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I make no apologies. I bend no knee.

I reserve the right to use words of my choosing.

Misogynist: An abuser of women.

Is that a male reporter who uses coarse language?

Is that two women of political power who allegedly conspire to defraud a brain damaged elderly woman? 

Or is it the partisan political press who actively engage in covering for their political patrons?

I’m for the elderly woman.

See You Next Tuesday.


My old boy’s getting old now. The yellow round is snouts gone to gray. His elbows are worn out in the patches. His eyes are runny and glassy. He’s limping since he got hit by that car. It’s been a fateful companion. Now he’s fading. I’m keeping a spot for him in the garden so he can always be in nearby. I hope he goes gently into the of the night so I don’t have to shoot him. Let him always know you care. Give us a like, leave a comment, subscribe anywhere you get your podcast and don’t forget to turn on the notification button. It mean a lot to him and me.

Hope I don’t have to shoot him live downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News Hour with my main man. Only live from downtown Detroit is the no bullshit news hour with Charlie. Look, Duff. No bullshit. Just breaking. Double more bullshit. Double more bullshit. What’s that, Charlie? Yeah. Well the old boy went on Sunday. Oh, I’m sorry. You went quietly. Just went to sleep. I didn’t want to grieve publicly. I don’t want any sympathies since everybody’s tearing up my ass, but give us a thumbs up share. He’s a faithful boy. He is real fat of the show. He is been on it and God rest you Rupert. But I didn’t really want to deal with anybody because getting my ass torn up. I’m not getting my ass torn up. No, you aren’t, Charlie. So I mean you’re not, the deal is on Saturday either I resigned or I was terminated from my column at the Detroit News, which it’s neither here nor there. That’s inside baseball and I don’t want to litigate private conversations, but yeah, I’m apparently inappropriate. Misogynistic towards the attorney general. Yeah.

Says who? Well, that’s the part where you go, where you set it up and go like, well look, Thursday, we laid out to you this case about the old woman who’s being abused in the nursing home and it’s allegedly trying to bill her estate. The woman’s nursing home bill is $20,000 in arrears and the person trying to supposedly taken care of her isn’t and is trying to build the insurance company for $50,000 in services towards the woman that the nursing home alleges. Didn’t happen. Okay. That’s the treasurer of Democratic Party and a friend of Dana Nas and the governors. So we wrote it as you know, and the Attorney general’s office opened an investigation, closed it, and half a year later I got ahold of the documents. The attorney general’s own director of financial crimes

Put out a big

Statement saying the attorney general’s not to know about it. The Attorney General’s not to inquire about it, do not talk to her about it. She may not see the files. We find out she did. She was talking to the suspect of an active criminal investigation trying to find out if it’s closed and how her friend get the documents and two weeks later it’s closed only to find out. Two weeks after that, another law enforcement agency has opened a case concerning Corak, the woman, and quite possibly many others.


Alright. So Nestle puts out a statement, very weird. It’s a press release. Nothing to me like of all the mistakes. That’s where we

Left it. One without no retractions, not asking for retraction or correction because it was a very well-sourced story that you wrote the column.

I thought so.

Well, the evidence is there. You talked to the whistleblower, had him on the show.

Yeah, we saw Joe last week. So

Just so

How this thing laid out before I tell you how there’s going to be no apology,


Whatsoever is Friday morning. This comes out from the publisher and editor of Detroit News. Gary Miles, who writes to this isn’t in the paper, I don’t believe, and it was in a newsletter and it was tweeted, but it was never


He wrote on Friday morning, good morning. At 3 28 Wednesday, I received an email from the acting legal counsel representing Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel alleging errors and Charlotte Do’s Wednesday column. This piece laid out how Nestle had breached an internal legal firewall as her office investigated Tracy Cornac, a Nestle friend for alleged billing irregularities in the care of a West Michigan patient. Because I was moving between meetings, I hadn’t yet opened the email when at 3 53 Nestle’s office sent to 30,531 press release subscribers, a missive entitled Department of Attorney General responds to incorrect claims published by the Detroit News. In letter to editor Gary Miles, he goes on this unusually legalistic public and personal approach to pointing out alleged mistakes, was curious, but did not alter our process of immediately reviewing the peace for possible errors. We have found none. We did find at least two false or misleading statements in the ag office’s letter, which I have pointed out in a reply that I will send today. The balance of the ag counsel’s letter espouses that Nestle’s intercession did not violate the firewall, nor did it pressure her staff to close the investigation she was inquiring about with urgency

Worthy of additional scrutiny is a postscript of sorts. On the press release, it asserts that pieces published in the opinion section are not held to a new standard of accuracy and are not required to be grounded by in any facts. I don’t know whose editorial standards Nestle’s office was citing, but it certainly wasn’t citing ours. We do expect commentary to be grounded in facts. In fact, the false or misleading statements in the letter the ags office sent to us render it ineligible to run on our opinion pages as a letter to the editor. We do expect a grounding in facts. Charlie’s columns lives up to that expectation and then some.

