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Mayor Mike Duggan’s latest cockamamie scheme?
Uncork the taxes on our homes to make the downtown moguls more money.
Hizzoner sells – and the media’s buying – that this is a win for the little man. But look closer. Who might lose? The little people. The young ones. The school children. The future.

If you need to see how bad things are for the school children in Detroit under the jaundiced eye of the Wizard of Woodward, you’ll want to watch our report from an elementary school, the one directly across the street from the drug den and shooting gallery.
The little school that could, can’t, unless somebody in power would… would do the right thing. Take down the dope house. And send the junkies back to the suburbs.

Attorney General Dana Nessel is asking for a raise.
How else to pay for that luxurious Caribbean getaway? Since she won’t present proof that she actually paid for it rather than a prominent Michigan law firm, State Senator Jim Runestad introduces the Turks and Caicos Ethics Act requiring that elected officials disclose their gifts.
Senators, seated on the floor, were distracted, seeming more concerned with their lunch reservations.

Real news. We got you.

We love Ohios. Take a shit, get gas. Keep rolling. Come on up to Detroit Town. We got lots of groovy things going down. Get some flaming cheese in there. Historic town. But best to get your ass gone before the sun goes down. And under construction since 63 we planted lots of Orange barrel construction trees. The roads here are really, really bad. The Grand Prix looked like golf Road two. Carlsbad. We used to export the PNY at Lamont. Now we ship away a grandpa’s and grandmas the May. Says everything swell. What a joke everyone can see. He’s like a walk-in stroke. The Detroit Tigers rear sock. We give the owner millions know his pizzas suck ya y crappy houses, meth heads. We got plenty. We even got skyscrapers. They’re all empty. Pinks in Detroit would not be going great, but there’s an even bigger mistake on the lake. Hello Cleveland. Hello Cleveland. Cleveland

Live downtown Detroit. It’s

Breaking this Dobo bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

Are we past that two minute mark for the YouTube. Will shadow ban you if you’re smoking?

We should be. Yeah, we should be good. Should be

Good. Should, yeah. Apparent AI and social media is so fucked up that I think YouTube’s got a rule. If you’re smoking in the first two minutes, they will. Yep. Penalize you.


After the first two minutes is okay, we’re going to find out. So that intro there, that was sued by Bill Arnold of one Tu trolley. Right. That

Was great.

And you know what? I’ve been Dr. Since 2009 when I got here. A couple of wise asses, if you Google Cleveland, hello Detroit. They did something similar and you just ripped us at the end and I’ve, I’ve been dreaming to answer ’em,

But theirs was terrible. I mean in terms of production. Yes, in terms of creativity. Ours is so much for more superior than

Theirs. Well that’s because we got two professionals, a professional musician, bill Arnold and a professional editor in Byron. I

Know you should have heard it before. I had to call Bill.

Oh, I forgot. I wanted to ask him to do outtakes of you. Mark’s like, oh,

I deleted that thing so

Fast. Oh my God. What was, go ahead. Give us a little bit. I was

Like, there was a lot of false setups. Cleveland. There was a lot of Cleveland. It was hilarious.

I was busy like fixing a cement wall and Mark’s Mark calls up yet he just crashed the card and he’s like, it’s really bad. And I’m snap out of it. Motherfucker. Mark

Says that about everything

He does. I know, that’s what I’m saying. It can get on your nerves, especially when you’re lugging cement route. And I’m like, all right, I got the cement here. I got the phone on to my shoulder and I’m like, go ahead, play It Wasn’t that? And I’m like, dad, terrible. Pretty really bad. Really bad. So

For once he was correct about doing something bad. Mark does everything so well. But he’s always so hard on himself. You’re we’re talking about you. You’re not here.

You’re very kind. Exactly. So I thought I’d try him and I’d, I’d be double hard out him,

See what he would do. See

If it’d perk him up. It’s like a junkie. I

Think it all worked out for the best.

Yeah. Dope. Good. That was great. So share, share, share. Leave a comment young man. Jeremiah will put that up on social media and fuck you Cleveland. Yeah, I

Got to get that out. That

Was good. Be dogging on us motherfucker. Let’s get out by dark. Alright. Yeah. Just because real quick we’ll do just do this real quick because we’re going to keep on this a big at huge piece of news that affects every homeowner in this state. And it’s coming out of Detroit and I don’t trust it. It was even in the Wall Street Journal. It’s Mike dug in with this fantastical, I’m going to cut the city property tax by 25% and that’s because I’m going to triple the tax on the land and cut by 30% the tax on the structure. So we decided taking our own hands, find out something about this, right? Because this can be mammoth. This could be house prices, school funding. You were trying to find what,

I was trying to find some numbers, Charlie, in terms of what this would mean, what this would cost. The details of the proposal. We heard the 30,000 foot projection. Hey this is going to be great. We heard the cheer but we did not hear the substance. So

You can’t find any numbers.

I can’t find any numbers. The people that should know the numbers and will be looked upon to engage in this had no idea what was going on. So I found nothing.

Political leaders.

Political leaders.

That’s funny because they’ll see later I was up in Lansing watching a piece of legislation move through, talking to senators. They have no idea. But

You tried to find some too. Am I right? Did you try to find some? Who did you call?

Well okay, I tried to find if here’s what they say, like the 120,000 homeowners and condo owners and townhouse owners, they’ll average about $250 in tax break a night out. That’s what you’re getting a night of. That’s how they’re selling it. And that’s 30 million. Right. Okay. So now we got to find 30 million in development to break even. Well how much did the rich guys get? That’s a good question. How much would Lantis get off? How much would the new Amazon building get off? How much would Marathon Refinery get off ich, general Motors and the Rensen River Riverview Apartments. What’s the big law firm? Riverfront. Riverfront. What’s the big law firm?

