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For the life of me, I’ve never received a letter like this in my entire career.
In fact, I didn’t receive the letter at all.
I was informed about Madam Nessel’s complaints from a guy I know who works in the sewer department. He saw the letter online.
Tonight, we address her sordid nursing home response in detail. Did she hook up her gal pal? I say she did. So does our secret special guest… whose number is on the internet… even though her crack investigators couldn’t find it.
As for the future of Madam Attorney General, bad play.
I quote my friend from the sewer: “You’re standing in some s#!t now.”

PLUS- Detroit’s Civil War: Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Talib v. Democratic Congressman Shri Thanedar.
They’re fighting over the Holy Land, but she doesn’t pay her taxes here and he doesn’t feed his beagles.

AND- back from the crypt- Count Red Baron.


I am just tired of hearing it regurgitated over and over and over again. That terrible things happen at your facilities. It’s not true. Downtown is no. PS News out with my main man. Oh God, live from downtown Detroit is to no bullshit News Hour with Charlie Duff. No bullshit.

Just Breakiness. Double more bullshit. Double more bullshit.

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That us man we on. Okay, well it’s war. Dana Nessel, attorney General of Michigan has gone Nuclear never seen such a thing tweeting me. Never let me say this. Okay, y’all watch the show. You know what’s going on. I wrote a column in the Detroit News, an update on this nursing home bullshit. This is how that goes. And then I’m going to give you her response. I wrote that Attorney General Dana Nessel used her power to benefit a friend who was being actively investigated by her office. Internal documents show that friend Tracy Cornac is a personal injury lawyer. I’m sorry, that’s the nice way to say it. Slip and fall, lawyer and treasurer of the Michigan Democratic Party Cornac was accused last year. You may remember, by the director of a West Michigan nursing home of using the account of her elderly brain damaged client to fraudulently bill an insurance company for nearly $50,000.
Nestle who has cultivated an image as the protector of the vulnerable and elderly subtly pressured her staff to close the investigation and to provide kac with documents that would financially benefit her. It should be noted that Kac worked on Nestle’s transition team in 2018 when Nestle was first elected Attorney General after the nursing home director’s accusations appeared in my column in the Detroit News last July. An investigation into Corak was opened by the Attorney General’s office. Scott Teeter, the director of the ags Financial Crimes Division, was so concerned about the obvious conflict of interest. He drafted a memo last September informing staff that he was constructing an ethical firewall to distance Nessel from the investigation into her friend. And I quote because the suspect in this matter assisted with Attorney General Nessel Transit into office, I believe it would create the appearance of impropriety for AG Nestle to access information about this investigation. Specifically if the Department of Attorney General declined to seek charges against the suspect, it might appear that the professional relationship between Attorney General Nessel and Tracy Cornac had influenced the investigation Teeter went on. I’m asking for a conflict wall to be established preventing Attorney General Dana Nessel from being provided or accessing any information related to this investigation.
So the ethical wall was constructed but Nestle barreled through it anyway according to her own emails obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request. For instance, on December 5th, Nestle’s chief investigator disregarded the ethics firewall and sent Nessel four active reports regarding the Cornac investigation. The next day on December 6th, Nestle forwarded those reports to FDU Hamud her solicitor General Ms. Cornac has contacted me regarding this matter. Wrote Nessel Mr. Redacted. Mr. Redacted allegations are apparently holding up a potential judicial appointment for her in Kent County. She has requested the documents from our investigation. Nessel continued. I think she AK wants to be able to assert that the claims made by redacted were never substantiated by our investigation and the case is closed. Please advise what our process should be. There is some urgency to the matter and that she needs to supply this information. By weeks end.
The Cornet case was closed two weeks later. Oddly Nestle’s, investigators never spoke with the whistleblower who filed the original complaint. Joe Leblanc, former director of the nursing facility where the brain damaged woman resides. It’s unclear if Koac ever received the documents. Neither she nor Nessel responded to two messages left by me seeking clarification. As for LeBlanc, a week after blowing the whistle on the powerful Democratic official, he was dismissed from his job at the nursing home and told never to set, put foot in the premises again. I’m just so disappointed. LeBlanc told me by telephone, Nestle takes the game. She talks the game of protecting our most vulnerable. We’re talking about our parents and grandparents here to find out she’s really more interested in protecting her friends and special interests is beyond devastating. Now, this is not the first time Nestle has shown disregard for the ethical rules of professional conduct. Last week, a federal judge ruled that her office, that would be us the taxpayer must reimburse the legal costs of former governor Rick Snyder after her office disseminated privileged communications between Snyder and his lawyers. And as for Cornac, her troubles continue. Law enforcement officials in Grand Rapids have confirmed to me that they are conducting a long running and ongoing investigation into cor ACT’s financial dealings with at least one elderly client.

