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Point: Whatever happened to the terrorist apprehended on the Tex-Mex border and sent to Detroit by Joe Biden in 2021?
We found him. Why is he still here?

Point: Biden lied about his 9/11 whereabouts, but so did Trump. Only worse.

Point: Is this what we have to choose from?

Fox 2 Sports Director Dan Miller on what’s next in the sordid bedtime drama of MSU head football coach Mel Tucker. #Wankgate.

Voice of the Detroit Lions Dan Miller giving odds. Will the Lions get to the Las Vegas Super Bowl or Gary, Indiana?

And Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm’s failed power trip. Lesson learned- when in doubt burn gas.

Finally, New York Fashion Week. Intruder hijacks catwalk wearing garbage bag. Fashion media goes gaga. Art imitating life or life mocking art?
Watch me strut the New York runway in fetish latex opera wear.


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The strange thing about Will Rogers, the great American satirist, is that the longer he is dead, the smarter he gets. The presidential election cycle unofficially began the day after Labor Day, and I found myself in the library pulling the works of Rogers whose populous newspaper column began its run in the New York Times 100 years ago. His observations read like they were written last week. Lord, the money we spent on government wrote Rogers, and it’s not a bit better government that we got but one third of money 20 years ago. Think about that. The federal budget under Joe Biden is three times what it was 20 years ago under George W. Bush, who never met a dollar himself, that he didn’t like to spend the federal deficit. What the government spends minus what it collects, is about three times more as a percentage of gross domestic product under Biden than it was under Bush.
Now in terms of foreign policy, Biden has made the same mistakes as Bush committing the United States to a costly and endless proxy war in the Ukraine. The billions in military and financial aid to a notoriously corrupt country is also financed through debt just like Bush Will. Rogers had an answer to this spiraling madness. I have a scheme for stopping the war. He wrote, it’s this No nation is allowed to enter into another war until they paid for the last one. No members of Congress trip over themselves to genuflect to the Olive Green cargo pants of Emir Zelinsky. Our representatives never come home though with a stated end game. This was true in Roger’s time as well. The taxpayers are sending congressmen on expensive trips abroad. He wrote it might be worth it, except they keep coming back. People today ache for a clear direction for the country.
Instead, we get talking points and misdirection from the paid pipers from the political cesspool. If you ever inject truth into politics, you have no politics. Wrote Rogers. Is there anything more untruthful than omics? Default on consumer debt. Auto loans and credit cards are at their highest levels in more than a decade. Because of inflation, more people are paying for necessities with their credit cards. And those interest rates too keep climbing another uncounted measure of inflation. But I don’t need to tell you all that do I? The jobs created in the last two and a half years are basically those recovered after being lost during covid, but job creation overall has not kept with population growth. Real wages are also down and personal consumption expenditures or P C E, which measures changes in the cost of living and is the preferred measure by the Fed to help determine those interest rates are at historical highs.
So the fed’s in a pickle. If it raises interest rates to cool inflation, it may cause a recession. If it lowers interest rates, the housing market may send inflation. Soaring again in the 20 years spanning Bush to Obama, to Trump, to Biden, to government, has printed money to pay for the promises. And now we’ve run out of gimmicks. The only same thing to do is bring fiscal and monetary policy in line, and that’s cutting spending and increasing taxes. I know it’ll never fly. Americans don’t trust their representatives or as Rogers wrote, the only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse. Every time Congress meets this election is expected to be the most expensive in history. Some estimates pegged political advertising alone to top $10 billion. And what choices will we have? Two cranks nobody wants to run. So I’m afraid Will Rogers was right again when he said a fool in his money are soon elected

Live downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News out with my main man


Breakiness bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

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My mom.

That’s what she has you for, Charlie, my

Mom. Listen, Karen, I mean you sent it to me just before we got on Bad Week for the Biden Clan, huh? Yeah. Hunter Biden just charged, discharged federally with three counts tied to possession of a firearm while using a controlled substance. Now before all the maggot people go crazy, just remember something. If you’re a gun owner and you’re smoking weeded, you’re breaking the same laws than a hundred or meth. No matter if it’s crack or meth or weeded, it’s still weed. You can’t do it. So I would stop posting. I know you smoking weeded and then your guns in the next post. Don’t do it. I’m telling you, man, we told you that before.

People need to stop thinking. They got to tell everybody everything too. I said the other day, money isn’t the root of all evil. Attention is. I mean it is. Just sit down somewhere.

You know what else is the root of all evil? Sell it out the country.

Oh yeah,

That is the root. Now listen, I believe that this thing that Hunter Biden gun, it’s a nothing burger, right? It’s not tied to Joe, the serious stuff that Hunter was facing, like dodging taxes on $8 million. Somehow the Department of Justice let that sunset statute of limitations. Politically though, I mean this is bad for Judas, an election cycle, I think, I don’t know. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. This is the first child of a president

To be of a sitting president. Is that true? Yeah, it is that this is the first time, but it is. I think it’s going to have more political damage than legal implications, Charlie. And so this gives the Republican something to kind of sink their teeth into for the election, and I don’t think that they’re going to let up.

Well, it’s an anchor because remember he was going to get away with this, with that sweetheart plea deal, and that’s gone and that blew up. Okay? So the Weiss, the special prosecutor, I don’t dunno why it took five years for him to finally bring charges on something you could have brought in two months, that happens

When your dad’s the president.

It was sad. I mean that’s so simple, but it’s what

It is. That’s what it is. And you can navigate and circumvent all of the things that would otherwise be an impediment to us as regular citizens. But those are the things that work to his benefit. So

I mean, the bad we continue for Biden, the impeachment inquiry comes right? And I don’t really care about the left, what they think right now, and I don’t care about what to right thinks because that 10 billion I was talking about is really spent to convince those of us in this room. I’m going to give you the counties right now like Oakland County, Livingston County, maybe Kent County, Nevada, Clark County, Maricopa County, and Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan. That’s it. Yep. That’s true. So that’s the deal. So I believe that there’s more than enough questions to launch an impeachment inquiry. Do we all agree? A hundred percent. I mean more than enough these talking points. It’s not that the media you failed, you did. You failed us because one Biden lied to us. I didn’t know anything about my kids’ business dealings. Period. That’s just patently not true and everybody now knows it, right? Agreed. Alright. There’s at least 20 million in a web of bank accounts to the Biden family while Joe was in office going all the way down to his grandkids. I mean, that raises some suspicions. I would like an investigation as a investigative reporter. I know I would. That’s

Obvious. Every citizen should. They should at least want to know. I mean, because again, if were anybody else, an inquiry and an investigation would be justifiable. So it is justifiable at this level as

Well. You got Hunter Biden on the Barisma board. His own business partner told you that his dad knew he’s being pressured by the founder of Barisma to get something done, right? All of a sudden, Joe’s getting the prosecutor fired. I don’t know if that’s what happened, but it’s enough to look.

It is. And party loyalty is not enough to overlook this. I mean, everybody should ask for an objective investigation. Did

Joe Profit? I mean, you don’t have any evidence. Well, that’s why you investigate. We do know that Hunter Biden, and this is called evidence. It’s not slam dunk evidence. It’s not smoking evidence that would convict you up by itself. But he’s sending texts saying, I got to pay a half a debt salary. That to me, raises questions. And there’s the fact that he didn’t pay the taxes. He didn’t register as a foreign agent. Why would you not hide all this? So because

Doing something illegal. I know I was going to

Say, because you can’t.

Well, there’s nothing directly to Joe. Well, let’s take a look. We all want that, right? Sure. I mean, you didn’t hear me bitch when they were investigating ties to Russia.

Well, if you have nothing to hide too, you welcome an investigation. Exactly.

If you’re the citizen, you demand one. Right? And if this is what’s going on, we want it done. But

That’s the accountability in government that we don’t have at any level. I mean, it just doesn’t exist anymore.

So people say the country’s not functioning, the country is functioning in this way. You have two parties, right? They’re slamming up on each other. You do have the media. And the media is more than just the newspapers or the tv. Now it’s also social media and we’re loud. It’s really loud. So nothing gets to fester. It comes out, the country works,

But something has to happen after everybody expresses an opinion. There’s more than just being upset or disappointed about it. Okay? So now what?

