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Hollywood’s on strike so we’ve made a pilot show- “Rebel Without a Car”
The Ballad of Ottawa Vinny.
What do you do with a four ton car without power steering?
“Just drive it straight.”

EXCLUSIVE: new details on the monster who kidnapped and murdered Wynter Cole-Smith.
He should not have been out.

Vinny said he is going to pick us up at the train station in a limo, but he didn’t. What we got was Vinny Pimp hat Silver Cane Fu Manchu Ruby Ring on the right hand. His left arm contorted like a chicken wing. He told me he wanted to donate to the no bullshit news hour, a mint condition. 1989 Cadillac Fleetwood Stretch limousine three 50. How could I turn it down

Live downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News out with my

No, no, no. Bullshit

Assistant breaking his. No more bullshit. No more bullshit.

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Our website

Legacy Partners?

Yeah, legacy Partners Insurance was

Yeah. Thank you

Very much. I think it might be Legacy Partner. That was good, mark. Think it’s Think Legacy Partners Ins. Just Google it. That was good. You put it in, it’ll come

Up. Partners. I ns

Think so. Let me check.

Okay. No, it’s good. S do com Don’t, don’t listen. Sorry. Legacy. I got to run down

Now. I mean I use them. You think I would know? Yeah, I

Just call him. Just call ’em Dude. You call ’em and they call you. You can actually get ’em. 5 8 6 2 0 9 4 1 0 6. Okay, now
We are going to bring you some understandable and exclusive information on the monster that kidnapped and murdered two year old Winter Cole Smith. You haven’t heard it before? I’m, I’m reading all the reports. I don’t, don’t quite understand all this with the law. This is, I don’t mean to overstate, but it’s frightening how badly the criminal justice system has collapsed, especially these judicial. This isn’t the police anymore, it’s the prosecutors. And this is the judges and what they were not doing during Covid. It’s astounding to me when we talked about essential workers, police were required to work, Sheriff’s, deputies, jailers were required to work, and yet the white collar bozos in these courthouses decided they could stay at home and work virtually. It didn’t work. And this isn’t the first case of this and it won’t be the last. You’re going to want to stay for that. But first, Holly was on strike. The actors walked out. The writers have already walked out. There’s going to be nothing new. Right? So you know what we decided to do? What? We did A pilot. Are you listening Hollywood? Are we

Going to Hollywood?

I made a call today. They know us. They know us. They know you. Oh, they know us. We’re all a family here. So we decided if watch the show, you know who Vinny Limo is? He’s the guy up in Ottawa that called up and said, Hey babe, I’ve got a mint Cadillac. I got a mint Cadillac for you. All I got to do is come up here and get it. And I was thinking for the election season, that would be our news truck and we could be rolling through Missouri reporting live from The Pint Mobile. So we decided to go and with Byron Goggin and I, anybody know Byron? He was, he’s one of the visual men on Deadliest Catch one of the Visual Men on Ice Road Truckers. This is a real fucking show. This is the best show. Everybody knows it. And if you’re listening, we try to make it so it’s groovy to you.
But I encourage you to go to YouTube, the no BS News hour and just subscribe, right? Ding, get notifications. Ding. Go to Twitter because I like Twitter and you can I do too. See, I told you I like Twitter. I like Twitter because good. They’re not shadow banning us. It’ll be on Facebook, but fuck Zuckerberg. We got news on that Bozo too, right? And out of colluding with Foreign National Secret Service to squelch free speech here in the United States. But I digress. This is the road trip that Byron and I took to go get the limo. We want to call it Rebel Without a Carine. And with no further ado, let us roll the tape. Canada’s real cool. They speak French there. They use kilometers and they got a cool dude named Vinny. A real OG wants to give me a stretch limo Cadillac.

I got a pretty sweet limo here to drive a little back to Detroit and everything you wanted, you can have it. It looks like a rolling cat house inside.

No, I never met Vinny. Don’t know him, but I know Cadillacs and for free, I like free. So Byron and I make the 500 miles to Ottawa. I haven’t been to Canada since Covid.

I’m in Union Station in Toronto. Here’s what I know so far. Gas is outrageously expensive. Traffic is horrible. And I’m going to be driving the stretch limit 500 miles. It’s been sitting in the garage for three years.

Vinny’s been texting me for months. That things all ready to roll. He says mint condition. Remember? But now that I’m on the way, Vinny starts dropping some foreboding little hints.

I just got a text from Vinny here and he says he done type two L. Okay. And put it on my big shop charger. It’s charging now just to ensure no glitches. I mean, what do you mean the battery didn’t work? So then I get this thought. Wait a minute, does this thing have tabs? Does it insured it? Haven’t been on the road in years and my passport’s expired. So the Canadians being the nice people, they are. Let me in the country.

So when you go back home, hand them, give them both of this. You might get sent in. You’re giving them an expired passport card. Yeah, just be aware. They may send you an information.

What do you say? We just go, yeah, just go the adventure. Yeah. Should have taken the plates

Off of your car.

Stuck ’em on this car because

That’s so much more illegal

As the train rolls off from Toronto to Ottawa. I’m realizing Vinny never actually sent me a clear picture of the Cadillac. I’m starting to get a sinking feeling here. Vinny said he is going to pick us up at the train station in a limo, but he didn’t. What we got was Vinny pimp hat silver cane Fu man chew ruby ring on the right hand. His left arm contorted like a chicken wing. I’m here to get the limo. He sent the limo home.

No, not my limo

Guy got, I got a feeling this whole thing is going to end up on me on trading. It’s Charlie on the way back. It’s,

It’s all good.

It’s from Canada and Detroit. I never met him. We met on online during that whole Canadian trucker Covid deal. Vinny’s got lots to say about that.

The library empowerment that used to be the lost side of the upper candidates building right over there. And they suck everything out of your phone. That’s how they found out. Everybody was donating the convoy and everything.

Fact, I come to learn. Vinny’s got lots to say about almost anything.

They don’t teach the young kids English anymore. When my first already went to school over there, they taught ’em English. See the one with this? This is a tny. One day my lady throws the credit card out at Irish Bayou out the Cadillac thing. So I pull over the Cady, it’s Crown Dine Wright that runs his place. It was found on, it wasn’t found on your rights, American rights. When I walked out the middle of the road, I put my ARDI’s face. He said, what are you doing? I said, same thing you’re doing spying on people. And I’m just doing it closer up.

Doesn’t he ever stop


This is actually a C of the Roy de France the king. I got a letter from him in here. The guy who would be king on Ray dup or on.

Turns out Vinny likes to be surrounded by cool load things that don’t work really well.

Come on in

His tiny apartment. Also does double duty as a podcast studio.

You’re going to see me that you’re going to swing on me.

I from VNA presents. Take it away, Vinny

And a sort of carnival like museum. Now Vinny show doesn’t have very many listeners.

Hello? Hello.

