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How much does a poolside canoodle cost at a Caribbean penthouse paradise?
$8,629.65 per night.

So who paid for Attorney General Dana Nessel and her wife?
Nessel claims she did.
The Ritz Carlton says a law firm picked up the tab.
We unpack the whole sordid suitcase.
Michigan politicians… creatures from the Blue Lagoon.


James E. Craig. He’s “transitioning”. The former chief of Detroit Police says his makeover from top cop to politician is half way there.
He’s 50% throwing his many hats into the ring for the Republican nomination for US Senate.
Need proof? Try this pearl from the potential pol. “I have seen no evidence that the (2020) election was stolen.”
That is bold stuff and exclusive news.
Now, Craig needs to work on getting legitimate signatures.

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Downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News out with

Assistant breaking his do more bullshit Dobo bullshit.

I do believe Red, you are becoming Detroit’s. Dave Chappelle. Thank you. That’s nicely done there, man. Hope I can get his money one day. You need his acting chops too. You ain’t lying. We have a pretty spectacular program for you, chief James. Craig joins us on the second half of the show. Stay tuned for that. Lots to say. Hopefully maybe. Maybe we got an announcement of something. Maybe we got some news, but we’re glad to have him. There he is, sitting there nice and regal. Look at that. He said, yep, he’s all, but let’s just get to the news of the week in the state of Michigan. Okay, give me some music to this. I want little music to

A little music.

Yeah, little, little Calypso. Yes. Text. Yes, just yeah. Now a swamp can be a beautiful place to frolic. Just has Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, who embarked a last month on a Peral Caribbean getaway to the islands of Turks and Caico. A great time was had by all if the since deleted social media photos are be believed. Azure’s water, white sandy beaches, perspiring glasses of poolside pinot at as sumptuous three story penthouse overlooking grace bag, and all this for up poultry. $8,629 and 65 cents a night. According to the staff at the Ritz Carlton, whom I spoke with twice, but neither Nessel nor her spouse picked up the bill according to the hotel staff that was paid for by a prominent Traverse City lawyer with overlapping interest with Nestle’s office, namely nursing homes, auto insurance, and yes, Larry Nasser. I’ll explain that in a moment. And it’s all perfectly legal, says Eric Doster, who literally wrote the book on campaign finance law.
Now it’s a tongue twister. If you’re not a lobbyist, lobbyist agent or anyone acting on their behalf, you can’t accept and give gifts until the cows come home. Even the Attorney general says Doster and the attorney general can accept them. Now, it might not pass the sniff test, but the State Ethics Act does not apply to Nestle because she’s an elected official. It applies to appointed officials like Chiefs of Police or the commandant of the state police or bureaucrats, but not the people that we voted for to vote in our interests. What the fuck? What’s more odd about Madame Attorney General’s five day getaway is that the bill wasn’t charged to her lawyer pal Kelly Newman either, but to Newman’s law firm according to the hotel staff. So if this was a business trip, what business did the women discuss? Because that’s the public’s business. We may never know because an investigation of this sort would normally be conducted by wait for it.
The Attorney general herself, the Caribbean getaway calls into question Nestle’s political iq, and I wouldn’t be the first to do that, particularly at a time when Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch are front and center in a parade scandal of their own making for things like failing to report real estate transactions and sumptuous island getaways. The public has grown cynical of politics, swamped in dark money favoritism, and a culture of ulu for my back and Ilu for yours, maybe Nestle and Newman are old friends. The lawyer did in fact contribute the maximum $7,150 to Attorney General les’s reelection campaign last year, but she contributed exactly $0 to candidate Nessel campaign five years ago. Friends, now maybe Nessel reimbursed the lawyer. So produce the check better yet produce the bank statement so we can see the date of the check and the date of its cashing.
We deserve that. That’s our chair, not yours. Instead, Nessel avoided a half dozen calls for clarification. Attempts to reach Nestle’s campaign manager Kim Bush proved unsuccessful attempts to reach Nestle’s communications director Kim Bush proved equally fu looking at that one too. It’s worth pointing out that Nessel has been heavily criticized for restricting public access to search warrant records that we’re entitled to see in her graft and sexual predation investigation into Lee Chatfield. The former creeper of the House, Chatfield, an evangelical Republican and Nessel, a progressive Democrat are said to be friends known around the Capitol as the Felix hunger in Oscar Madison of state politics. Newman also did not respond to calls and emails, but did remove all traces of the island trip of Nessel and her wife from the social media accounts. Now, if our elected officials don’t have the brains to understand the optics of impropriety, then we need to spell them out in laws.
The ethics and disclosure rules in Michigan are so gaping. You could fly a jumbo jet through them. And speaking of airplanes, it happens that Gretchen Whitmer was entitled After all to the free jet ride she took to Florida at the height of the pandemic. According to Doster, the guy who wrote the book on campaign finance swindling, but even Whitmer knew the optics of mooching. A free jet when you told us all to stay at home was so bad that she opted to charge the freight to her campaign fund. Now y’all remember what I just told you. There’s a problem with that. The businessmen who owned the jet are not legally entitled to accept that money because their airplane isn’t federally registered as a charter business. So was that check ever cashed? Maybe the attorney general can look into the status of the governor’s campaign filings. That is just as soon as she’s done toweling off


