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Spanning the globe in search of real news.

Acclaimed war photographer Tom Dallal LIVE from the Israeli/Hamas War, “I think we’re in for death here.”

From Detroit’s westside: Citizen’s complain that “crying woman” Rashida Tlaib ignores her own people.

AND Detroit Lions analyst Joey Buns on the Super Bowl prospects of the Honolulu Blue.

PLUS Trump v. Benson and Dum Dum Dana’s latest drano caper.


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My friend Matt Taibbi accepted an award the other night in Washington, DC for the work he did on the Twitter files, the expose that showed the nexus between the spy agency’s, big tech and big media, and how dissenting voices dissenting. Journalism is all being censored now. He said, I believe journalism began to lose its way when we lost touch with what it is we actually do. This was once more a trade than a profession. Reporters reflexively looked at things from the perspective of the general public because they were the general public. They identified with cabbies, nurses, teachers, plumbers, hardware store owners, because that tended to be where they came from. They once thought people who couldn’t afford K Street lobbyists, the people who had the least representation needed the press the most. Those audiences tend not to want special treatment because they’re not getting it.
They’ll settle for the truth. You get that for us? We’ll buy your paper. That simple deal made things easy. The stories, the boss, we were supposed to follow facts wherever they led, publish anything true and not care. Who was offended by it. Beginning in the eighties and nineties, journalists started imagining things from a different perspective. After all the president’s men, it became fashionable. Career choice. More reporters started coming from Ivy Leagues or thinking they came from Ivy Leagues, which in itself is not a bad thing, but a change took hold. Journalists were soon the same people socially as those they were charged with covering. They’d gone to school with aids to presidential candidates, intelligent analysts and Wall Street bankers. Unlike the broader audience, these people did expect a certain kind of coverage. We started to see a string of stories from their perspective telling us how hard it is to run a country. How hard the choices are live from downtown Detroit is the no bullshit news hour with my main man.

No bullshit. Just breaking this

Don. More bullshit. Don’t more bullshit.

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Yeah, I’m taller. Well, welcome to the No BSS NewsHour, the best in national, international, state and local news. All created onsite farm to table. No blathering bullshit. Now Karen, we got a great program today we’re going to take you all the way to the West Bank with my old time pal, photographer cinematographer, Tom Delal. Now we’re going to go to Detroit’s West side. That would be Rashida Taleb’s Congressional District, and let’s do some national news. Trump is suing Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson to keep his name on the ballot. Sissy’s, not an insurrectionist, and the latest fuckup by Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel. She blew it. She blew the Flint case and as is her custom, she’s blaming someone else. It’s over and I’m preparing a lawsuit because it’s never over. And finally, since the Lions are making a real playoff run, we decided we needed a Lions expert to break it all down on the playoff run. So we got Joe Cap, the bread man does the bread round here, all the Coney Islands, AKA Joey Buns

Sounds like an expert to me.


Here’s a taste.

You can pick guys up that aren’t on other people’s rosters. You got Dominic Sue sitting at home right now. We originally drafted him out of college. Call the guy up. See why do we

Need him

So extra man on that defensive line? They’re pretty



Yeah, but what if you get an injury running back, running backs, keep getting hurt. Why not call the Patriots and offer a number six pick for Zeke Elliott. He’s on

A cheap contract right now.

What’s he getting paid?

It’s like 500,000. How didn’t

Fuck this John, knowing Zeke Elliot’s getting paid. Come on man. Get out of here. The bread’s getting stale. Yeah, that’s the way it is. Got to know what’s going on out there, man. You got to know what’s going on. But

How do guys know that? I mean, most guys know everything. Stats, salary. I mean, how do you all remember that? And you can’t remember if you send you to the store for something.

That’s why I don’t know. Is

That why

I wish people pay attention to the state and federal and local budgets like that? But hey, that’s true. That shit’s boring. I like how he says we. You know what I mean? We like to be included. I’m guilty of that. I don’t like to be we when I’m covering shit, but Joe’s going to break it down for us every week and there’s a buy next week and as you’ll see in his report later, it’s a good thing all the guys on injured reserve that need to need to recover, recover up. All right, so listen, let’s do it for real though. Now in international news spanning the globe

In search of legitimate news, we go to the map

Right there is our high tech LED map paid for by Luke Acki and every other support of this program. Right in there. Right in there is our next guest, Tom Delal, world-class photographer, cinematographer, and an old friend covering the Israeli Hamas war and possibly Hezbollah. I think he’s in the north. Hey Tom, how you doing brother?

I’m good, thanks Charlie. How you doing?

