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The Super Bowl was rigged.

Rihanna’s NFL half-time show was pre-recorded. Detroit’s demolition contracts were phony. And the Flint City Councilman berates the chief of police on a sex scandal cover-up. It’s all fixed.

And not to be outdone, Perry Johnson, the profligate politician who claims to be a quality guru, but filed thousands of fake signatures in his failed bid for the governor of Michigan, claims Washington is rigged.

Watch the Michigan premiere of Two-Cent Johnson’s latest campaign commercial, this time for President of the United States. Guru Perry says the answer to our economic troubles is simple. Cut federal spending by 2%.

We do the math, and it doesn’t add up. But who cares? It’s all rigged.

Not to be outdone, Flint City Councilman Eric Mays is back in the news. Watch as Mays, the baritone of Genesee County browbeats the Flint Chief of Police for the coverup of sexcapades within his department.

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