Now six freaking attempts to contact the attorneys. You have three to her lawyer pal, two to the governor’s office. Nothing. And you know what? We get Twitter statements. So this came wasn’t to me. No, no. This is what Nessel tweeted. Tweeted, you don’t govern by Twitter. On the rare occasions, my family’s take personal vacations as opposed to the business vacation. And was this a business vacation since it was picked up by a law firm? Was it business? Was it personal? On the rare occasions, my families take personal vacations. We pay for it ourselves, not through a campaign committee, C three C four or at the expense of lobbyists, our personal finances.
Oh, that’s the further quip we do not vacation with those who do business with or have cases against the state of Michigan. Everybody got that so far? Sure. Newman, the lawyer on Facebook said, rumors and falsities have no place in our lives. No, madam. They do not. We want to make it clear that the Attorney General, Dana Nessel and her wife paid for their trip to join us. Oh, so they were there, huh? Okay. On a much earned short trip. Newman Law Group has Newman Law Group. Newman Law Group has no business with or before the state of Michigan. We will have no other comment regarding this matter. You mean we don’t get to see the bank accounts? Maybe Nessel can investigate her, huh?

Seems to be a lot of semantics in that statement.

Oh, so yeah. So let’s peel through this. Karen Queen of the scene, the political scene she knows lived it. One Karen minimum, a law firm fronted a vacation for our attorney. General minimum. Yeah. Right. One assumes you get the bill, then you sp here, here’s your piece of it. Right? How is that? And is this normal in politics? Is that a ethical,

Unfortunately, Charlie, it’s probably more normal than we know about. But is it maybe according to the guy, it is legal, but it’s unethical and it has the appearance of impropriety. And like you said, they’re overlapping things. This law firm may not have something directly in front of the state, but I guarantee you they have a relationship with or a vested interest in something and maybe you would be the person to find out. So no, I mean,

In fact, your,

But if in fact you’re traveling, why even cross hairs pay for your trip. Go by yourself. If you happen to see somebody else that you know, that’s fine. But everything is definitive and separate. It’s compartmentalized. There’s no mixing of the monies. And in this case, that’s not the case. Well,

We don’t know, right? Because six calls, no bank statement and no further comment. Oh, now let’s remember. Okay. It’s not illegal for the justices of the Supreme Court to sell their homes for millions of dollars to lawyers with cases before them or to take trips around Indonesia, not claim it, your wife to be a head owner for major law firms taking millions of dollars that end up arguing in front of you. They’re no law against that either, but we are thick of it. The stupid Twitter.

But what everybody’s doing, and they have to understand it, that these elected officials are serving themselves. They’re not public servants, they’re self servants, and they’re navigating and circumventing the law to their benefit. It’s

Not the law. Let’s keep it straight. Well,


Is just gross, right? Well,

Yeah’s gross, but look at what you talked about Jennifer Grant home. Okay. But you talked about the

Whitmer talk about Grant home.

I mean,

Unless you got something I’ll, I’ll run

It down. Everyone does that. No, no, no, no,

No, no. I’m sorry. Freudian Slim.

I do got a question for the people that don’t know who would make the ethic law for these elected seats,

The people who have the elected seats. Oh, that’s why we don’t have none.

They make the rules. I’m almost as insulted that they don’t answer any questions about it. Yeah, a Twitter statement, huh?

You know, here’s what they’re thinking. Maybe you heard maybe he got some photographs, but he don’t know. He ain’t got nothing. Oh, that’s, yeah. You got to know me better than that. I’m doing the people’s work. I don’t care if you’re Gorsuch, I don’t care if you’re Thomas. I don’t care if you’re, you’re doing our work and we we’re tired of it. And everybody hold together. They got us turn on each other. Yeah. It’s one big happy business arrangement. Couple factions, like we said.

I want to say this. $8,600 for one night. God damnit. That’s my rent at the Normy for a fucking year.

That’s a house in Detroit.

Well, for five nights. 45 grand. Yeah. Damn. Right. And as a regular hardworking taxpayer, I’m kind of insulted you couldn’t get a red roof of some shit. Shoot.

Let me go like this. Yeah, well, that’s what you know. Why not go to Key West here now? No business before the state stop words again. Again. You do nursing home litigation. Ms. Nessel refuses to poke her head in the nursing home. But you’re going to do that because I got other stuff coming. Oh yeah, it’s coming. I didn’t forget. I work late into the night. We’re not done here. We’re just opening it now. But auto ref insurance reform, all kinds of cases. But here’s something interesting. This one is May, 2019. It’s a request for investigation in the Michigan State University’s conduct in establishing the Nasser survivor Fund. A bunch of people who came after the fund was established are upset that there’s not equal money left for them. So their lawyers here asked for an investigation and they addressed it to the auditor general of the state of Michigan. And right there is Newman Law Group signatory, and this was carbon copied to Dana Nessel, the attorney for Oh


Attorney General from the state of Michigan. Okay, now that’s 2019 here. Just oh, two weeks after Ms. Nessel returned from the balmy sumptuous, bottomless flutes of shams on the rooftop at the infinity pool. Two weeks later, she formerly renews a request for all NASA records. Oh wow. The odds. U board of trustees. What are

The odds?

Wow. I don’t know if there’s anything there. The whole point there could be, you should investigate yourself. The point is, we start looking at that. That’s the reason you need a political iq.

It stinks. I mean, four years, no movement on that. And then what, less than a month after that vacation,

The chiefs over there said he wants to be quiet. He didn’t want to get the policy. He’s got his, got his fingers clapped like his quiet in the green room. And he’s going, he going, that fucking led up. Man. You

But Charlie. That’s why they don’t come to you. That’s why they don’t respond. I mean, because bullshit. It’s too much. They know that. You know what? They don’t want anybody to know.