Ottman Miller.

Yeah, that the gigantic building. I think that’s How much would you get? A lot. Tens and tens. So it seemed to me, and I mean it seems to me this is a scheme to make the rich man richer and they’re going to put it on the middle class homeowner to make up the difference. And this all comes down to what’s this going to mean for school funding? Because there’s a state education tax and there’s a minimum that every school district gets, but like 9,600. So if Detroit can’t send enough to meet the 9,600 and they’re below, then who pays?

Good question.

Well, the state taxpayer would pay Who’s that? The state homeowner. They didn’t want you to uncork it for this scheme. So I called the offices of the Chancellor of the Detroit School District. They don’t know I called the Detroit School Board. They don’t know they’re calling for a study. I called the Mackinac Policy Center and they have an education wing where they study policy. They don’t know, they’re not even on it. I called Chastity Pratt, one of the finest reporters this town has. She’s the education bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal based out of Detroit. And she doesn’t know.

So this is a plank walk

And it’s like, just trust me, if we redo this, speculators are going to get charged $55 more for their vacant lot, which in the end is less than 2 million.

1.8. You’re right.

Now if we got video of the Dan Gilbert skyscraper that we’re paying a lot for, he can’t seem to get it done despite all these tax breaks he’s getting. But let’s pretend he was just building it with no help. That would be 1.4 billion. Right

In savings.

Just 1.4 billion for the price of the sky. Price for the race.

I gotcha. Okay. Okay.

So the tax on that should be 70 million a year. They would go down to 50. So that’s 21. Man. One building would save 20 million when every person that owns their domicile in Detroit put together would be 30,000,001 building. So now apparently these vacant lots, if you tax ’em $50 a year, oh it’s going to scare ’em. They’re going to give it to a developer and people are going to want to pour in here to build a billion dollar skyscraper. Well, we can’t even get this one done. And then we gave him another piece of property in Monroe. He hasn’t broken ground. They made a roller rink out of it. This is unbelievable. And this is going around. This is serious legislation. So I get a call driving around from a dug and pillow, fluffer a sweet talker because I put it in my column. Don’t touch my fucking house.
The reason we have this tax structure is because in the eighties people were losing their house. Right? Because every time elected body couldn’t get their shit together, they just pile it on your house. And now it’s capped. And now basically we’re going to uncap it and not know no fucking way. So that’s crazy. I get the talk and the pill. Fluffer says, if you look at the study in Pennsylvania, we already did that, right? It’s 20 fucking hick towns. Well Pittsburgh, I go, what about Pittsburgh? Well see, Pittsburgh’s really had good luck with this. I go, Pittsburgh hasn’t been doing this in a quarter century. To which the pill of Fluffer says, oh, I’m not a tax expert. I said, I’m not a tax expert either, but I could do numbers and you don’t got none. Keep your hands off my MA’s house. You are not taxing me to make the rich man rich in school and screw the school kid. That’s what I’m starting to see here. And who’s going to push back Chamber of Commerce? Ain’t going to do it. Nope. Rich Man’s going to fund it, right? Duggan got the media in the bag. Everybody’s You sent a Crane’s op-ed. Oh yeah, there was Cranes didn’t write

It Well, yeah, no, it was the editorial position of cranes. So it was from their editorial staff. Okay. There. It wasn’t an oped. I thought it was


Op-ed. No, it wasn’t an op-ed. It was from the Crane’s editorial staff. And they said, well we don’t know if this’ll work. If it does, we don’t know how it will work. But it sounds good because Duggan is such a great booster of the city. So let’s go for it. I I’ve never heard anything like that from a business perspective.

The pre pres did it too. Their editorial board did something similar. They don’t know. So don’t take a position.

Yeah. That’s not cool at supposed

To inform us. So now somehow, because nobody’s seen any legislation, don’t make the numbers work and they’ll fucking dither and gather like the budget. Right? Let’s say we have some Frankenstein legislation because Headley took a long time to put together that you’re not going to touch the school millage. That it’s going to come from what property tax also goes for. So what are the 25% that’s going to be made up with some magical development that we don’t have now until we make up that money? What are we going to lose in Detroit Police

And what impact does it have on the quality of life that’s already compromised? Education, public safety. Those are the two things and the two reasons that people cite for leaving the city. And we are losing population. So why would you extract already low revenue and resources from those very two areas? That makes no sense. And

If we got 90,000 vacant lots and 30,000 of those lots are owned by rich dudes, we got 60,000 lots that are owned by the city that you could give away for $1 and make ’em a deal. Never tax them. And nobody wants ’em now. And now you won’t fuck with my

House. But then look at the verbiage. It’s like structures. It’s like it’s a very lot of loose, undefined words and verbiage that if you don’t question that, it could actually mean anything. How does it impact people that own, I know they said if you own less than three lots, residential lots, then you’re not, I mean it’s a lot.

