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We lose loved ones. The city loses population. Yet the gardens still grow. RIP Mike Nevin. RIP Anthony Bourdain.

Forecast Power Outage power outage, it aint even been an Hour. 

DTE “Damn That Energy” 

DTE Rep address the people to let them know we don’t give a damn just deal with it. 

One Ton Trolley & Bill Arnold 

One of Michigan’s top rock, blue grass soul bands come and bless the NBN audience with the sweet sounds of blue collar America. 

COVID 3 Years Anniversary 

No one seems to care or remember that just 3 years ago COVID took over the world. Detroit Red goes to Rosa Park Bus Terminal to see if people still care about COVID. 

What’s Bullshit In The News 

Whitmer Goes to San Diego, Duggan,s Milking the City Address & Tucker Carlson 41 hours of Riot Tape, How much shit does mainstream media think we can eat.. 

Mike Nevin, gone but not forgotten.
Not just a fire fighter, but a fighter for those who fight fire to save lifes. 


Speaker 1 (00:08):
Hi, I’m D T e. Your power’s out. But that’s a good thing. Think of all the money you’re saving this winter because we here at D T E charge some of the highest electricity rates in the country, and besides cold-weather, mammals live longer. That’s just a fact. It’s all made possible by bribing your elected officials and it’s all perfectly legal.

Speaker 2 (00:36):
How much money are you giving to politicians Exactly. Are your contributions or your donations. With

Speaker 3 (00:43):
All due fairness though, attorney General, you are one of the politicians who has accepted money from D T E in the past.

Speaker 2 (00:50):
That’s true. I absolutely have. If I don’t take this money, they’re definitely going to be giving this money to my opponent.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
The power is out again. Deal with it Michigan and we’ll all get used to it together.

Speaker 4 (01:06):
Live downtown Detroit. It’s no news out with my

Speaker 5 (01:36):
Just breaking this Dobo bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
Fucking voice is fried man. Been a hard one with no heat.

Speaker 6 (01:45):
Yeah, thanks a lot DT for frying his voice.

Speaker 1 (01:49):
Might as well have a cigarette

Speaker 6 (01:51):
<laugh>. That’ll fix it.

Speaker 1 (01:53):
Yeah, might as well have a little bourbon. Yeah,

Speaker 7 (01:57):

Speaker 1 (02:00):
Here, bill.

Speaker 6 (02:01):
That’ll fix it.

Speaker 1 (02:02):
That’ll fix you up right there. Bill. We got Bill Arnold, we’re going to try something here. I mean we look, this is Mark. All respect to you all Respect. Yeah. Red Byron Care. This is the best podcast in the country. I think you take so red. Oh

Speaker 4 (02:20):
Yeah, I

Speaker 1 (02:21):
Agree. I mean it’s skinny. The crew’s skinny, but we make it happen. We’re smart. We’re doing shit tonight. We’ve got one ton trolley, just one of the good country western bluegrass, blues rockabilly bands in Michigan right there. They’re live. And we’re going to try to do it. We’re actually going to try to do it, not do some bullshit podcasts where we rip off Twitter and just

Speaker 7 (02:46):
Talk about

Speaker 1 (02:46):
Stuff. No, we’re going to do stuff, but here’s the deal. Anyway, hey Bill. Bill Arnold Once on. What’s up brother?

Speaker 3 (02:53):

Speaker 1 (02:53):
You doing? Real good, man.

I want to start with this, my dear friend, and if you’re my dear friend, I’m always with you. Whether you are here or you’re in the great beyond Mike Nevin will be late to rest this weekend. Chief Mike Nevin, one of the baddest motherfuckers ever to don the firefighters badge in this town. And it was 10 years ago, 10 years ago that Mike met another good friend of mine who’s passed Anthony Bourdain and put ’em together and they shared a meal at squad three, engine 23 on the east side. And I just want to play it.

Speaker 8 (03:40):
The cliche is that firemen are great cooks in this case. The cliche is true. Lieutenant Mike Devins and the boys of squad three are cooking up a family meal. Is every firefighter expected to cook reasonably Well?

Speaker 9 (03:54):
If they don’t, they catch hell. I mean, really, Detroit it’s,

Speaker 8 (03:57):
It’s almost in a perfect society in that sense, because in a perfect society, I believe everybody should be able to feed themself and their friends or their family at least reasonably well. And that if they’re not able to do that, they should be shunned and demonized and marginalized.

Speaker 9 (04:11):
Well agreed. Most of the firemen are known for their cooking. We cooks ’em outstanding meals. We’ve learned to shop. We’ve learned to shop with less, to feed more. You don’t want to be a belly robber

Speaker 8 (04:21):
No matter how badly led ridiculously underequipped underappreciated, no matter how doomed their mission, they take a bizarre and quite beautiful pride and at least being screwed more than everybody else and doing it with style. They seem to do what they do for themselves. It’s not a job. It’s a calling.

Speaker 9 (04:43):
This is where the guys store their gear. As you can see, the gear is very weather. How

Speaker 8 (04:48):

Speaker 9 (04:48):
This gear’s only a couple years old. I mean, but it gets

Speaker 8 (04:51):
Beat up quick. Oh

Speaker 9 (04:52):
Yeah, yeah. Got one new coat hanging in there. So there’s a lucky guy. It’s got a new coat, but that gear’s seen a lot of action. Where’s

Speaker 8 (04:59):
The fire pole? Dude?

Speaker 9 (05:00):
They took him. Oh man. In the late nineties, management took the poles

Speaker 8 (05:04):
Out. What is every little boy? For my age fuck was all about sparking the fire dog and the

Speaker 9 (05:10):
Pole. I used to love sliding the pole and the headquarters was three stories. So when you were sliding that thing, you had a really whole lot because you were going for a ride.

