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EXCLUSIVE – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel concealing former Gov. Rick Snyder’s role in the Flint water mass poisoning.

Though Snyder was a top target for manslaughter and racketeering, neither he nor other suspects names appears in documents obtained by NBN news through a Freedom of Information document request. After 4 years and a complete collapse of justice, we pried them loose.

Nessel fired the investigation team of her predecessor Bill Schuette, citing incompetence.  Those investigators prepared briefs and a schematic of the case before clearing out their desks.

Those documents— heavily redacted— reveal that it is in fact, ding dong Dana who is incompetent.  Why was Snyder and his henchmen’s names blacked out?

Is Nessel protecting Snyder? The money class who canibalizes Flint? Or is Nessel covering up her own incompetence?

Our promise to the people: we will get all the documents and all the names. We’ll go all the way to the Supreme Court. 

EXCLUSIVE- Too broke to bury. 

PLUS- Bidenomics, Gretchenomics, Dugganomics, and Scamanomics. By the numbers.

AND- Michigan v. Iowa.  Dont know much about the Hawkeye State, but I did out wrassel an Iowa pig farmer.  


Welcome in everybody. It’s the economic special, going to be a lot of numbers. So you can quit now or you can get up to speed. So today we’re going to start locally in Detroit at the morgue where there they lie as pretty as you please stacked in the refrigerators row upon row. Like so much bread on a baker’s shelf, the dry bones are stored separately in a nearby pantry, but there are a few takers for the wearers on display at the Wayne County Morgue in Midtown Detroit. They are the remains of 269 human beings who go unclaimed, unwanted, and oftentimes unknown. They are in their destitution, a macabre barometer, not only the economic times we live in, but also a sad reminder of how cold and est strange the human heart is grown. 96 of them are skeletons and quite a few of them have been there for years.
Explained Bill Casper, the chief investigator at the medical examiner’s office. To me, these are the unfortunate whose remains remain unknown. People who are found in various states of misadventure and decomposition, but you never know with today’s DNA technology said Casper. He’s a big hearted death detective. He’d rather have a body on the shelf to give to a family rather than return a pile of dust in and urn. So that leaves another 173 full flesh and bone bodies on ice. The overflow handled by a tractor trailer size refrigerator in the back parking lot of the morgue. Wayne County had the very same problem of overcrowding back during the great Recession when Wall Street collapsed and the city of Detroit when broke to ease that pressure, the state started allowing its county coroners to cremate unclaimed bodies, thus providing a more dignified ending to a life than having one’s corpse perpetually rearranged like a withered cucumber in a vegetable.
Crispr. Gradually things improved at the morgue until the economy went sour again. And once again, bodies are stacking up another unmeasured consequence of omics. It’s a problem that plagues nearly every American metropolis today from Chicago to la. The backlog of bodies could be dispatched more quickly, of course if there were only more money, but that’s not the priority of local politicians who instead give millions of public dollars to the billionaire. Pizza Baron, who in turn builds a million dollar mausoleum for his parents. The less fortunate of us get the back of the fridge. The morgue is the destination for those who died from the unnatural, the unintentional, or while incarcerated. To put it another way, the majority of those who get an autopsy are the decomposed, the drug adult or the down and out. And of course the homicide victim and business is brisk at the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office.
As fast as they can clear them out and they come. The medical examiner’s office fields 18,000 calls a year and accepts 3,500 customers officially known as decedents. That’s roughly 10 a day every day multiplied by 365. From the professional experience of Casper, the death detective, the relationship between the unclaimed body and his one-time, kinfolk generally splits in the two categories. The first might be described as a broken heart. These are the sort of people who had disavowed the relation in life having been so wounded or wronged by him that they refuse to collect them in death. Sort of like, fuck ’em, I want anything to do with them. Think about that people. It really makes you wonder. The second type of relationship, maybe it’s best be described as flat out broke. These are the people who month after month implored the morgue to keep their loved one for just a little bit longer as they wait for their ship to come in.
Like everything else, the price of cremation and funerals has gone up and people will drag out this layaway plan for months and sometimes years. Eventually, when shelves get to capacity, Casper must call a funeral director who will take the body to a crematorium and then transport the cremains to a mausoleum at our Lady of Hope Cemetery and Brownstown, the state of Michigan picks up the $700 tab. It’s a real financial sign of the times. Casper tells me people don’t have the money lying around for emergencies. Sometimes the only option, the cheaper option is to let the taxpayer take care of it. We’ll be right back with major breaking news

Live from downtown Detroit is the no bullshit news hour with my main man, Charlie and Karen.



Just breaking this double more bullshit donor bullshit.

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It’s our favorite attorney general. This is fucked up. Play that again. This is war. Hit me again.
Okay, listen up Michigan, listen up. Flint, listen up. The world who used to care about Flint. I have the proof, the documentation. I’ve been trying to get it for four years. Attorney General Dana Nessel is officially with proof covering up Rick Snyder, former Michigan governor Rick Snyder, the Republican, his role in the mass water poisoning of Flint, not only Rick Snyder, but everybody involved in that massive racketeering case. I have it right here. I’ve been asking for four years now for all correspondence, documents, memos, briefing notes, emails authored by Flint special prosecutor, Todd Flood under Bill Schu, the predecessor of Dana Nessel and Chief Investigator Andy Arena, the former head of the FBI in Detroit from 2018 to 19 before they got fired up, they prepared, they got thrown out on their ass because Nessa said they were incompetent and they prepared these briefing documents.
Finally got it right here, the office of the Special counsel briefing paper on where they’re at with Flynn’s. Okay, so I’m just going to start it this way. First of all, where’s Snyder’s name? See that black is Cole. Oh my God, look at that. It’s a Jasper Johns painting. It’s all redacted. Watch this one. Every single part of it. Next page. All redacted. Next page. All redacted. Next page. Half redacted. And this was the schematic back here. Who had yet to be charged? Who they were following, what they were following them for and what they planned to charge all black. I know for a fact I’m very close to this. I know a lot of the players involved. I conducted half the investigation. I know that underneath this black is Rick Snyder. I know many other names, but that’s the boss man and she’s hiding it. You have no right to hide it. I’ll tell you what. First of all, these are the investigative subpoenas. Who did you subpoena? Who did you talk to? All dark. The case is over them, right? Nestle officially said it’s over the Supreme Court. Tell her to take a fly and fuck your garbage and you blew. They had a whole case. Now, not stupid. Here’s the law in Michigan. Search warrants and affidavits. These subpoenas are to be released in 56 days after the warrant is issued. To get an extension from the court, the government Nestle must show that to continue suppressing them is necessary to protect an ongoing investigation. But

That was canceled.

