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The Unhappy Hooker
Transgender life on the streets of Detroit.
A place where they don’t argue over beer, or swimsuits, or swim meets.
They don’t put much stock in pronouns around here, because on John R., a boulevard of shattered glass, the business of the day is survival.
Try and hug someone today.

Pigs in Zen
EXCLUSIVE LIVE FOOTAGE…Michigan ethics legislation grows stale as Political Pigs, Media Swine and their Corporate Overlords board the Mackinac Island ferry for three free days of fresh oysters and organized debauchery masquerading as a policy convention. #MPC23

Lansing Cop Out!
Lansing’s incompetent police brass doesn’t realize their officers did in fact respond to a shots fired call to the MSU gunman’s neighborhood, did little, and should have prevented the Michigan State campus mass shooting.
Out to lunch press secretary remains unaware of our reports.

Thank you for your service.
A remembrance on Memorial Day. A special shout out to the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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Knows just what he’s picking up. He’s a man. And when he, I’m a woman, I been out here and said, don’t pick that one up. That’s a man. And they say, well, thank you. That’s what I’m looking for. That’s great for that. We can’t get a date out here because they’re

Oh, so there’s a rivalry.

There’s a high demand for men. So I, yeah, I became a dominator. That’s the only thing a gay man

Was. Wait a minute. There’s a rivalry between men and women.

Yes. They want a men out here, not a woman.

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Ever heard of Solomon Gilmore? You’re there.

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Area. They don’t want nothing but a man.

Is anything wrong with that?

No. That’s your desire. That’s what they get. Oh, what you want to be is who you want to be. She does

Know. Okay. So why does it got to be this way? What is it going to be around crumbling buildings anywhere


Say again.

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Breaking this double more bullshit. Double more bullshit.

Yes. Well, later the show, we’re going to bring you more of that transgender life on the streets. We’re going to take you a place where they don’t argue over beer or swimsuits or swim meets. They don’t put much stock in pronouns because on John R, the Boulevard of Broken Glass, the business of the day is survival. And we’ll get down with the show after a word from our sponsor. This message of uplift is brought to you by business and personal wealth advisor, Luke Noki, who reminds you that what does it prophet, a man to gain the whole world, but never enter the kingdom of God. But while you’re waiting, Noki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Noki at (248) 663-4748 for sound financial. It looks, isn’t there a little more music to the end of that?

Nope. I’ll fix it next week.

Never imposed. Okay. Look, this, it’s, it’s Thursday. This is the three year anniversary of the summer of Floyd. And a lot of things can be said about it. I’m just going to say, you notice what the criminal justice system has done since then. They’ve shut down. And I can riddle you this. What is the difference between a man called McCrae and a man called McCrae? Answer is two letters, two corpses and a whole lot of media. But the eerie similarities between the life and crimes of two gunmen and the ease by which they were allowed to Mira the streets are as shocking as they are outrageous. Consider Anthony McRay. The Michigan State gunman was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon instead of zero tolerance for that gun crime. The Ingram County prosecutor concocted a lesser charge, a misdemeanor, allowing McCray to purchase the weapon used in his murder spree that killed three students, despite complaints from neighbors that McCrae repeatedly fired a weapon from his back porch, which is now a confirmed fact, or that he thumbed his nose at the terms of his probation.
McCrae was never sent to jail. Authorities in Ingham County remain silent on these recent revelations. So now comes Samuel Anthony McRay, no relation, just serendipity, who earlier this month decided he didn’t want to pay four bucks for his snack cakes. Prosecutors say that when McCrae tried to walk out of a Detroit gas station with chocolate donuts and a bottle of sweet tea, the cashier electronically locked the door. McCrae threatened to shoot the customers if he was not let out for eight minutes, no police for eight minutes. They begged, pleaded even offered to pay for his snacks. And even though the clerk eventually unlocked the door, McCrae executed one man and wounded two others. McCrae then exited the store and climbed in his mother’s backseat, still no police. She drove him to her home where his sister picked him up and drove him to hers in need of some r and r.
Cold-blooded McCrae went to a motel and had sex with a woman. Police eventually found him a day and a half later, sitting outside his sister’s house. Now the clerk’s been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter for not opening that door in time. It’s unclear if McCray’s mother or sister will face any charges. What was McCrae or McCrae for that matter doing on the streets. Their cases provide a look into the warped mirror. That is our criminal justice system. A decade ago, McCrae, the alleged mini mart murderer was sent to prison for the beating and armed robbery of a cab driver. He served nearly six years and was released in 2019. And then just 13 months later, during the height of the pandemic lockdowns, just at the time of the George Floyd episode, McCrae was arrested again for committing a crime while in possession of a handgun.
That should have led to a five year mandatory bid in the state pen inexplicably, the felony firearms charge was dropped and McCrae, a convicted armed robbery member, was allowed to plead to a lesser crime felon in possession of a firearm that allowed in probation with no jail time. Dig mysteriously. Now, the details of that crime and the plea bargain are missing from his court case file missing after his mass shooting. Detroit police investigators at the highest level tell me they have no access to that information either. Now, according to a two page document that still is in the case file, McCrae was arrested yet again in July, 2022 for assault and battery and resisting arrest. He was released without charge. Now in March, after McCrae failed to take his psych evaluation, 10 therapy, complete community service or pay court fines, a warrant was issued for his arrest arrest.
And yet he avoided arrest until his snack cake rampage. The crimes of Samuel Anthony McCray and Anthony McRay could have and should have been prevented. What’s become obvious is that violent people will routinely waived through the system during covid 19. And the courthouses and the jails, which were never very good, are now a dangerous and teetering wreck years behind. President Joe Biden sent 300 million in covid relief money to Wayne County and he asked us to fix our criminal justice system. So what did Wayne County executive or Evans do? He increased the prosecutor’s budget by up poultry seven and a half million duck bucks. And he funneled 150 million toward bike paths and greenways. Wow. That’s laughable. And if you’re some hotshot reporter in this town, supposedly covering the county, there’s a story because it’s time to get serious about gun crime. With all due respect to the name, how many McCrae or McCrae or Macraes are out there? Did I interrupt you? No. Okay. See, this is usually the part of a program where you guys got something to say.