So what was the problem?

So then that’s not appearing. That’s not good enough for me. So I posted it with the note. The jury is in Madam Attorney General. See you next Tuesday, which creates an internal shit storm. See you next Tuesday. An acronym. CUNT Cunt.

Except you did spelled out SEE

Uu, but spelled out. Lot of people

Did not know what

It meant. I had no idea. I really didn’t. And so I said, is that a suburban thing? Is that, what is it? Because I didn’t know what it was. I called Mark and we talked about it. I had no idea.

Okay, the cloud runs up Tuesday too. Clever by half because if I want to use the word, I’m going to use the word, no one ever gave me a award for being debonair from around here. I’m rough, I’m coarse. But if I want to use that word, I will use it. I’m not afraid to use it and you’ll know what I use it and I reserve the right to use it.

What does that word mean to you, Charlie?

What does cunt mean to me?

Yeah. And I am only asking because I mean obviously there people are fitted by. I’m just saying. What does it

Mean to you? I didn’t use it. First of all, you not. I want to.

Okay. You did not. Alright.

Okay. Is a detestable person, guy or gal? I don’t care what gal say. I use it. I call him a con.


Know when I use it, right? But I’m using a double entendre here.


Runs on two. I’m not making excuse what I meant by it was fuck you all period. You’re liars. There’s something corrupt and contemptible going on in there, right? All of you, whether your name is Dana or Danny or Zach or Chad or anybody in on the group ripping off an old lady. I’ll see you next Tuesday.


Okay. Now I didn’t get to see you next Tuesday.

I was on

Everybody else’s programs seeing you next Tuesday, but it’s Thursday.

You didn’t say where. You just said, I’ll see you next Tuesday. So okay. I was still good.


When the column usually runs.

Yeah, I know. Well, it posts online on Tuesday.

I’m not bending a knee and look. So I tell my friends, they’re like you okay? You lost a job. I didn’t lose a job that was peanuts. I put all kinds of work into it. You and I got ’em a shitload of subscriptions. It’s something to actually read where we don’t bend a knee. I’m not bending a knee. There’s an old woman who wears a hockey helmet to bed. She’s 90 years old and her estate is being emptied out and nobody wrote a word. Nobody’s followed this.


Not only that. Do you have any idea if anybody from that office replied to Gary’s letter because he said he was going to send it and mention the inaccuracies. Do you have any idea? How would I know?

Well, I don’t know. I

Mean, when you talk to Gary on

Saturday, how would I know about idiots? All I know is

My point being, it’s getting lost her. She’s skating, right? She’s getting away from the stories.

But that’s what a lot of people were saying that okay, fine, if you’re offended by what Charlie said, that’s okay, we get it. But what about the story? What about the accusations? What about this old lady?

What about her inaccuracies?

Her inaccuracies? And like you said, I mean when she responded, she didn’t challenge any of what you said. I mean,

She challenged everything. And I quote, I’m not quoting, I’m going to paraphrase. I lied about it, which you lied about all kinds of shit. You lied about your vacation in Turks and Caicos because none of the political press has asked or pressured her to see some cancel check.

She’s off the hook with that one.

Clarence Thomas, the New York Times goes after him for his rv


He says they paid back the loan. The press keeps banging the drum. The Senate held hearings. Find out he never paid back the loan. Good. He’s corrupt. Got to go. What about on the other side?

Not here.

What about Flint? She’s off the hook with Flint. And the first thing she blew up when she got into office and told everybody it was a political venden and she was going to do it. What about Benton Harbor? Okay, I don’t want to do what abouts, but it shows you the pattern. What has she done? Nothing. Where’s anybody doing anything?

Well, where’s the accountability? Who’s holding her accountable? Who’s holding her feet to the fire? Oh

No. I’ll be accountable. I’ll

Be, I know you will.

I guess I’m accountable. But this comes internally. This was complaints by the political press and I could give two shits. I think they’re garbage. Nobody reads them.

You’ve been a reporter, a journalist for a long time. That to me is odd coming from someone that is technically your colleague. I mean, if they thought it was something wrong and they pick up the phone and say, Hey, Charlie, this is you, but whatever. And then to call for your resignation or firing and they work for the same publication, it’s weak. But that’s concerning to me as a resident from an entity that should be doing something different.

It’s a bullshit move. I’ll say it.

Thank you. I

Don’t have a boss other than you.

Well, no,

I’m real careful. My social media doesn’t list my employer.


That’s my, I’m American. I’m free to say what I want. Fine.

