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Are the Detroit Lions headed to Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII?

Is Flint City Councilman Eric Mays headed for county jail?

Is Dark Brandon headed for the southern border?

Is NBN Chief Meteorologist James Harvey headed for Epstein Island because Michigan’s weather is shit?

If you can’t sleep watch the news… If you want the news listen to the No BS Newshour.

It’s one of the biggest nights in DC.

I told my grandkids and Pete brs, they could stay up late and watch this show tonight.

The White House correspondents dinner politicians, the press and entertainers come together for a special occasion. President Biden and host Roy Wood, Jr. Headline, the Unforgettable star studded event, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Roy, the podium is yours. I’m going to be fine with your jokes, but I’m not sure about dark branding.

Live downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News out with my main

What? We got something on here.

Barely. Char

Dark Brandon.

What does that mean? Na,

I’m not sure he knows, but how fuck is that? The White House Correspondent Center? You know it like it got red carpet now. This is the Golden Globes bullshit.

Yeah, it’s it’s an event.

Let me just tell you about the media, man. You are too ugly for the movies and too stupid for politics. They’re, they’re mutual blow jobs. You know what I mean? These are the people you cover.

It’s embarrassing. But we don’t have an event here, Charlie. But isn’t that pretty much the same thing that’s going on here?

No. You may have the Mackinac Policy Convention. Well, okay. Y’all go up to the island, eat oysters together, you party, which stays on the says on the island. Stays on the

Island. Yeah, you got that

Right. You know what time it is.

I don’t think anybody cares.

People are afraid. They don’t talk for us. No,

I don’t think people care, Charlie.

Well, I mean,

We do. Yeah, but I don’t think that

People do care. People care that the media’s in the bag, that the media’s shown itself to be partisan. And it’s just a game of elites up there as, what was it, professor Wolf? He goes, you remember Professor Wolf, the Pinco economist?

He was good. He was

Excellent. It goes okay, you know, got the Democrats, you got the Republican. They flip flop it. Little bit is changes, but nothing changes because everything’s run by the defense contractors in the big bangs. And that’s who pays for everything.

And here we sit

And you want to know the hustle of the White House correspondent dinner? You want to know what the culture of it is for the media. The bigger star you have sitting at the table, the bigger your table is. So if you can get Glen close, right, you have a table than if you have Pauly Shore sitting there.

It’s just a game, Charlie. It’s all a game.

But what does it say when the biggest stars that accept those invites are all D less D List reality Show Idiots.

Is that what it was? Yeah.

Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s all the Real Housewives people, people. I don’t know.

Glenn Close didn’t go.

No. Oh, she turned it down. She’s close like that. That’s your go-to famous actress. I was like,

Is that because they’re reintroducing the fatal attraction? Is that why you’re, are they Yeah, they’ve got a new one out.

I’m so out of the loop.

No, you’re not, Charlie. We’re all in different loops. That’s all.

I’m in a feedback loop anyway. You know what the, to its credit, the New York Times does not allow its employees to go to that good. And that’s where it should start. And we should stop mixing and stop being friends. I mean, I could do it. I won’t do it. You could just check out people’s social media accounts, the fuckers in media in this town, drinking and partying and consorting and carrying on with elected officials that they’re supposed to be holding to account.

Charlie, that’s something I never did. People would say, Hey, let’s go to lunch. Let’s go to, no, I don’t because I don’t, I never even wanted there to be an appearance of impropriety. You do your job, I’m going to do my job. And that’s why you and I got along. We butted heads. Yes, but we got along. I respected what you were doing. You respected what I was doing. We don’t need to be friends. We don’t need to go to dinner. No, let’s just, let’s keep this above board and on the table.

And that interplay between the media, politics, television slash Hollywood, right? You are like, how is it reporters play the real live selves in fictitious movies. You can understand all of our confusion. You know what I mean? For like, all right here, here’s the media trying to tell you what to think. Let me give this to you. I’m sitting in bed with my New York Times paper, New York Times. Yes. I

Get a paper, New York

Times. Do you fold it like this on the subway? No. You’re on the end train. No, that’s how you do it. It’s how you take the New York Times. You fold it and then you fold it again. It’s like a court like know

New York.

That’s because you’re on the subway like this. You know what I mean? You don’t I know me touching you. Right? You can’t do this.

You can’t man. Spread

Just a, a no, no, no manspreading.

No manspreading.

I’m on the subway. So I’m reading this one with Biden’s, bottom of the fold. A one Sunday big story with Biden seeking reelection, black voters, frustration bruise, black voters, frus. So tell me New York Times, what is it that black people are frustrated about Here it is. Yet some black voters biggest policy priorities, stronger federal protections against restrictive voting laws, student loan, debt relief, and criminal justice and accountability measures have failed or stalled because of Republicans. Now I heard, Karen, that you might be black a little bit. Can you please speak from all black people?

Yeah. You’re a monolith and you’re their spokesperson.

Not today.

Is that what everyday Americans who have African ancestry are talking about? Federal protections, againsts, restrictive voting laws, debt relief from student loans and criminal justice and police accountability measure.

