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I once subdued a violent homeless man on the streets of Detroit.
In the wake of the NYC subway killing, ask me if I do it again?

Did the Mayor of Flint really say he was gonna whoop my a** ?
If you did sir, I challenge you.

Detroit Red for Mayor.
His platform: I’ll always be honest with you. If I rip you off, I’ll own it.

Transcript: What up though, everybody? It’s me, comedian, Detroit Red. A few of y’all know me. A whole lot of y’all don’t know who the hell I am. Well, I’m a longtime lifetime resident of Detroit who cares about our city. And I’ve come here on the Detroit’s beautiful bell aisle, which by the way is leased to the state to make a very important announcement today. I’m here to let you know that I’ve decided in the next Mayor Earl election race, I’ll be throwing my hat in because the city needs a transparent mayor. And that’s what I’m going to be. You won’t have to worry about side chicks, secret motorcycles, secret deals, contaminated dirt, because I’m telling you right now, I’m not going to be able to fix any of that check. But the most important part of it is, is I’m going to be honest with you about it.
For instance, worried about it. If I got a side check, hell, I’m divorced. My next wife will probably be a stripper who was a side check. No worries there. Worried about it. If I’m going to make special deals and give contracts to Fred, hell, of course I am. Cause that’s how modern day politics work. So you may not get much change, but what you definitely get is a bunch of honesty. So if you want a honest mayor for the city of Detroit, remember he might not fix it and he might be a little crooked, but at least he was honest about it. So remember comedian Detroit Red. Thank you. Thank you very much. Yes, thank you. Thank you.


Downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News out with my

Breaking this Dobo bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

Yeah, let’s edit that thing. And that’s the first time I saw that. Bring it up. Then my tightest. Stop. Stop. All right. Alright, let’s, let’s, let’s review a red’s. You want me to go back on it? You actually running the fucking

Mayor? The hell? No, I don’t want to run this city.

You’re running in the ground.

It’s already there. I can’t take everybody first.

All right, let’s go. All let’s, let’s just look at what he’s saying here.

Because the city, a whole lot of y’all don’t know who the hell I am. What’s

Going on? Where do you want it at? To the beginning.

I thought it was there. Sorry. All right. Yeah. Now you got to watch

This. So what kind of critique are we giving it? Are we,

I just want to see, is there something just popped in my head here. It’s called an Economy of words. Hold. This is, they pay a lot for this at msu.

What up though, everybody? It’s me, comedian Detroit Red. A few of y’all know me. Okay, stop. A whole lot of y’all don’t know who the hell

What up though, everybody? I’m comedian Detroit Red. Okay, I can go with that. But you start every one of them like that.

No, I stop saying it’s called


I stop saying what up though. I’m comedian Detroit. No,

You did. You just did.

It did. No, no, I’m saying, and the other ones, the past ones. I ain’t did it lately. I thought I had to. Okay. Well my

Favorite part is as it’s rolling, you’re stone, Charlie’s stone

Face as hell. I think I preferred that than this. What I’m about to get. All right.

Like what Don? To everybody. I’m comedian Detroit Red. Hell,

I am

A lot of you dunno who the hell I am. Well, you just told us, who the hell y’all, let’s roll it.

I’m a lifetime resident of Detroit. Who cares about our go


And I’ve come here on, go back a little bit. Detroit’s beautiful buddy. It’s me, comedian Detroit Red. Wait for this. A few of y’all know me. A whole lot of y’all don’t know who the hell I am. Well, I’m a longtime lifetime resident of Pause. That’s

It. You can’t get any longer than Lifetime Red. No,

But he’s so, yeah, I picked up on that one too. Okay. All right. Red. That’s my critique

There got to be a little bit more here. My

Favorite. Still coming.

All right.

Who cares about our city? And I’ve come here on the Detroit’s beautiful bell aisle, which by the way is least to the state to make a very important announcement today. I’m here to let you know that I’ve decided in the next Mayor Earl election rate there.


How do everybody knows? Okay, go ahead, sir.

How do you pronounce that word? Red

Mayor. Orle Mayor. Orle Mayor. Yeah, but you know what I mean.

Give me a couple more tries.

It’s comedy. Damn it. It was funny. Ain’t you laughing? I

Want you to imagine the word in spelled out in the inside of your forehead. Now I want you to read that

Like the og. Yeah. What had or

Go ahead. Red. M A Y O R A L.

Mayor Earl.

Close one more.

Mayor Oil oral. You know what, ill not be taught like this. You know I miss teeth. Dammit.

May or

We know what you meant. Mayor Fred. We know.

Wait, what?

Mayor Earl Oral


Or May Oral. Like May I? Yeah.

Mayor’s race.

God, may I do oral May? Oral

May. Earl. Okay. I

Not May oral. Well now see. Okay. No, don’t get ’em started. Okay, let’s go. Keep going. We get it. We know what you’re

Talking about. Yeah. I’ll be throwing my hat in because the city needs a transparent mayor. And that’s what I’m going to be, you won’t have to worry about side chicks. Secret motorcycles, secret deals. What

Secret motorcycle.

Contaminated dirt had a motorcycle. Cause I’m telling motorcycles hit on Bely. Who? Y’all forgot that Kwame Compassion, who

I wasn’t here

Had. Oh, Kwame. It was a big thing in his first term. He had a couple of police motorcycles hit on Bely for him to go and have personal cruises on that came out in his first term

Of his,

I don’t recall


In the mayor’s career office.

I don’t recall next

You right now. I’m not going to be able to fix any of that shit. But the most important part of it is, is I’m going to be honest with you about it. For instance, worried about it. If I got a side chick, hell, I’m divorced. My next wife would probably be a stripper who was a side chick. No worries there. Worried about if I’m going to make

You have law enforcement over your house to beat the shit out of your stripper wife, will your stripper wife beat the shit out of herself while every swinging that

Was rumor was never Will.

Will her name be Raspberry Blue?

No. I’m more of a vanilla chocolate type of guy. So

Vanilla chocolate swirl. Oh,

Sparkles have always been interesting.

Sparkles. You


About strips. Name sparkles. Oh, that’s, you don’t get no higher class stripper than that.

Pang. What about B Dangles?

Yeah, that might work. But Cindy

Bad dangles love strippers named Cindy.

How would you know Charlie

Been to Vegas? Oh,

I thought that was supposed to stay there. Charlie.