Are you want

To split hair? I am not bending a knee because the last paragraph of that column I wrote is there’s a long running and wide ranging investigation into Ms. Cornac. If they find some things, and I don’t know if they will, and if they find she’s done it to others, and I don’t know if they will, and I don’t know what a forensic accounting’s going to unveil, I don’t know. This could be the end of it. But if they do, well, who’s the misogynist? Who abandoned the woman? Because people call me

All the time

As a man in this community. Not a kid, not an old person. But we have to have some structure and some righteousness. If you call me and you are in need, you’re vulnerable. I try.

You do.

And so far I’ve seen not a word written on this. Only by me. Hey, watch this. It made it all the way to New York. I got calls from New York, it made it all the way to la so it backfired because now I get calls from the New York Times going, what’s going on with this? Now they know. Now I inexpertly did it. I’m not apologizing to these colleagues. You better write something. You better do it honestly, because it’ll come around. I think even if it doesn’t, I would feel worse about myself if I had written inaccurate because I know what they would do. They would call in to question every other thing around here, all this corruption that’s eating us alive. No, I don’t give a fuck.

And it is,

But I do have an apology to make. I do want to apologize to Gary Miles and I want to apologize to Nolan Finlay. I know them to be August

Sober, even keeled world-class journalists. They took me under their wing. They brought me back home. I embarrassed them. I caused them internal stress. They treated me with dignity on this. And for that, I’m sorry. I’ll always be sorry, but I’m not sorry for this because now you know, get to see hit squad, and I want to say this to the, so-called liberals or whatever, the people shouting, misogyny. Misogyny doesn’t have a gender specific thing to it. You could be a woman who allegedly, who’s alleged, who’s accused of abusing an old woman who’s not looking out for it. What’s the worst crime?

So who’s the misogynist?


Wow. Yeah.

Okay. So women I know are getting hit with, I can’t believe it would be the anti Nestle wing of the world. It’s probably pro Nestle hitting people. I know females I know on social media that know me and calling them cunts.

What is this high school?

Yeah, this,

I mean, seriously. That’s pretty elementary to me.

It is. If it’s so

Abhorrent, why are you doing


Yeah. Well, you did it.

I say the servants of

Power, of weak

Of body. They’re weak of spirit. They have average mind. And I dare you pick it up. I’m tired of You want to know why nobody reads these newspapers and don’t write about anything. I get corruption 16 years after it happened, or this former speaker of the house drinking champagne and sleeping with his sister-in-law years after it happened. They’re not doing anything.

And when they wonder why people think they’re elitist or they’re on a different level, looking down the writers, this is a good example as to why. Because you’re chastising somebody.


Not the arbiter of


Just do some reporting. But

That’s on you. That was very strange to me. I mean, that was strange. That’s

Incredibly weird

And unprofessional.

You’re supposed


Be part of a team.

Well, yeah. And they always say they don’t eat their own. I’ve never seen anything like that. You’ve

Been eating something.

This guy obviously,

I’m just like,

I’ve never

Seen need some.

I mean, I know that’s your space.

Believe he’s posting pictures of his angina or his colonoscopy or whatever, you know what I mean? Well, I

Can’t say anything to

That. Did you do that? I have one coming up. Are you going to post the video? God no. No. Gives a shit almost literally. My goodness.

You’ll have a good nap though, mark.

So no, I mean, I hate when people are offended on other people’s behalf


Pretending like

Is. Nobody needs that.

A major

Stain on

The world of journalism. Fuck off. You know what a major stain on the world of journalism is not doing the work other fuck. Yeah. Right.

But this is the other thing. I’m not into the whole holier than now thing. So you’re going to tell me, and I can say this about anybody that’s ever written anything negative about anybody, better or worse. So you’ve never been laid on a bill. You’ve never had an argument with your spouse or significant other. Your friends are all perfect, everybody. No, that’s not the case. So having a pen and a tub of ink doesn’t give you the right to be condescending, negative, subjective, that part of it. I don’t

Anybody that’s writing anything of any relevance is going to get something. Sometime got’s good means you’re doing something right.


Gotten it. Others have gotten it.

And I was shaking my head that time when the same way I’m shaking it now. So I was like,

What? I can give two shits. This is peanuts,


And I’m waiting again. I know a case is going to be brought. I don’t know what politics does. I don’t know if charges are going to be brought. I don’t know if deals are getting made,

But this what Nestle did with Tracy Corak is, again, I’ll say it again. It’s akin to Hunter Biden writing to the attorney General Garrett Merrick Garland saying, Hey, I got a judicial appointment waiting for me in the Ukraine and need my passport back. What’s up with the case? And then Garland rang to special counsel David Weiss saying, Hey, I just talked to a hunter. He needs to know it’s the almost urgency his plane leaves on Saturday. Could you imagine? No, this is what’s going on favors. And if you out there don’t care and the nursing homes go away, this is the same crowd. When I sued the state of Michigan and none of the newspapers, no media in the trick bag, the servants of power joined my lawsuit to get the data what was going on in the nursing homes because we kept children at home and wrecked their lives to protect this group of people. And we come to find out there was no data. It was inaccurate. It’s at least 40% under counted, at least probably double. Probably double. And when the independent audit comes out, they all get, they’re all called in a room by the Whitmer administration and they give the reasons why this is a piece of shit, political hit audit. And they all wrote it and they didn’t see the audit.


