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Thoughts and Prayers require more than thoughts and prayers, says Pastor Barry Randolph of the Church of The Messiah, located on Detroit’s rough and tumble East Side.

If we want to defeat poverty, or gun violence, or social rot, it requires more than preaching, says the preacher. It all requires action. So while politicians pose for pictures, and the media cranks a panicked bubble machine, Pastor Barry creates a social center where no other exists.

An Easter message of uplift. And true prayers for Louisville this morning.
Plus — the Detroit Tigers suck. Time to sell the club Chrissy.

Get me walking around with a Crown Royal bag over my face. That’s what you want to let us the

Bullshit. Woo.

Woohoo. Mike, are we rolling?

Breaking this?

This isn’t free roll

Bullshit. Double more bullshit.

I mean, we’re on the air. Why don’t you tell us, dude, mark goes for one lousy vacation in Disneyland world. No more Disney for you, mark.

An all hell break loose.

Yeah, we’ll keep this truncated. Want to welcome in the Deuce Vinny, Vinny guns over there. Mike number two, who’s sitting in for Mark? And that’s Matt. That’s Bernie’s kid over there. That’s the guy you should call it. (734) 245-4100 XG Services group. That’s the guy. What do you do over there, bro? A little bit of everything. Get into Micing. Hurry up, do your own commercial.

Put me on the spot.

Yeah, hurry up.

Yep. We do network security camera systems. Anything you need custom fit to your needs for the price you needed at pretty much anything with technology in your business. Really. Yeah,

Anything. And you do the, also, you know, do the drive through sandwich boards, the cameras, right? Yep, for sure. Your

Right to order confirmation boards. I mean pretty much anything you could use in your quicker restaurant

As McDonald’s taking his shit. So is Burger King, what are you going to do now?

Oh, fill in the blank. Focus on Starbucks. I guess




Thinking there. That was very good. Yeah. I mean for him, because I know you’re young, but most of the time you ask people what do they do? And they stutter and he jumped right in, answered the question. He knows what he’s doing. I know, but that’s great though for him to have that level of comprehension and ability to communicate

It. He, he’s got a new that


That’s he’s got a

New, you deserve a raise. Tell your dad you need a raise.

He got a new bag. Railroad crossings. They set up the cameras in the triggers and in the

Web. And not until we start talking to them that I realize they were cameras in the menus in your drive-through. So now every time I’m going through Starbucks, I’m smiling. So they’ll think I’m

Nice. Not anymore at McDonald’s because there’s nobody to throw a hot coffee on when they fuck up your order.

Nope, you’re

Right. Anyway, look, we happy Easter Monday, everybody. We want to bring you something positive because everything seems so negative. So we wanted to go positive, wanted to bring some uplifts. We were accused to be a negative. We are. But we know beautiful people. Pastor Barry from the Church of the Messiah on the east side here, a man who actually really does things but is a counterweight as we speak. Six dead and six injured in a Louisville, Kentucky bank. It’s another one. Right. So my thoughts on that were not thoughts and prayers. My thought is how it works. We have a mass shooting, then we have a media circus, then we have thoughts and prayers. Then the politicians trot out there and have thoughts and prayers and then all kinds of ideas. We need to do something. There’s a gun debate between them. Then there’s a gun debate online. Nothing changes. We wait for the next one and then we wash, we rinse, we repeat and we wait.

And don’t forget the memorial. You got to inject that in there. There’s always, that’s

Where you’ll find the politicians. Yep,


So been working all the I I’m making you a promise. This is Michigan. We have Oxford. We have Lansing. I’m on that. You’re going to be surprised what I’m finding. I’m going to give it to you in real time. Let me finish with what I found. It never had to happen. It did not have to happen. It’s kind of outrageous. And I’ll give you this clue. It’s just like any big county, Wayne County, Ingram County. It doesn’t happen in LA County, it doesn’t happen in Manhattan County. But they’re just waving people through. It’s waving them through what could we

Do? Assembly line of justice.