Charlie, what I will say is that quietly and people, there are a lot of people that are just so relentlessly democratic and supportive of Joe Biden regardless. But people are disappointed that he’s not really delivered on anything. But

Yeah. Yes, both. Okay, we’ll go over there is here’s I have another black friend in

The room. You have two?

Well, I like to think so. Then we’ll speak for black people. Hey Red. Well, what’s your concerns with the everyday living in America right now?

Right now? Yeah. At this moment. Keep pot leaving Federalized money kick.

Oh God. He showed Oh yeah. Track

Money. But no,

I mean I thought he was sleepy. No, he’s high again, but you high is too damn

High. But you think about, he came up with the student debt relief program and then it just dropped. It’s been kicking the can. There’s not an anti-lynching bill that’s been affect, I mean all these things are dangling out. And he wanted to try, remember when he was on the breakfast club when he was campaigning and he said, if you don’t vote for Joe Biden, you’re not black enough. But let’s go back to when he was a senator. And remember, he was not necessarily the biggest advocate for issues that were

Support. Let’s lock ’em up, Joe. And he was exactly, he

The was as so was Kamala Harris. He was the

Man that pushed the Iraq war. There’s no doubt about it. But his

Vice president called him out for the busing.

Exactly. For the busing issue. But she was all

But we’re, we’re off track. Oh, okay. What is going on in everyday people’s lives? Because the New York Times, this sounds like some Ivy League.

Yeah. That’s not term for, that’s not an everyday concern. How

About this? I don’t got no money.


Let me give you a number. We looked it up, right? The average wealth of a white household in metropolitan Boston a few years ago was, what was that? Was it 250,000, right? Yeah. Okay. And the average wealth, meaning what you own versus what you owe Metro. The average wealth of a black family in metropolitan Boston was $8. Wow.


$8. So surprise dude. Inflation went through the fucking roof. It’s never coming down. That’s a tax on working. And poor people because the eggs went up and your wages and they’re never coming down.

So gas, groceries, those are the things that I think that everyday Americans are concerned about. And everyday black people, you’re right. I think they’re also concerned about the systemic issues that continue to serve as roadblocks for them. Even navigating any of these things

That this America’s radically changed in many years. Right? There’s suburban black America. That’s a growing sector. Urban black America. That’s two different things. But if you talk to urban Detroit, African-Americans, the crime man.

Yeah, that’s true.

My schools dude.

Yep, you’re

Right. What a debt relief for student loans. Most of that’s like middle of the road. Well, to do white people,

Well mean it’s an issue that he dangled before African Americans. He went to the black universities. So mean, my thing is that have your ducks in order before you dangle it out there. Before you put it out there. And he didn’t do it. But you’re right at the everyday level. And he may say, well, that’s more of a local concern. That’s your governor, that’s your mayor. Those are the people that represent you. Politics are local. But those are the things that people are concerned about. How are they getting through day to day? What is the education for their children? And it will they be allowed to compete or be able to

Compete? And then speaking of that, I mean if you really want to talk to, if you had anything but Ivy League people that you’re setting up there and you had real people, they tell you real things. Like speaking of competing, we have 5 million new people living here from the third world. Most of ’em not very educated. You now it’s competing for the physical labor, the roofing jobs and the trash collection jobs and all the stuff regular working people do. What happens to that wage?

Yeah, you’re right. The people that keep us going and I want to make, should we say that? I think absolutely. I think that component of it is often trivialized and overlooked. But it’s the people that pick up the trash. It’s the people that open the door, the people that answer the phone, the people that are bringing your food to the table. Those are the people that keep things going.

The people that work on the roads, right? The people who are gardeners. All of these things. Yeah. The essential employees. Yeah. Remember that phrase, allegedly drop it off on my porch. We forgot about them. And that’s beyond Africa America. That’s European America. And Native America. And Latin

America. And our seniors are part of that too. Charlie, I’ve been seeing a lot of people, they’ve worked all their lives and they’re now delivering pizzas or they’re doing stuff that they shouldn’t have to do, but they have to do it in order to survive.

Well, I’m looking for some federal protections against restricted voting laws. I don’t hear that in my everyday,


Goings about town,

Who does the story? Who do they talk to? And that’s what they come out with.

Crap. Just crap. I, I’ll tell you what, man, there’s so little good writing in that paper. I almost get, thank God they got more ring doubt in the magazine and stuff. But I like fires and there’s nothing better to start a fire than newspapers.

You roll it up, Charlie.

No, red does. And he’s pet because the rent’s too damn high.

Not that got to roll it up. We

Too damn high price of be is too damn high gas is going

Up. But hey, if that’s what you contributes to your everyday life, then those are the things that you’re concerned about.

Banks collapsing. That’s true. Most Americans

Don’t. Money is safe.

Most Americans don’t even care about that because they don’t have any money in the bank. 50% of people don’t got 400 bucks in United States.

But don’t we know a multimillionaire in this room?

Oh, Google me. I’m worth $8 million. $8 million.

So Mark, we’re getting bonuses for Christmas. I had no idea. I know. That’s great. Congratulations.

Congrats. Like why are we drinking Jameson? I go, because that’s how you accumulate 8 million motherfucker. They do. Johnny Walker Blue.

No, that’s only when you send me to the store.

