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There’s always a #Detroit angle to every happening in the world.
NBN Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent is Taras Petro from Hamtramck, reports live from Ukraine. He is transporting refugees across the war zone in a ‘03 Hummer with Michigan plates. Naturally, his gas mileage is terrible and he’s having trouble getting fuel. “The roads in Ukraine are like the alleys in Hamtramck,” he reports.
Detroit native & freelance journalist Terrell Jermaine Starr reports live from Ukrainian militia checkpoints He brings eye witness reports of a devastated Kiev, paranoia, and a pistol put to his head.
And — one of Europe’s greatest war correspondents, Agnieszka Lichnerowicz on the ground in Lviv, Ukraine.
Meanwhile, here at home —
More #Covid dead discovered in Michigan’s nursing homes Yet, Gov. Whitmer and the media silent, wanting you to forget their past sins of the pandemic. Republicans respond by lining up a list of nobodies to challenge her.
Plus the times we live in — what to feed your dog, in case he one day becomes your dinner.


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