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Let the TestGorilla Microsoft Excel Test help you understand your candidates’ abilities without bias. Our Microsoft Excel Test can help streamline your hiring process and give you insight into which candidates are technically best suited to the position.

Take a look at our Excel test here:

When recruiting, it is crucial to identify the best candidate and accurately predict their future performance and prospects of success. By adding a pre-screening assessment to your recruitment process, you can review several candidates and compare their capabilities before the interview process.

Skill-specific pre-screening tests can help recruiters like you understand candidate abilities and competencies without bias. Adding an Excel test to your pre-screening assessment can help you review several candidates and compare their skills before you start interviewing. Additionally, basic Excel testing can streamline the hiring process and allows you to see which candidates are technically best suited to the position.

TestGorilla’s test library offers two different Microsoft Excel tests for recruiters to review candidates on different skill levels, depending on role requirements:

The general test helps you assess a candidate’s ability to interpret and manipulate spreadsheets, perform basic calculations, and develop tables as part of Microsoft Office.
The advanced test helps determine whether candidates can master a range of Excel functions and formulas. This test gives you insight into how well candidates can organize and interpret data in Excel.

Head over to the TestGorilla to take a look at our tests and sign up:

Microsoft Excel (general) test:
Microsoft Excel (advanced) test:


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