I hate going to Vegas with dudes. I know what you’re saying. Yeah, they’re gross man. Bachelor parties. Yeah. They smoke cigars improperly, right? Yeah. They act like Creans at the strip club. Don’t they do that? And they don’t know how to fucking gamble. But

They do all that here too.

I just hide, which it’s always ramped up a little more there. I just, I can’t take people in. I can’t. My Mother’s day, I was your mother’s daycare.

It’s like every other day, Charlie. I mean, I always tell people my my no, and that’s, and that’s no, I’m not complaining. I’m saying it should be. I don’t. No, you’re

Used to it. It’s like, but I don’t, there’s no joy in Mudville. Henry other.

My kids are good to me. 365 days a year. I mean, they are. I’m not looking for any, a hallmark day. Be nice to me. Let’s have fun all the time. I don’t need that. Smashed into one day. Somebody

Told me this weekend, and I think it’s true, a woman told it to me and I’m looking at Kirby over here. It’s really grandma’s day. You know what I mean? Okay. When you get to our age, it’s really like to see the grand. That’s what I’m, I’m looking right over

There. I’m not a grandma. No, I’m not a grandmother. Kirby. It’s like, no. She considers me one a, one of her kids. I got to raise you. So no.

Well, if my son happened to be watching all they treating me good 365 days. Yeah, cool. But on Father’s Day, you better bring a youngster. I spend a lot of money.

See, I don’t want that. I don’t want that. I don’t want anybody to feel like they have to do something because society says this is a day now.

Well, you know what I would like, what do you want? I would like for this new neighbor of my who I’d never met, this mother did. It’s warm windows are up. It’s like about 7 45 in the morning. Sunday, mother’s day. And all of a sudden you get, he’s got the industrial space pack leaf blower. I mean this. Okay. So it’s like, what the fuck you wait, what the fuck? Then it’s 15 minutes. Oh no. Then it’s 20, man. Now it’s on past eight. I

See it winding up.

Why I got to go out there? First time I ever met you, man, like, dude, it’s Sunday. It’s mothers.

What are you doing? That’s in considerate. Yep.

That’s like my shack up north, man. I got a new neighbor up there. He got a house, couple lots down, right? Mine’s a shack. And he got Doberman’s, man. And he scales down his bluff because I got a beach and then his Doberman’s, I never met the cat. I got Doberman’s running back and forth. It’s a fucking dog park and jumping on my kid and my sister-in-law. And I’m like, I go, Hey dude. I mean, how you doing? My name’s Charlie with the dogs. What do you mean?

What do you

Mean? What do you mean that I go, I don’t know how they do it in gross point, but if you live on the lake there, that would be my beach dude. And get your fucking dogs out. Why do I get what’s going on with everybody?

I don’t know Charlie. That’s a good question. But people, because somebody was cutting the grass and I thought there was an ordinance where, or I don’t know if it’s just in that neighborhood or if it’s citywide that you don’t cut the grass at before or after a certain time, but 7 30, 7 30, even eight o’clock on a Sunday morning. Like relax. But people are inconsiderate and they are going through life with blinders on. They don’t care about anybody but what it is that they want at the time. And I see that everywhere. Yeah. Seriously.

I I good. I thought it was me.

No, it’s not your, I’m trying,

I couldn’t go outside yesterday, but it was just like, no,

It’s, it’s not you. And I try not to get an annoyed, I try to be considerate of our neighbors. I try to be considerate of other people. And so when I find that people aren’t, it is extremely annoying. Give

Me specifics,

Carrie. Well, okay, we got a neighbor that Lis likes to listen to music out of their car. And so I’m going to gift them a speaker for Bluetooth use because I don’t want to hear all that crap. What do you mean?

It’s Sunday morning? I got get the doors opening

And shit. Yeah. I don’t care if it’s Sunday, Saturday or whatever. This

Says Bell

Isle. It’s not Bill Isle. It’s not the projects. It’s not like turf. First of all, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear it. Thank you. When we listen to music in the backyard on a Bluetooth speaker, we keep it at a level where it’s not invasive to everybody else. So I endured it for, what? Two years? I can’t do that this year. So

Just f You spoke to the woman?

Not yet. Yeah.

Anyway. Bad

Way to is coming to get

Off. But Red day’s over and Red brought up Father’s Day. Okay. It’s a good gift for Father’s Day for grilling. American Coney Island. Ah,


Yo to the Coney kit. That was smooth. Go American. Coney Get 12. Beautiful. When is handmade? Frank Fes? Second Sunday of June.

Okay. Happy Father’s

Day. Thank you very much. You’re welcome. Because hopefully we’re going to get some excavation next door that just really make it perfect.

Pull in the backhoe.

Well, I feel kind of bad because I want to make that right. Good young people. Some make it right. But anyway, American, Coney Island, dozen dogs right to your door, great for grilling. You don’t want to boil them. You want to grill and like a pound of chili and the buns and the onion and the hat.

So if you get this for Father’s Day, yeah. Is the dad expected to do the grilling or are you supposed to grill it for them? For father’s sake,

The dad’s going to want to grill this. You know? You know what men do? Men don’t do shit.

That’s what I was asking. They

Don’t cook shit. Right? No, you’re right. All of a sudden it’s summer and there’s some briquettes and you’re like the meat expert. Nobody knows how to cook meat like me, man. Guilty stand. You’re right. Exactly. I’m totally guilty. Yeah. Yeah. He’s fuck it up

To his house. You see what I can do with a bologna loaf on a grill,

A bologna loaf

With the pimentos.

Hey, the best kind.

What is a loaf of bologna? Never.

That’s exactly what it sounds

Like. K. Karen, you just showed that you have not actually went grocery shopping in the hood at the broke store. It’s a five pound greasy roll of bologna. You just peel it, roll and you slice it. No,

And then you fry it and you

Fry it, and you

Can leave it on the grill all day long and then

It won’t turns

The naked turns.

Just like roast, like you do a pig, you’d roast bologna. Yeah.

Yeah. That’s what red does. That’s


Over at the normandies. Big bologna rose going on. Did you go help the ladies pick up the alley? Yes. Okay.

Beautiful. Did she hold your hand?

No. I stayed far enough away. Didn’t feel like getting molested.

She was rubbing on red.

I didn’t want to have to file charges.

