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For the life of me, I’ve never received a letter like this in my entire career.
In fact, I didn’t receive the letter at all.
I was informed about Madam Nessel’s complaints from a guy I know who works in the sewer department. He saw the letter online.
Tonight, we address her sordid nursing home response in detail. Did she hook up her gal pal? I say she did. So does our secret special guest… whose number is on the internet… even though her crack investigators couldn’t find it.
As for the future of Madam Attorney General, bad play.
I quote my friend from the sewer: “You’re standing in some s#!t now.”

PLUS- Detroit’s Civil War: Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Talib v. Democratic Congressman Shri Thanedar.
They’re fighting over the Holy Land, but she doesn’t pay her taxes here and he doesn’t feed his beagles.

AND- back from the crypt- Count Red Baron.


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