But it doesn’t matter because nothing can keep Vinny from talking,

Vinny. And tonight we’re going to talk about your rights. Why Canadians are taking up the ass from the Americans from the,

I’ve been in Canada over 24 hours now and haven’t seen hiding her hair fucking limousine. I seen buses, I seen trains, but I ain’t seen no limousine. We got to take two buses for one hour and Vinny’s yapping the whole time. And I’m starting to hear some clues.

Hello? She want a please?

Okay, Vargas, I got the guys here and we’re going to be there as soon as I start the car. Oh, hold the, the Yeah, to put fire side to put the hose on.

They put them tank.

Yeah. Yeah. Is he there? No. Okay. Well we’re do it ourself. I don’t care. It’s not hard. We just got to screw the power steering line in.

Okay. Wait, wait. All right. So the car, this limo, how long is this limo

About? The lengths of, it’s a little bit longer than this FedEx

Truck. How much does this car weigh?

It weighs 7,200 pounds.

And it doesn’t have power steering.

No. Well, how do we can steer it? Armstrong with two people steer, you know, to it’ll, you could steer it going straight, but when you go around the corner, it takes two people to move

All the way to Detroit. I get a headache then.

American Coney Island. So good. Even Al Roker from the Today Show eats here. I like that other guy, Al Joker who eats at Lafayette. So make sure you are a Roker and not a joker American. Coney.

This message of uplift is brought to you by business and personal wealth advisor Luke noi. Who reminds you that? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but never enter the kingdom of God. But while you’re waiting, NOI wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Nacky at (248) 663-4748 for sound financial. It books. How much does this car weigh?

It weighs 7,200 pounds.

And it doesn’t have power

Steering? No. Well, how we can steer it? Armstrong with two people steer, you know, could steer it going straight. But when you go around the corner, it takes two people to

Move all the way to Detroit. I get a headache then. It didn’t occur to you. Take it to the shop. Maybe like I

Can’t sit, look at me. Look, I would if I couldn’t nobody help

Me. Who would bump this guy? I

Don’t cry. He don’t him.

Now this is Chad. He sort of appeared out of nowhere. He likes the blues brothers and dresses like one. He’s Vinny’s unpaid gopher and Chad doesn’t know how to drive. Thank you.

Thank you.

It’s the Casa. Dave Vinny. So you were a biker. You went to law school.

Yeah. I’ve got good and bad things in my

Life. You might have murdered a

Guy. No, no, no. It’s not that bad.

You got a trophy wife, but she’s with her mother. Somehow you got a stretch limo in this.

Oh, I’ve got things that, but I’m getting old then. I don’t need this half the shit I got anymore. If I die, who’s it going to? Good to? You know, my kid don’t want this stuff. Oh

You. Oh, you’re dying. So you’re giving your stuff

Away. Well, I’m going to die pretty soon. Look, look at me, man.

This in the reality show business is what’s known as the big reveal. Vinny leads us into the bowels of a Dan and Digi basement of the parking garage. The limo is hiding in the far dark corner, huh?

Charlie, look at your,

I got to find my keys. Some damn old plate of keys. When you bought a new Fleetwood back in the day, they give you a gold keys.

Vinny, that’s not a license plate.

This is just because See the co, somebody stole my plate. I’m just trying to find my flashlight. Here it is. That’s the BC yard goes from the back. Got to get a TV though, because my cousin took the TV out. I need more people. It’ll go back.

Oh, you want to,

I’m just going to push it back a little bit. Okay. See, it’s rolling. Just I need some more muscle

Power. It’s, hold on, let me, it’s not rolling. Okay. Oh, it’s rolling. Yeah,

But I need more help. It’ll go back.

Oh, this is going to be long.

Once it moves.

It’s what? Mo?


Wants it 499 miles from home. What a butte. But you have to overlook a few things like a dead battery.

See the miles on it. Look.

Yeah, just turn on the lights.

I can’t because there’s no battery in it.

A powerless steering on a four ton car. A steering wheel is limp. Is a wet noodle.

Don’t worry about the wobble and the wheel. It ain’t going to. It’s just a tilt.


It’s tight to turn and to go. It don’t hurt nothing.

Plug in window wipers.

When you want the windshield washer. Come on. You just plug it on right here. Okay. I

Just, it starts raining really bad. Yeah, you put that and I pull over and then plug it in.

Yeah, you plug it in. There’s a tits to it right there.

The gaping pool of oil. The shellac vinyl top. The spray painted rust.

See it turns blue once it’s clean. That’s just dust

Sitting in the No, I still see the brown there.

Yeah, a little bit

That there. Yeah, it’s not coming out. But hey, the lighter worked. He told me it’s blue book. It is blue. So if Vinny went upstairs to get the battery trickling on the charger in a screwdriver to take the plate off of another car, Byron and I discussed the options.

Listen, listen man, it’s like this. I’m all for an adventure. It. We’ve been across the Rio Grande, we’ve done a lot of stuff right? And I don’t even mind walking down the freeway, but I don’t know how I feel about getting in a car. The steering wheel is shaking all over. It could just come off in your hands like a bad Bugs Bunny movie.

My neighbors be pissed off if this is in my driveway. Man, there’s that to think about.

His wife decorated it nicely though.

Yeah, we’re going to, how do we break it to the guy? Just have to tell him

This battery ain’t going to start the car because it’s weak. Man. I’m going to buy you a brand new battery.

Dude, I love you. I love the gesture. I’m taking the train back.

I You don’t want to take the

Car? No, I don’t think so. You can sell that here. But that I

Get I’m not interested in. I give it to you because it’s a prop. I’ll drive the damn thing to Detroit myself. But

Yeah, I mean it’s not ready to go today. You

Know that? Yeah, yeah. Well all it takes is a battery and hook up the holes.

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I’m all for an adventure it. We’ve been across the Rio Grande, we’ve done a lot of stuff. I don’t even mind walking down the freeway, but I don’t know how I feel about getting in a car. The steering wheel shaking all over. It could just come off in your hands like a bad Bugs Bunny movie.

Dude, I love you. I love the gesture. I’m taking the train back.

You don’t want to take the car?

No, I don’t think so.

I can jump this one off. I’ll show you it runs. Let’s at least do that. Even if we don’t move it. I can show you this one runs, but I just got to start this one up to every time I go onto here, I bust my head. I think my gas is in the truck. What are you doing? I’m starting this car up to start. Why? Because I got to jump this car to start this one. If you want to hear it run,

But I didn’t want to hear it run. I wanted to get on the train to Toronto. This whole adventure was coming off the rails.

It’ll crank it if I put that battery in and crank it with this. Jump it with this car. It’ll start right up. We

Don’t want you to do this,

But I want to start the car to show you it runs. Hey then


This is a hot Rod four 60. It’s got exhaust leak in the front, but it runs perfect. That one runs better. Get the jumper cables out the back of this Cadillac. Hold on, I got to get the keys to it. I got to get this key off of this thing and I got one fucking hand. Can you get these fucking keys off of this thing? I’m bleeding

Cause I

Whacked my head off the phone. Okay, I’m sorry.