Which, speaking of which, like today is motherfucking, what the fuck day’s in the city? All right. You want to know what? How is that the first Monday after Mother’s day? It’s special day because it’s warm. It’s usually mid-month. This the 15th today. Right? It’s like the gulps returning to Capistrano. Mark. The gulps. The gulps. Yeah. What the gulps? Returning to Capistrano. I’m lost the gulps. You know the gulp? What are the gulps? Oh, a little bit bigger than a swallow. I know. I forgot. My role is straight. The dad joke.

I was sitting here thinking, I’m sitting here thinking you ask Mark something and he didn’t know. So I was really sitting here thinking like, what is this? Apparently

Mark hasn’t mastered corny dad jokes yet. No,

I’m getting there. I’m getting Charlie sets him up sometimes. I don’t

Get ’em all so much for your Mayor. Orial run. Hey,

That’s okay. The funny part is, I probably could win it just off of that ad,

But here, here’s what’s really going on. The, so there are so many homeless walking around esp. It’s always this day. I know it now because it’s warm. Okay.
Social security checks come at the beginning of the month. And normally most of food stamps for the, and these guys are indigent. They come at the beginning of the third week of the month. So this is broke time. And I mean, they walk around. So I saw ’em this morning dealing with ’em. They’re on edge. You’re not sure if they’re going to go off. They’re hollering. They want free stuff. They want money. You don’t give it. Fuck you. And I’m like, we’re not doing anything substantive for a growing population in this country. You know what I mean? That’s true. That’s


And it really does. I just thought about it because of what’s going on in New York with the subways subway strangling, the homeless guy. Was it Jordan Ne? Jordan Neely. Yeah. And the Marine, what’s his name? Daniel Penny. Neil Penny. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, we’re seeing it. What do you think of that? I mean, have you ever been on the subway in New York? 10 people were murdered on the subway last year.

Wow. That’s why I didn’t go the last trip. I’m off the subway in New York. It’s different these days.

I mean, on Friday, penny, the ex-Marine that Cho Jamal was charged basically with involuntary manslaughter. Yeah. What do you make of that? I mean, with, what do you make of that when you have We have increasing homelessness. We got very super drugs out. Well, you think you should have been charged

Of that. Well, you got a lot of things that contribute to that. Charlie. I mean, one, I don’t think that the fact that he is homeless, that that’s a secondary issue. I mean, did he pose any problem or threat? Well, hold on. Any threat? I mean,

Well, I’m asking to speak specifically

And I am. I’m saying you have no way have of knowing all the background, is he a criminal? Is he homeless or whatever? If in fact he’s doing something that scares people that people are responding to at the

Time. But we do know And that does, we know

After the fact.

Yeah. So does that even matter?

No, it

Shouldn’t. For the action taken. So according to the 9 1 1 calls, according to witnesses, the guy was threatening, right? He’s threatening to kill himself. He was screaming, you’re trapped on a subway. The homeless population took it over during c o to get out of the shelter since nobody was on it anyway. Right? They cut police now they brought police back. But New Yorkers don’t feel safe on there. What would you do if a raving lunatic?

Well, but then again, so the guy was attempting to disarm this, the homeless guy. I understand that he’s

Trained. I don’t know if he was armed.

Well, no. I mean, maybe that’s not the right word. Sub subdue. That’s the word I’m looking for. Thank you, Charlie. Mr. Webster. I appreciate that. But did he have to do it to the level where he didn’t subdue him and he caused death? I mean, that’s the thing. That’s a legal question. Yeah, that is a legal question. But because he was a Marine, he’s trained, so he’s aware of this maneuver that he used to subdue this guy and ultimately kill him. So I’m saying there’s so many factors in this scenario. Well, let’s, you’ve got a lot of people on the train.

Let’s get specific. Here’s a nut. What would you do? Okay, you going to watch, because here’s what we do know about dam demand. Here’s the video playing now that he’s got a record like a mile long.

But you didn’t know that.

Right? But we’re, we’re looking at now. Now we want to look at what’s leading up to it. This guy. Right? Okay. All right. He’s in the top 50 in New York of psychotic problem, homeless people in New York City.

So he shouldn’t have been out. But go ahead.

He was wanted for a bash. A old woman’s face.

Shouldn’t have been out,

Broke her eye socket, broke her nose, and a month later he broke a old man’s nose on the very platform where he died. He’s been in Bellevue. Bellevue is a psychiatric hospital in Manhattan. Right In

And out. What’s been driving me nuts about this story? There’s so much noise about what happened before his criminal record and even his family talking about, whoa, we couldn’t help him, but did they really want to? But it’s really about that moment on


The subway. There’s a greater, larger societal question to be asked about how we treat the homeless. But what happened on that subway is really what it’s going to come down to. I don’t think he meant to kill a guy, but the question is, should he have known choking him for allegedly 15 minutes would kill a guy.

Well, before we move on. I mean, they’ve got Bellevue, quick name, our Yeah. Name, our psychiatric hospital. We don’t


One. We don’t have one. We don’t. That’s shut down when England was in office. Right? He shut down on the facility. We don’t have one. Right. And if we want to go back to millions of people coming into the country not invited, that we must help as human beings and for medical and food and housing, right? Because there’s human. Well, where’s the money for the guys wandering around here? Downtown. Yeah. Or the guys New York’s overrun is, this is, I don’t get the priority.

It’s not there, but it’s, they’re invisible also. But they’re also that check, but they’re not invisible. I know that check and balance component, if you talk about that he’s committed these crimes prior to that, he has been on the receiving end of mental health services or support prior to, then why is he walking around loose? Because he’s obviously a threat. So why is he out?

It’s a great question. I don’t know. And we come to what Mark asked, which is what happens in that moment, right? He’s a marine. I don’t know how Marines are trained, but I don’t think they’re trained to be police officers. In fact, I know they’re not because I was with them in a war zone. Right? They’re trained to kill. So the, what’s the choke hold? I mean, that’s not wrestling. Yeah. Wrestling, you’re, you’re trained to subdue without choking. It’s right. It’s not allow allowed to choke. So what do you now expect able-bodied people, men, specifically I’m talking about, what do you expect them to do in this day and age when you see a psychotic episode going on where he is threatening to kill himself and quite probably harming others. And he’s got a record of that, would, there’s no, there’s no doubt. What would you want me to do?