But people are, and I don’t want to use the term lazy, I will say overburden, but that’s what you sign up to do. And just to push it through because it’s the easier option is a disservice to the people that you serve. Well it’s it doesn’t, not serving your position. It

Is Bo It is that. It’s more than that. It’s like what are we funding here? Yeah, that’s the money. What are we doing? Okay, we’re giving a billion dollars to a Jaap, a Chinese battery company. What Kim Morey’s been on this show, how clogged Wayne County courts are. They’re three years behind. Wow. Three. They’re just waving it through.


Never, there are laws.

Well they never won. Recovered from the pandemic that slowed the

Course. It was fucked up before the pandemic. And

They went That’s right. It was fucked up before

The pandemic. That became the scapegoat.

And it’s getting so bad. I don’t know if y’all recall the incident with the three murder suspects in Florida that the sheriff caught heat because he posted their pictures and he went on TV and said, look, y’all keep hollering about gun laws. He made a controversial statement, but we got the laws. They’re not being enforced on the other levels.

Talking point, I mean talking point. That’s true. We got some issues. Just we’re armed of the teeth and Ms. U’s different because in the case of U, the gunman was known to law enforcement. The gunman was convicted of a gun charge and yet he’s still able to pick up weapons. You see what I’m saying? Yeah. That this case is so noxious and yet so interesting. And we just moved right on by.

And Charlie, at what point, because you’ve got your defense and your prosecution sides of an issue or a law, at what point does a person, they’re not defending the person’s rights, but they’re actually looking to navigate to let somebody that’s obviously guilty off. I mean, that’s a very gray area to me.

Well, with what we have to do in my opinion is hold the opinion, get the facts and like plea bargain page. You know what I mean? Former attorney generals. Let’s get set what we know here because it was again, the mass shooting, the media circus, the vigil, the debate and thoughts and prayers and then a big nothing. So I’m not willing to let it go. We we’re going to go back and at least do one in our backyard because I don’t know what happened in Louisville. Was he robbing the bank? It turns out it was probably legal guns. It’s a guy that used to work at the bank or works at the bank. I don’t know how you stopped that, but the vast, these things are spectacular made for TV almost because you see how people react. Yeah. How many people were shot and killed in Detroit this weekend?

That’s a good question.

How many times those shooters came into contact with the criminal justice system, had a weapons charge, it disappeared. We didn’t do anything to take it away. Violate him. You no longer have that. Right. And if you do it again, then you got to do your time. Why aren’t we building minimum security facilities minimum, where you go out and you’re picking up trash and you now know we’re serious because there’s nothing more serious than murder.

And where’s the accurate account of shootings here in the city of Detroit? You don’t know You, you’re guessing or I think there were two kids that were shot this weekend. I don’t know if they were fatalities.

Five year old in

Critical. Yeah. I don’t know. There were at least two children that were shot this weekend and

Nobody was out there to shoot the kid. You see what I’m saying? Yeah. It’s a mass shooting. Yep, you’re right. But we’re not discussing it. No, this one.

But this that goes against the narrative here. That, and I always say then that’s why that’s always, it’s suppressed because it contradicts what they want you to believe about this city. When we were downstairs waiting, I’m looking outside and I said even when this city was at a low point, there were people outside. There’s nobody out downtown.

But you’re saying this like it’s normalized


For the city. And if we’re not careful, I guess the complaint is it’s becoming normalized for these big spectacular, I don’t even know anybody involved with whom I just killed

Normalize and desensitized. We we’re just going through the motions.

So there is a debate for background checks. There’s a debate for what’s the criminal justice system. What are we doing? What I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what. Oh, by the way, we’re in the American Coney Island studios. It’s safe here. It’s clean here. It’s yummy here. It come to the city and feel part of the community. And it’s

Clean. Yes. I have to say this, Charlie, when I go places, I look at things and while we were downstairs, I’m looking around, there’s nothing abnormal. The bathrooms are spotless. But there was one telltale that lets you know just how clean it is. The air vents are clean now when you go into a facility, I did that. Okay, well to you, Charlie, you did a great job. But I’m saying that’s a big deal because people are cleaning. But the air vent, so the air vents are

Clean. If you go outside and look at the awnings, those

Are clean. The awnings are clean. Yeah. I’ll look at that downstairs.