This is what’s wrong.

But a $20 million marketing campaign is also not going to make these kinds of things go away and make this place attractive to folks. People want a quality of life where we talked about safety, we talked about protecting our elders. I mean, all of those things that we talk about all the time, it shouldn’t be a crapshoot. And it is.

Yeah. And I mean, anybody want to talk to me? I’ll talk to you and it’s cool. I talked to a guy I know I’ve worked with, know what I mean? Another dude that gets fired from the newspaper because he’s speaking inappropriately to Charles Pugh child molester. Right? Okay. I’ll take exception to this in this way. He wrote about this podcast. I’ve taken a lurch to the right, maybe because some people that have a conservative view like to listen to a middle of the road. And I’m like, again, nothing against conservative points of view. I love my mother, I love my grandparents. It happens when you get older. This bullshit factor goes up. But I advocated for gun control. I thought that if you’re selling long arms, semi-autos, rifles privately to an individual, individual that you should have a background check just like a pistol that passed.

I’m the one, I’m the one that wetmore used in her commercials for, wait a minute, there should be some choice here. Like a 14 year old’s got to carry an uncle’s rape baby. I did that, right? I’m the one that worked during the pandemic when all the media decided to go home to bed and I’m processing the absentee ballots at TCF Center. I’m the one that stuck up for the process here. Could have made millions by lying and saying, yeah, it was fake. It wasn’t fake. And I got the death threats out of Missouri. So

You’re also the one that went after Snyder,

Right? Yeah, I called him cocksucker. Nobody seemed to care

And still,

But I said it directly. I didn’t say



I don’t know

Cookie carts.

But all you’ve continued while everybody else has swept it under the rug to continue to advocate for the city of Flint. I mean people have forgotten Benton Harbor. People have forgotten about those issues. I mean the demolition, the dirt, I mean the issues that are going on here in the city that everybody’s glossing and painting over on all these murals. I mean, the reality of the city still exists. You haven’t forgotten about that. No.

Social media has made it really easy for people to clutch their pearls

And fire

Something off and they can finish whatever they’re doing in the bathroom


Opposed to doing real hard work or just giving

A shit

About what people in power are


But people have to understand this is impacting life. This is impacting your family’s life. This is impacting the city that

They don’t see it that way though. They hear a bad

Word, but it’s like they’re

Gassed at it.

I don’t know. And everything is okay being swept under the rug. Let’s make sure that the grass is greener and the water is colder and everything’s pretty. No, it’s not. I mean, and nobody’s telling you, but Charlie, I mean in terms of all these things that everybody is acting like doesn’t exist.

Y’all remember the MSU shooter?

Oh yeah. McCray and all the consternation and Nestle using the candlelight vigil, the cry to CNN. And I want to know why the shooter kept getting probation changes. And the chief of police is saying, we never responded to shots fired from this guy. And it cost me a thousand out of my own pocket to know that it was a lie. I never asked that newspaper for the money back and nobody ever followed up. And I even got a call from a reporter and sent her this stuff and nobody followed up for your kids. Again, I’m never working for mainstream media again. Don’t need to top of the heap. Sorry guys. You can come over and smell my two Pulitzers. Come on over. And my bestsellers, they’re right there in it. Sorry. Work harder. It’s garbage. I know what you did. I sat here for years and watched you be fucking lapdogs to the money and the power and pretend you saw stuff going on.

Well come back. Detroit. Detroit rising. Well, the air’s out. The buildings are gone. They’re trying to hustle the property tax again, but you don’t see it because they didn’t hand it to you. You don’t stay up late. You know what they do? The horse race. Duggan doesn’t have the votes. Well, why doesn’t he have the votes? You know why he doesn’t have the votes? Maybe because they’re reading what we’re doing and watching what we’re doing and we’re challenging what we’re seeing. That’s where it came from. I don’t care. What I care is the bullshit way you did it. You’re pussy and I’m glad you put your name on it.

No beep there.

I’m glad you put your name on it. I got something better to call you because I’m going to watch this case and there ain’t going to be a scintilla. This isn’t somebody in a deathbed dying that you never gave two shits about that. You all were out there promoting this auto reform. All of our bills were going to go down and they went up and then 18,000 people, all the invalids started dying and you didn’t do anything. And then the day Brian’s dying, you show up. See, that’s what you are. And I’m going to watch and we’re going to see your best skin on it, boy.