Wow. How does this happen? How does this exist?

Well, apparently it didn’t because this has never happened to me in my long career. There a, I don’t know what it was, A letter for retraction, a letter for clarification, a correction. It was sent by Nestle’s office via US mail and email to the editor and publisher of the Detroit News. Gary Miles. I never received it. I was never sent it. I wrote it. The way I found out about it was, please man, I found out about it last night when my buddy who works in the sewer department, the sewer department saw it online, Nestle’s people posted it and put it out as a press release, but never sent it to the member of the press that wrote it. Have you ever heard of that?


You used to handle this stuff in government. You ever heard that?

No. And usually your first line is to reach out to the reporter before you go to the publisher or before you take it to try to make any clarification or clarify any misrepresentation that may have existed in the article. So your first line of defense or communication would be with the reporter.

Thank you. And in this cow town, these hay seeds.
Come on man. I cut my teeth in New York. I sent you emails. I need clarification. Here are the documents. Nothing. So I get this, I wake up to this letter. Can I do a few pieces? Please do. Please do. To whom it may concern, yesterday the Detroit News published an erroneous and unsubstantiated a opinion piece by Charlie LeDuff. The piece falsely claims among other things that the Attorney General breached a firewall. In the interest of public information and education, the department is responding to these false factual claims in the opinion piece, I’ll jump here. The Isolation Wall’s purpose is not to prevent any and all communications between the Attorney General and her staff related to the investigation. This is why the isolation wall explicitly states that such communications are permitted where they do not violate the rules of professional conduct. Let me quote from Mr.
Teeter’s staff wide memo. Mr. Teeter said, department employees shall one exclude Attorney General Nessel from access to the Criminal Investigations Division and Financial Crimes Divisions files in this matter. Two. Refrain from discussing this matter in the presence of Nestle. Three, prevent Nessel from viewing any documents or material in the investigation that may be related to this matter. And four, refuse to receive any information related to this matter from, or provide any information related to this matter to Attorney General. Dana Nessel. It’s clear as day oh, we can talk. No, no, that’s your people. I’ll go on from the letter. None of the communications between Attorney General Nessel and her staff violated any rule of professional conduct emails provided to LeDuff show the Attorney General electronically received ports of an investigation. After its conclusion, the emails correctly state the file was not yet closed, but this does not mean that the investigation was open or active.
Okay, here’s the emails they sent me on December 2nd, a woman named Blanca wrote to Jeff and Ashley in Nestle’s office. December 2nd. Hi Jeff. And asked him just following up on his file to be sure it doesn’t get buried right here. Big red type, big Red Bull type. This file does have a conflict wall. Exclude Attorney General Dana Nessel from access to the criminal investigations. That’s on the second on the fifth. Dana Nestle’s chief investigator sends her the four files and they’re active. I know because this is Nestle’s email and you click ’em and it’s the ongoing criminal investigation into the suspect. Her office’s words, not mine. The suspect. The next day on December 6th is when Nessel says, I just spoke with Ms. Cornac. What’s going on? She needs, this is like Hunter Biden calling Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the United States and saying, Hey, I’ve got a judicial appointment waiting for me in the Ukraine.
I need the passport back. What’s going on? And then Garland calls special prosecutor Weiss and goes, Hey, what’s going on with that? He’s got a ticket for Saturday. Can you imagine if that happened? Okay, but that’s what we got here the next day on the seventh. Okay, the second everybody’s warned, it’s still on the fifth. She gets them the sixth. She starts asking everybody the seventh this from Blanca again to Kate. Hi Kate. I’m sending you this email since I saw the request. This file is not closed yet. This case is open. Open. Remember, you can’t see anything and you did. I didn’t make this up. That’s what happened Two weeks after this, magically the case is closed magically. Okay? Okay. Here’s what’s going on. They’re drafting up articles. Impeachment. Ms. Nessel, as we speak in Lansing, I know it’s the Republicans, it’s show. But what happens if Kent County, what happens if they picked up this investigation? What happens if they find a lot of stuff and this thing’s been going on for 10 months? What’s that going to say? Let me continue with the letter. The Attorney General did not pressure department attorneys to close the investigation, which was already concluded by the time the cited communications nor to close the file, which had already been in the process of closure for weeks. Is everybody getting this? Is this boring?