That’s how you do it. You have other people by

Yourself. Yeah. And I didn’t know the guy said that’ll be 250. I was like, for what?

Let’s go get a drink. I forgot my wallet. My grandpa taught me that.

Oh God. Okay. That’s a good a

Rule. Here’s another one. So the Wall Street Journal, big story goes crazy on conservative Twitter, Epstein’s private calendar. Not his black book, everybody that’s been on the island, but now his private calendar. So who’s in his private calendar taking meetings with the pedo, the Conve convicted pedophile rapist, the current CIA director William Burns, former top Obama White House Council, Katherine Rumer, who’s now the top lawyer at Goldman Sachs.


Liberal voice. No, Chomsky. Wow. You know, manufacturing consent. No, him Chomsky. So stop with the conspiracy theory. People are just taking meetings. It doesn’t mean they’re at an Epstein Island raping children. Right? Oh, look at that. There’s another one. Oh my God. Breaking news. C See, put its laptop. No, no. The thing is what it should reveal. Don’t draw a conclusion. But what it should reveal is, remember Epstein went to prison in 2008, right. For trafficking underaged females.
These meetings are taking place in 2015. 2016. 2017. So what I want to point of this is what you should see, the Illuminati, that it’s a game about the Democrats and the Republicans. It’s a super fi of the well connected. The Henry Kissinger and the Goldman Sachs and the Obama administration and the Bush administration. And they don’t give a fuck if the guy’s a convicted child rapist. If he can give him something. And that’s going back to our complaints about the media. Yep. Right. You don’t, let me give you what? Norm Chomsky. Norm Chomsky, big voice on the left, far left in the us There is basically one party, the business party. It has two factions called Democrats and Republicans, which are somewhat different, but carry out variations of the same policies. I’ll give you Iraq, I’ll give you Ukraine, I’ll give you bank bailouts. See me, by and large, Chomsky says, I’m opposed of those policies, as is most of the population. And I think that is true. But he reveals himself because when the Wall Street Journal calls him, here’s what Nome has to say. Quote, the reporting of the Wall Street Journal covered 2015 and 16 when Nome was meeting with this guy, when that was known about Mr. Epstein, was that he had been sentenced for a crime served as sentence, which wiped the slate clean according to the US law In Norms. No, no, no. When it’s a child rapist, it’s, it’s never that’s ever,

That’s inexcusable.

Ever. It should be Wipe clean ever. No, we keep our eye on you your whole life. And we put you on a list, right?

Yeah. They have the highest recidivism rate when they get out of prison, they commit the crime again higher than any other crime. That’s a fact.

And why wouldn’t that, you think that’s not

Incurable? No, no, no. It’s, but it’s in

The crime itself is just inexcusable. I mean, it just walk. It’s forever. Yeah. That’s just, that’s not

Wait, wait man. This whole thing needs an enema. It’s going down the tubes.

It does. And quick.

And I got money in the I’m, I’m, I swear to God, I sat there pricing out silver coins.

That’s why you have 8 million.

And why don’t I have any silver coins? Cause I don’t have 8 million.

Are you sure? Char?

I got you, babe. Okay, listen. This uplift about child rapists brought to you by XG Service Group who are experts in Oh oh listening devices, security cameras.

They can help you bust

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Got to be tied in.

Right. And if you’re not, yeah, if you’re not and you’re a legitimate contract, if you’re not tied in right. And your company is not a member of the Detroit Athletic Club and you don’t have that inside access, you’re going to get hit and hit and hit. And how do you navigate the state’s corrupt. The city’s corrupt. Yeah. The country’s corrupt. How do you navigate that without losing your mind and losing your business? How do you do that? You get a representative adr, you call Barry Ellen Tuck at (248) 318-9424 for a consultation. And I think we got to have him on the show soon so he can talk to us about the inside. What really happened with demolition. Oh yeah. In this city. Oh, it’s fascinating. Oh, it’s ugly again. Barry. Ellen Tuck, reduce your costs, increase your bottom line. 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4. Get the job done. Right on time, on budget. All right. Get you Charlie. No, away from our sponsors at American Coney Island. Get to Coney Kit. I know I looked at you. I’m, I’m stalling for you, mark. Oh, I got it. It’s ready to roll. He’s ready. Coney Kits, they’re ready. We’re ready. And remember this, the lions are back. Every game is a big game. Every game is a championship game. Every game’s going to get us to the Super Bowl. And no game is a real game without American Coney. I,

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Fly. Yeah, baby, I’m going to Vegas. They got a Cody store there too. Yeah.

Junior. What’s your last name? Ruffin. Ruffin. Are you related to the late great. David Ruffin. Are you? No. Do you have a cousin named Jordan?

See, you think all black people are related or know each other? Cause that say

He’s roughing. It’s not Jones. I’m just kidding. It’s a very big name in this town. I’m just, if his last name was Duggan, I’m like, hmm,

No. If his last name was Duggan, he wouldn’t be in here. Not even on a humble. And you know that he,

He’s like, Joe Biden’s kid. Daddy won’t even recognize it. Welcome on. Well, Jeremiah Ruffins now joined the program. He’s our master of social media marketing advertising. Welcome on, man. Good to have you. Right on. You

Have a black master. I’m just messing with Charlie. Go ahead. I’m just a kidding. Charlie.