Okay, then why? Put out a tweet. I want to get to the media here in a minute. Right. Putting out a tweet and everybody chunk of that up like a gerbil to the what do gerbils eat out of the bottle? The liberal? Yeah, the feeder


Well, it’s called Twitter texts. It ain’t politics no more. It’s Twitter texts, you know? Yeah. That came through the Trump era. He made Twitter really big for responses, statements, thoughts. And now it’s become such the norm. Everybody feel like, Hey, fuck it. I’ll just tweet my response and be done with

It. Did anybody is you’re high?


Never. But hey, it got to make sense to why you

Ask me some shit like that with a former police chief on here. You know what I mean? Incriminate myself,

Man. They don’t bust nobody for weed either know that. Ain’t no time for that. They going to throw that joint out. Man.

You, I’m sorry. Oh, happens to die

Hard. Look, it’s a new thing going on. And in the streets of America today, the police are not tell you to put the joint out. That’s evidence. Right. And you’re going to put the joint out and I’ll give the cops some shit. And that’s, that’s how it should have been. All the along,

Shit, nowadays. Half the time I’ll offer ’em a hit. All

Right. Now the next question. If everything’s copacetic, hey, we all pay for it that day. Much needed personal vacation. Much needed than that. We occasion. Then I have a time to do that then. Oh, you’re so busy. Then why is all the social media with you and your wife, Ms. Nael, huh? Been scrubbed from the accounts? The vacation’s still there, but you are not there. You know what? Those photos are gone, but they’re not gone. I got those photos.

Hit it.

Oh wow. That’s, that’s what an infinity pool looks like.


Got something like that.



Wow. I wonder how much the glass of Pinots was that’s standing there. The church.

But there’s there too, right? Yeah. The shampoos, the what’s the lobster? What’s the third door?

Oh yeah. Oh, he’s dumb.

But why do they do dumb stuff? If you’re doing something that you’re not supposed to do, why do you turn around and put it on social media and then, I mean, who’s

That stupid na narcissist? Look how rich we are. Yeah. Look at that. Yeah. Look, what a great time we’re having.

And then it seems like the modern day politician really don’t give a damn about flaunting that extravagant lifestyle in front of hard working, poor, struggling to buy a fucking 12 pack of egg Americans. Amen.

I don’t know if that’s true, actually. I don’t know if that’s true in the sense of everybody’s trying to hide it.

Not when you post the whole trip on social

Media. Yeah, but she didn’t do it. That was Ms. Newman was doing that. You know what I’m saying? That was still

Stupid though.

That was just, but then again, yeah, but then again, I mean, you’re doing the White House correspondent dinner. You’re doing, where do these go on our money?


Lifestyle. And they get rich. You go in there, you’re a worker person. You come by, you got $10 million. 20 million. How does Joe Biting got three houses. Two, he worked in Congress your whole life. Yeah,

We were talking about that the other day. Most of ’em go in Poor ain’t come out rich

Here. I want to, let me finish this up. And we just go, I want to stay specific just for a minute, if y’all don’t mind. Now, Karen. Yeah. It seems to me that in inner tweet, what’s I’m trying, there’s so much shit here in this tweet. She said this, on the rare occasion, my family takes personal vacations. We pay for it ourselves, not through a campaign committee. Well, didn’t Gretchen Whitmer pay through it for a campaign committee? Is there something subliminal going on that the attorney general is calling the governor a creep oid? Yeah, there’s some shade there, man.

Yeah, and there’s some double speak in that statement too, and both of those paragraphs. So yeah, you’re

Expo on that. What’d you hear there?

This isn’t the first time that she’s kind of shaded the governor either. So

What’s the double speed? The double speed? Well,

I mean, what, put the statement back up so I can see it. So I Can you put it back up, mark,

This is what Karen does. This is what she actually does.

Well, I’m saying on the rare occasion, my family takes personal vacations, we pay for it ourselves, not through a campaign. I mean, we also don’t vacation with those who do business with or have cases against the state of Michigan. I mean, there’s so many loopholes in this statement, Charlie, that I, it’s double speak. I don’t know who wrote it. I don’t know who put it out. But it’s, it’s a lot of loopholes in here.

Just do business mean you don’t have a contract. Okay. The do

Business in front of, or is not against the city. And then you’re saying in rare cases that we take personal vacations. I mean, so is she positioning this to go

Back and see, have cases against the state of Michigan against suing cases? That’s what I’m saying. But you know, are asking for an investigation because you have cases in the court of claims, and we’re needing, we’re need, we’re needing some kind of ruling, some kind of investigation from you in order to push this case through the court of claims. That’s what you could lead into it. So it’s

The overlap, Charlie,

Not that I’m alleging anything. I’m all I’m saying. Right? It’s, I’m just saying it stinks and you should know better. And we don’t want it anymore. The whole country’s fucking I’m fire, and they’re upset at this shit.