There ain’t one. Yeah,

So what was,

Are you hiding? That’s a good question. Either she’s hiding for Snyder, she’s hiding for the money. The rackets all behind this thing. Or she’s hiding her own incompetence because remember she sold us a bag of shit. She said. Here, I’m going to tell you what she said here. She told this to Michigan Public Radio, who doesn’t really give a fuck to follow up on nursing homes or Flint or anything else. She told them in 2019, quite candidly, after three years of shooting’s, people investigating for all the talk that I heard on your program where they talk about fraud being perpetuated specifically in reference to the new water system. I didn’t see any charges at all that had been filed in regard to that. No madam. But the list of search warrants,

That’s not redacted.

There’s some on there. There you didn’t give me or the investigator’s notes that I’m entitled to and we’re going to get them. Says right here, the change order logs. A change order is when you go into a contract with the government, if there’s unforeseen overruns, you go to the government and they pay you the extra. Okay, got it. There were, what’d they call these charges? Basically Flint was broke $13 million in the hole. They weren’t allowed to borrow money. So how did you come up with a hundred million dollars for a water treatment plant?

That’s a good question.

So they said there was an environmental emergency. The emergency was the sludge lagoon at the old water treatment plant needed to be cleaned out. It wasn’t filled with sludge. They hadn’t used that thing since 1960. It was filled with some couches, an old refrigerator and some dump tires. They never cleaned that shit out. Somehow that costs a hundred million dollars. They moved it in order to do this. It’s called false pretenses. That’s a financial charge in this. They were hit the emergency managers. They were hit with false pretenses. Those disappeared. The former head of the FBI was looking into the racketeering. He also created one of these documents. They won’t give it that one to me saying it’s privileged.

How so?

I don’t know. It’s not privileged. Here’s the law. Here’s the law on the freedom of Information Act. Get with you. Get it Dana. Let’s get somebody to write this down. This is what my lawsuit’s going to look like. I’ll see you in court next Tuesday. Here it is. A public body. You may or may not. Exempt disclosure of a public record under the following. That means you have a choice and these are the reasons you can use not to disclose it. Here’s what you

Can do. Got to fit one of these, right? Yeah. Okay.

It would interfere with law enforcement proceedings.

Nope. No, that’s not it.

Is there any law enforcement proceedings? There’s

None. Did

You shit, can it stopped

Them? Yeah.

Okay. She shit can it So that doesn’t apply to it would deprive a person of the right to a fair trial.

There was no trial. There’s no trial there, no

Charges. The Supreme Court told you, go fuck yourself there. No fucking trial. Okay? It would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. It’s

All public. There’s nothing personal here. Exactly.

That’s your governor and his official capacity. This is the bond attorney and his lawyerly capacity. These are the municipal managers. These are the corporations, the contractors. This isn’t about your bedroom practices. So there’s no reason there. And by the way, you can redact that if there’s, go ahead. I don’t want to know that anyway. Or it would disclose the identity of a confidential source. It’s very public. What happened?

It doesn’t fit any of those.

Am I nuts? Remember? No. She gets elected and says they’re incompetent and I got to fire them.

But see, that’s worthy of conversation, Charlie, because you got to look at who was on the team, both those named and those unnamed. This was a team of highly qualified, competent, and committed people. Their work was professional, uncompromised and deserved more than what she gave

It. How do you know? You familiar with some people working on this

Team? Actually, I am. Oh, look

At that. Karen Dumas.

Actually I am. And they were very taken aback, disappointed, felt disrespected and disregarded based on what she did. Let’s

Run down Karen Dumas’s qualifications here. Who was kind of the de facto day-today, mayor of Detroit at the time, all of this was going down. I mean, were bankruptcy. Is Flint going to get out of Detroit water system? Why do you need to do that? They’re claiming they will save money in 50 fucking years. Water will be cheaper for our grandkids as if any politician. So you know the players. I know the players. I know whose names underneath the

Black and those, yeah, you do know that too. But the people that worked on that are not entry level people. They’re not people. They weren’t doing on the job training.

Well, according to Nessel, interesting. Karen, she said to Michigan Public Radio, I wish you’d follow up. See at the cocktail party, I guess Nessel. And I thought that in order to make certain that these cases were properly investigated, properly charged, and properly prosecuted, I needed to have career prosecutors who were dedicated civil servants and who were working on behalf of the people of Michigan

Bullshit. And this team was not.

And nobody did a day in jail here. Okay, so this team, here’s another thing I didn’t, go ahead,

Just translate to my people. I just want my people

Cronies. Nobody ever worked a racketeering case in a financial case in their life. And you’re telling Annie Arena to go get stuffed, you’re unprofessional. Here’s what I also know, it’s redacted. I don’t know why it’s redacted, but there’s a header on it. Here it is. The Office of the Special Counsel, bill Chuy’s, attorney general office, has a confidentiality agreement and joint prosecution agreement with the United States Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Michigan, the DOJ, the FBI, the State Attorney General. We’re all working on it. And you threw it away. Does that sound incompetence to you? Not one big, the ones that put half a ANOS people in prison put Kwame Kirkpatrick in those guys.

Yeah, I don’t think so.

Oh, come on. Which,

That goes back to your question. It sounds to me like she’s covering up incompetence more than anything.

