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When the media gets it wrong – really wrong – who’s there to straighten it out?
The No BS Newshour.

The Russia Hoax. The Michigan State gunman. The anatomy of the murder of Detroit Firefighter Walt Harris. MI AG Dana Nessel caught on a $10K pleasure cruise.

The truth in an hour.

We call it the wrap up smear if, and you want to talk politics, you call it the wrap up smear. You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest, and then you merchandise it and then you write it and they’ll say, see, it’s reported in the press that this, this and this. So they have that validation that the press reported the smear, and then it’s called the wrap up smear. Now I’m going to merchandise the press’s report on the smear that we made, and it’s a tactic and it’s

Live downtown Detroit. It’s no news out with

Assistant breaking this dobo bullshit, dobo bullshit.

The wrap up smear Nancy Pelosi in 2017. They’re telling you about the wrap up smear and why is that important?

That’s what comes around. Goes around. Yeah.

Well, no, she’s was basically telling you what they were up to. Yeah, because what came out this week that nobody in the media and this whole shows ba, what the fuck is wrong with the media? You are culpable in a wrap up smear. She explained how it works. You come up with some bullshit, you plant it to the press. Once the press press publishes it, you point to the press and go see it’s, see that it’s true. It’s validation. Yep. Even though we set it up and most of the big media did it, and it was the big Russian hoax, it was, I don’t care if you’re left or right, you got to be pissed about what they’ve done to us and what they’ve done to this country. The Durham report four years in the making, noted that the FBI received intelligence in 2016, that Hillary Clinton approved a plan to smear Donald Trump by stirring up a fake scandal, claiming interference with and by the Russian security services specifically, one then involved tying him to Putin and the Russians hacking of the DNC’s email that the reason she wanted to do that was to distract the public
From her own email deletion and server scandal because it was hurting her. And in this report it says they stopped investigating her four months before the election. I don’t know why. Yeah, I don’t know why. And they informed her each step of the way called defensive intelligence, so Hillary might know what was going on against her. They offered no such thing to Trump. In fact, president Obama, vice President Biden, attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI director James Comey were personally briefed on Clinton’s plans by then. Director of the CIA a John Brennan. The Clinton plan, as it was known, was obtained by the FBI simultaneously as it was relying on that famous steel dossier, which is a discredited report of lure details of Trump and hookers urinating Oman Mosco. Remember that? Yeah. It was all fake. All of that was fake, which the FBI knew was being funded and promoted by Clinton in order and successfully to get spying subpoenas from the F Court on four of Trump’s campaign people including Manafort and Papa. Papa Novelists. Yes. Okay. Durham quotes information from a meeting between the dossier’s author, former British intelligent agent, Christopher Steele. Who Any notes? I read the fucking thing. It’s insane.
The report notes. They just made shit up. Yeah, just totally. They went on YouTube and found Russian experts, pretended like they were sub sources. This is how fucking ludicrous this whole thing was. And Steel spoke with FBI agents as well as texts between FBI officials who said this fucking thing’s thin. I don’t know. FBI officials were encouraged to stop writing, writing, putting in memorium their doubts about this thing
Or the fact that they knew that the evidence was connected to Clinton. It was all fake. And Clinton’s camp pushed this fakery to the media and to the feds. And if you look back, you read this report, the media’s pretending they got it from somebody important, some western intelligent official when it was fucking steel. The guy who was making it up and getting something from the FBI officials who knew it was fake and was pushing it out there. And the New York Times still hasn’t retracted shit that even the FBI said was fake specifically in 2017, captured communications between Trump campaign officials and Russian intelligence officers. So we got a little circle of Trump haters. They lied to you on one side, you on the left that believes Rachel Maddow, who had to have known

Her defense was really interesting too. I was trying to read as much as I can about the coverage of it, and her defense was basically like he, and which was also very kind of a snobby answer, but which, what else do you expect? She’s like, well, they tried to get two people on it. Both were acquitted and all they got was a minor misdemeanor on a guy who sent an email. And my response is, just because you legally can’t find someone guilty doesn’t mean it’s okay. Doesn’t mean it’s unethical. Doesn’t mean it’s shitty, doesn’t mean it’s horseshit.

Well, the FBI agreed with the fights that they’ve went outside the road standards and the law. Yeah. The reason nobody’s convicted is that’s the way the government works. Yeah. Look at Flint. Yeah. Nobody did a day. Nobody in Detroit is going to see the courtroom on this poison they put in the grounds on these demolitions. Yeah. The conviction know this.

Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Nobody’s investigating Dana Nessa for her vacation or Gretchen Whitman for her airplane or the gaggle, the Gaggle, the two former speakers of the house. And what really looks like your corruption deals, you land deals your bullshit, and we’re all sitting here picking sides. They censored the right and the left, bullied everybody else. And then you come to find out there were no Russian bots, that the hunter laptop was real. Right. And Rachel Meadows like what? Doesn’t matter. Yeah. If I bullshitted you forever. Yeah. If we all turned on each other. If nobody believes in the foundational system of self-government.

Yeah. Very dismissive of it.

Fuck off.

You wonder why there’s no public trust, Charlie? I mean, I think people know that they have no means of or degree of confidence in what they hear or what they’re being told by their quote elected officials. It’s all performative. It’s all and bullshit. And they’re yanking the public as a result.