If there was nothing wrong, she would respond and produce the receipts to counter any of these accusations or assumptions. Yeah, but real simple,

You’re not going to, but that’s okay, because I’m on the next step. Now what my ion,

You mean you’re about to pay for the crew to go down and you did an $8,000 a night? We doing some investigators,

Let’s just say there’s party politics, other people, let’s say there’s some rumblings on the Supreme. Are we going to, you know what I’m saying? Get keep your eyes to the party leadership and keep your eyes on the Supreme Court. That’s all. I’ll say State Supreme Court. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep an eye on it. Keep No, the media. Okay, the, I’m not going to call, I ain’t going to give anybody no hype. But you know this coming my way this morning. Who this dude, attorney de General Dana Lan Wednesday responded via Twitter. This dude covers the Attorney General. So you’re getting the statement off of Twitter, like you’re fired. Yeah. Go talk fired. Ask her some follow up questions that a law firm with supposed interest in Ms. Nestle’s office. Did my story say that? No. I said they could have not at all overlapping interest. Right. I think we just explained it so you got that wrong. Paid for her family vacation. The allegation came in a column published by Charlie Lauff, the Detroit News. Ms. Lauff asserted that more than 8,000 a night hotel bill for the state of the Caribbean was picked up by Kelly Newman’s law firm. It was it, yeah. And you should try doing your own work.
However, both Ms. Nessel and the attorney she was with said the Attorney General paid for the vacation herself, even as the article made the allegations. What allegations? That’s a great question that they picked up. They picked up the 10. I didn’t tag. Yeah, I didn’t make that allegation. That was told to me by the hotel. Okay. The hotel I even told you where I got it was told to be there, and they confirm that they were on vacation together. And that Ms. Nessel paid me back. When did you pay, blah, blah, blah. How much? You’re not asking that you, you’re cribbing my shit. And then you said it includes quotes from a campaign finance law attorney who said that the trip, even if it was covered by another entity, wasn’t necessarily a violation of the state ethics laws. Okay? Of course, of course. The article has that, because that’s the truth. I’m not saying ain’t broken, dude. Then you quote Miss Newman’s Facebook page that like, you ain’t going to try to go get this. It’s lazy. Wait a minute. So he wrote a story about your story, a tweet and a quote, a tweet and a Facebook. A Facebook, a tweet, and a Facebook

That’s recorded.

And then somehow, you know how it’s worded there. Something’s fucking wrong with me. Notice that maybe, dude, that’s because a dude down here in Detroit just handed you your fucking professional ass because you won’t do nothing and all you fucks up there. You’re writing about Lee Chatfield. What is it? Two, three years later, the guy’s been gone. Why weren’t you writing about it when he is up there? Why? That’s new

Error reporting. Charlie, that’s new error reporting.

I’m still not going to forget what y’all did with that nursing home audit when it showed that our count Whitmer under ConEd more than Cuomo did, and y’all couldn’t wait fast enough to run to her people by the counter narrative before the report came out. It’s on you. You wonder why. Okay, so I’m laying in bed. I go that that’s a thought. This is the same group of people that push that global warming agenda. And yes, the earth is getting warm. I think it’s from human activity. You could say what you want, but the temperature’s going up and the data shows you that. So I don’t want to hear nothing. That, right? You’re pushing that agenda as the economy goes off the cliff. But at the same time, you’re also pushing an agenda of a new power source that requires child slave labor and artificial intelligence that we’re all now fucking afraid of. So be careful of what you’re, you don’t think anything out. I’m still not going to get over the Russian bots, the steel dossier. Oh, I’m not the hunter lap Biden laptop. It’s true shit. We’re supposed to be doing truth.

And the funny part is, you really not hearing about none of it now. And this Biden just announced going for reelection. You still hearing about Trump? Trump, Trump, Trump. And I’m not a Trump fan, but nobody’s doing the work. Nobody wants to hit the real shit on the

Head. Okay. How come nobody’s reporting about crime? I, let’s put thank goodness for George Hunter. George Hunter, the Detroit News writes about crime. He writes about the politics of the police. We have the chief of police here. I think he knows this. He’s dedicated to the politics, the
Street culture that leads to this. He’s right. He’s into the daily story of it, the statistical analysis solutions to it. And now we got a bunch of young people that don’t know nothing, don’t know where you’re coming from, don’t know how long you’ve been in the business. You’re saying if to report on crime, it’s to be a disservice to the community. Bullshit. And yet, and yet, Greek down gets fucking mowed down. A man is dead and all of you lemmings run right to the microphone where the police have set you up and you don’t know a block and a quarter behind you. There’s a three haunted person parking lot party going on and weapons are pulled. And one more thing, Mr. Mayor, I’ve still been checking. Still don’t know anybody that’s seen you driving around that night, not saying you weren’t there for the debriefing of the business owners when everybody shut down their business, except that friend of yours. That’s the only one that didn’t shut down their business. The one where all the problems they’re at. Yeah. Hey, listen, young ones over there in the newspaper tanks. It is worth doing. You know what I’m talking about? I know George does, and I know the chief does. I’ll leave it at that. We’ll, we’ll back with him in a moment. But first, anything else? Did we answer that one? Yeah, I think we

Did. I think you did quite clearly.

And one more thing. No, Ms. Nessel. No, it’s, it’s not oversee now that it goes down like this and you behave like this. I’m in all of it.


But what does this say about her as the attorney general for the state of Michigan? I mean, you got to think about the position she holds and her behavior. There’s not an alignment there.

There’s words. She wants to be state, supreme court justice. And I think I speak universally for the Democrats who quietly say, oh fuck no. Yeah, she’s a nut. Yeah. That’s not me, madam. That’s your own people. When you go to work tomorrow, you go to the parties, look around, they’re all saying it. All right, let me take a break here. Hit me with Luke. No Aki. This message of uplift is brought to you by business and personal wealth advisor. Luke, no Aki. Who reminds you that? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but never enter the kingdom of God? But while you’re waiting, Noki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Noki at two four eight six six three four seven four eight four. Sound financial. It was. And while you’re doing that, help yourself with the whole financial. Over 40% of Americans don’t have $500 in their emergency fund. A lot of people don’t realize they can use the equity in their home to put themselves in a better financial place. Why are you laughing, mark?