Well, let’s keep an eye on our criminal justice system hasn’t been doing us well, but if there’s something, then you make the charge. If there’s nothing, you let it go. Let

It go, right?

Yep. That’s that. Now, very bad week for stumbling, Joe. I mean, dude, he goes to the G 20 and then he is in Vietnam. I don’t know why he didn’t go to Vietnam first, didn’t go to the G 20 and come back for nine 11. I don’t have anything against him for not being in New York. As a guy that watched it, and I covered that for history, for the New York Times ground zero, I don’t have any problem. You are in the United States, Alaska a military base. Those people work hard. That’s just a fine place to do it. Fine place to honor it, right? But let’s just go back. You’re in Vietnam. You got any clips here? Mark? Sure. Remember what I told you before the show? You’re supposed to just, Hey, I got clips now I got to sit here. Fake it. Like, hey Mark, win. Wink.

Sorry. He was thinking it, Charlie.

No. And Mark’s keeping it real, man. He’s keeping it stiff, keeping it stiff. He’s like, we’re not going to do fake news. That’s no bullshit news.

I was going to say, I feel like regarding the investigation, is he going to pull a Reagan and just be like, I don’t know what’s going on. Because he’s really laying the groundwork for not knowing what the hell is going on.

Well, like Reagan, he doesn’t know. That

Might stick though in this

Case. Will Nancy. There you go.

And here’s exhibit one of that, right? May

Have a game


He just hasn’t shared it me. But I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed.

What? There’s vigor and vim. Jesus. I’m going to go. I don’t know what the premiere China’s got in mind.

That’s the leader of the free world when he’s going to bed.

He said, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed.

All right, what else we got? What

Else we talked about? We talked about at the conference overall, we talked about stability. We talked about making sure that the third world, the, excuse me, third world, the what? Southern Hemisphere had access to change bad as world had access. It wasn’t confrontational at all.

Thank you everybody. This ends press conference. Thanks everyone. Thank you.

Thank you.

Who’s that voice from? Obviously she went to Oberlin and majored in humanities. Who was that telling the president to shut up?

Is that Jumpier? It sounds like. And now the music kicks in and he puts his mic away and someone yell a question. He tries to answer without a mic. What’s

With the music?

Every person I met with Mr. President

Was worried about the sun being indicted. Mr. President.

Oh my God.

What’s with the music?

Oh, well that’s like basically you’re at the old King Cole Bar at the St. Regis in New York. It’s the piano man. Basically. Lemme get another one out of these with those olives with the blue cheese in ’em. So

Wait a minute. Do you flick the lights at pressors now to let you knowbody know his last call? What is that? Have I not learned something?

Those are both so embarrassing. Just

Embarrassing. He’s not there and everybody knows it and the Democrats know it. And very prominent Democrats are now writing op-eds like he’s got to go. I mean, we all know it. 75% of the country knows it. That’s

Really similar to remember. What did he say? He had six grandkids and everyone’s like, what are you talking about? You have seven. And that drum got louder and louder and louder to where they finally had to say, yeah, I have seven. Is that going to happen here where you shouldn’t be running for president, you shouldn’t be running for president.

But he’s old and I don’t dismiss age. I mean, because some people have their faculties about them well into their eighties and nineties, but he’s showing a sign of decline.

They’re both too old Trump’s too old, Biden’s, too old.

We need, hey, let’s put him in a ring now I’d like to see that

We need new blood. That’ll be fun. Maybe that’ll be the undercard of Elon Musk and

Fucker. Oh yeah.

Are they ever going to do it? Pussies? Pussies? I don’t think so. When you got to think to fight, you’re not a fighter. I don’t want to see that.

Yeah, but I don’t want to see them in shorts and their shirts off.

Oh my god. Okay, so look now here he lands in Alaska and he lies about being at nine 11. Hold it for a second. Look, I can make an excuse for age or I can make an excuse. I mean, okay, it wasn’t the next day. It was a couple of days this week. I couldn’t make that. I’m not sure if he’s seen Nile or We all know when he wasn’t senile, he was telling Whoppers and lies. Yeah, plagiarizing, right? I mean he just plagiarizing making bullshit up. So this is what he said.

Oh, wrong one.

Sorry. Oh look. Oh, that’s Afghanistan.

Mark. What is

That? Oh my Lord.

That was supposed to be Afghanistan.

Well, why didn’t you turn it off? Put the

One, what is it? I’m trying to, yeah,

It’s the off

Switch. Oh, I didn’t even know you had that. Mark’s got clips and he just put,


This is, I have too many clips.

But this is the thing. Elected officials can say things because nobody ever fact checks.

That’s so not true. I mean like Snopes and PolitiFact and Pinocchios.

But it’s also just smothered the barrage of information and news.

Not even the fact checkers lie. All you got to do is just go look at the Hunter Biden laptop and watch how they’ve slowly changed what that fact check is. Do you have it, mark or not? I do. All right, let’s play that. I hope

This is the right one. Now,

Jesus ground zero in New York. And I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building, I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell. It looked so devastating because the away from where you could stand


I was there. He wasn’t there. He wasn’t there. You mean you got there before George Bush? Well, no he

Didn’t. The day after he’s on the Senate floor giving a speech. So I mean that’s a very easy one to

Prove that maybe admit he was there in spirit.

He could have been there the next afternoon, but no scheduled. He’s doing meetings.

Were the trains running

What in Manhattan? No.

Yeah, exactly. And he travels by trains. So no, I doubt he was there.

So fuck you. Joe. Like I said, is a guy that had to live all that. There’s no, that’s stupid. There’s no calamity that you’re not trying to score some points on. There’s no need to do that. There was none. And no, I don’t think that was senility. I just think the guy is an inveterate liar.

Yeah, little white lies that don’t mean anything to,

Right? Well they mean a lot. No,

I don’t mean by that. But I mean, what if he just said that, Hey, I remember

It instead when I got there. Yes. Now again, instead of pinpointing a dead as it was 22 years ago, I can’t tell you exactly, I mean, but I

Don’t think you should. Unlike Mark says you need to bring it

Up. It’s a blur. But when I was there, I mean on or about, you know what I mean? On or about? Well, just

When I was there,

I don’t remember this day and this day it was just horrible.

Yeah, what was he wearing? I mean, some things don’t matter.

You got to remember something. My job for the paper of record, what’s to chronicle that? That’s what I did. No, and let’s just be fair here. Trump’s bullshit too. I mean, you got some clips, mark. I do. I watch You better get Jack together.

The World Trade Center came tumbling down and I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering. As that building was coming down, thousands of people were cheering. So something’s going on. We got to find out what it is. Everyone who helped clear the rubble.

Thanks Mark. You clipped that. But he said Arabs, I believe at the end of that, he goes, Arabs, mostly, I believe it’s a lie. There isn’t a videotape of thousands of people cheering Giuliani. You know what I mean? Him being what he is. I’ll tell you what he did do. He was the guy when there was no bush, when there was no Biden, when there was no Clinton, he said, do not go to Atlantic Avenue, which is where the Muslim population lives in Brooklyn. And strike back hate is what got us here. I’m always going to give Giuliani that credit for all the discredit he’s brought to himself. I’m going to give him that. What he said. That’s a fucked up lie. It just is. And we should think better. And your father’s Arabic, isn’t he? So just as a human being deceased. Yeah. Well God rest him. God rest him. That should piss you off.

Well, yeah, but it’s the same thing again, from the other side of my family. My mother’s black. So yeah, I mean, but you should never just collectively group and hate or show disdain for people because of one person or the assumption of that group. Well,

Yes, but then the make of lies.

Yeah, well that’s story

In a desperate hour.

Yeah, that’s true. But everybody focuses on the emotion of it. And again,

That’s not the way to

Lead. It’s not the way to lead. But that’s what he thought would garner interest or support at the time.

Fuck him, fuck him. He also said he donated hundreds of thousands of dollars as we now know, because everybody dug into everything that he did. You didn’t donate shit. So be quiet about that. You didn’t, didn’t, didn’t donate. And then I remember him coming down again, watch this a couple days later, maybe two days, three days, whatever it was. But being the reporters, you had to be around him.