And then let’s not forget what the Wright did. What do you mean fake election? What do you mean millions of ballots? What do you mean? Didn’t Fox just settle with dominion? Oh, we don’t want to go there. Fuck,

It’s everybody. Charlie, where

Can you turn to the no bullshit is our not afraid. We do our work and we got stuff. Oh, we got stuff

And no one will ever say you are

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I think Luke Noack, he’s coming in tonight. Oh, he is? I don’t know. He’s probably going to call me in the middle of the show,

Ask us to come down and let him in.

He knows I’m overreacting. I need

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I know. That’s

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That’s your cue mark.

Well, I can

Play it. I do not fix it in post. I’m sick of you fixing that in post.

Well, I didn’t add something on the screen. I didn’t want to take that, but

Go ahead. As promised.
As promised, imagine in those first horrifying hours after the mass murder on the Michigan State University campus, if the chief of the Lansing Police Department told the cameras that his officers had in fact responded to shots fired calls at the gunman street not four months earlier, imagine if the chief told the cameras assembled from around the world that his officer did in fact drive down the street, turn around at the dead end where the gunman lived, and then drive away without ever getting out of the car, without ever knocking on a door, without ever contacting the neighbor who phoned the authorities. Can you imagine the outrage if he admitted that? Well, that’s exactly what happened. According to a neighbor who called the police and the nine one one dispatch call report that I have here in my hand. Now here’s the twisted and misleading statement Chief ery Sabe gave three months ago when the horror was still fresh.

I’d like to clear up just a few things, a few topics of misinformation that we have been asked about either the accused McRay or the address, the Lansing address on House Street in the city of Lansing. LPD has not responded to any welfare checks for Anthony McRay. There was a welfare check at the address on House Street on February 5th, but was not related to the accused. And LPD has not been called in any way to any shots fired at this address.

That’s not what I have sir. Witness. Ladies and gentlemen, the fiction of modern politics, the spinning of half truths and the intentional misdirection of blame and responsibility until a crisis grows old and the public loses interest, hoping no one finds out. But I did. And so in keeping with the show, where is the rest of the media? No respectable reporter I know puts up with a public official who lies to them. Consider the morning after Anthony McGrady’s murder Rampage. A half dozen neighbors told reporters from a dozen news outlets that they’d complained multiple times to the police that McCray would want Conley fire a pistol from his back porch. McCray’s house sits at the dead end of how avenue next to a park where children fly kites. The neighbor who lives three doors down from McCrae called 9 1 1 on October 23rd, 2022, describing shots fired east of the dead end.
Where McCray’s home is located, only McCray’s home. That according to the report, which reads, quote, heard eight shots east of the dead end hear one short delay, heard another one and then six more. The dispatcher wrote right here, A squad car arrived 10 minutes later, they drove to the dead end and turned around, said the caller Nicole Murray, whom I reached, even though they blacked out her name, I’ll find it. They never got out of the car, she said. And no, the police never contacted her. Even though the police said they arrived at her house, neighbors are incensed that they were not taken seriously and so should you be. And I’m sorry for those whose children were killed, crippled, or just mentally scarred from being there. This is for you. I promised you I would had the police taken their complaint seriously, it’s a very good bet that McCrae would not have been able to legally buy a gun and indiscriminately murder college students.
The killing of three and the crippling of five others is McCray sin and his alone. And may he burn in hell. But the fact that he was legally able to purchase the firearm shows a failure at every level of public safety in Ingham County. Remember, McCray was arrested four years ago for illegally carrying a concealed weapon, which is a five year felony that would’ve barred him from buying the gun. He used to do the killing. Instead, prosecutor Carol Simeon decided to charge McCrae with a misdemeanor transporting a loaded firearm in a motorized vehicle problem. There McCrae was riding a bicycle.
It was made up Simeon who took a winham blinken and not approached the gun crime in Lansing. Abruptly retired last December and you have some explaining to do. Then there’s the judge who allowed Mccr a thumb his nose at probation. It’s safe to assume from court records as we’ve discussed before in this program that McCray was smoking pot throughout his 18 month probationary period. The judge warned McCray about it, but never sent into the can. Drunk drivers who flunk breathalyzer tests during probation are treated more harshly than a man with an illegal semi-automatic. What’s the use of more gun laws if the current gun laws aren’t enforced? And that’s the nasty little secret. Phony misdemeanor charges perfunctory police response. The families of the dead were promised a rigorous investigation, but I doubt they’ll get one another. Deceit of modern politics. It’s there.

Those kids deserve better. Charlie. They deserve more. Their families deserve more, and the public deserves the truth.

Let’s do this. We put a little video together, not a little. We put a video together about this incident and what the neighbors had to say, and I’d like to show it to you one more time just because it’s not over.

How you doing? What’s the word, man? You work here.

The Michigan State shooting Rampage did not have to be the gunman. Anthony McRay was known to authorities. You

Got any weapons on you or anything like that? Yeah. You have a weapon on you? Yeah. What do you have? Three 80. Three 80. Put your hands behind your back real quick. I’m just going to detain you for a second. Okay. Can you put your cigarette out?