I’m trying to wait until you’re done, Charlie.

Well, it’s done. But I’m watching Red here. Like fucking playing. I was sharing the show. Don, don’t share the show. You’re doing this show. I, I’m, that’s why I was sharing it. I need people to see. I’m doing my bad. I mean it’s, it’s fucked up. It’s fucked up. Wear shit. This is just the bottom line. The system has basically took a fucking summer vacation. They’re not enforcing the laws that’s on the book. They keep putting extra laws on the book. What for you name ain’t enforcing their originals. We all know that. Well, we went out to the gas station. Yes, we went out to the gas station because we want to get the fucking tape because what the clerk was egging him on, right, he doing this. Go ahead. Shoot him. Shoot, shoot. What was he doing? They didn’t have a business. Well, so we went out there. We figured we should follow up. This is a film that ended by red.

This is the gas station at McNicholas and the lodge where dude behind the bulletproof glass locked the dude in. Cause he’s trying to rip off his chocolate tone that’s in his bottle suite too. And since he couldn’t get out, he threatened shoot everybody. And then the clerk for the prosecutor says he was egging him on, do it, do it, do it. And he did it. Now the clerk’s been charged. The gunman’s been, fuck it. Come on. Gunman’s been arrested. But what about Gunman’s? Mother and sister was hiding. And what was the gunman doing on the street anyway? Was armed robber who got caught doing another armed robbery. They didn’t put him back into pen. They gave him probation. He got in a fight. He violated, he got high, didn’t do his psychic valley, didn’t pay his fines. And then he murdered over and over and over. Former prosecutor just called me and said, we can talk about this all day long and never repeat a case. That’s what’s wrong. Let’s see if they got the tape. Rack them over, they got clothes. Cause they don’t have a business license. Hey, we close. Real close. Who? There’s the blood on the floor.
Hey, look man, there’s the blood on the floor.

We need my mop up. The blood dude

Reporter, man reporter here. He comes

Back off. I go to that gas



Charlie, man, I’m going to reporter, man. I was wondering, do you got that tape from the shooting? Do you know that that dude wasn’t supposed to be on the street? My man. He said it don’t work here. Well, nobody’s working here. We close.

So I will ask on this third anniversary of the George Floyd murder, what is the solution? Where are we going? Did we learn anything? Not a complaint. What’s an answer? No. Police, please. What?

I don’t know, Charlie. And that’s the thing nobody seems to know. And we keep, what I call just shuffling, moving parts and pieces to give the appearance that there is a solution. But it’s not, I mean it’s, it’s for public, a appeasement, for lack of a better word. But there’s no substance to it, substance to it. And it is not a solution. If there were a solution in anything that was done, we would’ve realized some progress right now. And we haven’t keep duplicating it.

Well, and then too, it’s the thing of where is the police, again, this taking money away from the police is not going help. We need more. They’re scared to do they job because

Well that’s that’s a bigger one, right? Well, right. Stay off the money for a minute. They don’t do respect to the police. Ain’t coming super hard. When you look at Flint or I’m sorry, Lansing and the guy shooting off his porch multiple times and he’s already been given a couple of breaks and the police just do just to drive by and never get out of the fucking car. Why do you think that is?

I think it’s a frustration amongst them, their selves. Because they doing they part, and the system at the end is letting these guys just pretty much walk off into the sunset.

Right? Yeah, Karen, I mean like, okay, we’re going to wave them through the courts. We’re not going to fund them. The jails are too full. I look, they should be full with people fucking around with weapons. That’s what I think. Exactly. But where,

Where’s the support for the job that we hire them to do? That support isn’t there from a prosecutorial standpoint, from a judicial standpoint, from an incarceration standpoint, from a reform. I mean, it’s just not there. So people feel good like, oh, this guy was arrested, but then what happens? The return rate on all on a lot of criminal behavior is so high. And I think police officers are like, well, what are we doing? We have to go back. We do all this paperwork, got to go to court, spend two and three days, and then what? Nothing.

And then say, why you pulling me over with no plates, no insurance warrants a weapon in here. Why are you doing that? Right? Right. This ain’t the suburbs like, excuse me, dude. Damn. Excuse me, dude. I mean, I’m sorry, but if everybody just pauses for a moment, and you think about the man standing behind the guy that know got his four bucks for a snack cake, decides he wants to shoplift it and gets pissed because he is not allowed to the final moments of his life to die on a 50 floor like that, where they don’t even respect enough to wipe up his blood. What must have been going on in this man’s life plus the two others that he wounded? Yeah. That’s fucking what the fuck.

And I want to say the mentality of the clerk, and a lot of folks that would do this over three, four bucks, sometimes you just got to let them go.

Well, he being charged and everybody at first is like, why is he getting charged? And it’s like, well dude, because according to prosecutors now, man, he was baiting the dude. Yeah. Why are you baiting the guy? Right? He’s got a fucking weapon.

You’ve got to also look at the relationship. And I know TFA, Brent and a few others have I Billy been working Vado. They’ve been really working hard to try to bridge the relationship between the African American community and the Arab community of where that owns the majority of these stations. Because there’s a lot of, I don’t know if it’s animosity, just the relationship is not a very mutually respectable one. And I think that that adds to a lot of the issues that take place in these gas stations and liquor stores.