If you notice the sidewalks are swept. Windows are clean on a regular basis. No tiles fall enough. But

Who wants to eat someplace where you’ve got dirty air blowing through the vents? I’m just saying it’s little things like that and people overlook that. And you can be in some of the nicest places, but if your air vents are dirty, that place is dirty.

You know what I’m doing tomorrow on my shift? What? It’s spring now. And they’re going to be transition from the heat to Right. You don’t need heat, but you don’t need air con Now it’s time to change the filters. The filters on the hvac. There you go. Right there.

Thank you. So see, now that’s what everybody should do in every area of responsibility, whether we’re talking law enforcement or we’re talking judicial system. Do what you’re supposed to do. Do the preventative things, right. Do the main things.

Did you just compare the American county island in Wade County Courthouse, everything. Nice trick, nice everything. I think she’s saying the Coney Island’s running a little bit better. Man. I’m

Saying everybody should do what they’re supposed to do. Don’t. Don’t kick the can. Don’t ignore your responsibility. Be proactive. Take care of things and do what you’re supposed to do. That’s

What I’m saying. All right. All right, we’re moving on now. I was, we’re moving on. I wasn’t caring to meet somebody I really respect in this town. Some somebody that’s a doer. Somebody on the east side. 48, 2 0 5, which has the moniker. 48 2 die.

That’s not oh

5 0 9.

He’s in oh seven.

He’s oh seven. Yes. Look at that. Karen didn’t work. East side. What’s four? Where’s four? Oh 2 0 5.

That’s west side.

No, and he’s in, he’s 48, 2 0 5. No. Yes, he is.

I Let’s bet.

Look it up. Uhoh.

Let’s look it up. That is not oh five.

Look it up

Charlie. I’m telling you, that’s zip


Detroit goes, it goes from 14 to oh seven to 26.

Where’s oh nine? Look it up. Come on. You’re just talking, but you’re not doing

Anything. I am. I’m Let’s go. I’m listening. Get up.


Keep talking. Don’t know why she looking that up though. Who is the young man you went to see her to

Meet? Well, she looking it up. Aint okay because she’s the one that went to see him. But it’s,


The pastor Barry Randolph at the Church of the Messiah? Right at the foot of Bell Isle. This is the spot of the neighborhood where people go to meet and people in need. People need internet. People need housing. Young men need someone to talk to help you find employment. Is it the Taj Mahal?

No. Oh seven, like I

Said, he’s in oh seven. Where’s, where’s 48? 2 0 5.

Okay, Charlie, I’m work for the post office, but

Okay. 40 0 2, 0 5 48. 2 0 9.

It’s west side. But I’m telling you, 48, 2 0 5. Yeah, I don’t have my glasses on there. Can’t see, see, but it’s,


Me see it. I’m tell 48 2 0 5 Detroit.

Yeah, that would be the east side. Karen, thank you very much. No, it’s VOR borders 48. 207. She says no, doesn’t, she puts it down. They don’t

Go. I

Can’t see it. It says Mira right there. But where’s Mira on the west side tell you how serious we are? That’s Karen. Just

No shit news for

God’s sakes, woman. Sometimes it’s just not accurate.

Okay, well Pastor Barry is in oh seven, like

I said, and he’s an og. Yes, he is the original disciple of God. Yes, he really is. He is. Right. And he had some time to hang with him. Yes. How would you, we’re going to hear the peace now. Okay. But


Charlie, what’d you say about the man?

I’d had the opportunity to meet him prior, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him. Heard a lot of good things about him. But he, in my opinion, defies what we’ve come to expect as religious leaders, especially in this city when we have more than 4,000 churches. He is serious, he’s passionate, he’s committed, and just all the things that any person that is in that position should be. And he’s doing, he’s focusing on changing lives, not dishing out promises.

Does not enrich himself.

He does not enrich himself. And I’m my column next, not this week, but next week is about him. And I have to tell you, no Mercedes, no diamonds. He’s missing a tooth. No suit. No suit. I mean he is a

Hole in the roof.

He’s a hole in the roof. I mean, but he talked about how Jesus didn’t mingle with the elite. He met and dealt with the least of the, and you just have to hear him speak.

