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He pampered the documents. They were the best documents. Hero documents. No prisoner of war documents. We like war documents. Not prisoner of war documents.

They flew first class. Trump Force One. A veritable traveling Presidential Library. Without clearance.
And there’s the problem. His lawyers don’t have clearance either.
The boss showed the war plans -if you can believe it- to the media, and various rockers and rollers.
From the Trump Tower to the bowels of Mar-a-lago. They were the ultimate baseball cards. Now we’ve got a full blown country auction. Or as they say on TV, a Constitutional Crisis.

And what about Hillary?

Alan Feuer of The New York Times. An honest one, with the prominent view, gives his views.

Detroit Tax Scam.
Duggan (pronounced Duh-gan) and his mob point towards Pittsburgh. Problem is- Pittsburgh’s Mayor doesn’t gamble. If you own a home in Michigan you might want to listen.



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