Speaker 1 (05:18):
Oh, Mike, you don’t even know what you just said. I

Speaker 8 (05:20):

Speaker 1 (05:21):
That’s great. So great. You know what they did with them? Poles scrapped them. Really? Yeah. Probably got a lot for it. Scrapped in this fucking town. That’s

Speaker 8 (05:30):

Speaker 1 (05:31):
That was like I don’t know, Karen. That’s my life there. I look at the great life I’ve been living those ’em were my friends and I’m missing. And now

Speaker 10 (05:42):
They’ll toast you in heaven, Charlie.

Speaker 1 (05:44):
They will. Well, I know they’re both looking up right now. <laugh> thinking they’re in Miami. Andy Beach,

Speaker 8 (05:50):
<laugh> looking up

Speaker 1 (05:52):

Speaker 8 (05:54):
You soon.

Speaker 1 (05:56):
Well, here’s the other thing. During that, when Bourdain came here a decade ago to take a look at us I was showing him around town. It was a very, very rigid show, very precise. Everything was ordered, everything was on time, and I refused to do it. I go, Tony, if you want to know this town, you just got to drive around. You got to carve out. Give me 90 minutes to just drive around. And so we drove around and we stop at Shane to get some beer. And you can see how people in Detroit shop at the liquor store, and I just want to play this a little bit. This is Ghost Garden. It became kind of famous, this piece,

Speaker 8 (06:43):
People seem to like you in this town. Who hates you in this town?

Speaker 11 (06:46):
Who hates me in this town? Nobody. Yeah. Politicians.

Speaker 8 (06:50):
I’m guessing there are a number of politicians and former public employees who are not too happy with you. I

Speaker 11 (06:55):
Don’t know. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (06:59):
But let’s face it, there’s a whole lot of people out there who could be perfectly happy with just letting Victoria go.

Speaker 11 (07:05):
It already went. Look at this. See how those lil’s there? I call those the ghost gardens. They’re all over the houses that used to be The gardens still come up,

Speaker 1 (07:42):
Which leads me to how I know Bill Arnold, the second time I met you, but you sent me an email and it was beautiful and it had to do with the Ghost Gardens.

Speaker 12 (07:55):

Speaker 1 (07:55):
What was it?

Speaker 12 (07:56):
Well, I saw that segment. I stumbled on it probably, I don’t think it was in 2013 when it aired, but later. And I don’t know how many times I watched it, but I just thought it was a great episode because it was gritty. It was Detroit. It was perfect. And when I heard you mentioned those ghost gardens, that just hit me right in that solar plexus. And as a songwriter, that’s just those moments when they come by. If you don’t grab ’em, they’re gone forever. And I spent months trying to write the damn song because every time I pick up a guitar, I’m like, and I’d come up with something, I’m like, is this Ghost Gardens? Is this Ghost Gardens? Is this Ghost Gardens? And it turned out it was never about the gardens himself. It was about one man’s long lost wife’s garden that she planted for him. And he would drive at home from the bar alone at night and he couldn’t see the house that they lived in, which was gone. Anyways, he’d go home. And then one day he decided to drive by it in the daytime and he saw those flowers at his wife had planted decades ago. And he realized that she’d been there all along and she was sending messages to him from the grave and from her ghost garden. And I was like, oh shit. There it is.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
You arrive at that. I mean, the songwriter’s process work. You, you’re struggling with this thing. There’s this a seed. And I think what you just described was a few years struggle with writing a song. What’s the process of getting there?

Speaker 12 (09:43):
Well, the process for me is it always comes from a guitar. I put that guitar on my lap and I just start noodling around and I just call it mindless noodling. And I, I’ve got an idea for maybe something I might want to talk about in a song, and sometimes it just comes from my subconscious. I don’t know where it comes from. But that was one that I knew I needed to write a song about that because I just thought it was powerful. And it said so much about Detroit and how much we’ve lost. You talked about throwing away those firemen’s poles. We’ve thrown away so much shit in this city. When I think of Black Bottom and Hasting Street and we’ve thrown away so much that to me it was at least as far as Ghost Garden was current concerned. When I heard that, I’m like, God, it’s still there. There’s still messages to be found in what we’ve thrown away and what’s lost. Yeah. We’ve torn down so many beautiful homes and so many beautiful homes have been stripped of these priceless architectural artifacts that we don’t even know where the hell they are. And it’s been a throwaway city and it breaks my heart. And it’s broken my heart for 54 years that I’ve lived here. Because we

Speaker 1 (11:06):
Did it. Yeah, because I mean, the way you’re describing what you’re going to play for us in a moment is yourself. Like you. You’re talking something really. I can see it. Yeah. Guys driving home, wife planted a garden. My grandpa used to live there. I think my grandma planted those lilies. I mean, when people dog on us, the reason we get upset and everybody got upset when this thing aired. They got really upset at Anthony. It’s because we’re still alive. Not the Coliseum. It’s not the park. Deon, it’s that was like, I spent Thanksgiving in that house. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Speaker 12 (11:51):
Well that’s why we call ourselves Roots rock from the Rust Belt because we live in the Rust Belt. We live in the Dustin clutter of concrete and rust. We’re living in this place that is just was one of the grand dams of American cities. It was the epicenter of manufacturing. It was shiny and it was beautiful and it was cosmopolitan. And then I wanted to shit. And we’ve all watched it happen and I was too little to do anything about it when it happened. But I mean, I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve been in construction all my life. So isn’t probably a street. I haven’t been down in the Detroit area. And you see it, and even when you try to rebuild the city, you look around and it’s just like we just, it’s raping. I feel like we don’t do things right here.

