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Flint Firefighter Ricky Hill Jr. died February 25.
Paw Paw Firefighter Ethan Quillen died February 22.
Condolences to the first responders and their families.
Not like the Governor gave a shit.

More insincerity and graft out of the Governor’s office.
One of Whitmer’s appointees and donor awarded a $20 million grant before even starting the nonprofit.

Meanwhile, Spend-and-Waste Slotkin spouts off on Bill Maher without knowing what she’s talking about.
Who did HBO’s Real Time best?

Lansing PD- you can hide but were coming for answers because we never quit.

Finally, a recap of a wild Saturday night with White Boy Rick.

Swiping on Tinder the other day and saw a chick with the biggest fucking booty I’ve ever seen. God damn, that shit was huge. I could barely believe my eyes, man. I had to cool myself off with a chocolate, chocolate chip ice cream cone from Ben and Jerry’s. Shit was actually fire, no pun intended. My buddy Kevin from the Secret Service then brought me to the White House to sign some more shit. It was probably more money for Balenski in Ukraine, but I didn’t really give a fuck. Remember to keep it real and vote for me in 2024.


Downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News with my

Breaking this Dobo bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

Thank you very much. Welcome to the Never Quit News Hour, or as we like to say on Monday’s, a no bullshit lunch hour. If you didn’t make the White Boy Rick show and on the ammo it was sold out, man, that motherfucker was packed, wasn’t it, Karen?

It was. They had everybody in there like startings. There were a ton of people in there. A very eclectic mix of people want too. I might

Add, I might call De Coney Island freak Show myself. I was hoping we’d have that video for you. I’m working on it. Little coordination Snapple, but we’ll, we’ll bring you the, remember the highlights from our memories and they never quit. News Hour. Outrageous, outrageous news from the Lansing pd. We’ll get to that. And outrageous news on the treatment of a firefighter who died in the line of duty, and he’s all but forgotten up there in Flint. We never forget the first responders. And finally, old spending way slotkin running percentage. He’s on the Bill Mar Comedy Hour. It was comedy but not ha ha. Like, oh man, I was also on Bill Mar, and we’ll jam him up and we’ll see who did it better. That segment brought to you by maybe Charlie Ladol out of Run, but first award from our sponsors,

American Coney Island. So good. Even now. Listen today, show Evening. Fuck up. Not like that other guy, Al Joker, he said up. Make sure

Don’t be joke. A

Joker America

Al, he ej, Coney

American, Coney Island, so good. Even Al Roker from the Today Show Eats here. Not like that other guy, Al Joker who eats at Lafayette. So make sure you are a Roker and not a joker. American, Coney Island.

Nice. Hello. Fuck. I’m just kidding. Ward out by people.

It’s Monday.

Where were you? Fucking Saturday.

It’s stop late. It took me too long to get back from Kentucky.

So Red doesn’t show up to the white boy Rick ship, but he decides to give some tickets out to all of his buddies when them come and sitting at my wife’s table. Shouldn’t know who the fuck they are.

It’s only one guy.

It’s more than one that’s necessary.

It’s my co-host. It’s a good

Guy. It don’t matter. It’s shit to my

Wife. Well, I’m sorry, I

That’s better.

Didn’t know she’s better. I mean, I’m just saying though.

But you don’t, don’t see

Him. They said

Him. Wait, but you don’t see the issue with Dad. My wife’s entertainer hurt people. And your people are coming up and you don’t bother to show up.

I mean, wasn’t that I didn’t bother to show I gave

You some tickets for you and your people if you are not showing up, I don’t expect my wife to be entertaining your people.

Okay. Well, I I’m well. Am

I crazy?

I mean, I’m just saying you gave a tickets. It’s like, what if I had to had a accident? I was supposed to call everybody and said, don’t go. That one. I didn’t know they was going. That

One might understand Red Gun and an

Accident. Well, it was a accident that made me backed up coming out of Kentucky. That’s why I was late. Why is

Everybody like that? Why? No,

No. But I apologize, Amy, if you were uncomfortable. Let me say right here on the show. I apologize if

That better. Thank you. Thank you very much.

As best I got. I’m sorry, what the fuck were you? I was backed up. It was a accident outside of Parisburg, Ohio that delayed us by about a whole hour. So by the time I hit the city, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t even have got in on time. Wait

A minute, this was Saturday night, the show here, right?

Right. So I was on my way back.

Unless you were doing a breakfast set over there in Frankfurt, Kentucky. I mean, what time did you leave?

I mean, checkout 11 o’clock. We had a late night from the show the night before. Late


We left at 11. Should have been back here at 5 36.

Let’s get you some fucking tickets that shouldn’t fuck them. I’m, I’m going to sleep in. I’m going to get the continental breakfast.

Actually, I didn’t even get to eat. I got sick the night before and fucked. That’s Frank Fur. That’s balls off. No, actually I wasn’t, actually, wasn’t actually, what happened is somebody’s fake fur possum fur got in my nose and it was making me sick all god damn night. Some fake possum fur. I’ll tell you that story later. I

Told you, stop picking up them fucking hookers.

I don’t fuck not in fuck Fort. I mean Frankfurt, Kentucky,

Right? Well, anyway, it was interesting, Karen, wasn’t it The evening with White Buddy? Rick? How do you describe the crowd?

Interesting. I said it was kind of as if a Walmart and Somerset blew up. It kind of just randomly landed. It was a very eclectic mix. A little trailer Parkish, a little West Bloomfield. It was a little bit of everybody. Everybody was interested in his story. I think people were also very interested in your skillset, how you were going to extract what he hasn’t already publicly shared. So it was interesting, a little bit of old Detroit and a little bit of desire. Detroit.