He was arrested for carrying a concealed pistol in 2019, which would’ve prevented him from buying a gun. But the prosecutor agreed to a plea deal, a misdemeanor transporting a loaded weapon in a vehicle. But McCrae didn’t have a car. He had a bicycle. The charge was a fabrication to push the case through the system. Ingham County, home of state government and Michigan State University isn’t serious about gun laws. The self-described progressive prosecutor has moved on. He’s now a state judge. There have been 81 mass shootings in America since M S U 81. Thoughts and prayers and then they move on. But we refuse to move on. We want answers.

This is an individual who first of all had just been removed from probation. We know that during the period of time that he was on probation, it was extended. We are still not clear on why that was. And he had this very recent weapons offense. We do so little to prevent people who are in that set of circumstances. I mean, somebody who,

I’m sorry to pause that we’re still not clear. That’s your attorney general who says we want to know. And you didn’t bother to find out. I had to bother to find out and I had to pay for all the documents under Freedom of Information Act. This is of high public interest and you did everything to hide it. I demand an investigation and I demand that the media do more than sit at press conferences and wander around the neighborhood. It’s not over. Let’s fix things. Go ahead.

Who many having mental health issues, somebody who just had been illegally possessing a gun and look how easy it was for him to obtain a weapon, even in the wake of all that.

Again, look how easy it was. Not because we don’t have background checks because we do. It’s because your friends, Madam Nessel in income County, county refused to take guns seriously. Why do I appear to be more left than you? All of a sudden it’s flipped on its head. That gun owners left and right, conservative people, a lot of them want gun laws enforced because they’re dangerous and you’re not going to get rid of them. You’re not doing your job. And we see what happens

When not plain and simple

Play. So we went to the Ingham County courthouse. McCrae was sentenced to transporting a firearm in a vehicle, a misdemeanor. That lesser charge allowed him to later legally purchase his murder weapon was given probation and twice blew it off. He was worn by the judge, but never spent a day in jail.

If he violates probation, you send him to jail up to two years, they did nothing.

There was a welfare check at the address on Hall Street on February 5th, but was not related to the accused. An L P D has not been called in any way to any shots fired at this address.

We now know the frat House of Lansing politics like in any way. Well, here’s a way. You were heard eight shots east of here, east of the dead end on how avenue? That’s a way come out of your hole. I called. You’re all running. That pisses me off. Likes to play with words. A bicycle is a car. Jail is just an abstract, and gun charts aren’t shots at all. If cops don’t write it down, but listen to the neighbors. Police responded a whopping 134 times to this sleepy neighborhood between the night McCrae was arrested for the gun and the night he went on his murders. Free McCrae often fired a pistol from his back porch. The police said there was never any calls out here, but I found out they’ve been out here over a hundred times in three years.

Oh, they’ve responded over there several times. I don’t know if it was because of their problem that they had over there, but there’s always been problems on that corner. I’ve seen, no, the police presence show up quite a bit in the past couple years.

Was it over gunshots? Usually?

I’ve heard gunshots and yeah. Yes.

Did you hear gunshots coming your right behind him? Yeah.

I was in the backyard one day scared his shit on him. I was back there working in the yard house.

It was when he was on probation. He was still firing that gun. Right. Oh my. And the police were out here

Two or three times. I seen him come down right after the

He shot one of the police was there. He

Did? Yeah. Well, the police were here. Yeah, you could hear him shooting.

He shoot one time. Yeah.

And you were here too?

Yeah. I heard the police was in the truck. I don’t know he here or no. I don’t know if I can hear my, on my videos. I don’t know if I can hear the shots, but yeah.

Oh, you have videos of the police here?

Yeah, I got videos, but I don’t know. I can go way long back. Yeah.

So there’s some videotape of the police here. It’s coming down to your word in the chief. And I know the truth when I see it. Freedom of information that cost me $1,000. I want every call to service in the last 44 months, you know how many there were 134 for over here. This house, just the houses around it only

Using the house like saying there was no calls to the actual house. It was to the area. So you know what I mean? They’re using that as an excuse that wasn’t for that issue, but for gunshots, obviously it was. Nobody could pinpoint the house.

But I talked a few neighbors. They’re like, yeah, no, it’s that house. Right. That’s why I have to, I’m doing it for you. Happy Easter. I’ll do it. That’s a thousand out of my pocket. You got this guy’s name in the report? You got this house address. In that report there was a cop at the bottom of your driveway, right? Yeah. Driveway. Yeah.

Yeah. The end of the road there.

They didn’t have the address. Oh, come on,


They just said it was the end of the road. We got a call to the end of the road. Right.

And then nobody pointed, Hey, it’s right back there. Well, that’s what Francisco just said, right? I was right here. There he was popping off.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Francisco was out there when he seen the cop and heard the gunshot, but no reports.

So one more time you would hear gunshots. Everybody in the neighborhood would hear gunshots. The police would be here. So when you hear the chief of police saying, we never responded to shots fired.

I would say that’s false.

It’s, they called it something else, but they responded to him popping that gun.

Of course.

So what did you think when you, you’re watching the news and you hear the chief say, no, we didn’t ever it,

It’s like calling everybody liars.

Are you a liar?

No. That’s don’t say I was. That’s what pissed me off about that. No, act like he only even reported it.

So here’s one that could have been stopped. We found McRae’s father at home. He didn’t want to speak directly to camera, but he told us he didn’t know his son was sick. He raised him the best he could. Mr. McCrae did. Did you ever let the police know that he had a weapon?