Well, but there, there’s the yin and the yang of that whole scenario. No, no,

No, no, no, no. It is. I’m not, no, no, no. I’m not letting you go off there. I’m not here. Okay. What do you expect you are

Being? I don’t have any expectations, Charlie. I don’t

Fucking God.

I don’t. Because this is the thing.

I’m supposed to sit there and watch you

Be abused. It would be great if you didn’t, but at the same time, you’re going to have to weigh the damage and the impact that it may have on you. It doesn’t for inter fact, it does matter.

That’s long hair. That’s nonsense.

No, it’s not Charlie, because it’s a No, it’s not. You’re the

Same way. It’s not, you’re either a coward or you’re not.

No, I don’t think it’s that, Charlie. It’s the same way. Well, hold on this. That’s your opinion.

No, hold on, Charlie.


Soapboxing. This is a

Soapboxing. It’s

Happening right now. And I understand. What is a person supposed to do?

Well, that person, you

What you’re, I know what you’re

Saying. Saying, what am I saying?

You’re saying walk away. You fucking coward.

No, I’m not saying

Look out for yourself.

No, I’m not saying that, Charlie. But you think about when medical professionals are in situations. I, I’m not talking about that. But

It’s the same thing. No, no. I’m not allowing you, allowing you to do that.

Okay. Charlie,

Stay in the moment. Charlie, you’re on a medical professional,

Charlie. No, it’s the same thing. Because people have to weigh whether or not intervening and helping is worth the risk and damage up.

Na na, na

Na. Nothing’s.

I don’t know if in the moment you true. I don’t think you have time to think about that.

You either. No. If you don’t,

Yes, people do.

I think the first maneuver nowadays is to pull out your phone

And watch a man shoot a homeless man in the head in New York City and not even yell, Hey,

I think people’s first reaction is to help. But I also think that people on the other end consider, what is this going to mean on the other end? Well, I

Think when you have time to do that, and the tricky thing with this case with Jordan Neely and Daniel Penny, is the fact that I’m glad he was a man of action because this guy was allegedly bothering the people on the subway. So I’m glad he did it. The problem is how long, and you have people saying let him go, where it kind of, there’s somewhere, it’s up to a

Jury and there’s a couple of other men. It’s tough. But I don’t think he’s Well restraining him.

Yeah. And I don’t think he

Weighed what’s their name? Where’s their charge? What’s going on here? Yeah.

But their restrain sucks. Their story. Didn’t their re, did their restraint contribute to his death? Great. That’s going to be the

Issue. Yeah. He was


Choked, I would think.

You can restrain someone. You’re involved in it, but you can restrain. Yeah, but that’s not, you can restrain someone. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. No,

Charlie, do you want to have this convers conversation by yourself?

No. No. I don’t want a conversation. I want some real talk. Okay,


Charlie. No, no. Wait, wait, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. No way. Because when you’re holding a guy’s arms and another guy’s choking him, you can’t peel the arm off. It’s quite simple if who’s

To say they should

If you’ve ever been in this position,

But how many of us have you have? But how many But of us have been in those positions?

Okay, well, let me explain it to you. Okay?

But that’s one situation, Charlie, that can’t be applicable for every situation.

Well, we’re going to talk about this situation

Then. Let’s tell us Charlie, before we,

Charlie, when the Mars over here, because swear to God, right down here, it was, guess what? May 18th

Ah, middle

May 18th, which half a homeless dude here, 200 plus pounds, 30 years older than younger than me. And he was hitting licks over there at the book Cadillac Hotel. And nobody was doing anything. The cops had an nine. They weren’t doing anything. He comes, he walks by, I’m with the film crew. He mugs the owner. Grace Carrolls takes her phone. Oh, I see it. Okay. You can see here. This is

The video.

This is camera from the top of basically one of Gilbert’s buildings. And I chased the guy. He turns around. I just thought he was going to go. He turns around, he takes a swing at me. I slip in my boots, my slippery lambkin boots. Lambkin


Good though, right? Carols runs up, pushes him, distracts him. I get up, I take him down here. This is 12 o’clock in the middle of Michigan Avenue. I wrapped the guy’s legs up because I was a wrestler. I put him in a, what you would call a semi choke hold. I put my arm around his neck and I bend his other arm around the back as he’s threatening to kill me. And it took the police 20 fucking minutes. They’re three blocks away. That could have been me. Oh, look, it’s a closeup. Watch this. Watch these slippery boots. Boom. Oh, it gets me, throws me right

There. Your body slammed your shit. Low,

Low, man.

Now I got to watch this here now. Here we go. Here we go. Boom. Double egg, take down. But look

At all the people coming in to help you too. That’s another

Thing. Okay. So that’s the people doing the restraint. Now,

Let me ask you this, knowing like say this happened now after Daniel Penny, after George Floyd, all these things happen. Would you do it again? Or does that enter your mind, do you think? Or do you just action. See,

That’s where I was getting her to go. Now what you said is 100, Karen, it’s 100% correct. Now I’m thinking, why the fuck would I bother? Why not let this guy just continue doing what he’s doing?

But I would also bet Charlie that in despite not having been in a situation like you were, because now you have a different set. People think that way. I, and I think that’s why a lot of people walk away from things because they are thinking about the implications of it. It’s unfortunate. But they

Do. Well, I just use regular language. People decide they’re going to be cowards. It’s none of my business. Let somebody else be abused and then walk away and complain

All the time. And that’s what people do with everything, Charlie. There are people that intervene. There are people that are trying to help, but there are people that say, Hey, I’m not getting

Involved. And I think we’re there again. Now, BEC this guy, he got minimum, he got three years. He got three years for a fucking phone, but he’s got a larceny rap sheet, right? Okay. He got three year, three to 15. He’s finishing up year eight.


Looked him up. Look him up. Every month, the guy is in maximum security. Throughout his prison career. He’s been put in solitary. He’s such like a rotten

Bad dude

Inmate that he’s causing problems. That’s why they won’t let him out. So what do you think? If I didn’t stick up for my people, he would’ve done to other people. That’s

True. But that’s also a crap shoot. Because again, that’s information that you learn on the back end. People have no idea. And that’s why, and I, not in this situation, but when something happens to someone and they say, yeah, but this guy was a criminal. He did a Okay, but you didn’t know that at the time. Yeah.

Well, I knew at the time he was a criminal.

