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Video Description (221 words): The PlayStation is more PC than any PlayStation in history before it, and it’s also closer in power to PCs of its time than any other PlayStation in history before it. So, this begs the long-asked question: Is the PS5 better than a PC? It’s an even more complicated question when you consider, for the first time, Microsoft has en masse released their once-exclusive games on both Xbox and PC, so the PC is, ironically, often the best way to play Xbox games. Not to mention how Sony, too, has begun to release once-exclusive games on PC. For Xbox this means that an Xbox Series X isn’t a serious competitor to the PC, so for many gamers the choice is between a PS5 and the move to PC.

Today, we’re here to cut through the confusion and definitively answer the questions that have been plaguing fanboys for months and let you know what you need to know about the differences between a PC and a PS5. We’re going to talk about specs, games, upgrades, Xbox, and the future, so pop some popcorn and get ready for the flame wars in the comments!

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