Speaker 1 (12:44):
Hey. But Karen. Karen, because Karen is our resident Detroit soul. We have gone to shit, Karen, but we’re not shit, aren’t we?

Speaker 12 (12:56):

Speaker 10 (12:56):
No, we aren’t. And a lot of also what had that, as Bill was talking, I’m thinking about people that have left the city or been forced to leave the city and they drive by. And those memories that they still have, because those flowers are always still there. I still drive by the place that I grew up not far from where I am now, on the east side of Detroit. And there’s this yellow plant that my mom had out by the water by canal that resonates. But we, we’ve not valued who we are. We’ve not valued what we have. And then everybody has an idea about what Detroit is supposed to be. And that’s never been a cohesive agenda. And so here we are.

Speaker 1 (13:35):
Will you do me a favor because that’s so beautiful. Will you take a picture of that yellow plant Springs coming? Yep. I love it.

Speaker 10 (13:43):
Yeah. I drive by quite a bit. And just look at it

Speaker 1 (13:45):
Now. I love it. I will. We are the nicest, meanest people.

Speaker 12 (13:49):
We can talk about what we’ve destroyed in material things, but the, it’s the people are always going to be strong in the Detroit area. And we live out in the suburbs and we catch some shit. Guys, where do

Speaker 1 (14:03):
You live?

Speaker 12 (14:03):
Where do you live? I live in Clarkston. Clarkston? Yeah. A long way from here.

Speaker 1 (14:07):
They’re not even a suburb.

Speaker 10 (14:08):
It’s not even

Speaker 1 (14:08):
A suburb. I’ll like a corn, almost

Speaker 12 (14:10):
Like suburb of Flint. But it’s like Bill. But the people are still strong.

Speaker 10 (14:15):
Bill, I would be one of those people giving you that crap.

Speaker 12 (14:18):
And you know what, I get it rightfully, but it’s still the people of the Detroit area. We’re a huge

Speaker 1 (14:25):
But Clarkson’s cool. And Clark like Flint and Detroit and everything in between. And that’s what I think you got here. This is just out now. It’s Sunday morning cigarettes. One ton trolley’s latest record Bill. I know the band’s waiting.

Speaker 12 (14:43):
Let’s do it.

Speaker 1 (14:44):
Can you turn the audience on please? I, God damn, I hope this works. <laugh>. Woohoo. Don’t work. Don’t make it work. If it don’t work, I’m going to take off my clothes.

Speaker 6 (14:53):
God, I really hope it works. Then should

Speaker 13 (14:55):
We give a shout out to his spouses now <laugh>.

Speaker 6 (14:59):
There he is. Let’s see. Hopefully I have sound.

Speaker 1 (15:05):
Well we do a sound check.

Speaker 12 (15:07):
Good. We

Speaker 6 (15:07):
Did. We ran through it

Speaker 1 (15:09):
All. No, but we can do it now in the just Bill Arnold on guitars and vocals. Chris Brown on bass. John Johnson on drums. And Tony, Zack. Sorry Tony. I know it’s Anthony, but I’m calling you Tony because it’s Tony Bourdain on guitars and vocals. Tony, can you hear? Give me a check here, bro.

Speaker 12 (15:27):
You missed What’s up? Checking the

Speaker 1 (15:28):
Vocal. We got All right, ladies and gentlemen, one ton trolley.

Speaker 12 (15:36):
It’s alright.

Speaker 1 (15:36):
Ladies and gentlemen, one ton trolley.

Speaker 12 (15:43):
Are you ready for us? Look

Speaker 1 (15:44):
At the green screen back there. We got to fucking smoke

Speaker 12 (15:46):
It. Yeah, we’ll see. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (15:47):
I know. It’s called Ghost Gardens.

Speaker 12 (15:59):
Whisper it again to me. Tell me everything is all right. No, it’s been a while. But I had myself some time. I used to only drive home by, I hid from you by daca, me, the win to rescue me for the world. See now, imm, broken man. Nothing. Not in your ghost garden and stone. All the things that are those treasures that your heart song, I remember that first spring, the hours that you spent messages to me, not to gone waiting to rescue me right out the for the world. See now

Speaker 7 (18:18):

Speaker 12 (18:19):
A broken man. Nothing. Not your ghost garden. Wait initially to rescue me out. Now am a broken man in your ghost garden.

Speaker 1 (19:13):
That was fucking beautiful. But that’s not what I meant. That was beautiful boys. That was really good. Oh my Byron. Nice camera. Where I can’t believe that worked, man. This. That was beautiful.

Speaker 10 (19:31):
Sounds good. Every everything was fine. It went well. Looks good. Sound great.

Speaker 1 (19:34):
Sound great, man. That is that’s that. That’s, it’s a damn good song. They’re from Clarkston. That’s some country western. That is Beau. That ain’t country. That’s that’s beautiful man. I’m, I’m proud. So listen, be I’m also proud Cue up to Coney. But I want to give a shout out to corporate AV services for designing in, no, I’m not going to give you a shout out for designing, building the studio. You got fucking paid <laugh>. But I’m going to give you a shout out for showing up tonight and giving Byrons the equipment that he needs to go live. Because we need it. Because we got big things planned because we’re not going away because this is the place. And we might go a little along tonight. You know why? Because they’re going to snow tomorrow and the power’s going to be out there ain’t going to be no tv. Yeah, you’re going to watch this. We’re going to, we’re going to have to band. It’s true.