Well, there are no respect anywhere.

Maybe I’m cynical in thinking that the will is seems to be dissipating because as you said in that opening piece, seven and a half million to fix the judicial system in 150 for a bike lane,

150, that million dollars for bike lane. This was the covid. The Covid money, dude. Yeah. Which was supposed our fix was

Our chance, right?

No, it was to fix the damage done by Covid. Exactly. And now we’re doing wishes. Whatever we want. We said the suburbs, we want greenways. Right. But Charlie, we’re giving money. We’re giving this money to Chinese battery companies. Whose

Wishlist is this? Right? Whose wishlist is it to add these bike paths? This is politicians’ wishlist. So they can be at a ground

Cutting a ribbon. Exactly.

But you ask anybody that lives around there, I would assume, go ahead, Karen. I would assume they want more policing.

Exactly. But this is the thing. This isn’t for existing residents. This is how we see Detroit residents. This is what they’re trying to attract to the city of Detroit. And that’s why a lot of this stuff we’ve been, I was thinking that the other day. I was like, I grew up riding bikes around the city. I didn’t have a bike lane. I didn’t. So where did all this stuff come from?

I’m sorry. Just to focus it back. This isn’t just Detroit and this isn’t just a Detroit show. Hello Lansing. Hello Westland. Hello Belleville. Hello Roseville. Hello Warren. Hello Jackson. Hello. Battle cre. I’m going to keep going. Hello, Kalamazoo.

Shout out to Berkeley.


Ley. What the hell? How far big is Berkeley? Two by two blocks.

Oh, well how big Sam Trak. How big is Highland Park?


Yeah. So there,

Okay. You know what, mark, you’re not going to pick on me because Karen’s not in studio right now.

Yes he is. I don’t,

But I got to tell you, suburban people, if they want to use those bike pathers still not going to come down here unless it’s steam safe.

Well, why? Again, I don’t, guys,


Think about what you’re saying. It’s not just down here. All those places I told you it’s there. Yeah. The whole country. When are we going to see it this way? The whole country. Well,

It’s automatically assumed at this point now that it’s coming out, that this type of process is happening with these laws and letting these criminals go. If it’s happening here, I’m going to automatically assume it’s happening in every place that’s like here. Because this is just what the system has started to become like you said, since George Floyd, they really didn’t have an answer. Then they got this overflow of weapons and violence in the streets. I don’t think nobody knows what to do with any of it at this point.

It’s just a fucking disaster, man. And you know what? There’s nobody that’s leading and it,

That’s another problem. It wasn’t

Just with, it wasn’t just with George Floyd. I mean that brought a whole new level of attention and it made all these people come out and they had these commitment statements and they’re do whatever. That was just to me, almost like a major photo. I don’t really think anything came out of that at any level.

Well, to be honest, I mean just a hundred percent honest and no bullshit. We’re just say it. I mean, you can take it the way you want it. We’re just using George Floyd as a benchmark. Just it was a benchmark. It was three years ago. It was the height of the pandemic. Everything was shut down. Everybody was locked away. It was really hot summer. A man gets murdered in eight minutes before our eyes. We all


It. And this place lost its mind for a lot of reasons. And it’s never gotten fixed. No.


Took a knee. I remember they took a knee. And now that they’re making decisions with all this fucking fake printed money that’s driving the price of eggs through the roof. And you want to do greenways, but remember this, if you’re sitting in the county jail for two years, you have a constitutional right to a speedy trial. You are assumed innocent not to just be let out and waved through you to be tried. Right. But in a speedy way. Everything’s fucking fucked up. Yeah.

Speedy is relative apparently.

Now, speaking of which, this is again, no bullshit. I didn’t want to do it, but I am so pissed off about the criminal justice system in this state. We could talk about Dana and Ness under lack of response. Right On and on and on. When the Lansing chief of police misled the people and said his officers never responded to shots fired to Anthony McRay. And we found out that they did and they didn’t answer on Monday we called. Right? Sure did. Okay, well, oh by the way, quick announcement. We’re not going to do the Monday show anymore. Not because it’s successful. It is. And we appreciate all of you. Give us a like of Sharon Slim star reveal. Hit the notification and we love your comments. Right, Jeremiah? Is that right? Yeah. We’re on all the social medias wherever you get it. Get there and get there. Write something right now. So I got a response via email today. All right. From the press, what would you,


Press? Secretary Investor, whatever the title is. Filtered pr. Yeah. Okay. So I got an email and I didn’t want to open it for everybody. It looks like it’s, it’s for all. Yeah, I’m calling it the mail bag. Okay. Okay.

That is no bullshit. You have not opened

This. Cause I have not opened it. We debating. I wanted to You’re live.

Is that M A I L or m a l E?

We’ll get to that later. It’s a they bag.


Okay, here we go. It’s from Jordan Goldis. Good afternoon rights. Miss Goldis. As I told you before, we have no records of any shots fired calls to the McCray


If those you have spoken to would like to report something to us, we suggest they call 5 1 7 4 8 3 4 6 0 0. Thanks, Jordan. Now everybody before you call 5 1 7 4 8 3 4 600 is a dead end. Rolodex to nowhere. Huh? Now did I take it home or do I have it here? Because that

I know what you’re going for

Is fucking nuts. It’s at home. Ladies and gentlemen. Go to the Monday show. We’ve

Seen it. Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, it’s on the wall. It’s on the wall. So wouldn’t get lost. Oh,

There you go. Thanks.