You’re talking about Trump? Yeah.

Okay. But he was wearing dark. Either it was blue or black. He was wearing the red tide, a white shirt as I recall. We all had to run up there and I didn’t get my bylines on the early stuff. If you could get the cell, you would call into the office or you’d run shit out to a runner. You’d have a guy you at 43rd street, he’d come and take your notes and run it up there and we’d go back in. But this is what Trump said

Who helped clear the rubble. And I was there and I watched and I helped a little bit. But I want to tell you, those people were amazing. Clearing the rubble, trying to find additional lives. You didn’t know what was going to come down on all of us. And they handled

It. They did us. He’s right about that. But he said us. But let me tell you, when we were all there, and as a reporter, sometimes you got to put that down. You can do both. And you’re looking for people, they put us in a pen and they would bring you in groups to check this hole, check that pile, and you would write your blood type on one arm and you would write your phone number on the other arm in case you fell down and you died. And I just remember that looking at the area codes and I saw 5 1 6 Long Island and I didn’t see any 2 1 2. I didn’t see 1 2, 1 2, which is Manhattan. There was not 1 2, 1 2. So yes, I believe that the West Side Highway should be renamed and it should be called Heroes Highway because of the nurses and the doctors and the badges and the regular people that ran down there. Now he came, I had to sit there now unless he went around the back and after he left, I didn’t see a cleanup shit, dude. So just you don’t have to. I guess he

Figured it’s easy to say because who was going to recall whether or not he was really there? Who’s going to check? It’s all this stuff going on. So it’s easy to just say, yeah, I was there and I did this, and it fits the narrative so maybe it becomes

Believable. You know what I hate about it? I watched a lot of clips and around that clip is him talking about, I don’t know if you remember when the Republicans attacked him for having New York values, for being whatever, I guess that means too liberal or something. He had a really great synopsis of the police and the fire workers and just everybody in that whole day. And then he throws that in there and just kind of derails what his message

Is. And then you’re saying, you’re saying New York values, if you don’t know New York, you don’t know New York values. New York’s got everybody, dude. It’s got everybody. And it works. It does. It’s the capital of this country. So New York values are American values and if you’re going to use that shit is a wedge and get the fuck on, get the fuck on New York. I grew up here in Michigan, basically a little bit of Gary, but I grew up here and everything I learned here prepared me for New York and then I grew up in New York and as an adult. So you’re growing up as a kid and you’re growing up as a man and I love New York and for anybody talks shit like that, you don’t know anything. You can’t make it in New York because you are afraid of it. When you talk like that, that means you’re afraid of the world and you don’t represent me, but don’t be making up lies in our worst hour.
I’ll give you a quick one, sorry folks. It was maybe a week or two later, I was tired. I finally went home to get a shower and it was five six. It was time for evening prayers in the Islamic world and there was a dude in white in his long white shirt and he decided on a crowded, the subways had just started and he decided he was going to pray right there on the train. You’d never see that. And he did it and everybody was looking at him and they weren’t happy. I’ll leave it at that. Nobody touched the man. The man spoke for himself. What he was feeling, it was understood. It wasn’t like maybe some people I understood what he was doing. It was respect. Nobody hurt him. That’s the greatness of that city

And that’s how everybody should be. Even if you don’t understand it, if you don’t agree with it, respect it enough to let it happen. I mean, that should be our MO across this country

Or it’s not going to work. Yeah. Now here is the issue. Nine 11 begins the mass surveillance of the world, including ourselves. N S A, the Patriot Act, Homeland security, right? And at its root, it is Islamic terrorism. That’s what leads to all of that. Now we turned it on ourselves, right? We’re monitoring F I A court and all this. Alright, so let’s bad week for Biden. Let’s look at Biden for a second. He was popular even with inflation until his withdrawal from Afghanistan. You got any video Mar?

It just happens to,

Just happens to Wait, wait, you mean this one? Look at this, look at this. This is like Saigon. It’s cool if you play that out. You see a guy fall off and he wants so bad to get out of there this forever war. And I set it on this program before this happened. I said, mark my words, the Taliban is going to be in before nine 11 with the Biden amateur hour and we all know it now. You wanted a photograph for nine 11, you wanted a photo off and it went sour and his poll numbers never recovered. Then we look. So if you now look at the southern border, that is completely out of control. Everybody knows it. Ask the mayor of New York Sanctuary City,

They got an issue.

Ask Mayor Adams. Alright, since Biden took office 30 months ago, the United States has apprehended about 275 people on the terror list. Okay? Jesus, 275. How many got through? Yeah, they didn’t catch all of them, right? Yeah. Okay, so it’s wide open. So we’ve gone nowhere. Now we’re just spying on ourselves. So do you remember the very first person, the very first story about people on the terrorists coming through care of yours truly. You know what I mean? So Mazy, he’s on the terrace. He’s from Venezuela, born in Lebanon strike. They get him and his wife and his kid walking through the Rio Grande. Boom. He hits, they let him go because he’s overweight. They don’t want to get Covid to give him a bus ticket up here to Dearborn. I did that story. Do we have that story? We do. Okay, we have that story and then I followed up yesterday. I went and knocked on the door where he’s supposed to be and then I got his brother on the phone. So let’s play both of them, all of that. Like what the fuck, Joe?
I found out the border patrol caught a man and his family sneaking in over the Texas border last November. His name is Asam Bazi. And the thing about Asam Bazi is he’s listed on the terrorist watch list as a high classified known or suspected terrorist. They let him in any way. They were worried. He’s overweight, they’re afraid he’d catch Covid in lockup. They’re not supposed to do that. I’m told they’ve never done that. Anyhow, he’s living here in Dearborn with his wife and daughter at his brother’s house awaiting his asylum hearing. Next month I reached out to Assam Bazi by phone. I’m just a simple man. He told me in Spanish, I don’t know what they’re talking about

Now. I’m no hater. If Uncle Sam says it’s okay for a terrorist to be living in the United States, then it must be okay for a terrorist to live in United States. I even brought Mr. Basi a housewarming gift. It’s a plant from a dead man’s wake.

I’m not paying.

That’s a nice client. Charlie

Understated some nice,

Nobody home.


As we like to say in Dearborn,

Welcome to America

In Spanish.

This is yesterday. Back at the door.

No sign it is. Guy. Come in here for a year and a half now. No signing of the guy on the fucking terror watch list.

Unbelievable way to go, Jill. Well, is he living with you? Is his brother on Calhoun Street or Middle Point?

On Middle Point?

Well, I’m at middle point now. I’ve been coming over the months and nobody ever answers the door.

Yeah, well it’s nobody home. Why do you keep coming home? I don’t like that. I’d like to come home

Over. Well, it’s the United States, so I mean it’s okay

Because you came last time and you put the flour on the door for that.

Did you get that?

Yeah, I get that. I don’t like that.

It was a gift.

It’s not a gift. That’s a funeral home.

No, it’s a housewarming.

No, that’s a funeral home. Please don’t call me back again. I don’t like that.

Okay, well I would.

I have you on camera and everything, but I don’t like that.

Well, that’s okay if you have me on camera. I mean, I’d like to have your brother on camera.

I know it’s not your business.

Well, it’s because it’s my country and he’s on the terror watch list and I’d like to know if he’s been given asylum.

It’s not a terrorist. I dunno why he kept saying it’s a

T. It’s the government documents. It’s not me. It’s the F B I. It’s Homeland Security.

It’s clear and everything is clear.

Well, that would be nice to get that straight.

Yeah, that’s clear. From the time he entered Michigan, entered Texas. It’s clear.

No, I have it right here. It says, despite being a flight risk, a recent entrance, no equities and a positive terror hit, the subject will be released on intern parole per headquarters. So no, he is not been cleared. I just want to know if he’s been given asylum or does he have a court?

I think he have a court end of the year, I think. I’m not sure.

So there’s another court date. He’ll be going to that. Isn’t it his hearing yet? Yeah, to almost years. Okay. Well can I give you my phone number? I would love to talk to his lawyer or to him.