You told me you had super Israeli internet there and I can’t hear shit. I

Can hear you so clear. The video seemed be a little delayed, but can you hear me okay?

Yeah, good. All right, man. So you’re in the north.

We’re probably, I don’t know, 60, 50 kilometers from the Lebanese border. From Haifa. You can actually see on a clear day, you can see up past

What’s the mood in the north before we get to what’s going on in the Gaza Strip.

So the mood in the north, I think like the mood pretty much everywhere here is a little grim. People are Palestinian citizens of Israel are kind of terrified. They feel very vulnerable and they always have felt vulnerable. They’ve gone through phases where they feel a little bit less vulnerable, but you’re living in a place where you’re a small portion of the population that was here pre 48 or 20% of the population now. But you’re living among the people who took over your country at a time like this where people in the political echelons within Israeli politics are expressing very openly, very virulently, hateful sorts of speech. And you’re a tiny minority here and you don’t have any faith that the police or anyone’s going to protect you. Very vulnerable. Now, Israelis, Israeli Jews also feel very vulnerable because they’ve been attacked in a way that I think nobody Jewish, Palestinian, or otherwise anticipated. And everyone was shocked and surprised. And for them, I think it’s particularly troublesome because it’s not something they ever could have imagined would happen. They believed that their military could protect them from anything. And then it turns out that the people who attacked them kind of did it with bubblegum and house fans. I mean relatively speaking, I mean sort of the technology at work. On the other side, there’s disparities, let’s just say

Like paragliders and mopeds and that’s what you’re talking that kind of technology.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And dropping. Apparently the times reporting, they said that these guys dropped explosives from consumer drones onto these million dollar remote cameras and communication systems and knocked them out. Really just shocking for people. For Israeli Jews in particular, but for people in general here, it was like, wow, who are these people and how did they do this?

Now the question anyway, just to stay up in the north there for a minute. I mean, is Hezbollah making moves, I mean different entity, right? The Shia militia in Lebanon, but with ties to Hamas, you were in Ramala yesterday as well, the defacto capital of the West Bank because you’re a northern guy there. What’s going on? Any movement, any forces from the West Bank making noise? Do you got a feeling it’s going to widen from the north?

So most definitely. My sense has been from the beginning of this whole calamity that the northern front is something that will project this thing into a completely different dimension among other things because it will begin to much more seriously involve a lot of other American interests other than Biden trying to get himself reelected out trumping Trump on Israel, right or wrong, and I think everybody’s eyes are on the north and very concerned because Hezbollah is heavily armed, they’re very experienced in warfare. They have a lot of trained people who’ve been fighting in Syria, blah, blah, blah. I mean, I covered war up there in the summer of 93 and was shocked at how organized and well organized they were in keeping the media away from them and having everybody in the south sort of working to protect their interests there. I mean, that was 93 and now they’ve had another 30 years to hone their military operation and the West Bank, everything that’s been going on in Gaza has allowed, there’s an excellent story by your old colleague Delman in the Times today.

He’s the best

Covering this. Yeah, I mean the bottom line is that the Palestinians in the West Bank are, they’re extremely concerned about everything that’s been happening since this last government came in because the securities czar in Netanyahu’s government is basically a kahanas. The minister of finance is an extremely right wing smo church, extremely right wing. These guys are focused on settlement, right? Meaning colonization. They want to move more Israeli citizens, Israeli Jewish citizens into the West Bank and take as many Palestinians and either squeeze them into as small space as possible or squeeze them out. And I think that the real concern now Palestinians in the West Bank are concerned that they’re going to get forcibly displaced into Jordan.

Just real quickly, just for the West Bank, and I’m going to move over to gaze real quick. The West Bank, I think people here tend to think that that’s the center of the ear. When you look at the map like the West Bank, that’s the Palestinian land, but it’s not exactly, is it? It’s more like 200 and some settlements walled off with Israeli settlers in the middle of it, correct?

Yeah, like something in the realm of seven to 800,000. Everybody talks about the occupation of the West Bank. I think it’s a misnomer at this point. It’s occupation plus, plus plus. Okay. They didn’t just occupy for 56 years, they occupied and they’ve been colonizing the place in legal terms. I’m not trying to be

Tom. Listen, man, keep it simple for people. We’re back, think back home. We don’t know a lot. We don’t know a lot. What does occupation mean? I thought the West Bank and Gaza were for the Palestinians and the rest of what was the Palestinian mandate is Israel, what does occupation mean?