You read this again. This ladies and gentlemen, Lansing, msu, all the parents of all the attention. Oxford got scrubbing fine tooth comb. Here’s what the police and Lansings say. As I told you before, and you didn’t tell me before you pushed me onto somebody else. You never responded as you told me before. We have no records of any shots fired. Called to the McCrae residence. Well, Ms. Goku, I’m calling you right now. That is your police department. That is your coding that says shots fired. Base response LA zero two dash 22 dash 0 0 1 0 7 7 0. Jurisdiction, Lansing Police Department. Incident number 22 1 8 8 3 6 6. Incident date. 10 23 20 22 at 1214 in the afternoon. How east? How avenue What’s again, multiple shots east of here, east of the dead end. Heard one short delay. Heard another one and then six more. Didn’t see or hear anything else said the neighbor. You never got in touch with the neighbor. That’s you. I’m telling you right now, because now you’re in it. Now you just expose what we’ve been talking about. Anybody, anybody else,

Send it back to her. I almost want to just send that actual document and said, well then explain this.

Yeah. Send down a screenshot.

Well, why would I do that? Go get it. Go pull it. By the way, that costs me 500. Yeah. And I asked you, under the freedom of information law that you waive such a fe sense. I’m going to do your job. You are now caught out as a dope. You explain to these families, again, everybody, I want to take this sad occasion, this three year occasion, consider, and I’m going to call them children. I know they weren’t. I know they’re 18 and 19 and 20.

They’re kids

With somebody’s

Children. They don’t get to live anymore. Can you imagine? In fact, 50,000 of you. I’ve talked to you. I know what you felt. I know what you’re going to feel for a long time in your life. And that’s what we’re getting. Okay? Thanks for that email because I’m freshly pissed off you.

Yeah, that’s pass the buck again. How do you not know? Ain’t that your job to know these things before you even

Respond? And did you do, even if you didn’t find this, there’s other codings, suspicious persons, suspicious circumstances. Why wouldn’t you, the chief, your investigators, go out to the neighborhood, make like you care about ’em, ask ’em a few questions, treat ’em like citizens that overpay you. Quite frankly, why wouldn’t you do that? Why wouldn’t you try to fix this?


That’s laughable. And now it’s not the end of it. Annie indicates that they’ll continue the same practices further down the road. Because if you ain’t going to own on own it, stand in it. Why the fuck would you fix it? And we went through this. And when you look at the body cam footage of that officer in 2019 when he pulls into a dark lot, right. By himself. Yeah. Very professionally approaches a man who’s carrying an illegal weapon. Yeah. He did it right? Yeah. Okay. What was his name? Chauvin. The murder of George Floyd. Right. He did it wrong. And he did it wrong for so many years. I don’t get it. But this man did it right? And nobody says anything decent about him. What a job that is. And then you get the guns off the street and the prosecutor’s waving it through. Yeah. And then he goes on to murder. And you’re saying, we don’t have any records that indicates don’t give a damn to look or care. Oh this. That was unexpected. We

Acknowledged that officer’s professional behavior. Yes, we


Cause he was very professional. His demeanor was calm. He disarmed the guy. I mean, that should be the approach for every police officer. So we did acknowledge that.

My God. Okay. I don’t mean for this to be a bummer. It’s just you didn’t expect that. It’s the work, man. This is what we’re doing. This is what we are talking about. This is our news. Right. Right. Karen. Right red. Yeah. Right. Some We don’t drop ’em. We don’t drop ’em. No. And now we are really starting to see the rot. Just that Was that psycho? Was that psycho? Yeah. No, no. Don’t, I mean really the response. Yeah. Yeah. It’s very thoughtless. I mean, and you weren’t paying attention

It. Well, maybe she was hoping you weren’t.

And I knew. I knew they were going to do, I knew they were playing with the words like shots fired, specifically shots fired. It’s specifically coded, shots fired. And that’s not a usual coating. That’s not usually how they do it. Right. Domestic disturbance. And did it. Very rare. Is that a shots fired? I know that even from being in the city. And you would think once you contacted her and they know we’ve been talking about this, she would’ve took a little extra time to make sure she had her facts right before responding to you. So, oh my God. Yes. Oh, you mean you do her job. Yeah. Well, I wanted to phrase it a little nicer because apparently doing your job is dirty words. Well, apparently the press secretary’s not paying attention to the press or we’re not considered press. Good point. Okay, call us, pull whatever we got to do, we got to prep, we got to pull, we got to push. We want it fixed. He’s right. Shit. And some people might be

Wondering why we own this type of stuff. So tough because it’s been so not paid attention to for so long that now it’s just getting completely out of control. The people don’t know what to believe, who to believe it from, what to really believe in when they come to the justice system. Can I believe

I’m, I’m sorry, Ray. Go ahead. I apologize. Go

Ahead. No, no, you go ahead Karen.

No, I’m just saying people also get dragged from the, everybody from the media running from one thing to another without there ever being any answers or resolutions to anything. And so people are just being dragged through without any type of resolution or answers or honesty about the things that are impacting their quality of life.

But even you get twisted around. Even you were commenting on how unprofessional local broadcaster was because their clothes sucked. And I go, is that the poll? And you go, yeah, it is. It’s part of the pool.

But Charlie, it is. I mean, because we were talking about one station and I said it was, it’s very drab, very milk toast. There was nothing that was engaging about the presentation, whether it was aesthetic or whether it was their delivery. And then we were talking about a station where a couple people have these kind of outlandish outfits. So nothing else from an entertainment perspective. It’s enticing.

But entertainment, that’s what it is. That’s the point. Because we didn’t comment at all about what they were talking about because they weren’t talking about anything. They’re not saying anything. And that’s the great, everybody knows it. That’s the great shame of it. Yeah. Why wouldn’t you follow up on, this is important to us.