No, no, I don’t want to call me back and I don’t like that. I dunno how he got my number.

It’s in the official immigration and customs enforcement documents. I

Know, but I don’t like to call me back.

So you have no,

I dunno. You me. I don’t want my daughter call me back.


I don’t want to talk to you. It’s not my brother, it’s not my case. It’s not

My, that’s why I’d like to talk to your brother and this is his official number. Do you have his number?

I cannot give you his number. You to give his number.

Can you give him my number? Business?

It’s not my business.

Well, it’s your business. You’re sponsoring him.

You call me. I’m calling my ID number. I have no number

For you. Well, that’s customary. I can give you my number, but how

I going to give you somebody’s number and this is not call it ad.

Well, would you like my number and give that to you right now? I don’t want your number.

I don’t want your number. You just call me, say call id. Now you offering number

Regular. This is right. It’s my regular line. I’m a reporter. That’s how that works. So you know when corrupt id,

Now you offer me your number. I don’t want your number. Why? Just call me regular

Before. Well, this is everybody that gets a call from me gets this. I’m

Visiting. Cannot.

Is your brother working? All been taken care of? Nobody answers the door.

There’s a lesson in there, Charlie,

What is it?

We’ll save it later.

What’s the lesson?

How to use a phone?

Well, no, how phone numbers work. Somebody saying something to you on the phone that you find inappropriate or don’t want to participate in you hang up.

It’s not inappropriate motherfucker,

My country. I know, but he found it inappropriate.

Nine 11 to now I want to know if your brother’s been to asylum court, why the hell he’s still here? And I’m just going to be frank about it. If you’ve been to the border and you talk to human beings, I call it bullshit. These aren’t asylum cases. These are people looking for a better life. Again, if IBA Joe is going to fucking let the border open, I’m doing it too. Wow. I’m going to do it too. That’s a complete and abject failure to protect the homeland. Homeland security. We don’t have it. What’s this dude doing here? That’s the first case that I’ve ever heard of. You’re on the Terror Watch list and you’re let in. Now maybe you got adjudicated. I don’t know. I would like to work that out. I called ice, I called Homeland Security. I called Congress. You can’t get a whisper on this guy.

Nobody’s watching.

Well, I’m

Watching. I know, but maybe everybody’s like, oh, I forgot all about him.

I’m watching. And you know, should watch next what? Dan Miller, voice of the Lions and Sports director for Fox two News. We’re going to talk about Mel Tucker. We’re going to talk about the lion’s chances this year. And the only thing in the last, since 2005 that has been the same. The only overarching thing is the Ford family owns it. But even that change, the only thing that’s been the same all these years is Dan Miller, I think is a jinx. He’s going to have to answer for this right after this,

Whatever, everything. Christ to go, ready, set, go, let go. Drake might not make it to the,

But you can have a little bit of Detroit at your next championship party. American Coney Island, 12 dogs with all the fixing air mail special right to your door. That includes Alaska and Hawaii, American coney The first, the best and better than all the rest. And they can’t fly either.


Baby, I’m going to Vegas. They got a store there too. Yeah.



It’s that time of year again. It’s football season. And you know what that means? What’s that mean? It means Dan the Man, Miller, voice of Alliance, and the sports director at Fox Two News. Hey, how you doing, Dan?

What’s up guys? How you doing?

Real good. Thanks for taking time. I know you’re busy. So let’s just start with this. This is all the news. Let’s take Dan the reporter. Now, let’s go to Mel Tucker if we could, if anybody at this point doesn’t know Mel Tucker is under investigation. There’s a hearing come October, he’s been suspended because he’s pleasuring himself over the telephone with a, what would you say? A contract employee. A vendor. A vendor

Of the

University. Right? Right. A woman named Brenda Tracy, who accuses him of, she’s a rape survivor and a victim advocate, and she accuses him of unwanted sex. How would you say it, Karen? I

Don’t know. She said unwarranted. I don’t know.

Unwanted sexual.

It can’t be in advance. It’s on the phone. So,

All right. He’s on the phone and he’s jerking off and she can hear it and something gross it takes, Dan, I guess the question for you, so you’ve been in this game a long time. Have you ever seen any coach of that stature Absolutely. Burn themselves to the ground like that?

Gosh, that’s one that you got to hit the memory banks for, but I mean, Bobby Petrino comes to mind.

Explain. Do you know who that is?

Bobby Petrino, when he was having an affair. Gosh, I got to remind myself of it. Motorcycle accident. I think she was there and then he had to, again, I don’t want to say that I don’t remember all the exact details, but it certainly was the undoing of him as a highly thought of head coach. Patino had the thing in the Italian restaurant. He obviously survived that. Look, we’ve had coaches that have found themselves in bad positions before. I think when there’s 80 million on the line, that certainly gets people’s attention. When you’re the face of a university and the face of a university’s football team, that certainly gets attention. So yeah, I think there have been other people within the world of sports certainly that have put themselves in terrible situations that some of which cost them their job, some of which didn’t, some of which cost them reputation. But this is certainly one of those situations. There’s a lot of details here that I don’t know about, and they’re all going to work themselves out at, at the minimum. It’s extremely bad judgment on his part, but man, it just feels like with the lawyers going back and forth, it’s a tough one to wade into beyond that because it seems like there’s so many things going back and forth.

It’s tawdry. I mean, do you think, again, as the reporter who’s watched these things over the decades, what odds do you give that he actually survives this? I believe he’s done that.

I, I’d be shocked if he ever, I’d be beyond shocked if he ever coached another day at Michigan State. That’s not going to happen. They’ll pay him off and tell him to leave before they look. They’re trying not to pay him. He’s going to fight for his money. I don’t even think his coaching at Michigan State is on the table anymore. I can’t imagine that’s even the remotest of possibility. This at this point is about the contract that Michigan State would certainly like to get out of, and he obviously wants to get paid. That’s what this is going to come down to. Now, this is going to be about lawyers fighting through contract law.

Is Michigan State, I guess, more sensitive and perhaps not over reactionary, maybe prematurely because of the Nassar situation they had, the violence on the campus? I mean, are they just in a position where they don’t even have the ability or the flexibility to flush out what’s actually taking place?

There’s no doubt that it has to be heightened sensitivity on their part because of what they have been through in the past. But again, Karen, I think that’s where we get into a little bit of what did they know and when did they know it? Because the immediate reaction on Sunday was, well, you paid him yesterday and you’re suspending him without pay today. What has changed besides the U S A today going public? Then it comes out that in a Title IX investigation, that the university doesn’t necessarily know what the exact charges are. They only know there’s an investigation. So did they know anything? That’s what I think a lot of people would like to know. It seems there’s some plausible deniability in that situation. Total deniability, I think is where people wonder about that they may not have, because within the Title IX investigation, the university is not required to know the details or allowed to know the details of the investigation until such time as it’s presented at the hearing.
And again, Charlie, these are all things that people are sorting through because there’ve been knee-jerk reactions to people, to things that have happened, and then all of a sudden, well, here’s the provision and why certain things are happening the way they are. That’s where it feels kind of difficult to weigh deep into this because there’s so much that is still out there that we don’t know the answers to at this point. But again, to Karen’s point, yes, heightened sensitivity on Michigan State’s part. If they knew about all of this and allowed him to coach, then I think you could really question that. But the question is what did they know and when did they know it?

Well, Dan, they didn’t know enough though to monitor him and his movements. They put some kind of watch on him so they knew it was bad enough, but yet not bad enough to suspend him. I mean, when they say this is the new M S U, it’s hard to really buy into that.

They put a watch on

Him. Yeah, there’s some



I didn’t appreciate her tone at that point. It felt like she was speaking down to everybody and admonishing everybody. The


President. Yeah, they have a long way to go to get to the point where they’re building back equity to the point where you can say, yes, they’re a new Michigan State. So I would probably back off on that and let your actions speak more than you speaking about your actions, and those are all things that still have to play out.

But what are they investigating whether or not he performed this act while he was on the phone? Is she accusing him of something else around the, I mean, this one, Charlie, what stop sound effects? I mean, what exactly are they investigating?