I don’t know what my son had. I was not raising him. Beating him. I didn’t even know he had a damn gun at all. I wouldn’t raise him and do the best you can as a dad when they leave the door. You don’t know what’s going mind to

Do. I know. You know what

I mean? I raised him in church if good me church.

But the question remains, why didn’t the authorities do as best they could? What’s his name? Well, what do we do next? Karen Just can’t stand. That’s what I was going to

Ask. That’s what I was going to ask Charlie. So what now?

I asked, asked. You have to answer.

Well, great minds think light. I was thinking the same thing. I mean, because we keep seeing failures at the prosecutorial level, at in so many cases that end up just repeating themselves In terms of the crime or criminal behavior, I don’t, don’t know. I mean, what are we going to

Do? What are we going to do with these bozos up there? The ones that didn’t protect our kids, the ones that are bullshitting us and hiding behind some warmer fuzzier world. That’s a good


Well, you know could be Sure. Now that I know And those neighbors you see, they got no respect. Yeah, they got no respect. This could have been prevented.

It’s so clear. Those neighbors want to tell that story too.

They did tell the story only to


I mean, Charlie was the only one who asked.

That’s what I mean.

No, a lot of us asked. Nobody went back and back and back. Yeah.

Well, but that’s the thing though, Charlie. I mean, and you went and talked to the neighbors. You got the information. You asked you, you’ve checked the boxes bunch.

Just a bunch of us did. But I went back a couple times and then the stuff didn’t line up. It didn’t line up. You wait a minute. You went to the murderer’s home eight days before. Yeah. Yeah. But it had nothing to do with him. Well, we never responded to shots fired. We all knew that. And then we quit. We quit today in Detroit. What’d the Wayne County prosecutor Kim Morey’s office do they excused the pizza shooter? I’ll take it back like a couple weeks. Pizza man delivers the pizza to the wrong address. The neighbors eat it. It goes, Hey man, we’re all hungry. They eat it. The neighbor who ordered it finds out, I believe it was the neighbor. Apparently they don’t have witnesses. He comes over and shoots an adult man. An adult woman and two kids and they let him go today because the witness didn’t show up. Seems to me there’s four witnesses. Yeah, they

Have bullets in them,

Right? Yeah. You couldn’t get anything more than that. Is this how lazy we are now? He’s out there.

Yeah. What’s he going to do when this food gets delivered to someone else?

So when it happens again? When it happens again, and they’ll come back and somebody will say, Hey, this was the guy that did A, B, and C, but he was yeah, let go for this reason. And that’s what I’m saying. It’s It’s a cycle. Okay.

And then there’s a cycle. Then here’s the next one. The gas station murder like a week ago. Yeah. The guy’s fucking welfare card runs out and he does, he wants his $4 of snack cakes and they lock ’em in because he is not allowed to shoplift them. He gets so mad. He blasts everybody in the fucking gas station. I go to that gas station. That’s madness. Doesn’t matter if I go to that gas station. Okay, so what happened? What’s the guy’s record? He was on probation For what?

Oh. Oh, is that Luke?

No, limo. Get the stop it. Vinny, this is an OWA calling. I’ll get the limo. I’m getting the limo. The guy’s on probation for a gun violation. He didn’t get hit with a felony, which was weapon felony possession of a weapon. So what was he a felon for? Armed robbery. Oh wow. He did six years. They let, they waved him through Wayne County prosecutor’s office. This is the bullshit. Then they keep having press conferences. Look what we’re doing. We’re doing a holistic schematic bullshit. No, the problem is what the judges and the prosecutor. Yeah. I was on the Guy Gordon show on W J R yesterday talking about Lansing and I got a bunch of amens from Detroit police. We do the what? Look, no cop in Lansing should lose his or her job over this. You know why? No, because the prosecutor set from on high. I have no interest in gun charges. So why would a cop risk his or her life do their job only to see him kick the next day waving at the cop, the perp waving at the cop from the porch with their middle finger.

I never thought that any officers should. It’s more the anger of being lied to that they never responded.

And again,

That comes from the top

Keeping with the program. Yeah. Where’s the media? You tell me about the gunshots and the pizza guy and then you tell me it gets kicked and you don’t look at anything.

So how do we expect a reduction of gun violence at 50% when these type of behaviors are the norm? I mean, so how is all this working? Or will it be another fudging of numbers

And the chief law, federal law enforcement, the ag, the Attorney general, the Eastern District is like, we’re going to do some outreach. Here’s our plan. We’re actually going to visit pro parole’s homes to see if they have a gun. You’re supposed to be doing that. That’s part of the fucking job.

That’s a kind of a smooth move telling us what you’re supposed to be doing. Oh god. And acting like it’s new.

And then the fake ass mayor talk about, I expect gun violence to go down just like you expect population to grow.