I was introducing him and I’m looking out in the crowd and I’m like, oh, there’s d e a to the left. F b I recognized it A right wait. Back towards the sound board was D P D, and there was a principal of Detroit Public School. And I’m thinking all the people Rick hoped to void for the rest of his life show up to listen.

Well, they wanted to make sure he didn didn’t say no more shit.


Well don’t, his attor, his attorney kind of tagged, tagged him a little bit throughout the interview. I don’t think Charlie saw him because they were on a stage and he kind of walked up to the side and kind of gave him like, Hey, tone it down a little bit.

The first question I asked the dude is like, well, hopefully we’ll get this tape. We’ll play it Thursday, bud. I was like, why Even up here you got a hundred million dollar lawsuit with the federal government and the state authorities for taking a 14 year old boy and injecting him into the Dope Gang to be an informant. So he said to set the record straight. So I asked him about it. We kind of know that story. I’ll save it. But I said, how is it dude, that at 17 years old, you’re arrested, 18 years old, you’re convicted. You’re sent to the state penitentiary where you’re an informant and it’s kind of getting out around town that you’re an informant. How come you didn’t take one in the neck or one in the ass?

What was his response

To me? Look, I’ll get give you his response goes, I never snitched on no dope boys. In fact, look in the back. All the neighborhood guys are with me. I never snitched on that. I snitched on the police that the Feds came to me as a 14 year old boy. And if I could ingratiate myself with the dope gangs, then we would have a run in with the police and you can figure out which police were on the take. So when you’re in the pen, you kind of got some credibility for ratting out police, which okay, 80% of white boy Rick’s story a fable, right? It’s all white, white boy. He ran a big cartel and he was head of a big dope gang, which wasn’t true. No. Right. He got thrown away after he was useful to the fbi and he just started going to Miami and picking up a couple kilos, not a hundred kilos, five kilos. You know what I mean? So I think that’s in, I don’t know if that, I said, he’s on the record. That’s what he says. What do I know?

I wanted to say this right quick. Before we go any further looking at the pictures, what’s amazing to me is how many people are so interested in his story? I mean, the place is packed. That’s a huge room.

They were bringing in table that was a thousand people easy.

And it’s just amazing. I mean, would people care about the average dope guy around the corner who did way more volume, made way more money. The draw to this guy is amazing to me.

I opened it up. He is one of the big stories in the second half of American 20th century Gangland stories, right? There’s Gotti. Yeah, there’s Pablo Escobar, there’s Jimmy Hoffa, and then White Boy Rick. Except the story’s interesting because the story’s a lie.


You know what I mean? But I’m talking to him and he’s saying, no, I never snitched on any dope guys. But that’s counter to almost everything written about him. People he’s given interviews to that

What wasn’t that his informant job was at first anyway. Well, that’s

What I thought. Yeah, but he’s denying saying No, no. Okay, fine. What was the big reaction to me? Karen was at another angle. I was next to him. That’s my lawyer calling. I’ll just have to put him on hold. He goes down as the longest serving juvenile nonviolent offender. Right. He did something like 29 years in the state and federal,

Even after the mandatory minimums were thrown out. Yes. Deemed unconstitutional

Death. It used to be 650 grams or more. You’re doing life. They threw it out 10 years into his sentence. He doesn’t even get a parole hearing for 15 years. It’s supposed to get in every five. So I looked at him, I said, I did. I said, dude, I, I’m going to be honest, man, growing up, you and my brother are very much alike. I never gave a shit about your story. I didn’t because of the fable of like, you are the big dope dealer. Right? You got a crew. You might have not have killed anybody, but cocaine’s a death business. There ain’t no doubt about that. Yep. Said people die when there’s kilos being exchanged. What was his response to that? I said it twice and he flared up. And this to me was the highlight. He flared up and he said, well, look at the oc.

Look at big pharmaceutical companies. Look at the Sackler family, the people that came up with Oxycontin. He goes, they killed hundreds of thousands of people and nobody did a day. And yet the guys at the street level not connected. The lesser and the regular people, the people that are connected, hide behind the veil of incompetency and they pay some money. The people amongst us, you get locked up behind a wall, a curtain of bars. And it’s true. And that’s really the point of modern American life. There was no way the guy ever should have done 30 years.

But Charlie, you still got people in jail when he and I talked backstage because when he got out, he had a,

You got talk about Green Room was so jammed. I couldn’t even get in there. Just you get my coat. Did he have an entourage with him? Oh yeah. Go on, Karen. You were saying you got to make room for humor, Karen. All

Right, Al, it’s, it’s humorous, but no, and I ask him, because when he got out, he had a free big meet shirt on. And so I asked him about that and he was like, yeah, should not best of

All. Who’s Big Meech?

Thank you. That big Meech from the Black Mafia family, the Froy family, they now have a show on Stars. The documentary 50 cents has done a documentary on it. Big drug dealers here in the city of Detroit. And Charlie, you and I were going through the list of them and they were some of the top ones. But he too is serving some astronomical sentence for non-violent offenses. So there are tons of people in jail for the same thing. But he has come out on brand. He didn’t land on his feet, he landed on a pedestal. Not very many people can come out of jail for any length of time and step into the marijuana business. He works for a healthcare company. He’s a sought after consultant. He is got, what did he say? More than six cars, A home in Miami. He bought his, he’s running off, but he said he likes that drug dealer lifestyle. We

Were backstage. He was marveling at the modern world that he’s not been a part of smartphones and legal weed. And we’re getting ready to come on. And he is like, oh, I just made 11 grand. I’m like, Jesus, sweet. Say he looking at the

Phone. You’ve got all the merchandise

Bitcoin. Oh, wow. Yep.