Well, yeah, because he stole a phone. But exactly. I’m saying you had no idea. And I’m not talking about this incident. I mean, a lot of times when something happens and everybody starts talking about it, they say, yeah, but this was a bad guy, and he did all this and he lived this way. But you don’t know that at the time of the incident. Well,

Yeah, as we’ve said, but you know what he was doing at the time, that makes you a bad dude. It’s true. Nobody that’s righteous does that shit. And if you saying you live righteously, you can’t allow that shit.


Shouldn’t. So now anything, look, what if dude had a heart attack? Oh God,

Yeah. But there are tons of what ifs, you know?

Yeah. I mean, that’s what you’re weighing. But I do not pander it. It is complicated. And I believe Leave that, what’s his name? Daniel Penny, the Marine. Okay, fine. Indict him. Get the evidence. Because I don’t think you should be going around just choking people out there. Sure. There should be a deep look into this. I don’t know what they have, so I’m not particularly upset about that. You know what I mean?


Him being charge. I don’t think he’s going to be convicted of, well,

You got to also think about this too, Charlie. There’s all this media and public attention given to him. Yeah. You got it. And so from a legal perspective, they respond to appease the public at the time. So him being charged and him being convicted are two completely different things.

And I know people, and

That’s part of the process.

I know professional panders who say things like execution and murder. And I’m like, oh, shut the fuck up. You do nothing. Yeah.

Well, and they only have this video to go on. They don’t know about the 9 1 1 calls. They see the video and the video is all, no, I just mean in general, the people I’m talking about, people on Twitter, social media, that are really driving an agenda. It’s like, but

They aren’t on the train picture. That’s the other thing. I mean, you got, whenever you’re in a situation, Charlie, your adrenaline kicks in. You see something in your resp. There are a lot of factors that go

Into, oh, lemme tell you what went through my head when I started chasing him. He fucking turned around. I’m like, oh, no. Yeah. Does he have a gun?

Well, no.

The script is supposed to be, you just run away. I’m in slippery boots. I ain’t going to chase you for a mile. You know what I mean? Fuck.

But Charlie, think about this too. I mean, when law enforcement has to engage in those, and all of those things are going, so many human elements into this different,

I’ve been in New York,

I’m talking about three

Times this year, three times this year, staying on 42nd Street. I saw one beat cop in Grand Central Station, and I saw one cruiser on 42nd Street. That’s Times Square and the United Nations, they quit. Why? What was it? 15 minutes. He was

Over. I was saying, Daniel Penny’s defense. I mean, you’re waiting for authorities to come.

That’s the fucking Subway 50. If you got problems with crime on the subway, there’s supposed to be a cop on every platform.

And this isn’t a new problem like you just said.

And that’s what I wanted to get to. I think the overall, the takeaway from this whole situation is why should a citizen have to even intervene?

Well, it happens red. It happens red now. No. What are you talking about? A police

State? No, no. What I’m talking about is from the mental health aspect to having the police in the proper place where they supposed to be, like you said, a police on every platform, the citizens shouldn’t have to. I

Just, such it’s I, I’m sorry. I That’s not, it’s borderline nonsense. You don’t want police everywhere. You don’t want cameras in your life. We don’t got enough beds. So what’s the answer? Let’s get real.

Well, we even got less now that we had before, is my point. Can we at least get back to par when it was somewhat decent?

Start addressing it? I mean, if anything comes out horrible, horrible, horrible. And it’s horrible. It’s really sad, horrible

For everyone. Yeah. A man’s dead

That we got to start tightening up here and everything can’t be a political argument in Twitter. Do we all ag? No, we don’t All agree. But that the streets are out of control.

Those are all loopholes that so many people continue to fall through. Charlie, because there aren’t proper services or because it’s almost like your shooter. I mean, the red flags are there. There’re no accountability. People aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do. He should not have been on the subway. I mean, he should have never made it that far. That’s the key.

And I’m looking at the shit for brains and Lansing, right? The D dividing up. We got a 80 billion budget that we’re not going to be able to fill in two years. Right? They’re talking about a gun law. They’re talking about some roads that this, well, where was any money for mental health that you know, okay, wait, we got new gun laws. That ain’t going to do shit. We’re not enforcing the old gun laws. Prosecutors are waving them through. You’ve got the US attorney, the Eastern District here talking about some fantabulous outreach. 50, 50%. We’re going to send letters to parolees and probationers that were coming to visit you. You’re supposed to be visiting them anyway. There’s no place to put ’em when they’re troubled. That’s true. And the biggest mental health facility in the state of Michigan, it’s called D Wayne County Jail.

But we let that go. I mean, and right now, every time something happens, the first words out of anybody’s mouth is that they had mental health issues. This is a mental health cause. And so, okay, you would think that that would now move to the top of the list of priorities in terms of making sure that those resources are reintroduced to the community. And they’re not.

I, it’s just lip service. It’s lip service by people in silk suits and what do you call it? The pants suit. And you talk and you don’t know anything you, I’m not fooled by any of it.

They’re allowed to get away with it, Charlie.

Okay, great. Great. Well, by the grace of God, I didn’t get rung up like that. And I wonder what’s going to happen when Shitbag gets out. I wonder what’s going to happen.

He’ll probably go back to, I mean, but like you said, there are no resources for folks. Is he getting any help while he’s in there? Or is he just a habitual No, I’m just saying. Or is he just a habitual person that doesn’t deserve to be out? I mean, those are all legitimate

Questions. Great. But see this, I just want to get real.

That is real. Charlie. Charlie, okay.

Okay. That’s great. I want to get real. Okay. Who do you think he’s going to come looking for? Karen,


Is. Well, that’s the real, I’m concerned about it. That’s the real, and that’s nothing to

Laugh about. No. And I’m not laughing. I’m saying, but do you really think that? Yes. Do you? Okay,

But you a don’t. It’s a

Possibility. It’s a possibility. I’m not in that situation, Charlie, but I know it’s a reality. That too was another question.