Is this bullshit?

That is, but what you’re saying is not because it’s all for clarification and distinction between what happened and what she’s attempting to counter, which has nothing to do with the reality.

Okay, so let’s go on. I didn’t pressure anybody, but it sure sounded to me when it says, please advise what our process should be. There’s some urgency to the matter. The boss calls up and there’s an urgency to the matter. Come on. Come on. My boss calls me, man, I drop everything.


The boss says, take your time. Whenever you play, it’s clean. If you can check into it, by the way, you’re not allowed to check into a boss. You’re not allowed to check into it. I’m going to go on with this thing here. A critical component to the closing of the investigation was a lack of a cooperating complainant. The complainant in this matter quoted by the Detroit News, never returned a single phone call from the department investigators. The claims of the complainant were never substantiated by the investigation. And the investigation was concluded long before December 5th, long before December 5th, even though on December 2nd, Hey everybody, there’s a firewall here. This thing is not concluded. Joke. Now you know why Flints all fucked up, Ms. U’s all fucked up the you shooter Benton Harbor. Every dumb now goes on. Ladd duff irresponsibly, insinuates insinuate that the Department of Attorney General did not contact Joe Leblanc. Remember nursing and Joe, we had him on, even though records provided to Lauff showed that it was LeBlanc who never responded to repeated calls from department investigators. First of all, Donald Trump is now on trial for his businesses, right?


Overvalued his assets and he defrauded banks even though the banks didn’t look into it and the got paid back on their loans with interest and nobody claims they got defrauded, they still went ahead with it because you were allegedly breaking the law and we’re going to hold you to it. We the people,


What Attorney Generals do, okay? But Lauff implies that LeBlanc was fired because he blew the whistle on Cornac. Even though records provided to Lauff show that LeBlanc had submitted his resignation nearly a year prior, giving one year’s notice. So he gave one year’s notice, but didn’t get to finish out a year.

But wait a minute, as an appointee, you signed an undated letter of resignation. That’s not

Applicable. Deposition. Let’s not



That’s fine. All right.

He gave, Hey, you’re changing over. I’m giving you a year notice. He didn’t get to serve out the year, but we can get into that. And Lauff twice implies that Cornac was accused of exploiting a vulnerable adult when there was no such allegations even from LeBlanc. Now, I guess this whole thing, why they dropped it was the crack investigators from the Attorney general’s office could not find Joe Leblanc, former nursing home director. And I wonder whatever became of Joe Leblanc, how do you find Joe Leblanc? Oh, hey, Joe Leblanc. What’s going on brother? How are you? Well, he was sitting there the whole time. Dana,

You found him.

Well, hey man, thanks for coming in from the west side.

Thanks for having me.

Appreciate that. Okay, let’s just do this real quick, Joe. Okay. I wrote the column, you gave me the documents right back last summer. Yeah, correct. It appeared in the newspaper. So you blew the whistle where you worked, right? Yep. That was all there. Then you came on the show.

I did,

Right? Yep. All good. Blew the whistle twice. And then at the nursing home that you had, what, two months left to serve, right? Correct. Yeah. Okay. So you had two more months that you agreed to. Okay. And did you get a call from the attorney general’s office that next day after you appeared on the program?

I did.

You did? I did. And they were curious about what happened, what your take on it was?


What did you do there, Joe?

I gave it to the attorneys.

From where? What attorneys?

My attorneys from

The nursing home?


What’d they tell you? Give it to us.

We’ll take care of it.