But he’s got his merchandise. So he has done what everybody should do regardless of who they are or what they have or have not done. He has embraced, built, and is now profiting from his brand. That’s exactly what doing. And he should, well,

His sister,


Should, his sister wasn’t happy. Like they did q and A at the end, and I walked off. There’s no place for me to be in the Q and there’s no question for me. But do you have that?

Yeah. Not the greatest

Audio, the garbled audio.

You’ll be able to tell what they’re saying here.


Hi, fucking stand. I just like to know how you feel. It’s okay to turn your back on me and not tell the truth about all I’ve done for you and your children from day one. Listen, because stay out of an adult and don’t be a fucking idiot. You might have a relationship with me. So keep

To which I come back on stage.

Whoa, dear. Per whoa, dear. Per see me after the show.

See you after the show.

You know, it’s fake

To me. Charlie. Charlie, I thought we were filming an episode of Jerry Springer. I was like, what is happening here?

One could hope. But look, you know that guy. Go ahead. Reggie. You were going to say no.

If you listen to it, you hear a woman underneath saying, how dare

Her. Yeah. The crowd did not like that.

Yeah, they turned on her really quick.

I couldn’t hear up there. So I don’t know. I don’t know how any of it went over to be honest with you. Oh, no idea.

But you could tell in Rick’s voice there, he was pissed.

Yeah. But you could see Rick is like, I told him on, I hope we would get that. I’m assured we’re going to get that. I thought it was pretty good. And I said to him, look, he’s an impressive man. He’s got a seventh grade education. You do three decades in the pen. You grew up in the pen. Pretty much. I’m not expecting a lot. I’m expecting little bit of uncouthness. I mean in no offense anybody did 30 years. But it’s a really dark,

Rough, around the edge

Is a little bit dark. Heavy plays, right? Yeah. He’s really demure. Well, right, Karen? He really holds himself well. He’s really contained. He’s vocabulary. He’s quite extensive. He’s a deep guy. But when I said to him, it’s a debt business. And when his sister was up there, you saw Yeah, you saw some of that edge. Yeah. Get the fuck on. Get the fuck on.

But Charlie, he represents the Detroit that I remember. And those are the white people that grew up in Detroit because they grew up around black people. And so he’s not culturally appropriating. That’s who he grew up around. The girl that stood up and said, Hey, I’m from the 48, 2 0 5. And I remember she too, when white people are around black people, they pick up certain mannerisms and it, it’s not cultural appropriation. It becomes part of who they are.

Well, I’ll say this. No, that sounds like white people I know and grow up with what I’m saying. He sounds exactly like white people I grew up with.

Well, and you could have, that’s fine. Yeah. Maybe I’m not saying good.

There is a toughness, right? When you’re from a more hard scrabble back, he sounds like New York. He sounds east. No,

He sounds like the east side of Detroit. Charlie, he

Sound well, I’m sorry, Karen. He sounds like Brooklyn. He absolutely sounds like Brooklyn. He does. So that was interesting. At an Italian supper club, put tangle Dave in Martha Reeves.

Yeah. We were at a supper, Italian supper club in

His entourage. Two like big beefy dudes confused how you divide three shrimp between two men.

Were they jumbo shrimp?

I was busy, man.

I worked. I

Worked so hard on this shit. I did. You did? Yeah. Because you know I’m doing it for historical purposes. When it’s all said and done, you look something up. I wanted something real. So this what I found out about him last week. I was calling around the old crew, the courthouse, the precinct. He finally got his parole in 2017. This is 100% accurate, straight from the horse’s mouth. Can’t tell you who it is. But at the very highest levels of this town, they were shopping a 30 year stale cold murder wrap to put on him because they knew he was getting out. They didn’t want him out. That guy ratted out cops. He sent Coleman Young’s niece. Yep. To prison. Right. He tagged Gil Hill. Oh yeah. There’s still a, I told him, man, you don’t got a lot of friends in the power CL

Here. No, no. A lot of people, careers were put at risk lost.

Fuck them in their careers. They’re fucking

Corrupt. They were corrupt. But what I’m saying is that’s how they looking at, they want to keep him in the hole. They don’t want him out here running around loose, because you never know what might come out next. The

Whole shit’s corrupt.

But so many of those people you named aren’t around. Are you surprised that their power is still that strong? I, because I kind of am.

People remember, well, after a while, they let him out, didn’t they? Yeah. But there’s still a little vestigial. Let’s fuck this guy. He totally got fucked. Like I’m talking to the DEA afterwards. Right. And they agree. Put it this way, A hitman guy named Boone was hired to kill Rick when he was out at 17 years old, rolling the coat. He says it was Gil Hill. Right? That was the hit. Boone admitted in court to killing, murdering 30 people.


He did 17 years. He did six months of murder.


And Rick’s doing what, 32 years? Yeah. Oh, come on.

Yeah. And I was going to say that earlier. It’s people that committed murder and got out with less time. 30 and yeah, this dude did 30. Wow. Yeah. They didn’t want him out. They too scared of what else might come

Out. So that was my honor to do that. That was, like I said, I did not. I hope y’all enjoyed it and hopefully we can get that tape. Let’s move on here to the new section. I’m calling Never quit. Never quit on you. Brought to you by xg Service Group experts in voiceover internet protocol, phone service, security cameras, hidden cameras, access control, sound boards, menu boards, construction cameras, railroad cameras, security, all of it. All of your IT streaming needs. Call Matt Yako. Itz at (734) 245-4100. Let me start with this. This is a fucking outrage. Do you remember there was a mass shooting on campus at Michigan State University? Oh,


Weeks ago. Last month. Wow. Right? Yeah. It seems like people have forgotten. Okay. Do you remember my problem with the police department when they said we made a trip to his house on a


Check? Welfare check for his father. Got nothing to do with the mass murderer who goes on a spree eight days later. And the police basically insinuate that the neighbors are lying. There was never shots fired from that house. The police were never called and they were never there. And then I went through a rigmarole, a Freedom of Information Act. I called him, I wrote to ’em a week later, they hadn’t gotten back, promised me they would. They’re holding these bullshit press conferences till we all go away a week later. I haven’t heard from you. So I do the official Freedom of Information Act. I don’t hear from you. Then I make the call. Then I hear from you and say, you have to go to a website when Lansing and put it in there, to which I have my lawyer help me draft up a letter. I’m not putting it in any website. You’ve got it. Honor it. To which they got back to me 12 days ago saying, I have it. The law says seven days ago after five days, you respond saying you received it and it’s being processed. And then you sent me a letter asking for two more weeks. You got one week. I’m suing the fuck out of you. Good. So the mayor, he going to run for Congress. Right? All of a sudden he’s not going to run for Congress.

