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Trump Indicted!

So tell us how the Big Orange and his tart are any different than the Big Gretch and her free aerial cart?

Indict them all. It’s only fair.

Have you downloaded the new Fast Pass Immigration App? We have. Under the name of Mike Hunt, along with my dog’s picture, we have applied for admittance. We now await our invitation from Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Myorkas for our new life in the shining city of Rochester on the Hill.

Once this happens, then maybe one day, some day, my dog and I will become developers in Detroit, and siphon the futures of all its children in order to bury our fathers in a $2 million marble crypt in the suburbs. Oh the Dream!

And if we make enough money, my dog and I will be able to afford the $14,618.50 that the Lansing Police Department wants to charge in order to find out if they knew the MSU gunman was firing his gun months from his porch before his murder spree.

Oh America! Land of the Freebie.

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