Give it to us. We’ll take care of it. Don’t answer. You’re an employee here. We’ll take care of it. No problem. Okay, so you get a call, you give it to the attorneys, and then you got two months left. What happens the next week to you?

I’m told I’m going to be let go at the end of the day.

You’re told that day you are dismissed. Get your shit out by the end of the day.


Bobblehead pens, snow globes.


You know the spare tie and the door. Get it all out of here and get out by the end of the day.


Okay. What did you do before you left Joe? Before you left that day?

Filed a report through the portal.

What portal?

The attorney general’s portal, the elder abuse portal,


Home portal.

The attorney general had just started an elder abuse portal. Right? Blow the whistle on financial crimes, potential fraud abuse, right?


You filed a report as Joe Leblanc, not director of the news, Joe Leblanc?

Correct. Okay.

Now, according to these documents, Joe, they kept calling that number your desk, but they knew that you didn’t work there anymore, so there’s no way for you to return a call. Did they ever call your cell phone?


Not too hard to find. You may or may not put it in the report. It was a long time there. I can Google it. I found it online in three minutes today. It’s easy. It’s easy. Nexus Lexus crack staff down there couldn’t find Joe. Now, Joe, maybe a week or two after that you requested that I forward the documents on to the Attorney General’s investigator.


Because you’d heard nothing,


Correct. So you gave me a zip file and I forwarded those on by email. I still have the email. How do you know that I did that?

You’re in my driveway.

I was in your driveway.

You’re in my driveway.

What do you mean? I was in your driveway. What was I doing in your driveway, Joe? Why would I be in your driveway?

You interviewed me filming.

I was interviewing. I filmed you and you said please send it. And I did. And I spoke to the investigator on the phone. Did I not?

You did.

And I sent it, did I not?

You did.

And she said thank you. I would like that file. Yes,


And then I said, well, I’m in Joe’s driveway. He’s right here. Would you like to talk to him? You did. Did she want to talk to you?


No. So the files will be

Right? Send the files.

Lemme have the files. That’ll be good. Send the


And then you never received a phone call again?


Never got,

I didn’t know there was an investigation.

Did you know the investigation was closed?

No. Until you told me.

So you never from that day I was in your driveway, ever got a call from an investigator again?

Not once.

No. Any investigator? Any investigator? Well,

In January I got a call from Kent County’s investigators.

Okay, so the AG didn’t call you, but investigators from Kent County Grand Rapids called you?

They did.

What did they call you about, Joe?

This case. They saw it on your show.

They saw the case where you were blowing the whistle.


They saw this. How did they get your cell phone number?

I don’t know.

Crack investigators apparently.

That’s a good question.

Hey Dana, maybe I hire some fucking credible people. Okay, so they called you in relation to this case? Yeah. And what did you do?

I went in. You went in 24 hours later.

24 hours later.


24 hours later they called you. You are in the investigator’s office.

I sat in there for four hours,

Four hours, four hours. Given statements.

Statements. I gave the document. My computer, my phone. I gave everything. Here you go.

Everything. Did you bring a lawyer?


Huh? Doesn’t sound unwilling to me.

Doesn’t sound coerced. Any of that.

Okay, Joe, so there is an investigation going on as far as you know? As far as I know, it’s my sources. Tell me, so this is bullshit, Dana, you violated the fire wall. There’s an open investigation, you dropped it. You never talked to Joe. You left phone calls to a deadline. Joe, I’m going to ask you one more thing, man. I know you got to get back to the west side of the state. Why did you do this? This almost wrecked your life, but you’re a strong dude. Why did you do it?

It’s my job description and I care. I thank you for caring too, man. I appreciate it.

Don’t get all broken up, dude. It’s no time for emotion. Why did you do it?

I love these people. Nobody else is standing up for them. Nobody is standing up for them.

The old and the infirm.


That’s what you do in life.

That’s what I do. Yeah.

Have you ever done this before? Have you ever reported to the authorities abusive behavior or fraudulent? Alleged? Alleged. I ain’t saying you got to

Investigate. I ain’t trying to indict

Anybody, but have you ever gone to the authorities?

I’ve done this at least a dozen times.

It’s important to say you were the director of this facility for nine years, right? 160 people. Not one of them. And I look, not one of them died during Covid.