Speaker 12 (20:27):
Download it tonight. You can watch it tomorrow. Multiple

Speaker 1 (20:29):
Times. Yeah. Anyway, thank you. Corporate AV services. Call Mike and Mike at two four eight nine three nine oh nine hundred. They basically do audio and visual for your corporate boardroom, which we are not. And I want to remind everybody, there’s just a couple. Just a couple. But that’s it. Me and white boy Rick, the real story. Saturday, March 18th almost there I’m Dimo Celebrity Showroom in Warren, Michigan. Tickets. I don’t even think the cheap ones are there anymore. The expensive ones aren’t there

Speaker 6 (21:01):
Anymore. They added tables actually.

Speaker 1 (21:02):
They added tables. Oh, we sold out fucking, we sold out. It’s going to be good. And I bitched that white boy Rick’s LA guys because they wouldn’t give us any video because this is a real fucking Vegas show. Huh. And we need video. Yeah. So I know all kinds of kinds. It’s going to be

Speaker 6 (21:21):
Awesome. It’s going to be good. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (21:23):
Go to Andy Imma or Ticketmaster, whatever the fuck. Or show up, because I think Rick might be giving out some weed in the parking lot. Red, did you say tickets? Weed <laugh>. How much was some tickets again? Anywhere from 25 to 59. But for you, I’ll tell you what, I’m going to have a little something over my house this week. Right. Okay. Why don’t you come on over and shovel my walk? Huh? Huh? Okay. If you giving out the weed in the parking lot, that’s all we have to do. It’s the 10th anniversary. I mean the third anniversary of Covid. Tomorrow March 10th. Nobody did a fucking word. But Red’s got a beautiful peace that ends with red scoring a bag at the bus station. And does it cure Covid? Who knows? It makes you feel good, huh? Still here. Or you at least forget you had it. Yeah. <laugh>. And as always tomorrow’s Friday, if the weather’s good enough, if I was y’all, I’d come and get them. Lent fish burgers, American MCC corn on. And that is Pacific Pulic, not Atlantic kind. They’re

Speaker 6 (22:37):
Not fish burgers. Oh yeah, they is that what they call ’em?

Speaker 1 (22:40):

Speaker 6 (22:40):
Fish. Fish sandwich. Yeah. Sandwich Burger and implies sandwich. Yeah, that it’s all chopped up. Burger

Speaker 1 (22:44):
Sandwich is more sophisticated.

Speaker 6 (22:46):
Yeah. UL

Speaker 1 (22:47):
Lala. We’ll fix it and post. No we won’t. Did you know that the Coney Island is the American version of the sandwich that the Earl of Sandwich liked to gamble but didn’t want to get up. So he had his servant put some meat between two piece of bread. We got the sandwich The Coney comes to be because Michigan passes prohibition two years before national prohibition and some clever Greek immigrant figures. Why don’t I put some sauce on a dog? Open a speaks in the basement, some card rooms, and here we are, roll the tape.

Speaker 14 (23:37):
American Coney Island. Hey

Speaker 1 (23:38):
Boys in the band, come up from

Speaker 14 (23:40):
The Today Show Eats here. Not like that other guy, Al Joker who eats at Lafayette. So make sure you

Speaker 1 (23:46):
Are roll, come back in the boys and watch Little the show.

Speaker 14 (23:49):
I’m here to Coney.

Speaker 1 (24:02):
What happened to the bed?

Speaker 6 (24:05):
They’re not around. Are they already taking a smoke break?

Speaker 1 (24:07):
Oh, I, oh, I offended them.

Speaker 6 (24:09):
They already left.

Speaker 1 (24:10):
That’s not what I meant.

Speaker 6 (24:11):
You only paid for one song.

Speaker 1 (24:12):
All right. Fuck those guys. <laugh>

Speaker 15 (24:15):
Shit I left

Speaker 1 (24:16):
With in my office. Hit me up with this. What’s bullshit in the news?

Speaker 15 (24:23):
The no BS News Hour presents. What’s bullshit in the news?

Speaker 1 (24:37):
I’m a beer. Oh, thank you, brother. I didn’t mean for, I didn’t mean, I just like, it was just cheery. That was like, it’s like Mary Poppins. Thank you. Be dog. Oh, did you catch that redneck move? He opened the beer with his, you did it too. With the Ring.

Speaker 15 (25:06):

Speaker 1 (25:08):
Married. They’re showing off. My wife doesn’t mind me drinking beer. That’s Michigan.

All right, what’s bullshit in the news? I’ll tell you what’s bullshit. Alyssa Slotkin is running for Senate Congressman Alyssa Slotkin. Now Alyssa is a diminutive of Elizabeth e. Beat, right? It means oath to God. So basically your nickname’s Betty and your nickname is Baghdad Betty. Because listen, Congresswoman, I know what you did your work for the C, you worked for the CIA before you worked for the cia. You wrote grants for women’s programs, but then you went to the work for the CIA under George Bush. The worst president in history. He worse than Biden. That’s what he got. These two people, Biden and Bush, make Carter look like you should be the fifth guy in Rushmore. I swear to God.

Speaker 6 (26:11):

Speaker 1 (26:12):
World economic collapse. Right? Forever wars. Illegal fucking wars. Yeah. I’m with you Madam Slotkin. I think I’m going to run. I’m going to run because I didn’t start no illegal war. I got nothing to do with Abu Grave. I got nothing to do with the surge that killed a thousand of our people. I got nothing to do with no armor on the Humvees. I got nothing to do with isis. You are running on nothing. You’re a hack. Nice. That’s what John McCain said. <laugh>, I’m not voting for you to be the Assistant Secretary of Defense because everything you did stunk. I didn’t do Guantanamo Bay. I don’t go around just voting as the party tells me and then going across the street and raising money all day. That’s not what we want. Is that what we want, bill? Nope. I know the band is very political. Some of you on the right, some of you on the left, some of you in the middle, right? It’s interesting.

