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We at Bright Side love surfing the net in search of those helpful tricks that make our life easier. Lately, we’ve decided to test out some of them on our own. For example, are those culinary life hacks as effective as their likes and reposts appear to suggest?Let’s check together!

How to cut cherry tomatoes fast 0:38
Overboiled milk 1:23
How to make a cupcake in a mug 1:49
How to peel eggs fast 3:05
Frozen grapes instead of ice 3:32
Avoid “onion tears” 4:11
How to make ice cream softer 4:40
Sliced avocado 5:27
How to peel garlic fast 6:04
Olive oil ice cubes 6:37
How to keep apples from browning 7:22
How to keep bananas fresh 7:57
How to cook an egg “inside out” 8:32
How to keep your greens fresh 9:32

– Cutting tomatoes in this way is very cumbersome. We only managed to slice a few and then had to resort to doing it the old-fashioned way. This life hack might work if you use a very sharp knife, but even then you’ll hardly succeed in slicing the fruit exactly in half.
– We’ve got to know that, to make sure your milk doesn’t overboil, you need to put a wooden spoon on top of the saucepan.
To reach an unmistakable result, we didn’t spare the heat beneath the pan. And guess what?
– A quick and easy way of making delicious cupcakes is to put the ingredients in a mug and place it in the microwave. Perhaps you have even seen special ready mixtures exactly for this purpose on the shelves of supermarkets. But it’s also possible to do it yourself. It is claimed that you will spend only 7 minutes for the whole process.
– The idea is that to make peeling your eggs easier; you should place them in cold water after boiling. This is a good old life hack, tried and tested by our grandmothers and mothers.
– It’s stated that frozen grapes can be used to chill wine. Sometimes there’s just no time to cool the whole bottle down – in this case; you need to toss a couple of frozen grapes in a glass of wine.
– Do you always cry while cutting onions? It can be so irritating, especially if you are a girl and are wearing make-up. Maybe the thing that will save you is sprinkling your cutting board with salt?
– They say that wrapping an ice cream package in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer makes the ice cream softer, therefore, easier to scoop.
– If you’ve sliced an avocado in half but only intend to use one of the halves right away, make sure you select the half without the pit. The half that contains the pit has a much better chance of remaining fresh in the fridge.
– Do you often get annoyed by the intricate work you need to perform just to get a peel-free head of garlic? It is believed that to do it quickly, you are to put it in a jar and shake well.
– This hint says: freezing olive oil in ice cube trays makes it last much longer. Even after a year, you can still safely fry using it. You can add herbs and greens to the oil before freezing it, and then use them with hot dishes or salads.
– Just sprinkle sliced apples with a small amount of fresh lemon juice. In our experiment it produced a fantastic effect: not only had it prevented the slices from browning but it also made the apple flesh look whiter and more radiant.
– Wrapping plastic film around a bunch of banana stems will help the fruit to remain fresh longer. It works even better if you separate bananas first and cover with plastic each stem.
– You can cook an egg “inside out” (meaning that when you peel it, you’ll see the yolk encircling the white) using a pair of stockings and some sticky tape.
– The Internet recommends helping your greens to remain fresh for several days by tying them in a bundle, putting them in water, and covering them with a plastic bag.

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