Just say it and it’s going to happen

And then call in everybody a clown because they’re not giving you the answer they want. It’s because you stink. Dude, it’s a failure. The buildings aren’t getting built. The crime’s been going up. People are moving out and the only thing you can point to is I got a bunch of empty buildings and all my cronies got hooked up. That’s pretty much what I’m going to write in my next book. And believe me, that book’s going to last just like this one. Which brings me to my next thing. A big part of this book is the death of Walt Harris, a longtime firefighter in this city. I got to know him. I would call him my friend, but I don’t want to seem like I am leaning one way or another. He died in an arson fire. The guy that owned the home got sent to prison for 30 years for commissioning the arson. That’s second degree murder, man. Okay, but now I got to just say it. Channel four, Devin Skillion does a report the arson. His mother who’s got some money, who spent $300,000 trying to get the guy out, does a report that he was wrongly convicted. Now, I never saw Devin in the courtroom. I never saw Bill Proctor. The investigator that the mother hired according to the Metro Times, who’s the secondary character interviewed here. Meanwhile,
No prosecutor, none of the police were ever talked to, nor was the guy who set the fire. They don’t have the arson reports. But I want to go through this because this is one of the biggest murder trials since I’ve been back to Detroit. And

You, like you said, you were there, right? You were for the whole

Trial? Yes. Yeah. It’s in this book called Detroit in American. I’ve read it. Autopsy, yeah. All right, so let’s go through this. It’s important to me. If you wanted to now go ahead, but I wouldn’t. It’s the anatomy of some bullshit.

Maxine Willis loves to talk about her son. Smart, dynamic, passionate, driven, everything good except his address, which is currently the Saginaw Correction

Facility and is charge murder.

A person is incarcerated, the whole family is locked up

For more than a decade. This has been Maxine’s cell, the basement that she’s turned into an evidence room.

Anything to do with the report. This is

Mario Willis is serving a 30 year sentence for second degree murder, convicted of arranging an arson that killed a beloved Detroit firefighter.

Walter Harris at 37 lost his life doing a job he loves.

It’s been 15 years since the night Walter Harris lost his life a night that broke the heart of the Detroit Fire Department.

The right ear there. Yeah. That’s when he fell

Through. The central figure in the investigation was Darien Dove a handyman. Willis often hired the night of the fire. He and a woman were using an empty house owned by Willis for a rendezvous. Dove said he started a fire with a little gasoline for them to keep warm, but he said the fire got too close to the gas can

Pause. That’s what he later said. That’s not what he said at trial. So if you want to be fair in this report, what he said was he got paid 20 bucks to light a fire so insurance could be collected and then he was promised the truck he never got. So you might want to say that. Go ahead,

Lee. The place was a flame and he called 9 1 1. Detroit firefighters arrived and worked to extinguish the fire, but it turned to disaster. When Firefighter Walter Harris was killed, as the ceiling collapsed on him, Harris was immensely popular. A father of six, a 17 year veteran of the force and the department chaplain,

And it’s going to be hard to go through a day here without, without hearing his laugh and seen him smile.

Excuse me. When a first responder is lost, understandably, the investigation intensifies. Pause says he was pressured.

It didn’t intensify Devin. What happened was it molded? And I put a story in the newspaper that it molded, and then the city tried to take my job and tried to take the job of the detective who was so overworked. So no, it took months continue

To change his story to say it wasn’t an accident. It is something Bill Proctor is the long time Detroit reporter who now works on innocence appeals.

I think it’s criminal here that someone with a badge, someone with authority, convinced someone to lie.

Eventually Dove did change his story and told police Willis paid him 20 bucks to burn the place down. Hold up. Why then ho

Hold. That’s not as I remember it. What it was was, lemme give you how this happened. They arrested Dove the handyman and he gave a confession, but there was something wrong with the Miranda rights. When they read the Miranda rights to him, they said, you have a right to an attorney. And then he said, I might need one of those. And they continued on, and then when the prosecutors were listening to the interrogation the next day, they’re like, we’re going to have trouble with that. Not only which judge we draw, but that’s grounds for appeal, right? You violate his Miranda rights clearly. Yeah. So if you want to dig and do such a story, what happened was one of detectives, they released him. He’s not in custody, he’s not confined, he’s not in any way bullied by the law. The detective went over there with a secret camera and his button
Put his foot on the porch and talked to ’em and said, remember you told me, right? Trying to get what they had already gotten, but didn’t Miranda him. Right? There was no need to Miranda. If you don’t have him in custody. Yes. Conversation. That’s the deal. Yeah. So the story didn’t change. It’s good to tell. That was the original story. Yeah. Then the guy, once he realized his, once he gave the confession, he didn’t get a plea deal till months afterwards. Yeah, yeah. Okay. You get what I’m You following me? I do. Yeah. Okay. So he changed his story after he’s figuring out what’s going on once he went in the camp, but I watched him on the stand, give the story,

Should we not take him at his word when he says, look, I got paid 20 bucks to set the place on fire. He said it.

He said it. But what else has he said?

Mr. You’re supposed to

Know was convinced through threat, and he has written down what the threat was. Either you give us Mario, or you go to prison for life.

Pause. The house is gone.

He wrote that when he was in prison, as prisoners are want to do it went to the court of appeals. Who rejected a new trial for Mr. Willis? The justices calling the jailhouse recant suspect.

Well, that’s end of story for me, man.


The house is gone, but this is where that fire occurred back in 2008. Couple of issues here. First, Darienne Dove was the one who called 9 1 1. Arsonists aren’t usually the ones who call the fire department.

Pause. If you don’t want the house to completely burn down, you would call, you’ll call 9 1 1. Okay? I mean, you might mention that. Yeah. Okay.