And you’ll find those columns here as soon as you get the website built up. But I’m making the house, you’ll still find them here. That topnotch number one, journalism, the one that got all the subscriptions, nobody coming there for you. And really, I don’t care about the fancy suited ladies out there or the men that understand you don’t care about women. You don’t. You care about you. You care about contracts. You care about jobs for your kids. You care about prestige. You care about being at a dinner table when you don’t know you’re actually the lap dog slurping out of the soup cistern. You’re not invited there as an equal. What about us? We’re dying. I picked the people. So that’s it. No apology. I reserved the right to use it. I probably will, but I’d rather use worse words.

Like what?

Oh, inmate former. The accused. The charged. Corrupt. Corrupt contemptible, please.


Fraudulent, please. Allegedly. I don’t know. I’m just going off of documents what law enforcement officials are telling me we do that. We do that. Not a press release document. And this is going to be big election here and don’t worry about it. I mean, I got job offers. That’s the funny thing here.

But see, that’s the thing too, is that people are so beholden to a check and a job and a position with no power that they’re willing to compromise their integrity and their character if they have any. And that’s never been you. That’s never been me. I’m not a game player. I mean I am not. And that’s why I tell Charlie all the time, I get invited to a lot of rooms. I don’t get invited back and that’s okay. I’m not an out person. If people tell me something, I walk around with a lot of secrets. But at the same time, I’m not one to sell my soul. I’ve never done anything for money, ever nothing. And so I have to applaud you. And people ask me all the time, I was actually a couple weeks ago thinking about writing a column on you, Charlie, because people ask all the time, you and Charlie are so different. How did you connect? How did, and I said, Charlie and I share a commitment to the same mission. We may have different approaches towards it, but there’s this thing called the common good. There’s right and there’s wrong. And we want to see people do right and be done right by.

And here’s a funny thing. You guys are so different. Yeah. Are you?

And that’s okay.

Are you that different?

Well, he’s taller.

Let’s just go from there. What a terrible therapist. I mean, but I mean I need to work it out first. I’m in the middle of what palpitations.


If we are different, maybe that’s something to watch and admire. There’s the problem. People that are different


Admire each other, learn to love each other, become close.

And that’s what people think. Like, well wait a minute. And it’s like, but there’s a mutual level of respect here. I mean there is amongst not just me and Charlie, but Mark and the whole team because everybody’s trying to bring something that doesn’t exist anyplace else. It does not. And

The conceit of this program was always, yeah, I was listening to the Red Shovel network, the wider family, the Drew and Mike podcast. Did

You say Wider

Soul of Detroit and Mel, soul of Detroit. Wider. There she goes. But I’m good with that. I’m living good, better. I’m about that. That’s fat shaming. I’m actually, I don’t see a tweet from living

Good because you’re attacking me for being

Fat. I’m going to be super angry. See, I’m hearing that whiter fat. It’s okay.

I was just

Asking. His nose was bleeding.

It was.

I’m like, it’s your anno. They’re too fat. Hey, hey, want Che to know. I’m sorry, SHA. There I go again. I want to find out

If I should be offended or not. I

Don’t know.

He’s full. He’s not fat. He’s full

Me. I say to him,

Yes, you’re not fat.

I’m fat. He goes, look at my necks. I go, what neck? All

Of them.

I know what I am. I’m comfortable with who I am and what I do.

You’re not fat. Stop.

Conceit of the program was always, we’re not going to sit around. It’s some chat room and talk to people about news. They already are chatting about or you can turn on anywhere and they’re chatting. There must be our own work. It must be something we’re involved in or we must know some principles involved in it when we’re doing the news part of it. And we’ve always remained true to that. And we work hard

And you demand excellence.

Oh my God.

That’s the other thing. Let’s not let that go because you’re a company. You’re like, no, that’s not enough. It has to be here. And that’s what you do with and for people that have a shared commitment, you don’t cut corners and you don’t let us cut corners. You’re

Not supposed to. We had to tank a red piece today. We’ll redo it. It’s


And when Red k Monte’s a comedian, east side Detroit comedian, and I go with a little bit of training. The guy could be one of the best street reporters in this city. And I maintain that. He is

And he’s committed. He gets out there, he tries. I mean, and he does something that you do and that’s go to the people. That’s something else that I’ve always admired about you that people don’t do. You talk to people that other people stand back and assume about or guess about?

They’re afraid of us and they imprint upon us what we are like, what we should be feared or we’re ignorant or we’re misogynist. You can be rough, but you can care. Again, power suits and silk ties. You not are a lot of you are my friends, but there’s a clique and a crew running this country where they’re criminals.