Well, I know you want an answer a little

Bit of all three, but mainly your own incompetence. You

Want an answer? I don’t have the answer for you. All I know is where’s the financial document? Where’s the rest of this? This is Jasper John’s bullshit.

It’s a lot of ink. Lot of black ink.

This is so fucked up. Okay, remember, and this is for my friends in the local media, the ones who know Nestle and drink wine with her and they know a little bit more than I do. Although nobody did anything on this. It’s one of the reasons I left Fox too. I got so pissed off that how they ignored a city then of a hundred thousand people now, 80,000 people. You see the financial collapse this brought. Right. But we’re all still paying for that bond. That’s true. Nobody went to jail. We’re paying Wall Street. Alright. Neso said, well, they were so incompetent that we found cell phones in a box in the basement. Right? And they’re not even going after Snyder. Do you remember that? I

Do remember that. Yeah. It was a big deal.

Yeah, it was said was huge. And I’m being chast. Oh wait. Oh, oh, stop it. Missed a positive Stop it. He wants

To be on. I don’t know. You find much positive. I’m

Very positive.


Of this. I need some up. Maybe I, nah. Okay, lemme pick it up.

Oh no.

Yeah, Mr. Positive. What’s going on?

Hey, just wanted to say hope Paul is well, and thank you for being you real quick. Jim Johnson’s last week was his last day. Tomorrow he’s been in radio for 54 years. JJ in the morning crew. And I was on yesterday in Art Volo and a couple other people heard it and they go, Kim Johnson goes, Hey Mr. Positive, congratulations on going national. So all of a sudden he private messages me and he tells me what he’s heard me on in the private national. And it’s because of you. And I just want to thank you whether you accept it or not, it’s because of my interaction with you, with Chris Cuomo with White boy Rick Wehi inviting me in the table, being on your

Podcast, my life. And I

Just wanted to say thank you. That’s very, I’m going through a lot of trials and tribulations right now and I love you to death. And I just, it made my day when he said it,

Seven o’clock in the air yesterday. I would ask you what’s going on, but I’m not going to. It’s very positive and uplifting. I’ll call you later. We have Dana Nessel proof that she’s covering up Rick Schneider’s role in the Flint water poisoning.

Oh my God.

That’s right. Talk to

You later. Make it national.

Oh, he said he loved you, Charlie. Very guy. I get that day and night. But that’s

Good though,

Charlie. I know. But then I mean, if I wasn’t doing his show, I know I’d have to ask what’s wrong.

I know.

Hold on. Lemme go get another beer.

The level of your concern is so obvious. No, but you do care. Charlie don’t care. That’s why he has your number.

Well, that’s right. Now let me get back to this. Remember when she said she found the phones? I do remember, and all of her wine buddies are like, well, they were so incompetent. The FBI, the Department of Justice, the former head of the FBI, bill Chu’s office, Todd Flood. They’re so competent. They followed phones. The phones were wiped. There’s nothing on the phones. But here’s what’s interesting.


Are the down. Here’s a list of the search warrants. You didn’t give me the search warrants. You’re going to give me the search warrants. July of 2016 while Schneider was in office. Oh, my search warrants were issued to at and t for Governor Snyder’s State phone and Governor Snyder’s private phone. Oh wow. So she had ’em all along. Of course she did. And again, I’m getting sick of it. I don’t care if y’all fucking hate me. I’m going to tell you your dopes. We going to have all this segment today about how the media are dopes economically. They’re misleading you. And we’ll get to that. This is a fucking outrage.

That’s criminal. Charlie. That is criminal.

Why is she covering for him?

That’s a good question. It’s got to be money involved. Relationships, connectivity. There’s something there. But why

Current investigation? Why is this blank? I know what you did. I know what you did. You have no right to keep this from the public. Do we agree? No names are here. No financial information’s here.


You’re hiding it. What are you hiding

And why?

And why? It’s over corrupt. What’s that? Corrupt. There you go. Well, thanks for that, mark. I don’t know. I just think you stink. And you know what? A woman has a right to take a

Vacations. Cas misogyny

Is the guys, they can’t handle it that a powerful woman needs to take a vacation. No, I encouraged her to take a vacation. Madame Nestle should take a permanent fucking vacation. You’re just bad at what you do. You know who else is bad? Rick? Fucking Snyder. We gave him the vacation. It was awful. Mike Duggan, take a vacation. How about that? You all just failing us. That’s the fucking proof. Now it’s on. Wait for the headline. Come next week. I’m coming. I know what you did to my people and my friends in Flint. You got to believe in it. You got to believe in the prize. You got to believe her. Those other guys were clowns. Bullshit. Here it is. Let’s see what two credible plus the d OJ plus the F FBI I we’re doing.

We know it. We deserve to know that, Charlie. And if in fact she felt like that information was insufficient or inaccurate, we have a right to know why. If she’s the attorney general, then you would come out and say, Hey, this is what they came up with and this is why this is inadmissible or why we’re not going to use it. You don’t redact it and just say, oh, it was bad or it wasn’t enough. That’s not how this works.

And you know what? It’s now factual coming out of our wing of journalism and it’s top notch. We know for a fact that Dana Nessel involves herself in coverups. That’s a fact. Meddling in cases misleading the public. You we know you did that with your pal, the lawyer with the brain damage. Oh, we know that. So here’s the next one

In the hotel. This shouldn’t be okay.

This isn’t

Okay. Not with you. It’s not. It shouldn’t be okay with anybody. It shouldn’t be okay with them. It shouldn’t be okay with her. It should not be okay with anybody who is aware of this. It just shouldn’t be. Okay. It

Was the biggest story. Stories like national. You don’t even hear a lot of Gaza now you notice

That. That’s right. You don’t.

This thing hung around for a month. This was on the cover of everything. You couldn’t believe this would happen in America.

That’s true. Because remember Regina Boone had that nice picture that she had taken. It was on the cover of time. I mean everybody was into it as long as it benefited them. It stroked the emotion. But after a while, everybody’s delivering water. You’ve got celebrities showing up for the photo politicians. Exactly. But then what

I know


What I don’t know. I’ve gotten weird. I want some justice. I want the answers.

