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Mayor Mike Duggan’s latest cockamamie scheme?
Uncork the taxes on our homes to make the downtown moguls more money.
Hizzoner sells – and the media’s buying – that this is a win for the little man. But look closer. Who might lose? The little people. The young ones. The school children. The future.

If you need to see how bad things are for the school children in Detroit under the jaundiced eye of the Wizard of Woodward, you’ll want to watch our report from an elementary school, the one directly across the street from the drug den and shooting gallery.
The little school that could, can’t, unless somebody in power would… would do the right thing. Take down the dope house. And send the junkies back to the suburbs.

Attorney General Dana Nessel is asking for a raise.
How else to pay for that luxurious Caribbean getaway? Since she won’t present proof that she actually paid for it rather than a prominent Michigan law firm, State Senator Jim Runestad introduces the Turks and Caicos Ethics Act requiring that elected officials disclose their gifts.
Senators, seated on the floor, were distracted, seeming more concerned with their lunch reservations.

Real news. We got you.

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