You’re not. I can’t imagine any elected official just out there blasting me when you don’t mention She’s 90. She was a Democrat her whole life. Her bank account’s getting empty, allegedly some insurance fraud is being committed in her name. The insurance company’s very aware who’s doing it. And I’m getting intel in there. I’m very careful at what I’m doing here. As you could see by the reaction. And you want to know before Nestle even sent that bullshit press release, the 30,531 subscribers in-House inside the Detroit news, political writers were calling for its retraction when they didn’t know. So there you go. Study it. Put it on your wall.

Wait, wait, say that again.

I just said it.

No, something was lost on me there. You’re saying before it was even published


They could see it and said they wanted to retract

Again before Nestle posted her bullshit online. She was already talking to those that make their money on their knees in front of her. So she throws them cases like the 16 Republican fake electors, fine, go get ’em. Or Wolverine Watchman documents fine,


Get ’em. But none of them are asking her for her bill from Caicos or what really happened in Muskegon and the absentee ballot harvesting or what happened in Benton Harbor with the water or why she violated everybody’s rights in Flint and was spreading around Attorney-client information to everybody. They don’t ask that.

Or Luann Simon

Or Madam Whitmer, did you in fact pay for the airplane because the businessmen could not by law cash the check you said you sent because they would lose their airplane. So you must answer that. We are in a very heavy time. You didn’t mere a flash wound. I went all in. I did all in everybody to pay attention to this old woman and what they’re doing and why we haven’t had an investigation into the thousands of people that died, not accusing anybody anything. What was our reaction? What is our plan going forward?

That’s a good question.

And the story was correct. And I really would’ve felt sick if it wasn’t. And I would’ve apologized. I’ve made mistakes.

You wouldn’t have written a story, Charlie without making sure that what you were saying was substantiated.

Well, I’m human. I understand. So that’s why you have,

I understand

That editors and you have colleagues and what nobody knows is I have my lawyer read it

Before I even put pen to paper. I just made my notes. I sent it to my lawyer. What are you seeing in it? Et cetera, et cetera. Other few people that I admire. I knew it was very heavy and then I shit all over it. I’m sorry, Nolan. I’m sorry Gary. It was great, but nobody was seeing it knit. And that’s not enough for this old woman. I’m sorry. So I don’t care. I’m going to take the abuse. I’m a big boy. This ain’t even close. So I would like to remind everybody how this started, the original case of Tracy Cornac and the whistle blowing. We have the tape. Do we have the tape? We have the tape. Can we play that? We’ll play it right now. This is from last summer.

Apply $50,000 of care to this old woman,

Tracy Cornac, a slip and fall lawyer from Grand Rapids and the treasurer of the Michigan Democratic Party was accused last month by a nursing home director of trying to scam an insurance company of $50,000 in the name of an elderly brain damaged woman. That nursing home director, Joe Leblanc, has since been fired.

That’s not the reason they gave me, but I think that’s pretty much it. But what are you going to do? I feel like I did the right thing. If somebody came to me and said, I think your business manager’s shady, I’d be grateful.

Meanwhile, Cornac and the Democrats are silent hoping it all dies away. No way we say so we went to Grand Rapids to find corn’s office. Tracy

Cornac. No. Was it ever? I don’t think so.

Nope. Not here either.



What kind of law office


That? That’s a very small must be little furniture

In that office

Finding no office. We went to corn’s house in suburban Grand Rapids.


People were inside. I saw the blinds moving, but they pretended they weren’t inside. I’d like to talk to you about one of your clients. Ms.

Did in fact your daughter apply $50,000 of care to this old woman. And why are you using somebody else’s tax ID number? There is no record of your daughter being there. We’d like answers. We care about our old people.

And then someone screamed out the window, get the fuck out of that mailbox. I just caught you on camera. Say what? Get the fuck out of that mailbox. I just caught you on camera. Let’s hear that one more time. Get the fuck out of that mailbox. I just caught you on camera. M effer from the upstairs window. Not what I’d expect from one of the most powerful Democrats in Michigan that was friendly. Must be a lawyer. Neighbor said, I shouldn’t be surprised.

I moved in here. First thing she said to me was, move your car to away my mailbox while we’re unpacking.

And ever since then, it’s just been hate.

Oh, never spoke to me. Never waves, nothing.

Only that one


That’s the only time I’ve ever spoken with her. Really?

How long have you

Lived here?

Six years. Wow. So my husband’s outside. Like we had somebody measuring for the property lines. You can’t put up a fence there. That’s my property lines guy said, no, it’s not. That’s their property lines.

Tracy, why can’t you be nicer to your neighbor? Terry, over here

In the end, this is about the elderly of Michigan and how we treat them. Governor Gretchen Whitmer still refuses to address the true number of nursing home dead under her covid policies and her treasurer, Tracy Ack, refuses to address $50,000 in mysterious billings. She tried to pocket in the name of a brain damaged woman. And the man who blew the whistle on this all, he’s out on his ass.

