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Robert Kennedy Jr. joins the No BS Newshour.
He’s running for President… will he be independent?
Is he a conspiracy theorist?
How will he fix the country?

3:14 What RFK Jr is doing in Michigan.
3:56 Do the people know Bobby Kennedy Jr?
7:55 “Not against carbon based power”
11:00 His alcohol and drug past.
13:50 Solution to the national drug problem.
16:15 His voice.
20:50 Reaction to Drake name checking him in his new song.
22:24 Does 5g give you cancer?
24:10 5g surveillance system.
25:07 Does water turn frogs transgender?
27:30 Covid attacks races differently.
37:30 Subscribe to the Detroit News
38:50 Is he running as an Independent for President?
42:00 The Democrats are against him running.
45:40 His economic plan for the US.
52:00 Funding Ukraine
55:00 Did the US bait Russia to attack Ukraine?
1:11:30 Immigration policy. Bobby will negotiate repatriation.

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