No explanation

What was going on with your police department. I want reports. I gave him specific streets around that Gunman’s house. Did you ever respond there? Did you ever respond there? Did you ever take his name down? Because I know the neighbors now not quitting. We deserve better than this shit.

Yeah. People act like they don’t want to give answers, but they’re always talking about transparency. Well, that happens with giving fucking answers. Where you give ’em, when does ask for giving,

But you, but they’re also accustomed to people dropping the ball because you move on to the next tragedy or you move on to the next issue. The follow up and the follow through aren’t there. And I think they’re accustomed to that too. So just give it time and they’ll forget and move on to something else.

Now, we never quit. See, I got something called literacy. I know how to write it down on a piece of paper. And I put a piece of paper on my desk and every day I look at it and go, oh yeah, I got to get to that one. Oh yeah, I got to do my taxes. Oh yeah. My columns do. Oh yeah. I got to finish that documentary. Oh yeah. I got to pay the editor for the video we did at White Boy Rank. I got to do it. You know why? Cause I want it to be right. Yeah. That’s the list. That’s the list. And then it comes out in the paper today

That Witmer’s Pal on the Michigan Economic Development Court, the one giving out the fucking billions, who’s also the vice chairman of the State Democratic Party, who’s also the executive director of the Arab American Chamber of Commerce. Who’s that? I also say she’s on the board of the Economic Development Court, gets a 20 million grant to bring in foreign money to invest in Michigan. Although she’s never been overseas. I don’t know. She has a college degree. This company is named is the recipient. But the company didn’t exist yet. They passed legislature for a company that didn’t exist yet. And the company’s at her house.

Oh boy. It’s a nonprofit. Is that or is it not a non, I mean,

Do some, what the fuck?

Well, you were telling me before pulling

My pants down on there, just call

Me before it was. I thought you said before the show. It was

Well, well just think.

Doesn’t matter. I wonder. It’s very odd that it would be her home address.

I wonder how many employees she had.


Yeah, just her.

It’s not clear. It’s not clear. Let me see if I’ve, I don’t have to find it. And then other directors on the Michigan Economic Development Court, COR Corporation got their sweetheart deals. You have to remember, these are earmarks. These are those special little billion in bullshit. It’s a fucking


Yep, it is.

It’s craft. It’s great. Give the money back. And then the guy, Jason Wentworth, right? I think he was speed Crew of the house at the time. They got his name on the guy that sponsored the legislation. He’s coming out to Craig Magar at the Detroit News going, I didn’t sponsor that.

Oh geez. So how would it get passed? That’s very interesting.

Gretchen. Gretchen Amazing. Huh, Gretchen. Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen. This stinks. Now, to be fair, fucking Republicans. Fucking re, we still got Lee Chat worth the former Republican speaker of the House.


What’d I say? Chat

Worth Chatfield.

Oh, Chatfield. Yeah. Thank you for that. Very good. Thank you, man. Well, I’m getting ’em all confused.

Well, you, that’s what I was going to say. This

Guy’s doing booty calls. He’s working a slush fund here he is traveling around on private jets, drinking champagne. He’s under, that’s his things. Yep.

Yep. And before the show, you were going through that list of what money went where, and it was just named connected to name, connected to group, connected to board, connected to name. It’s just, it’s very sicken enough, but

It’s a continuous, vicious cycle of they keep each other paid. Why the rest of us keep getting broker?

I feel like it’s, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em kind of thing too.

I refuse. You know what

I mean? Yeah. But people do that though, because they feel like there’s nothing they can do Exactly that even though they complain or they’re becoming aware and they oppose it. So after a certain, Charlie, we talked about this the other day, people just throw up their hands and say, forget it. I might as well just benefit from it because I can’t seem to impact it. And that’s unfortunate.

Acting politics takes a particular scumbag these days. You know what I mean? There you go. Donor gets 20 million. Oh, she raised a bunch of money for Whitmer too. Oh.

Oh. I’ve thought that was just a given.


Let’s go down here. Okay. In this story. Okay. Baba ba Witmer’s office, which was in the room for many of the negotiations, also maintained that Wentworth sponsored the grant, even though he says he didn’t. Wow. Oh boy. Okay, let me go down here. Okay, let’s see. The news is a historic 76 billion budget. There were 140 items to receive about a billion dollars in grant funding that nobody, there was no discussion on. Many of the 140 projects included few to no details about who the money would benefit or how it’ll be spent. A lot of representatives didn’t even know these things were coming to their district.

Good. That’s crazy.

Yeah. Let’s see. I spoke with multiple people. Okay.

Well, what’s amazing to me is even after all this come out, we not going to see anybody get penalized, go to jail, lose their job. It’s just going. It seems to just


And we don’t stop. And we don’t stop electing these folks. I mean, we hear what they do, we hear what we see, what they don’t do. And we just keep putting them back in office and not holding them accountable.