Okay, military occupation is what happened when the Israelis took over the Gaza Strip and the West Banks in the June, 1967. What it requires of an occupying power, it’s not on its face. Illegal, okay? Occupation is, there are rules that govern it. Occupation is supposed to be temporary. Now an occupying power, as the Israelis are, is required to cut it really short and sweet is basically required to act as a custodian. While they’re acting as sovereign, they’re not

Ign. Lemme pause you, right? That’s good. Okay, we got that. Okay. So legally by international law,


The Israelis are considered legal occupiers of the West Bank and Gaza Stripp simple, yes or nos.

That’s correct.

That’s correct. That’s correct. So now taking that, that’s really interesting. So the UN came up with the two state solution. There were divisions. The 67 war comes and Israel jumps all the lines for their safety, as they would say, and now they’re still there. So now they’re legal occupiers. I want to play you a clip, I think from Russia today. Was it?

I think so,

Yeah. This is from a member of the Hamas, lack of better word, ruling party, the political wing of Hamas. He’s being interviewed and let’s play. And if it’s not being translated in English, I will read it. Okay, so the poor asks, many people are asking, since you’ve built 500 kilometers of tunnels, why haven’t you built bomb shelters where civilians can hide During bombardments? He says, we’ve built the tunnels for protecting ourselves from being targeted and killed.


Tunnels are meant to protect us from the airplanes


Are fighting from inside the tunnels.


Knows that 75% of the people in the Gaza Strip are refugees, says the Hamas spokesman,


It is the responsibility of the United Nations to protect them. According to Geneva Convention, it is the responsibility of the occupation to provide them with all the services as long as they are there. So what he’s saying, the Hamas spokesman to the reporter is we built tunnels for our army. We’re not responsible for protecting the Palestinians who Hamas is and who they’re hiding amongst. It’s not their responsibility. It’s the United Nations and it’s Israels with thinking like that. Tom.

So look, I think Charlie is a strict legal matter. If the occupying power, then occupying power is an occupying power because it exercises what’s called effective control. They control the borders, they control the airspace, they control anything that comes and goes. They control the waterways around the land. It basically, Gaza is like a giant closed, it’s like an open air prisons, putting aside Hamas, if you’re an occupying power, you have enormous disabilities to protect the civilian population occupying that is absolutely clear as the day is long in international law. That’s the law of occupation. Now why is that? This gets back to what I was saying before. An occupying power has to bear all these responsibilities so that it has to get the fuck out because it can’t afford to continue doing it. This is designed into the policy, okay? You want to occupy this place. You, it’s kind of like you broke it, you bought it, you occupied it, you got to take care of it. You abide. You could summarize as a standard of good governance. You have to abide by that. Now. That’s what the law says.

Okay, let’s get to, that’s the law. Now we’re in the reality. One morning, 1400 Israelis get butchered in their bed. Me, I’m looking at it like that would be 6,000 people dying on nine 11. I’m not standing for that. We’re going wherever Osama bin Laden is. Forget the fact that we do the illegal war in Iraq and kill a half a million people, but I’m doing that on the other side. You’ve got just naked exposed Palestinian people, 8,000 of them losing their lives, and there’s going to be a lot more once they get to Gaza City. Just tell me from your heart, man, not from the politics and the law and the history and you being a Palestinian American and having feelings, is there any way, but all or nothing, Biden can’t have it both ways. He says Israel has the right to defend itself and sends ships over there and then he’s asking for a drawdown, pausing, humanitarian efforts. Is there, are we just in for death here?

I think we’re in for death here. We’re already into a lot of death here. I think that from viewed from here, I think Biden’s stance has been ridiculous and completely un-American presidential, if you look at it historically,

Explain how, explain it’s ridiculous and presidential.

Okay, so clearly, clearly the Israelis are going to react and they’re going to react with extreme prejudice. I mean, we know that that’s what happens when horrible things like this happen. Okay? Now, as a third party, outside of the immediate conflict, the role would expect any American president to play, not to pour gasoline on the fire and to effectively enable even a more vicious to calm the situation that’s in Israel’s interest. It’s in the Palestinian’s interest and especially it’s in the to sit half the American military between the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. Okay. Are you still there, Charlie?

I’m here. Yeah. I’m fascinated

And use the pulpit of the most powerful nation in the world. Not to caution restraint, but to publicly endorse revenge. It doesn’t make sense. It’s idiotic, frankly. I mean, I can’t speak more harshly about how I’d administer this. I think it’s completely irresponsible as a sitting duck here with 150,000, his buckets, 60 kilometers north of me or 70 or whatever, just across the Lebanese border, really need the American president to be stirring the pot instead in the situation.