Because I went to see what chief was doing, and that’s what he’s doing. Chair right now. I’m sure he’ll be back.

He’s called a no. Aki. He maybe

Is. Yeah.

That’s a nice chair though. That’s a nice

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Well, I, I’m sorry. Legacy. I

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Yeah. I believe last time the chief was in here, he wrote the number down.

How’d that work out for you, sir?

I didn’t follow up. I’m sorry.


A good place to start.

Okay, look, let’s start with another ad. You’ve heard Charlie? Yeah. I recommend you get you some black water.

I have some.

I’ve had it. Flint got that all. Oh,

Yep. You say what?

Flint got that all in. They pipes directly imported from Flint.

Oh, he’s funny.

It’s charcoal water. Yeah.


So just it’s the elephant in the room. You just sat there through the Nestle gate. You got anything to say to that or in gen? Not specifically, but in general politics. How? One, well,

And Charlie, I’m not a politician, at least, I guess I, I’m trying to become one. But I mean, the perception is always key. I think Karen said it best.

She always does.

There’s no allegations of criminality. And so it’s hard for me to say, well, okay, what was done was wrong. Especially if they got gaping holes in the laws that are written by, and I think it was Detroit Red that said it best. Who makes the rules? The people who sit in the same seat. So I got to tell a little story. I think it’s fitting. So when I was, let me

Say this before you do this story, because I was talking to a pretty prominent attorney today, and he said the same thing, no laws are broken. I, I saw and I said, I go, what the fuck is a matter with everybody around here? Right? Right. You’ve been in Michigan too long. This might happen everywhere else, but it’s not allowed to happen. It doesn’t, you’re not allowed to do this in California, and you’re not allowed to do this in New York. How the fuck is this even remotely legal, much less just divulging the fact and then not coming clean about it? I digress, sir. Tell the story.

No, no. And I’ll tell you my story because I came from California, as you know. And so when I was transitioning, I was still the chief of police. And I was announcing I was going to run for governor. So a prominent, how can I say? Donor type wanted to fly me out to Florida on their private jet to entice me, to bring them on to work with the campaign. I said, are you kidding me? I’m going to get on. I mean, I’m still technically a Detroit police chief. It would’ve been done on my off time, but still, I am a Detroit police chief. And so it’s no surprise that once I announced and I was going to launch a campaign, could I have still worked as Detroit Police Chief and launched a campaign? No. So I thought it just odd and it was very comfortably done. Oh, we’re going to fly you out on a private jet to Florida so we can meet and talk about the future. I said, absolutely not. That was me. And it was on my, been on my off time. But I just felt uncomfortable with the whole notion of being on a private jet. Was

This a lobbyist, an agent of a lobbyist or somebody speaking on behalf of a lobbyist?

No, it wasn’t a lobbyist. See,

There’s that. If it’s a lobbyist, you’re in trouble. So hey, listen, all of you big business types trying to lobby to get our money to do your thing, forget lobbyists. If you just give yourself, well, you beat the law. But

I do want to say this one thing, and I wanted to get a chance to acknowledge the attorney general. So she opened an investigation, criminal investigation regarding the fraudulent signatures that were obtained during my, and I appreciate that. I mean, everything is so partisan now. I guess she could have opted not to do it, but she did do it.

Well, that is wonderful, sir. And that is wonderful. And how did that investigation turn out?

Well, it’s still ongoing. Oh, it’s still ongoing. Well, was it’s two part investigation. Of course, her office is doing the criminal and the firm that I hired as my consultant firm, we have a civil matter going as well. And so I appreciate the fact that things are moving forward. Now, I don’t know what ultimately is going to happen. One of the individuals who was in, no,

No, no. Let me just, no, no, no. Let’s not litigate that. When did you get tossed off the ballot? What was the month and what was the year?

I don’t remember. It was before the, it certainly was before the primary. I don’t

Remember. Somewhere around August of 2021

That may, it was before the primary



The people that fake the signatures for your campaign, I ran ’em down at their apartments. So I don’t really understand. We’re almost in year two here. How about put, I’ll look into that one too. I’ll look into that one too.

Really? I mean, I welcome all,

Yeah, I’m going to write it down right here now. Right here. Right here. Sig Sig. I am. I’m writing it down. I’m writing it down. I’m, I’m going to

Follow up with you on

That too. Yep. Dana, I’m writing it down. Here it is right here. Okay. Because we’ll get back to that in a moment. Now, you and I talked earlier this week, sir, and last week we had on former attorney General, Mike Cox, you weren’t exactly happy with the guy. Mark ran down the clip. Go ahead and play this clip. Mark.

If you’re living in a normal neighborhood, there’s the same amount of murders there was in 2012. So that’s Mike Duggan. What have you been doing? It’s Chief Craig. If he had been the nominee, if Iman, I said, chief Craig, you were there for eight years. What’d you do? Nothing.