Okay. So the Economic Development Corp is the one that takes this money from the budget and disperses it. And she’s on the executive committee, so she’s dispersing it to herself. So, right. Okay. But she’s not the only one here. The Regional Council of Carpenters and Mill Rights, whose president Thomas Sluts serves on the M E D C executive committee, received 5 million for skilled trades promotion lawmakers who designated a hundred million dollars towards the construction of the University of Michigan Innovation Center in downtown Detroit to be built by Chrissy Illich of Olympia Development. Well, Mike McLaughlin, the vice President of Governor Affairs for Chrissy Illich, is on the executive committee. Wow. Fair State University’s Jim Crow Museum received a million dollar enhancement grant. And Bill Pink, the university’s president is on the board. I could keep going.

Wow. That’s crazy.

Okay. Fuck you guys. Fuck you, fuck you. Here’s another, fuck you. Flint firefighter Ricky Hill Jr. Died February 25th fighting a fire in Flint. Couple things about Ricky, right? Public servant Ricky was working a double shift. That’s not allowed for fi. You don’t work 48 hours as a firefighter. They removed that from the official incident report. Hmm. That’s coming out of City Hall Flint. That’s a source. Two. There was a big funeral for Ricky who died in the line of duty, but Flint hasn’t fucking paid his funeral. Bill. What? Jesus stuck the widow, who’s, who’s a nurse. She met him when they were both working as EMTs. She stuck with it. So there is a Ricky Hill Go fund me. If any of you care about we, the working people, Ricky Hill Jr. Look it up on Go Fund me. She still doesn’t have a death certificate for her husband. That’s how fucked up Genesee County is. And

She can’t even file any insurance policies or anything without that death certificate. So that’s holding up the process to her to get things kind in order. El that point.

How about Sheldon Neely, you creature from the swamp, you, your Whitmer, Powell Powell, all of you up there in Flint. You’re corrupt as Detroit. You’re corrupt as Macomb County. You right. You’re corrupt as the banks. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.


Like, we’ll, Sheldon pay the fucking guy’s funeral costs. That’s part of the deal. Right now, here’s the insult of all insults. Office of the Governor of Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer looks like a robo signing down here March 3rd, 2023, to the family of Ricky Hill Jr. Dear family of Ricky, on behalf of the state of Michigan, please accept my sincerest condolences on the recent passing of Ethan Quillen. I’m truly grateful for all the contributions Ricky has made to our state, though his work with the Flint Township Fire Department, his work with the Flint Township Fire Department, Ricky has undoubtedly touched the lies of thousands of Michiganders. Let me say that again. On behalf of the state of Michigan, please accept my sincerest condolences on the recent passing of Ethan Quillen.

Hi. That’s say

This is a form

Letter that is

Here my, yep. You’re

Right. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so fucking sad.

That means the family of Ethan Quillin got the exact same fucking letter. Yep. That your bums, you crummy bureaucrats who are really more interested in snake in our dough. Right. That you couldn’t even double check the four. It’s so your sincerest apologies. This is so insincere. This is so

Healing’s a insult.

It’s an, you’re right. It is. It’s a bigger insult than if they sent nothing.


Me let it is because you know, I’m sorry. Go ahead, Charlie. Let

Me tell you how it works. This is what you do, madam.

First of all, you have somebody proofread this. See you. You have somebody proofread that. You got a lot of hacks on staff. And you know what? They didn’t do very good in college. Their dads are some kind of something up there. And you hook them up. We all know. I know you bozos. Here’s the second thing, madam. You have your staff do it for you. If you can’t do it yourself, just write three lines. Three lines on a to by three by card. Yeah. And then you hand write ’em. Yep. And insert that with this letter because God forbid you have to write 12 of these things a year. Right. First responders the ultimate working person. Right. You respect them. You touch the lives of thousands. Absolutely. You hand

Write ’em. She didn’t sign that either. Charlie, that was done with an arm. That’s another thing. So that’s somehow brought, was brought to her attention. And her staff did the letter. And that was signed by an arm. She didn’t even sign the letter. But that’s where, and we keep saying this, you’ve got those kids working for her, for you or for her that are on social media that are spelling things wrong, that don’t call people back, that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do. That’s an arm signature. Yeah. She didn’t

Sign that. Rob Robo signed. You can see it. Yeah. And

You know what? Yep. That’s exactly what

This is what I had proposed to bankruptcy. If somebody dies on the job first responder, how about an immediate $500,000 payment to the family? You cover the funeral expenses and you give them life and health insurance until the children are raised and they’re adults. Adult. Right. Is this going to break the bank? That wouldn’t take 20 million a year, but you’re hooking up your fucking bum friends with not even a company registered yet. And you’re passing legislation for a company that doesn’t exist. And Ricky’s wife doesn’t know what to do

And she stuck on the hook for a funeral that should have been paid for.

Miss Shame on you Mayor. Shame on you Governor. Shame on you. Michigan Economic development Corp. Shame on the big banks. Shame on the Federal Reserve. And were they too big to bailout? Was Silicon Valley Bank, did they need to? It wasn’t a bailout. The investors, the depositors were made whole. These were billionaires. Right. This is venture capitalists. They didn’t know enough how to hedge. Okay, fine. You don’t want the contagion spreading. You don’t want little old us. You don’t want Ricky’s widow worried. She got to pull her five grand out of the bank. She can’t even afford it. Right. Okay. So this one Who did it better? It’s a new

Another segment.

It’s new segment. I just came up. Who did it?

I brought you. Wait, wait, Charlie, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Before you go. Yeah. So who is Ethan? That’s the other thing. Is that just somebody that they sent a letter to? Is it an accident? I mean, is that somebody who was deceased? I mean, why don’t you, who

Is Ethan Goo Google? I will, yeah, Google it right now. I will. Okay. Ethan Quillin. Q U I L L E N. And my condolences to the family of the Quis.

