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President Joe Biden finally goes to the border and ¡Listo!

Suddenly, all the illegal immigrants are gone from the streets of El Paso, Texas. But wait, asks the president, “Who’s this guy?”

Nothing to see here.

Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase is perhaps the biggest criminal enterprise going in the United States. The giant Wall Street bank was a main culprit for passing the bad mortgages that triggered the financial meltdown of 2008. It is also the bank that enabled Bernie Madoff, the biggest Ponzi grifter in the history America, until of course Sam Bankman-Fried, the FTX crypto crook.

Did anybody from JP Morgan go to prison? You can bet your ass – no. Instead, CEO Jamie Dimon comes to Detroit and crawls into bed with Mayor Mike Duggan.

What ever happened to the Grand Juries looking into Duggan?

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel refuses to investigate. She says that’s the way things go. The rich and powerful get away with it as long as you’ve got friends in the AG’s office.

In the meantime, your jobs continue to get shipped to Mexico where the cartels are in control. And that’s the way things are.

Plus, look for me on Chris Cuomo tonight.

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