Let me throw it in here. Israel’s going to do what Israel’s going to do and is going to react as it’s going to react. And I don’t know if I would’ve react any differently growing up in Detroit and being very close to Palestinian people having some Jewish blood of my own. It’s very complicated, but I must agree with that. I find it sophomoric almost. If you look at nine 11, we did what we did, but you didn’t see the Israelis paratroop into Damascus or into Baghdad. You see what I’m saying?


Now we’re in something we can’t get out of, and now they’re trying to figure out a middle ground that doesn’t exist.

I mean, look, usually, am I

Wrong there? No. Listen, listen. I’m a dumb American. We’re dumb. We’re thick. What I say makes sense to you there.

What makes sense? Yes. In a way it does. Charlie, look, I think the bottom line line is, is that what role that the United States needs to play here is a role that will diffuse the situation in its own interest. Okay? We’re not here to start World War III with Iran. For us or for anyone else. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t think there’s a win in that for anybody. Okay? It’s a big country. It’s a country that’s fought a lot of wars. Like it doesn’t seem wise to me.

We’ll leave it at that man. The connection is getting rough now. I know it’s late there. Would you do as the honor of coming back in future days,


And you promise, look after yourself. I know you are a mad man.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I, I’m, I’m happily home. I had a real hard time getting back home last night. These weren’t letting us cross back into Israel from the West Bank, four European journalists, we’ve all got press cards. We let us cross three different checkpoints. I mean it, it’s a horror show.

Alright, man, be safe. God bless you.

Thank you. Thank you, Charlie. Thanks for having me.

Oh yeah, man. Tom Bilal, one of the world’s great photojournalist. I’d

Like to see some of his work while he’s over there. Charlie, that would be interesting to share. Yeah,


Get it. I mean, just images speak a lot. They’re quite powerful.

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I’ll say this, but what’s going on in the college campuses? Freedom of Speech. Absolutely Rashida TB and carrying on and propagating bullshit that Israel bomb the hospital and Gaza. I’m glad that Congress didn’t censor her. That’s what’s great about this country. But I will say to the young people on the college campuses, you could feel how you feel. Do not intimidate people. And if you want to know something about your home country, then consider what’s been done to the Native American. You still live on occupied land treaties have been signed, they have not been honored. You are occupiers. If you want to learn something, if you want to help someone near you, start focusing on that. How about that? Okay. Now I don’t want to get into the big Washington debate, but I’ll talk to anybody. You know what I mean? CNN calls. Sometimes I do it. Fox calls and Rashida Tli is making some chops out there. It’s the only Palestinian American out there can be very useful for international discussion. I’m not sure she’s using the pulpit as well as she should, but do we have a little bit of that clip? I don’t have the clip, but I have you with Jesse. Well, that would be the clip. Oh, that’s the clip. Okay. I thought you meant her making all the noise. Sorry. Here’s the clip. Charlie.

It’s a clip.

Wow. I’m an idiot.

Charlie Lauff is the host of No BS NewsHour. Charlie, I’m sorry that my ears are still ringing, but how big of a problem is this right now

In terms of nationally, politically, or here at home or Rashida to leave ostensibly works for the people. Which one?

Well, you tell me at home because I can see how it’s playing nationally. Is she popular back there?

Nobody knows who she is, man. Look, she’s better known for entering legislation to rename post office. This is much more violent city Detroit than Chicago is or North Philly, and we get nothing. What we get out of her is defund the police. Let people out of prison, but you won’t see her say it on the street. She doesn’t walk the streets. She’s busy up in the capitol screaming and hurting my ear. By the way, then she is correcting things. I should tell you, brother, this is a swing state. We have eight of the most violent 50 cities in America and we get buckets. We get this stuff, we get Israel just bombed a hospital. No leadership there. No. Be calm. Let’s find out what happened. Lead try to get this thing tamped down. No, we go on the steps and we blame the Israelis. It looks like it may be Hamas probably. I’m not going to say, but where is that? We’re not having that. We’re not having any rational discussion.

So she’s focused on violence in Gaza and she doesn’t give a lick about violence in her own district.