Not one

Good, healthy place. Okay. You’ve done this before. How many times have you alerted the authorities about a potential abuser fraud

On the


I would say 10 to 12. 10 at least a dozen.

And how’d those cases turn out?

Convictions in everyone Except one. Except one.

Except one. Did anybody do jail time?

Yeah. Kind of did.

And now this time you’re getting fired for doing what you’ve always done.

What’s the variable?


The difference between the earlier ones and this last one. Well,

You make that


Don’t make him get in trouble.

I’m asking you then, Charlie, you say

It. No, you do it.

No, you do it.

I know what you’re asking. You do it. I’m already on. I

Got it. I just saying what people have to look at the relationship with the person that the complaint would have reflected on. That’s the variable.

Okay. You mean let’s do regular English? You are the treasurer for the Michigan Democratic Party. You’ve got very powerful friends. Governor, remember who I called in the beginning, asked about this, what’s going to happen? No

Callback. And this was transitioned. I

Called Nestle last time. No callback. I called Levora Barnes. Yeah. Is that correct? The chairwoman of the state party. Nothing. Nothing. Okay, so when I’m reading this, Ms. Cornac is waiting on a judicial appointment and I sent the email to the twit, the latest press secretary, the one who doesn’t answer his phone and doesn’t answer emails. Clarify this. What judicial appointment? You mean you’re going to appoint Cornac to the bench? Who would do that? Who’s got that power? Or was the probate judge going to give you another client? Appoint you another client? I don’t know. I’d like to know, but you ain’t doing this shit to me Answer to come on the show. Excuse me. Program. I’m not being punked. That didn’t work. In fact, what does everybody think? This signals. Holy shit. Huh? Huh? Mark?


You went, huh? What does that signal to you about the state of Nestle’s office’s mind?

Well, I mean to me, I’m just an idiot. They wanted to bury it. They He’s a friend.

No, they didn’t want to bury it. They wanted to get rid of it. They flipped out and they’re trying to tamp it down, but you just blew it up. Now you’re all in. You’re 100% in and you can’t keep track

Of what you said when and what lies? Well, I won’t say lies.



Or maybe she’s hoping nobody else is keeping track. That’s the thing.

You’re all in. I don’t know what Kent County has or what they’ll do or what politics means, but it’s a fact. They called Joe, you didn’t so back to fuck off. We’ll be back. Well, you know when it rains, the power goes out. And when the power goes out, the internet goes out. When the internet goes out, I call my friend Matt and Bernie at XG Service


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I got to do it again. These emails correctly state the file was not yet closed, but this does not mean that the investigation was open. Okay. File is short. You know what the full word is? Case file. The case file is open. Well, the opposite of closed is open, right? I think it was right. December 7th. December 6th. December 5th. You’ve got ’em, madam, when it says here, you are not to access any of it. Okay, December 7th, this file is not closed. December 2nd, exclude Attorney General Nessel from the case file. Okay? Yeah, we got dog ass leadership. Man, I’m sitting here all week going like this. Has everybody smart? Left the state of Michigan. Is anybody smart left? We got absolute dopes running this shit, and we all know it. This country, everything.

And we don’t have leaders anymore, Charlie. I mean, we don’t have people that occupy positions for their own benefits

And pricks.

That’s exactly, it’s not public service. It has become self-service. Do

We have any theme music for this and now for Detroit’s Congressional Civil War, Rashida Lib versus Shri. Yeah, go ahead. I’ll wait. I’ll just leave this cigarette. Okay. Detroit two congressmen, people, Congress, folk. Right?

That works.

They stand for so little that they don’t know what to say. When something like a terrorist attack from Hamas butchers over a thousand people, and then the Israelis respond and innocent people dying air raids. They don’t know what to say. They don’t realize that they live in a multicultural place. Metro Detroit, 250,000 Muslims, a hundred thousand Jews, 160,000 Chaldeans, right? Plus the Christians plus the Hindus, plus the Buddhist, the Baptists. You know what I’m saying? This is a real place. The

Hmong, we got a large Hmong community here too.