Enough of political speak, and we better start talking some reality. Look at this shit. This is three blocks from police headquarters at High noon during the season when all the crazies come out. And there was no police who walked up who? An FBI agent. And he had handcuffs made out of shoelaces, like ligatures him. Yeah. And I remember being, he’s coming right up. He’s right there. And I remember being on top of dude, and I’m looking at the FBI agent, and he’s wearing penny loafers. And I’m thinking, where the fuck did you get to shoelaces

A while at? Where did he

And nothing, I’m

Trying to figure out where all these people coming from. And I

Do want to say this, even with police, like our incident in Greek town a few weeks ago, the police were steps away. And it did not stop that security guard from losing his life. So even in me saying more police or facility for people being in place and systems, that really ain’t going to make a difference in the end if somebody wants to do something, but it can’t curb a lot more of this.

Back to what you said again, now the overarching blank here is the police are thinking the same thing that I’m thinking. The question that you asked, they are, they’re making a calculation.

Yeah, they have to, Charlie, I mean, because one, they’re the public outcry, the political or legal pressure to arrest, convict, make them an example. I mean, there’s so many factors that weigh in. And like you said, people in the police in New York, and they just checked out. I think a lot of law enforcement people around the country have done that, because I just don’t want the headache and I, let me just turn the corner and see what happens.

And this is being stirred up as a racial assassination, apparently.

Well, but that’s an easy thing to do because the Marine was white and the homeless gentleman was black.

And one of the men also subduing, the homeless gentleman was black. And we just, well,

But that’s easy for us.

What is this fucking entertainment to people? Yeah,

It is Charlie. That’s why people record it. I mean, it is because it gets attention. It gets likes, it gets retweets. Yeah, it is.

One time I did a story for the New York Times on the subway when it was really cold, and I took the milk and honey train. It’s the E train. It goes from Jamaica, Queens down to Wall Street and back. It’s underground. So Queens is less rugged than the Bronx or Brooklyn. And then you go down to Manhattan. So I just spent the, that’s where the homeless and the psychotic sleep. So I slept, and then it was morning, it was rush hour and didn’t experiment where I had my sleeping bag and stuff. And I spread out across the whole bench of the subway standing room, only crowded in there. I spread out across the whole bench just to see what people would do. What’d they do? Nothing.

So why do you think that? Were they afraid? I’m saying, and I know you’re guessing. Do you think they were afraid? Do you think they were respectful? That’s not,

I mean, which one is that? Well, it’s not respectful because common courtesy means you don’t turn on the leaf blower at seven 30 in the morning, talk about the subway, and you don’t take a whole fucking subway bench rush hour. But

Were they compassionate thinking this person is homeless and

He’s asleep? No, you

Guys, come on.

You’re thinking, sorry. See, I’m sorry. But

See, you guys can’t, it’s not cut and dry. I’m

Sorry. I’m sorry. It’s not. It’s called life experience. You don’t know New York.

I understand that, Charlie. I’m talking about

That’s what, that’s it is Karen,

But Charlie, maybe something. Hey buddy. Somebody said,

Hey buddy, sit up. Hey buddy, you mind? But they didn’t say getting your Armani. Yeah, because you know why they’re afraid of a psychotic episode. Yep. That’s the only reason nobody is pushy like a New Yorker’s pushy. It’s because I don’t want crazy. I don’t want a knife. I don’t want this. So what happened? We get in San Francisco everywhere now,


Holy smoke. This is a big deal. Moments. Now what do we want? Okay, I’m going to answer the question to the best of my ability in a humane fashion. See, I’m already up in case something happens in my life, I am there to help you. You are my sister. This is my human family here. I’m not going to let it happen to you.

And you should be protected for that. But where’s the protection for citizen intervention?

Oh my God. Well, isn’t this is going to be that case? Yeah. We shall see. This is going to be that case. I think

We shall see.

Put that in your mayoral.

So a statement of truth. I can’t fix that either.

All right. Listen, speaking of let’s go on to the mayor here. But all of that, having and appreciate that that is, that’s the real talk about it. I just sat there dumbfounded remembering this.

I’m sure. I mean, that’s etched in your heart and in your mind, Charlie. And like you said, you check to see where this guy is every month. Yeah. That’s a legitimate concern.

Anyway, xg service group. What’s V O I P?

I trace.

That was a beautiful segue. No, it wasn’t

Voice voiceover.

Yeah, it was. Sometimes you just move on

Conversation. What’s voiceover? Internet. What’s the P stand for


And what is that? It’s basically a phone number that can’t be traced, right?

Not necessarily. I mean, a lot of people will just have phone systems that run over the internet as opposed to having a phone line like an at t line. Yeah,

Because Xfinity has those when they come

Through. Yeah. It’s almost what they all are

Now. But yeah. And thus you can avoid records, phone bills, that kind of thing.

Now, I don’t know if you can ever avoid that. No. But you want a good person. You want one that can actually handle the amount of calls you’re going to get too. Right? And because some of ’em,

You can also run that through a VPN and or an app like Signal, right? Select your right.

I don’t write this down. I’m going to call xg.

You absolutely can. Okay. And it’s high powered. So now you’re making phone calls through Signal or WhatsApp over V O I P. And then there, there’s no record and it’s scrambled. Very big deal in the modern world.

Start my own telemarketing service. You

Can do that. Security cameras, wifi design and installation. Construction cameras. I mean, in this modern era, you go to XG Service Group, great customer service, Matt Yaki, ITZ at 7 3 4 2 4 5 4100. And if you’re going to run for Mayor Red, yes, ADR experienced, they can reduce your costs. They can deal with the red tape of city hall saving clients, millions experts in procurement and government compliance and relationships. Oh, cool. Permits. So

All of it. Got your deputy mayor,

Get your processor right. Get it done on time, on budget. You can do that. I mean, they do governmental contracting as well. So you call Barry Ellen Tuckett, (248) 318-9424. Free consultation. Oh,

Bet. Well, I’m calling him

8 3 8 9 4 2 4. That’s a big deal.

In the morning, you can run your campaign red.

I will tell you something. This is, I’ll probably win. Just like Richard Pryor. None of the above.

Hey, don’t put anything past it.

All right. So this city, explain what I see this morning. US attorney going out there. I mean, why do we not have crime numbers? Why is the public, the US attorney citing in this kumbaya stuff? We’re going to do that. We have a 10% reduction in non-fatal shootings. Well, how many is that murders have we had? Why doesn’t the press ask this around here?

That’s a good question.

How many guns that the police and the feds and those task force are getting? Do you know how many? No. Right, but apparently it’s thousands. Why aren’t these people being prosecuted? Why aren’t felons in possession of firearms being prosecuted?