And you deserve ’em. And so did the people of Flint.

So look again, that other one, that other, basically it was at the five yard line. Here’s the racket influence corrupt organization of this whole thing, right? It started with change orders, campaign funds, then it turns into bonds again, the false pretenses on this sludge pit, JP Morgan Chase who just got drilled for $13 billion fine for the mortgage fraud that they and their subsidiaries perpetrated on places like Detroit. And I keep getting stories about JP Morgan and this success story with Detroit. You had to come in here. You were a fraud.

That’s true.

And we got nothing. So when Nestle’s telling Michigan Public Radio, you’re getting called out. I don’t think much of it. I roll my eyes. I don’t even listen to it. I got my wife’s old card now, right? She’s got the, what do you call that? Serious satellite? Yeah. You bought it and then it’s supposed to go away. And then nobody re-ups. So just leave it on. So now I can get cool music and B, B, C if I want. I’m not stuck. You have choices in this back alley of journalism called fucking Michigan. I got little respect here, Madam. Is what was said at the preliminary exams of the two emergency managers who I can now tell you

There were two

Underneath the black ink were cooperating until you showed up. Then they stopped cooperating. They were cooperating. I noticed you blacked it out. They were cooperating until you as candidate now. So having seen not one document started opening your mouth that you were going to end this and then they didn’t talk. I think you should be brought up on obstruction of justice charges. I really do. I really do. But this is, you can just pull it. I did. You can just pull the transcripts for the prelims preliminary exam in Michigan, if you’re charged, you get to stand before the judge decides. If it moves forward, you get to hear something. That’s what Nestle didn’t do and why the Supreme Court tell her to get fucked. You violated the constitutional rights. Yeah. Okay.

But isn’t she an attorney?

She’s a slip and fall attorney. I’m

Just saying, should you have some knowledge or comprehension of the law.

Here’s opening statement. They failed, but for their failure, people wouldn’t have died. And that the causation of those deaths was a cause by Legionella that there was false pretenses because they came up with this construction of an administrative consent order. The swamp. And this administrative consent order was a bogus instrument used ultimately to get funding to join the KWA. This new water department that both Mr. Early Emergency Manager and Mr. Croft actually participates in putting this instrument together, defrauding the state and the citizens of the city of Flint and our people of the state of Michigan. Millions and millions of dollars. But you don’t have the brains. Sorry. You don’t. You’re screwed. No one else going to pick it up. Don’t worry. But I’m going to make sure it gets to New York and we’re going to court nothing else from Justice for Flint. How about that? How about that? And how about a word from our sponsors?

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The kingdom of God.

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Well, Bidens, lemme start this by saying, numbers don’t lie, liars lie. You know what I mean? Yeah. And when I’m looking at what’s her name, Corin Jean Pierre. That’s the mouthpiece for Biden. She’s still there. I’m like, this is the inner circle you got to read from a binder. Yeah, they do flipping pages and then you’re up there with how much an airplane ticket cost

Talking points. Charlie prepared talking points.

Let’s remember in inflation and look, sorry. I went to Michigan, studied economics, finance. I’m sorry.

Whatever. Whatever. Whatever

Makes you more credible in my book. I mean, did you study that at Michigan Public Radio? That’s what I want to know because it’s getting, we’re in a debt death spiral. I don’t just come on here. I’m working all week long. I’m talking. We know economists across the board. We know here, let me start out with this. Let me see how I’m going to do this. Bear with me people and you guys tell me if it’s too much. I’m going to round the numbers. Okay. Fair for radio purposes. Okay. The gross domestic product of the United States last year was $25.5 trillion. I’m going to say 25 so everybody can follow. It was $25 trillion. That’s all economic activity. So far, so good. How do you measure 25 trillion? What the government spends, what individuals spend, and what individuals and businesses save or invest? Okay, your extra stuff put in the bank.
C. That’s the government I That’s investment. No, C is consumption us. I is investment. G is government 25 trillion. It’s actually 25.5. I know. Okay. This year it’s estimated that the GDP will grow. Oh good. The economy’s gone going to be 26.2 trillion. Okay, we’ll call it 26. So it went from 25 to 26. It went up a trillion. Alright, good. That’s good. That’s like two and a half percent growth. That’s good. Okay. Not bad. The whole world’s in a recession, right? Not bad, but let’s go back. Last year, 2022, the government ran a $1 trillion deficit, spent 5 trillion or 6 trillion collected 5 trillion. Okay? Okay. This year the government deficit is 2,000,000,000,002. That’s the highest ever. Not in war or during covid. Year one. That’s the most ever for what? Okay. 2 trillion. So that’s 1 trillion more we borrowed this year, take 26. Our GDP subtract that trillion

25, 25. Yeah, I can do that.

Math. Nothing grew. Remember it’s actually 25.5 and 26.2. 2.2. The economy actually shrank one and a half percent. That’s your omics. Now you want to hear something really tripped out. We collected $4 trillion in 2023. The government, if we had spent just $4 trillion, right? That’d be a balanced budget. That means the economy would have shrank 5%. Five five. Do you want to know how much five is? That’s a lot. How much in the height of the great recession? Remember when everybody lost their houses and their cars and their underwater jobs? Remember the biggest compression, the biggest collapse of GDP was 4.3%. So if we weren’t borrowing fake ass money, we would be in a great recession. That’s what people are feeling. That’s the truth. Now so far, yeah,

Jumping anything makes sense. Makes total sense. I feel like I’m in class, but all I can think of is how do you get out of it? But you just call it a

Spiral. That’s fucking easy. First of all, we have to know what’s going on. Okay? It’s now expected that this debt that we keep accumulating next year, we will spend more to pay the interest on the debt than we will pay for military.

Holy shit. That’s crazy.