I think we’re going to do that now. This is one of the real people offering real solutions, which is giving of yourself. That’s true. And thanks for doing this and happy Easter,

Pastor Barry Randolph. We are in one of approximately 4,000 churches in the city of Detroit. And if not the only one of very few who are actually doing something to address the problems that continue to feel like they’re on a loop in the city of Detroit. Housing, unemployment, crime under education, and just overall dismayed with who we are and where we are as a city. So thank you for your time. But let me ask you this, because we had a conversation once and you said nobody ever asked you this. How are you doing?

Nobody ever asked us. Don’t you Karen? I am good. I am fine. I’m overwhelmed, tired. Not in a bad way, but tired of this loop, tired of talk, tired of people talking about issues and not being able to do something about it. Ready to move and ready to see action. But I don’t want to just sit and wait for somebody to come save us. I believe the city of Detroit actually has everything it is that it needs. We got some of the most incredible people in this city. We just need to be activated to do the work that we need to do with no obstacles in the way.

So let’s talk about what makes you different. You don’t, don’t drive a mayock. Nope. You don’t have any jewelry. You’re not in a suit. Nope. You got on gym shoes and other than the University of Michigan cab,

I’ll have Michigan

State get your Michigan State cap. But what makes you different that shape the things that you’re doing because you’re addressing housing. You bring in young people as they are. Yes you are. You know, talked about being at a meeting the other day on homelessness when they would not let homeless people that you had speak. And as a re, you got up and walked out of the meeting. So who is Pastor Barry Randolph? What makes you who you are?

So let me say this. I never wanted to be a preacher. That was not my thing. I always believed that God existed. Church was not my thing. Being a preacher was not my thing. When I was called to do this, God literally had to call me. I had a burning bush experience. And he told me, go get my young people. And he told me to do church differently. I didn’t come to play church. I didn’t come to play with people lives. I came to make a difference. And when I die, I want to be able to say I’ve done the best job I possibly can with making a difference. The church don’t pay me. This is not a job. This is a call. I am called to make a difference in my community. I am called to make a difference with the people who come here and the young people, they don’t reject God, they just don’t like church.
And I just don’t understand why church just can’t change the way that they do things. We always say this, we always get people stuff. Say, yes, we want the young people, we want the young people. But if they walk in and they smell like weed, if they walk in and it had us backwards, if they walk in and the pants are sagging, we immediately would stop ’em at the door. We would say we would let ’em in. But would we really? And then if we were nice enough to allow them to come in, how would we look at them when they came in? Would we see a child of God? Would we see a human being? We profess that, but do we believe that? Would we show that? And I think that is the most important thing. You live in the city of Detroit. I live upstairs here, upstairs here.
I live in this building. I left my house. I left my job. I was so committed to this. God literally told me, do you have more faith than fear? Yes. And I’m like, Lord, because I couldn’t do my job and do this full. And this meant so much to me. And he knew that. And I’m like, Lord, this job is in my way. And he said, quit your job. Move into the building and do my work. And I said, Lord, if this don’t work, I’m going to be unemployed, homeless, and this is not going to turn out good. He said, do it anyway. Have more faith. The people in this community and in this church saw that that was like this fool now moved in the church. This fool quit his job, did this thing. And someone was like, we got to back him up because he’s stupid.
And it reminds me of a gospel reading that we were doing a couple weeks ago when Jesus was going back to Bethany. He was going back and he was going back because the spring Lazarus was dead. He was going back to see his family. And then the disciples said, wait a minute, Lord, why are you going back there? Those people, they just tried to kill you. Why are you going back? If you go back, you go die. And then Thomas looked at the rest of the disciples and said, let’s go die wedding. Because he foolish he going out there. And so we go die wedding. And that’s what some people in this community did. If that man is foolish enough to do that. And you got to remember the church was in disrepair then. We had no money, we had no members and we were scheduled to close in 18 months.
And when people stopped and they saw that degree of commitment, I’m like, come hell, high water. I’m going to do this. And they made some people stop and say, if you dumb enough to do this, we go do it with you. That’s the Detroit I’m talking about. That’s the Detroit. It’s almost like we’re not going to run from these things. We’re going to stand anyway. And that is the true Detroit that don’t get the credit that’s bigger than the Dan Gilberts that’s bigger than the iigs that’s bigger. All of these people come in with these grandstands. If it wasn’t for Grandma Jenkins on the corner doing her thing and that block club that was on there would be no Detroit for them to celebrate. That’s true Detroit. And those are the ones we need to be celebrating. And those are the heroes. And that’s why I do what it is that I do.
I owe them. And I owe the people who put this church together who said, we go build the houses, we go do this thing. And to the then members of the church. I’m like, what? So we just go lay down in doubt. We done been through all of this, we done nothing. Been through the 67 riots and we done start. Oh hell no, this ain’t going to happen. God. Then the same spirit that racing from the dead is on the inside of us. And it’s got to be, sometimes you got to be the sacrificial fool. But that’s the privilege. Somebody’s got to be able to do it. I don’t mind doing that. I don’t mind doing that part. So at least when I die and what it was I preached, I believed it. For real.