I mean, at the end of the day, I want to look back and be able to say five, 10 years from now, I did the right thing. And to hell with the consequences really. But no, I knew what was going to happen, knew this was going to come and I really feel good about what was said and what was done.

And this is why people are afraid to do right by each other.


The consequences. Joe’s not afraid. And we’re not afraid. We’ll stay on this. We promise. Promise. Now, as we reported last week, getting these documents, the crack investigation by Madam Nestle’s office could not reach Joe Leblanc, the nursing home director that was fired because they kept calling the desk number that he was fired from during that filming right there. At that time, I called the investigator on this phone on speaker and said, would you like to speak with them? No, just send the files, which I did. And under the Freedom of Information Act, I wanted to see that email that they got the file that didn’t show up in the packet, but I’ve got it. So you’ve violated the Freedom of Information Act. And I want to know, as you said in this corrective letter, that Ms. Cornac got her case file by freedom of information like every other citizen would. I’m just curious. Put in the letter today. You forgot to give me that. When did she get her documents before the case was closed or after the case was closed? That’ll be next as we await some charges or no charges. And even if there are no charges coming on a Grand Rapids, I get access to that file.

See you next Thursday. No doubt about it. Alright, Samantha Wall, president of the synagogue just down the street here. Everybody knew her in town. I knew her from the synagogue. Cafe de Mongo, pleasant woman involved in politics, you would Nestle in Slotkin in fact, and just was trying to make a difference and moved to the city about 2012. First showed up on the scene and she was murdered Saturday. And it became, I got calls from the east coast. First of all, she’s not a rabbi, she’s the president, but very much involved in restoring the only shul in downtown Detroit. What street is that? Is that Griswold? Yeah, down on Griswold. At first everybody thought it could be Middle Eastern related to hate crime. She’s Jewish and we have a lot of Muslims living around here. I don’t know why everybody did that immediately, but they did. And Sam was known for interfaith groups. You know what I mean? She wasn’t any hater like that.


But it was kind of like everybody wanted it to be.

It makes it easy though. It makes it convenient. Everybody just automatically assumes and jumps to conclusions because it’s easy.

Vivacious woman lost her life, murdered because I didn’t want New York to go crazy with the wrong idea. It should be accurate. And they’re all calling me. And here’s what I know. Do not take this as the final. The case is closed, but this is what I’m told by brass. They don’t think, how do you know? They said it’s not a hay crime. How do you know it’s not a hay crime? They said, well, nothing points to it. It wasn’t forcible entry. So it doesn’t look like a robbery started in the home. Someone she knew. It looks, this is what I’m told. And they don’t want to say it because things could change. And I just want you to know this isn’t the definitive but kind of. Yeah, what I was told, it was domestic. It was, if I can’t have you, nobody could have it kind of thing. That’s what I’m told. And that’s, that’s misogyny. That’s what’s going in society.

And it happens, Charlie. But staffing is a very personal and passionate crime. I mean, you’re not shooting somebody from across intimate. Very intimate. Yeah, it is. So, oh, gross. Well, but you also think about the surgeon. I mean that’s


Over there. And that was they stabbed him, wrapped him in a rug and left him upstairs. I mean,


Things happen regardless of who the person is, how nice they are, those type, that’s life. Unfortunately it happened.

Be careful of the ones around you and I mean you bring up the surgeon. It is worth saying that around the same time, there aren’t definitive times where these murders happened. That on, that’s on the east side. On the west side, on Gilchrist Street, a unknown black male in his twenties was murdered and that’s it. Name hasn’t been released, not a word’s been written about him. There are no suspects. There’s nobody asking for help. There aren’t investigators. I went by there yesterday. There’s no investigators out there.

No press conferences.

No press conferences.

Yeah, because it’s another blackmail that’s shot in the city of Detroit. Check another box. That’s it.

And things should be equal. And I’m not trying to drive a division here. What I’m trying to say is what is the political argument when it comes to the sanctity and safety of life? You don’t want police or you want to not totally defund the police, but put less money towards police and that towards other things. But what happens when there’s no police in the neighborhood or not enough detectives to solve the, and the criminal is still out there.

It’s true.

I mean, it made me think of Aisha Davis. Remember the transgender woman that was killed at six in Woodward a week after we were at six in Woodward talking to the transgender prostitutes because that’s where the violence against transgender people predominantly exist is on the street life like that. And nothing, there’s no arrest. Highland Park’s where it happened can’t even investigate murders. They don’t have enough police nor enough police to keep that very heavy corner safe. So if you want people like Aisha Safe, you got to have police. This doesn’t make me fucking Ronald Reagan here or New Gingrich,

But there’s always a political or a popularity side to these things. I mean, because otherwise, who caress about an unknown transgender person on Six Mile and Woodward? I mean, do you know what I’m saying? Yeah.