I actually felt clammy what you said. Oh my.

All right. What’s next Charlie? We’re we’re getting off of focus, as you said.

I’m so glad you’re so involved with the show. What’s next? Throw me a bone.

Let’s see if he’s here. Throw,

You’re going to hate this, Karen,

But I thought you wanted to talk about the draft.

Karen, I need to talk about the draft. Karen, we need to talk about the lion’s draft.


Why? It’s it’s dude point. I’m, I’m going to be honest.

This is like we got good time space here. Let’s use something substantive. This

Is very important look like to most dudes.

I’m not a dude.

They don’t know what’s going on with the banking sector. They don’t know what’s going on with average wealth in suburban Boston or

Their families or their

Friends. But they know the chess size of every guy they drafted this last weekend. That’s true. And I’m busy. I’m doing other stuff. But the lion’s got a shot in his here and I need to be a dude. I need to be able to fake it at a tailgate. So Mark, I’m reading up on the lion’s draft and there’s a mixed consensus locally. The beat writer seem to think this was a slam dunk. And when you go to like ESPN or the Associated Press, they rank this in the bottom three of draft classes. Now what’s going on? Who do we got? What do you think? And why? The divide.

Oh boy, wow, that’s my time to shine. Because the first,


There’s too many mock drafts and everybody hears all these names float around. And then when somebody goes against the grain and picks people, it just shocks everybody. Because in the first round they chose positions that normally don’t get chosen in the first round. That was kind of the issue. But then they won the next day. According to all these pundits, the fact remains, nobody knows. Nobody has any idea how good these guys are going to be. We know how good they were in college. They drafted really good college guys, but nobody knows. And so they go against what all the experts think. And I think it is fascinating how all the local people really love the draft and the draft and how they won the draft. Because it kind of reminds me what you’re talking about earlier. It’s all about access. Just like politics. What do you mean? Well, if they talk shit about the lions, maybe they see their access cut because do the lions really need beat writers? Do they really need the free press? Do they really need the news in there covering it all the time? No, they can get their message out. So you don’t want to lose access. So you kind of kiss ass a little bit. Well,

I think the beat writers, if you look at who reads these papers, half of their readerships from out state and, and they’re reading about the sports. So the lions can do what they wish. But I don’t think you can get rid of the beat writers. However, the beat writers have an office in this facility and I think the beat writers are a little bit giddy because the lions are looking up. They feed

Them well and they feed them them well, they feed them well. That’s the other thing they do. Yes they do.

Oh they do.

You know, get all the little perks and all the, like Mark said, the access.

This was the first time in a long time though, where they had a high draft pick and some hope for next year. I mean they actually were what, nine and eight last year. And now they got good draft picks. So it’s kind of usually we get really excited about what, don’t shrug your shoulders at me.

See? I know, I know.

Then you’re ruining the vibe of how excited

We we’re giving her dude stuff. It’s really, see, it’s like why do women want to be in men’s clubs? Because this is what they do. I don’t want to be in a men. They’re totally fucking boring. I don’t want to be in a men’s club.

I didn’t ask to be in a men’s club.

Red’s in a men’s club for hair.

Red has a lot of hair. He


When you look at him, it’s coming from under his cap.


Nevermind. Sorry. It’s a

Trick. Okay. It’s an optical illusion. I know what he’s doing over there. Down. So the national sports rate is Tank. Tank.

Yeah. Nobody, thumbs down.

Thumbs down. Merry. The locals love him. Let’s start first. Jamir Gibbs from Alabama.

Dude’s a stud.

It’s a stud running back like runs a four, three, something like that. Yeah. Like explosive. Yeah. Very good. Right? He he’s, he’s the home run hitter.

Yeah. But people got mad because he was drafted way too early.

You got

Mad. I did not like the pick originally

Too early.

I kind of thought so. Yeah. I liked the player and I like the pick

You could have got him at with the lower draft with the 18.


Who would you rather have had?

Well, I kind liked that I kind of Jalen Carter, the people

That I love, how he’s chuckling, they knowing inside in la.

Well, I mean he’s the guy that showed up to the draft combine out of shape. He had a little car racing incident that killed two people in Georgia that he left and then came back. I mean a lot of character issues. But have you seen him play?

Oh my,

I mean I sound like an NFL executive. I don’t care about any of that. That doesn’t

Sum up America and sports. Of

Course it does. He just

Revealed him himself. Oh my God.

What are you talking about? Well,

He has some character issues when he can play.

Hey, a couple people dead. He’s so fat. He couldn’t finish his workout, but hey. Yeah, he never went to Epstein Island. Yeah. Okay. So

I can ate art from the artist.

Okay, so Jamir Gibbs, mark, what are you giving that a yay or a nay?

Yeah, I’ll take it. It’s a good one. I wasn’t nuts about the pick, but

When I was like this too, man, in totality, what they do with Deion Dairy? Swift like

Blue out. They got rid of him. They just could not stand him. Yeah. Yeah.

He’s like never hit the hole. And you’re

Right. He’s always, he never wanted to bounce it outside. He’s

Super talented man. Now he’s going to Philly where he is from on a contract and

Now he’ll run for 50. Watch him get

5,000 fucking yard.