Speaker 12 (27:18):
Well, we all have our own political viewpoints, but as entertainers, we don’t take sides in politics. We want to make our music all right,

Speaker 1 (27:29):
Blah, blah, blah,

Speaker 12 (27:29):
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,

Speaker 1 (27:30):

Speaker 12 (27:31):

Speaker 1 (27:31):
Your guys with desperate views and life.

Speaker 12 (27:35):
Everybody has desperate

Speaker 1 (27:36):
View and yet you get along. Yeah. You’re a family.

Speaker 12 (27:39):
Yeah. Why? Everybody should get along. Why can’t

Speaker 1 (27:40):
We all do that?

Speaker 12 (27:42):
Everybody has different ideas about stuff. We all got to get along. We all

Speaker 1 (27:47):
Got to live here. Does it come down to hate?

Speaker 12 (27:49):

Speaker 1 (27:50):
Who? The guy. That guy that looks like Bob Siegel over here. I I’m, I’m forgetting. I I know who it is. I got notes, man.

Speaker 12 (27:57):
Chris Brown.

Speaker 1 (27:58):
Chris Charlie. I think they get along because they all agree on drinking the same beer

Speaker 12 (28:04):

Speaker 1 (28:05):
Yeah, the free beer. <laugh> our beer. Yeah. I’m like, Hey, they work for beer. Where can they book you? Dude,

Speaker 12 (28:12):
I found that bottle of bullet as soon as I walked this

Speaker 1 (28:15):
Thing was full. Yeah, we want more than that. I want more than some rich person who never worked hard who’s got a resume. And it’s a resume loaded with failure. And out of the gate you raised a million dollars. Well, I’m thinking about it. I committed my life to this community. Nobody gave me nothing. I’m I’m not into it. That’s bullshitting the news. Now give me another one. Bullshit in the news. <laugh>, I’m going to tell you what’s bullshit in the news. The power went out. I got a little timeline I put together.

Speaker 12 (28:58):

Speaker 1 (28:59):
I left it at home. Here’s what try be on time. Here’s what happened. The power went out. 820 and thousand of us didn’t houses, not people. Whenever you hear customers without power, this is an underestimate. Double it. And that’s the amount of people without power. So over 1,600,000 of my brothers and sisters didn’t have no power. None. Where were you? Where were you? Governor? Where was the hard hat? Give me the hard hat. Bernie. Where was the hard hat? Why don’t you love the people? Why? Yeah. Give it to me. I’ll, I’m do this right now.

Speaker 16 (29:46):

Speaker 1 (29:49):
My fellow citizens. I know this is tough.

I know you can’t take a shower. I know there’ll be no laundry. I suggest you turn your underpants inside out and wear them twice. Use both sides of the Charmin Shake the bird comes into the meatloaf and don’t open the fridge Too many times. That’s what I would tell the people. But where were you? You were in San Diego. That’s what you were doing because you left on spring break when 500,000 people didn’t have no power and you went to spring break and then the power went out again and you didn’t say anything. And they were shipping that poison dirt in from Palace East Palestine. And you didn’t know about it because you weren’t around. Because somebody got to want to do the job to do the leave it. Leave it to do the job. Bernie. The phones on

Speaker 16 (30:46):

Speaker 1 (30:49):
Somebody got to want to do the job because they love the people, not because they love the position or the power, or they go hook their friends up. What’s bullshit in the news? You want to know what else is bullshit in the news? Excuse me. Here’s what else is bullshit in the news. Will you hold D t E and Consumers to task? Because I did the work. I did the no bullshit news hour right there and hang Winchester from Channel four. Help me hang that guy’s. That guy’s solid man. He’s good. Real solid. If I might, ladies and gentlemen, since Gretchen Whitmer ran for governor in 2017, bill Consumers gave her 16,000. DTE staff gave her 130,000 consumer staff. Gave her 120,000 consumers themselves. Gave her a hundred thousand. DTE gave her a hundred thousand. They paid for her inauguration party in Wow, five years grand total. Give me some, give me some music. You guys are a man. Drum roll please. Bill $537,750. Are you really doing hearings next week? Fuck off in the news. Thank you. You want to know what else bullshit in the news? Yes. Speaker of the House. What’s his name? McCarty. Yeah. What’s his first name? Kevin. I’ve been in front of his house. He’s a weasel. This guy’s a fucking weasel. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> A two-faced weasel. He gave Tucker Carlson 41,000 hours of tape on the January 6th. Insurrection be okay. Tucker Carlson showed me five minutes. I know Tucker. I like Tucker. Go ahead. Google that. I like Tucker. Go ahead post it. Horns.

Speaker 17 (32:49):

Speaker 1 (32:50):
<laugh>. I’ve known him a long

Speaker 6 (32:51):
Time. I was actually wondering if you were going to be in any of those texts.

Speaker 1 (32:55):
I got texts. I I’m sure you do. I know what Tucker feels. And in the beginning about if the election was stolen, I ain’t going to reveal that. That’s between friends. Let me just tell you something. The election wasn’t stolen. It wasn’t stolen. I was there processing the absentee ballot. It was not stolen. And Whitmer didn’t do shit. <affirmative> in the nursing homes. And Mike Dugin is lying about the financial condition of Detroit and Kevin McCarthy’s a weasel. Now the point being you can show me three minutes of do we have this tape? We got three minutes of the horned qan on guy, his name’s Jacob Chanley wandering around and it’s now being presented that the police were escorting him around January 6th was bullshit. You don’t fuck up my capitol. You don’t smash the windows. You don’t fuck with cops. You don’t spray him with Peppertree. That shit’s fucked. No way. Never going to cross my drawbridge. Ever. Having said that, why wa there he goes.

Speaker 17 (34:03):
Here he is.

