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We told you. We told you they were going to get away with it in Flint. We told you they were poisoning the children of Detroit. We told you the slumlord billionaire was coming back for more money from the people of Detroit. We told you the chief of police, who was once the front runner for governor for Michigan, had a weasel in his wallet. Now he’s out on his ass.

We told you then and today it all comes true. And we’ll tell you this. The only hour of news you need.

Exhibit A)   Todd Flood, the original prosecutor in the Flint Water Massacre, says in so many words that AG Dana Nessel blew it. Had Flood not been fired from the case, Gov. Rick Snyder may have been facing manslaughter charges and the money men responsible for the death and poisoning would be facing RICO charges.

Exhibit B)   Watch the mayor of Flint run.

Exhibit C)  EXCLUSIVE– Michigan State legislature to launch investigation into assisted living home deaths.

Exhibit D)   Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan once called his demolition program the greatest in the history of the United States. Now the federal government is forcing him to dig up poisoned holes where children live. Stay tuned.

Exhibit E)   Slumlord Billionaire Dan Gilbert threatens to pull out, leaving his half-built skyscraper behind if he doesn’t get $60 millski from some of the poorest residents in America. City Councilman Coleman A. Young II says give it to him. Even if there are no blueprints.

Exhibit F)   Ex-Chief of Detroit police James E. Craig watches fake Chief of Detroit police Comedian Detroit Red run for governor. Don’t interrupt him. He’s a cop.

Happy Fourth of July. Remember the great promise of America. And please share because Zuckerberg’s a dick.

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