Wait, you hit the beam? Yeah, that little beam you just said before you hit the beam, you’re going to make me hit the beam. Come over here. Yeah. And I did. And then he did. He said, I betcha I walk into the beam and I did. And he did. Oh my God. Oh, Canada. The Benny wants to convince, he going to convince me that it will start. Which I came all this way.

What is he fucking doing man? I’m coming back.

You doing that with one?

Okay. Hot is red. Okay, let me try it.

Good. Engine

Runs perfect. I tell you that’s water.

It dropping oil, bro. But it moves.

If it’s not water, it’s power steering for


Yeah. I got to lock this down and we’ll take it to the garage. Okay.

Now remember this is a four ton car with no power steering. So Vinny sat in the front to lend me his one good arm. And off we go to the mechanic. Heaven. A fucking hurt

Ya. Yeah, that’s why you need a strong guy up here. Not me. Just go straight up. I’m telling you this would make it back. Once we hook up the thing. There’s, it runs like a fucking top buddy.

Oh, it’s smooth shifts.

It rides nicer in your 77 like I

Told you. Oh, it doesn’t? No.

The 77 rolled nicer. Yeah,

Your braces is putting you in this too.

Yeah, well that’s nothing. They just ain’t been worked.

Well it’s, it’s a 7,200 pound car, bro. Yeah,

It stops. Perfect. Okay. Just double park here beside these cars and find a spot there to park.

Just going to let that run. Let that battery do what it’s going to do. Yeah, the brakes were as soft as a fish belly. Turns out there wasn’t any brake fluid in the front cylinder.

No. It needs a little bit in

It sure does.

I got some in the trunk buddy. I got to pop the trunk to get, I’m going to go down here and see this guy. Do it for us quicker.

That’s why there’s no brakes. Come down here, dude. So I added some fluid down here. See it? Good thing we were stalled near the mechanic shop because the brake line was dripping like a stabbing victim like Chad. And if you’re going to have a limousine stretch limousine, old one, you want it to be a little nicer than this. Like he said, you’re going to have it for a prop. I guess I wanted to take it around the United States and uses my news truck, but I mean, no. Yeah, 10 hours. No, we lost Vinny. Vinny left with our microphone and we need it cause we got to go get a train and no way to get there.

This is what does

Vinny always leave you standing on the side of the road?

A lot of times not on the side of the road standing beside a car, but a lot of times on Parliament he’ll go off to go somewhere and talk. Somebody and I end up watching his equipment,

Ottawa, Toronto train Today
They say a Canadian is sort of like an American, but without the gun. And that may be true, but in Detroit at least we prefer to drive our stretch limo with brakes and power steering. They also say the Canadians are more nice when they’re being mean than Americans are when they’re being nice. And it was really nice of Vinny to offer me the car. Very nice. But I didn’t feel bad about leaving it. And I won’t go home empty handed because I’ll go home with a kooky new friend, Ottawa, Vinny, the motor mouthed freedom loving og.

Oh my God. I would watch that show. I would because I’m thinking, okay, what is Vinny? What is Vinny doing next? Did Chad recover

Talking Chad? Yeah. Oh my God. Oh my

God. Charlie, you’re a big bigger man than I could ever be.

I was like, Hey, Byron. I’m like, what the fuck that? Who is Chad? Like Vinny. He just

Showed up out of nowhere. Literally. I’m like, where’d this guy come from?

And Vinny Vinny’s got this Bumblebee yellow l t d. That’s the thing we’re going to jump to Cadillac with. And it’s parked underneath a beam that’s as high as your nose. And he turns it on and the Cadillac’s on, and this garage is filling up a fucking smoke and you’re dying. And Chad says, I got distracted. He told me not to hit my head. And then I looked at him and I said, I’m not going to hit my head. And then I hit my head because you distracted me. It’s

Like the Benny Hill all over again. Wow.

Byron, do you think Vinny, I dunno if you’re listening, but Byron, do you think Vinny has a wife?

Oh, don’t put me on the spot. I I never met her.


He went to show me a picture of her and couldn’t find her.

But is that the person that’s always on Twitter matter? I dunno, Byron, she’s always responding on his behalf to us or about us or to us on Twitter. I don’t know. But

She kind of spells like him

And she’s n Yeah, I’m going to just leave it at that. I mean, she seems like a nice person if she’s real. So I don’t know. I’m going to leave that one alone. I’m like, Byron, I’m going to leave that one alone. Hey

Karen, you wrote a really good line while you’re watching it. I said it was dripping like a stabbing victim and you’re like, it was dripping. Like

Chad. Like Chad. That’s what he was doing. He’s walking around bleeding.

What the fuck? I like the

One thing. I think Charlie is watching that back and even as I put it all together, that it’s hard to describe the scene there. I mean, you’re seeing it on camera, but you’re only seeing the view of what the camera is seeing, right? Because there’s a whole 360 going on around you. There’s stuff going on behind you and off to the sides of you and didn’t actually see Chad smash his head, which would’ve been funny. But you had mentioned the smoke, right? We couldn’t breathe. And I mean, it was blue smoke in there and you couldn’t hear. And all this stuff is going on and it was just so crazy hard to explain it all. I think that caught like 75% of what happened. But

So time of your life on by. The

Other thing that I really enjoyed is we were watching it back, mark. I don’t know if, but Karen’s mic was cracked open a little bit and I could hear her laughing all the way through the piece

Done on

Purpose. And you know, I’m going to tell you this. I don’t laugh easily. I know. I do not laugh easily. That was some funny, excuse my language shit. It was hilarious. I would love to see an extended version of that. I’d watch that. I’d watch that as a show

And he would love to see you.

No, thank you. I’m good. I already heard that on Twitter that we should have been there. Where’s



Karen? Karen doesn’t exist. I’m like his wife. Yeah.

Hey babe. Hey babe. Where’s Karen? I thought red was coming. I’ve got some weed in here. Let me get it out of my pocket. Wait a minute. It’s in the other pocket. I got, can’t reach into that pocket with this hand. I got to reach over with his hand. Well, what’s it doing in that fucking pocket?

How did it get there? What

Are you talking about? Now? I’m really surprised at myself. I’m really surprised at myself because we’re going right? And what we did was we drove to Toronto and then we dropped the car and then we rode onto Ottawa because in case the fucking car broke down just in case, in case we took it, we were just going to leave it as a potted plant for the nice Canadian people. No. And then drive the rest away. But as we’re going, I’m really surprising myself. I’m thinking as these texts are coming in,

He’s trying to

Warn you No battery. I’m like, I’m starting to put it together. And I’m like, he said, but the whole, wait a minute. I didn’t even get a, he sent me some pictures, but it’s, it’s kind of like fat chicks do on the dating sites. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like in the corner. That’s the nice tiger. You were catfish Charlie. That’s I was catfished. I was catfished. And I’m adding up all the costs like gas in Canada’s like four 50 a gallon. Oh wow. You know what I mean? And the train tickets are outrageously expensive and they don’t tell you about the extra a hundred dollars tax on the fucker. And we get up there and I’m trying to be budget conscious. Any Hollywood executives listening, trying to be budget conscious. And we get there and what do I see? What do I get? A

Pile of wood, a

Purple poop. A pile of purple poop. Now what’s beautiful is Vinny such a gentleman, Byron, that he checks us into a five star baby. It looks like a five star in the lobby and shit, right? Looks like it’s old, but you go up into the room, it looks like a Radisson, but Vinny paid for it. Oh. And Vinny And Vinny said, listen, I arranged, I arranged a little discount, a little discount. And he goes, I check on the name D or whatever it. And they’re like, no sir. And he goes, try Parker. Parker. I hyphenate it. Then he’s on the run. He is in a bike gang and shit, and went to law school and everything.