Well, October 5th and sixth, the two will sit down and apparently answer questions in a hearing that he says is a sham, basically. And in a hearing that she says she’s going to be there to answer questions, I think they’re trying to find out were his actions appropriate, which based on what we know, well, I understand that, but he deserves due process in his hearing and whatever title protection, title IX provides both parties in an investigation. Or if it’s not a Title IX investigation like he says, it’s not, which is again, where it gets confusing, then I think he deserves to at least have both sides heard. And again, at a minimum bad judgment. She’s a vendor. She is not somebody that it feels like he should have been involved with on any level. People will point to the number of phone calls, the number of late night phone calls. Was this more than just a friendship? I don’t know the answer to that, but that’s what he’s putting out there and then she’s putting out there. That’s something that’s totally different. I don’t have the answers for who is telling the truth or not telling the truth at

This point. Well, we do know that Mel Talker did not tell the truth when talking to investigators. I mean, there’s about where he was, about where he

Was. Let’s go. Okay, so this is the vendor. Obviously, there’s some kind of flirtation going on. I think she says as much in these reports. Okay. He knows, like you said, Dan, it’s about judgment because I’m reading into this. He’s on a golf outing representing the university paid for by some fund that they have in Florida, the donors. So he knows it’s company time. So it looks to me, and again, I guess the things will come out. You knew you’re on company time doing this with a company vendor. I mean, that’s why there’s no other reason to tell the fib,

Right? If his point is that they had an adult relationship that was consensual, is there anything there that would lead you to say, okay, that might cast it in a different light. And I’m not here to stick up for Mel Tucker. I’m simply saying, these are the things that have to play out. That’s his defense, is that they were embarking on a consensual relationship flirtatious. She sent him a picture and talked about what it would be like if they were both naked. I mean, where am I supposed to go with that? I have no idea. This is his defense, not mine. I mean, but to your point, Charlie, yes, there was bad judgment, but is there sometimes a gray area if you have two adults? I don’t know the answer to that is the answer No, because he holds power over her because she’s a vendor of the university. Some people may say that’s it. Full stop.

Indeed. Do you know, did he have a reputation for this beforehand?

I don’t know

That you don’t cover the

Part. I’m not out there on a regular basis. I would not know

That. Would you think the guy’s going to coach again, let’s say it goes down the way I,

Yes, I do. I think normally what happens in these situations is somebody has a friend who gives ’em a job. Somebody makes them a defensive backs coach or a coordinator or something along those lines. Normally there’s a soft landing for coaches with somebody that they know at a different place, and then they try to rehab their image. These are not great details to hold a press conference and say you’re hiring somebody with more details still to come. But I think normally we have seen guys that have gotten another opportunity. As I said, it’s a buddy system that is out there and they end up on somebody else’s staff. We’ve seen guys that have rehabbed themselves on Nick Haven staff, but well, Bobby Petrino, we’re different. These are different sorts of charges than what we’re dealing with here. So the answer is, I think so. I think he’ll coach again. I think he’ll get an opportunity. I don’t know that it’ll be a head coach again. I don’t know that that press conference is one that people want to have, but again, this still has to play out. Interesting. We still have to see ultimately how this whole thing ends up and what the story is before we can apply it to where he goes from

Here. Let me do this. I want to ask you the question. You too, mark and Karen, check this one out. Dan, he told you about Tucker’s future career. Do you think this affects her career?

And that’s what I was going to ask in terms of does this now make her, because what

Does she do for a career

Though? Well, she’s a survivor advocate or rape victim advocate. So she’s going around to universities, talking to athletes so that they are conscious and aware about their behavior and the implications it has on females or women. But my thing is that does this help her emerge as a savior based on her platform? Or do people now look at her suspiciously because of the unanswered questions surrounding her accusations?

Do you want her around? Yeah.

Do you want her around? Does it make it like, eh, I don’t know. Because I would only assume that he would not have used this incident on the phone as the opportunity to test the waters with her. He somehow felt like it was okay. I mean, you have to have that conversation and people don’t want to say it, but did I know, but I just don’t think that that was the first time that he would venture out to test the temperature of whether or not that type of behavior was acceptable to her. I just don’t.

Alright, so Dan, let do, let

Dan said, I don, don’t care what you think or say.

Dan’s interested. I got it. Dan knows you’re a smart woman.

Now, I’m

Just finally just on the culture of college football, Dan. I mean, it’s not just Michigan State. Even though the governor wants to come out, and I’m a survivor and I want answers. I mean, you’re the governor. You can get the answers. But we had this bullshit go on at the University of Michigan. We had this go on at Penn State. We had this go on at Ohio State. There’s things going on at Northwestern. Is the state of college football basically so rotten or is this the historic


Culture of college football? Just that the world’s changed in the way we communicate.

I think there’s some of that, Charlie, but again, we’re naming several universities out of how many hundred that have big time sports. And look, we have a cultural problem with people and sexual aggression and sexual assault and things like that. It’s not just a college problem is it may more amplified on a college campus where you have young people, alcohol opportunity and things like that. Yeah, it probably is because you have a concentration there of people that might be involved in something like that. So I do think it’s something

I’m not, but brother, but brother, I wasn’t talking about the student body. What I’m talking

About, I’m not bringing it back to these are

Nassar was an adult, Anderson was an adult. Joe Paterno and his staff, those were adults. That’s what I’m talking about.

I think where you have people in a place of power. You have situations like this that can arise where you don’t have, look, I think each of those requires a conversation because there were checkpoints along the way where those situations could have been stopped and they weren’t. So do we have a problem? Yes, but the problem isn’t always just with the perpetrator. The problem sometimes can be with the system that’s in place that people do not fully utilize their power to stop these situations. It’s so fucked up. If people knew about the situation at Penn State, which we know that they did and didn’t do anything about it because they were scared of the power of football and the power of Joe Paterno or Paterno himself, then that’s problematic. It goes deeper than the awful person that did all of this. We are supposed to have people that help keep other people safe. And if you don’t do that, if you just allow these things to happen tangentially because you don’t do anything about it or directly because you don’t do anything about it, then that’s a different problem. You have people that do it and people that enable them because they don’t do their job.

Here’s my neat segue. Let’s get to pro football. Some good news, Dan. Now. That’s why I

Thought I was here,

Man. That’s what I thought. You were here too. You wake up one day and what the fuck’s going on? Okay. But anyway, you handled that very well. You’ve been the voice of the Detroit Lions since 2005.


Now, I did a little research. I don’t have the stat guys like you have up in the booth. And since 2005, I’m assuming you’ve not missed a game.

I’ve not.

Wow. Wow. That’s okay. So that would be 293 games, including the playoffs. 293, Dan. Now they won 108 of those and lost 185. Now

I’m not doing the math. I’ll trust you.

That is the worst record in football except for the Cleveland Browns who actually won a playoff game. So that is the worst stretch in pro football. And the only thing constant about the Detroit Lions in that time is you.

I didn’t know where you were going, but thanks for landing the plane on my head.


Oh yeah. I guess. Look, I’m still there and they still got to a fighting chance. So look, if I got to take that on my shoulders, I’ll take that on my shoulders. I think Rod Marelli blamed me on the way out. I think that’s what happened. No, look, yes, I’ve been the constant, but I haven’t made very many decisions where football is concerned.

Yeah, but just to fluff you up a little bit, I do a lot of traveling. I’m on that serious, except you are not. I know you, but you are the best in the business. You’re the best voice on radio. There’s just no doubt, Dan, don’t say anything. I just wanted to say that. But

Everybody knows that it’s true. I told you about my airline encounter. I always tell you about that with Dan Miller. I said, I was from Detroit, and the guy said, do you know Dan Miller? And he just went on and on and on.

It’s like the Ben Scully of pro football.

So people recognize respect and appreciate you all across the country. So know that.

I appreciate that. Ive gone from being, I’ve the problem to being something good. I appreciate that. That’s a big swing here in five minutes. Now,

Having said that, out of every three games you’ve watched the Lions play, they’ve lost two of them. And that’s got to be hard. You really excited this year? How much should we believe the hype? I mean, they went in Kansas.