That’s a good question. Q

U I L L E N. I’m sorry. Yeah. I’m just saying like, well, let’s not just dismiss that. Yeah. He was an obituary papa. That was in February. Yeah.

Oh my God.

Oh wow.

So what happened to Ethan? He was a firefighter of papa. That’s what

It looks like. Yeah.

Yep. Well, it says he struck by caus he was a fatal inter injury. It was on the on scene fire, but maybe it was in an ax, a car accident.

What’s it say? Let’s, let’s, let’s

Remember it’s, it says he died. He died by a complete accident during the ice storm. Wednesday evening. Hold on. Let’s see.

What date was that?

February 24th.

This, yeah. February 20. He was killed during the ice storm. A tree limb fell during the storm taking a power line with it. And ultimately Ethan’s life. So there you go. Your DT E thing again. Jesus. Holy shit.

Yeah. So that’s two,

Two and two and two days. So

That’s two firefighter. So now, yeah. So those are two first responders who have been emotionally compromised and to me insulted because they’ve been mixed up on an alleged condolence letter.

And my God, nobody wanted to do work. You couldn’t, couldn’t

Personalize. Takes five minutes. It took us 30 seconds to pull that

Up. That’s what I’m about to say. You just pulled

That up, John, about just write a real letter. Yeah,

Yeah. Be a human being.


How about mean it though, Charlie? Well, that’s what I’m,

That’s point, Karen. That’s exactly right. That’s

Decent take. Let tell you this hour.


But also we need to stop politicizing stuff. Let’s stop acting like a letter or a certificate from these people means something after death. If you remember the three students that died from Michigan State, the one young lady, her family wanted no part of it. They didn’t want it live streamed. And they told the officials they didn’t want them at the funeral. The young man from Gross Point allowed them to come to the viewing. They said they wanted no part of the funeral. The young lady from East Detroit, they had all of these elected officials sitting in there for three hours at a black funeral, where I know that was a whole nother experience for them. And they’re sitting there acting like they care when they were there all

The time.

Yeah. No, it’s not it Charlie. I’m saying it was different because I mean, they’re sitting there, Gretchen. Oh, nevermind. Forget it. Go. What were you about to say?

Are you done, Karen? Did you get that off your chest? No, black. I’m

Not later.

That’s way to wrap it up there. I’m done. Move on. Is this,

But I’m saying like everybody listen.

Sitting go Boston over here.

No, but everybody’s sitting in there like they

Care. Karen got Jamaica Care.

Yeah, I do. But it’s like they’re sitting there, they care about this young lady or they’re doing something. Has anybody reached out to her family? They sat there for three hours. It meant something. Do you

All want to, you all help get to the, do you all want to help me get to the bottom of what happened in Flint with the police department? That will be nice. Governor. Yes. Now listen, who did it better brought to you by ADR experience overseeing more than a quarter billion dollars in private and public construction projects. Keep it on time, on budget adr. Call Barry Ellen Tucker. (248) 318-9424 for a consultation. Experts in procurement and government compliance and information technology. So they really got this one going. Baghdad, Betty, Alyssa Slotkin, who I now like to call spending waste Slotkin, was on the Bill Mar program. Really going to field issues and talk about the banks and crime and punishment and where important stuff. Yeah. Where fiscal policy and monetary policies had. Let’s, let’s just roll this. Let’s, let’s see how good she is.

Two office stickers I have here. All right, so let’s, the banks are failing again, which gets people two things. Angry, right? About the money going away and that us having to cover it, if that’s going to be the case. And scared. I’m a little scared. I’ve seen this movie before and I hope it doesn’t keep going. Maybe they’ve put it into it, but I don’t know. So you want to be president. You want to be senator, and I assume president after that. So how do you punish the people who recklessly waste our money without taking down the whole system? That always seems to be the case. Or do we just have to put up with it that it’s always a gun to our head that if we really punish them? No,

No. I mean, I think the Silicon Valley Bank is the perfect moment to take the head of that bank who was selling off his stock, making millions of dollars in the days before the scandal happened, who was now scuttled away to Hawaii and in his home in Hawaii. Wow. It is perfectly reasonable, I think, to have a conversation about bringing him out and showing the world that you can’t just fail and take risks with people’s money and throw down the, and that’s a perfect time.

So what about, but that’s just him.

That’s just him. But

It should be. Right. But I’m talking about all the, they’re making a, they’re paying a hundred cent, a hundred cents on the dollar for that’s, we’re talking about billions. Yes. You can take care of this guy. What does it cost you? 10, 15 million? I’m talking about making everybody hold. That’s what takes this. Yeah. I mean, that’s where the big money is. This is easy to get him in Hawaii. Well,

We need a new term bill because everyone says bailout bailout. Bailout means that the executives are still there. They’re not. They’re fired. The shareholders are made holder. They’re not. They’re zeroed out. The people that got their money were depositors people who just had their money in the bank. They chose the 16th biggest bank in the country. So them getting their money back actually was necessary for confidence to continue in the financial system. Even with this backstop, there’s a lot of fear. You’re not the only one bill. There are people withdrawing their money from regional banks around the country and plowing them into what JP Morgan, bank of America, Citibank, those mega banks are. We all know they’re too big to fail. And all the lesser banks now have to try and keep the confidence of their depositors. So this backstop was the right move.

Yes. It’s what adults do. I mean,

But it’s different. I mean, this is different than what we went through in 2008. I mean, think it’s, well, it’s not taxpayer dollars. I mean, I think we are not backing, we are not coming in to heal these banks with us taxpayer dollars. There is a fund, a hundred million dollar fund that is made out of bank fees and fines when they screw up. And that is what’s back stopping these depositors. That’s fundamentally different.