But we’re told to, the big scourge in America is violence towards transgender people and you’re not doing a damn thing about it except parading around and having press conferences.

And I’ll tell you this too, police departments, law enforcement departments all everywhere are having difficulty with recruitment and retention. So you’re also looking, and they don’t want to disclose that because does it open it up for the criminal officer? No. Everybody knows that. Well, but they


Everybody that they’re not not there. What

The fuck are we going? Okay, now there’s also, and let me make something clear before it gets lost on as I introduce this. There are a lot of great, I don’t like using journalists. That’s the people who wear silk suits and knee pads. There are a lot of great reporters around here. I won’t mention their names. I don’t want my stink to stick to them. You know what I mean? But they’re people. I call the ones that are like for real.

And thank you for doing that job. Now, having said that, there’s not a want anymore by the media to cover crime. I mean, for whatever reason, I’m not even going to go into this bullshit. But if you don’t cover the police like a political entity, then you can’t keep track of the police. And what do you do with suspect cops? Right. And there’s a whole big argument that was going on. And we had read, go to the scene of a place where a cop punched a guy and he ended up dying and the story kept changing. And he met up with a former cop, Ricardo Moore, who’s now a Detroit police commissioner. And this is what he has.

I’m right outside the Garden Bowl, right here on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Where on September 1st, a Detroit police officer had an encounter with an intoxicated 70 year old citizen from a disturbing to peace call. In their exchange, they ended up in a fist cuff where Officer Brown ended up punching Mr. Vance in the face, knocking him out where he fell off the curb and hit his head on the seamen. For the next three weeks he was in the coma until he passed on the fourth. Chief White came out and suspended Officer Brown for nothing else, but at least not deescalating the situation. On the 11th through leak the memos from the chief’s desk, we find out that he recommended suspension with pay, but only four days later from another obtained leak. The memo, he changed that recommendation to suspension without pay. First of all, tell everybody who you are,

Police Commissioner Ricardo Moore, district seven, west side of Detroit.

Exactly. What is your job for those who may not understand what a police commissioner does?

As a police commissioner, we have supervisory oversight of the police department. We provide checks and balances. We approve the budget policies and citizen complaints is our primary functions. You are in no form

Or V against the police


Their job.

No, absolutely not. I was the police here in the city of Detroit. So I understand the pains and pressures that they go through.

How many cases do you

Think it’s just

Now that we really have not gotten the transparency we



I want to see all the body-worn cameras on every major critical incident. Whenever you’re talking about a police shooting, a person critically injuring a person, we should see those body-worn cameras within a week. This is a major issue. The underground circling in Detroit, people are tired of the police doing these type of things. But it doesn’t start with the police, it starts with leadership. Corruption does not start in the police academy or in the scout car. It starts in the chief’s office. Every police book will tell you that I’m not making that up. So if the citizens like what they’re getting, then they’re going to keep getting it. It’s going to be worse and worse. But you have to start holding the chief accountable. You have to start holding the board of police commissioners accountable because right now it’s just a rubber stamp on the board and there’s no checks and balances. Would you call this a cover up? Absolutely. Attempt to cover up. Now it’s exposed so everybody knows about it except the media is not on it. I would like them to be, the media should be all over this.

All NBN news reached out to Chief White and has yet to hear a response.

Well, that’s interesting in the sense that almost other major jurisdictions, when there’s a notable interaction like that with the police and the citizens, something questionable that tape’s out. Not here. We don’t even have data like Crimes of the day. Or if you look for Detroit’s violent crime for the week or for the year, it doesn’t exist

In most other cities. It does.

Just about everyone. And the ones that don’t like Philly, our friend Benny Manis, he’s taken upon himself. He’s got a nonprofit going. They’re going to do it and we’re going to do it. And I want to thank Scanner John Scanner 9 1 1 for going over the crime of last Saturday and finding that. And I think maybe we’re going to partner up. We’re not going away. We’re going to partner up. We’re going to get this shit straightened out. We’re not afraid. You deserve better. Don’t worry. If you hate me, fuck it. No one hates me, worse than me. Okay? That’s it. And when I die, and if God is like, I’m told it is, and I’m being judged, I hope the Lord Almighty has at least some room for me in purgatory. Give me a chance. Give me a do over. Give me a chance. Some people pray for me. I pray for my man, Rupert, leave my people alone. If you’re angry at me, just be angry at me. I’m good with it. No quarter. Yeah, I’ll see you next Thursday.

You beat me too.

Do you hate me? See you next Thursday. Of course not.

I don’t hate you.

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