No, I’m excited. Look, this is a good team. This is a good team with a good roster and a good coaching staff and a good general manager and an owner that has put the right people in place. What you have to do now, and I said this at the top of the game on Thursday night, I said, it’s been a great off season. People think the Lions have a good gm. Think they have a good head coach, think they have a good owner. And you know what that means right now? Nothing. Because you have to now go out and do it on the field. All these bouquets that people have been throwing at the lions, and I’m not saying it’s not great, it is great because they’re recognizing what they’re doing. But these are the same people that are going to tell you how bad you are if you don’t win games.
So not to minimize what’s been done in any way, shape or form, because there’s good people in place doing a good job, but it’s got to pay off. Now on the field, Dan Campbell and the players be the first ones to tell you they haven’t done anything. They haven’t made the playoffs, they haven’t won a playoff game. So everything that they need to do is in front of them. But the decisions that they’ve made to get them to this point, to build a roster that looks good, to build a roster that has depth and to put a team out there that people believe in is good work. Because if you don’t do that, then we’re just back where we were before where it’s a house of cards and you’re just hoping, well, if this happens and this happens, they might be able to win. No, you’re not like that anymore. Now they’ve set the bar at, if they play like they’re capable of playing, there’s no reason this team can’t win a division, get a home playoff game. Things that we haven’t done since they moved to Ford Field.

How much of this is Dan Campbell? Is it just a hundred percent Dan and everybody buying into him?

Well, I think it is Dan and Brad working together, and I think it’s the culture that Sheila Han put into place. I mean, I give her a lot of credit when she took over. She could have just hired people when she fired Patricia and Quinn. She could have just said, okay, there’s a good general manager. There’s a good head coach. And I credit her and Rod Wood and Mike Diner and Chris Spielman. When they brought him in, they did more than that. They took a look at the organization and they realized, now I’m going to give you my editorial comments here, that it was fractured. That there were a lot of people that didn’t feel like they were a part of something, that there were a lot of people that had kind of been left aside by the previous regime that only made it seem like the people within the football department counted.
You can’t win like that. You have to find some way to bring value to everybody up and down the organization. And before she did anything, she put that into place that that was going to be the way that they conducted business on a daily basis. Then she went out and got guys that live that life that make sure that people feel valued. And that’s from Brad Holmes to Dan Campbell to Chris Spielman. And those guys have been three really intricate pieces within the organization. So it’s a long way of saying no, it’s not just Dan Campbell, it’s everybody that’s around him. He’s a big part of that and certainly he’s the face of it and the voice of it, but it’s the people that they have working together there, the word that they use is collaborating, which truly is a collaboration there of everybody in the organization that has brought this thing together. It’s sets the table for being successful and sets the table for winning. What they have to do now is go on the field and do it.

Lemme ask you this inside that building, inside that football team and inside your head, what are the expectations? Because lots expected from the public, and I hear this from fans, man, if we can just win that first home playoff game and I say, what’s wrong with you motherfucker? That’s like an astronaut saying, if I could just get to Gary, Indiana is the expectation the Super Bowl?

I mean, that’s ultimately the expectation. Yeah, no doubt about it. You’re not just in this thing to get to the playoffs. You’re not just in this thing to win your second playoff game since 1957 and say, yay, we finally did it. No, this is about ultimately winning the Super Bowl. Now is this team capable of doing that this year? We’re in week two of 18 weeks, so I mean there’s a lot that has to happen. A lot of things over injuries and there’s a lot of things, but no, but look, I think this team is capable of competing with anybody in this league, but you showed it, but they have to go out and prove it. Yeah, they did, but you have to go out and prove it, and I hate it’s not a cop out. It is just what you are on paper ultimately is only a projection and a possibility.
But what you are ultimately on the field is what defines you, and that’s why I keep saying it. I’ve come back to this 150 maybe thousand times during the off season is just go do it. Just go do it. Everything’s in place now. Now it’s time to take it off paper and put it in the standings and on the field and all that. What are my expectations? This team should win the N F C North in my mind. They should have a home playoff game in my mind, talk to me about the rest of it when I see what they look like. But going in right now, they have less questions in the Bears. They have less questions in the Packers, less questions than the Vikings. I think the Bears, excuse me, the Vikings and Packers are going to be pretty good. I don’t think this is going to be a cakewalk by any means. I think the bears still have some issues, but I do think the lions right now are the best team in the division. Now they got to prove it.

I think the lions wouldn’t deal what they had to do, which is they had to improve that defense and it looks good. So I think is the key of all keys to play a golf The quarterback. Yeah,

But I mean, I think we found out last year that Jared is part of the complete puzzle. This team’s built around their offensive line and we found out last year that if you run the ball, Jared’s a heck of a play action passer and the numbers bear that out and they went out and added, gives and added laporta to the guys that were already here like Amman, rah and Khali and Josh Reynolds and bringing in Marvin Jones and guys like that. So yes, your quarterback, it’s the most important position in all of sports, but sometimes it’s what you do to allow that quarterback to succeed and allow that court and put him in a position to succeed that dictates just how good he is at that most important position in all the sports. I think it’s cost. So that’s part of it.

I think it’s cost. That’s

Part of it, but it’s also, is your defense good enough to not make him score 35 points a game to win, which is kind of where they were last year. I think certainly this team this year on paper and based on what we saw in Kansas City looks like a better defense. That in and of itself makes Jared’s golf easier, makes Jared’s job easier, and makes Jared a better player.

Okay, finally, the u a w strike is in seven hours, apparently six.

I don’t know what they’re doing in the control. You know how that works.

Take us out on that. Which prognostication on the u a w versus the big three? Any projections for this game?

I mean it is. The

Fords kickoffs the seven hours and 50 seconds away.

Listen man, you already had me talking about something I wasn’t ready for. I’m definitely not going there.

You’re a specialist. We general news guys got to know everything. Listen Dan, really thanks for the time, man. If there’s ever an extra ticket or two, you got my number, you know what I mean? The lions made me mad my whole life. I wanted to get some tickets, but I just can’t be. Charlie can lead. I

Don’t know. Dude, you were telling me about your behavior in the press box before we went on. I’m not sure. I’ll

Want you with my guest. They’ll let you in. Charlie,

I take the end zone baby. Alright, Dan Miller, voice of the Lions and director of sports at Fox two News. Thanks man. Have a great season.

Appreciate you guys. Thank you.

Thanks, Dan. I bought club level seats years ago and I just gave up. I said, this is a waste of money, so I got rid of ’em. Well, now you got to get ’em back. Nope, don’t want to do, I do say this though. Dan Campbell at least looks like a football coach. Matt, Patricia just didn’t give me me football coach vibes because I’m not a football person. I’m just telling you from that. I’m like, dude, you don’t look like you should be a coach.

You know who gives me all things internet surveillance?

I would say xg communications,

Man. They give me those vibes. Well, you know when it rains, the power goes out and when the power goes out, the internet goes out. When the internet goes out, I call my friend Matt and Bernie at XG Service Group. Look at Bernie here on his hands and knees, giving it everything he’s got. Look at that man crack so busy. He forgot to wear a belt. There’s Matt right there getting the board together. That’s 7 3 4 2 4 5 4100. If you need Matt and Bernie to come take care of your voiceover internet, your security cameras off campus, access control, wifi, and cameras for homes and business, they’ll design it for you. You got restaurants. They do drive-through systems, railroad cameras for public safety, total wireless camera systems for your home and business. Yeah, that’s right. Call xg services at (734) 245-4100. You know what? When it rains a little bit, the power goes out. We kind of told you the power goes out. We told you that the electric future can’t be the future if you’re not taking care of the present. Let me just take you back to Pauly, the power guy. We had to, he’s very, very up there. Are we ready? What are you doing for G? What

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Did I just break the Emmy? Are we ready for GM and Ford to be all electric by 2030? Do we have in America the capacity to generate and deliver electricity?

Absolutely not. We’re not even close. We’re not even close to being ready for that.

What do you mean? So tell us what is needed and then tell us why we don’t have it.