Yeah, you’re getting in the weed. I know,

But it’s a lot of convolute. I’m just saying it’s very convoluted. All from top to bottom. Well

What they’re doing with that is like, oh don’t worry homeowner, we’re not going to get it is going to be great anyway. That’s not going to be great. You know what else isn’t great when I’m on his ass about, Hey man, you screwed up the demolition money. I got it in my phone. I got the bid Mike. The bids are now going out to dig up those poison holes. We don’t know how many there are and I know it’s going to cost anywhere between 25,000 and $40,000 a hole for a place that’s already been demolished. That’s what you did. And you didn’t demolish ’em near the schools and you said everything’s great. And we’ve been following a little school on the east side. We’ve been asking you to take down the dope houses to take down the abandoned motel. Right? And do you want to see what we’ve accomplished? Do you really think I’m trusting you with my property tax? The one thing that means something to me, my home, I’m going to trust you. Here’s the update from the Pulaski Elementary and middle school. The little school that’s trying, but the little school that can’t because you won’t.
Right across from Pulaski Elementary Middle School is a dope house.

That’s where all the white folks go in and take their drugs, get high and get high with bunch of

Junkies right across from the school.

Right across from the school.

The little school that tries probably could if somebody would give them a hand. So if you could talk to the mayor by having a little attention in your neighborhood, what would you tell

Him? I I’d tell him, you need to clean up this area. You get the drugs out the houses on the corner is bad, especially around school. Cause it says right there no drugs drug free.

Oh geez. Drug free school zone. On this side of the fence when it comes to the neighborhoods, the mayor says, don’t believe the media.

I’m telling you, beautiful neighborhoods are spreading across the city. Don’t pay attention where the media says downtown midtown. Not the neighborhoods. Go off the freeway and drive through these neighborhoods. You cannot believe.

But we’re the media. Take a look at the neighborhood. Pulaskis. A drug free school zone. Taj, what’s that?

A drug house.

A drug house next to your school. And what do you think of that, Charlie?

Horrible. Just horrible.

We’ve been asking the mayor for years to clean up the neighborhood around the school. Does that look cleaned up? How long you been waiting for that to come down?

About 10 years.

And then they moved the babies in two years ago.

Yeah. Cause it was a dart school over there. Then they changed it back to the elementary school.

But they forgot to take the houses down before they moved the babies in. Oh

Right. Correct. Do you like


Exodus? Oh no. Every day, you know people in and out of there all the time.



What time did they start coming?

Shit all day. Cause they got a suitcase and everything. We don’t like them moving in.

Don’t get stuck with no needle. Oh, it’s all their winter stuff. They packing it away for the summertime. Won’t be needing this till the fall. Oh look, call your bail bond agent Ray here says the bail bond paperwork. 140 cash bail bonds. Junior goes to school here. Yes sir. It’s a good school. Yeah,


Sure. What about just the dome

Pile? So mother went there.

No kidding. Did you go to school with needles in the garage?

Oh man. Yeah. They fooling. Nah, that ain’t good at all. So

Which one? Tell the man,

Tear it down asap. Tear it down. Nah, these kids can’t live like that. They shouldn’t be having to be around this kind of stuff.

My kid’s not around this.

Nah. And it’s not a bad neighborhood either. So yeah, this got to go. Oh, this

Is terrible. What does some kid come out here and play get stuck with?

And that’s what they’ll probably do coming back and forth to school. Some of the kids walk to school by theyself.

This woman works in this school unbelievably. She wants her identity and her voice disguised because she’s afraid of losing her job for pointing out this sin.

People are in and out all day during times we’re in school and the kids are out. So it’s a hazard. You can see all the weeds. It’s horrible that the scholars have to come past this. These kids need this down. This is a hazard. They have to walk past each and every day. This

Is an outrage.

This is an outrage.

Bail bonds, tickets laying there and opioid pamphlets and you name it. Yeah. Come on,


On this. Here’s Ray. He showed us another dope house. Just a block away

Off my property, man. Is this yours? Yes, I own this. You do? Yes. Yes sir.

The new residence weren’t happy to see us.

They don’t own that fucking house. I do own this. House’s not a fuck. You don’t man. Y’all fucking crack kids man. Piece man here.

Ray wasn’t happy with his new neighbors. I don’t want

To be recorded brother down. Neighborhood. Neighborhood.

So Taj, a young man on his way makes the greatest point of all if we expect our flowers to bloom, they deserve a little water and a little attention. So look right in there for all the people that have all the power, that make all the decisions. And speak up for your people, your classmates, yourself, and tell ’em what you want.

Take down the drug house, please.

In the land of the laws. Charlie LeDuff. No bullshit news.

It’s unacceptable. That’s unacceptable. I

Swear to God to you. I’ve worked in Oakland, California, San Francisco. You know the issues there. Los Angeles, New York, boogie Down, Bronx, you name it. I’ve never, ever, ever anywhere in this country seen this.

But that’s a microcosm Charlie of a lot of neighborhoods. Too many neighborhoods in this city and too many schools. That’s one of many.

And I’m going to trust you with some half baked cockamamie shit saying it’s going to change everything when there’s actually less money. And trust me, there’s going to be development when you can’t get this done. That’s a shame. And everybody dig me now, I’m a nonpartisan. You know that I just deal with life and I deal with numbers. Do not touch my fucking house to benefit the uber rich that are the biggest welfare recipients around. And it’s not getting down to the people. And they’ll tell you that. And the whole country’s pissed about that. So I’m on the right side of God and the right side of the ledger.

I agree. Charlie.

Now speaking of the ledger, time to pay some bills. Could we work from our uplift is brought to you by business and personal wealth advisor, Luke Noki, who reminds you that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but never enter the kingdom of God. But while you’re waiting, Noki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Noki at (248) 663-4748 for Sound Financial. Yeah, I’ll be speaking to Luke about you. You know the numbers here. I try to talk to a lot of people and I will make myself an expert on school taxes. Also. No bullshit News Hour brought to you by XG Service Group. A voiceover internet, phone service, security cameras, hidden cameras access, CONT access control, wifi design and installation. If your golf club’s getting torn up and you need security cameras, they’re the ones that do it.
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Take me for a ride. Charlie. On the motors. On the Harley. Oh, you’ll do

That. All right. Okay. Only if you pack.