That’s fucking a debt spiral. Now, next one. What is the federal debt deficit is a yearly mismatch. A debt is the collected, the accumulation. The accumulation 33 trillion. Damn. Okay, that means we are financing 33 trillion every day. But again, when you borrow at the end of it, at some point you got to pay back the principle. It’s like the balloon payment on your mortgage or whatever. Okay? So next year a lot of this debt’s come due. Guess how much

I’m afraid

To ask? Just next year, we got a refi out of

33. Okay?

$8 trillion.

Oh boy.

If we only

Sell more bonds,

If we only keep spending level, we need another 2 trillion just to fund the fucking government. That’s 10 trillion. Oh my God. Where are we going to get that?

So we’re screwed.

There’s more. 10 trillion. Okay, so we got to go borrow it. We got to go to the market. Okay, so in this last week, the United States Treasury went to Mark and go, Hey man, we got IOUs. We’re borrowing money about 150 billion. The reaction was weak. Nobody wants to buy it. We almost at the verge where we can’t borrow because nobody will lend it.

You’re talking about the institutional banks, right? The big boys, the

Institutional banks, the primary and the secondary are people like you and me and foreign governments. Nobody’s coming. So if it’s 150 billion, how are you going to get 10 trillion? Here’s what you do. Got to raise the interest rate, right? You got to give me more interest. I actually got cash and I can get something better than what you’re, so the government now got to pay more for the debt. The debt that’s expiring. We’re paying 1% on what Wall Street now wants is 5%. But

This is endless, Charlie.

It’s not endless because it ends in a collapse. It ends in a collapse.

And then who bails it out?

There’s a couple of ways to do it. There’s can default. That’s mayhem. Everybody’s shit wordless.


We’ve been through this. You could let inflation run away. Just let inflation run away. Because if I borrowed a thousand dollars from you last year, a really nice dinner for two people, I could get five dinners out of that. You could let inflation run away so far that you only get one dinner out of that. So I took your dollar and it was worth five times as much. Now I’m just going to let it inflate away. I’m going to print money. We can print money.

And that’s what they do.

And that’s what’s going on now. And everybody knows it. And they’re fucking sitting up there at lectern telling me, oh, it’s working. Hey, the household wealth is up. Your house is up. It’s

An election year, Charlie. That’s what they have to say.

The house is up because they’re not building houses because interest rates are too high.

But people aren’t believing that because they’re feeling the pinch. So they’re hearing it, but they’re not buying it.

Well, I’m telling them why. Okay, so in Metro Detroit last year, houses sold on average for 20,000 less this last year. So you think it’s appraised at that, but that’s not real wealth. That’s like the pre great recession. I’m house rich. You’re really not.

Yeah, on paper. I mean, it doesn’t count until you sell it.

It’s an inflated market now, which brings me to, we got real problems with all of this. If you look at the regional banks, not JP Morgan, but Fifth, third, Comerica. Comeric cousin trouble. Yeah. How do you know that?


Read what’s up. What’s going on? Can you give me some specificity?

No, I’m not that smart.

Okay, well here’s what’s going on. I was just

Reading a list of regional banks that were in trouble and they were right at the top.

They own a lot of commercial paper, commercial real estate box stores, shopping malls, skyscrapers. So they’re worthless. And these notes are coming come due. These owners need to refinance, right? The loans come due. They’re not done paying, but they can’t get a cheap loan now. So you can walk away, you can default on it now. The bank owns it. Now the bank, you got your money, you want your bank. Oh, so let’s take a look at Detroit. This is Doug Genomics. This is where he is. Bullshit. So don’t come to me with some regional transportation shit, I’m fighting you. I’m for a lot of public stuff. Now’s not the time for you scumbags to keep draining our pockets. Now it’s not the time. He’s got that land value tax we’ve been talking about. It’s bullshit. Didn’t get through. I’m glad at least some honest people in Lansing were listening. But Mike Duggans put out an app. Oh, it’s not dead. I’ve got an app. Everyone loves an app right here. Here’s an app. If you’re a Detroiter, put your address in there and see how much money you’re going to save, even though we haven’t actually appraised your house yet. Okay? So put yours in, Karen. Alright. Alright. What’s the name of the app?

I don’t know. I went to the City of Detroit website. It’s the data strategy and analytics, but I put in the land value tax.

Okay. Put a land value tax Troy tool. Okay, so you get to put your address in. I did you put your address in? Yes. What are you going to save with this new tax next year if they get it, Karen?


Zero. And

This is their app I put in and this zero.

And moving forward, when all the laws expire about property tax and all that,

After the without

The will your taxes go down or up?

Allegedly down. 8 58.

But I can’t

Believe it. No, it’s not because you did the numbers with the bill without the NEZ and the bill with the NEZ with the land value tax. And actually what did you, the numbers,

Nobody knows what you’re talking about. NEZ. So it’s not the current tax structure for you will stay the same. Right. And then when the current tax structure expires, they said you’ll save eight 50, but it’ll actually be 300 less than current.


So your taxes will go up.

Pretty much. What the fuck. But that’s also Charlie. Part of it too is that, and this was people when they were having these little conversations around town, they couldn’t tell you what was going to happen after the first year. And that was something that people had a concern. Exactly. We just found it, but exactly. You did. But they won’t have that discussion. The other concern is the impact that it’ll have on commercial properties. So commercial properties will save money too, but nobody’s telling you what they’re

Going to say. Let’s do this then. Let’s do this. Let’s pick a piece of commercial prop skyscraper guys. Let’s see what they’re going to save. Put in the alley building. I think that’s 500 Woodward.


All right. The alley building 500. It’s fucking omics. Some horseshit.

I surprised the app works though.

It works. It’s fake, but it tells you that commercial properties,

It’s fake. I can tell you anything you want hear.

Yeah. Commercial properties are not, this is only for,

Let see it, please.

Okay, hold on. You need commercial.

You’re on the radio here.

I know.


But I had to go back to the page. I had been shopping, so I had to go back to the right page.

You were shopping.

Grace and I were. Yeah, I’m sorry. Don’t be mad. Charlie’s,

You’re Tyra ons mad.


Should you be mad?


Shopping. Not during the show. This was before we started.