Not that I can see. And look, I knew her father. He’s a good man, you know what I mean? He’s like good New American. And he called me up and called her a nut. All I know about her is cheated on a property tax three times and never paid the city back. Rashida paid back the taxes. But I grew up with Palestinians. This is an Arab center of America. There are points to be made. War should stop, but this is not the way to get it done. And she wouldn’t come on my show last night because she was busy brokering a ceasefire in the Middle East. That’s how you broker a ceasefire. Yeah, she’s not brokering a thing. Are you saying that Taleb’s father told you that his daughter’s a nut? Yeah, he told me she’s a nut. She’s a scam that she didn’t live at the address she did when she was running for office.
He called me up out of the blue. I called her up and say, Hey, your old man called me. What’s going on with that? She goes, well, he abused me. And I’m like, this is nuts. This family’s nuts, man. And so now you get to see what we live with around here. Alright, well good luck in Detroit. I remember a couple years ago you took me down to a tour of Detroit and you were basically the mayor there. So maybe you should run for her seat. Why? I get along with everybody. I don’t need that seat. That’s right. Once you’re in office, everybody hates you. Charlie LeDuff. Thank you so much. That’s good. That’s good. Accurate. So, okay. Rashida tb, the congresswoman of the 12th District of Michigan, which Southfield large Jewish population. Dearborn large Muslim population, west side Livonia and all that had Christian population. It’s diverse, white Christian, but it’s one of the poorest in America. That’s true. And it encapsulates the west side of Detroit. So we thought we’d send red there to see if anybody knew who their congressman was. This is what he came back with.

What up though? I’m standing here on the corner of seven Mile in Wyoming in Detroit, Michigan, which is a part of District 12. Also we have Dearborn, which is mostly our Arab in Southfield. We have a large Jewish and Middle Eastern Indian community in Lavonia. We got the good old average Jonah plumber or white guys you would say. And in Detroit, we all know is mostly my black brothers and sisters. And all these cities make up District 12, which is the country’s second brokest congressional district. And who represents that? You may say. Do you know who your Congress person represented?

Don’t even know. No, I do not. Really. I believe it’s to leave. I’m not certain.

Okay. You actually are right. It is Rashida to leave and while they’re trying to send almost a hundred billion in foreign A to Israel, Ukraine and others, we’re still sitting here waiting on her to represent us. But what is she on TV doing? We’re literally, literally watching people commit

Genocide and killing the vast majority just like this. And we still stand by and say nothing. Nothing. We’ll remember this, but all of you, you need to know. I swear to God, what you’re on the right side of history.

Do you think she should be crying and hysterical over that’s going on over there, crying and hysterical about what’s going on here? I wish you

Would put that emotion towards


Us right here at home.

So the crime segment on the television. Hey, do a little bit more crying for us.

Exactly. Exactly. Have some more empathy for your own right here at home.

You got to handle home first. So what I would say to her is take care of your bedroom and then lead out to the community.

She need to address these issues. What I’m talking about, because here in the city of Detroit, everybody’s going through this problem.

Every time I clock in, I’m giving the government more money to blow more shit up over there. And that’s not my problem. I just want to work and go home. They need to get they shit together, not with it. And I’m upset about it.

Okay. All right. See more than you led on to

Over here. Ain’t doing nothing but trying to give billions of dollars to Ukraine. Bitch, my rent is high. Lower my rent. Give me some more money for some food or something. I’m so mad about that. I’m really getting heated.


Afford to do some food for groceries. I got a pack of eggs. Them with $6. That’s ridiculous. Everything is going up and they’re trying to crack down on certain stuff, but y’all not cracked down on what need to be cracked down on.

Now you say you cut the district, so you get to see the neighborhood Nook and cra. If you had to tell Rashida to leave, what would you tell her? She needs to be focused and worried about. She need to be focused and worried about her people that’s here. Not people overseas that we don’t know nothing about. She’s making a statement for those people. Make a statement for us. Let’s get us together. How can you help somebody when you ain’t helping your people? So it’s a lot of neighborhood people that complain about how she’s not even attending the neighborhoods the way they should. They more or less worried about everything else besides what’s going on right here where we at. And that’s not right. I have to agree. You heard that Rashida, that’s not right. Your district say where you at, you ain’t giving a damn.

Well that was a good piece. But that young lady I think spoke for a lot of people that may not have the opportunity to. I mean, people are struggling and they do. I don’t think people are less compassionate about what’s going on at the international level. But I do think that people want to feel like, okay, you care about us too. And that goes for congressional representation, presidential representation, state representation. Everybody wants to do what appears to be politically correct, but they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do in the positions that they were elected to. You

Mean the hard shit?

Yeah, what they’re supposed to do. Everybody’s going to start passing out turkeys in a minute. We’re not focusing on what should be focused on. They’re just not


Office. Got a new


That’s what I’m saying.

Everyone remembers the name too.