Yeah, you’re right.

I know.

That’ll be Lion Luck

And Well they got David Montgomery from the Bears. From the Bears. So that’s going to be your bruiser. Yep. Yeah. So

Maybe it fits in this offense. Right.

Plus switch his name Jameson Williams. Yeah. The first round draft.

He’s out for six weeks.

He’s out for six weeks for gambling in the facility. So there’s a character issue there.

But have you seen him play?

Yeah, he called One Ball and drop.

I’m kidding. I don’t know. I was just,

He called one pass for a touchdown and dropped three.

Okay. I

Don’t know. So I think his days are numbered here. It’s

Just a timing. I think he’s kind of a bust. He’s

A timing. He’s a number two receiver anyway. So you could slide Gibbs into the slot. Yeah. And get yourself some

Speed. Yeah. You can use ’em all

Over the place. So not a bad pick of Mike number. A second round was Jack Campbell out of Iowa. Yeah. I love this one. You hate this one too?

No, I just, once again, it’s where it was where the pick was chosen. Right. I didn’t like pick taking him there. Really good college player.

Great. He’s huge. He’s 6 4, 2 50.


He’s the Buckets Award winner. He’s an academic.

He can tackle, he can run.

And you know that shuttle cone shit back side to side in the last five years, all linebackers that did that shuttle cone run. He clocked the fastest time. So the guy can cover a tight end. Yeah. Tight ends are getting faster and faster. I think it’s a great pick. The lions have a lot of trouble stopping the run. Yeah. And now you got your guy. I thought that was a good pick.

Yeah. I just didn’t like where it was taken. Do I

Sound like a beat

Writer? You do, huh? Yeah. You love this draft. We’re all in.

Who next? Sam Laporta, also out of Iowa. Tight, tight end. Yeah, he can run. Sure he can run. Okay. Well we got who’d we get rid of? Who we

Traded? TJ Hawkinson. Yeah. Another Iowa. Yeah. Tight

End. So you need, that was a need Safety Brian Branch. Great.


Rick, his dad. His dad paid for what? The Patriots?

God, I don’t know. Yeah.

Yep. About safety can’t the safety today is now what the middle linebacker used to be. Yeah.

Is that the father who didn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t he? No. Nevermind.

No, no, no. I want to hear this.

No, I can’t remember. Come on. Come. Nevermind, come. No, I mean there was someone that was drafted and their dad I believe was a player. Yes. But he had gotten hurt or paralyzed. And is that,

No, I don’t know if he got para, I don’t know. But hey wait, thanks for adding that in. See this? That was


You, we can hang at the bars, sports bar chicken. Wait for

Karen. I don’t drink, but you know what I’m going to tell you one thing I did not like about the draft and they’ve done this before,

That it’s going to be here next year.

That’s another story.

I got to paint this whole fucking story.

But no, but you know how the players that were killed and they honored them in the beginning, I understand what they’re doing, but I almost think it’s something not right about it. Because you’re dangling in front of these families that they’ve not only lost their family member, their son, but also the life that I know that they hung onto this and you’re seeing all this celebrating and I don’t know, it’s just something real, not right about it.

Ideally you would hope that they would’ve been contacted and said, is this okay? But it’s the NFL and they just like to virtue signal. I know

And put, but

Then they just get all these stories out there and

It’s just something about having the families up there and you’re giving them this. The Jersey

And I’m with ya. I, yeah, they got to fill a lot of time. What are we

Fucking talking about?

The draft?

Yeah, we’re talking about the draft from

Karen’s perspective.

Oh, I didn’t watch a lick of it. I didn’t

Watched that. I

Just tried to get my man points.

You didn’t see the Jonas brothers on there?

The Jonas

Brothers? No, I didn’t see that.

Really? Yeah. Oh yeah. They were on Thursday night for a long time.

Which one got drafted? Both

Of them. Kevin, because no one likes Kevin.

You talk about the pop duo, right?


They got drafted.

No, they were on the draft just yapping about something forever. I don’t know why.

God, I just revealed to myself. Okay.

The Joe Bros. Yeah. Big Joe bro fan. Joe Bros.

The Jabos.

Did you like Nick or Joe better?

No one likes go. I don’t know them either. I’m busy. All right. Listen. They also draft, I think a need. They got nobody in the quarterback room.

Yeah, yeah.

You know what I mean? Yeah. So

They Lake Feld, that’s it. Yeah. Outside of golf. So

They got Hendon Hooker out of Tennessee. Who? Okay. He was the top five Heisman finalist. I know he is older. How old is his

Guy? 25. Same as Lamar Jackson, I believe 24. He’ll be 25. Yeah.

I thought that. Would they get him fourth round? Yeah. Goods. That’s a nice

Pickup, right? He doesn’t have to play. He can learn. He can heal. Yep. I have no problem with that.

I mean it’s a need. So I think I’m going to give this draft. I’m going to give this draft a b plus, man. Be honest with you. Yeah.

I think that’s fair.