Let’s talk about the building just for a second because one of your supporters said, pastor Barry takes every dime, every dollar that he gets and he invested into the people in the community. And as a result, you’ve got some things kind of leaking through the roof and that’s put you. So I want to talk about that because at some point the community needs to rally behind you and make sure that that is addressed so you can continue to work from and not necessarily out of the building.

Well yeah. We spend so much time on the community on the outside. We do have to look out for the building. We do have to look out for the inside of this building because inside of this building, this is where our housing corporation is, our doctor’s office where we provide the internet service, our commercial kitchen where we do employment and workforce development. So we do use the building and our roof is leaking. And what a lot of people don’t know, they hear things like, oh, you are about to rehab a building down the street or you have rehabbed. There were 200 units of affordable housing. How come you can’t fix your own roof? What people don’t know is Church of the Messiah Housing, church of the Messiah created Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation to literally be a housing corporation to provide affordable housing for the community and neighborhood.
So it’s not like you pay your rent and the money come to the church. No, it goes back into Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation to maintain, manage the building, pay the insurance, pay mortgage if that’s necessary to hire people to do the management. And so then therefore every dime goes back into that. So it’s not like it comes into the church. The money that comes to the church is mostly the tides and offering. And what a lot of people don’t know, me and the assistant pastor here, we don’t get paid for this. But our church is not a rich congregation. We are rich in spirit, but we are not this big megachurch. I hope the roof don’t fall while we talking. But I pray to God that don’t happen. But that is something that we have got to do and we to do need the building. Even though we spend more time outside the building, we do need this building. And this church isn’t 121 years old. So it’s an old building.

It’s beautiful. It is absolutely the woodwork. Everything in here is beautiful. Well, for nothing else, I’m glad you’re not telling me. Give me your money. Give me the money that you want to go to God and I’ll ask God to bless you with the money that you’ve given to me. So thank you for not pretending to be a fiduciary for God. Yes. And I’m glad to have a conversation with a person that doesn’t remind me of a rapper. If there’s one thing that you would say, you certainly know the things that are going on. You’ve talked about gentrification. A lot of times people in the city of Detroit feel left out of the equation of the new Detroit. We’re still wrestling with a literacy, gun, violence, unemployment. Oh yes. If there’s one thing that you would say to people who are listening to this that you think would actually either not necessarily make them feel better, but see things differently and move in a different direction, helping to change the trajectory for everybody and not just one group of people, what would it be?

It would be Hold down, hold down. Don’t let go. A lot of people in the city of Detroit are heroes. I remember in the documentary that we’re in, cause the United States of Detroit, I had said, I get in trouble for the stuff that I say, Jesus got in trouble. What you get in trouble with everybody because it’s almost like, well Pastor Barry, that was kind of controversial. And I’m thinking to myself, how is justice controversial? How is doing the right thing? Controversial. But it is. And I had said for the people in Detroit, the cowards have left and the tough people stayed and they making it happen in the city of Detroit. Stay here, keep it going. Make it happen. We tougher than it is that we know. And a lot of the cowards, in my opinion, really did left. I understand why people leave the city with all of the issues.
It is. But there’s a lot of people who are here not because they were left behind, because they love this city and they choose to be here. And they’ve stuck it out and they’ve been through the bankruptcy and the hard times and the turmoil and the violence and the white fight. And they still decided to stay here. Those are the people. That’s the true Detroit. The true Detroit is the Detroit that looked at the good, the bad, the ugly, the hell, the high water, the bankruptcy, gen, gentrification, poverty, gun violence. And stop and say, I’m still going to be here because I love this city and I’m going to stand up for the people that’s here. That is true Detroit. That’s the Detroit that’s stand, that’s the Detroit that’s making all of this happen. And if that Detroit wasn’t here, no other new Detroit could ever be here. So that’s true. Detroit.