Right. Wear short leather

Has to have to be short. Oh,

So they can see your weapon. Hot stuff. That’s

Fine. I can do that.

Right. Y’all better get some life insurance because Karen is

Fly. That’s great.

I miss here. Hall.

Coney Island. Oh, hall too.

Yeah. Why don’t, don’t you hit me with Coney Island. Oh, my favorite

American Coney Island. So good. Even Al Roker from the Today Show Eats here. Not like that other guy. Al Joker who eats at Lafayette. So make sure you are a Roker and not a joker. American, Coney Island,

We be even Al Roker, everybody that comes to American Coney Island is treated like Al Roker. Yes. You are loved. You are royalty. You are the best thing that’s happening. Clean, quick, kind.

The bathrooms are clean.

Very, the windows are large. The light pours in tables for groups to sit.

And what I like is doesn’t

Smell is

The customer service is consistent. So you say that, you know, yeah, you can go down there and Al Roka can go down there, but they treat everybody at an optimal level of with customer service

Preaching to the converter.

Yeah, I know, but I’m saying that makes a difference because people say, oh, well people know you. Well people, yeah, but they’re treating everybody that way. And that makes a big difference.

These coolers are at a crisp, 40 degrees. There’s no seepage and the foundation. No seepage. Everything’s scrubbed everything. You guys are missing something

That I know that I know a lot about. And that’s food. Food, yeah. And the food’s fucking great period.

What’s your favorite

Here? I’ve been on a big euro kick. I got to tell you,

The euros here are the hidden gem. They aren’t they? Yeah. You know what I do? What? Because Pete’s cool Pete, but it’s very bready and it gets in the way. I get ’em in the hotdog buns, huh? Because those are steamer buns. They I’m

I never thought

About that. Yeah, they’re really good. And then they’re kind of like, you can handle ’em better.

Okay. Well see my order is very simple. And don’t

Bitch about the price because that’s an off menu thing. And if you’re asking for it, just

That’s custom. All right. But I mean, my order is always simple, but it’s always delicious.

There you go. And if again, start ordering, these are we, I’m going to shut down the surface for the summer. If you don’t get the Coney kits, a dozen pound of chili, pound

Of vidalia, onions,

The sweet onions, the buns, the cap. The cap, right? Yep. And do not boil them.

How should you prepare ’em? Charlie? You

Should grill ’em. Okay. Or barbecue

’em just want to make sure everybody knows

That way. That way they get crispy. Okay. Cause that’s a natural lamb

Cake. That’s skin, right? Yeah. Okay.

And then finally, speaking of hot dogs, whole financial, if you think it might be time to buy a house, well, if you’re going to barbecue, where are you going to do that? That’s true at your house. Now you live in the American Coney Dream.
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And Charlie, do you know? I remember. Nevermind. Well,

Whoa, you can’t.

Like people are driving and going,

I was on the edge of my seat wondering what you were going to say because

No, I just drove off the road because of those fucking orange barrels everywhere.

Because Charlie is sincere about that. I mean, if he’s going to stick up for you, he will stick up for you. I remember we had dinner once and somebody who owed me money walked in the restaurant and I pointed him out and Charlie stood in the restaurant and said, do you owe Karen Dumas money? And the guy was like, yeah. And he got up and he paid. I’m just saying, I’m

Thinking that was like 500 large, wasn’t it? 500 bones.

Yeah. And he paid, I had been trying to get my money from this guy and he felt like he could just dismiss the rest of it. And he literally went in his pocket. He said it was 200, right? I said, no, actually it was five. And I said, I’m going to carry Charlie.

Right. He up right there

All the time. Wow. He paid me right on this spot. But Charlie stood up in the restaurant. He says, Hey, do you all care in do this money? I said, oh my God, but I got my money. Do I owe you a percentage of

That? No, you don’t. Okay. But it just reminds me if I act poorly sometimes I apologize. That’s not poorly. I’m just a person. But I try to be good and sometimes I’m, Hey, I’m an oath. And it was just

You were not a oath. You were effective.

I know, but sometimes I am. And I apologize. I mean, well, you’re very


I mean it’s more important, which is not Arnold Schwartzenegger because he’s got this three part documentary. I was like, you don’t think you just do. You go to life and you just don’t worry about don’t. Don’t worry about it.

Keep moving. That was his whole point used to keep

Moving. That’s true. So I’m going to try, we used to kind of be social. I’m going to try to get him, see if he’ll come on. I mean a little po dunk top 200 in the country podcast. But it’s embarrassing to have to call us handlers and go, yeah, top 200, send us some stuff.


Said, call Jeremiah. He’s posting all day long, man.

Right. I got to tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed all the stories on the way down, so, oh,

All my stories,

All your Arnold stories. I mean, that was listening to, I had my own private show. That’s good. It was great.

Oh, so just for you, mark, maybe

We’ll do

That just, and I said, well, we got to tell he’s on the show. Yeah.

Okay. Because we’re always looking. Share, share, share. Please leave your comments. Give us a like it’s a bell or something. It really does help. They tell me, I don’t give a fuck. But I mean,

Yes, we do.