I don’t think that’s that

Unusual. And that’s Devin’s, the first guy I’ve ever seen in that lot in a suit with a pocket square. Looks great. Midnight blue against Vernon Green

Juxtaposition. Yeah, but the bigger issue, perhaps prosecutors suggested to the jury that this was a case of insurance fraud burning down a house in exchange for the insurance money. What wasn’t explained to the jury was that Mario Willis didn’t have this property insured against fire. He didn’t stand to make a dime. The jury was also told the court

Pause that. Okay, here’s what you didn’t tell him, and maybe you don’t know, Devin, I’m going to help you here. The fire occurred
In 2008. Mr. Willis signed the home over to his fiance in 2007, and it burned. And the handyman testified that you had him burn it that time too. And over $20,000 in insurance was collected that time, even though Mr. Willis didn’t own the home. And as I recall, and it’s a recollection because I don’t have the transcripts, your fiance testified that she didn’t know that you collected the insurance. So it’s quite probable that Mr. Willis didn’t know it wasn’t insured anymore because the wife, fiance certainly didn’t know insurance was collected. If I recall correctly, and I did call the former prosecutor, so you might want to put that one in.

Burn pattern, suggested arson, but a later forensic study supported the accident theory. Pause.

Who’s forensic study paid for it later? It comes later after the original, A arson report. What you should know is nobody, the Metro Times that wrote about it. Not Devin Skillion, not me have the original arson reports, but I sat there and listened to the arson expert. No, I’m not saying there aren’t questions. That’s fine. Right? Yeah. This is American justice, but if you’re going to try it through the media, you got to remember something. The handyman got about two, three years left on his bid. Yeah. They never talked to him. He won’t talk to anybody. He’s got two years left, two, three years, and that’s the end of it for Mr. Willis. So now we’re going to the public. Yeah. So if you’re going to do it, do it properly. Please continue.

Also in court, the prosecution said that Mario did not offer an alibi, but this video has come to light of Mario being interviewed by the arson team.

Remember, I remember you told me, y’all, when I was at Mario at dinner big night,

This interview was conducted seven months before the trial, but it was never disclosed to Mario’s defense counsel. We didn’t get while Maxine and I sat in

Ho Ho. Now, you might not know this, but you should probably know this, that Mr. Willis’s wife testified about the alibi. So there was the alibi. The alibi was, we went out for date night. Right. It has some dinner. We went home about 1230. Mario went out for cigarettes, some clove cigarettes to be exact. Now Mario came home apparently, and she would’ve known if Mario had left because they got a house alarm system. Except there’s a problem. Mario’s phone is tracked calling the handyman at about four in the morning, and the cell phone towers ping it across the street from the fire. So either he was calling from the pillow, but somehow a reflective mirror put it over on the east side and not Farmington. You understand what I’m saying? He was

Across the street, what was across the

Street, a gas station. And there’s some footage of a truck that’s been modified. Right?

Enhanced. Yeah,

Enhanced modified headlights. Jacked up rear. Oh, the car. Okay.

I thought the

Video. Yeah. Yeah. That matches his,


Interesting. Okay. So what are the odds? So no, in this report, am I hearing anything as if you had read the Appellate Court’s decision 20 page decision? I read it three times yesterday. You’re not mentioning cell phone records in this report, nor did you mention them in the metro time story. Again, there may be some valid reasons here, but you’re cherry picking. Yeah, let’s continue. You talked,

The phone rang, it was Mario calling from prison.

Mario just happened to be calling while the news media was there. Was it D and Dove? The guy whose testimony put him in the can? No, just Mario happened to call. What are the

Odds? Clearly there were some mistakes in the prosecution, but clearly there were some pretty glaring mistakes in your defense too, right?

Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir. You

Know, well, not according to the appellate court, we’ll move on.

Unfortunately, my travel attorney, he felt like his exact words to me, Mario, this is going to be a formality at best.

In fact, during Mario’s appeal, his attorney pointed to several instances of ineffective assistance by his trial lawyer. Now, Mario knows it is hardly unusual for an inmate to proclaim his innocence because

You’re right, everyone. When I came in here, I said, oh my God, everybody’s innocent. No one did time

Pause. Devin just said, it’s hardly unusual for an inmate to proclaim his innocence. So half of this thing here is the guy that put Mario in prison tried to proclaim his innocence. Oh, about 10 years ago and hadn’t said boo since. So come on. That’s what the pate court said.

So I said, ok, we have to show this through evidence. She says, I talked to you, sir. I will compel you to look through

Everything. That’s fairly easy thanks to Maxine’s exhaustive work. Woo. In her home and online, she sees a lot of similarities in Mario and Walter Harris. Oh, in fact, it’s hard to miss and her heart breaks.

Whoa. Her Harris is what? That’s crass. Kind of like that. Okay. The man on the left is accused of murdering the man on the right, and we’re doing some trick shit. It’s hard to miss the comparison. Yeah. Does anybody in his room agree with doing something like that? No. What is this? No, some ham-handed. What? What’s with the heartstring pulling? Like, don’t do that. Yeah,

That’s that’s bad.

Oh my God,

Wife, seriously? Well,

You picture his

One this recorded saying that if there’s been anything hidden, any wrongdoing, any egos involved, it needs to come out. So we’re both looking for the same thing. The truth.

The jury didn’t hear the whole thing. The jury never understood that this was an accident because they had so many people in government telling them, no, this was a conspiracy.

Are you going to tell the public he’s paying you?