That’s that performative stuff and it doesn’t do anything to change the livelihood or the quality of life of people that you represent

Madam to leave your district is calling. So we’ll get to some statewide news to this commercial message. No BSS NewsHour brought to you by Legacy Partners Insurance. Do what we’ve all done here. Call ’em (586) 209-4106. They will shop for a better insurance rate for you. You will pay less and get more coverage for your home, your car, your motorcycle, your camper, your vacation cottage, all of it. They’ll even help you with life insurance and Medicare. Call legacy insurance. (586) 209-4106. Have ’em wrap their arms around you. Be covered. Be safe.

That was cute.

Thank you.

Thank you. You ought to do voiceovers. Charlie.

We are not top 200 America for

Nothing. Eat your

Heart out cake tapper. Because now we go to statewide news music.

That was very good.

Spanning the state. Crap. You

Ought to do jingles.

Get brand on in here. Me please. Didn’t we just cut a whole bunch of shit?

Yeah, but nothing



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I don’t

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Somewhere. Say fucking. And it’d be nice if we got some his attention as like all the other shows you do. He’s like, I got it somewhere. Shit,


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Charlie Lauch.

Karen, dumb ass.

Hey, tell him up. I’m offended.

Give it to me again. Hit me again. Charlie Lauch.

Karen, dumb ass.


To Uchin Dumb ass

Hour. Listen. Hey now. Hey, in state news, Donald Trump is suing Jocelyn Benson proactively, even though Benson said she would not exclude Donald Trump’s name from the ballot for violating the 14th Amendment, the Civil War Amendment, saying that you shall be removed from office and not allowed to hold office if you participated in an insurrection. Donald Trump proactively is trying to stop her from doing that, which is all very interesting to me and actually quite boring. But I would say to Madame Benson, the Secretary of state of Michigan, can you please take Janet the fuck off the voter rolls again. I’ve gotten voter. Janet’s been on the show and she’s passed. Very liberal living in Texas. Used to live in my house a quarter century ago. I got absentee ballot applications. They sent me her voter ID card. I sent ’em back. Right? I called the clerk, return to sender. She’s gone.

You could actually steal her identity, Charlie. I mean, if you have two pieces of identification, you could actually go and create everything that you need to be. Janet,

I could take her voter ID card, change my gas bill into her name, and they get her social security. This is so


Up. I keep telling you, Janet wants to be removed from the rolls and yet what did I get? There’s an election Tuesday


Janet to my house got sent. Important notice early voting schedule. Here are your options now. We called Janet. She’ll come on this. She’s very busy this week down there in Texas. You know what I mean? There’s a lot of things going on in Texas, which we’ll ask Janet about. But take Janet off the rolls. The law says two election cycles. Two federal, that’s a congressional and that’s a nationwide. This should have been done in 2020,

But if she’s been gone for over 20 years,

It tells you.

Yeah, but that makes people question the integrity of the process. Now it’s not about fraud, it’s not about any type of deliberate, but it does make you raise a brow about the integrity of the process. Why

Give them a reason. I stand firm. What went on at TC 2020?


Were no fraud up in there. But why give people a reason to think? So it’s so unfair, and that’s your job. And you asked to be reelected, and I told you a bunch of times, I’m telling you now, take it off.

And I don’t want people to say that that’s personal because you’ve actually given her credit for increasing efficiency at the Secretary of State’s office. So it’s not about a blanket criticism, it’s about this one particular thing.

That’s true. But as Matt Taibbi said it, quoting his words at the top shield, I don’t give a shit. It’s true. It’s true. It’s a story. It’s a, everybody want to wine and s sniffle and me, I don’t give a shit,

But I want people to pay attention. I know, but I want people to pay attention. And it’s not always the best to just mix up things. Just pay attention and focus

In my country first.

Yeah, in my country. But it’s the same

Thing, native America.

But it’s the same thing that you just said

A few minutes

Ago. She has to pay attention to what’s going on here.

Everybody’s afraid of a Charlie planet.

I wonder why.

Yeah, that’s what you can’t handle it.

Can’t handle it. Agree with that. So it

Happens when the world comes together. That’s what you get.

That’s not a bad thing though. Yeah,

Yeah. No. I used to protest on college campuses.

Did you?

I be Edwin Meese the former. Was he Secretary of State? Yeah. Under Ronald Reagan. I don’t know. Yeah, man. He is coming to the Michigan Law School. I’m like, nah, I don’t got nothing against Meese, but shit, I’ll hit him in the head With a snowball. Yeah. Out to the people CA off the campus. What the fuck’s going on? Yeah, man.