Apparently we got meetings and I’m like, man, I’m busy. I’m busy thinking of stuff and doing stuff. That’s what we got Jeremiah here. Plus we thought Red was dead. We thought Red was dead. So Jeremiah, he’s trying to busy to get you. Go click, click, click. And he coming in before the show and he talking this thing and that thing and this protocol, and I’m like, shut the fuck up, man. Fuck up, man. I got some shit do here, man. It’s like got a new segment, you know, because she makes news every week. We just thought of this one, a new introduction, also penned by Bill Arnold of one Ton trolley. This is Attorney General. Dana Nessel. Every time she’s making news, we have a new segment. Cold.

I love that photo, Dana.

Well, she’s at it again. Dana Nestle telling the Detroit news last week that she won’t investigate Covid nursing home deaths because she said, what would we learn? What could we learn?


Well, that’s why you do an investigation now. Dumb


You mean this dumb, dumb.

That’s why you,

That’s dumb. See if there’s anything

We could do better for the next time, or if there is any criminality.

A that was a dumb question. What would we learn? What wouldn’t you learn if

You didn’t? That was a what question?

That was a dumb question. It really was

Dumb, dumb, dumb dumb, dumb, dumb.

That was dumb. That was stupid.

Now she said this to Detroit News. I mean, it’s very well known that, you know, p p E wasn’t prevalent. You couldn’t find it. And I’m thinking, yeah, till about what? May, June. Because I remember calling my buddy in India and going, I can get it now. It was June. Like I got to, I know that thing stuck. If it comes, I’ll take it. And I remember I was getting P P E, I was able to get it for the Wayne County Jail, but she couldn’t get it. When she finally got it, she put on a press release. It’s your fucking job. Investigate it. I’ll tell you what, they failed every test. They didn’t have the protocols in place. They lied or misreported, however you want to say it, about who died. And you’re not going to investigate



No. What else? Dumb


The attorney general also this week is whining that she needs a raise, and I agree that she needs a raise. The attorney general of the great state of Michigan makes $112,500 a year. That’s a lot of money for you and me, but not for the biggest law enforcement job in the state. That is a big deal job. Not that I think she’s doing it well, but 112,

That’s kind of

Low. I mean, I know assistant county prosecutors make more than

That. I made more than that when I worked in the mayor’s office

And that’s why we went

Background. And that was 10 years ago. No, that’s not why you,

That’s 10 years ago. Yeah, she’s absolutely correct. 112 is pits. Yeah, it is. We’re calling for a raise and it would go a long way because when you’re only making $112,500 a year and you’re going to Turks and Kco S and staying in $8,629 65 cents a night triplex with an infinity pool and then floating about on the $10,000 an hour catamaran. Not to mention shampoos, poolside, lobster, Thermador. I wonder what the robes cost to keep a lot. You could imagine that this would eat your whole salary. It would, and I sure hope your wife’s making a lot more than $112,500. But from those tax returns you filed when you were running in 2018, she doesn’t. So what do you do? What? You go to Lansing because Ms. Nessel also told the Detroit news that yes, they admit everything in my story was correct. They won’t touch the fact that the concierge told me the prominent attorney who owns the prominent law firm, that the law firm picked up the bill.
You told the public madam that you paid your own way and it’s nobody’s business. Well, since you talked about it, and she is prominent and she does have business before the state, that you probably need to show us the bank statements. Yep. When did you pay for it? How much? Where’s the food? Where’s the lodging? Show us the receipts. Show us the receipts. It is our business right now. We’re very proud to announce that from our reporting that to date is proven to be 100% accurate. We’ve encouraged legislation in the State House, in the Senate. A bill has been introduced called While Requiring. If you’re going to take freebies, you got to tell the public, and it’s called the Turks and Caicos Act. And we were up there for it. And here’s our rep. We put our crack reporter on this. Charlie Lauff, our bus reporter. This one to you, Charlie. So what are you doing?

Well, I’m trying to fight corruption here in the state of Michigan. I believe we’re probably the most corrupt state in the nation. We have the least transparency, and I’m out here to do something about it.

Get in there and give him hell. It’s called the Turks and Caco Act. In honor of Attorney General Dana Nessel, bedazzling Caribbean getaway. Senator Jim Ted’s bill doesn’t make the taking of free gifts and vacations illegal. However, it only requires that our elected officials report their freebie, schwag to the public. Easy one. Right?

As we are all very well aware, Michigan is the least transparent state in the nation. Transparency and sunshine are the antiseptic to corruption. The most recent example is the highly extravagant trip taken by our Attorney General with her wife and another couple, a big campaign donor who owns a vast law firm operation in Michigan. Our attorney General has been loudly, opining, lamenting, and bemoaning her perceived low pay. She receives as Attorney General, yet at the same time apparently has this vast disposable income that would require somewhere in the range of about 25,000 for a four day tropical getaway with her wife and law firm pals a wildly unaffordable extravagance for most citizens in the state of Michigan. The Attorney General said she paid her own way for this trip, has produced no evidence. The bigger concern, as I see it for the general public, is what potential state business was discussed before, during, and after the trip. Was there discussion on the vacation regarding the formal request for all Nasser records from MSU by the Attorney General after she returned from the trip? The problem is we simply don’t know. We do know that Attorney General Nessel did take the lavish island vacation at Turks and Caicos with their prominent campaign donor who owns a law firm in the state of Michigan. Without a doubt, Michigan simply must implement some ethical guidelines. We need some transparency, some set of rules to renew Michiganders Trust in their government trust

And government. So

Today I have introduced a bill that requires individuals and organizations exempting close family members to disclose reporting meals, gifts, perks over $50, and all trips and vacations paid over four $500 by a person or entity who may desire to influence and receiving official

Every single one on their phone while he’s talking something else.

