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Attorney General Dana Nessel is at it again. It seems Madam Nessel threw a tantrum after a state senator called her out for accepting grotesquely expensive holiday junkets to the Caribbean Islands.

Hearing of this, Nessel demanded an apology, insisting that she paid her own freight for the $8,600 a night penthouse in Turks and Caicos that she shared earlier this year with her wife, a prominent attorney and the attorney’s partner.

The concierge at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton resort, however, told me that the tab – which included copious bottles of sweating champagne – was picked up not by Nessel, but rather by the law firm of her gal pal.

The weak-kneed senator apologized. He ought not have.

As we all know, Nessel has an estranged relationship with the truth. Rather than browbeat elected officials, Nessel should simply release her bank statements, which would put an end to the matter. It is, after all, the public’s right to know.

Update — The house freedom caucus introduced articles of impeachment against Nessel Related to her interference in the investigation of her friend, and the abuse of a brain damaged elderly woman

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