This is unbelievable. And so Rashida Taleb cannot say she condemns a terror attack by Hamas that kills innocent people in their sleep. Right? In fact, I don’t know why Joe Biden’s going over there and getting in the middle of this thing like he did with the U A W strike. That’s not working out good, Joe. You got to look like something Joe, but a missile, a shell, something falls on a Baptist hospital in Gaza, and immediately Gaza, the Hamas puts out that it’s an Israeli shell. Now it’s starting to maybe look like it could be a hama shell that went bad because there’s no crater there, right? It just looks like the accelerant lit on fire and burned everything up. But that didn’t stop. Rashid tole after she’s hiding, when she starts getting ripped by the press, like you can’t condemn terrorism. She tweets because she’s looking for it. She treats Israel just bombed the Baptist hospital killing 500 Palestinians, doctors, children’s patients, just like that. Potus, president of the United States. This is what happens when you refuse to facilitate a ceasefire and help deescalate your war and destruction. Only approach has opened my eyes and many Palestinian American and Muslim Americans like me, see that paning. It didn’t open Jewish eyes or gentile eyes. You know what I mean? We will remember where you stood. Here she is lathering up a crowd. I love how she can turn on the tears. People

Think it’s okay to bomb a hospital with children. What’s so hard sometimes is watching those videos and the people telling the kids don’t cry and let them cry. And they’re shaking. And somebody, you know this, they keep telling them not to cry in Arabic. They can cry. I can cry. We all can cry. My president to our president, yes. He still, well, hold on. I know. Hey, I want him to know as a Palestinian American is also somebody of Muslim faith. I’m not going to forget this.

Oh, is that a threat? Wow. You said, oh, how do you read that? Pretty aggressive. I mean, along with her tweet too. Then a bunch of people went into the rotunda and took it over. Right after that, pretty quick, a couple of three people are charged with abuse on a cop. Okay? Everybody’s starting to pull the same little trick, aren’t they? Now, I don’t like this leadership. Nobody’s leading. Why wouldn’t she say to this multicultural society that she represents everybody? Pete, cool. Let’s see what’s going on. Because if it’s shown and it’s starting to look like it, I don’t know. But if it was Hamas’ shell, then what? You condemning him? What’s going on here? I don’t know. And I is a public figure. Try to be careful. Dang. Okay.
All I know about Rashida, I’ve known her since I got here in 2008. All I can say is I know you’re an opportunist. I know you cheated on your property taxes three times. You didn’t pay back the city of Detroit, and your own father called me to call you a scam. That’s what I know. So start leading. You did nothing in this town. Those demolition holes are full of poison. You didn’t do anything right? That’s environmental racism perpetrated by Democrats and you didn’t do anything. And yes, mayor, there will be some more federal stuff being announced. I’m told by some federal sort of people.

Federal sort of people.

Yeah, you make it go away. Statute of limitations, the whole nine yards. Okay, you didn’t do that. Now on the other side, Rashida was asked to come on and what’d she say to you, Karen?

She said she was trying to, working with the president to call for a ceasefire. She was busy

With that. Does it sound like working with the president? Rashida Lib is busy negotiating ceasefire in the Middle East, and yet she’s on the steps crying and telling everybody we’re going to remember. Oh, good work. Jesus. No. Thar who also represents Detroit, also a Democrat. Really? He’s at war with Rashida


He said if the Democratic Socialist Association,


Is that called? Read that. Mark this from Ari. He’s posting this on Twitter. Everybody’s doing Twitter. Everybody looking for five minutes on some cable show? Go ahead.

Today, I am officially renouncing my membership in the Democratic Socialists of America after the brutal terrorist attack on Israel, which included the indiscriminate murder, rape, and kidnapping of innocent men, women and children. I can no longer associate with an organization unwilling to call out terrorism in all its form. Sunday’s hate filled and anti-Semitic rally in New York City promoted by the N Y C D S A makes it impossible for me to continue my affiliation. I stand with Israel and the right to defend itself. There’s no place for moral

Equivocation, equivocation.