Like no chance in any,

Our current disclosure rules are simply inconsistent with the ethical standards that Michigan’s public service should follow to restore the trust of Michigan to the Michigan voter. So colleagues, I asked you to join me in supporting my legislation.

Man, that was a trip, but it was predictable. None of the senators were listening. Nobody wants to have to tell the public they’re on the take.

Hey, Jim, how many people signed your bill?


How many Republicans?

They were all

Republicans. No Democrats. No Democrats, my Senate. How many people did you ask to sign

Up? I just went around asking whoever I can, but they received, they request yesterday to sign on and then we put hand copies on every desk this morning.

So my senator didn’t, didn’t sign the ethics bill that if you’re going to take a free lunch, you have to admit it.

That’s correct.

It doesn’t even end the free lunch. It’s just you have to admit it. Disclose. Yes. You just have to admit you took a free airplane, but you can still take it. And they don’t want to put their name on that.


Now the bill will go to committee where it’s sure to die. And that’s how it works in Lansing. What the fuck?

So much for transparency.

Well, here’s the thing. We want this. Now Jeremiah’s sitting here, you can comment. He’s going to give, Karen and I going to take some questions. The people want this. Certainly. I don’t know a single person that if you are our elected representative and you’re taking a gift from some kind of business concern, I know people have friends. Just disclose it. Yep. I’m tired for it of being everything, being for sale and being hidden and nobody’s listening.

Yeah. That was disrespectful. And I think everybody ought to pay attention to who does not support that bill?

Well, my senator is on the, he’s going to the ethics committee. My senator’s on there. You’re going to be hearing for us. I’m going to be showing up and we’re going to see this one through. It’s

Such a home run Easy bill for to be bipartisan. They always want to be bipartisan. Yeah,

It’s very simple. Doesn’t affect him at all. Exactly. It’s not complicated. Yeah.

They think they’re, what was that old show with Kevin Spacey? The White

House. Oh, house of Cards. Yeah.

They think they’re House of Cards up there. They’re so cow town bullshit. They still think brown shoes are in fashion. Everybody Wait, they’re not shoes up there. No, they’re not in fashion when everybody’s doing it. That’s

True. That’s crazy though. That’s sad. That is that it

Is. People got some questions for you, Jeremiah?

No, not at this moment. Think

Get the fuck out of here.

It’s not his fault. It’s not. You should

Should have gone back from the O.

Everybody go ahead and ask Charlie some questions.

No, no, no. Get out of here. I thought you go back to the questions they were asking before. Don’t you know how this works?

Yeah, he does. What?

We don’t need live questions. What were they asking before that was so important for you to come over here. Oh,

Seeking Freedom. Had asked you, what were your thoughts on Gretchen Whitmer and her toxic fumes coming from a paper mill in Kalamazoo?

Oh, the, here’s the thing. I is, is it Kalamazoo or is it is? I don’t know if it’s Kalamazoo or is it in the upper peninsula? I believe. See, dude, get it right. If you can ask me a question. Yeah. There’s a 200 million freebie given to a paper mill and their toxic, the report is that they’re

The fumes. Were toxic. Yeah.

Right. And we’re giving ’em $200 million, just giving it to ’em. This was one of those last hour.

Sounds about

Work. Here’s up and Lansing. Here’s the bill. You got 15 minutes to read it. It’s a thousand pages long and nobody knows. All these giveaways are in there. Well, I’m for Take it back. It’s pretty simple.

Sounds about right.

What else? Yeah, what else? You were like, you were, it’s really important, man. People need to talk to you. What else?

Yeah, dude, people are asking. Tom m says, we want merch now.

We want merch. Dude, this is the news hour portion. Do Do we have a button where you come by merch?



Do. Is it available? No. I’m still waiting for my shirt. No, we

Don’t like, so the answer, that’s not a burning question. We don’t have merch right now because Jeremiah hasn’t set it up.

Okay, one more question. It’s on Jeremiah. Yes. Get a good one.

This is great.

Fucking true. I love it. We have no more questions. Oh, make one up. You’re

Supposed to pretend like there’s one.

You got a new name Because

We do factual. So

We got a new name for him. We got a nickname. We got a nickname for Jeremiah. What is it? Killer. Killer as in show. Killer. Killer. Yeah. Well,

He had red. Red is the tinies.

Someone needs to pick up the slack. It’s red not Yeah. Holy

Crap. When Karen was doing that, it was a shit loader question. All right. All right. Go. Go ahead. Get on here. It’s

All, it’s all

It’s all right. Well, why don’t we do this? Why don’t we, we’ll go backwards since Sheem May is here. All right. So when we last left, everybody, it was Red’s 50th birthday party. We gave him a pizza pie that was packed with sweet weed and he ate half of it. And then he was going off to do his comedy and he was going to get roasted. And he invited basically all of southeastern Michigan to Lincoln Park. Perfect strangers to Lincoln Park to come drink premium $2 shots with him. And

There was so much weed in that pizza too.

So much. Did you have some you

I had a bite and I was like, oh yeah, this is way too much for me.

But he said the guy got the guy from what? Pink Panties Pizza said Yes. He said, I put a lot in there. It’s top. He told everybody told

You all. Did you freak out?

Me? No. No,

But it was good. But

Everybody was chilling on and I was like, much is in here. And then he told me, I’m like, yeah.

What about you, Jeremiah? Didn’t you have a slice?

Yeah, I thought it was pretty good. I mean, it was a smooth taste. So

Everybody started lifting off and everybody got nervous. Uhoh, I’m going to be staring in the mirror. My eyeballs are going to be melting. Right.