Well, we need to be able to take care of the demand that we have now and look what’s happening in California. They’re having rolling blackouts because it got a little warm out and they’re going to mandate that everybody drives an electric car, which is going to add to that demand. So what we have to do is beef up our infrastructure, electrical infrastructure before we add the demand.

What’d you do? Give it there. There’s your t-shirt anyway. Do

I have to give it back? No,

It’s an extra long. We’re in the middle of a bit. We’re in the middle of a bit now. Okay, I’m sorry. Oh look. Karen’s got her shirt. Look,

I got my shirt.

Look at that. Yay. You got it. Do you want one that says Charlie Duff?

Sure. I’ll wear your name on my body. Where is it? Hey, wait a minute.

It’s right here in my pants. I’ll call you later.

Wait, wait, hold on. We don’t want any issues. Charlie,

You’re not a contractor. No. Listen now. Okay, so Pauly, the power guy,

Paul Lee. I like Paul Lee.

I’m loving this show because man, we’re everything regular people way, but we do the work. So Paul is the power guy. Told you a year and a half, two years ago when all of these prognostications and demands of the auto companies and the appliance makers were going all electric. Paul who’s got very much to do with your electricity, says it ain’t going to happen. Right, right, right. You looked it up. And Ford is going to go all electric by


2035. So in 12 years, all electric. We’ll get to that. Here’s our dummy, dumb dumb Secretary of energy, Jennifer Granholm, and you all know it in Michigan. You all know it because she was our governor and they spent hundreds of millions, billions of dollars for alternative energy before she scampered out of here. And we have no battery plants. The windmill companies went broke. So here’s the new performative. Can I take that word? Yes you can. Here’s bonus time. Go ahead. Click to donate. What

Queue? Got

To hit the Q? Yeah, got to hit the Emmy. Well, not yet.

Not yet.

Jenny decides. You know what? We’re going to get on the ground with the regular. We’re here on the ground. Here on the ground is like where regular people live. You’re on safari, you know what I mean? We’re here in this Erren Getty. She’s in an ivory tower. We’re here.

She’s Jenny from the

Block, and she’s going to take the electric vehicle on a cross. Well not cross country, cross state. She’s can go from North Carolina to Tennessee, four


500 miles, four days like the vehicle to tell you how great this is going. Four days. She’s not talking to Paul Lee, the power man. We’re talking to Paul Lee, the power man. She is doing selfies and go ahead. She’s followed by not no bullshit NewsHour, but N P R. Okay,

You got to hit the Emmy.


Hey everybody. Here on the ground in North Carolina, we’re starting our summer road trip of talking about the investments in America. As a result of the president’s investing in America agenda. We’ll be taking electric vehicles on this road trip and very excited to point out all of the investments that are happening, creating jobs, especially in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Follow along.

Gosh darn

Darn. That’s stupid. When we get to Memphis beds, we’re going to have

Some barbecue. Then of course N P R. You pick an N P R for a reason because they sock. They do. Well just get it’s knee padd journalism,

Right? Hard. Well, that’s why they went

On the trip. That’s why they went on the trip. Even N P R couldn’t turn down. What happened? Alright, it takes on a supercharger, it takes four hours. I don’t know what there is to do and there’s not enough superchargers. So they get there, but Jenny’s not there yet. So one of the staff in a gas vehicle, and remember her security’s driving around in a gas suburban in case there’s actually an emergency and we need to get somewhere and we can’t trust the electric vehicle. They basically, it’s sort of like when you get a parking spot, like you got somebody, oh, go stand there and I’ll go around the corner, right?

Put a chair

There. So they put a gas guzzler in there and then there’s a family from Georgia with a little baby in the back and it’s really hot and they’re like stepping on. They’re holding it for Jenny. And then the family gets so mad to call the police. And even N P R can’t resist a good story and it’s a fucking embarrassment. Doesn’t work. I mean, I’m for clean energy, don’t get me wrong, but this is no way to run the richest, most mobile population in the world.

No, it’s not. That’s how it’s done. And that’s not how it’s going to be done. It shouldn’t be done that way.

Now here’s the thing. Hit the donate button. I’m here to talk about the president that nobody’s going to vote for it. Do you believe actually, if Biden and Trump get there, Trump’s going to win?

I do. And that’s not a mat. That’s not an endorsement or any sort. I really do. I think people are quietly disappointed. Even people in the Democratic party with Biden. And I think that people would pull away from participating, but Trump’s base is energized and they want to see vengeance. They want want some type of return on what they feel was a loss.

Even though I just say it’s so exciting, people are going to vote. I just think that it’s exciting. We can elect a president who’s going to be in prison or we can elect a walk-in corpse. I mean, it’s like I’m voting.

Those are our options and I think that that’s going to keep a lot of people away. But I do think that Trump’s base is energized. I do. Oh yeah.

Now having said that, okay, president’s investments and nothing and nobody can even afford these things and the government’s got to give you 10 grand, even entice you to buy it. This is the c e o of Ford. Is it Matt Farley? Jim Farley. Jim Farley. Wait a minute. That’s his brother Chris. I think it’s it. His cousin. Cousin. I think. Oh, we got all that straight. Chris

Farley is his

Cousin. Yeah. Once you see that, you can’t unsee it. When you

Hear him talk, Chris Farley’s his cousin, and they’re all a joke. They’re all a fucking joke. Both big fat guys doing Pratt Falls.

Right? You got to hit the Emmy for the, there

You go. Maybe if I hit it enough, it’ll straighten back out. Oh my God. I get the Jeep Regional Emmy. I see how this goes. Alright, so Chris, Jim. Jim. Jim Belushi. Yes. Okay. Jim Belushi, the c e o of four. Chris Belushi. Jim Farley. Fuck him, man. It’s the guy making too much money running the company in the ground, making bad investments to get stockholder share prices up so he can get his bonuses. That’s what he’s doing. Now you said we looked it up by 2035. They said


A little bit ago before they laid off. All of my brothers and sisters around here decided to siphon all the money off the money maker, the gas engine in order for the electric motor. That ain’t working. Here he is with Brett bearer on Fox News. This is what he had to say.

Got to hit the Emmy.

It’s not working right in electric vehicles. Can you say that definitively?

Great question.

I think the way we see the market today is that there’s more and more electric vehicles offered to customers, but they’re just not willing to pay a premium for them. Some customers who have the right duty cycle, really interested approach premium that we see a year ago is not there today. And we’re going into the mass consumers who have a lot of charge anxiety. They don’t have range anxiety. They have charge anxiety. So you

Would be against the government mandate of any kind?

Well, I think the government is trying to work on c o two reduction. We’ve as the company with the most auto workers in the us, we talk deeply about their vision and our vision for EVs. We think EVs could be 30, 40, 50% of our business. We just don’t actually know. Brett.

Oh, 30, 40, 50. I thought it was a hundred.

I’m going to say from a communication perspective, very disappointing. As a leader, as a person in charge, that was not very impressive.

You know what I’m looking for? What? I’m looking for an electric van that I can live in down by the river. What a dope. You’re a dope. You kind

Of reminds me of jetro. Ine a little.

My God. You mind me of his cousin?

Exactly. That’s I can’t, you got to do, you got to do a split screen at some point.

Okay, let’s do the news though. No bullshit news. Did you hear the c e o of Ford just after a year where they went almost 5 billion in the hole on EV that nobody’s buying that Polly, the power man told you we can’t charge anyway, that dumb, dumb grand home dries around trying to get some free pub and it blows up in her face. These are the people leading. This makes no fucking sense. And GM made record profits. Ford made near record profits. Old, what is his name? Jimbo.


Jim. I got it. Oh, Jimbo over here. Just got his compensation jacked up around $20 million. Mary Barra over here getting hers jacked up to $30 million. You a de goes on strike. You pay him. We had Bob King on here. We know what the cost of labor is, right? And not even 5% of the damn vehicle. You made record profits and you made everybody eat shit. So if this is the last hurrah, by the way, it’s not the last hurrah. We’re not going to electric vehicles. I don’t know. That’s not the future. The future watch Toyota Hybrid is the future. I will drive a hybrid, right? Let me commute on electricity. I did

Drive a hybrid. I loved it. Loved it. It was

Great. What was it?

Lincoln? M K Z.