So the only thing I can say to Mike Cox, and I think Charlie, you mention, you said, how can you talk that way about your friend? He says, well, he’s not my friend. Which that’s a fact. I probably have met him. I don’t really know him. But when I looked at it, I wasn’t upset. I kind of looked at it and kind of chuckled. Now, of course, I shared with you that I didn’t particularly care. How are you going to sit there and say, in eight years as the police chief, I inherited a police department, was under a 13 year consent decree, a demoralized police department. The police department that was defunded when I took over the fact that the community had no confidence or trust in the police department and how things shifted now. So for him to say that, what qualifies him to make that sense? Cause he was once the Michigan Attorney General, really? How many times has he been in Detroit? What does he even know about Detroit? And oh, by the way, so you in one minute, praise Mike Duggan. But through the artwork of Karen Dumas, he then switches. I mean, at least be consistent. Maybe it was a little drink he was sipping on that you gave Charlie, I don’t know. But the fact remains that

In Vno Veritas talking

About, oh, and by the way, you’re talking about a sitting attorney general runs against the nerd who’s relatively unknown.

Rick Snyder versus Mike Cox. Yeah.

But guess what happened? Rick Snyder won the primary and the general,

And now you’re drinking black water from Flint. Tell that all works out. Tell that works out.

But at any rate, water’s

Expensive. Charlie don’t. It’s

Very expensive.

It’s very expensive.

It’s good water. I mean, it’s very good water. And now they want

The money to replace the pipe somehow.


Okay. Well look, I believe that Mike Cox is, thank you. Considering mulling it around it. There’s a wide open chair for the Republican nominee for Senate. Debbie Stab is retiring a Are you sir willing to announce your campaign for the Republican nomination for Michigan?

Well, unlike what happened when I was running for governor, and you broke the great news, you did it, Charlie, I’ll give it to you.

Help me again, make some, tonight

I am in an exploratory phase, and one thing I get to do now, I’m not pressured. I get to talk to people that invested in me. I get to talk to people that support me. I get to talk to him. I had a great conversation with New Gingrich last week. Great conversation. So what I’m doing is I’m doing my due diligence. Is this the right thing to do? And so if Mike Cox, did you say he’s, he’s contemplating or considering it,

Mulling whispered.

Well tell him he should just continue to work at his law firm and do that. That’d probably be a good bet for

Him. Hey Mike, if you hearing that?

Oh, he’s heard it.

You heard it, Mike? Hey,

Coming from his friend.

So now listen, if you have an exploratory committee, that means you file paperwork, you have file paperwork. No,

No. I said I’m exploring it.

Oh, you’re exploring an exploratory committee,

Eva? No. Well, I’m evaluate. I’ll put it this way. If that’s the decision, I’ll go right into making a decision and say I’m going to do it. But right now, maybe I shouldn’t have used the word exploratory, but I am evaluating whether or not this is the right thing to do. I appreciate that. It’s a big commitment. It really is a big commitment. As you know, Charlie, better than I know,

They got 50 million on the Democratic side.

They got a lot of money. And money’s the oil that keeps that engine running. It’s a big deal. But not only that, it’s something you said earlier, Charlie, that I couldn’t, I actually, well, actually, you and Detroit read whether you’re a police chief, a mayor, a governor, or senator, anybody who’s elected, we work for the people, period, no exceptions. And the hypocrisy today is this, when you hear all this radical speak about defund the police, are you talking for your constituents? Because the people I know in Detroit, particularly the people who live in vulnerable communities, they want the police, they want constitutional policing, but they don’t want to defund them. So where’s all this radical rhetoric coming from? And so, wait, wait,

Wait. What’s this going to do with running for Senate? That was so smooth. I was like, wait a minute, he’s talking politician now, Charlie. Well, my God, that was, wow.

I do got a quick question.

But that came from the heart. And I mean that there was no, there’s nothing in it, but my wiring is serving people. But when I was a police chief, not just serving people, but serving the cops. I mean, it’s twofold. And sadly, that doesn’t happen today in a lot places.

Chief. Yep.

Chief Craig, let me ask you a quick question. If you do decide to run, you win the position now that we’ve brought to light some of these ethics and all this that’s going on in Michigan, will you be one of the first to propose putting something in place to change what’s going on?

Oh, absolutely.

Absolutely. Lemme tell you. Lemme tell you. Lemme, that’s such an easy question. Oh, that was like a big softball.

No, but because see, you got to remember who raised their own narcotics unit because of impropriety. I did it. And I mean, did I like doing it? No. We were under, and I’m going to go back and digress again.

13. No, don’t digress, digress. Makes a bad show. We got, we’re moving forward. We’re moving forward. So are you at 50%? At least 50% there, yes or no? Are you 50? You

Know what I, I’ll give you 50. Oh, because I’m, I’m, I’m ta. I’m gi. I’ll give you 50. And the reason why I’ll give you 50 because the feedback I’m getting is very favorable. But as you say, Charlie, I got to consider the fact that when you talk about a Senate race, when Herschel Walker out of Georgia was running against the smooth talking pastor,
He raised almost $90 million. Yeah. We’re ta and Michigan is an important state. So it’s not a cake wall. I’m not sitting here. The Senate race is more expensive than a governor race. It’s a critical seat. As it’s been pointed out, they haven’t had a Republican center to, in Michigan since 1990, I think 1992. So I’m not going to say especially the last cycle. And you saw what happened. So it’s not something that I would do blindly, and if I didn’t get the support from the, because this is a race that needs to be financed, just not here in Michigan. Yeah. This is a national race.