I’d love to see a conversation between Vinny and Red. Now that’s what I would like to see. Now that’s an episode in itself.

I was on the bus. He was like, Hey red. And right there where? And was born right there in, and I’m like, could you imagine these two ions next to each other just floating around Ottawa on a bus. Nice bus system. By the way, Ottawa. Well done. Well

Done. And I noticed everybody thanked the bus driver when they got off the bus. I was like, look at everybody all nice and everything in Canada.

Oh boy. And I was pretending I was from Manitoba. Right. Byron, get out. I’m from, no, not Manitoba. What’s Regina? Saskatchewan


Yeah, I’m from Vagina. Get out eight. Well, that’s a great piece.

Yeah. Yeah it is. It’s well put together. Byron, you’ve really captured as much as any two or four eyes could capture. It was great. I enjoyed it. Okay.

One thing I do want to say, I want to want to, I’m sure Vinny’s listening. I’m sure he is. Love you babe. There’s no way he’s not Charlie. I just want to say thank you very much. We had a great time and I hope you have a sense of humor about the whole thing. We really enjoyed ourselves and you’re a great guy and Chad’s a great guy and thank you for having us up there. And all the Canadians that we ran into up there were awesome too. I couldn’t have had a better time.

Let me think about that. Yeah, that’s true. Now what’s not in the piece is Vinny’s like, Hey babe, okay, I got an appointment for you guys for all of you, Karen, mark Red you to get some credentials.


To enter into Parliament. I’m like, look at me with some credentials and an apartment. When you come back up here, you’re going to have to, you’re


Back cover. So we went into the National Press Association building and we go up there and the director is changing his shirt. What? I don’t know. He goes, Hey, he’s shoeless. His name was, he’s shoeless. I kid you not his name.

He was shoeless. He had no shoes on,

No shoes. He’s changed his, they’re very casual. These Canadians


You know what I mean? And he goes, no problem, you just email me with your picture. No problems. Same day. And he gives me his card, and I swear to God, his name is Pierre Pier.


So we got that going for us.

Oh wow. Look at us.

I have a feeling it’s not the last we’re going to see of that limo

In some shape or fashion. Vinny’s going to get it all fixed up. He’s

Going to drive it down

Here. You know what else is not in there? There was a mechanic. This was mechanic’s row we were at, it’s stalled in the middle of the road, basically. Then he wanders off. He doesn’t know this guy, but a guy comes and he’s a NASCAR mechanic. He’s a mechanic during the week. And then during the races in Canada, like the Toronto 400, he drives the Pace car. He works in the garage and he looks at the motor and I said, what do you think? And he says, this thing shouldn’t be on the road.


I could have told you that.

I could have told you that. Exactly.

Then Byron and I are driving late at night and he’s like, could you imagine? And I’m like, I totally could.

What is that? The 4 0 2 that, what is that comes 4 0 1. 4 0 1. Yeah. And that’s a long straight, potentially dangerous drive. Oh,

By the way, was it straight? You want it to turn

Well? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Yeah. Long and straight wasn’t the big problem. But when we were in Toronto traffic and it was Stop, go stop, go stop. Go like Uhuh. No. Wow. Would’ve been totally screwed.

Oh, but it bit of correct.

That looked fun though. Adventurous. That’s the thing you connected with. Vinny invited you up and packed. You went, met him, you saw. Yeah. I mean, and he’s a huge supporter and fan and he has been for some time,

But it’s a pile of purple poop. Vinny

Purple poop.

Hey, Joe, owe me a hundred bucks, bro. I got purple poop in this shit like four times now. I think he owe Byron a hundred. Oh, did Byron hold the sign? 500 Joe. He did. There you go. Nursing home, Joe. Big stories. Come up with that guy later. Anyway. Hey Byron, it was great road dogging with you, man. And I mean, haven’t talked to my agent since before. Covid O and he’s kind of a big whip now and he wants to see it. So you and I, we’ve been around. We could do it. We could knock this election out if we want to, but we’re older and we don’t want to be told what to do. Nobody wants to be told what to do, so we’ll do it our own way. You’ve earned your freedom, both of you. That’s it, man. So it is. I respect you, man. And I really like you, Byron. It is nice getting to know you later in their career because it’s real hard to do this at that level. That’s That’s a turnaround of three days. That includes traveling. Yeah. Oh yeah. So anyway, thank you, Vinny. All right. Now I want to get into, what should we do? Should we talk about the little thing on the corner, or should we get into the monster who kidnapped and killed a little girl?

Let’s do the corner first.

Okay. The corner. Okay. All the coroner’s brought to you by adr, experienced overseeing more than 250 million in private public construction projects since 2001. Reduce your cost, increase your bottom line adr, save clients millions. They’re experts in procure procurement and government compliance and information technology. Adr, honest, ethical, smart, Calberry. Ellen Nantucket, 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4 for a consultation. Get the job done right on time, on budget. Fix your shit. 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4. Look at that.

Does he do limos?

Huh? I don’t know if he does, but he doesn’t know. He works on his own cars.

Well, you said fix it.