I did make someone look in the mirror before they left so they could see how blood shuts and

Eyes were. Yeah, but everybody went like this. No, man, it stopped it. It was smooth. It didn’t, it didn’t make me so, I mean, it’s a good pie, right? Yeah, but we haven’t heard from red. So we got a little concerned,

Not since this party.

And we sent Jeremiah over to the Normandy to make sure our guy, I don’t know, man, pulled a Jim Morrison or something. Oh, you know what I mean? Died from the $2 shots and then vomited on cheese pizza. And we sent ’em over there to And you filed this report, right, brother? Yes, sir. Okay,

Let me make sure. Red’s all right

Here. Red is like, we didn’t get your cake. We got you a pie. We got you a weed pie. A weed pizza pie. Red from

Pink panties, pizza.

Jeremiah in front of the, they got hella weed in the game. Yeah. Hella what kind of weed? Only the best weed

Still No answer

Is good. I got the

Stamp. Yes, you got the stamp. A one. Well, I have to wait to you stamp in about 30 minutes. Yeah,


Now, here we have another


Please leave your message for

Detroit Red.

Sorry, mailbox is full. To send an SMS notification, press five.

Oh. So what happened to red? We don’t know. Wow.

Have you ever reached him

Once, but it was a five second call. He was mumbling something like


Still hitting him.



That’s a good birthday, apparently. Yeah.

No wonder he’s like having a birthday month, man. Motherfucker had to.

Yeah, he did. He him going to your birthday

Month tree. Marie says that she’s seen him, so maybe he’s alive and well.

Okay, well that’s all that matters, I suppose.

Well, where’d she see him? Where’d you see him? Tree? Maureen? Yeah.

She said she stayed at the end. So

She stayed at the Normandy. The Normandy.

Does she stay with Red at the Normandy or she just stays in?

Isn’t it meant only?

I don’t know.

Is is it?

But you’re assuming that that’s

Wait, wait. Tree Marie, is that her name? Tree Marie? Yeah. Tree Marie. Is it men only at the Normandy or

But how do you know that? That’s a

Well tree. Marie? Yeah. Trey, can she answer presumptuous?

She said that she went to the show.

Oh, she went to the show.

Oh, she ended up staying at the Normy. Well,

How did he look? Tree Marie. How did he

Look? Well, I want to know what happened that night if she went to the show and ended up at the Normandy. This is

Detective work. Yeah, last seen Alive at the show.

Right? Last seen Red. What was he?

What was he what? Yeah, she sent him a spiked rumble. She’s the prime suspect. Yeah. A Fentanyl Laced Rumble.

Oh my God. What is Lincoln Park? That’s

Good. It’s a

No, it does not.

Rumble ent.

So what did she say?

Well, she said that she went to his birthday show

And then

What? I’m guessing it was the best time ever because there’s no more comments after that. So

Then she’s like, I’m not, thanks. I’m not incriminated myself.

Thanks, killer. Thanks. Killer. This spit over.

She said, I’m not

Incriminated. All right, listen. She goes,


Not telling you. All right, enough. Have you got nothing over there? Okay. All right. Listen, we
Want to bring up a piece of sad news. It was, I believe, two weeks ago, almost two weeks ago, that we did a piece about transgender sex workers at John R and Six Mile Road. And just trying to let people know that what’s political talk is not real world talk. And what’s really rough out there and who, I don’t want to say community even, right? I want to say that particular type of person living the life they live, and I guess you call it community because it is, you saw that with the women, but not a week later, not a half a mile away at the Woodward Inn. Aisha Davis, 34 last week was murdered transgender, staying at the Woodward Inn. Very heavy. I know detectives working in Highland Park there. I mean, two murders there in the area in the last year. One murder we know of that just happened. Aisha, seven OD

Deaths. Wow.

It’s a very heavy place. This is where many transgender women stay. And there’s a few leads here, but one of them is, it might have been another transgender person that shot her just a lead. That’s not the facts. I’m talking to the detectives. This is way different than fucking Bud Light and swimwear. If you really want to talk, if you want to help these women, and I’m going to call ’em women, because that’s what they asked me to call. That’s what they’re right, that’s what they do. Doesn’t hurt me to call ’em that. Right. If you really want to help ’em, it’s not fighting over Bud Light. It’s like having some police to protect them because nobody deserves to be murdered. Nobody.

And you told those ladies that, I mean, because you know that they don’t have the protection that they deserve, and you told them that this is a death sentence. The life that you’re living is not one conducive for longevity.

It’s not. It’s very heavy. And that’s where it’s coming from. Washington and media. If you just want to get out there and actually put your hands on somebody and understand them, what’s going on? And I don’t think there’s anybody out there, even if you’re shooting up cans of Bud Light that you think a person should be shot up. So if we’re going to talk about people, let’s talk about them for who they are. And there are fancy people living this life, and I know you face things, but when it comes to the hardcore, this is it. If you really want to solve it, then they deserve some policing too. That’s true. Yeah. I just believe that. And if you’re going to cut the rich man’s property tags and make me make it up and take police away because there’s no police out there now, there’s going to keep going. And we’re fighting over not dumb shit, but we’re talking about it in a dumb way. That’s


So that’s true. Rest in peace, Aisha Davis. And sorry it happened. I’m sorry. To your family. Now having said that, Vinny d Vinny limo up there in Ottawa, see, because we got Jeremiah. Jeremiah, see, not Is he killing the show? He’s killing everybody else that has taken pieces of the show and posted it because we have monetized the show. And what monetizing means is YouTube now turns on we’re going to give you some commercial money. All of a sudden. This like Luke Noki and American Coney and Hall and Legacy and ADR and XG service group, that’s not the way to make money anymore. Going to give me a piece. So once you turn that button on, they got that AI robot scrubbing everything. Yeah. Hey, that belongs to the no bullshit News Hour. And you used it and they give you a copyright strike. Get three copyright strikes, what happens?

