04):
He thought he was going to go home yesterday, so he’s trying. Oh,

Speaker 1 (59:06):
Good. Okay. And whatever you’re doing with that neck, just, just email mark and give him some workout

Speaker 3 (59:10):

Speaker 9 (59:12):
I finally got that two shot for you.

Speaker 1 (59:13):
Oh, do it, do it. Oh, there we go. Oh

Speaker 3 (59:16):
Yeah, he looks better. Ah, and on that note, wait a

Speaker 1 (59:18):
Minute. Wait,

Speaker 9 (59:18):
Look. What, what?

Speaker 1 (59:19):
Wait, move the mic. Look. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Brian. Mark what? He looks better than you. I know he does. Oh my God. I got to get off that shot. Oh, boy. You missed it. I’m a I’m going to be over there. Good Friday. And lay some hands on you, brother. Keep the fate. You never know. All right. That’s true. You don’t. You never know. All right everybody. Peace. See you Thursday.


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