He is a Detroit guy. He does. He’s got a Shelby or some shit. Oh, he sure does. Yeah. Okay. This is a little scene. This is Lafayette and Michigan Avenue. This is a gateway to the world. It really is. If you know anything about it. And there was a scene the other day of a panhandler and a PA Paizano, right? Making a curious couple sitting side by side on the bus stop bench. Right? Right down there. The panhandler was asleep, his fly was undone. His mouth was a escape, a plastic cup wedged between his thighs, kind of like this.
The paizano sitting next to him was dressed in a crisp golf shirt, Bermuda shorts and blue leather deck shoes. He sat motionless staring at nothing in particular as the afternoon sun blazed away and the panhandler belched fumes in his general direction. Now it went like this for about an hour or so. And finally I asked the Pao if he needed help, no English. He said sheepishly Spanish. I ask him again. He said he was waiting for his six o’clock appointment to fill out an application at Lafayette Coney Island. He came two our hours early since he needed to work and had nothing else to do. His name was Esteban. Esteban was a recent arrival from Columbia. Where’d you cross the border? Texas. I asked in Spanish, did you claim asylum? No, no. He said presenting a crisply crisp burgundy passport. Visa. Esteban was not a political refugee.
He was not escaping gangs or violence or hunger. He was plump and well groomed and had worked as a chef in a high-end steakhouse in Bogota. Esteban had no plans to visit the UX locks or taste real Mackinac fudge. He was using the tourist visa to lay his eyes upon the eternal flame of the state grill. He was looking for a job in a restaurant and had no intention of leaving the United States after six months as the two earth visa requires. That’s what he told me, because there are opportunities here. His countryman in Detroit told him. And so Esteban, a new father, applied a year ago for the visa, got one, bought a round trip ticket for 2 million pesos. And now here he was at the corner of Michigan and Lafayette with a panhandler breathing all over him, overstaying the visa.
I remember that one. It’s the smarter man’s hustle. No cartels, no scorpions, no rivers to cross. And do you know what the Rio Grande does to blue sue shoes? I mean, no. With the visa, it’s an ontime departure, A bag of peanuts, a cocktail. Beverly Hills Cop two on demand, a changeover in Miami. And 16 hours later, Lito, your disembarking in Detroit Metro Airport, inhaling an Bert. With all the spectacular footage of the human tidal wave pouring over the Rio Grande into the United States, this gentlemanly border jumper has gotten lost. In the national conversation, conservative estimates. Conservative estimates put the number of people who have gained entry into the United States through the southern border at 3.5 million people since Biden took office. Meanwhile, the number of people who have overstayed their visas in that same time period surpasses 1.1 million people according to the Department of Homeland Security.
Now, we don’t even have the last 10 months statistics yet. Last year alone, they numbered 850,000 people a record. But this group is not included in the immigration totals. They’re not. But that’s what the government, it misleads with numbers. It paints with a warped brush. They’re not telling you what America really looks like. Consider Randall the panhandler. He’s not considered unemployed because he’s not actively looking for work. But there he was jobless, checking for holes in his eyelids as commuters were taking the bus ride home. One guy who didn’t work, another guy who wanted to, neither of them accounted for in the federal data. Now, Esteban was learning the hard way that Detroit is no easy mark. There was no appointment for him at Lafayette. There was no job. They speak Arabic, Albanian and pigeon English there, but no espanol. They hire relatives. I felt bad for Esteban.
His wife was expecting a bank wire that wasn’t coming. His money was running out. He had that hangdog look of a cornered fugitive. I hate to see a desperate man, and I’m sure I would’ve taken the same gamble with my life if I were in Esteban’s blue loafers. So I reached out to a friend who has a friend who owns a restaurant, and an interview was arranged for the following afternoon. Now, my friends, imagine the rockwellian scene, the dapper paizano smiling goofie in his blue boat shoes as the sleepy eyed panhandler wheezed away like a kazoo.

Wow. That’s pretty good, Charlie. And it’s true. You’re right. And it’s completely two different worlds. And the exact same thing.

I don’t know what’s up. Two

Forgotten people that are in this country. Yeah. Oh, they count. Yeah. And uncounted.

And there’s a aica desperation. I mean, I feel that all over the country. Oh, understandably true. And it’s in Canada. And who speaks that? We just get bullshit and we’ll talk about the bullshit they’re handing us. But I wanted to, but

Come on. Yeah, KU, kudos to you for taking the time to make a connection for this guy. You don’t know him. You don’t. You know what I’m saying? That’s something that people don’t do often enough. So I don’t want that. For me, that’s something that I honed in on. I

So thank you for that. Because I’ll tell you the truth, I do the same thing. I don’t hate human beings. It’s a human family. I don’t like what’s going on at the border. I don’t like the disarray. I don’t like people are in the shadows. But when you look somebody in the eye, you can’t let ’em die.

But it’s a humanitarian component. Charlie. He has a wife. It’s a family. He’s, whether he’s trying the right way, the wrong way, or what he’s doing,

He’s here. He’s in front of your face.

Exactly. And my thing is that, and if you can do something to help someone, they shouldn’t have to ask if you, but

I, I was actually kind of surprised because I’m like, why are we still giving out tours visas at a time like this? Because when you start looking into that data, you will realize who are the biggest

Looking into that data,

Right? It’s the Mexicans, the Colombians, the Venezuelans, lots of Chinese,

But they aren’t looking Charlie.

You know what I mean? The Europeans are doing it. The easy and what’s going to happen. They just passed the law. If you do this, boy, you’re, there’s severe penalties now. No, everybody’s going to get amnesty going to be, at some point it’s going to be amnesty and it’s a mess. You

Got to have the enforcement component, which,

Okay, now I want to get into this case of Rashad Trice, the guy that is now being held for sexual assault and the stabbing of Samari Cole and the kidnapping and murder of her daughter, winter Cole Smith, two year old. Before I get into it, I want to give you a word from next Evo

Mark. Sure. That’s a tough transition out of that. That’s okay. But yeah.

Well thanks for that. Thank, thanks for your

Safety. What are

You the New York Times theater critic?

I might as well just point that out and doing

A copy.

Will you put me on the spot

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No, no,

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Which as a narcoleptic, I have medicine to keep me awake. So I need some,

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Elvis. I feel like Elvis, right? They

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I think it’s more like this.

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All right, let me do this. Thanks for that, mark. That was actually quite professional. All right, look in there. Let me just give you the rundown on this fucking guy. Allegedly this fucking guy. I hate this guy. Rashad tri. This punk right here. This fuck. You know what I mean? This fuck. Just one-on-one in the ring? This fuck this runt motherfucker, right? Decides he gets into it with baby mama. Shit, they got a kid together. He takes the other kid, right? A one yearold, right. And strangles her to death with a phone charging cord and then dumps her in an alley. All right. Why was this guy out? Now it’s a mess. I, I’m reading everything. It’s a mess. It’s not clear by the written stuff because, so I decided to take this one on and I had to do a spreadsheet.

It’s not an easy one. I’m glad you took it on. Cause it is hard to follow. It is tough to read.