It’s on to the next thing. It’s

Hard. It’s not on the next thing. It’s too hard for them.

Not for us, Charlie, for everybody else. I mean, how many times, how times, listen, when they do a story and they say, we’ll bring you updates, we’ll keep you posted and you don’t ever hear anything else about it ever again. Yeah.

So there you go. Okay. So into the more mail bag. I got some correspondence from the state capitol today. Oh, the come Dana Nessel Turks and Caicos. Bill has the introduction of the Dana Nessel Turks and Caicos. Bill Nestle on the vessel. Nestle on the vessel bill, making it illegal not to report gifts, cash trips, meals that you took as an elected official. Because apparently this is legal, but it’s not copacetic to lie to us that you paid for it. Cause I looked up your salary. Oh, it’s $112,000 a year and now it’s a $8,600 a night penthouse. Plus that cat Iran’s pretty expensive. And I don’t think the champagne is on the house. So I mean, there’s a lot of money right there. So that was supposed to be introduced to the floor. And we’re going to go up there and see, and you should all pay attention Lansing, because we’re going to be up there. Who wants to co-sign a bill that says you’re not allowed to take bribes anymore? Not bribes. I’m, I’m taking this, but I’m not giving my vote. I’m going to take the expensive vacation and let me get, get a Thermador, lapses of Thermador. Take up to the room. Humor ’em, call ’em gifts. Is HBO on the house? Yeah. Right. You know what I mean? Steal a couple of robes. Is the mini bar stock? Yeah. That’s pretty bar.

God. But it’s crazy that that’s not illegal at this point. I mean, just from an ethical standpoint. I mean there seem to be some things in place to prevent that from happening.

Now, Senator Jim Rudds that was going to introduce that next week, but the legislature in its great wisdom has decided to take next week off because
Next week is the Mackinaw Policy Conference Convention on Mackinac Island, A great big orgy where the politicians and the businessman, who’s our money they give to, and the press big shots, they all slurp on oysters, Woohoo. Slam down to Cabernet and they general asses of themselves and don’t really tell us anything. So they can’t do it next week because they’ll be partying. The politicians are going up there and someone else is paying for it. Wife vote for that. I don’t want to vote for that. I, let me get my last freebie out of the way. Right. You’re right. Holy smokes. What a joke. And we actually have live, it’s exclusive, live exclusive footage from Mackinac City, the ferry where the press are now boarding the ferry to Mackinac Island. We take you live to Mackinac City here,

Pig. See here they come

That oyster. And there you go. I think I recognize one of the reporters

How easy

It’s, I’ll see you at the Ethel Merman bull side. Try the cannolis. God gossan a mess.


My people are from Mackinaw Island. And when you get off the ferry and you go to the fort and you see the Moulin house, that’s my people that used to be up by St. Anne’s Church. And my mother, when her mother got divorced and had no place to go, that that was kind of like in the wooded area. No running water, no electricity. That’s where they lived. And two generations later, my daughter is a Girl Scout, is up there doing the Governor’s weekend and she’s standing guard of the old Family Shack. Oh wow. That’s pretty cool. So you treat that place with respect, treat us with respect, and tell us what’s going on. Please.

God. The irony of postponing that bill for that event, the weeks are on that event is so

Rich. Like the Michigan version of the White House Correspondent Dinner. Yeah,

It’s, it is going to be a shortage of private jets next week. So anybody’s looking to rent a private jet won’t

Get it. And that live shot was brought to you by Legacy Partners Insurance that I bet you if I’d call them, they would insure that Mugen house for me. But the state’s taking it over, they you a


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You got the insurance, but not,

Maybe after the reporters get off of the ferry, they can go ask Ms. Benson, whose husband’s a lobbyist down here for that district Detroit, who used to work for Duggan and deleted all those emails on his girlfriend. I know. I digress. If you haven’t called Legacy, call him now and you’ll probably end up pissed off that, you know, haven’t done it sooner. Yeah. Not only does Legacy do home and auto, they do my motorcycle. They have great life insurance programs and they can get you signed up for Medicare and Medicaid. So give ’em a call today for any instance. What’s the typo here? Oh yeah. Any instance. 5 8 6 2 0 9 4 1 0 6. Good coverage. 5 8 6 2 0 9 4 1 0 6. Or just don’t and pay more.

So he got you the great quote. Now you can’t get in the Secretary of State to get the tags.


Yeah. Well yeah.

The spring buying season’s here, home inventory’s on the rise rates have leveled off and now they, they’ve been as low as they’ve been in many, many months. And I don’t know what the Fed’s meeting, again, I don’t know. I’m not saying run out and do it, but if you think it might be time to buy the first call you need to make Hall Financial ton of great programs. There’s the 1% down with up to 4,000 in forgivable down payment assistance for qualified buyers. Right. One more time. 1% down up to 4,000 in forgivable down payment. Think about that. 400,000. What’s 1%?

A 400,000? Yep. Carry the one divide four.

4,004. You’re looking for a $400,000 house. Right? You’re going to, you know what I mean? You got to put down some money, like 4,000 get back. If you get coal feet or don’t work out for you. I mean, it’s good. Yeah. No. Right. Or if they’ve

Got a lot of

Programs, they do spring, summer renovations, second home up north. Use the equity out of your house, pay off the credit card bill of people you

Can pay, you can lump your loans together.

Those rates are not going down. So go to call hall and get started for their five stars service. How many? Five star.

Well over 6,000. Well over

6,000. 6,000 thousand. So that’s five is 3 million stars. Wow. Get you

One that’s more than the universe.

Get you one eight, six call hall. You know, have little girls and you’re like, that’s more than the universe.