It’s nasty, as you know. Yes, I do. The national. Now you said before, said before, we were talking about this, that you were transitioning. You want to clarify that

When I talked about transitioning from police chief to politicians. Oh, what was you talking about? You thought,

Sure. I don’t,

Oh, I forgot. Forgot what

He was. So in the zone, he forgot.

Can I

Ask, please? Can I ask you a question? I mean, so is this what your days are spent doing, examining your next or your next political campaign or effort? I mean, is that what your days are comprised of now?

Yeah, primarily my focus. I mean, I have other things I’m doing too. I do a little public speaking and I just got a call from Los Angeles. They want to know a little bit more about green light. So I’ll do, and then I do some TV as a policing pundit. I’ll do that. But in terms of most of my time is consumed with evaluating this opportunity. And so I’m calling folks, people that supported me when I ran for governor. I want to hear from them. I want to hear what they’re saying, and do they think it’s a good idea for me to run? And then certainly people approach me and say, I really think you should consider running for US Senate. So I’m weighing all of that because would

You consider running for mayor of the city of Detroit?

I’ll have said in the past that I would not run against Mike Duggan, however, if not Mike Duggan and it was open. Yeah, I probably would do it. But you, Karen, one of the issues, I’m a Republican, if they ever had a Republican mayor in the city of Detroit,

They have one now.

Yeah, right. And the last one went to prison. Louis Maria, 1968. No sir. Moving along now. Yeah. You’re still a national name. They even had you on Fox News last night, in

Last night

In the weasel that filled Tucker Carlson sold the Tucker wannabe. So just quickly, how, what’d you make? Is it, is Fox going to Ms. Tucker? Yes or no?

I would say yes. I think the ratings have tanked a bit. And the person I interviewed with Lawrence Jones, who I have tremendous respect. In fact, Lawrence Jones flew out from New York to cover me on my last working day as Detroit Police Chief. He did a great expose. We went out to the colony arms on Jefferson. It was a wonderful piece he did. So I supported ’em. I think what Fox is doing is rotating different hosts to see the fit. Because clearly when you, they’ve lost some ratings during that hour.

Wouldn’t let me come out in the collar, in the arms on your last day of work.

You could have come out to colony arms.

You say stand over there.

I don’t know Charlie

Stand over

There. I would’ve told you. I said, it might be a little dangerous for you, Charlie.

Now look here. This, we talked about Tucker Carlson, potential reasons last week, why he may have been dismissed. And he was dismissed because we did text this week. And he said that it probably had to do with Dominion, and that it’s good for a man to be fired once in a while, that it’s good for his character. And that I would know that. And I said, I don’t know what wiki page you’ve been reading, dude, but I haven’t been fired from a job since I was 15 at that steakhouse.
And he said, well, I dishwash too at 15, but I never got fired from nothing. And I go, well, God’s speed to you, right? Shit, I’m still dishwashing. What the hell? But this shows up today. This is like they’re trying to milk this one. This is what the New York Times is writing today that maybe the board was concerned about this. Shall I read you a, most of you don’t have the New York Times. Here’s a new tweet. Apparently this is so crazy. You’d be fired as the number one person on cable. He wrote to somebody right on the string on January 7th, a couple weeks ago, I was watching a video of people fighting on the street in Washington. A group of Trump guys surrounded an Antifa kid and started pounding the living shit out of him. It was three against one. At least. Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable.
Obviously. It’s not how white men fight. Yet suddenly I found myself rooting for the mob against a man hoping they hit him hard or kill him. I really wanted them to hurt the kid. I could taste it. Then somewhere deep in my brain, an alarm went off. This isn’t good for me. I’m becoming something. I don’t want to be the Antifa Creef as a human being because I despise what he says and does much as I’m sure I’d hate him personally. If I knew him. I shouldn’t gloat over his suffering. I should be bothered by it. I should remember that somebody somewhere probably loves this kid and will be crushed if he was killed. If I don’t care about those things, if I reduce people to their politics, how am I better than he is? But would the New York Times picked out of this was, that’s not how white men fight. Did. Did you all read this as a racist diag?

I saw it. I saw it, Charlie. And I can see that people were cherry pick. And I’m not saying it was proper. He acknowledged even in his statement that, oh wow, I’m losing. He acknowledges that seeing this Antifa suspect being beaten that way is not a good thing, son or brother. And so I recognize that personally, and I think you would agree. I’ve always liked Tucker. I mean, Tucker certainly had a big following. And certainly when I’ve gone on his show, it certainly put me in a national light. Not that excuses any bad behavior, because I’ve read, I’ve followed it with a lot of intensity. I mean, even some of the things where they’ve caught him off camera saying, Sam, the F word, and Bill O’Reilly, they had something in one of the news articles today.

But I know I’m saying here specifically, but

I think he’s going to probably come out of this in a much larger way.