Well, you said you were on the app. I was. Are you misleading

People? No, I’m not. No. I took a screenshot of it. There it is right there.

Well, here the clearer version is this. What does it say?

500. Hold on, I’m going to put it down. I’m starting fresh. 500 Woodward Avenue. Yeah, keep laughing, mark. All right.

I love it. When tech fails. Are we

Married yet?

It says you cannot find the address of parcel looking for. Hold on.

It does not do commercial

Property. It does not do commercial properties. It’s only for residential. It says,

What does it say? It’s only for residential. So they won’t give us a number of what the billionaires who keep soaking us for their stuff. What they’re getting. It’s Doug omics. It’s horse shit. I told you I’ve already reported. I know the people. I know. The minimum year one we’re out 40 million Samantha Wall, the woman that was murdered and everybody cared for men because they thought it might be Hamas and it wasn’t. They don’t have any arrests. She’s the 11th thousandth unsolved murder since 1960. Welcome to Detroit. That’s what we get.

Wow. Yep.

Okay. Now let’s go to Black Friday. Wow. Whoa. Record online. 9.8 billion. That’s a 7.5% increase. It’s a record. Says NPR. Yeah, I know those guys. You know what they studied? What?


The Iliad, the I Palmer

In the Odyssey.

Humanities. Wait, I used to like humanities. Yeah.

It’s not bad. You shouldn’t have. I

Wouldn’t spend my life doing it, but it was, I liked it. I enjoyed it. Okay.

Well I studied a little bit, so online sales went up. That’s good because people aren’t going to box stores. Those are dying. There aren’t any.


Did our part. So online went, everybody knows online sales went up. Total sales, that would mean you’re dragging the ass out to the mall and shit. Which nobody, all sales went up 2.5%. Good. It’s growing like the economy except nobody added in inflation. Oh boy. Which is 3.7%, which means

Sales were down.

It went down 1.2%. You’re starting to see it roll. You’re starting to, but nobody would tell you that. And finally, for the omics, here’s what they’re doing. And they’re lying to you about how they measure inflation. You all know out there, right? They don’t put gas in when they measure inflation. What the fuck? They don’t put food in. Right. Okay. What’s the four major things that regular American pays for? Probably the highest thing is your rent. Yep. They measure that. Housing. The second one would be,

I’d say food.

Food. They don’t measure that.

Energy. Energy, yeah.

Energy. That’s up 11% by the way. But I don’t know if that’s fuel. It’s energy. They measure that.

Transportation. Your car. Your car.

They measure that. But the third biggest one is medical. They measure that. But here’s what’s happening. It’s been going, but medical inflation’s been about 4% a year. It’s set to explode next year. I believe that 1% a month over month.

I believe that

It, it’s going to double.

It’s the biggest shake down.

So it’s in an election year. You know what the Pinheads in Washington did? This is true. Google it. They’re going to take that number. This, I don’t know what is going to be 12, 28 and a half. I don’t know. They’re going to take it next year and smooth it. That is scatter it over two years. Right. So if you’re paying six grand a year right now for your medical and it goes up to 8,000, they’re only an account 1000 in that $2,000 increase. I’m still paying it because they don’t want high inflation numbers because why doesn’t anybody believe the president? Because we’re all really living.

But that’s how the public gets misled. I mean it is. It’s the moving, the shifting of numbers. It’s the narrative. Yeah, it is. They’ve never done it before. But like I said, people feel something different than what they’re being told.

Let me tell you something. Okay, listen. Medicare open enrollment is currently open, but only through December 7th. There are many large call centers and personal agencies primed to rip people off by not looking out for the best interest. People of age will be bombarded with advertisements. Medicare enrollment can be confusing and there’s a ton of misinformation out there. Legacy Partners Insurance is different. They offer one-on-one concierge experience. Most people have 20 or more options and should be working with someone who can pick what’s right for them to save some money, to save some money. Be sure you can’t afford your prescriptions, the doctor you like. You know what I mean? Don’t get pumped out by illegal calls. Call these guys. I vouch. They come to your house. It doesn’t cost you anything. You win. They win. Okay? Not like the consultation is free. Their assistance with the enrollment is free. Medicare enrollment is just one of your many. Mark needs some new insurance to, he’s calling in there. Here’s how you get ahold of him. You call 8 8 8 9 7 0 2 9 4 0 Legacy Partners Insurance. All right. 8 8 8 9 7 0 2 9 4 oh. Trust me on this. They saved me a lot of money.

And you must know that there’s a lot of money and a lot of risk in it because all the commercials, there are all these programs that are talking about it. So it’s got to be risky

And you got to find someone you

Can trust. That’s what I’m saying. So it must be a lot involved. Before

I get rid of this, the bidens, we going on omics. Did you know that 20% of all Christmas shoppers last year are still paying on the credit card for those gifts? 20% of everybody, whether you use the credit card or not. Do you know that that 50% of people now not credit cards, just now are doing the get it now. Pay for it later plan.

Yeah, it’s a big deal. Yeah.

Holy fucking smoke.

Amazon’s really pushing that.

Yeah, I don’t like hit it. I

Know. I saw it. I saw the camera move.

I don’t like debt at

All. Omics. Amen. Karen omics again, folks, I’m for the public welfare. I am for sharing. I’m for a better life for everybody. I am non-denominational when it comes to politics. I’m trying to dedicate a


Yeah, that too. But non-denominational is better.

Okay. It sounded better.

Mom wanted me to put in a little spiritual uplift besides Luke Ack. I was

Going to say, I’ve heard that before.

We had Dave binging on when we were back in the lower level over at Drew’s.

We had him here too.

Yeah, I know. But it always stuck with me when we were talking with former mayor, Dave Bing, who was a major, it was his

Birthday Y yesterday too.

And we were talking about the Stellantis plan on the east side. He goes, those numbers never come. He knows that as the mayor. He knows that as a businessman. They lied to us. Okay, here’s omics. The Ford battery plant in Marshall, the one everybody in Marshall is pissed off about. Oh yeah, we gave Ford in cash and prizes 1.8 billion last year.