That’s fundamentally different. Oh God. Yeah. Out to lunch. First of all, it’s not a hundred million dollar fund. It’s a 125 billion fund. Okay. That’s from the banks having to pay fees to the F D I C. But madam, if you actually look at the loss, the uninsured capital deposit in these banks between Signature and Silicon Valley Bank, the total was 200 billion. We don’t have enough in that fund to capitalize these losses. Okay. Number two, bill Mark called you out for your silly talking points. He said, that’s easy. Let’s call him out. Let’s put him in front of a

Committee. Yeah. You got to find the boogieman that everyone can yell at, which we know we know that person. That’s not the issue here.

Yeah. And did you know Madame, that the bank was under the Federal Reserve’s supervision for a year? They knew. And so Jerome Powell, the head of the Fed is going to have to come out because he is trapped. Do you raise interest rates? Yes. Because inflation’s running away. Do you keep him level because the banks are collapsing? Either one. You do. You look weak. We’re fucked. Yeah, you fucked. Yeah. The market’s not going to react. Well, might it might. The first day they’ll digest it and it’ll, I’d short the market if I was a gambler man and I’m

Not. Yeah. Well, they don’t like uncertainty in the market. So be strong in your decision, but either way, we’re fucked. The people

Are screwed. And then what’s Bill Mar talking about? He’s talking about the trillions. Yes. Right. So what the bank did, Silicon Valley Bank is they invested in long-term treasury bonds, right. At a nice interest rate, but interest rates started going up. So new treasury bonds will pay you more interest. The bank needed to get money to pay back the scared depositors. They had to sell ’em at a loss. So now we have a program,

It’s probably up to 2 trillion. And all the banks that bought these long-term bonds, 2 trillion. Yeah. Okay. That means that’s the Fed printing money. Again, you got to inject another 2 trillion into the system to keep the banks floating. And the fed’s been trying to take money out by raising interest rates to bring down inflation. We’re fucked. Yeah. So what you should be talking about is bringing back glass eagle banking regulations, capital requirements, risk requirements, stress tests, like looking at the books for all of the banks, not just the biggest banks. That’s what you should talk about. Not taxpayer dollars. One more thing. Something called the discount window. The fed’s got a discount window. That means the banks can go to the Federal Reserve and borrow money at a very, very, very low interest rate for 90 days. Normally. Call my guy. And we had him on, we got people on. That last one was great. That I can always tell. That was a good one. Normally in a work week, banks across the country withdraw about four or 5 billion from the window. Last week they withdrew over 150 billion, which is by far a record. So no, no. Now I sat in bed this morning spending waste slot. Can you voted for the American Recovery Act.

Trump is to blame as well for running trillion dollar deficits every year. And then the Covid 2 trillion, that was going to begin it. But Biden supercharged it. And the Democrats went along with all of this instead of waiting to see what the economy would do, trillions, the American Recovery Act, the infrastructure bill, which got a lot of pork in it, the inflation reduction bill, which doesn’t reduce inflation. The omnibus bill. Right. That 1.7 trillion. All the executive orders, you’re spending too much fucking money, period. You got to talk to us and say it’s going to take common sacrifice because we’re sacrificing anyway. Right. With no direction. It’s like a high school

Girl with a credit card in the mall. Spin, spin, spin Ain’t my money.

I seen a lot of high school boys do that too. Yeah, that’d be out in the valley in la Oh yeah. The nice cars and shit. I mean, that’s the deal. Now, I went on Bill Marr about a decade ago is the last time I went on there. So that’s when they, I’m just saying talk real to me like this was Michael Steele was on there. He’s the former chairman of the Republican National Committee black man. And he, he’s quit. And he’s talking about how the Republicans are lost in space and is changing around him. He didn’t foresee Trump. Now did he? But no. So here he is talking about Republicans, what they have to do.

The rebranding for the party is important, otherwise it becomes more irrelevant than it is right now. And I think that the fact of the matter is that the political grounds have shifted. The leadership is stuck in a time warp of thinking that America will come back to it because they don’t like what they see out on this scary plane. Either it’s Barack Obama or it’s mandated healthcare without having to make a cogent argument, without having to understand that America is much more black and brown than it ever has been. In what?

Yeah. Mean it seems like when you were the chairman, when they made you the chairman of the party that was rebranding and then they wanted to unbrand.

Exactly. They

And they were like, whoa, what the fuck.


That’s not who we are. We’re the party of old white guys. This is false advertising. What this guy does branding mean. Yeah, branding

Branding’s just a brand. It’s called substance

It. But the branding, you’re right. Substance. Ultimately, you’ve got to get to substance. There’s no doubt about it. But the branding is the way you begin the conversation is to make that attract. It is. That’s right. To get people to focus on what you’re about to say. Well, since

It’s Women’s Day, since it’s Women’s day, 75% of the country, more or less is white. 75% of the voters more or less is white. And 40% of all voters are white women. It’s time Republicans started talking to their daughters. Don’t come out with some crazy abortion shit every four years. What?

Married people vote Republicans, single people vote Democrat. And there are more single people and less married people. That’s part of the

Democrat. And they shouldn’t give up on black people. Black people are conservative. Well, they conservative.

But that’s exactly the point


Think you wore best. Oh, Charlie,

Who wore it better?

Oh yeah, I think you did there. You’re quite prophetic with a lot of things there too in a short amount of time.

Talk to me. But you’re also consistent too, Charlie, that’s the thing. You’re still talking about substance and accountability and not just moving points, but the realities with of what we’re trying to deal with.

And that’s like really where you make your money in life. Karen is like that balance between projection reality. So when branding, man, we just want to be talked to as a human family, different wings of the family, but we’re still a family and it’s failing us all right?