Yeah. Alright. Now in latest and dumb, dumb Dana news. Dumb dumb, dumb dumb. She blew it


It’s over. She blew it for the third time. She’s appealed to the Supreme Court, a ruling from the under courts. This time they threw out Governor Rick Snyder’s misdemeanor that she came up with for the Flint water poisoning. They dismissed it without hearing her argument. Third time in a row. We don’t even want hear from you. Dumb dumb. Don’t even want hear from you. So what does dumb dumb do? Dumb dumb. Again, blames the Supreme Court. The people need to know. The people already know there was a great case being built. You killed it when you came into office because the former administration, bill Schu, the Republican, had put in an investigative team that you had a problem with way back in your days in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office. You were jealous of the investigator. You got rid of it. Flint got no justice. You killed it. You restarted the investigation. Came up with the very same charges, except the serious financial ones dropped the racketeering investigation. Supreme Court threw it all out. He used a one man grand jury, a judge to investigate, weigh the evidence, come up with a suggestion for charges and then charge. A judge. Can’t do all that. That’s where we have executive wing, which would be the prosecutors legislative, the legislative, which is Congress or the state legislature and the judiciary. The judiciary does not get to be the executive. IE the prosecutor. Dumb.

But shouldn’t she know that?

Right. So here’s really what happened. When you’re dumb and you don’t have a lot of experience when you get to the big leagues, you got voted Homecoming queen. You know what happened? Real lawyers showed up. Real ones, real ones that win cases in the United States. Supreme Court. Ones that have actually the investigators who’ve put the Gambinos behind bars, traffic camp behind bars. Kwame Kuk, Patrick behind bars. They know racketeering. They know financial crimes. You don’t. Flint gets nothing. So I’m preparing the lawsuit. You said you officially announced you’re dropping all charges or you’re not dropping ’em. The investigation’s closed. Now that the investigation’s closed, I want the documents that the proceeding investigative team left for you on your desk that you didn’t look at. It’s now closed case. I want, because those documents spell out exactly where this was going. And then we’re going to find out why you couldn’t get one jaywalking ticket. A city of a hundred thousand people was poisoned until dozens of people died and you couldn’t get anything done. Man, that is dumb, dumb. Dumb ass. Dumb ass. And we ain’t done.

But the residuals residual impact of that can go on for generations. And so these people are just left with nothing, no justice, no interest, no support, no nothing. A

Couple hundred dollars

Check. Pretty much because the lawyers got all of that. I mean, so what does that mean?

Lawyers already got their check when the people

Getting in their check. That’s what I’m saying. That’s where all the money went. But so what happens to the people of Flint?

Nothing. Fuck Flynn. You’re done. Nobody cares. It’s over. I care. But so much time. I finally shredded those buckets of documents. Wow. Just wow,

That’s too bad. That’s really too bad. Especially, hold on Charlie. Lemme say this. At a time when you’re looking at multimillion dollar marketing campaign to attract people to come or stay in Michigan, and you’re being shown that if you live in Michigan, it really doesn’t matter. Depending on where you live in Michigan,

Can’t get a conviction. Can’t get the voter rolls cleaned up, can’t run the nursing homes properly. Can’t get nothing.

Yeah, sounds appealing.

Battery plant’s not opening. That was all bullshit. As we said on this program, you should have gone to hybrid cars because every auto company’s dropping the EVs now.

EVs. Yeah, they are.

They lose $30,000 on every car they fucking build.

We’ve been telling


That that was premature and not thought out very well.

Fucking stupid buns on the lions brought to you by ADR consultants. ADR consultants experienced overseeing more than a quarter billion dollars in public and construction projects since the turn of the century. They’re competent. If you want to reduce your costs and increase your bottom line, you want to cut the red tape, you’re going to need somebody that knows how to navigate it. That would be ADR consultants in procurement and government compliance and information technology. ADR Smart. Get the job done. Right on time. On budget. 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4 called Barry Ellen Tuck for a free consultation.

Nice commercial.

I know

You should do voiceovers. I

Know. Thank you very much.


You. Dumb ass. Say what? Alright, now in sports, the lions are doing so well. We have a new director of football analysis known as given name Bird named Joseph Cap. Like Coppola? Yeah. Like no relation probably.


Unless they’re from Hamtramck.


France for Kola from Hamtramck? I think so. Is he? I have no idea. I don’t think so.

Let’s say yes. It would sound good. Yeah,

Why not? Alright. Anyway, it’s a fact. Like every Monday it’s even more stern Tiger season because the guy just in Sports nut. So without any further ado, the new director of football analysis for the No Bullshit NewsHour Joey Buns. He is delivering the hotdog buns. That’s a pro. Look at that one handed


Guy Football Joe. There he is. Detroit Lions. Joe Bread. Man, Joe, quick take Lions.