What did we get?

Ford promised 3.5 billion in investment. Now we’re going to get 2.2 billion in investment because the electric batteries, we all know Ford is backing away. Like we told you years ago with Pauly, the power guy saying we can’t even build the infrastructure. Okay, now Ford says it can only deliver two thirds of the promise jobs. Let’s see if that even applies. Okay, but does that sound familiar? Yeah, it should.

That’s the mo,

Because LG Energy Solution is also a battery plant. They were given 200 million in cash in prizes last year. They’re in Holland, Michigan, and they promised to create 1,200 jobs. What did we get? No, they’re cutting 170 jobs. Oh my God. Sound familiar? Yeah, it should because LG Energy is a subsidiary subsidiary of LG Chem and LG chem got 250 million from the second to last. Dope. The last dope was Snyder and the dope before that was dumb. Dumb grand home. No, I’m sorry. That’s Nestles Jenny. Jenny gave him $250 million and they promised to create 400 green jobs. How long? They been doing this Green Hustle for? 250 million times. 250 million for 400 jobs. 400 jobs. They created 34 jobs and they never produced a battery. Does that sound familiar? Yeah, it should. It seems it’s trending. Our next energy, a company, we can call one. Oh, cool. Like $1 billion one. Our next energy got about 250 million for a battery plant last year in Wayne County. Google it. Whit was there smiling and cutting the ribbon. They promised to create 2000 jobs. They broke ground in Wayne County, but this week they announced that they’re laying off a hundred people in Michigan. But it’s not all sad news. They got their money and their CEO and his wife contributed the maximum to Whitmer $15,000 last year. Surprise. So that’s good for somebody.
We got to climate it Bill. They signed it. Michigan is now required in 10 years to be all green. My power goes out now and it’s going to be all great. What does that mean? That means no nuclear power plant. No coal fire plant. I don’t even know about natural gas.

Yeah, they’ve been trying to get rid of that

Too. Well, they’ve been really building it. It’s clean, but when it leaks, it’s like 80 times worse than any carbon. And ours leaks a lot. Look it up. It’s very bad infrastructure. So we got to, you know what, Ford bought the bullshit. Gee. I’m like, okay, we’re going green. Hey, nobody wants this crap. We’re out. Because when you run a company and people in the company are corrupt or you mismanage it, the market takes care of it. It’s defunct. It’s bankrupt, it’s gone. But when the government does it, they’re the only player in town. They actually make law. So this shit goes on and on and on. Of course you want green energy. Of course I crave it. Of course I do. I bring my own bags at a grocery store. I compost when I urinate. I don’t flush. I used to live out west. You don’t need to know that. You know what I’m saying? Save the water, man. Water. I use both sides of the Charmin.

No, Charlie, stop. That is gross. You use Charman?


No. The one ply man. One ply. Like I said, I’m try to be better

Person. You split it in half and


Okay, nevermind.

And rewatch

It. Yeah, I did just clean the toilets last night. I’m very proud of that. So we got to do that now, right? But what’s really going to happen is that’s not going to work. There’s no

Way not going to happen. It’s just

Not going to happen. There’s no way to store solar or wind generate energy at that. Their batteries aren’t big enough. They don’t exist. Plus our infrastructure. That’s

What they’re say. We don’t have an infrastructure for any of this.

Okay, so what’s that going to do? DT is going to need to borrow money. Okay, let’s go back to the big picture. Do you know how much it’s going to cost to borrow money? DTE? Because the federal government with those treasury bonds, sets the rates. You’re borrowing costs, right? Because the government’s competing with private industry for our money to loan them. You can’t do it economically. You can’t do that. But what did people like Joe Tate, the Speaker of the House. Speaker of the House or Gretchen Whitmer or Dana Nessel. What did they study? What’s their expertise? I don’t know what Tate does, but I know we got a bunch of fucking lawyers and that’s all we got. Duggan contract lawyer. We don’t have anybody in those numbers. It’s going to bust us. But I’ll tell you what Whitmer got, DT has given her by my account, a couple million dollars in dark money and in money in the light couple mill. Do you guys remember here? This is Gretchen Whitmer on a conference call with all the DTE employees. I remember that. And the D-T-E-C-O. Do we have it? Yep. Let’s play a little Look how cozy this

Is. I’m all in and we’re trying to move as fast as we can. And I know you are as well at dt and I’m really grateful for the work that everybody’s doing. I know it’s been tough, but tough times don’t last tough people do. And you get some of the toughest people in the state there at dt.

Absolutely. And I think, thank you for the words of encouragement. And we won’t let you down. We’re going to continue to do what we do and when the go and get stuff, the tough get going. And that’s what we do here at dte.

I never eat spinach with a stranger. What kind of shit is that? Okay, that call was after power was out from a million people. Most of ’em. Many of them for a week.

For a week. I was going to say it was for a long time after that going, and that was supposed to be her calling them to the carpet. Right? Remember? And that didn’t sound like calling anybody to anything. Oh, fucking

Give me

Friends. Give me

Three quarters of a million dollars of dark money and I’m going to get your legislation through that we all know is not going to work. Hey,

She’s not dumb. She knows what she’s doing. She wants that money.

I’m telling you, I’m an outdoors man. Look, I’m from here. I have a beautiful place on the lake. I’ll drive a motorcycle if I bicycle. I try to leave my footprint small. I do. I want this too. This is economic calamity.

But it has to work

Charlie. It has to come in

Pieces, but it has to make sense. And at this point it doesn’t make sense. It


So I mean, just saying something doesn’t make it doable and it doesn’t make it

Right. And if you don’t believe me, first of all, I just gave you a bunch of shit that you double crossed us on and we talk about on this show. I can’t even believe people listen to this show. We talk about land packs and we have economists on, they’re funny. Yeah.

But Charlie, there are people that really want to know what’s going on. And those are the people that listen to the show. Alright,

Here’s what’s going on, Gretchen Whitburn said, auto insurance is going to save us money. The auto reform, remember? And then all it did was end up killing our friend Brian, the paraplegic. And lo and behold, Detroit’s auto insurance rates went up 30%.