But don’t the lions always have good players and it still doesn’t translate to anything on the

Field. No. The problem with the draft is every team loves, usually loves all their draft picks. Because you don’t draft guys you think are going to be,

If you’ve got dynamics, you’ve got coaching, you’ve got a whole lot of other variables that are going to come into play. Never whether or not it produced,

We’ve never had it here. Has


Good front office. Good scouts, good picks. It was,

It’s been 30

Years. Disaster. Yeah. Okay. And so that’s why everybody’s a little bit Geary. There’s

Some hype. Yeah.

Like we got three elite defenders in the back. The corners in the safety. We got new sign. Yeah. We got two safety sitting there. We got alliance, we got a linebacker that can run. Right? Yeah.


We got a good defensive line, A great offensive line. Thank Now you got two explosive backs and it comes down to the quarterback. Now

This city would lose its mind if this team advanced to even the conference championship or the Super Bowl.

I gave up club level season tickets years ago. Understandable. This wasn’t

Happening. Oh, I totally understand that. But if the win

Playoffs are not enough, cause we’ve seen the playoffs in our lifetime and they don’t win ’em. They don’t ever win a game. But we must win a home playoff game, which is ridiculous. That’s like an astronaut saying, I’m trying to get to Gary, Indiana. You know what I’m saying? Like Super Bowl baby.

The place everybody’s been. Yeah.

Super Bowl. Yeah. And you know what I mean? I’m sick of the lions ruining my whole winter. Right? You turn it on, they lose it’s dark. 60 minutes is on the weekend’s over. You’re right. It sit like that my whole life. You’re


Keep hope a alive.

And speaking of weather, what’s fucked up? It’s 40 degrees outside. Yes. It’s cold. It’s me. So let’s see. Winter in Michigan, I know this because I have a daughter that’s doing well. Thank you for asking October’s cold because I remember going out there as daddy with the flas of whiskey because it’s so cold. So October’s winter. November, December, January, February, March, April se the winter seven months long. Yeah.

Now eight.

Now eight. And here’s our weather report brought to you by James Harvey. The

Weather report. He go to goddamn weather report. It’s fucking cold clouds all over the place. Not a fucking spin of sunshine. I mean this is pure Michigan for you. Here it is me. And it’s supposed to snow tonight. I thought we was done with that bullshit, but apparently not. But on the bright side, look at it this way. It’s too cold for people to go downtown and get shot in Greektown. So maybe that ain’t help curb some of the crime that’s going on. But other than that, the weather is just lovely. If you love jewelry, gloomy and fucking cold. Come on man. We ready to get into September. Michigan. Pure Michigan weather. Pure bullshit.

There you have it. James Harvey, chief Meteorologist here at the no bullshit news hour. That

That’s a nice shot too. I

Like the It’s some bullshit. Bullshit.

You sound like Eric Maze.

That’s some bullshit. Just doing it till Mark.

It’s a lot of bullshit going on down here.

Now speaking of Mark Mays, Eric,

Eric Mays. You said Mark. That’s all right.

I know where your

Head is. Mark Mays an old college buddy. Really? Yeah.

Sounds like a great guy. Yeah, he

Was. I think his ex-wife would beg to differ. But she’s biased. Yes. Eric Mays was sentenced to probation last week for disorderly conduct into, he’s America’s city councilman up there in Flint. And he got convicted, disorderly conduct, cuffed, taken out of the city council meeting for disorderly conduct because he was getting in a fight and he has to be removed. So he didn’t lose his mind. And the city council president granted him permission, which by the rules of Flint, allowed him to return. If you walk out, don’t get permission, you can’t return. If you asked for permission to walk out, you can come back. But Eric wasn’t allowed to. And he was convicted even though the city council president said, I never gave him permission. So what we did was we went back to April 22nd, 2022. April 25th, 2022. And here’s the excerpts of America City. Councilman Eric Mays. Currently on Illinois Avenue, the avenue of fashion getting fitted for a suit. Woo. Alright. I was going to run out there and videotape it, but we got a show to do. Okay. Anyway,

Mr. Mays, you’ve had your first warning. Please continue to, may

I have to be excused? Cause you won’t get the pleasure throwing me out. Yes, may may be excused. I may listen in the

Audience. Yes, you may be excused. Chief, please continue. And I apologize, Mr. Mays, I believe that you excuse excuse yourself from this meeting.

No, I didn’t. Madam Chair, I can get up and excuse myself to go to the bathroom. Anything if you believe in wrong about me,

Mr. Mays, the chair was under the impression that you wanted to be excused from the meeting.

The chair was wrong.

Mr. Mays, are you requesting to rejoin the meeting?

I don’t have to. Once I’m excused, I can come back.

Mr. Mays, you were excused from the meeting by your choice.

I was excused to go pee

Mr. Mays. Well,

Whatever I did in my mind, I believe you want me gone from my elected seat. And you can’t control that Madam Chair. I just informed the chief of police. When y’all remove me illegally out of my seat, it’ll be with the police and force,

Mr. Mays, because

That’s my position. So the cameras can get ready. Y’all can get ready. Mr. May fight for my elected seat when folks is excused and they come back and forth. This first Ward councilwoman,

Mr. Mays, you do not have the floor.


Chief, Mr. Mays, you

Might wear, get ready.

Mr. Mays. You do not have the floor,

But I got my seat.