This is, but it’s necessary. This is c O d bullshit. And the sum total of this is who else is out there? Let me tell you what this guy did. This is 2020, may of 2021. Number one on May 2nd, 2021, he’s arrested in Clinton County for a domestic violence incident. The please think enough to draw up the charge. Give it to the prosecutor. They do nothing. I don’t know if it’s the mother. I’m quite convinced it is. I’m waiting for the official document. But source is, yeah, this woman. Okay, so off he goes. On the 23rd of May, he’s picked up in Monroe County and he’s charged with one count of domestic violence against the mother. And three counts of assault, felony assault against police officers. Okay? Same woman. He’s arraigned and a pretrial date is set and he’s released. Okay? Six days later, she’s in the car with him.
She told the Monroe police, by the way, I’m afraid he’s going to fucking shoot me if you let him go. Right, mark? Yep. That’s, that’s what that’s in the police report. So it stands, the reason I’m waiting to hear specifically what’s she doing in a car. So you can maybe start putting this together, right? What’s going on? He gets in a road rage in road rage incident, pulls over, slugs, a guy in the fucking face and takes off. State police called, they’re looking for him. He ends up back in Clinton Township again, state police come. Police are doing their work. The Bath Township police come, he assaults three officers. Geez, okay. He’s taken to Ham County Jail where he punched the guy. We all remember Ingham County. Oh yeah. Right. The MSU shooter. And they invented charges and he thumbed his nose at probation. They didn’t do anything. Neighbors called about him shooting off the porch. The police are still pretending they never got a call. We’ve proven that. It’s right here on the wall. You still haven’t answered that one. Okay. So he goes to Ingham County Jail. Clinton County charges him. He sees a judge in June, a couple days later, pleads guilty. They give him terms of his release, his probation no less. Now get this
Two domestic violence, you beat six cops. Why are you getting probation? In fact, if you got a thousand dollars bond in Monroe for beating your ass and beating cops ass, why was it only a thousand? And why didn’t somebody in Income County or Clinton County, the prosecutor’s office or those judges go, wait a minute, we got to violate ’em on the bond and we’re not going to give them a bond. Oh, it’s because we don’t want to deal with it. Right? Okay. So the guy’s got a court date in Monroe in July. Doesn’t go to it. He doesn’t abide by the terms in Clinton County. Two warrants for his arrest. Nobody’s going to get him in August. He’s in Livingston County. They pull him over for a traffic violation. He tries to run over the police. They get him. He gets probation


He gets probation in the Clinton County thing. Ingham County, the road rage and all that. Never ever file charges. Let him walk. That’s amazing. So once he’s doing all this shit, Ingham County gets, oh shit, we better bring those charges. So now he’s got charges. So now he’s walking around free. Finally, Monroe adjudicates the shit. He goes to court in April of 2022. Okay? Remember, what’s he done so far? Two domestic violence

Road rage.

The cops tried to run over three, cops beat, got in, fight with six other cops. He violated the terms of it. And you gave him probation. 10 days later, ham County on the lake charges, who could have stopped? Ham County could have stopped everything. They gave him probation. And 10 weeks later, sexual assault, stabbing, kidnapping, murder.


So where is the criminal justice system specifically? The courthouse


They’re bums

Asleep at the wheel. Charlie,

They totally faked this covid shit. You were essential workers and you didn’t do it right. The white collar part of this, the blue collar guys did it.

Yep. The police kept going after him. Keep, kept catching him Right to their own peril too. He assaulted him. They did what they were supposed to do. Yeah. Why is he out walking around and now a two year old is dead.

Could have been stopped now.

It should have been stopped.

The cops go, this is how it works. And you know what you were saying before this show? How many are out

There? How, how many more people have, and I’m not going to even say fallen through the cracks because they haven’t fallen through the cracks, they’ve been let out of the door. This is willing, full neglect. I mean, that’s what it is. But how many more people are out there that just haven’t surfaced by doing something as heinous as this? That is a track at that level of attention. But they’re out there. They’re walking around and like ticking time bomb.

We’re seeing it every week. And I’m telling you, the media’s got to pay attention every time you see one of these guys when it’s all gobbledygook. Because Anthony McRay, the MSU gunman, they just waved him through. The guy that held everybody hostage in the Detroit gas station started assassinating people. His name is Samuel Anthony McRay. No relation, but that ought to tell you how redundant this is. Wow. That’s an armed robber that was getting probation. Now, who’s, here’s what we got now. Dana Nessel, I’m going to combine all the cases because she loves a podium. She loves a podium. How about you put together a blue ribbon assessment panel study about what happened and who’s out there and start protecting us? Because the police, when you talk to him, we’ll let you know we’re not safe. I don’t want to cause panic, but we’re not safe. Don’t flip people off when they drive like a fucker.

But there’s a system that they all can all access to be able to determine if in fact, there are any earlier offenses or convictions. I mean, so the information is there because at some point I’d say, well, is that connectivity available or is it as good as it should be? But it exists

In a three month period, this man had 12 criminal charges, nine of which were Class A felonies. Jesus. Probation. Probation. Probation, probation. You know what I mean? This is, how do I say it? Let me think of the word. It’s not elitism. It’s like plebe. I want to think of a new word for this where the great white savior, the judge, and the prosecutors who are so down with what’s happened, because this is a black man. As a black child, we have to rethink what we’re doing. But who dies? A black child.

That true? Yep. Exactly.

Who gets raped?

The mother, the, you’re right. You’re absolutely right, Charlie. She was

Terrorized by him, the mother. You know what I mean? You don’t have the prosecutor that let the MSU gunman go, invented the fake misdemeanor of transporting a loaded weapon in a motor vehicle when it was actually a bicycle. I looked him up on Twitter and the morning after the shooting, it was some douche bag professor from New York going, I would’ve died today, but I was already dead. Parkland, Sandy Hook, how many more? Right? And the guy, the prosecutor, assistant prosecutor in Ingham County retweeted it with the finger pointing down. And he said this, right, read this, how many more? And then he went silent when he realized he was the fucker responsible for the death of our kids. I’m not a lock him up guy. These violent assholes. Oh, lock him up. Yeah. Running around county to county hunting. A woman who said he’s going to shoot me, he’s going to hurt us. Oh, come on.

But we hear that all the time, Charlie, from law enforcement officers, and they say they do the job and they arrest, they go through the process, they do the paperwork, and then that’s it. And so at the end of the day, some of them feel like, well, what’s the point?

They keep doing the work. I know that. But I do know, again, chief Py in Lansing, there were shots fired calls. Your officers did respond to it according to the neighbors never got out of the car. Explain yourself. And I got an idea because I know Lansing police, if the prosecutor doesn’t want to prosecute or charge for serious gun crimes, then that, yeah. Then why am I getting out of the car? That’s true. It’s a culture that starts dripping down and we’re all seeing it come apart. And again, I’m not for police beating people’s asses, bullshit charges, petty haddy shit.

But I don’t want people to get caught up either. In all of the fanfare that surrounded this situation, in the end, the FBI and the, everybody all of a sudden is available and accessible. And they’re talking about they’re going after the death penalty and federal charges, but then there’s like, well, these charges aren’t going to stick. And that’s not going to happen. But it feeds and it fuels the emotion around it, but it does nothing for the reality I get of what created

It. I get some camera. Exactly. I get camera what the feds are doing here. That’s what the attorney general’s doing

Here, everybody,

Because everybody else underneath you waved them on through. How about a look at that? Yeah. Yeah. More gun laws. Okay. You’re going to enforce ’em.

And that’s what we’ve been saying all along. Doesn’t need, you don’t need any new processes or any more laws or any more policy. You have to enforcement and accountability for what’s already out there.

You know what else is bullshit in the news? I’m going to tell you what’s bullshit in the news.

The no BS news hour presents. What’s bullshit in the news?


That’s your favorite. No, it’s not.

That was purple poop.

That’s another hundred bucks now.

Sweet. What do we got first, mark?

Let’s see. Where do you want to start? Want to start with cocaine in the White House?

Okay, sure. What do we got? What’s the

News? Give us the line.