Speaker 1 (34:05):
Here’s the guy. I’ll get to my point there he is Navy vet by the way. And he’s only organic food, apparently

Speaker 17 (34:17):
Whatever would want us to do this. So yeah, absolutely. I think we’re good.

Speaker 1 (34:24):
Was he being escorted around by police? Like Tucker Carlson saying, here he comes, entering the Senate chamber. Fucking

Speaker 17 (34:30):

Speaker 1 (34:30):
Man, with his escort the cop.

Speaker 17 (34:32):
Apparently you guys are fucking patriots. Look at this guy. He’s got fucking patriot,

Speaker 1 (34:36):
Man. Fucking a

Speaker 17 (34:37):
Patriot. Yes. You good sir? You need medical attention? I’m good. Thank you. All right. I got shot in the face. I got shot in the face with some kind of plastic bullet. Any chance I can get you guys to leave the Senate wing? We did. You hear that? I’ve been making

Speaker 1 (34:55):
Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, a cop said, is there any chance I can get you guys to leave the Senate? Here’s a cop that does not want to get fucking killed, Karen. He doesn’t want to get killed. What you think they’re going to start putting cuffs on people when they’re getting overwhelmed and shit shoved in the face

Speaker 10 (35:14):
Now and again, it’s always hard to make an assessment in that kind of situation. From the bleachers or from the sideline. I mean, so what happened? Who knew? Did anybody know? But you had officers that you could clearly see on some of the tape that were concerned for their safety and the safety of the people that they were protecting. So maybe this is his story

Speaker 1 (35:35):
There. You’re making that sound even more nice than what I saw. Concerned for my safety. Like these motherfucker animals going to kill me, man. But I’ll say this. Here’s what’s good about that tape. The shaman, his lawyer never got that tape. He has absolutely 100% entitled to have that in discovery when he’s deciding if he’s going to cop to a charge or if he’s going to go to trial. And the United States Department of Justice withheld it. Yeah,

Speaker 12 (36:09):

Speaker 1 (36:10):
Wrong. That’s fucked.

Speaker 12 (36:12):
The most important thing a defense attorney does is to make sure the client has due process,

Speaker 1 (36:16):
Due process, period. Which is required by law and discovery. I get everything. You may not withhold it. There’s a great appeal here and it’s making me sick. The Democrats and the Republic making excuses and fucking us all up. Give them the tape. They didn’t do it. Ladies, I’m trying to be the middle. Fuck you for smashing windows and fuck you for not letting a guy defend himself. And I’ll always defend somebody trying to defend themselves. And when I see you, you fuck rifling through desks. Get the fuck out of my capitol. Am I wrong?

Speaker 12 (36:58):
No, no. You’re right.

Speaker 1 (37:00):
What are you guys doing here? You’re supposed to play another song,

Speaker 12 (37:03):
<laugh>. We’ll play another song.

Speaker 1 (37:05):
I have no segue.

Speaker 12 (37:06):
I just wrote the song called Shaman <laugh>. Don’t squeeze the shaman <laugh>,

Speaker 1 (37:16):
Take a band. Been in my office while they was out there on break. What are we going to hear next? Bill? This one to trolley.

Speaker 12 (37:23):
Well, we’re going to play a song called My Town. Oh, so I wrote that song about going back to my, well, I grew up in Milford, so Karen, you’ll have more shit to say about me there. But yeah. And it was about going back

Speaker 1 (37:37):
Here. Got to wait, guilt in here, lay with a knife,

Speaker 12 (37:40):
<laugh> flog me. So

Speaker 1 (37:45):
Later baby

Speaker 12 (37:46):
Went back there and then realized it’s about going anywhere where you grew up and you’ve been away for a long time. And you go back there and you’re like, everything’s different here. And then you look around and you’re like, yeah, nothing’s really different. It’s all still the same, but I’ve been away. So that’s what my town’s all

Speaker 1 (38:05):
About. Okay, before you go my town, I forgot Mike Duggan did a state of the city and he’s telling me how great everything is and how these tax break giveaways. The billionaires don’t mean anything. Hey Mike, I know nobody fax checks anymore. You’re bullshit, dude. Of course it’s a giveaway. Of course it’s a giveaway because the way it works is you create a zone and then you raise the taxes on everybody else. All the business pays for itself and doesn’t pay anything for the people. Let me make it simple. Ladies and gentlemen. The year we went bankrupt, Detroit’s revenues were 1.1 billion. This year they’re estimated to be 1.2 billion. But when you add inflation, back when we were bankrupt, we had 1.4 billion. So we’re given all the money to these guys. Anytime, Mike, you’re so afraid of me, you won’t even give me an interview anymore. <laugh>, go play it bro. Go my town. It’s my town. See your town? It’s our town. I got no more town. Downtown. Downtown. Julie Brown. <laugh> Brown East, downtown. Help me out. Come on. Mexican town. Mexican town. Mexican town. Chinatown. Uptown. Uptown. Downtown. East side of town. West side of town. Adjusting my

Speaker 12 (39:29):
Shit there. Oh,

Speaker 1 (39:30):
Oh, he was cussing

Speaker 10 (39:33):
Down. Feel like I’m in a bar.

Speaker 1 (39:35):
<laugh> great. That’s

Speaker 12 (39:36):
The boy. Yeah, that’s

Speaker 1 (39:38):

Speaker 12 (39:39):
They know.

Speaker 1 (39:43):
Have a drink.

Speaker 10 (39:45):
I have a smoothie.

Speaker 1 (39:46):
Nice. Show it to us. Have a smoothie.

Speaker 10 (39:48):
Have a smoothie. See it’s great. Ready?

Speaker 1 (39:52):
What are you going to do with that cup when you’re done, throw it away. Biden’s going to send up.