I knew I was going to stumble somewhere in the face of unadulterated evil, as we have seen from Hamas. So it is the democratic socialists of America that he is left. Pretty

Firm statement. Firm statement, right? Pretty solid.
Yeah. Okay. It’s firm. Okay, I see that. A lot of questions. First of all, we invited him to come out. You need to address your constituents, and we’re sitting in the middle of your district. Karen is in the middle of your district, and we can’t get any answers from you. Now, I was talking to his people and him, and he said, very busy right now with this speaker of the house in Lio going on, right? Real lot of stuff going on. And I wrote him back. I’m like, you’re a fucking Democrat. You vote no. And what’s that? Take five minutes, two seconds. Yeah. What are we so busy doing? You vote no. Okay. I also find it remarkable that a multimillionaire is a socialist. How does that work out? Well, it

Gets you elected.

Yeah, it gets you elected. You pay 5 million every year to win a popularity contest. And nobody ever hears from you in the district.

But you know what, Charlie? That speaks to our voters. Like we allow this to happen, and we don’t hold them accountable. We don’t demand anything more. He was in front of the spirit of Detroit during doing the hustle, and he’s doing all this performative stuff that does nothing for the quality of life, for the people that he represents. And that’s okay.

Thank you. Right?

And that’s okay. So yeah, he did buy the election. He bought the election,

And now he’s got a world of hurt coming. He’s got to come around and every time he’s having trouble, he calls up here and tries to plant stuff. And I’ll look at if it’s true, I’ll

Borrow a line from Rashida. We will remember this. We’ll remember

This now. Rashida’s firing back on him because of that. Shri people, his former chief of staff, I believe was putting out there. Give us a few of what his own staff was saying about it.

Okay, the first one is, there’s so much I can wait.

Who’s his name

Is Adam y Sala. And this is on Twitter. There’s so much I can say. But what’s important to know is that Sri is all about himself. He’s the most ignorant, self-centered and uninformed human I’ve ever worked with. And if you’re wondering, yes,

I’ll vote for it.

His hair is fake and he killed the monkeys and beagles.

Wait, his hair is fake. No, no. Go from the top and then end with that one. Go from the top.

Start all over.

No, here, read this one. Number five there. What is it? Yeah, what’s five say? I once attended an event with him in Detroit when we were walking up to the church and

He, oh, I wanted to read that one. Well read it. No, that’s okay. Go ahead. In Detroit, when we were walking up to the church, he saw a group of black men outside. He looked at me and said, will you take a bullet for me? I looked at him and said, absolutely not. He was pissed.

Okay, give me another one. Okay.


He’s having his staff


Campaign shit for him, which is a no-no.

True. He talked about the difficulty in, give me that one. Okay, another staffer who quits it. I don’t care about policies or legislation right now. I just need you to focus on my reelection. I always reminded him that congressional work and campaign work needed to be separate, but he didn’t care. And so he went on to talk about every

Week newsletter. Okay, read newsletter number seven. Here, I like this one.

Seven. Sree would always ask me to follow what Rashida and a l c were doing so he can be popular like them and gain followers. He called me once past midnight to ask me why a o c had over 10 million followers and he had only 3000. Oh

My God.

And there’s more. You can go. He has a thread.

Yeah. Adam y


Abala. Okay. Now read me the last one about his fake hair

That wasn’t, oh, wait a minute. This one’s wait a minute. Director, chief of staff, he wouldn’t promote them and he’d keep throws positions, opens until he found a man, preferably a white man, because he wasn’t comfortable with black women.

Well, there goes you.

I guess. So. It says, if you’re wondering, yes, his hair is fake and he killed the monkeys and the beagles.

What? His hair is fake. And he killed the monkeys

And the beagles and

The beagles. Is that how we got his hair? Well, see, here’s what’s happening. He made his money like Vivek Rames, right? He’s in pharmaceuticals and like Vivek Rames, he goes bankrupt. Okay? So when he goes bankrupt, he’s got to hand over his testing labs and stuff. He hands them over. But nobody takes care of the beagles and the monkeys. They’re locked in the cages. Everybody abandoned the beagles and the monkeys. It’s a beagle killer. Little long years beagles. But here’s the thing. We’ve got the videotape. Here’s the beagles getting rescued.

We believe that they have never been outside, ever. I don’t think that they’ve actually had their paws on the grass when I walked in here. It looked like they were walking on eggshells. They were kind of afraid to walk on the grass. That’s

Okay. These are animals that don’t understand what being a dog really is. The grass hurts? Are you a good girl? Good girl. Hello. Good girl.