You will be excused from this meeting. You excuse yourself from the meeting. You may go sit in the audience. Mr. Maze, you may go sit in the audience. This is your warning. Yes. Moved

An inch. I’ve been sitting here by seat.

Mr. Maze, are you refusing to leave your seat to go sit in the audience?

Yes. Moved

An inch seeing no movement from the councilman in the first ward. Officer Metcalf, can you please, can you please remove Mr. Mays?

Bookham? Dan, here we go.

There he is getting cuffed

Looking. He looks like he knows how to do it. He’d been there before
There. It did ever tell you he was going to be mayor of Flint. He was the only guy that filed on time because the city clerk told everybody the wrong date. So he filed, and then the Democrats and the Republicans were talking amongst themselves. We can’t, all the hard work we did in Flint, we can’t turn it over to Maze. Let’s change the law. Boom. So they did. And then he got popped drinking and driving, had some weed on him. He was on the wrong side of the highway with floor flat tires. And it made him do like 21 days in jail, which is right across from City Hall. So he’s in jail looking down at the swearing in of the mayor.

Oh Jesus.

That he was supposed to be. Now do you realize he defended himself, not only in this case, but in that drinking and driving case.

Wow. He is a TikTok star too. They love

Him on TikTok. Yeah. That’s why he’s getting a new suit. But here’s what TikTok does not know. When Eric Mays was defend himself in the dui, he said to the jury, they gave me a breathalyzer without removing my dentures. And it’s scientific fact that you can blow a false positive on a breathalyzer if your dentures are still in. So he took out his dentures and he put ’em on the bar right there in front of the jury. He said, ladies and gentlemen, if the teeth don’t fit, you must have quit.

Oh boy. I

Can’t believe he got probation when that evidence right there shows that he didn’t leave.

I mean, I don’t get it. It’s bullshit. You know what? And it was a movement still picking on him. They tried to get him removed from his seat. You know what I mean?

Yeah. His has actual representation, not his literal

Seat. Right. Okay. Now he might be annoying in his tactics a little bit too much. These meetings are eight hours long, the city council meetings. But I know of no person at that level of city council in this area that fights for the people as much as this man.

Yeah. He’s passionate and he’s committed. I mean, he does speak up. His approach may be a little unorthodox, but he gets the attention that that’s needed to the issues that are otherwise overlooked.

Man, he’s bright. I mean, he knows what, he knows the law. He knows what’s going on. He knows what happened with that water poisoning area. Yeah, he does. And he’ll call out the Democrats and the Republicans because Flint got nothing. That’s


So he deserves a little attention. He deserves a new suit. Because here’s what’s also going on in Flint today. There’s a hearing. Remember the two children? Yeah. Excuse me. That died a year ago in the Flint House Fire, Lamar Zer, Cooper, seven and 11 years old. The firefighters, it was found and an official report did, pretended they searched the house. They didn’t. And those boys could have been saved. And it was only through the second search that they found them, and they died a few days later. So there’s a 50 million lawsuit. There’s a motion in circuit court today, Flint, if you’re listening near the county jail, the circuit court, that the city of Flint wants to dismiss the lawsuit because of government immunity. Meaning because we’re incompetent. It’s not illegal. So everything I know about the current administration in Flint and what they’re doing and how they’re managing the money and what happened with the water settlement and what’s happening with the budget and the police and this kind of shit with these children.

It’s crazy.

Yeah. You are incompetent. Yeah. So I hope the judge does not rule in these children’s favor. I hope. Because if the judge does say, Flint, take a fucking walk. It’s moving forward. The city’s allowed to appeal this and this thing will drag on and on and on. Never. Never. So I’m hoping, judge, if you’re listening, you will say, we were going to table that decision until discovery’s done, until we put everybody under oath and find out what they were doing

Really happen. Yeah.

Because when two babies die in Gross point, the whole world is there with a candle. And when two babies die in Flint, nothing. Nothing. And all babies lives matter. Baby’s lives matter most. It’s a fucking outrage.

That’s who we are, Charlie.

All right. Now finally let talking about children. Finally, the border’s a fucking mess. This administration’s a disaster. Say it about the last administration. The border was a mess. It was a disaster. We were treated. We were treated to kids in cages. Remember that AOCs down there? Yeah. Crying kids in cages. Here. This is the border yesterday.


Kids in cages in a parking lot. Zoom in if you can. Can you do that? I can try. Hang on. Okay, nevermind then. Nevermind kids in cages. Where is the outrage? Equal outrage for anybody that can’t get the people’s business done Equal outrage. New York Times did a very sophisticated report in the last two, last three years, two plus under the Biden administration, 385,000 Wow. Children unaccompanied made their way into this country. This is how it works, ladies and gentlemen. Border Patrol bylaw can only have them for 72 hours. Then they must turn them over to the Department of Health and Human Services who will place the children, whether it be your parents or volunteers, people that will sort of foster care, but they’re not vetting the foster care providers. Jesus. One phone call out of this 385,000 children, 85,000 children have disappeared. They don’t know where they are. And the New York Times did a big expose. They’re working slave labor in slaughter houses. They’re handling chemicals. This administration is now the middle man for children trafficking from the cartels. This is a fact. And if you have any kind of heart, you got to notice is a problem. You have to know that when people blow the whistle and they get put upon by the power, that this is a problem. And it’s going to get worse here. Put up some pictures from El Paso from yesterday.