What’s that? Say that again.

Is he going to tell? Well, this according to Metro Times, bill, that the woman that’s being profiled here is paying you 300 grand for this investigation’s pretty German plus the lawyer. Yeah. Y’all want to call me? We can discuss. I was there. I don’t remember you people,

Piecy. They lied. They manipulated the truth. They sent two innocent men to prison. This should not be,

Wow, I, I’m glad you did that. One of my big pet peeves in general is podcasts or news stories that present one side of a trial when the trial already happened, where people hear all the evidence. So it builds a lot of support for one side without hearing the other side. It just stinks.

Here’s where this is going. There’s something called the Conviction Integrity Union at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. Okay, this is so weird. The unit can look, they won’t talk to the prosecutor that tried the case and they won’t talk to the lead investigator. They’re just going to look at this stuff like shit like this, and they’re going to make a decision. And then the county prosecutor, Kim worthy, is going to make a decision one way or the other. So this has been tried, listened to by a jury of your peers. It was overseen by a circuit court judge. He exhausted his appeals at the appellate level, and now we’re going to go, there’s something that exists that can erase


That American jurisprudence

That’s horseshit.

Okay? Again, there could be some valid, I don’t have the transcripts anymore. There could be some valid points here. But to do it this way through the media and to leave so much shit out.

Well, because the other way failed. The appeal failed.

It did.

So now it’s a plea to the media. I got to tell you the fact that it burned down once. What are the odds that it was an accident the second time?

Well, the man was in there fucking a street. Fucking a street walker named Felicia that they’d never been able to find. Yeah, it’s crazy that her name’s in the back of the 9 1 1 call. Well, she might’ve just been at the gas station. Huh? He might’ve brought her along.

Oh geez.

I don’t know. But why is it getting a press thing now, Karen?

I don’t know. It’s a good question, Charlie. But again, if in fact the family has engaged Bill Proctor and is trying to bring some attention to it, they’re doing a good job at doing. But it will come down to the validity of the details that they’re bringing up and out in comparison to that which was brought out earlier. So you know, can get public sympathy, but the case is not going to be determined by public opinion.

It’s going to be determined by two women, Valerie Newman, who’s the head of the Integrity squad and Kim worthy, and if they feel enough pressure or I know them both to be people of integrity. I do. I know them both to be people of integrity. And there’s no d n A here. There’s no sketch that a former deputy police chief drew for a 14 year old murder suspect. It happened in here. There’s nothing deep in germane, in explosive here. This is just calling in the question through the media. The courts have adjudicated. I ask you ladies, please do what you think is right, and I think I know what’s right and I’ll leave it at that again. Everybody’s entitled to their day in court and their appeals process, but so much is left out and try this book. I don’t get any money off it anymore. Whatever. It’s not. That’s a great book. Try this book. It’s in there. And the outrage of that time, that’s a picture of alt right there. Yeah, I might have been there. This whole town was fucking burning.

I just don’t want people to forget about that.


A good man died doing his

Job. That was a huge loss to the city. Yes, I remember that. It was huge.

And I will say yes. Everybody says that. Right? The circumstances of his death. Again, if you show me something real and new again, I want to say this. Cell phone records. Yeah, cell phone records. Stuff’s been left out of that report that is so cockamamie to try to explain that. And here, what else is cockamamie? Here’s another, what’s up with the fucking media? Dana Nessel took a, what do you call that? What do you call the super re vacation Super reach.

Yeah, you just said it.

Super reach. I mean, $9,000 a night penthouse. $10,000 like beam.

What’s that, Karen? That would be

Uber. That would be Uber Re

Uber Re

All you got to say is Ritz Carlton.

Are we mixing German and French? We so Swiss. So Swiss, right. And I’m telling you so Swiss. Yeah, you probably like take your pavilions, you run ’em through the Swiss banks and then you party in Turks Caicos, the Attorney General is taken a vacation with a prominent attorney with business before the state and nobody’s picked up on it except a senator from the great state of Michigan who’s going to introduce legislation. It’s not illegal.


To take money from people with business before they’re all fucking corrupt. It’s unethical, man. But one, one per not the media, but Senator Jim Brunstad from Oakland County took notice. He delivered this speech this week on the Senate floor and we’d like to take you out with it.