Well, oh, well, I mean, this thing’s been going on forever, right? I mean, then we thought it was all done. And today there was a little bit of breaking news, and that is that the Secret Service said, you know what? We’re done with this. We don’t have fingerprints. We don’t have DNA on this little bag of cocaine. We don’t know whose it is. And it’s crazy. We don’t even have good footage to use for when this cocaine might have been dropped off from the White House, from the entrance of the White House.

A working entrance of the White House. Yes. So there’s no fingerprints. There’s no boogers. There’s no videotape. Anybody believe that? No. Nope. Okay. Well, the bullshit is everybody wants to know if it’s Hunter Biden. That’s the truth. Like the Pelosi thing all over again, right? Was I doubt it was Hunter Biden, but okay. Maybe it is Hunter Biden. You’re

Not helping

Yourself, but you’re hiding that from us. Yeah. Yeah. I know that’s bullshit. But that what’s, what’s bullshit is it was more important news that nobody covered. Here’s what that is. A house committee released an email. Okay? It is the FBI discussing, pulling down disinformation accounts on face. They’re going to lean into Mark Zuckerberg over that big pussy. I hope he gets his as beat in the Coliseum. They’re going to pressure Facebook and Instagram to remove some accounts.

Here’s the email on the screen,

And it was asked by the intelligence service of Ukraine. So this is the FBI talking amongst themselves. Hello. Please see attached request from the sbu, the Ukrainian security forces containing Facebook and Instagram accounts believed to be spreading disinformation. That old one, again, the S P U has requested you review and if appropriate, deletion suspension of these accounts. This is a foreign spy agency talking to our domestic spy agency to go lean on social media to shut up and shut

Down private companies. Right?

Wow. Because they don’t like what we’re saying over here. And what’s with the fucking left wing here? I’m no right winging guy. No matter what you want, want to say on the left because the right, don’t think I’m fucking right wing, right? But remember they tried to ban nwa. Fuck the police. Yep.

Luther Campbell too. Yeah. Two live crew.

Yep. Remember? Yeah,


It Well, remember Mapplethorpe and his homeboy erotic stuff in the National Gallery. Remember? Remember Piss Christ?

Yes. I do remember

That one. Yes. Yeah. It’s an outrage. Tipper Gore. What a bit freedom of speech. Yeah. And yet this is okay because we are disinformation and it turns out nobody on the left or the right actually really knows what they’re talking about. So what information? Yeah, it just, it’s bullshit, man. All right. What else we got?


Gross. Larry Nasser was stabbed in prison.

Yeah. So I don’t give a fuck. Good.

Well, is there an issue with these federal prisons?

Larry? Larry Nasser was stabbed 10 times because he’s in the federal pen watching Wimbledon, the women’s Wimbledon. Yes. Talk about how he likes hot young female ass and some violent guy. Didn’t like that and gave it to him.

Yeah. Stabbed him multiple times.

There’s no videotape.

No, that’s crazy. How could there be no video, no cameras in a federal? Hmm. That sounds really familiar.

Maybe it’s a federal policy. No cameras.

No, there’s cameras in the common area and none in the cell. But so who went in the cell and stabbed

Him? Well, then that would be the question for somebody else as well. Well, what happened to

Your other guy? Epstein?

Yeah. Oh, that guy. Yeah. I never happened to that guy. We’ve

Never talked about Epstein. We, but same shit. Ready’s supposed to be on suicide watch. Yep. He’s supposed to have a roommate, so he can’t commit suicide and the cameras don’t work and he’s dead. And his aid decamp, Giselle Maxwell. Is that her name? Yeah. I don’t give

A shit. J Lane.

Yeah, J Lane. I don’t give a shit about, but she goes to prison for trafficking people,

But she’s the only one.

Yeah, but who bought the trafficked people? That’s a crime.

What happened to all the rest of them? Yep.

There is a black book. Now I know everybody in the black book not guilty of doing this. Right. But some of the victims have come out named prominent people, and I’m not seeing any charges now. I’m glad I’m, I’m going to say it. Fuck it. I don’t want nasa, NASA to have the death penalty. I want him to do his whole life in a gray box and Sure. You get punctured every five, six years. Good.

Oh, well good. Good


You, punctum. Sure. I don’t care.

Punctured. Good luck

For you baby. Baby rape her.

Let him worry about it every single day.

Yeah. There there’s some criminals that you just do not have compassion for. And pedophiles and those people that conduct sexual with assault. No.

None. Where’s none? Because shit, fuck you. Okay, what else we got? So it’s bullshit. The bullshit here. Is anybody going to get charged for Epstein Island? Probably not. Please. It’s too much power. It’s a lot of the glitterati, the literati, the manati, the literati.

Even though tho those people all know about it too. Oh

Yeah. They know. They, oh, the power knows about, this is John McCain’s wife, John McCain, you know, United States Senator John McCain. John McCain, fighter pilot. John McCain. Pow. The Republican nominee for the presidency. This is his wife at an event.

It hides in plain sight. Epstein was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no one that was no legal aspect that would go after him. They were afraid of him for whatever reason. They were afraid of him. All of a sudden someone said, bs. We’re not afraid of you anymore. And what you’re doing is not only wrong, it’s illegal, all those things. It’s, it’s like a house of cards now. Okay, it’s going to start tumbling legally.

Where is it? When is it going to start tumbling? Yeah. It’s

Illegal what he did. But there had to be a customer, and that’s illegal. That’s what’s bullshit. And I’m going to go here. Okay. Speaking of human trafficking, how’s the commissioner’s name?

Oh, Brian Ferguson,

Detroit Police Commissioner Brian Ferguson. I’m reading from our friend George Hunter, crime dog, great writer, Detroit News, great writer. The only guy really covering the police around here. He wrote Police Commissioner Brian Ferguson told the Wayne County Sheriff of undercover officer that he was a member of the Detroit Police Board and asked, can you help me out? After being caught having sex with a prostitute on the city’s northwest side. The incident happened about 7:00 AM on Wednesday when an undercover narcotics and morality squad spotted Ferguson sitting in his truck in the Happy Homes neighborhood near Schoolcraft on Detroit’s west side. The officer turned around and approached the truck, and the woman jumped out, wiping off her face. Ugh. Ferguson said, Hey, listen, I’m a Detroit police company commissioner, can

You help me out? Nope.

But did you see what he said too? That the lady jumped in the car because, and she was saying that somebody was trying to kill her, and he said, I don’t care. Get out of my car.

We have that clip. That’s Ross Jones from W X Y Z made a little call and I

Started screaming at her, get the F out of my truck. I was cussing. Get the F out of my truck. Get out, get out right now. She hollered out. Please help me. He’s going to kill me. I said, after, I don’t even care. Get out my truck. Well, jeez, while I was saying that I’m trying to push her out of my truck. Well, when I went to go step back out of my truck, I S U V come pulling up with white lights.