But that’s why they fail, Charlie, because they don’t have the balance. And people look at presentation and narrative and they don’t pay attention to substance. And if you don’t have a platform built on substance, it will, your brand and your presentation and your narrative and your talking points will ultimately fail.

And I’m expecting this. You don’t have to be the Harvard economist or whatever. There’s so much to know when you’re a senator, but I expect you to be up to speed on things. I expect you to work hard. I expect you to not just fall in line with the party, raise a bunch of bullshit money, pull the lever when you’re told to know a little bit about banking, you’re flying out to LA in the middle of a fucking crisis. I can’t do it this week.

But they’re people. If you notice Charlie, it whe whether it’s congressional, senatorial, whatever, they’re always reading stuff. So I think they have a topical, but it’s always their staff behind them. They’re the ones that are writing their remarks. They’re the ones that are prepping them. They’re the ones that are telling them the things that they need to know before, whether it’s an interview, whether it’s speaking before their colleagues. And so that’s why it’s important to also have a staff around you that understands what’s going on as well.

Fine. It’s too bullshit for me. Just you should know I don’t have a staff behind me knowing what I know.

Well, it’s J just like this. I’m not going to go to a doctor who thinks he’s a doctor. I want a doctor that’s a doctor.

Well that No, that what you see there, that is a politician. Yeah. So you get what you’re paying for. We need something new.

Don’t vote. I mean, whatever you think of Joe Manchin, Hey, he said it too. You passed that inflation going to skyrocket. Everybody’s in agreement. Now why it took off. You weren’t smart enough to watch the fundamentals of the market coming out of Covid and l. Let it come back to its own equilibrium. And when it needed priming. Right. If it needed pri, that’s how you did it. They just everything to everybody. And were fucking in a trick bag now. And you don’t know it’s 100. Okay, you misspoke a hundred million. You meant a hundred billion. It’s 125 billion. Let’s get it straight. Know what the capitalization rate of these banks are. Get it straight.

And as a politician, what I really expected to hear us say was we need to put moisture regulations back in the banking system to start straightening it out.

Well, they’re coming anyway.

Yeah. I mean, not Tell me about one dude off in the Hawaii house. I give less than a damn about this one. Dude. What about the whole system? It’s broke. It needs to be

Fixed. Well, again, to actually inform you on something, the banking reregulation after the final of fis, the collapse of 2008. It’s the Doran Doran. Yeah. Which dod Frank put in these capitalization rates for mid range banks under Trump that got repealed. So something like

Two 50. 250 million. Billion. Billion. No million per bank, right?

No billion. Billion. Okay. So SVB might have been, I’m pulling a slot in, it might not even have been in there, but it should be even more stringent. Like for maybe all banks. Yeah. Okay. Under Trump, it was repealed. Debbie Staar, Democrat from Michigan, Gary Peters, democrat from Michigan. They voted for that. I never would’ve voted for that. I never would’ve. I would never have voted for the Iraq action. I was all in favor. I was all in, excuse me. I was all in favor of Afghanistan. I wasn’t in favor of the tax three tax cuts under Bush for the wealthy. I wasn’t in favor of Barack Obama turning the treasury over to Wall Street. I wasn’t in favor of Trump and his tax cuts and the trillion dollar deficits. I wasn’t in favor of the American Recovery Act, the infrastructure bill as it passed, the inflation reduction bill as it passed the omnibus bill as it passed, or the executive orders as they were written. No way.

I think we just heard Charlie’s campaign commercial right there.

That’s brought to you by, but you know what? Maybe he should

But know you got, look at these people before they ran for office. What did they do? Also, something. Can

I get in Baghdad? Betty Slotkin work for the cia. She was involved in Abu Grave. She was involved in this surge.


She was involved in the rise of isis. She was in involved in the Black Ops prisons. She was involved in Guantanamo Bay. It was John McCain himself. When she came up, it was going to be a little political favor. She’s going to be Assistant Secretary of Defense. He went no fucking way. Wouldn’t bring it to a vote. He goes, she was so bad at her job. He said, I learned more from the New York Times about what’s going on there than I do from you. This is no record.

Yeah. It’s like we don’t run our resumes on our politicians. We used

To. Well, you got to know bullshit out. We’re doing it. Yep. And if you vote for it, fine. I respect you. I respect you. Fine. But you should know,

Right. And know who you’re voting for.


Because you’re going to have to stay know.

Well just stop forgetting. But people need, listen, what did we just say two seconds ago? You can Google a whole lot of this stuff. We just buy into what we hear in the moment. What did they do before? What did they stand for? What did they do Not stand for where you


Where did you I got that ass. You went you

To Cranbrook, you moved away. You went to the Ivy League schools, then you lived in New York, then you lived in Washington. When have you lived here? Because this last election we found out you’re renting a condo from a donor, from a lobbyist involved with you who’s also registered to vote there. And his business is registered there. Your husband’s not registered to vote in Michigan. He’s registered to vote in Florida. Oh, you got a house in Georgetown or something? So you’re doing the listening tour her. You know that that’s like Hillary doing the listening tour. Her bullshit. I’m not really from New York. I better drive around. Pretend I’m listening.

Well, that sounds familiar, but okay. All

Right. Well listen, that’s that City of Flint. I’m coming. We, I’m coming. We want the answers, our deepest condolences to the family of Ricky Hill Jr. And Ethan Quillin. Can you

Throw that? Excuse me. Go for me out for Ricky.

I will give. All right. Thank you for your service. I don’t know what to go. GoFundMe is. Oh, okay. It’s Ricky Hill Jr. I will link it in the notes. Yeah. Thank you for your service and God bless your families. Yes. All right. We’ll see you Thursday. Hopefully we’ll have the right boy Rick video. And hey Rick. Thanks. It was a great evening, dude. Respect. Have a great time, Karen.

Thank you.

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