But he’s saying here, he’s saying here, it’s not how white men fight, right? If he said, it’s not how men fight, it wouldn’t be a thing, but

Wouldn’t be a fight. And

I know men, when they talk that white men talk like that. Black men talk like that. Brown men talk. That’s not what we do. And he’s talking about white men beating up. I’m assuming the Antifa kid was a white man. Okay, I’m assuming. Yeah. I don’t know why you put it, but there’s a deeper message in there I think about I want to hate, but I shouldn’t. I just see that getting blown up bigger than it should, because I will give you, this is looking at the discovery. If you pull those PDFs up, here’s what he also said. January 7th, early in about three in the morning, right after the day’s events, here’s what he texted. And this is what I think he was texting to me. Well, to explain what things meant about the day would require explaining why people think the election was stolen.
I get that we have to thread the needle and we have an audience with certain beliefs. So it’s tough. It’s just frustrating. It’s impossible to accurately explain today’s events without mentioning the president. And the lies, not just the lies about the fraud, but maybe more importantly, the lies about giving people hope. As Charlie and I said in the group chat the other day, countless people ask us if Trump still can pull this off. It’s a shame. So many think that. So what he was telling you bigger with Dominion is it was a lie. It was a lie, was fraud. And we’re trying to thread a needle and not speak Honestly. If I’m going to rip that local guy, I’m going to rip Tucker, because you never explicitly were calling it fraud. You started shifting, shifting. All of Fox did that. And that is so rotten and nasty. It

Is rotten. And I got to tell you, it was when I heard that it was hurtful because I used to give Fox a lot of credit for trying to report honestly and balanced. And when the inference is that we want to perpetuate the lie because we don’t want to sour our audience. I remember when I met with the former president out in Mar-a-Lago, and in our conversation, I’ll say it is no secret, he said, you know, were a great police chief. You did wonderful work, but you let them steal the election in Wayne County and Detroit. I said, well, I’ll do respect Mr. President. I didn’t let anybody steal anything. One, I’m not the election police. I said, have I learned personally if impropriety, I would’ve turned it over to the appropriate authority. But I wasn’t personally going to peddle that the election was stolen unless, and I did say, well, if there are a lot of people that have concerns, how about we initiate a forensic audit? I mean, judges had already opined, say several of them, that there were no problems. So who am I to come in with no facts and say it? Well, the election was stolen here in Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan. Absolutely not. You don’t believe without evidence,

You don’t believe that, right? You don’t have seen, no, I

Don’t believe, I have not seen any evidence. Now, do I think that some folks have concerns about voting that that need to be addressed? But does that mean the election was stolen? No, it doesn’t.

Right. I say this, I I’ll say, look, I’ll watch this. Yeah. We could have done a general audit. We could have done five people from each county and see if they were dead or they had moved away. Real simple. Exactly. But there was no evidence. None. No court case, none. I was at tcf, none. There was no stealing of the election period. And if you want to hate me and I lose the audience, I don’t care. Because at some point you got to come around and somebody got to tell you the truth. Whether it’s about being on a vacation or how you’re going to vote, or where we’re going to go as a people. You agree? And

That’s part of the problem. It’s just not being, and I guess because I was a police officer and I understand the value of an investigation or a forensic audit, those things matter. But to have me just say, well, it was stolen just because I want to get maybe an endorsement or get some sort of support, to me that’s reckless.

So let me get this then, because I don’t want to put words in your mouth. Are you willing to say here that headline James Craig says he sees no evidence that the election was stolen?

No. I have seen no evidence.

I have seen no evidence that the election

Was, I’ve seen no evidence that the election was stolen. Okay,

Now wait. Let’s let that hang a minute. Let’s let that hang a minute. That’s big, man. Let’s big, because that’s

How I,


Big. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make sure that elections are secure.

Well, duh. I know. And

I know I get that. But the thing is, heck, the number one top rated anchor in cable news privately said he didn’t believe it. And so did other folks say they didn’t believe it. Right. Because they too saw no evidence. And to me, evidence matters. And I think how I came into it with the former president is because I did show up at TCF on an occasion and

I didn’t see you.

Well, no. What happened was that

Was a fraudulent chief of police. No, I’m just kidding.

So anyway, I get there. And the reason why I responded to the location, because there were a group of people outside where they were doing all the,

Oh yeah, that was the next day. That was on Wednesday when the votes had already been counted.

They already been, but it was a big disturbance in the lobby area of tcf. So I get there and they comply. I said, you can’t do this here. This is not going to be allowed. It wasn’t that we’re not going to let you go in and disrupt a process, but you can’t violate the law. I didn’t. I didn’t care what side you were leaning, whether it was left or right. We’re just not. And that’s what law enforcement does. We maintain and restore peace. We’ll go to voting locations, not to make sure the votes are properly tabulated, but just to maintain peace and to ensure there are no law

Violated. Well, that was funny because the secretary of state and the county clerk and the city clerk, you were supposed to make sure police were there and they weren’t. That was so right. Anyway, it was, we’re getting on our, I dunno, but we’re getting on our sir, last word, Ray here. Go ahead.

Well, as always, oh, you said something. I want to make this clear. And you said it to Mike Cox. Cause he was so afraid to come on your show. So concerned. And that’s shameful.

But he actually came on. He came.

Well, yeah. After you controlled him and gave him a drink. Yeah,

But he came on. He was right there.

Well, he did. But I’ve come on several times now and I know person. I’ve been there in person with you. Yeah, I

Know. Not the new place. The new place, yeah.

One time. Yeah, I’ve been there. The new

Place. Got to stop drinking that brown water. I got to switch to the,

It’s black

Water. Oh my God. It’s black. I apologize about that. It

Will, one thing about this water that’s got a bunch of minerals that it will improve your memory.

You’re invested in that. Aren’t you bought some of that? Who do we bill?

No, I’m not invested in it. I just like it. It’s good. And Karen knows about

Black gold.

Yeah, it’s good.

All right. Well, thank you. Listen, appreciate it. When you officially do it, you’ll let us know. I’m going to let you know. All right. Good luck to you. Thank you so much for being on, and hey, thank you. Because it makes me feel so good. Can we see those pitches again?

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