Slower. Okay.

This is El Paso. It’s a tent city. They expect on May 11th, and I think I got to go back down to the border on May 11th when Title 42 ends. The Covid. You can’t come in even though we let 70% of the people in anyway. It’s going to expire. There are hundreds of thousands of, we were down there. There are hundreds of thousands of people waiting. Wow. They’re going to jump. This is El Paso. Two weeks before the end of it, it’s wall to wall. There’s 10 cities. They anticipate perhaps as many as 20,000 people a day are going to come. Last week across the whole southern border, they detained 50,000 refugees. 50,000. That doesn’t include those that got away. 50,057 pounds of fentanyl. This isn’t working. I don’t think

That app’s working very well either. Remember

The app? Yeah. That we were talking about that the refugee app picture of my dog and I’m Mike Hunt. They never asked me if I was a refugee. So I registered for the app refugees instead of bum rushing. Get on the app. So I got on there. My name’s Mike Hunt. It’s my dog’s picture. And when you try to get to the last one, send, it doesn’t send. All I got to do is ask the refugees. Yeah, it doesn’t work. Yeah. They’re having trouble too. Picture they’re sick of waiting. New Mexico si sick of them. Panhandling and shit in the middle of town. It’s a engineered humanitarian disaster. And if anybody wants to debate me, please bring it. Please bring it.

Intentional dysfunctionality

For what purpose?

I don’t know. But that’s how we are seeing everything and just, I don’t know. I wish I had an answer. Charlie

Slave, labor of children. Children in cages. Where is everybody? Do we have the myorca clip or not? I don’t know. Yeah. This bum goes on. Meet the, and just is the border secure? And just some gobbledy go about doing the best we can with the resources at hand and managing the

What? Saying a lot of words. Meaning

Kicking the can

The fucking cartels run the border? Yeah. That’s what dark Brandon did. And yeah, it was a mess under Trump. It was. So now you’re seeing that on social media. Well, what about Trump? It’s always about what? Fixing it.

But it’s always been a mess. That’s the thing. None of that has changed regardless of who has been the leader.

But if you’re yelling about it when Trump is in charge, why you should be yelling about it now? Because nothing has changed.

If you’re a human,

If Yeah, if you’re not a partisan. Yeah, exactly.

But that’s the thing. Everybody looks through their partisan lens and that makes it okay. If you like the person, what they do is, and if you don’t like the person, what they do is not okay. None of it’s okay. And it’s not okay. I mean, it should not be okay. You can’t say you can’t be subjective when it comes to something like this. And you’re talking about children, you just, there’s a humanitarian component that’s just totally being ignored.

And a third of women making that trip through Central Amer, they get raped.

Yeah. Yeah. The young girls, remember you talked to the young lady. I mean, I don’t see how that’s okay with anybody under any circumstance or from any party

When we were down there, and you’re looking at the mound of trash left by the wave of humanity. And I’m looking at the passport of a 14 year old girl from Venezuela. And a month prior when I found that on the ground, her mother had gotten her

Birth control pills. Birth,

Not pills or whatever. Something pet the implant. Yeah. Like whoa.

Yeah, because they know what they’re up against and

They’re going to do it in you anyway. Yeah.

And so what do you do to try to offer some small degree of protection against the very things that they shouldn’t be concerned about?

Well, a lot of Venezuelans are actually from living in Columbia for the last five, 10 years. So you know, how about a lottery? You can’t really be claiming this is asylum and there’s hit squads out for you. Yeah. And on going back to the application online, they don’t ask you if you’re claiming asylum. They just ask you, are you afraid to be in Mexico? That’s it. This is no way to run.

But if it never gets sent through, then it doesn’t matter what they’re asking.

Yeah. It looks like I got to go back down there, man. It’s going to be, it’s, it’s just insane. Hey Jeremiah, you want to go, huh? Let’s do it. Yeah. He’s like, let’s do it kid. Don’t even know. Let’s do it. Oh boy. He ain. Going to be down there with Elso del Norte Byron shit in his pants. We took Byron, you met Byron. He’s a fucking giant of a man. He’s like, barely. I’m in for whatever, but I don’t want to die. And I’m like, I can’t promise that. I mean, don’t worry about it. If you die, you’ll be dead. You won’t even won.

You won’t care.

Work’s got to be done.

Mark and I hold down everything up here.

Sure. Yeah, that’s right. All right. So yeah, we’ll work on Eric and Chief Craig. Chief James. Craig. I think that guy’s going to be running for Senator. That’s what I think. That’s good. That’s fine. I talked to him for a minute and he was a little upset with former Attorney General. Mike Cox was saying about him. So let’s have him on the rebut. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. All right. Let’s junior over there is getting tired. So Junior.


Getting tired.

He’s tired now.

Nothing yet. Oh

Boy. Okay. Remember, let’s just, what have we learned today that everything’s screwed up. The media’s bullshit. The uni party’s in charge. We’re not doing anything for our kids. It’s cold

And the lions are going to the Super Bowl.

Don’t forget that Coney Kit.

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