Yep. Sent you a check and turned around and say it’s psych.

Give it bad. It’s a lie. And people are dead. This is bullshit. No way. No way. Alright, we’re running long. Go blue. I think that’s that Stein stealing. That’s actually funny. That’s funny. It’s bullshit.

I don’t even know what that is. It’s all bullshit. What signing? What are you talking?

They go like this and put the play in.

Oh, that sign’s stealing

Michigan. Send guys. Apparently I thought he

Stole somebody. Sign for real.

Fuck it. Do it the old way and send the wide receiver in with the signal whisper to the quarterback’s ear. And then he tells the huddle and get the haw guy. He use a wristband. Yeah, it it’s ridiculous. Kicked Ohio state’s ass. And they’re going to Iowa. They’re going to play Iowa this Saturday. The Iowa Hawkeyes.

What’s in Iowa?

I don’t know much about Iowa. I know there’s haw Hawkeyes and I know there’s pig farmers. Pin out for something completely different wrestling. An Iowa pig farmer in a motel room. That’s me wrestling a real life pig farmer from Iowa.

That Charlie. And why was it happening? What? That is the funniest. Can I curse? That is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. What?

He’s a nice man. Do you notice? Notice my


That I beat him.

Is that what that was?

I’m from Michigan beat. Oh, guys. Hey listen. I’m very committed to journalism. So when I go to cover the presidential debates at the agricultural summit in Des Moines, Iowa, I’m going to wrestle me a pig farmer.

Why don’t you get a pig?

That’s the stuff Emmy’s in there. Is it?

Oh my God.

So is that it? We here, we have a sports department now. Joey Buns is our, oh, I forgot about that. Is our prognosticator. And he breaks down the tape. And here’s Joey explaining his call from last week. Joey

Bonds. He’s Joey Bonds. Oh my God. He calls the pass. He calls the Run. Joey Bonds freshly baked just for your wiener or a patty and betweener. Joey Bonds.

Joey Buns. Penalty number 12, Joey Buns. Unnecessary expectation. We need to have an intervention, bro. Yeah,

I think we do.

I think you’re too close to this thing. We’ve all been taking your predictions, the lion’s predictions. We’ve lost a couple of weeks in a row here. Now I’m thinking you’re a little too close this. I think you might be a super fan. I need you to know. No, we in Lions.

I don’t believe that we, the city of Detroit got to back ’em up now. They played bad for the last four games. They’re lucky they didn’t lose four out of the last four. They’re lucky they’re won. Three out of four.

You didn’t say that last week. Really? What it cost you? Well, how much You lose a whole fucking tent.

I’m taking Joey bus predictions. I knew it was a sure thing. I told you they weren’t going to win. They weren’t going to go 15 and two, they’re going to lose a couple more games. Let’s just hope they put ’em behind them. Now

I know you’re not saying we this week.

Yes, we need to put it behind us

Okay, let’s put it behind us. Wolverine’s looking real good.

Yes they are.

But your prognostication there.

They should beat Iowa. But Iowa has a great defense. They don’t have much of an offense, but their defense is tough.

Okay. So they get through Iowa, they look good, like Georgia looks, they don’t look dominant. Nobody looks dominant.

Nobody looks dominant. In college this year, the top four teams, five teams are all going to be pretty much, even if it’s Alabama, if it’s Texas, it doesn’t matter. Washington, Michigan, they’re all pretty much, even

We, I’m a Letterman from Michigan. We have a shot at this.

Yes. Yeah, I do. This is probably our best year to have a shot at it. Oh,

You play for the Wolverines too?

No, just a Wolverine fan. Always have, man. Why

From Walmart?

No, no. I’ve been following ’em since I was in grade school. Since

Before there was Walmart. Yeah.

Came out.

Listen, Hey, come here Red. Can you bring me that got you a little something for the holiday here, Joe. Appreciate it. The fact that you love the town so much that you are the number one Lions fan. Win or lose. You got the, this is from all of us here at American Coney, please.

I appreciate it. Yeah. Oh wow. Lions jersey. You’re the man. That’s


You are the

Man. The old high buns. Here. Show the camera.

There you go.

Showy Buns. That’s your old high school number, right? Yeah. When you took ’em to the championship,

Almost we go. We won one championship. Yeah, we did. We won the Big 10 in 77. But

No, I meant in high school. What do you mean? Big 10?

Big 10.

His dad wouldn’t let him go to college.


Quickly. Michigan. Iowa.

Oh man. That’s a hard prediction. Quickly. 26 13,

Michigan. 26. 13 Michigan and the Lions are playing. New Orleans.

New Orleans. That’s going to be a tough one too. New Orleans,

You mean? New Orleans? New Orleans. New

Orleans. New

Orleans. New Orleans. New

Orleans. No,

No New Orleans.

New Orleans. No New Orleans. However you want to say it.

Give us quick prediction. It it is in the Bayou.

I hate making predictions like that again. I’m going to go 26 17. You

Did that last week. He went 26 17 last week. 26. 17 this week. And 26, more or less. Six 17 with Iowa, Michigan. I’m smelling a Panter. Get your buns out of here. But put your shirt out there. He’s got a jersey. He’s got a theme song.

Joey Bond. He’s Joey. Bob. He calls the pass. He calls the run Joey.


Oh dear. You look Smoky

Wiener or a patty in Betweener.

Joey. Joey, Joey. Bye Joe. I ain’t betting shit. That was nice Charlie. Good old Joe. He’s a good man. That was thoughtful of you. Alright, well that’s the show. So now what? Remember what? Save you money, diversify. Seriously. Give Legacy a call. There’s somebody sitting there to be saved. Give Luke Nacky a call and get a strategy. I mean that. I talk to these people personally and Mr. Positive, you all should be so lucky that he would call you. I have to call him back now. Make sure everything’s okay. See you next Tuesday. See you next Thursday. Oh yeah, Thursday. Sorry.


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