So maybe abandonment is his mo.

I don’t know. He could come on here and explain it, but he won’t do it because they’re pandering. Come ask. We need to know what you’re doing here, what your position is. Can’t you guys calm down?

And elected officials ought to say what they think and what they feel rooted in the sincerity of who they are, and stop trying to navigate and say what they think is going to be popular. Or there’s going to minimize the criticism or pushback. That’s the problem. And you can’t do that. You can’t play both sides of offense. And

Then understand who you represent. Pay your fucking taxes. Stop hustling. I live there, but you don’t. I claim in a homestead when you don’t live there, you owe the city a couple of grand and we’re broke. So pay it. I’m looking for fucking leadership here. I got skeleton. Joe, you can’t even walk up the short stairs. And I got fucking, Donald Trump was Grier than a goddamn french fry. I mean, I don’t think either of these guys, man, they’re going to make it. Donald Trump looked like he’s going to have a stroke.


Okay. And if Donald Trump loses right what he lose the last election by what? 7 million votes. What if he loses by 2 million votes?


Are we have in store for us this time around? And is Rashida Taleb’s people going to join them? And everybody goes in there and starts ripping up their, this is dumb shit. Look at what the Dow’s doing. Look at interest rates. Look at the bonds. Look at how much debt. Think about your kids and let’s get serious. And stop tweeting your response. Send it to me like a fucking adult. Alright, I’m pissed. It’s going to be Halloween.

Really? It’s going to be

Halloween, a win pretty soon.

Sooner than you think.

We want to bring this one back from the vault, from the crypt. This is red barren on the hunt for some blood. Oh, by the way, if you want to see these, because visually, this is a very good show. Top 200. Thank you for making it so out of our very humble abode


At the American Coney Island in the middle of Shri Hahas district. So I want to thank you for that. And if you want to see these, you can go on YouTube. No best news hour, you can watch it on Twitter. And please tell your friends, everybody’s asking me where you at. Y’all know. Just tell ’em where we’re at and demand better. And with no further ado, count red.

Welcome to another count. Red bearing. Very scary Halloween special between the C and inflation, getting fresh blood has been a complete nightmare. Normally I would drive the red battery mobility, but because a lousy driver hit my car, it’ll be six months before they can repair it. So I have to fly to the roof. I go, I got to get the shot ladder, so I’m going to fly. I’m not as as I used to be. Oh, that kind of hurt a little bit. I think I’m going to take the Q line instead. Hello, good citizens of Detroit. Can you direct me to the Q light?

I see, I see on the other side of Woodward. The train sometimes comes down. Sometimes

He’s going to close the doors on us. Hello. How are you doing today, sir?

How Jack

Count the red bearing count. The jack was a rip off of me. Excuse me, sir, do you know if I can take this to the blood bank? I need to make it withdrawal.

Hell no. Need the tray. Mother fuck with blood.

Oh my God. I think I run into a gang. I finally made it. Thank God. Writing on the cue line was worse than riding in my coffin to go somewhere unto the blood. I finally made it to the blood bank now to go make a withdrawal to the official business. I’m here to make a withdrawal from the blood bank.

That’s fine. But there’s no, you can’t take any camera, no pictures, no film in here because people for privacy issues. But some people don’t want people to know that they donated. So

What’d you say, donor? You mean I have to give blood? I was told I could come get the blood.

Well, this is a plasma bank, not a blood bank. You might want try to Red Cross

The Red Cross. Oh, I don’t like crosses at all. Well, thank you very much. I’m caught. The red, the bearing. Does this guy not know who I am? I’m caught the red, the bearing. I said bite neck, these subs, no blood, and I have to ride the cue line back home. The fucking thing goes in a circle. Oh, that’s really scanning.

Shout out to hippie Jesus. Shot and edited by hippie Jesus. Hope you’re doing well dude. And Madam Attorney General, if you need to get ahold of Joe. Joe, do I have permission to give her your number? No, you can just call me or tweet it. I’ll get back to you. Bye-bye. Went through some people on Twitter. Were trying to like, okay, well Charlie saying thing and she’s saying another thing. That’s why I redo your tweet. He said, tune to the talk about it. So when this comes up, I’m going to go back.

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