We’re moving the chess pieces.

I’m going to bring you that next week, that whole deal, the gas station shooting where the guy’s $3 E b t card doesn’t work and won’t, the clerk won’t let ’em out with the snack cakes. So he electronically locks the door from behind the bulletproof grass. The guy says, let me out. Everybody in here dies.

And he shoots ’em.

And he shoots ’em. Yep.

Over $3.

That was a felon. And he was on probation. And he had a weapon. He had a weapon. And they put him on probation when he was already a felon. Why? Oh, I’m coming for why? Yes. That’s more murder. I thought guns were serious

Again. Again, another case in point, the laws are there. They’re not being enforced, whether it is at the prosecution level, the jailing level, or they just changing the law to make the system move smoother.

We’re just pushing everybody through. Yeah, that’s the thing. Everybody’s just allowed to just go. I mean, it’s less burden on the system. It’s less work on the system. And they just move on to the next criminal and crime

And then count the next body

And count the next

Body and then hide 10% of those bodies behind some legal justification that I was, if the clerk shot the guy in the store to protect, that would be justifiable. And that’s not even counted as a homicide. I didn’t say the guy belongs in prison, but we need an accounting of the gun violence and to make it disappear.

So is this clerk going to be liable because he locked the door and because great one, and because the shooter was not allowed to exit, he murdered somebody. Like that’s going to be a legal, I’m just thinking. No,

That is so awesome. I mean,

Right. Seriously. What’s the same,

What’s the subway?

That’s my point.

My God, right?

Yeah, it

Is. Because like you said, just 10 seconds ago, an ineffectual system where you wave ’em through and Yep. Right. Oh man,

It’d be a bad move by a da. That’d be a bad move by a da.

Yeah. And here’s what I noticed. Here’s what the media’s really focused on. Second day story, the gas station was like business license had expired. I know nobody looked into the guy. Nope. Or the judge or the prosecutor that waved him through

And they put the little on the door saying No. But that’s another thing. I mean, this isn’t as serious, but it still shows that there’s a lack of accountability. How is this business able to operate without a license? There’s a licensing bureau. Where are they? What are

They doing? I’ll go like this because everything including the courts, and everything’s fucked up with covid. Remember when they shut down Lafayette for rats and they’re going to put all the health inspections online? Those aren’t not online. They’re doing nothing. No,

They aren’t.

And again,

And you don’t answer the phone either.

And you know what? The media, here’s so busy trying to maintain good relations for empty, nonsensical stories when this the fucking country. I didn’t want to go over the, it’s falling apart and shit. We’re losing control of shit that the public is public falling

Apart. Charlie. Okay? It is. I, and I know it sounds whatever, but in reality it is. It’s unraveling. I mean, we are unraveling everything that it’s in place to keep us together is being allowed to fall apart.

So Mike, Doug want you to, I’m suing the Census Bureau because you undercounted 50,000 people. Well, with all that money and all your friends in Washington, what did we get? We got, they’re like, all right, we’ll give you 1400. Yeah, that’s a big loss Mike. And people are voting with their feet. And the things we’re talking about is the reason why. And that skyscraper hadn’t moved in weeks. It’s nice out. They’re supposed to be hanging glass. It’s not happening.

Well, they had to. How much? Get a little movement when you know, start talking about it. I’m like, okay, let’s get out here and make it look like we’re doing something. But if you drive by most of the new developments, they’re empty. They’re empty.

Okay. And where’s the media on the attorney general’s trip to Turks and ca Os? Where is that? I was reading this weekend. Okay. Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court. John Roberts, Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Like everybody’s taking shit. But we get a trending story on Twitter that Justice Kagan turned down bagels and locks just because of the appearance of impropriety. So she’s being uplifted by the left. Look at that. She wouldn’t even taste that. It’s,

It’s a distraction. Charles.

Well, where’s the left here? Because the media is not liberal or conservative. They’re democratic and Republican. That’s what they decided. Because I don’t know anybody in journalism when I was coming up that would not get into the mayor for the allegedly poison dirt in the ground from the demolitions or the lack of nursing home accountability or anything. Or the fact that the Flint water poisoning case went to hell. It’s over. Manslaughter has a 10 year statue of limitations. Were well over nine years now. Blew it. Nothing. Nobody’s holding these people to account.

Yeah, they aren’t.

And then I got this, I don’t know, you tell me, mayor of Flint, Sheldon Neely. Tell me, I got this from a person that you told it to that if I come messing around again in a parking garage or whatever, or if I fuck with you, you’re going to beat my ass. That can’t be true. What? That can’t be true. Oh, come on. I’m going to whoop me

Any kind of old for that.

That can’t, he’s a marshmallow man. Who was this guy fooling? In fact, I’ll tell you what isn’t

High school.

He, the guy’s four years younger than me. I’ll tell you what brother. Here’s if is he, if Yeah, if that’s true. The picture don’t tell it. I’m sorry. Yeah. Oh, there he is with his buddy. The pedophile. What’s that guy’s name?

John Cole or John Peters. He goes by two different names. Guy

In, yeah, the guy on the right was sent to prison in 1987 for sleeping with men while he had HIV V and not telling him. Then the man was sent to prison again in 2013 for sleeping with men and not telling me he had HIV V. Now, last week, sheriff Swanson up there in Genesee County, arrested him for grooming children, raping them. And I assume he still has H I V. Now, this guy seems to be buddies. Worked on your campaign, li there is a, there’s a nice little, see, I don’t have that in my life

Birthday party,

Right? I don’t have pedos next to me. I don’t secretly settle sexual misconduct allegations with my police department and not let the public know what’s what that’s all about. I do not counterman my chief of fire when he decides to fire some firefighters. Fire some firefighters. That was a tough one. Firefighters, right. Fire. Some firefighters for not properly checking a home that was on fire where two children were in there and died. That that’s not me. So if you got a problem with me, and I’m not saying you do, but I heard it from a very tight source. I challenge you, Sheldon, nearly Flint.
We both put up 10 grand winner takes all, and it’s donated to charity. And I might have to give it to Flint the way you are running it. Number two, the loser resigns his job. You resign. Mayor Lights go out at no bullshit news hour. I’ll give you to Thursday if you want to take that up. What you talk about, dude, I’m just doing my job. What? You think you are up there. In fact, you got my attention. We’re going to pay special attention to Flint. We’re going to, we’re put a special correspondent on it. Hello? Would you like that red? Hell yeah. No, nobody looking out for the good people of Flint. Yeah, let’s do it. And meeting up there is ridiculous. What? Ridiculous. Everything going on up there, man? Oh yeah, that’s right. Because the mayors Neely used to work for the TV news station up there.