Joseph Jefferson Jackson, nicknamed Shoeless Joe played Major League baseball in the early 19 hundreds. His batting average was the fourth highest in major league history. He ranked 35th on the list of 100 greatest baseball players. Yet no one remembers any of that. Joe is best remembered for his involvement in the Black Sox scandal in which members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox participated in a conspiracy to fix the World Series. As a result, the commissioner banned Jackson from baseball after the 1920 season. So all of his great baseball achievements are forgotten. In fact, Joe is best known for only one single historical phrase the Chicago Daily News wrote in a headline Say, it ain’t so. Joe attributed to a child outside the courthouse. When Jackson left the criminal court building, several hundred youngsters were waiting for a glimpse of their shoeless. Joe. One child stepped up and grabbing Joe’s coat sleeve, said it ain’t true, is it Joe?
Say it ain’t so. Joe replied, kid. Yes, I’m afraid it is. The young lad side will, I never would’ve thought it. The boy opened a path. The boys opened a path for the ballplayer who stood and stood his silence until he passed out of sight. And so it is with the disillusionment that comes to people with many public figures that we thought we could trust. For instance, as you know, just last week, I indicated I thought Attorney General Nessel was the one and the only Democrat I might really be able to work with on some transparency issues here in Lansing. But now even that one Democrat’s commitment is called into question. I read a Detroit news story covered by Pulitzer Prizewinning reporter Charlie Lauff about her island vacation with a big shot prominent campaign do donor Kelly Newman, who owns a law firm in the state, the pair state at the penthouse of the luxurious Ritz Carlton Resort in Providence’s accommodation at almost $9,000 a night.
The Washington Liberty Beacon also reported that they also reserved and chartered the Rich Carlton’s exclusive opulent sailing yacht. Whoa. For a trip that cost nearly $10,000 LeDuff, the penthouse bill, the hotel confirmed, was picked up by the prominent Traverse City lawyer with overlapping interests with Nestle’s office, namely in nursing home malfeasance and auto insurance claims. To date, we can’t get any confirmation as to whether that host ever got reimbursed. And if so, when was that reimbursement paid? Was the big donor law firm doing any business with or suing any part of the state of Michigan? We simply don’t know. So in the end, just like that poor disillusioned kid who had worshiped shoeless Joe, we can just now imagine a little girl, a budding future attorney who worships attorney Nestle approach her and say, attorney General Dana Nestle, tell me it’s not true. You were abort the sailing vessel.
Nestle say, it ain’t so Nestle say you weren’t abort the vessel. And from what’s been reported so far, almost two weeks old, not refuted, the Attorney General would simply have to lean over and say, yes kid. I’m sorry to break it to you. It’s true. Attorney General Nessel was aboard the vessel. Then we can all just imagine that little child staggering way, teary-eyed, muttering. I never, never thought it would happen, but that little girl would be relieved to hear that the Democrats can join me in ending this problem. For I have a bill that we will introduce very soon on the floor requiring disclosure of any money that nonprofits and other entities that are not officially registered to lobby must disclose regarding any travel or hotel stays. It could be used to create influence. I welcome the Democrats support of this bill.

I tell you what, are you up on the hill? Vote for this bill. Why wouldn’t we have such a law? Why don’t we have it anyway? Cause they don’t want one. I’m surprised to learn that you can just take gifts. Okay, now here’s Here’s the thing here. Yeah, mark, that’s terrible. I know. Well, I can only get in so I can only get in some, okay. Right there. Anyway. So here’s the thing. Put it, put it, put it. Is it up? Yeah. That was up there. Yeah. Okay, so here’s the thing. Oh, Nessel was out of the office according to the email. She was going to Turks and Caco the morning of the 24th, which is a Friday. And she didn’t get back. You didn’t see her in Michigan until March 30th. And it’s confirmed by the big lawyer that she invited Nessel to Turks and Caicos.
But she paid. Would you like to see this? She paid, and this is from the Insta of Kelly Newman. This is aboard Sweet Catamaran, right? Dated March 27th. Now, I’m assuming Dana Nessa wasn’t left into penthouse with her wife, that they were invited onto the boat. That would be tacky. Yeah. Like, ha ha, we’re rich and you’re not. We’re going in the catamaran. Yeah, they’re better friends than that. You don’t get to do it. So we don’t know for sure because no doesn’t talk. She’s hiding in her badger hole if she was on the catamaran. But Mark, if you could start zooming in to the skipper’s one way. Glasses. Do you see those reflective glasses? If you look to the lens on our left, do you see the brunette reflecting off of his mark? It’s too much in it. Okay. You, you’re ruining it. You’re ruining the whole bit. I’m trying. I mean we’ll fix it and post, there is a brunette there in this wearing the hair in the style of Nestle. I’m not saying in any way that’s evidence, but I’m watching and you’re going to have to tell us and you’re going to have to show us the bill. Where you on the catamaran? What Mark? What are you doing, mark? I want

To show. Yeah, now you can see it. I mean you can see it when he backs away. It’s too close.

No, now he’s too far out with just dark space. And just get in there amending right there. There you go. Left lens lower. Right, right in there. You got some explaining to do madam, because now what you’ve done, just going to explain how I work. My attorney general office, you told the people you paid so All that’s left is show us the bill, show us the cash check. Sounds familiar. Show it. Show it. And that’s the program. Ladies and gentlemen. We own it. No fake news here, Karen.

No fake anything.

Love ya. Love

You too.

Oh, we got big news on Monday. Maybe there may be some big changes to this show. You might have to get cable or maybe not.

Well, you got to tune in to

Find out. Stay tuned. Thanks for joining us. And give us a comment. We read him, Jeremiah, were you commenting back and forth with the people tonight? If you’re seeing something from my account, it’s Jeremiah, it’s a new brother to this show. He’s handling all the interaction. We go over.

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That’s not your wire. I’m


A lot. You’re

A to do since what’s up with the media? Why wouldn’t none of them do it? Okay, some of you just keep a sense of humor, man, don’t be mean. And God bless Walt Harris. All that paid doesn’t just get to go away in a five minute report at five 30. No fucking way. And all you police fire to do it the right way. Respect, lot of hardworking people of America. Respect all the libbers out there. Respect lot of conservatives out there. My mom’s your leader. For all you pet lovers, pick up after Bowser for all you cat lovers. I’ll see you in kitty heaven. Good night.

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