Right, right, right.

You more than all 3 million stars in the sky.

It’s not. I want to get Mark credit

On his air calculator though. He really put down,

He’s always got to carry the one. Right.

Eight, six Call hall or call Hall Let him know we set you in. Give us a share. By the way, give us five starts. Thank you. Yeah, that’d be great. How was that? Share by the

All right.

Oh God.

I think you loved it. He’s

Not. He’s not. I bust his balls, but he’s not even millennial. It’s not not time to bust Gen Z yet.

It’s not even time.

Give him a chance to fuck off.


Him chance to elect a couple people, steal a few things. You know what I mean? Run a city into the ground. I hate picking on it. Hello.

Wake God.

He’s so chill though. He is

So chill.

Now listen, we want to take you to a special piece. We did. And I just want to remind everybody that everybody is somebody’s baby and everybody is deserving of some human kindness, a helping hand. But the only way we can get there to help each other is to start about the truth about what life really is. The truth about what life really is.
Now, candidate Joe Biden blamed violence against transgender black women on white supremacy. And that the only way to end this rash of white supremacy against black transgender women is to end the Trump administration. Oh, okay. Well, truth number one, murder of trans black women has spiked under Biden 57 and 2021 alone. Truth number two, even with this spike, trans people are half as likely to be murdered than an average American. Truth number three, 60% of all trans murders are of trans black women. And many of those killings take place around prostitution corners like Six Mile and John R. Now, we went to speak with the women there since nobody on CNN or in Washington wants to talk to ’em or even admit they’re there. But there’s somebody, and they were quite interesting. So let’s put aside the beer in the bathing suits, in the swim meets, and have a conversation with somebody that shares a planet with us. And here’s what we’ve got.

Tori’s agreed to give us an interview. What

Is that? Oh, give me some. Oh no, come on. Give me some. Let me see.

But first she’s embarrassed a little by the five o’clock shadow.

This is how I do it. Oh, you’re pumping your pumps now. Oh, there it goes. Okay. What’s this here? What’s, what’s his hair?

What’s life like for a transgender street walker? Left out here in the dangerous back lit shadows of Detroit’s crumbling East Side. Tori Rummages threw her purse, searching for her foundational makeup. And an application brush in the purse are also bottles of pills. A lot of bottles of pills and hospital papers. Tori was recently discharged after being beaten by a John. She’s still wearing the inpatient wristband. And despite President Biden’s promise to end violence, there’s been a dramatic spike in black trans murders since he took office. The violence is usually the sidebar. The violence is not random, but often a consequence of the Wild West sex trade.

What? Some clothes out girl love. Yes. I’m the news man. Yeah, look in my faith, very please to meet you. It is really important to my grandpa. Very please to meet you. How are you? I’m fine. How are you? Yes. I have a question, mayor. I’m going to just go there. The president of the United States Yes. Says that trans women suffer more abuse than anybody. We have to fix it. You’re biologically a woman. Yes. And you are mentally a woman. Why is that? It’s really your life that we’re talking about. But nobody’s actually listen. Ever talk to you. Hey. Hello. Right. She’s worthy, right? Yes. This is a good soul. It’s my God. Yeah. So Tori, is it because the life you live or is it because somebody’s expecting something else? Or is it because they hate themselves? Violence? I have no idea. Oh, you have every idea because you want here. Huh? Tell the people. See, cause you like to

Be that way, Mr. Desire. You were abused and became that way. Abused when I was younger. Yeah. Most people out here, that’s transgenders always tell the story that they were abused. Anthony. That’s like these guys out here that’s on drugs and they come out here and they get desperation. They give their body up. Sometimes they become no like

Sisters. We were all abused. Yeah. It’s children. It just, we come out different.

She right at a young ages. So


If I might, are you a woman? Are you a man or are you in between?

In between.


I was like out of transition, everything. You couldn’t tell by me. I’m a sticker and all this, but


Yeah, yeah. I guess smoking drugs.

Which do you prefer? Be a man or woman or both, as you say

Woman. I’m trying to get back there.

She one, be who she’s portraying to be

Portraying you said

Yeah. Was she’s want to become a woman. That’s what her desire is. I can’t answer for you. Speak up. Cause somebody else’s story. That story might help somebody else come out. You got people commit suicide about come

Close. Yes.

Yeah. I being woman. A woman?


Son. My son gay. Oh,

Your son’s gay?


Are you gay? Are you a woman?

I’m a woman.

What could we do for you? The president talks a lot of shit. But what could we do for you? Because transgender people, I can, I, Tori, may I, when I was growing up in the eighties, we just said tranny. That’s all we said. Now we got more sophisticated. Talk to me here. Like you ever had violence perpetrated on you out here?


Lie. Yeah.



Three different reasons why? You know, people hated on you. Yeah. You did some things you shouldn’t have. I in the wrong place at the wrong time.


How about the fourth? I liked it. And I hated myself. So I took my hate out on you.

I’ve been

Here. That’s the fourth

On N.

How? How about a fifth? How about a fifth? I’m a psychopath.

Didn’t say that.

So when men come up and down here, do they know what this story a man

Knows just what he’s picking up? He’s a man. And when I’m a woman, I’ve been out here and said, don’t pick that one up. That’s a man. And they say, well, thank you. That’s what I’m looking for. It’s great for that. We can’t get a date out here because they’re,

Oh, so there’s a rivalry, there’s

A hide demand for men. So I, yeah, I became a domination. That’s the only thing a gay man. Wait,

There’s a rivalry between men and women. Oh

Yes. They want a men out here, not a woman.

Right. You said in between.

You ever heard of Solomon Gilmore? You’re there.