I’m going to just say this. With all this money dug in and spreading around, I think this is one of the first places he should be looking. They already doing the work.

But you know what, that won’t happen because he’s not buying into what you have to buy into in order to get those dollars. And that’s what I respect about him.

Well, the government shouldn’t be peace of the church anyway. Absolutely. Should not. So I mean if there’s grants, we should help ’em look for ’em. Right. Get that roof fixed. If there’s some money to be raised, we’ll help ’em do it. But I am completely 100% an American. Got to be a separation of the church and state before the state starts buying the church. That’s the spirit of the church. That’s the spirit. It is. Of the holiday.

It is very much. And the spirit of Detroit, Charlie, I mean if you could have heard the entire interview. I mean his conversation is so revealing on so many levels it it’s was quite moving. I was privileged and honored to be able to talk to him. So thank you for having me do that because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You’re welcome. And next time I’d like to see you guys looking around Detroit. That’s both of your side of town. I’d like, I’d like some pictures.

All right Charlie. It was storming that day. We were in there had,


Don’t care. Well I do because I care. Couldn’t be out in the rain.

Don’t, Karen, I sat out in the rain in front of a heap of trash. You

Do that your

Hair can stand out. Know my FEMA check didn’t never came.

Your hair can stand being out in the rain mine. But yeah, I’d like to do that. I would really like to be able to do the next half of that story, Charlie, and see a about, because he’s got the solar panel, believe it grow. They grow food, the housing. He talked about the acquisition of a property close by because of the proximity to the church and just so many

Things he does. The reason his match is in the, to Louisville and whatnot is what he’s mostly involved in is stopping gun violence. Right. I mean, he’s doing a parade in the march every summer. It’s 10,000 deep. You know what I mean? All on his own. No dug and no bullshit. And people

Come from all over the nation for that.

And the politicians come to be seen on him. There ain’t no help like that.

But he is doing the things outside of the march. Charlie and red. I mean, you talk about those wraparound things that draw people from out of situations that would result in gun violence or something else. I mean, when he talked about letting the young people in the church, he says, people say, oh yeah, you can come to our church, but you got to take your hat off. You can’t wear jeans. You can’t smell like weed. He said, Karen, he said sometimes he said, the young people come in here and smell like weed so strongly. He said, I get a contact. But those are the people that we’re trying to touch. You can’t discriminate against the people that you want to engage and that you say you want to help.

Well, our documentary’s coming soon. So you’ll see the pictures of what he does with young men. Where do young men go to work in this

City? Get some guidance

In the summer and

Close and some mentorship.

I you’ll see it all. It’s really quite unbelievable. I

Do want to ask one question, Karen, how long has he been the pastor of this church in doing this?

What? And you know what? I don’t remember. You

Should have asked him before the fucking show. Yeah. I don’t remember pulling some. I don’t, don’t remember. Dumb as question dad yet.

No, it’s not dumb

Man. Well, that’s a really dumb ling there. I don’t know.

I get

Beat up about

20 years. Show more than Mike Tyson.

Buster Douglas. Nice one. And now that you have the answer about 20 years, what curiosity has been fulfilled here?

Well, what took so long for the a jack

To this questions

Pastor, that’s been an example of what the church and the community supposed to be.

I mean, char, I caught you. I caught you on a bullshit.

Char. Charlie’s known

You just talking to talk.

Charlie’s known about just talking to talk, talked to him over the years. Talk. Now if you’re asking why other people haven’t, I mean, I can only guess.

Here’s my question. Why don’t you get your ass in the church? Did you go to church yesterday?

No. Because every time I walk by one I get very hot for some reason.

Got to get hot. You need some church now. Get in there and go ask him yourself. Get involved.