Okay. So he tried to push her out and she casually brus against his crotch. First of all, right? All right. Number two. Let’s see here. She’s says she’s running and she jumped in the back of a truck because the man’s trying to kill her. Oh, the front. And the former chairman of the police commission says, I don’t give a fuck if somebody trying to kill you. That’s what I’m thinking. What? Get out now. The third thing is I’m driving around in that blue poop, purple poop, 700 Cadillac, and I’m hearing banging in its Vinny in the truck. I want you sit next to me, bro. Oh, get up. What? Bullshit. Get out of here.

What is it with officials and hookers around here?

I right.

Okay. I wonder if they ever do catch a

Break. Like he asked for Butch Hollowell. I’m remembering you. What’s up? Oh, Butch

Holwell. What’s up, Melvin? People have very short memories around here, and I just,

Hmm. Melby was over there at six and six at Woodward, where Fred’s walk the street prostitutes and transgender prostitutes, and he was picked up for giving oral sex to a prostitute. He was drummed and he was no longer co-chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. Was that his time? I believe so. Yeah.

Okay. But still,

You know, how you doing Melvin?

You landed quite well. I mean, that’s the thing. It’s like

He landed quite hollow. Well, Jesus great.

I don’t know. My thing is this, though. If you’re going to penalize people for their behavior, be consistent. Did you

Say penal?

Yeah, I did. I’m sorry. I didn’t say penis lies. I said penal lies only can be penis lies.

Now, speaking of kicking the balls,
Last but not least, the Republicans got together for a secret closed door meeting because Cuckoo, Christine Caram, a friend of yours, no. Was being accused by a bookkeeper for the Republican Party of Misspending money. Now, I didn’t know they even have any money. Everybody stopped contributing to the G o p party, right? That’s what they said. Yeah. They don’t have an office. So in Michigan, the party of Lincoln is conducting official business in the backseat of a Lincoln. That’s how bad it’s gotten. It’s so ridiculous. But this is the national media. This is how they look at it.

Chapman kicked him in the groin and slammed him into a chair as soon as he opened the door to the meeting room. What is going on there? What? That is

Nuts. That is nuts. I think that’s

The most under reported story because everybody’s so obsessed how Donald Trump said 45% or 48%.

It’s bizarre to me. Earlier, Peggy Newnan’s comparison was to Napoleon’s cult of personality and hit had been doing a lot of Stalin reading lately. And it just seems so much similar to the cult of Stalin when it comes to the cult of Trump and just up his down and right is wrong.

What did she say?

Who are these idiots? I mean, do you notice how clueless they are? Look, here’s the deal. The Republican Party, heres a mess. Right? It’s been taken over by people that have been disaffected by all the shit in Washington, right? We’re kooks. That’s But you don’t Stalin. What all of a sudden we’re on on trains of the Gulag? I don’t

Know. That was weird.

Ridiculous. Let ridiculous. Let me let you dopes. I’m sick. Get out of Michigan. We’ll, we’ll report what’s going on here. Because in Michigan, Bernie beat Hillary and he was supposed to get mud slighted. There’s a reason for that, right? Trump beat Hillary. He was supposed to get mud slighted. Biden beat Trump. Jesse Jackson won the Democratic primary in 1988. And George Wallace, the segregationist governor of Alabama, won Detroit and Michigan in 1972. You don’t get us. That’s crazy. It’s too much to know. Stay the fuck out and read your Stalin book. You not reading no Stalin book. You read a comic book. And then what do we get? What do we get here? Look at these. Look at these Whitmer blowjob stories like get out of here. Vanity Fair, the Atlantic Politico bypassing Biden Democrats. Think of what we could have been. Gretchen Whitmer. Read it. Read it. Nothing in here about what she didn’t do. The fact she’s a woman and she won. But you only won by 10. You beat Tudor Dixon who had no money. Yep. Was polling at 1% until everybody else got kicked off the ballot for the bad signatures again. How crazy are we? You know what I mean?

But I saw James Dixon said that. He said, that’s her one accomplishment. Her win against 200 Dixon. Everything else has been. Yeah, but look

Who the

Opponent was. Right. I understand, but I’m saying that’s the one. He was saying. That’s the one claim to, for an accomplishment. Nothing else. Everything else has been a fail.

The nursing home is just sitting there. The fact you couldn’t get a budget done until Biden sent all the fake money. The fact you couldn’t fix a road until Biden sent the infrastructure money you didn’t do right. The airplane. I could go on and we will, because it’s coming. Because let me explain to you, morning, Joe and all you doped from the East coast, this is garbage. What’s going to happen if other people decide to get into the race? All of you who’ve become part of the political wing, and it’s also the same on the right. You’re each going to pick a candidate. Some of you’re going to like Kamala Harris, some of you’re going to like Newsom. Some of you’re going to like Whitmer. Some of you’re going to like Biden, and now you’re going to have to turn on each other and do this, and you’re going to finally have to do the work. But I see you walk in here. I see this Barbie. It immediately goes to Trump. And it has nothing to do with Jesus, us Jesus, or what we’re about or what we’re going through, or that we’re taking covid money and giving it to the Chinese.
You’re right. Or the fact that Ford with the mock, we’re going, we’re going electric, and all their electric vehicles are going unsold.

Yep. They are tons of them. And

We tell you that they’re too expensive. Our grid is too bulky. This is

Power went out the other day.

Power went out the other day. You should have did what Toyota’s doing and say, we’re going to guess that people want a stepping stone. How about a hybrid? Right? So I ain’t getting caught out. That’s true. But you gambled everything and you came to us, the taxpayer, and you expected us to backstop it. Subsidize it, and

Wow. But this isn’t a criticism, because somebody said the other day, yeah, you know, and Charlie are big and Duggan critics. I said, no, we’re not. I said, that’s not being critical. Somebody has to present the facts. I, and that’s what char, that’s what’s happening. So st It’s not personal. Stop feeling as though that it is. I mean, because now you’re diverting away from the actual value of the content that’s being presented before you

I was a critic of Bing. Yeah, I was a critic of Kilpatrick.

I didn’t think it was being a critic though. That’s a thing. You’re in public office, you’re

Success. Wait a minute though. I mean, no, man, because that’s a partisan bullshit. That’s what it is. I was the critic of Snyder. Nobody else did Flint like that. That’s true. Okay. I was the critic of Trump. I was the critic of Giuliani.

But that sounds like they’re sensitive.

I was a critic of Obama. I was a critic of Bush. What are you talking about? Yeah,

Was That’s weak to me. Oh,

It’s lame. You’re the problem. You bought into it. You see people kicking each other in the balls. I mean, that’s telling you something’s bad, right? We got asshole running around killing kids. It’s bad. I was a critic of Shooty. Oh, come on. Really? Oh, okay. Anyway, that’s all. Good night. See you next week. Hey, Vinny, love you. Get that car down here, that pile of poop, ding. Purple poop.

That’s 800

Oh. And let’s take a deep, deep look at what’s going on in Detroit next week. Let’s really look at this tax plan and the demolition and the bond rating, and I promise it’ll be fun.

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