Hey, they played a good game. They had every part of the game covered except for the end zone. They couldn’t get in the end zone, but they dominated the whole game.

If you can’t get in the end zone, Joe,

They’re kicking field. You

Don’t dominate.

They’re kicking field goals. Look

At missing field goals.

Missed one. Right? He made a 52 yarder, which was as long in his career,

Which is a college kicker. You’re not going to get to the Super Bowl with that.

No, no. They always needed a kicker. They still need to address that. But he did. Okay. I mean, missed the one chip shot. The rest of the game was a good game.

And golf with the pick sixes. I don’t get it.

Yeah, that pick six was horrible. He was trying to throw that out of bounds and never put enough on it. He should have put that into the first roll of the stands. Not lobbed out there to get picked off.

Who were you so wise in the ways of professional football? What’s your resume?

Oh, I just followed the game. Played it little league football, high school football, and followed the game my whole life. So come

On, get the bread’s getting stale. Listen, that’s a pretty good draft class

This year. Oh it is. Very good. Draft. Draft.

Everybody’s playing.

Everybody’s playing and everybody’s performing.

Go ahead and list them all.

Oh, you got branch, you got Campbell, the linebacker, you got the running back Gibbs,

Dude. He had 189 yards from scrimmage last year. Yeah,

Yeah. 154 on the ground, the touchdown and then I think it was 38 through the air.

Look at that. Look at that anomaly. Is this an anomaly?

No, no. I do.

Red’s over there like, oh, Gibbs man. He’s for real. I’m like, it’s the first game he showed up.

He played good last week. He had 120 yards against Baltimore last week.

That was garbage time.

No, he was the only running back.

Little trouble getting in the end zone.


This squad.

Yes. Yes they do. They need some help. They should go after Devonte Adams try to pick him up right now from Oakland.

Is it time to give up on Williamson Williams. Williams Williamson. I’m

Ready to get in that position.

What’s his name again?

Williams. Yeah. Yeah. He runs like a deer, but he can’t catch. He forgot how to catch. He was great in college, but he can’t catch the ball now.

You already given up on him

Pretty much.

What’s your dream for this team this year, Joel? The bread man.

Playoffs. At least the playoff win would be a success.

The play, a playoff win. That reminds me of Joe. It reminds me of an astronaut saying if we can just get to Gary, Indiana, can we get a little hope around here? Super Bowl or nothing. Joke.

Yes, I agree. I’d love to get to the Super Bowl, but I just didn’t expect it from this team at this point. Wait

A minute. They’re still developing.

They’re still building the team. I didn’t expect ’em to play this good until at least next year

You said.

And they started a year early.

You said We, we,

We. The city of Detroit.

Oh, so it’s the bi week. Who’s on the ir? Could use a little time off

Joe Montgomery. He’s got to heal his ribs. Let’s see who else is there. A lot of them guys are banged up. The offensive line.

Vi tide.

Vi tide Center

Rag. Now.

Rag Now. They’re all hurt. They all got minor injuries. Let’s get healthy.

Let’s get, I think somebody took some racks off your truck there, dude. I think they just went. We’ll see. Go get a mango run. Go run the post, bro.

That’d be great. Somebody get that guy to a lion’s game. That’s crazy. Charlie,

You know as much

About the lions as he does too. I just want to say the lion.

Yeah. You know what I’m saying?

But he’s got the passion.

I don’t deliver

Buns. He’s got the passion. I love ’em. He’s got the

Passion. I think he’s great. So let’s go silver and blue. Let’s go Joe. And remember, whatever the buns are fresh at

American Coney Island.

Alright, next. That’s your international, national, statewide and sports news all in an hour. I know. That’s why we’re top 200. That’s what we’re growing. And everyone else that’s dying, you

Can find my



The no bss Yours are coming soon.

Yep. But in the meantime, still in the Detroit News on Tuesday.

Till when? Soon till when?


Advertise when

Soon. Charlie. Think a couple more weeks.

Couple more weeks. All right. So we’re our own thing.

Yeah, but that’s okay though. It’s all good. Oh, it’s real good. Yeah. It’s all good.

I mean, we’re live from

The holy land. I

Mean, come on now. Yeah, you’re right. But as usual, Charlie, from your days back in the day, you put in the time you put in the work and the results. Speak for themselves

And take Janet’s name off the



Go blue. Bye-Bye. See you next Thursday.


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