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WARNING! If you see a plastic bottle on your tire, call the police! The total value of all the cars that get stolen in the U.S. every single year is 4 billion dollars. Stealing cars is only becoming that much easier thanks to a new trick car thieves are using these days. How to protect your car and valuables from thieves?
It’s always better to be forewarned and take preventive measures to protect yourself. For example, why not walk around your car and briefly examine it before every drive? Not only that, there are tons of other ways you can protect yourself and your car from thieves.

How does the new criminal ploy work 1:18
Where criminals use this trick 2:40
How can you protect yourself 4:12
Take your steering wheel with you when you leave your car. 4:40
Buy a car with a manual transmission. 5:17
Keep the windshield clear. 6:07
Keep your car clean and tidy. 6:38
Take a look around. 7:13
Make sure your car faces your house. 7:51
Etch your car’s identification number on each window. 8:27
Use a tire lock. 8:49
Use a baby monitor. 9:20

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-First of all, thieves find a car they like in a parking lot. After that, they place an empty plastic bottle on the front or rear passenger tire. You start the ignition, and just as you’re rolling out of your parking spot, you hear some weird crinkling sound. As you get out of the car to check it out, the criminals either steal the car or grab all the valuables inside and run off.
-The first cases of carjackers using this strategy were reported in Limpopo, South Africa. Another wave of car thefts committed this way swept through Mexico too.
-It’s always better to be forewarned and take preventive measures to protect yourself.
-Actually, you can install a quick-release steering wheel so that you can take it with you whenever you leave your car.
-There have been numerous reports from would-be victims explaining how thieves often run away in embarrassment after failing to drive away in a manual.
-Before you leave your car, you should always remove any wiring you may have.
-If there’s a bunch of random stuff lying around in your vehicle, thieves will assume that you’re unorganized.
-Before you leave your car alone, take a look around. Don’t try to be discreet about it either.
-Just pull in so that your car faces your house. You don’t really save that much time in the morning by backing in anyway.
-If you have your VIN etched on every window, replacing all the glass won’t be worth all the hassle for these criminals.
-You might not know that you can get hold of a tire lock yourself too and use it to prevent car theft.

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