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A mentally ill woman and her two children, wrapped in bed sheets, freeze to death in a vacant lot.
Meanwhile, bureaucrats with the Michigan State Health Department refuse to acknowledge if the troubled woman was known to them.
The Sheriff calls for more mental health help.
The bureaucrats refuse to acknowledge him, too.
Either way, you know they’re cashing their paychecks.
Other news you should know that the media is not covering.
— The Biden Administration is faking the latest numbers on illegal immigration over the southern border.
— The U.S. Supreme Court has accepted the case of an Oakland County woman who had her home seized by the government for $900 in back taxes. The county sold the house for $300,000 and pocketed the difference.
— Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido apologizes for his tweet of an uplifting message from Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
— Jackson, MI school board member Kesha Hamilton stands by her statement that “whiteness is so evil.
— Who wore it better? Michael Jackson, Kaitlin Jenner, Gretchen Whitmer, or “George Santos”?
— The No BS Newshour’s interview with Chris Cuomo goes viral.
— And Ali, the owner of the infamous Lafayette Coney Island, is struck by a car as he goes to dump his restaurant’s trash in a nearby alley.
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