You are

Gone. You’re gone. Wow. So everybody’s really sensitive. So all of a sudden, that’s crazy. I got people calling up now. Vinny, man, he got his crazy podcast up there in Ottawa. Very appreciative. Vinny’s his own guy. Vinny’s a bit of a

Eccentric. Eccentric,

A beautiful way. That’s a really good one. He’s nice guy. He is.

He and his wife. They are. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Very supportive

For sure. And so now Vinny gets a strike and he can’t figure out, he says it Fox two. Is it Lauff? Is it ai? I’m trying to explain it to him. Vinny gets mad and he calls Fox two and he records it. And here’s Vinny trying to get to the, he’s

Taking notes from you, Charlie.

He’s trying to get to the bottom of the AI hijinks.

How can I

Help you? Okay. I’m the guy that put that used some of Charlie’s stuff. Remember I talked to you a few days ago and everything, and you swore that it was Charlie that you know had rights to Charlie’s stuff.

I asked you for it. I didn’t tell you had permission to use anything and that’s a for sure thing. And I asked you to send me an email, which he didn’t. Did

Not, okay. No, we haven’t had time yet. I got a hold of Charlie and Red and talked to them and they’re beyond me. How you said this was done manually by Charlie and it wasn’t, it

Doesn’t use any footage unless it’s licensed. Period.

But it wasn’t yours. It was Charlie’s stuff. Mbn. So how are you

Honor Charlie? Charlie worked for for Fox. It belongs to Fox

And you were number one.

His MBN stuff belongs to Fox. The stuff he’s doing now, how can you say we didn’t use anything from, we didn’t use,

Have a good day. Have a good day.

So dismissive. Wow.

She sound like the lady that you called who’s assistant was that, remember you were going through all the calls?

Yeah, the, yeah. Attorney general’s office. Yeah. Dana SELs office. Can I talk, can I have the phone number to the press? Yep. Secretary? No.

What do you want to talk to her for? Who’s

Office? Dana. Les.

Dumb, dumb essel.


Dumb, dumb, dumb. What’s the number

I think Vinny was making, he got confused. Vinny got a strike from us, didn’t he? I Jeremiah, you, are you fixing all this? Yes sir. Okay.

But for the most part, they got to fix this ai. That’s the biggest issue. Well,


Trust the computers, but damn, when the computers fuck

Us up. Yeah. Well now look here, man. Did you get the one fixed out of New York? Is that fixed? Yeah, we’re okay. Okay. At Hey, Vinny, we, that’s Jeremiah. We’re trying to get it fixed. Right? Give him your word because I’m sick of the guy calling me. Yes, sir. Vinny, I got you. I got you. You got you. Vinny. Got you. I

Love how Jeremiah is just so calm.

He’s calm.

Did you have pizza? No. No. Okay. He’s, but he’s always panty pieces. He’s always like that.

Yeah. Okay. Are you married?

He got to meditate. Yes.

You’re married like I do. I it’s, that’s in the right hand. What’s going on? Yeah. What you, well, what are you Greek engaged. We’re you’re engaged? Yes. Well, are you married? This is no bullshit. Are you married?

I mean,

No. Okay.

His personal life. Charlie. I’m

Like, do you share a bank account? Yes. You do? Yes. Do you have separate bank accounts? Yes. Well then you’re not married.

Why is that the

Case? Because marriage would be total. Total respect and total trust. And there’s no Mark. Do you have, you are married. Mark, do you have separate bank accounts? Absolutely

Not. One bank

Account. One bank account.

Yep. You don’t even have to ask me that.

Separate bank accounts.

We have one. Then let’s come on to next one.

What’s your lady’s name?


Julia? Yes. Beautiful name. Yeah. It

Really is. Is she calm like you? Yes. Can we meet her one day? Probably. No. I

Just fix long and just fix the AI shit, bro. You’re smart on it. Come on it. We got our Gen Z computer wiz. He’s going to beat ai. He like terminated four. I’ll be back.

No, we don’t. Don’t bring her down here because she might say, Jeremiah, get out there.

Okay. What did we learn? They’re trying to steal your house. Yes, Mike, fix the fucking schools because you’re not.

Clean it up.

Dana Nessel needs a raise and we need an ethics policy passed. Right? We need some policing for transgender people that live a hard life. We don’t know if red is dead. Vinny, we’re going to get your AI fixed. And we know Cleveland sucks. And one more time. Wood Wild. Bill. Arnold. See you Thursday, folks. And what? Share, share. Share. Like, like

Love, subscribe.

Take a shit. Get gas. Keep rolling. Come on up to Detroit Town. We got lots of groovy things going down. Get some flaming cheese in Historic Town. But best to get your ass gone before the sun goes down. Construction. Since 63, we’ve planted lots of Orange Barrel construction trees. The Rosha really, really bad. The Grand Prix looks like golf. Row two. Carls bad. We used to export the P mines. Now we ship away a grandpa’s and grandmas. The mayor says everything swell. What a joke everyone can sees like a walkin stroke. The Detroit tigers really suck. We give the owner millions though his pizzas suck. Y crapped houses, meth heads. We got plenty. We even got skyscrapers. They’re all empty. Kingson Detroit would not be going great, but there’s an even bigger mistake on the lake. Hello Cleveland. Hello Cleveland. Hello Cleveland.

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