Oh wow. Okay. So little nepotism going on. This is

Bullshit, man. All right. Speaking of, I

Hope he saw this training video of you

Though. Oh yeah. Let’s roll that tape. There it is again. Coming in with the double A tape. I look. He goes, got it. Got it. Oh,

That could be you mayor.

Yeah, but believe that dude. Oh, thanks for the assist there, Caros. Okay, boom. There we go. Boom. That’s it.

Who was that? That he pushed back? Carros

Grace and then she came back.

That was you, grace. Yeah,

That was great. Good for her

Man. Oh Grace, I’m okay. I feel safe. You

Want to hear something even better? What was going on? That was

Grace. Yeah,

Right. Wow. Thanks for distracted the guy. Because here’s what was hap why I was here. It was a discovery show and an adventure guy. He, he’s a former Royal Marine, right? Some. And he scuba dives and climbs Mount Everest and all of this stuff. And he comes to Detroit and they got like a Cadillac with steer horns on it. Like we’re in Texas. Some shit like Boss Hog. Yeah, it was like a drop top. It was like, what the fuck is this? So they’re getting all the cameras. There’s like a dozen of them. Yeah, like a dozen of them with the Mor Royal Marine and stuff messing with the cameras. And this happens. That’s why everybody was distracted. That’s right. Oh, okay. And here I go. And there’s no Royal Marine. There are no camera guys. There are no adventures. Scuba shark fishing, Mount Everest climbing guys. No, it’s the only ever American kids. A chick. She wrote, she got

Grace. She got

More balls than all 12 of them

Guys. Grace, grace, grace. Get the elevated boss award. I didn’t know that was you. Wow. One

Hell of a iPhone. Shit. Look at these. Look

At these. It’s the principle. Look at the

Bottom of these boots. It was these boots. See? See, there’s no Tre. Never wear slippery lamb. Sold boots to a street fight.

Well Charlie, you didn’t have time

Might as them puffy house shoes. Yes.

You didn’t have time to take ’em off.

Better cab barefooted. Alright, just speaking of charges, white boy Rick denies him. Him. He can’t, come on. He’s got a case. But suffice to say he’s saying no, the alleged girlfriend won the girlfriend and she stole a $50,000 Rolex from him. So it was a race to get, race to get to the watch. Police station first hooker.


You can allege what you like. I do allege.

Sounds like allegedly sounds like the, sounds like the next season is being

Developed, but he can’t say nothing. Maybe next week, next month. He said after his court date. We’ll, we shall see. And speaking of, can’t say nothing. Tucker Carlson got back to me. I invited him on for a quick cameo, maybe do some weather. I thought that’d been funny. That would’ve outraged people. A couple of you let ’em slide by with something like that. So he got back to me and he goes still under contract. It’s not sure if he can make an appearance on Twitter, but as soon as the contract’s cleared up, he’ll come on. But it makes me wonder, he already went on Twitter system.

There you go. Exactly how it works. And we’re sick of it. Starting soon, we’ll be bringing a new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six and a half years to Twitter. We bring some other things to which we’ll tell you about what, but for now, we’re just grateful to be here. Wait,

How about free speech? How about a weather bit? Want a weather bit? You’re already on Twitter, man. Jeez. Give me some clicks talking. What fuck.

Does he have a blue check?

Oh, I would assume so.

Yeah. He’s too cheap to pay for it.

Well, might have been get given one.

I got to say this. In order to get those old blue checks, your company had to vouch for you. Yeah. You had to give them your id.

Your, you had to give ’em your id, your driver’s license, your work id. I went through all of that. That’s why I was pissed because I had a legitimate blue check. Now you can just buy one. Oh, I

Mean, so did they get rid of yours or you still had Yeah,

No, they got all legacy blue check holders were

Erased. So did you sign up for Blue Check? No. Okay. I never wanted Blue Check. Didn’t. I’m like, you’re not getting my id. What? You had to do it for official city business purposes. I’m like, I don’t need that. And I’m certainly not desperate enough to be in the cool crowd to give a tech company my fucking id.

But you have a blue check now, Charlie.

I paid for it.


Well you know why I paid for it now. That’s cool. Because you don’t get my information. I understand. You know what it allows us to do? What it allows us, if you don’t have a blue check, if you have a blue check,

You got to edit button.

You got an edit button, the video you can fix and your video gets to run a long time. So we’re doing this program and we want to put our video clips on.


Right. Why? It’s okay. That’s it.

I mean, don’t, not on Twitter. I mean, I’m on Twitter for news and I’m reading, but I don’t, I’m not going to do a video and if I make a mistake, I’ll just make another tweet and say, oops. Yep. It’s like I’m not going to do that. Don’t

Worry. I got you. Well, thank you. I’ll get your videos up. Oh, mine. Okay. Well, thank you. You got it. All right.

Look at that.

You’ll get one for your mayo.

Say no comment.

See, he’s starting already. No comment.

You said you were going to be honest.

That’s my honest answer. No comment.

He going to fit right in red. Okay. So with that, that’s the program. But keep your eyes peel for my column in the Detroit News Wednesday. Karen, of course appears every Tuesday. Mine’s Wednesday. Major major developments in the Flint Campus Massacre. I promise you I would get there. Michigan State. What? I say? Flint. Flint. Oh, fuck. Done. It’s on your mind. Get ahold of me, mayor. I mean, if that was true, if it wasn’t, forget all about that. Can

We We place bets on that fight.

Yeah. Yeah. For charity. For charity. Okay. Now Wednesday, major news in the MSU campus, shooting in Lansing and Thursday. All the details on that. And hello, a hint for all you people in law enforcement, public safety up there, judges, prosecutors, police officials. There it is. You owe us an explanation. All right? That’s

Why they’re afraid of you, Charla.

You shouldn’t be afraid of me. They are. We The people want something better. They are. We want it for the infirm, for the insane, for the young, for the old, awful one. One for all. A society is judged and how it treats its weakest. That’s true.

And we’re failing.

Made me want to cry. Don’t give up. See you.

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