Speaker 10 (39:57):
What should I do with it’s

Speaker 1 (39:58):
Green Am I’m going to stuff. I’m going to recycle my stuff. Ready? Here we go.

Speaker 12 (40:28):
Singing and two different yards. Five 50 bottles in grass. Next to the car piles a cigarette buds and old candy wrappers. Months of papers in the God that were never delivered. This is still my town. My seems the names are the same on the award tower. Just numbers to match. As far as I can remember, those Friday nights were made for those of us who were scattered. Leave the others to the chairs while we attended. What mattered in our hometown, our town. This will always be my town. This will will always be my crown. I’ve been around the world. I hold my snakes and I put ’em. Now wherever I call home, it ain’t nothing like my town. This lady, Zeus, Drake, varsity letters. Drink it all in now. It may navigate better once you bend to the top. Nothing now below matters. Well, we can drown all our failures and bourbon bitters in our hometown, our town. This will will always be my town. This will will always be my ground. I’ve been around the world. I’ve pulled my stakes and I put ’em now

Speaker 7 (44:21):

Speaker 12 (44:22):
I home, it ain’t nothing like my town.

Speaker 1 (44:45):
Wow, wow, wow. Wow. Net. And I never heard of this guy. They’re fucking awesome.

Speaker 6 (44:53):
Yeah. You know what I was telling ’em before the show? I said I’ve worked in radio for a long time. I’ve heard a lot of local bands. I would say about 80% aren’t very good. They’re really

Speaker 1 (45:02):
Fucking guy. Yeah. I don’t think this is a local band. Not

Speaker 6 (45:05):
That I’m, and not that I’m an expert, but I’m just saying

Speaker 1 (45:07):
I think he’s a band. He’s from here. Yeah. I think when I’m here, like shit, they’re here in the, what do we call this place again? The joint. What do you call

Speaker 6 (45:15):

Speaker 1 (45:15):
They’re just here in the joint. That’s just, it was good. That’s

Speaker 10 (45:19):
The penthouse.

Speaker 1 (45:20):
The penthouse. Yeah, that’s it. It’s the penthouse. Thank you. You know it ain’t, ain’t the fines, but that’s live. Yeah. Yeah. That was good. Oh you guys are great. You guys are great. Hey, you’re great. Well done Now as promised, he’s got a

Speaker 10 (45:35):
Nice voice. He’s got a nice voice.

Speaker 1 (45:36):
He sure does. They got a nice rhythm, rhythm section too. Oh my God. The bourbon hit me.

Speaker 16 (45:42):

Speaker 1 (45:44):
Did y’all know tomorrow will be March 10th? That’s the three year anniversary of the announcement that c o is upon us exclusively. We reported it. Comedian reporter, Detroit Red goes to the Rosa Parks bus station and takes the temperature of Detroit. Where we now that’s ro.

Speaker 18 (46:23):
It’s the three year anniversary of Covid and we’re at the bus stop trying to see if Covid is gone and forgotten or forgotten and not gone. So when you first heard about Covid and had the lockdown, what did you think? I was in a joint when I first heard about Covid, I caught that bitch. I caught that shit two times.

Speaker 1 (46:42):

Speaker 18 (46:42):
Up in prison. Couldn’t get away from it. We, it is eight of us in one cell. Take me to the pain. I’m tell you like this covid hit and nobody thinking about it. Oh it’s some bullshit. Oh it ain’t going to hit us. That motherfucker hit us. Huh? Like four people died. 10 people damn near died and 700 prisoners got covid. You was an essential worker. You had to be out here on the bus line. No hazard pay. What’d you see different now than three years ago? Oh, people don’t care no more. They ready to kill him to take these masks off. Hey, what’s good doctor? How you doing today? Yeah,

Speaker 6 (47:23):
I’m alright.

Speaker 18 (47:24):
I want to ask you something. Three year anniversary of Covid. Can you tell us why was Covid killing old people?

Speaker 19 (47:32):
I couldn’t tell you man. But they making money off of it. I’m working in nursing home

Speaker 18 (47:37):
So I got to ask you where they really doing everything they could to take care of them old folks in the nursing home. You know what, the

Speaker 19 (47:46):
Old folks don’t go out and get it. Somebody comes in there and give it to ’em.

Speaker 18 (47:50):
So do you think Covid is forgotten and gone or gone and forgotten? It

Speaker 19 (47:54):
Ain’t going nowhere.

Speaker 18 (47:56):

Speaker 19 (47:56):
My monkeypox and where that went, I ain’t seen a case of it yet.

Speaker 18 (48:00):
Have you caught covid?

Speaker 20 (48:02):
No I haven’t. You know what I got to, no. I had taste in my mouth smelling my nose, but I got a little under the weather.

Speaker 18 (48:12):
Okay. Did you get tested or is this just a self-examination?

Speaker 20 (48:16):

Speaker 18 (48:17):
<laugh>. You smoke cigarette?

Speaker 20 (48:18):
Yes I do

Speaker 18 (48:18):
You think smoking cigarettes saved you from catching covid?

Speaker 20 (48:21):
Yes I do.

Speaker 18 (48:22):
So you think a new port or a cool can fight off Coke? I

Speaker 20 (48:26):
Definitely know that is true. You

Speaker 18 (48:27):
Think some of that natural medication? Yes sir. Now? Yeah, now it’s, you think that’ll help keep me from getting covid?

Speaker 21 (48:36):
I don’t think so, but it might relieve the pain, you know what I mean? Hey, it is natural. Hey, what you

Speaker 18 (48:44):
Think I got? Lemme see what I got. A hot five on me. Bam. Bam. Hey this is Detroit Red with his covid vaccination medicine saying,

Speaker 10 (49:01):
Yeah. Alright. That was great Red. That was great.