Yeah. You know what I’m, I’m not a church person, but I did tell him I’m going to come. I didn’t want to go to Easter because that’s when everybody starts going. But I am going to go because I’d like to see and I think that maybe there’s some things that I would like to get involved

In. It’s a good time to go. I went to church. Yeah. First time since Covid. I went yesterday. Did you Father Paul look good? Yeah. You know what I did? I went late, stood at the back,

Left early.

I wait for the gospel. I wait for the hymn. I wait for the homily. See ya.

Yeah. That ain’t a black church at all. We’d still be in there three 30 thing waiting on

Dinner. But that’s the other thing. His service is one hour. Okay.

It’s 45 minutes.

Well he said an hour. So it’s 45 minutes. I’m just going on what he told me.

So it’s

What I said. You got to go Yeah. To

It boy’s. Okay. But it’s an hour or less. I mean, I was raising the Catholic church, so I’m used to blue jeans, $5 one hour and you’re out.


I don’t want to be in there all day. I’m not trying to resurrect the dead and I don’t want to have to pay 13 different collections. So I am, I’m going to go

Back. Well, if I wasn’t convinced that we accept weed smell in congregation members, I’m definitely convinced the 45 minute service,

Your teeth was all fucked up. Yes. Pastor Berry’s missing the tooth. It’s right up your alley.

Hey Toothless people get a lot done. Oh

My God.

Alright, so listen, going to add this here with some negative news. And the negative news

Is realistic

News brought to you by adr. It was overseeing more than a quarter, a billion dollars in private public construction projects. So let’s, let’s get some money raised to fix this roof. Yes. Because it is a jewel. It’s absolutely a jewel Church of the Messiah adr. Reduced costs. Andre your bottom line experts in procurement, government compliance and information technology called Barry Ellen Tuck at 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4 for a consultation. Get the job done right on time on Budget ADR 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4. Just a little truthful negative news. The Tigers fucking suck. The summer sucks already. Chrissy Illich sell the fucking club. They’re two and seven. They’ve got the bottom third of payroll in the Major league baseball. Okay, two guys take up half the payroll. Miguel Cabrera and Javier Baez. They’ve got nine hits between them in 15 games. Wow. Two guys. Nine hits in 15 games.

Sounds like good work. If you

Could it. What a joke. What? Okay, so I did some digging. Tiger Stadium com. America Park. Oh, I built that. You didn’t build any such fucking thing. Depends who you believe. Anywhere between 40 to 70% of the stadium’s cost was paid for by us. But Chrissy gets to keep all the hot dogs, all the parking, all the jerseys, all the bending, all the tickets. It’s a joke. Now Forbes lists the value of the club at 1.4 billion. One quarter of a billion dollars of that value is the stadium that he doesn’t own. But he is got locked down for a dollar a year. Wow. And I’m getting a two and seven start. Right. All the 24 guys making 50,000,001 has been, and one bullshit dude making the other 50 million a

Cold pizza.

Fuck you Chris. Man. Who you fooling? Dude, this. It’s already o, it’s over.

Say before it even gets started. Yeah,

It’s cold.

How was opening day? Did you go?

Hell no. Okay.

I was just

Asking. But I listened on the radio. Cause I love Dan Dickerson.

Okay. I’m going to be honest, I was down here for opening a day and it wasn’t as, seemed as many drunk fans as year before last. I may be wrong, but more Tamr this year,

I think Wouldn’t sell the club. They’re garbage. Ted hit a fastball.

Maybe you should try out.

Yeah, I was going to do that with the Lions.

But what happened?

Matt milling got fired.
I did. I went and saw Matt Millon. It was, I got back in like 2008. I went to him. It was like 75th anniversary of the Lions and the 40 year anniversary of Paper Tiger. George Plimpton, the participatory journalist, got to go to preseason. He played four plays, lost 28 yards. He was very bad. So I’m like, I would like to do that. And Millon said, the rules have changed. Only so many guys get to come to pre-season, but you can go to rookie camp. I’m like, fucking, this is going to be fucking great. It was all settled. Then they went oh 16, he was out on his ass and I never got to do it.

And you got some history, some experience. We’ve seen footage over you playing. I’ve

Been playing

Football. Yeah. I used to do it till my knees went out.