I read about it. Yet this is the

Area. They don’t want nothing but a man.

Is anything wrong with that?

No. That’s your desire. That’s what they get. Okay. What you want be is who you want to be. She does?

No. Okay. So why does it got to be this way? Why does it got to be around crumbling buildings? Environ

Nowhere else.

Say again.

I’m not a shelter. Nowhere else.

This is something everywhere I go, every throw.

What am I supposed to tell Mike? You. You know that whole Bud Light shit? You saw all that, right? All that. Where do you make it at? It’d be nice if you turned your face in the canyon and stood up for yourself. Oh, okay. Well

Come how those people, they speak for theyselves. Kids going up behind you and when be like you

Or they are like you,

I’m scared to come up

And you’re something today and they

Need to shine.


Tori, what’s the baddest out here? We couldn’t get a baby machine

Right here.

Right there. Maybe right there. Ask that question

Again. Why should people accept you?

Why should they?

Yeah. What’s, what’s special about them? You’re not accepting nothing. Right. And you love your stuff. Everyone should love theirself. Everyone have their own decisions, right?


I know. I got

Tell you want to be

God. What? Huh? You say

We want to be alright.

I want you. I can’t help you. Both of you. You got to get off the streets. You’re going to die. I’m


You’re tired. And you know you’re going to die. You are my sister. She did what you did. You are loved. Hey. Hey, you are loved. So where do we go? President of the United States said we have a bad problem, which is transgender. Black people are dying. But if you actually look at the numbers, they’re not. And if you look at where they are, it’s the life you are living. Because this is a death life. The

President of the United States should, he shouldn’t break out any prejudice against anyone.

No. He’s trying to pretend, okay, he was leader. He has no prejudice, but he don’t have any concept.

He’s not helping us. The way

He help everybody and Jonar and Parkhurst.

He’s not helping us to help.

You want to just hug on it? Yeah. Don’t get your makeup all over me. I know. That’s okay.

Wow. You know that Charles, that’s, that’s incredible that you went and did that because nobody’s addressing that part of life. They act like it don’t exist, is not there. And just the fact that you thought they would go out there and do that, to just show what this show in itself is about. No


But doing it with a level of respect, Charlie, that you did. I mean, red, it’s not that anybody, people don’t even acknowledge the existence of that segment of the community at any level. So for you to not only go out there, but to see them, to listen to them, to acknowledge them, to respect them, and to share their voices, speaks volumes about who you are and what this show stands for.

And you could tell when you were talking to her, she’s not used to anybody coming to ask and hear what’s going on her story, her side. Oh no,

She’s an abuse piece. Yeah. Yeah. She’s an abuse piece. It’s an abusive life. And that’s why, and again, I mean if you transgender, respect, support, but this is where the statistical advocate starts winding up this. And there are a lot of people that do outreach and they’re cool and they look out for the, but we’re not telling the truth. This is where it’s happening, right? Yeah. When we drive by and we laugh again, obviously she’s got mental issues. And the older woman, you could just tell she’s beautiful. She just knows what’s going on in life. Now she was smart

As hell, Charlie. I mean, yeah. Her perspective, her intellect and her contribution to that conversation shouldn’t be dismissed Anna.

And the truth about what she knows. You know what I mean? Yeah. The only and the rivalry going on. And there was no shame. She let me know. But it’s the life man. This’s the life. This is what I do. This is because you come over and you really want to know I got to talk to you.

Yeah. But it’s the line that she said that is amazing as hu she’s exhausted. Yeah. She’s exhausted by that life.

She is. Yeah.

It’s fucking

Awful. And my daughter’s living the life. They’re, they’re the z Gen Z. Different notions. Right? They’re figuring themselves out. This is all new to them. And I said, well, do you really want to see, yeah, you really want to see Not, and again, please don’t. This isn’t the destiny for all trans people. Right. That please. So let’s, let’s not, but if you want to meet some people and you want to know what life’s like, I wish that for my daughter. And that’s why I do love, I fell into the right career for myself. You know what I mean? I say, right. Cause I would be doing that anyway. It just, it’s just a record to be left.

But this is the thing, and I, I’ve said this before. I was on the show. I’ve said this for as long as I’ve known you. That is part of what sets you apart. You are not afraid of people. You go and you talk to people. You get their stories as opposed to guessing and assuming. And that therein is a value that nobody else brings to the table or to the camera or to the microphone.

Well, not about me, but thanks for that. We can do that all day long. We can do that. I got it. Got it. Got. Thank you for that. Thank you. Thank you for

That. Don’t, don’t do that, Charlie. Don’t do that.

Beautiful. Thank you very much. I would

All right. Forget it.

Care. Caring about, oh no, I’m not going to forget it. I love it. I’m just pleasant isn’t the way out of that. Stop that.

But I’m saying, let me have my say so on this because, and I’m looking at some of the comments people recognize, appreciate and respect the fact. I mean, Charlie, nobody’s going to go down in that area and have a conversation with people that everybody just likes to sit back and make assumptions about. Don’t trivialize. Don’t trivialize the value that you just brought to all of

Us. What’s interesting is when you walk into the liquor store, it looks like it’s closed and it’s rundown. And you walk in and it’s like a Persian tent. It’s unbelievable. It’s, it’s marble. It’s well air conditioned. The selection is down over to the bottom there. Not too many people go in, but they have the IPAs that are like, and my brand, Winston, late 100 s, they got a brunch of dust up, but they got everything. They spent their, it’s telling you what, what’s pouring through that neighborhood, man. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yep. And the gas station’s really cool. Had the George Floyd posters still in. Okay. The glass, you know, we hung out. Right. The Rat scholars over there, the old German uma place. Really, really

Good Brin for the, to get the shot. And a lot of people don’t know. That area has been like that for well over 30, almost 40 years. It is nothing new. It’s been there the whole time. I don’t,

It’s, it’s where you ain’t, you’re not getting there by accident.

