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What work is. A Labor Day special.

Dreams are what you wake up from. Work is what you do. And if you don’t know work, then nevermind you.

What it is to marry your life to a machine? And if you do, shouldn’t you share in the profit of your labor?
American autoworkers are threatening to strike.
Bob King, the former president of the UAW says this is a moment of life or death for the American worker. “They want to keep us poor,” he says of the Big Three who are making record profit, while the line worker is losing ground.

And never forget East Palestine, Ohio. A train, carrying deadly chemicals goes off the track. Instead of spending time and money to clean the wreckage properly, the railroad company pushes to set the chemicals on fire.
Six months later, we go back to East Palestine. The government has abandoned the town and left the railroad in charge.

The question of America’s future is a simple one: Trump or Biden? You might be surprised what Detroit thinks, but you shouldn’t.

We live north of Richmond, too. There aren’t too many rich men here in the North. But we feel what Oliver Anthony is singing from down South. Here is our callback: we’re barely holding on up here brother, but we’re holding on to each other. Featuring One Ton Trolley and their song “Don’t Tell Me.”
Happy Labor Day. And may God bless America.


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