But Charlie, you should. Hey, you know, can be a walk on. Get some of those millions and help how the new,

When I’m limp, I can barely get out of bed

Anymore. Well, if nobody’s hitting the ball, you won’t be running anyway, so it doesn’t

Matter. Right. I’d like to throw out a pitch. I can at least get it to the, you can do that curve

Ball or something. That would be great. Why not try sell the club, Chris. And so the Pistons are going to have a new coach. I know,

But another team we’re paying for. Yeah, he’s out. Yeah, he should be out. They’re guard. Who’s this? Oh, the rebuild. They won 17

Games. Their marketing is

Horrible. The wings blow over. We’re in a rebuild. They just traded everybody. Yeah. Come on

Man. Well there has to be a professional slot on one of those four teams for you and red ass somewhere.

Barry’s over there without a tooth to leaking the roof. Well, I, these motherfucker in the whole neighborhood.

I will say this though, Charlie, you can go to their website. I believe there’s a donate button. And I did drop the check. The


I did. No, no. The



And I did take a check from us to start the ball. Rolling.

Karen? Yes. The spirit of the secret. You’re not supposed to tell people you donated buddy.

I can tell people do my money.

You liberated. You live. Right, right. Except 48, 2. We looked that up during the right. It’s a good thing. I did bet

Charlie this from the man who cannot stand to be wrong. I know, but

You were right. And I apologize, but I was correct. Coming down here. 48. 204 0 7 2 6. I got that

Right. I hate to be wrong. It’s okay. I hate to be spreading stuff that’s not correct.

And I, I, that’s

What makes Appreciate that show. What

It’s Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s true.

So I was wrong. Oh, not okay. I was wrong. Oh, you so wrong. I don’t, don’t work for the post

Office. I don’t have a zip code for the Normy. It’s just the Normandy.

No. Is that Detroit or is that Highland Park?

Technically it’s Detroit. It’s Detroit It Block. Right. It’s on the border of

Highland Park. Right. It’s one block south of, yeah. Okay. All right.


Definitely Detroit. And the police don’t show up either way. Detroit or Highland Park. So it doesn’t really matter.

Speaking of witch, get ready Lansing. I’m coming this week with my lawyer. Part two. Check out. Karen’s common. The Detroit News tomorrow. What’s it about, Karen?

Tomorrow it is about the Tuskegee Airmen, the museum. And Brian Smith, who is the president, ceo. Quite impressive gentleman. And Craig,

You should be working for Craigs.


Profiling CEOs?

No, this is the, now this guy’s from the Tuskegee Airman Museum. He’s not, not that. It’s just they just got $500,000 scholarship from the Federal Aviation Commission. What is it? Fcc? Administration. Administration. Because they want to encourage

Young, didn’t you? Young people, you wrote the

Column. I know, but my mind, I’m done with that column. My mind is somewhere else. Now I don’t hold

On this stuff. Go with the FCC

F I was thinking FCC and F faa and I got them mixed

Up. D E A C I. Whatever,

Man. So that’s what,

That’s ain’t W e E d. I don’t know what the hell y’all talking about.

I’m Charlie. I don’t feel well. I miss my Caribbean beach. I need to go back. I’m tired.

I’m sorry. Did you just get back? Yes.

That’s great. That’s great. Nothing like the audience listening into a tired host. That’s great. Hey, I’m here Dot go. Yeah. And it’s a holiday and I’ve giving you 200%. Yes you are. Yes. Thank you for that. And that’s Tuesday. Can’t miss Detroit News. Karen Douma. And you’re on Wednesday. Wednesday. I will give you part two of the Anatomy of a Mass murder. Why Anthony McCrae was allowed to wander around when they caught him with a loaded peace. Outrageous Red. You’ll be working on your new job. Congratulations. What is that new job again?

Oh, you talking about my Peace Thursday order the custodial job. I’ll be working. Oh, Detroit’s the sustainability

You and the new Detroit sustainabilities are. Yes. I’m So the mayors hired you. Yes. No, but Notre trying out,

We going to submit an audition tape,

Right? That’s it. Oh God. We’ll see you Thursday. Try to love one another. Look at you, Mike. Seamless. Oh, that Evers night. Are you getting that mat?

Yeah. Very good.

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