No way.

What’s not in the story is the couple guys that pulled up, like dude, his street name’s Eddie Money, like the two tickets, the Paradise Eddie Money. But he’s like, now get the fuck on out before dark. I’m like, oh, I know. To get the fucking off, I’m going to go back to my suburban paradise. Drink these IPAs, you know, listen to Crickets die.

You want to see Eddie?

Oh yeah. We got a little piece of Eddie. Oh, I’m trying

To get it. Yeah. Here

We go. Okay. You tell me. Get the fuck out of here in the hour. Why? Oh

No. You want, you don’t. No, no. You don’t want to be around here with our security van that night. It’s scandalous. You know what I’m saying? And you’re not that type of p I don’t know if you came from that cloth, but I’m just saying, man, you know, want to be gone man, before it start getting dark. Really?

I understand.

You know what

I’m saying? You know, my sister died predators. My sister died.

Predators Streets come

Out. You understand? You understand. My sister died on. You got me

On there, man. Yeah. Fuck

Yeah. Can you give us your name?

Huh? Can you give us your name? No. No. I don’t want to give

My name. Eddie. A name. Street name Ain’t something. Some kind of name.

Ed Money. Eddie Money. Eddie Money.

What’s this one?

I’ve got two tickets to Parize. Pack your bags. We leave Die. I’ve got two tickets. Get your ass out of here before the sun go down.

And I want to tell the people, cause they do not know this. This was after a whole day at American Coop, been down here working and said, Hey, you know what? We’re going to get this done now. And it’s a great piece,

Man. Thanks man. What we did was we’re going to go look. Yeah. Start introducing ourselves around. And that just happened. And we’ll be back. Cause we love this plate. We love them. All of it. We love, we love I love America. And in that vein, I want to thank all of you who served, and if you can hear us, all of you that gave you a life. So we may have a more perfect union that it may stand. I want to play this little remembrance from the vault and I want to dedicate this to all my boys from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Iraq 2003. Thinking of you, Tommy, thinking all you guys, thank you to Danny. Happy Memorial Day. Thank you all for your service. And oh yeah, Red’s got got to fuck that up with his stupid pitch. Aw Uhuh.


No, no, don’t do it. No, no. I’m kidding. Haven’t


Had to? No, no, no. I was only playing. I was only, I know this is important and I love you. You’re not, Red’s going to be 50th and he’s doing a special show.

Yes. At Flappers Roadhouse in Lincoln Park. 72, 2 Southfield. So anybody that watches the show just want to come out, hear some good jokes. Free to get in good drinks. Good time. I’m turning Nifty 50. Come see me and me take all the

Pictures. But there’s a problem with that. Okay. It’s Flappers. It’s in Lincoln Park. It’s not a strip. And when is it red? It’s

Next Thursday, June 1st

At what time? Ready? Nine

O’clock. The show starts

At night, I’m assuming

At night. Yes. It was too early to get that drunk to do the show. Okay.

Well happy birthday and thank you for your flappers leave. Thank you for your service,

Clark Park. Nine o’clock, June 1st. First you’ll be 50. Yes. That day. Very special. Yes.

So wait a minute, wait a minute. Are you not? I

Zoom in.

Are you not working on your birthday next Thursday? I mean, are you doing the show, Fred?

No. Yes. I’ll be here for the show. I mean, course, I just want to make sure I kind of come get cussed out by Charlie for my birthday. It wouldn’t be fucking 50.

I don’t even want you here.

Too bad. I’m coming. Well,

I got a show. I got to show the energy of the show. Maybe. Maybe we should just go live and you should do the show. Your show. Hey, for all of us that don’t want to go to Flappers in Lincoln Park, I

Would. But they have tail


White penalize us.



Well, we’ll fix that pose.

No, we won’t.

All right. Love you, red. Happy birthday, Karen. Thank you. Thank you for the nice words.

Happy birthday, red. Thank you. Love you, char, Wendy and Mark.

Yep. And happy Memorial Day at, yes. Again, shout out to the 24th Mu getting near the winter, and it’s a Brooklyn Queen expressway. It’s elevated. It’s up on stilts. And I’m heading down downtown Brooklyn for whatever reason in my car from Queens. And it’s a traffic jam. And it’s a flag lane in the middle of rush hour. And I put it in park and I got out and that flag was laying in the middle of the expressway and I got out and I got it. That’s this flag right here. Same flag. It’s been in my car every day since. Every day. A little worse for the wear, but I looked it up last night, that 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2. That one right there is Michigan. It’s my home in the usa. Right there in that one 26th, right smack in the middle. And that’s who went over. That’s who we sent all the dudes from the middle because that’s who does all the work. If we forget our kids are going to do it just like we forgot. We forgot all about World War ii. We forgot about Vietnam. We forgot. Every time you launch a boat, something’s launched back at you.
If you’re going to send people, have a plan, have a reason. Because it’s my people that go, if I could tell people and they would actually listen, you have to stick to your convictions. But the strong can move if they’re shown that it’s not correct. That hate begets hate. The world’s getting smaller. We’re going to have to share. Now remember, we have more in common than we feel that we’re getting stirred up for somebody else’s gain. Some political gain. They used mass murder to convince us to go do the same. Now everybody’s hurt, everybody’s broke, and we’re no better off than we were. Try to love one another. And if you can’t do that, come to a compromise. Don’t let ’em lead you around. Everybody’s just as important as everybody else. That’s why I’ll never forget them.

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