Speaker 20 (49:13):
And anybody think

Speaker 1 (49:14):
Weed might work? I never heard no stoner driving dead, bro.

Speaker 10 (49:20):
<laugh>, that’s true. And

Speaker 18 (49:24):
Three years. I ain’t called covid yet. Two blunts a day.

Speaker 10 (49:28):
But Charlie, did you hear the guy say they’re making money off of it? That’s what this is. This is a money maker.

Speaker 1 (49:35):
That is so true, Karen, because Red and I we’re in the B basement of Coney here trying to crash that thing because our star fucking editor and filmmaker Byron was doing other businesses. But we were talking just about that. And that story actually had a lot of stuff in it. It had mm-hmm The nursing home worker who was passing the covid, it was the nursing home workers and the bus driver. Man, nobody gave a fuck. I didn’t get no hazard pay.

Speaker 10 (50:04):
And the jails there was.

Speaker 1 (50:05):
And the jails and the prisons. Lot of stuff in there. Dude, that was very well done man.

Speaker 18 (50:12):
Thank you brother. Thank you for going with me. I was honored to be

Speaker 1 (50:15):
Out there. Get in that microphone, tell everybody

Speaker 18 (50:17):
It was. Thank you. And thank you for going with me. Charlie Uff works the camera too if y’all didn’t know. Yeah, he actually did the camera work on that.

Speaker 1 (50:26):
So take me to pain. What are you Brad Edwards? Yeah. Thank you for that one too. <laugh> thank Brad Edwards for that one. Okay, now listen, I oh we’re doing really good mi cause we want to make it hour. I want dedicate this show not only to Anthony Bourdain, but I wanted to dedicate this to my dear friend, never to be forgotten. Detroit Fire Chief Mike Nevin. I walked back into town after doing my jaunt around the world in my young man life in 2008. And this was one of the first video pieces that I did when I was working for the Detroit News. Steve Perez. Love you dude. I’m glad you sent it. Just watch this.

Speaker 22 (51:17):
Also command

Speaker 1 (51:20):
A Detroit firefighter is among the busiest in the country. It takes its toll.

Speaker 22 (51:25):
The officer command,

Speaker 23 (51:28):
This is it. I mean, Christ, when is it going to end? When are we going to have one day where this isn’t happening? The fires and the car wrecks. And

Speaker 1 (51:51):
These are the opinions, not of the fire department, but of individual men. They are stationed on the city’s east side, which was once the core of American manufacturing might, now the core is on fire.

Speaker 24 (52:03):
You know, wonder what happened to the motor city here at GM Chrysler. They’re all picking up and they’re leaving and the people are still here. And when the factories go, they’re not taking the people with them.

Speaker 1 (52:22):

Speaker 25 (52:24):
Isn’t happening out in suburbs to this degree yet, but it’s on its way. We can’t just ignore this area. These people have to go somewhere after this is all blown out. And that’s just the next step. Logical

Speaker 22 (52:41):
Victim take.

Speaker 24 (52:45):
Not yet. It’s coming. Wake up. Can’t all deliver pizzas.

Speaker 25 (52:56):
My father’s right off the boat in Scotland. Nope. He came over here to be a wood model maker. No, this is definitely not what they had in mind, but they built the good city. Just needed to maintain it. You know, can’t abandon it and just leave and expect it to continue to thrive. We’ve seen half a million people leave the city since we’ve started fighting fires.

Speaker 26 (53:29):
Breaks your heart. Breaks your heart. Breaks your heart. I’m sure every guy here will say the same thing. Breaks your heart. And all these guys here, man, do whatever they can for the people here in the city.

Speaker 1 (53:46):
All right, well in the end there, look at you tall man. Hold

Speaker 12 (53:50):

Speaker 1 (53:50):
Big old. Hey. Hey, the men. Last man in that piece was firefighter Walt Harris who died in a arson. He died. Mike’s gone. Jimmy Montgomery. I wish you long and well man. I’ll see you tomorrow. I want to introduce the band. This is Bill Arnold. He doing guitars and vocals. Chris Brown, I’m Bass. What’s up brother? John Johnson on the drums. Anthony Zack on guitar and vocals. My man. What? Don’t, don’t how? I’m sorry.

Speaker 27 (54:29):
I got a little attached to it. I’m good. Damn

Speaker 1 (54:33):
Right. I see how the politics lines up here. Thank you. Listen. One done trolley, the latest record Sunday Morning Cigarettes. You can get it anywhere. What’s the name of this one, bro?

Speaker 27 (54:48):
Happy. We’re going to play Happy ever

Speaker 1 (54:49):
After. Happy ever after. And you know, closing song. Closing song. We usually do something at the end. Take us out bro. And thanks for being here. Hey, thank you.

Speaker 12 (55:28):
You never let them steal your mind or let them knee inside.

Speaker 7 (55:40):

Speaker 12 (55:40):
Your so since secrets locked away, save them for rainy day.

Speaker 7 (55:53):

Speaker 12 (55:53):
Always have back a plan and you find yourself a trustee, right? Amen. You help. You can get to get on through this life, but don’t believe in fair sales, happy other promises. A bullshit dressed in and paper strip. Boy applause. Just talk to remember back when phone calls were on time or a penny. Good. Prosecute a crime. Drop your bombs and make your the story and sign our wake up in strange places all the time. The day of seems to always slip my mind. I skies Don’t believe happy promises are bullshit dressed in boy. Just talk to Enlight. An honest feeling contemplating you can’t take it back is out there uncertainty. Just trust in me. I don’t believe in fair tales, a happy other. After applause. Just talk to me, boy. Just talk to,

Speaker 7 (59:32):
Just to, oh, good night everybody. Thank you. Thank y’all so much.


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