And what happened to that?



It. The lease was up. You know what? I think they did discontinue. I think they got rid of all those small vehicles.

Geez, this reminds me when Mark’s


Luxury, Chrysler went bankrupt. Right? And I knew the security that had to follow the seat. They didn’t really have any good electric vehicles, but they’re driving to Washington and the security followed in a gas car in case they had to get ’em out of there. Just look around,


And then they flew home in Jets and they weren’t electric jets.

I want to stop, fill up my tank and go about my business. I don’t want to go somewhere. Look for plug. Plug up my, I just don’t want to do that.

Well, speaking of plugs, A D r overseeing more than a quarter of million, billion dollars in public construction projects. You got trouble with the government, you got trouble with your bottom line, you got trouble with the help. Get it done right on time, on budget. Get somebody that can help you manage your project before you lose your ass. It’s Barry Ellentuck at a d r. Ethical Smart, and getting it done on budget. On time. 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4. And I got so much anxiety, so much. I’m having trouble sleeping.

Oh, I got a solution for you.

What do you

Have next?

What about ’em? What is that and what do you mean?

They’re C, B, D gummies. But the sleep has melatonin in it. So it’ll put you out. C B

D meaning an extract from cannabis.

You got it.

No tt a

Ctc. It’s got a ameliorated. Exactly.

Said Have you been eating gummies? Charlie?

Well almost hit that button. Donate. Donate to the weeded fund. But these products are not weeded. These products are the natural extracts from cannabis that can help you with your anxiety feelings that can help you with your trouble sleeping. They have a stress complex. They have a sleep complex. Stay well going into the fall. I didn’t know how I felt today. I love the light. I love the snap. Right? I am not sure I know what’s coming on. I sleep well at night. The windows open. Then you’ve got to close the windows.

That’s why you sleep

Well. And the cabbages are starting to curl. It’s all really good. Is that

A euphemism?

No, just stay. Well go to next Evo naturals. N E X T Get a 25% off discount and a free bottle of the premium. Pure C B D. It’s a $50 value. You only get one. Don’t be like that.

But they do send it to you. See, that’s something a lot of people don’t do. They promise you an add-on and then you don’t get it. You get it. It comes.

Okay. Thanks for the plug. For U p s.

No, it They

Got a raise. No,


Sent, they got a raise. Come on with it. Oh, by way. Oh, you’re going to get nailed, man. I believe what they’re going to do is, I think it’s the first time in history they’re going to strike all of, they’re

Going to all three. That’s what Sean, what is his last name? Fi Fine. That’s what he said. That they’re going to do all, I guess they’re going to stagger, but they’re going to do all three.

Oh, well, I called ’em my sources. Sources over here reading the New York Post Times. No, what’d they say? That’s what I’m hearing from the inside. What?

Well, that they’re going to strike you at the same time.

They’re going to hit ’em all.

Yeah. And then the teamster said they’re not going to deliver any new ones.

It’s going to be a mess. This guy working man strikes

Guy. This guy is either a psycho or he’s a genius, but I love his negotiation approach

And else is a genius.


This guy from New York Fashion Week, Karen said, there’s a guy New York Fashion Week’s going on and one of us, just a regular dude thought it’d be funny. So he puts on some salmon, pink Bermuda shorts, puts on a granny, a bathing cap, takes his shirt off, puts a clear garbage bag over himself, jumps on the runway and walk saunters down. Saunters. And they’re all believing it. All those assholes in the fashion press, they’re all taking snaps.

How gullible we

Are. Charlie, I know you can’t hear it. If you can’t hear it, just go to like YouTube. No BSS NewsHour. Put in Charlie Lauff. We put clips on social media on Twitter. Charlie Lauff or Facebook. I don’t even fucking look at Facebook anymore. I’m sorry if my mom doesn’t. I don’t. But let’s play that with some sound

At this guy. They’re

Loving it and they’re taking pictures. He’s

Getting applause.

Here comes security after security. Got rid of him pretty quick. I mean,

To the guy’s credit, he didn’t swing back. He wasn’t doing the center field. I bought it. He’s like, okay, take me out.

Yeah, the security out.

Karen, stop it. No, we’re in the middle of something. I

Know. I’m asking Grace to tell Kirby’s at the airport. I’m asking her to

Tell. Please. Please. Okay, please. We’re in the middle of something. Nope. No, I’m not taking, can you take

This for me please? Oh

God, man.

Can you do,

That’s inappropriate.

I’m sorry. My daughter’s out of town. I want to make sure she’s okay. Go ahead. Span my hand. I wanted to make sure she was okay. She’s traveling, so I apologize. She probably thought we’d be done by now. Okay, so let’s get back to the fashion thing. You quit.

I do.

You finish it.

I don’t know what’s left, Charlie. Okay. No, we got to sew Charlie’s Charlie, come

Back. Well, if you thought that guy was good, you haven’t seen anything yet. Okay.

I’m wearing a rubber suit with a pair of stocking stuffed down the front. I descend the staircase

And wait, is that laughter?

Are they laughing at me? No. Wait. They love me. Yes. It’s laughter of love. I’m fabulous. I am decadent. I’ve gone by the metro sexual and crossed over into Ziggy Stardust clothes. Don’t make the man. It’s the man who makes the clothes.

And that guy, he did not need to be

Pushed off the first guy sauntered. But Charlie sachet, there’s

A difference. I watched the whole thing. Charlie took walking lessons. He did the whole modeling thing. It’s actually a really good piece. But yeah,

And his outfit wasn’t bad

Either. New York Fashion Week is so weird. I know. So weird. I don’t get it.

So is that the show?

That is the show? Yeah. All

Right. Well Mark, thank you Charlie. Thank you. We’ve got to go find him.

There he is right there. There’s the Emmy. All right. Emmy will take the place.

Boy, what happened? What’d you do?

What’s going on?

We wrapped up the show. You told us to wrap up the show.

I just had to go to the bathroom. Oh, I

Didn’t know that you walked out and said I quit.

No, I said it a piss. Oh,

I thought you, you said I quit. I’m sorry.

You this fantastic male model that walked the catwalk though.

He sate.

Did you guys

We did play it. Yeah. Yeah, we

Played. We talked

About You took all the lessons.

Did you see that bulge in my pants? No,

We did not.

Oh, did I ever?

I didn’t look,

I didn’t look fetish rubber. I

Did not

Look. What color would you call that Cape?

Royal blue.

Royal blue. I thought it was Panta

Teal kind of thing. No,

It’s not teal.

Look at that fetish rubber. I look good. I look like Adam, man.

Yeah, you do. David loves.


And look at they love me. And

Look at New York

Loves. Did you see that? Did

You see the sexual and crossed over into,

So did you go to finishing


Willie Ninja. Willy Ninja Paris is burning if you, okay. I don’t the whole talk about transgenderism and all of this. It is so famous. It is about fashion, New York. But at that time it wasn’t. It was gay. Just gay, gay life. And it was people of color. Right. And it’s really,

Paris is burning. Is that what

It is? It’s called Paris is Burning. And I asked Willie. Willie gave me the runway. Well,

He taught you well.

And I said to Willie, I go, you keep saying people of color, why isn’t it colored people anymore? You know what he said? It’s more elegant.

Oh, okay.

That’s a really understood man,

I guess.

Okay. Extra syllable. But it sounds way It’s all good. Better man. Yeah,

It does. It doesn’t sound.

And he passed away.


And as a friend of mine, Willie Ninja,

You’ve had a very colorful life, Charlie.

I’ve had a very life of color.

Life of color. I didn’t see you had a colored life, say colorful. Today’s show was, Hey, we had bonus content and extra bonus content. That was good.

It was. It’s nice hanging with you this week. You did. I was pretty proud. That’s pretty smart. Pretty smart

Show. No, sounds was good. Thank you. Mark.

Stick up for yourself, man. Grace

For the past.

Don’t let him tell you. How did it go from the nineties? Where was it? Hey, motherfucker, don’t do what they tell you to. Hey motherfucker, you better do what they tell you.

That’s a good question.

Think about that. See you next week. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

There’s more. Oh,

Okay. Eat your heart out, Miller.

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